Bits of Players, Professionalism and Muddled Transfer Thinking

The only thing worse than the Sun is anger fuelled by the Sun. Photos of Alex Iwobi partying 36 hours before Sunday’s defeat do not bother me.

What bothers me is the prevailing culture at the club where this behaviour is considered professional. It’s hard to argue that he played any worse on Sunday than he has done all season so he is either quite the party animal or reached the plateau which affects all players.

The question for Iwobi is whether he aspires to be Bergkamp or Bendtner. Whether he wants to go on and have a much-admired career or bouncing around Europe, held back by a lack of effort and an oversized ego. It’s his choice.

What should happen at Arsenal but won’t, is a fine of a fortnight’s wages and the mother of all rollickings. Dropping the player from the first team squad to the academy group is the lesson he might understand. But today’s players are so overpaid and pampered from a young age that any sign of discipline sends them into a big sulk.

That was a common theme in the BT documentary No Hunger In Paradise. Young players get too much, too soon and there’s no drive in them. Arsenal typifies the problem because those young players grow up to become first team players. And first team players without drive or ambition tread water.

Alex Hleb’s interview last week underlined the easy ride Arsène gives the players. Hleb couldn’t handle Pep Guardiola telling him he didn’t work hard enough; it wasn’t like that at Arsenal where Wenger empathised with the players and indulged them.

The one thing Hleb’s words said to me is that Arsenal is broken and the sticking plaster we keep applying is curling at the edges, having lost its’ adhesive qualities.

Pulling The Silent Face

You can see that with the club’s thinking regarding this winter’s transfer market. Theo Walcott has four clubs reportedly interested in him while Francis Coquelin’s omission from Sunday’s squad was so that he didn’t get cup-tied. We’re selling him one year on from handing him a contract reputedly worth £100k per week. For £10-12m.

How he fell so far is beyond me. Or rather it isn’t beyond me because I don’t think he has fallen that far. Coquelin isn’t a player who will win you titles but with the right coaching, he could be an effective defensive barrier. Win the ball and pass it quickly. Except we encourage players to express themselves and in his case, to release his inner Song.

That’s not his game. His Arsenal career underlines that lack of joined up thinking in building the squad. Recalled from Charlton on loan in 2014, he was the midfield spark we needed. That should have pointed Arsène in the direction of the kind of player the team needed. He bought Granit Xhaka instead, and the only thing the two players share is a prickly nature on the pitch.

A similar muddled thinking dominates the back four. Jonny Evans isn’t the kind of centre-back whose signature sets pulses racing but right now, he’s the kind of centre-back we need. So long as we don’t knock the no-nonsense defending out of him.

Up, Up And Away

What he will make of the squad is anyone’s guess. Özil and Sanchez refusing to sign deals with the latter possibly leaving this window. Wilshere being offered, if reports are to be believed, a pay-cut. Debuchy, a player who has wanted out of the club for some considerable time, as back-up for Bellerin.

Mustafi and Chambers, two players who were on the verge of being sold, are first-choice players. Square pegs in round holes are our best players despite a lack of experience. We buy international full-backs and then play central midfielders in their place.

Players who have been at the club for more than a decade in the first-team squad are cast into the wilderness and then asked to perform in a central striking role they don’t want. We buy an England striker who holds onto the ball well and works his socks off for the team but has a goalscoring record of 1 in 4.

We sold Szczesny who is suddenly a world-beater for Juventus which points to either poor judgement on our part or how bad our defence is. Or both.

The more you think about it, the more your mind swirls to the point where you don’t think about because your mind swirls too much. Apathy takes over. Desperation climbs aboard and leaves desolation.

We see new arrivals behind the scene but what good will they do with the first-team failing on the pitch. You can have all the talent in the world at your disposal but if you don’t know how to use it effectively, there’s no point.

So what’s the point when there’s no inclination on the part of the owner to do anything which upsets his balance sheet?

Just hope. Hope that someday before I walk off this mortal coil, things will change for the better.

’til Tomorrow. There’s always tomorrow, isn’t there?

PS. For those bitching about Hector’s dress sense and saying our rough tough manly full-backs of yesteryear would never wear anything as dreadful, I give you Mr Bob McNab. Time to cut young Bellerin some slack methinks.

80 thoughts on “Bits of Players, Professionalism and Muddled Transfer Thinking

  1. consolsbob says:

    Bob McNab. Bloody hell.

    Interesting that in the early, ’70’s, which was pretty unreconstructed my modern standards, he felt able to get away with it.

    Mind you, he probably needed a few extra bob. How much would an ‘England and arsenal star’ have been paid then? Not that he saw much England service.

  2. James says:

    Couldn’t agree more with today’s blog – Arsenal is broken and nothing will change except slow decline as long as Wenger stays. And he may stay a long while yet, coz the owners don’t care and he won’t leave of his own accord.

  3. Jonnygunner says:

    I think you’ve quantified how we all feel with that post YW……and thankyou for it.I have no idea what you look like YW,but from that write up I’d say you have a face like a slapped arse today-and who could blame you?
    As you’ve often stated-it’s the hope that kills you….every bloody time.

  4. Orson Kaert says:

    The spy who came in from the cold. Brilliant book by John Le Carre, I re-read it a couple of weeks ago. Excellent film starring Richard Burton.

  5. Orson Kaert says:

    ….and good morning to you all. Thanks Yogi for another thought provoking post. I will spend a while being provoked into thinking and comment later.

  6. nicky says:

    “Today’s players are so overpaid and pampered from an early age”.
    Never were truer words written.
    This bubble will eventually burst and casualties will be world-wide.
    Then, perhaps, players will revert to giving value for money and our national side will prosper. 😉

  7. Pete the Thirst says:

    On Iwobi I wonder ‘What would George have done?’ He would have been dropped to the Youth team under Mr Graham, and not recalled until he had redeemed himself. Champagne Charlie was the biggest player at Arsenal when George took over. He was dropped for Perry Groves, then gone within 6 months of scoring the winner at Wembley.

    Iwobi’s actions aren’t out of the norm as you point out. There are similar stories of Ozil’s party house, and Wilshere has a history of misdemeanours. It just adds to the impression that the club is free-wheeling down the road with an incapable driver at the wheel.

  8. Ras says:

    The selling of Le Coq a year later highlights the folly and madness of AW.

    Sanchez all but gone. AW presides over a crumbling ailing Empire.

  9. welsh corgi cardigan says:

    Thank you YW, spot on and a very measured tone after seeing that Iwobi was out partying the night before.

    Wtf, out partying til 02.30 the night before a game and then that performance. What a moron😖.

  10. Pete the Thirst says:

    Having said that about George he had problems with a few of his lads: Merson & Adams in particular. I heard a story about Merson being spotted drunk in pubs around Burnt Oak, where he grew up, at 3am the day of a game, then playing 12 hours later. I remember the games where he couldn’t control the ball. Makes sense now, I wonder what Theo’s excuse is?

  11. Colts says:

    Morning peeps,

    Right now I’d take Bob McRob over bells and whistles even in a dress. If Bells wore a dress it wouldn’t be for smoking either, it would be lace and match the bows in his hair.
    Seriously though, personal life? Partying, smoking, hook…who cares as long as business is attended.
    ‘Gone fishing’ appears to be the order of the day on and off the field. Perhaps the guys from dortmund and barcelona are the dawn of Ivan’ new era. I’m currently sewing new fingers and toes on just to cross em.
    Till then I’ll continue to shake a spear at the dude over seeing operation mockingbird.

  12. Orson Kaert says:

    Perhaps Arsenal should introduce a pre match day curfew, and routine testing for drugs and alcohol.

    Iwobi’s on £30,000 per week, for that he should not be out partying into the small hours at anytime, certainly not on the day before a big game. But then maybe he got wind of Wenger’s team selection and thought “If that’s who he’s picking, it can’t be a big game”.

  13. The Arse Sores (AITG) says:

    Aye YW, Aye.

    We are penny pinching when it comes to quality, desperate when it comes to big buys, care free when defending and squanderous and unimaginitive in attack.

    Tottenham pay less, spend less, have less, but score more of their chances and now do better. It is all about waste.

  14. C says:

    Interesting reports with Citeh and Sanchez say that if Sanchez doesn’t sign in the winter he will get £13million a year in wages, plus a £30m signing bonus in the summer.

  15. C says:

    At least Arsene decided to sell Szczesny after his madness and left us with Ospina and Cech 😂

  16. C says:

    The Arse Sores (AITG),

    They may spend a bit less in wages but outside of Alderweild and Kane, look at the fees paid for most of their squad, it actually goes againsy thr media drive story line. They just don’t seem to spend sbit loads on wages.

  17. Bill says:


    Great post. Arsene has to fine Iwobe for his indiscretion. However, I don’t think that has anything to do with the way he has been playing. Iwobe’s problem is the same problem that every attacking player from our U21 set up has struggled with in the last 13 years. He does not produces the end product needed to be an effective player at the PL level and he is not as good as we had hoped. Alex’ career path is similar to so many others like him in this century he has found his natural plateau. To think anything else would be ignoring a huge mountain of evidence.

    Regarding Hector and his fashion sense, to each his own. Off the pitch he looks really great but Hector has also hit a plateau on the pitch that is not nearly as high as we had hoped. His defending could improve if placed into a team that has a better defensive ethos but I don’t think he will ever reach the heights that we thought he was capable of. He is another example of a player who looks really good at first but is never able to replicate those early head turning performances. I wish I knew why it happens but we have a huge sample size to demonstrate that it is a real phenomenon and in reality we are not the only team in the world to see the same thing happen.

  18. C says:

    Arsene on the Evans rumors:

    “Look, [the biggest challenge is] to see off any interest of any other club,” he said. “I don’t know if Man City is in for anybody. I don’t know what their policy is.

    “Financially, if the decision comes to finances with Manchester City, we know we will be second best. That is well known.”

  19. Orson Kaert says:

    Iwobi’s night out was not on the night before the game, the team were together at a hotel at that time. It was 48 hours earlier, but still unacceptable as far as Wenger is concerned. Source, The Guardian.

  20. C says:

    Keown makes me laugh:

    “The other night [against Chelsea], [Mesut] Ozil – it was the first time I realised how good a player he was,” Keown told TalkSport.

    “He committed everything, he was quick, he was incisive in his play, and he was a different Ozil.”

  21. YW says:

    That’s right Orse, it was Saturday morning but as AW said, 48 hours before a game, you don’t go out if you’re a player.

  22. C says:

    Arsene on Iwobi and Iwobi’s situation:

    “That is true. He will be fined. It is impossible to go out 48 hours before a game. It is unacceptable.”

    “First of all we have to be cautious with everything that is coming out,” Wenger said. “When you read what is reported it is like he has taken drugs. He was not involved in that at all.

    “He has been out at a birthday party and how long he has stayed? That is important. After, I will decide what happens.

    “Did he do drugs or alcohol? Not at all. If your neighbour takes drugs, what can you do? You are responsible for your own behaviour, not the behaviour of your neighbour.”

    On if it affected his performance against Forest:

    “Who knows that?” Wenger said. “You know that sometimes you want to prepare 100 per cent but it is not always a guarantee you will be at your best. But that is what is requested from a top-level professional.”

  23. C says:

    Interesting report from Spain says that Valencia are trying to do a deal with Arsenal for Le Coq that would be structured as a loan (€3m) with the obligation to buy (€12m) to ensure that they will comply with FFP

  24. Bill says:


    Its no surprise Valencia would rather do a loan deal if the reports are true that Le Coq is on $100K/week wages

  25. Bill says:

    It certainly looks like last summers wage dump is ongoing

  26. Dukey says:

    Roll up roll….come and get your arsenal players here…….grab a bargain whilst you can…..everything must go….end of line clearance. Roll up roll up.

  27. Orson Kaert says:

    Theo Walcott £110,000 per week, contracted until 2019.

  28. C says:


    No it has more to do with their recent spending and see Orson’s 3:11 post.

    Everybody at the club isn’t on 100k/wk like you like to think mate.

  29. Bill says:

    Arsene has 2 options for dumping wages. Sell players or send them on loan. Clearly selling is preferable and he will take that option whenever possible which probably explains selling Gabriel or Wojo who were not going to get regular minutes and someone is willing to buy. However, there are not many of our squad players that smaller teams are willing to buy and pay their full wages so he is stuck trying to work out loan deals which explains Lucas Perez or Joel Campbell.

  30. Orson Kaert says:


    Case in point, Matt Macey, £5,000 per week, contracted until summer 2018.

  31. Orson Kaert says:


    It’s quite common for clubs to contribute to the wages of their players while out on loan. So loans don’t reduce wage bills by as much as one would think.

  32. Bill says:


    I stand corrected, I thought I saw somewhere that Le Coq was on $100K/week. Le Coq’s resume is completely underwhelming other then the 1/2 season in 2015. Each situation is different but the most likely reason they would be trying to negotiate a loan deal is they believe they can get a player just about as good for less then $10M in transfer fees and $2.8M/year in wages.

  33. Orson Kaert says:

    Three highest paid Arsenal players, Sanchez £140,000 per week. Ozil £140,000 per week. Kolasinac £119,500 per week.

  34. C says:

    Orson Kaert,

    Yea, I think the notion that Arsene is the only one that pays high wages is ludicrious and the other thing, sure other leagues might not spend as much money on wages as PL sides but they do spend money on wages. Only some players in the squad are on excessive wages.

  35. C says:


    No Bill, because if you read the whole thing, they aren’t trying to avoid buying him; they are wanting to loan him in the winter with an OBLIGATION to buy in the summer.

    Valencia have overspent the past couple of seasons and to comply with FFP they have needed to cut their wage bill and not spend nearly as much so in-order to do that they have loaned players and structured deals so that they will be able to comply.

  36. Bill says:

    Orson Kaert:

    It’s quite common for clubs to contribute to the wages of their players while out on loan.So loans don’t reduce wage bills by as much as one would think.

    Arsene clearly does not want to sell any of his regular players like Ozil, Sanchez, Kolasinac etc unless they really push for a move. Loaning out the squad players is not ideal for Arsenal but when you can’t sell them the only option left for decreasing the wage budget are loans. The fact that a team like Arsenal is willing to pay part of the wages makes it palatable for a team like Deportivo to take a player like Lucas Perez. Its ideal for the smaller team because they get a player on cut wages with no transfer fee and its ideal for the player becasue they get to leave and hopefully get regular minutes but they get to keep their full wage. Arsenal gets some wage relief from the loan but I suspect we would probably prefer to sell whenever we have a player someone is willing to buy.

  37. Bill says:


    That is what the report that you saw indicates but we hear these sort of rumors in every transfer window and usually it just ends up the player stays or he goes on a more standard loan deal. We have loaned out a few senior players like Le Coq or Joel Campbell over the years and correct me if I am wrong I don’t remember the loanee team buying the player.

  38. Bill says:

    Depending on your point of view, I guess it was either lucky or unlucky that Valencia bought Gabriel before they got into FFP trouble.

  39. Bill says:

    We hear rumors all the tine about clubs sending a player one way in return for another player but deals such as Jonny Evans to Arsenal if Debuchy goes the other way are not very common and those rumors are usually rubbish.

  40. Bill says:

    Lucas perez has 4 goals in 15 appearances this season. A club like Deportivo is not going to be willing to pay a transfer fee and Arsenal levels wages for a career journeyman who gives them that level of production. Same problem with Joel Campbell

  41. C says:

    So Milan based Sky Sports journo has tweeted:

    Manchester City have reached an agreement with Alexis #Sanchez for free transfer: wage £13M/year + £30M to Alexis when he’ll sign the contract.

    If Arsenal would accept to sell him now in January, Man City will pay £20M to Gunners 🇨🇱 🇬🇧 #MCFC #ManCity #Arsenal #transfers

  42. Jonny says:

    Transfer tattle – strong reports coming out of Argentina that Arsenal could meet Cristian Pavon’s (21yo forward plays for Boca Juniors) release clause within hours.

  43. C says:


    When Le Coq was loaned out he was neither a regular nor even in the dicussion of the first team, actually he was literally on his way out of the club. That is WAY to simplistic of a view and actually most deals around Europe especially in La Liga are deals that are loans and then buying is obligated. It has nothing to do with wanting to or not wanting to keep a player, its a finance game and unlike in the PL where cash is free flowing even for the clubs set to be relegated; other countries, the money is divided up between the top 1 or 2. The other thing is that in La Liga there has been an influx of clubs being bought and then dumped and left with massive wage bills that they simply can’t afford and with that they have to manufacture and structure these loan deals.

    You talk about Campbell but the thing that has always been with Campbell is that he has gone and it always looked like he was going to be bought by either a mid-table Spanish side or a Portuguese side that didn’t / couldn’t pay a wage and pay packet so he goes on loan and then returns, rinse and repeat.

    I think certain things like the loan system or how other countries do finances AREN’T even similar for the most part to with how the PL does them. For instance, big name players get loaned to other big squads or sold quite frequently in the other top 5 countries (Madrid and Barca rarely sell to each other) but in the PL you rarely see it happening and if it does then its not big name impact players, its the Welbeck’s of the world.

  44. Jonny says:

    Crikey – the release clause is apparently a cool $37 Million.

  45. C says:


    Here is everything you need to know about Valencia and all of the trouble they are in financial and what a shit business model they have but their owners won’t change it. Remember mate, its how we ended up getting Mustafi for less than what Valencia wanted to sell him for and its honestly why they have had to sell and then buy and then sell so many of their best players over the years because of such a shit business model. They think (because of their club’s rich history) that they are still a big club and act and spend like they are the odd years they are in the CL but overspend and then are forced to do deals like the one proposed for Le Coq in-order to make sure they have all their ducks in a row.

  46. C says:


    Yup, saw that and found it quite interesting, I wouldn’t mind it happening but I know a TON of supporters that would especially since he would be brought in ‘as a replacement’ for Sanchez. If that does happen then you know Sanchez is on his way to Citeh this weekend.

  47. C says:

    Mustafi and Xhaka are back in training.

  48. Jonny says:

    I’ll be glad to see the back of Sanchez.
    Given his ability he hasn’t offered a whole lot more than fuck all this season and when he isn’t scoring or providing his endless ability to give the ball away can be something of a hindrance.
    Bottom line is that mentally he has already left the club and the word is that he has also fallen out with all of his teammates.

  49. C says:


    His attitude or not, he has produced when he played and when it comes down to it, his production will still be need or to be replaced with somebody who is not currently in the squad.

    The whole fallen out with his teammates thing, I’m split on that because you don’t always have to like the people you play with and I want to know why he has fallen out. Is it because of his contract situation than I have a problem with that because Arsene’s contract is that reason why all of this is happening. If its because of his attitude and and getting pissed because of the Bayern stuff (which is when all this talk started of the fall out) than I have a problem with that too and speaks to what Yogi posted about a broken club and not being pissed off because you got your ass handed to you. The other thing is that I also found it funny that the one player other than Kos that they said he had a fallen out with, acted worst on the pitch than Sanchez did at the beginning of the season before he left for Liverpool.

    Either way, I think one thing that people keep forgetting is that he verbally agreed to a deal prior to Arsenal AGAIN getting put the sword by Bayern and Arsene non-nonchalantly brushing it off.

  50. Jonny says:

    I have no truck with him leaving for greener pastures and the chance of winning something but when you say ‘he has produced’…well he has by the standard of others but, judged by his ability, he has been somewhat disappointing this season.
    I don’t feel he has been worth the money we lost by refusing to sell in the summer but then I suppose it hinged on us actually bringing someone in too.

  51. YW says:


    > Bottom line is that mentally he has already left the club

    Indeed but that’s Arsenal’s fault for cocking up last summer. Should have signed Lemar when we had the chance. Spent time fannying around at the £70m mark and then bollocksed it up at the last minute when we *had* to sign someone.

    > and the word is that he has also fallen out with all of his teammates.

    That this is public knowledge is, I think, down to AW. Before Bournemouth last season, AW publicly criticised AS. Since then, the dressing room feels empowered because they see the sniping on social media.

    However, considering he’s the joint top scorer, I am genuinely concerned about the rest of this season if we don’t get a proven goalscorer in to replace him. Nobody in our squad has the capability of picking up the slack and if AW’s treatment of Lacazette is anything to go by, a replacement won’t be getting a regular starting line-up place until next summer.

  52. C says:

    I see Kane is talking trophies and that being the thing that keeps him at Spuds. Funny thing is, they haven’t won anything so I wouldn’t at all be surprised to see more nad more chatter about this

  53. C says:


    I agree he hasn’t produced up to the level of his ability or even half of what we all know he can do but the fact that he has produced is key.
    The problem is, sure we would have sold him for 60m but like you said, it would have been about who we brought in and personally I’m not sure this manager would have brought somebody in. I mean for 60m even that late in the window he could have thrown 30-40m at Celtic for Dembele but he wouldn’t have.

  54. C says:


    You bring up another excellent point there, remember it wasn’t just Sanchez that Arsene took shots at, it was Ozil and then we heard all these stories and players coming out talking about he needed to do this and that.

    I find it quite ironic that he crushed Ozil and Sanchez last season but has defended the likes of Giroud and even Ox before he left for their performances. It is strange that the players and all the reports of players pissed off not only at Sanchez for his attitude but Ozil for his attitude only after Arsene openly attacked both players and then dropped Ozil.

  55. C says:

    Pavon’s representatives have spoken and said:

    ‘I don’t know where the news originally came from. I received a call two days ago from an English agent to see if there was a possibility of the player moving as Arsenal are looking at him,’ Fernando Hidalgo told ¿Cómo te va?. ‘If Arsenal are interested they should contact Boca and try send over an offer if they are truly interested in him.

    ‘Nobody has called me officially from Arsenal and I haven’t had any chats in regard to this matter. If it’s true what this person was telling me then they should contact the club is what I said.

    ‘So far I haven’t had any news from the club on this matter. Surely they would have called or something, then I would have known about it by now.’

  56. C says:

    I do wonder how all of this is set to work out. With it looking likely that Theo and Le Coq are off, along with Sanchez; what is the direction of the club. Ozil and Jack surely would then need to be signed even for hopes of winning the Europe League and then you look at the strike force who would take over the left flank?

  57. jw1 says:

    An hour ago The Guardian expressed that City have offered £20M to Arsenal and a weekly of £250K to Sanchez. The article stated City will go no higher.

    So. How much would it be worth to Sanchez to have this year’s PL Winner’s medal around his neck come May? Maybe another £10M exit fee? Nearing 30, there aren’t any guarantees. This would be as close as he could get to it.


  58. JonJon says:

    Firesale at arsenal.
    what on earth are we preparing for i wonder?
    the chances of sanchez and ozil leaving are high
    jack to follow with theo and le coq?

    that leaves us with rambo, xhaka, cazorla and elneny in midfield for next season and if im correct rambos contract expires in 18months, cazorlas fucked and elneny could be sold off with the rest.

    by the time wengers contracts up for renewal we’ll have no midfielders bar xhaka

    lets hope we are preparing for a new ambitious era and not an extention of this era of decline with acceptance of mid table obscurity.

  59. DALM says:

    I honestly don’t know what to think – any or all of them could go or stay and we could buy in new talent but it probably won’t make a difference…….

    I was convinced that there was a good team/squad in there which, with better management might compete – but I think we are seeing a cub which is broken – complete paucity of ideas and a style of play which just isn’t cutting it…and new players sucked into the comfort zone of mediocrity.

    Why is Jens and or Bouldie ??

  60. C says:


    I’m with you, I think another manager and this squad would be much better not only defensively but in attack to. We don’t play to the teams strengths.

  61. andy1886 says:

    Bristol City go 1-0 up at City (pen as Stones dives in recklessly).

  62. Bill says:

    City equalize at 1-1 at the Etihad to Bristol City. Crazy as it sounds City could really use some more firepower upfront. Before De Bruyne scored they were having Aguero warming up for this league cup game and I am sure they don’t want to use him for these games. Sterling and Sane are both risks to hit a wall and slow down their scoring rate and Aguero is always a risk to pull a muscle. Sanchez with a fire in his belly could carry the team for 1/2 of the season and perhaps they might need someone like that to save their dreams of an unbeaten season and winning the CL.

    City and Arsenal are both ball possession teams but City are always looking to attack at pace and that makes all of the difference. The tempo of most of their attacking moves is much different then ours.

  63. Bill says:

    If City had Sanchez they propably would not risk using Aguero in the league cup against a championship side.

  64. Ras says:

    It is quite clear what both City and Liverpool have both done. Both have recruited fast athletic forward players.

    Although both obviously have different budgets its a similar model.

    Liverpool have Salah, Mane, Firminho. Courtinho until yesterday.

    Man City Sterling, Jesus, Sane, Arguero,Sanchez possibly very soon.

    Both teams have tremendous speed, athletic ability and good technical skill in their front players. They are rapid.
    We in turn side to side. Crab like.

    Both City and Liverpool identify there players knowing what is needed. Liverpool will have Keita soon. He again has athletic ability and speed.

    At Arsenal we wonder why it is so slow and goes from side to side and easy to defend. We have Giroud. Speed and athleticism is not his major strength. None of the Top 6 have a striker in OGs mould.
    The Midfield of City again has players whom are quick, good technically and whom can travel forward with the ball. City De Bruyne, D Silva, B Silva you follow.

    At there really is only Ozil. Verdict still out on JW. He has never been rapid. He’s good with the ball at his feet. Can drive forward . Ramsey does not to that. The rest El Neny is tidy but nothing special. Le Coq was indulged. It’s what AFC has done for to long under the stewardship of AW. He’s fallen In Love with his signings.

    Liverpool have recognised a d a felted they can’t compete with City Man U and Chelsea. They know where they are in the PL food chain. Southampton is there feeder club. In turn they do GOOD business with Barcelona. Suarez and Courtinho have made them MONEY.Liverpool have done things on their terms. Good business acumen in my book. Used the Courtinho money to fund Van Dyke.

    We hang onto layers for to long . They loose what ever asset they may have had at one point.
    Under the stewardship of AW there has been no cohesive organised vision of identifying and signing specific type players. The Manager must have a vision of how he wants to play and sign the required players . Sanchez has been identified by City. We know his talent. It’s pretty sure he’s going to flourish at City.

    Across the Channel PSG have Neymar, Mbappe. Barcelona Suarez, Courtinho, Dembele, Messi..

    Where there is No VISION then there will be confusion.

    Lets hope have faith the 2 new additions to the Club will have genuine support to nudge and shape the acquisition of players . Otherwise its tough times . There truly has to be a shedding of the dross. Keep whom we see as being an asset to the Club. Hsve buy out clsuses in their contracts.Have no fear in selling on players whom are surplus to requirements.

    Do we currently have a player an asset whom is worth over a hundred thousand?

  65. Bill says:

    Aguero gets the game winner. Man city has the league wrapped up but unless they buy Sanchez their chance of winning the CL and going unbeaten in the league would be gone if Aguero pulled a muscle

  66. Ras says:

    Here’s for you ” Until the philosophy that holds this Club to ransom to bondage and false illusions….. It will surely be Loss…

  67. C says:


    Always good to see you mate. Hows the chickens and eggs?

    Mind sending some eggs across the pond 😊

  68. C says:

    Look, I wasn’t a fan of Jack getting a contract until he proved his fitness but I NEVER doubted the talent. I will say this though, its fucking a disgrace if Arsenal offered him a paycut in his new contract but gave Giroud and Le Coq significant pay raises last winter when they signed their new deal.

    I mean, tell him he is keeping the same rate but bonuses and incentives will be built into the contract is one thing but to offer him a pay cut yet tell him and the world he is a key part in the squad and XI when fit moving forward really does bother me.

  69. Bill says:

    We have been criticizing Arsène for years because he gives big contracts and builds his teams around injury prone players. The idea that Jack might be past his injury issues is extremely optimistic at best

  70. andy1886 says:


    It all comes down to if you’re one of Arsene’s favourites. One thing is for sure though, decisions are being made on financial grounds first, second and third with sporting priorities a distance fourth (place trophy).

    I still genuinely believe that we are gearing up for a period in fifth or sixth and reducing our wage bill accordingly.

  71. Jonnygunner says:

    I’d like to hope that a clear out would involve some new ones in?
    If Alexis and Theo are off then we’ll need replacements-it’s whether Wenger buys big or a couple of interim players,and I can’t see it being interim players.
    It’s the hope………

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