Forest Preview With Transfer Talk But Does It Walk The Walk?

The defence of the FA Cup begins on the banks of the River Trent. Forest are in disarray, managerless and in dreadful form; perfect giant-killing material if we’re honest.

Not that many people have marked this one down as such and based on our experience of the past few years in cup matches, it will be a surprise. Which I guess is the essence of a giant-killing; no-one expects it.

Down to team news first, it will be a bit of a pick ‘n’ mix line-up. “Some of those who played against Chelsea will play again, but also some fresh players will come in,” Arsène said. He went on to talk about next week’s semi-final in tones which suggest a strong line-up will take the field at Stamford Bridge. Quite right too; it’s the business end of a competition and it’s hardly going to damage our Premier League campaign, is it?

I’d expect wholesale changes up front and in midfield. Out go Jack, Xhaka, in come Coquelin and Elneny; no Maitland-Niles in the centre, alas with Kolasinac and Monreal both absent through injury. Up front, Walcott, Welbeck and Iwobi will try to stop firing blanks and add to their combined nine goals in 49 appearances.

Forest are struggling, with 8 defeats in 13 games. It cost Mark Warburton his job with the club’s new owners struggling to show any patience. Reaching the Premier League is the name of the game and failing to tap into the playoff places is unacceptable.

They did get a creditable point at Leeds but at home haven’t scored in three of the last four. Even with my big club supporter hat on, the one which imbues footballing arrogance into every fibre of my being, I can’t see us losing to them.

Sgt Rock

At the back, Ospina will come in with Wenger declaring the Colombian is “not happy” but “not unhappy” with his situation; in other words, he’s like the majority of Britain’s workforce, just considerably better paid. He’ll get over it. I’d expect Mertesacker to re-appear to rest Mustafi with Debuchy on the right. Experience is not in short supply.

It leaves the team as:

Ospina; Chambers, Mertesacker, Holding; Debuchy, Coquelin, Elneny, Maitland-Niles; Iwobi, Walcott, Welbeck

The chance for Theo to show Southampton that he’s worth a punt? They’ve got money to burn, after all.

January sales mean activity to replace players. We don’t have a natural replacement for Walcott in the squad although Wenger could solve his Ramsey/Wilshere conundrum by shifting the Welshman to the right. That’ll please him, I’m sure.

There’s a lot of talk around of Sanchez and Özil both leaving this winter which frankly isn’t going to happen. One maybe, but not both unless we get a sudden influx of cash which lets us replace both. Given Liverpool are about to be ripped off something chronic, it’s probably best to let them buy either of Lemar or Mahrez and then go for the other.

Which sort of brings us around to the point of this little delve into the transfer window. Many are underwhelmed by another story or ten linking us with Jonny Evans but it’s where we are at. A no-nonsense defender with experience of leading club and country is desperately needed to organise our defence.

We could also do with some proper defensive coaching; however, that isn’t coming, so experience is the next best thing. Especially someone who has been Pulised; he’d know no-nonsense defending, surely?

Science Friction

It vaguely ties into Wenger’s comments about working with Sven Mislintat. A new era is new for everyone which is more a problem for them than Arsène he said. The whole conversation smacked of a more erudite ‘stable genius’ moment, an ‘I’m not changing, they have to’.

There was a jibe about knowing all the players in Europe before he came unless it was knowledge of small German clubs Sven was bringing to the table. Well, I know all the players in Europe now I’ve got Football Manager 2018, Arsène, but there’s a world of difference between knowing their names and knowing them. Sven falls into the latter category, by all accounts.

Overall, I don’t see the comments as negatively as others, just Arsène’s nose pushed out of joint by someone who is reputedly abrasive. This week’s Mavropanos signing won’t have happened without Wenger’s say so which means business as usual. We’re used to the club taking punts on young players and not seeing them again; this may be no different, maybe he’ll make the grade. That’s something for the future to decide.

If there is friction, I’d guess it will emerge when Raul Sanellhi officially joins in February; as if he isn’t working for the club now.

The real relationship test is between Mislintat and Sanellhi; if that thrives then our recruiting will improve ten-fold because it’s not been brilliant for the last decade or so, has it? That’s more because of a lack of planning, the absence of coordination in what the squad needs and how the manager perceives its’ weaknesses.


Interesting times ahead for all, I think.

Enjoy the game wherever you are watching it.

222 thoughts on “Forest Preview With Transfer Talk But Does It Walk The Walk?

  1. Wavey says:


    I mentioned previously a training session Arsenal shared on Twitter where the aim was to complete 20 passes in a circle with a player in the middle trying to block the ball. It was all about neat passing in tight spaces, but without any movement it doesn’t achieve anything.

  2. C says:

    Why didn’t Welbeck jump for that, it literally went right infront if him and he just looked at it!!!!!

  3. consolsbob says:

    Blind bloody panic in the box amongst our defenders again.

  4. C says:


    Maybe Ospina will stop it since Cech can’t…..nope he’s just as shit as Cech as

  5. consolsbob says:

    How much longer are we expected to put up with this bollocks?

  6. Bill says:


    It takes technical skill that make those sort of moves and keep possession with lots of short passes and it seems like that is the specific skill we tend to select for and emphasize in our younger players. Its works against academy level defenders but it becomes much less effective against better defenders and more organized teams.

  7. C says:

    The 18year old striker has been the best player om the pitch and its not even fucking close.

    Fuck, take off Theo, Iwobi and Welbexk they have been utter shit and have offered ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOTHING. SHIT TAKE OFF Holding too.

  8. andy1886 says:

    Anyone think that Wenger will be highlighting Nelson’s dive for the FK? Conveniently I expect Steve Bould to do the post match interviews (and if we lose naturally he’ll get the blame from the Wengerites),

  9. Wavey says:

    And that should be us out of the cup.

  10. Orson Kaert says:

    Even fucking Wenger can’t complain about that penalty, Holding has been crap all afternoon and shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the first team, while the sooner Mertesaker retires the better.

  11. C says:

    Nketiah has come on for Willock. Nelson and Maitland-Niles has been our best players

  12. Adam Singh says:

    “Forest are in disarray, managerless and in dreadful form; perfect giant-killing material if we’re honest.”

    I blame You YW!

  13. Paulie Walnuts says:

    Arsenal fans singing we’re fucking shit lol.

    Arsene sticking his eggs in the Milk Cup basket & a bunch of playground footballers with nice ability on the ball but zero end product.

  14. C says:

    Forest have lost 5 of the their last 8, have won 1 of their last 7 and have lost their last 5 and yet they are outplaying us.

    Nketiah comes on and creates a chance that our senior players haven’t been able to do in 65 mins

  15. andy1886 says:


    We could lose this 10-1 and Wenger would still stroll in tomorrow without a care in the world. As long as we keep making money.

  16. Viceologist says:

    I think I am finally at the point in supporting Arsenal where i think anything that hastens the demise of this current squad and manager will be a long term blessing. Force Wenger out, appoint proper backroom staff, new manager, and move forward with a full rebuild.

    Unfortunately, I think it all has to be burned to the ground for something positive to grow out of it. Really wish i didn’t feel this way.

  17. Wavey says:

    Can’t even claim we are being taught a lesson by a team flying high in the Championship. Forest have only won one in the last seven.

  18. C says:

    My Manchester United mate just sent me a text and it read:

    Fergie is a such a genius that he bought RvP and won the PL, he sold Welbeck to Arsene and yall got knocked out by Forest

  19. Orson Kaert says:

    Fucking Welbeck cocks it up again. Hook him off!

  20. consolsbob says:

    Can we please dispose of these forever ‘B’ stars in our squad?

    They never perform, never seem to give a toss and never look like becoming first choices.

  21. C says:


  22. Bill says:

    Anyone think that Wenger will be highlighting Nelson’s dive for the FK? Conveniently I expect Steve Bould to do the post match interviews (and if we lose naturally he’ll get the blame from the Wengerites),

    Everyone will conveniently forget about that play but they would remember it forever if it had been someone from Forest who went down.

  23. Viceologist says:

    It appears we have run out of FA Cup paper to put over the cracks that have become giant crevices.

  24. HenryB says:

    Well, if anyone could not understand the culture of slow CBs at Arsenal, then this must come as an f*cking shock.

    To the rest of us it is the same old, same old.

  25. consolsbob says:

    These commentators talk about Arsenal and players like Walcott and Welbeck that suggest that they last watched us 10 years ago when we were quite good.

    I mean whom the fuck can be surprised that Theo is crap?

  26. C says:


    We can’t get rid of them:

    Debuchy, literally nobody wants and the one club, Nice that did, ended up signing a 40 year old RB instead.

    Theo is wanted by Southamptom but Arsene wont let him go. Welbeck is Welbeck. Mert is retiring, Iwobi has regressed to worst than most U23 players.

  27. Wavey says:

    Welbeck is so poor as well.

    Holding needs to go in January. He should never be anywhere near the first team. School boy errors time after time in fouling on the half way line. His foul directly led to the attack which resulted in the penalty. Such a disgraceful performance.

  28. welsh corgi cardigan says:

    This is what we look like without Ozil, Jack, Ramsey and Sanchez. Not a pretty sight.

    But, here’s hope😀.

  29. Viceologist says:

    You would think our defence were playing against Didier Drogba in his prime with how easy they are abusing our center backs.

  30. HenryB says:

    My only disagreement with you CBob, is the 10 year thing — Theo has never played like a £120K a week player. Maybe a £12 per week player – if he played for someone else.

  31. Orson Kaert says:

    It was an own goal deflected inside the post by the ‘keeper otherwise it was going wide.

  32. C says:

    Funny thing about the goal, Welbeck’s shot wasn’t going in except for the fact that the Foreat GK deflected it after Welbeck shot it

  33. Adam Singh says:

    David O’leary sat behind Wenger. Is he part of the coaching team?

  34. Orson Kaert says:

    Another penalty that does it.

  35. Viceologist says:

    Lol… fucking laughable defending… another Pen… burn it to the fuckin ground…

  36. C says:



  37. consolsbob says:

    Absolute shambolic defending again.

  38. G4E says:

    Let the penalties rain on Arsenal English FA……You fucking corrupt bastards

  39. HenryB says:

    Bollocks to Walcott — he chickens out of a tackle (no surprise) and puts Forest in on goal.

    Double touch at the penalty kick?? No! F*ck Definitely a double touch == how would the linesman know from that distance? Disgusting!!

    Time to go.

  40. Viceologist says:

    Conceding 4 to Nottingham Forest has to be a new low. But Arsenal seem to enjoy finding new ways to top the lows previously thought impossible…

    Ship the dead wood anywhere that will take them…

  41. C says:

    Absolutely fucking shambolic by this defense.

    Two touches was pretty fucking clear but o well they rightly deserve it.

  42. Wavey says:

    Conceding 4 against a poor Championship side.

  43. G4E says:

    I really don’t think this a penalty…..But again fuck US for being a club run by freaking morons.

  44. C says:


    Add Debuchy to that for showing why he needs to go immediately, coming through the back inthe box and being a shit defender. Fuck them all in defense.

  45. consolsbob says:

    Seriously, so what if it was a double touch? Should it matter? The referee didn’t pick the team, trained them, prepared them. No one made the Arsenal players play like kids in the park.

    It’s a bloody disgrace. Excuses? Who gives a fuck?

  46. andy1886 says:


    True, but that gives Wenger another excuse to bleat. We were on top, penalty should have been disallowed, we were robbed, you know how it goes.

  47. C says:


    No, it was definitely a penalty, he went through the back and sure he won the ball but he went through the player which in modern futbol is a foul

  48. Bill says:

    I have never seen that before and I did not know the rule about double kick. The ref can’t guess and there is no way he can disallow that PK in real time. We need VAR. IMO.

  49. G4E says:

    Time to go support another club that wants to play football and win things, until something changes in this club……Absolute waste of time.

  50. C says:


    I do and thats why the BoD should do to Arsene what the Stoke BoD did, sack him and you know I am not for sacking a manager but this is the lowest of lows.

  51. Wavey says:

    And the one part of the team that seems to have not come under fire is the midfield. But they deserve grief as well. Forest has walked through the middle of the pitch time after time and the midfield did absolutely nothing.

  52. Viceologist says:

    Anyone that buys Arsene’s excuses at this point deserves whatever shit results and shambolic displays that we see week after week. How he has kept his job till now is fuckin mind boggling.

  53. C says:


    Its clear even in real time, the commentator and even if you watch the Forest player knows it was a double touch. It actually doesn’t matter because Forest deserve it

  54. consolsbob says:

    The only Arsenal fans happy tonight will be the wengerites who will see it all as an affirmation of the ‘conspiracy’ against Arsenal and their hero.

    Pointy silver hats nodding their heads and venting their ire at the authorities. Meanwhile, Wenger bluffs it for another week.

  55. Wavey says:


    And tomorrow’s tie will be using VAR. How can it be right that only one tie in a round uses VAR?

  56. Orson Kaert says:

    That’s our best chance of European football next season down the 🚽

  57. G4E says:


    Maybe C, but I really don’t care much about that…..We deserve it wither it’s right or wrong. The Championship side has much more pride than we do.

    No one working in this club fucking gives a flying monkey’s ass about this club. It’s a company where every employee is happy to collect the paycheck until a bigger opportunity comes along.

  58. C says:


    Fuck that, the only players for me who can reseasonably hold their heads held high are Maitland-Niles and Nelson..everyboy else including Arsene should be pushed out the door.

    Arsene wants to moan about the new transfer team, I fucking hope Ivan’s change and putting all these new toys in place means Arsene and his transfer business are leaving the door immediately.

    This doesn’t even resemble the youth teams of the CC Cup that use to be put out.

  59. welsh corgi cardigan says:

    We’re shite a defense, no matter what team we put out. We’re still shite at defending.

    But two pens is definitely payback for complaining at pgmol. Thanks for the coffe and next time, shut your trap.

  60. Viceologist says:

    Just fuckin resign you stubborn SOB…lol…i can’t imagine a manager staying in charge at any other team, in any other sport, with the level of consistent failure to achieve stated goals as this one. Wenger must be a master manipulator…our club has a collective Stockholm syndrome…Wenger continues to keep the entire organization held willingly hostage to this stagnant garbage.

  61. Adam Singh says:

    mark Hughes was sacked after Stoke lost to Coventry.

  62. andy1886 says:

    No FA Cup to save his ass this season – perhaps now the Europa League will suddenly become more important, or even the League Cup which AW and his acolytes have repeatedly dismissed as a waste of time.

  63. HenryB says:


    I have to say that in a way that game symbolises football and its unpredictable outcome — I am truly happy for the Forest fans — look at their faces — and good for them — but we were total dross, and that, in its own way, was predictable — that’s it!! 🙁

  64. C says:

    Haha Jack, Ozil and Sanchez surely won’t sign now amd Lacazette has to be wondering what he has to do to get out

  65. HenryB says:

    Sorry — but I dread to think what will happen next Wednesday.

  66. drazy says:

    Today is certainly a bad day to be an Arsenal supporter. Worse than Bayern trashings or Man Utd 8:2. No football for me in the next couple of days, or maybe weeks. Can we give Walcott out for free please?

  67. Bill says:


    The problem is that its much different to be certain what happened in real time. The ref is not going to be concentrating his attention on how the penalty taker strikes the ball. A double strike is one of the last things you expect to happen. The ref has watch to make sure the GK does not leave his line early or the players behind the penalty taker do not leave to early. No way the linesman can know what happened from his angle across the pitch. Credit to the ref for going over the linesman to consult. We complain all of the time when refs guess and you can’t rule out that goal if you are not certain what happened. This is exactly why the refs need video back up.


    You could argue that It should have been 3-1. Nelson went down with no significant contact to win the free kick for our first goal.

  68. C says:

    Yogi, I want to thank you now for tomorrow’s post because I know how difficult it will be for you to not completely destroy everybody

  69. C says:


    Honestly mate, I could careless because Forest ABSOLUTELY deserved to win and Arsenal were dreaful and that is being kind. I mean think about this, Nelson and Maitland-Niles were our best players and thr best player on the pitch was an 18year old striker who is a Stoke cast-off.

  70. Wavey says:


    Unfortunately we have a 2 legged tie against Chelsea and Conte believes that every game has to be won. They are unlikely to put out a team of kids.

  71. Orson Kaert says:

    SLAP SHOT! Today’s picture.

  72. consolsbob says:

    There is no conspiracy here, both were clear penalties given by idiotic defending. As for the double touch, really? Who the fuck would know? Who the fuck would care?

  73. C says:

    And to top it off, the most reliable Journo in Chile who originally broke the Sanchez to Citeh story and then was the first with all thr shit that took place at the end of the summer window just tweeted this, my mate sent me:

    Arsenal out of the FA. @Alexis_Sanchez did not play so he will not be cup tied.
    Alexis is close to sign with Manchester City, but Arsenal wants 35 million and not the 20 that the City offers.

  74. Wavey says:


    Agreed, but still bizarre that the system is only used in one game of a round. Surely it has to be introduced for every game in the round?

  75. consolsbob says:

    The rule:

    “If, after the penalty kick has been taken:

    the kicker touches the ball again before it has touched another player:
    >an indirect free kick (or direct free kick for deliberate hand ball) is awarded the ball is touched by an outside agent as it moves forward:
    >the kick is retaken unless the ball is going into the goal and the interference does not prevent the goalkeeper or defending player playing the ball, in which case the goal is awarded if the ball enters the goal (even if contact was made with the ball) unless the ball enters the opponents’ goal
    >the ball rebounds into the field of play from the goalkeeper, the crossbar or the goalposts and is then touched by an outside agent:
    >the referee stops play
    play is restarted with a dropped ball at the position where it touched the outside agent”

  76. Bill says:

    A lot of conspiracy theorists use our penalty stats as the centerpiece of their evidence for an anti-Arsenal conspiracy. However most penalties are conceded while trying to recover from defensive mistakes and disorganization and trying to stop a counterattack. Today our defending was chaotic and we made a mid table team in the Championship who have been in terrible form look like on top quality PL team. Our lack of defensive nous is the biggest reason why we concede more a lot more penalties then the other big teams in our league.

  77. Wavey says:


    Four goals against a poor Championship side. The only conspiracy is how the manager and Board conspire to continue to turn out dross like we saw today every week. How can a team come out after the first half performance and actually play worse? Where is the pride as cup holders from the players? I thought we were disgraceful when we were knocked out as holders against Watford a couple of seasons ago, but this was a hell of a lot worse.

  78. Orson Kaert says:

    VAR Protocols have been altered again. Goals penalties and mistaken identity can be reviewed. The VAR official can offer the option to the referee. The referee can review the video on a pitch side monitor but can decline to accept it if he wants to.

    I can’t wait to see how things go when Mike Bloody Reed reviews a disputed red card pitch side in a match between Chelsea and Man U with Conte and Moanhio in close attendance.

  79. DALM says:

    Got what we deserved……………… nothing again

    Notwithstanding the ‘is it a pen’ and ‘was it a goal’ at the end – pedestrian and slow throughout. Where was the pace and incisiveness ??? FFFFFFSSSSSSS.

    Why can someone not sit in front of the back four

    When we were chasing the game why did we concentrate on the short back and sides style of play.

    Ospina, Debuchy, Maitland Niles ok

    Holding and Mert not up to it, never, ever expect anything from Theo, Iwobi very poor

    Welbeck, Willock, Nelson jury out

    who was the other player

    subs as usual too little too late

    what was the point of Bould – even without Wenger there says/does nothing

  80. andy1886 says:

    Another classic Wenger quote:

    Asked Wenger if he should have had more experience on the bench.

    “Team selection was not the only problem today…”

    What were the other problems? “…Nottingham Forest played very well.”

  81. Bill says:


    Nelson and Maitland-Niles looked good and caught the eye with some nice interchanges but neither made anything important happen in the attacking end other then Nelson winning a questionable free kick. Ox often looked brilliant but he struggled to give us much end product and that is what we saw from Nelson and Maitland-Niles today. Fortunately for Maitland-Niles he is not really going to be an attacking player and he does not have to produce end product to be useful.

  82. Ras says:

    Good afternoon All. I see we continue to sink under the stewardship of the L ‘ homme who knows it all.

    Arsène has been given more bloody nose. Defence of the FA Cup YW?

    I decided not to waste my precious time and watched my Son play.

    As well as having won the FA Cup 3 times within the last four years, we go down in FA Cup folk lore for all the wrong reasons.

    When is the fecking sad nincompooo going to do one?

  83. andy1886 says:


    That’s why the LC will be important today (“what are you moaning about – we’re in the LC semi-final”) but in a week or two if we’re out it will be “no-one cares about the League Cup”.

    Imagine if we lose to the Swedish minnows.

  84. Ras says:



    Rhe whole thing is rotten from top to bottom. The Board, The Manager and his band of Merry Men. We were well and truly done by Robin and his Merry Men.

  85. Bill says:

    At some point players like Nelson have to figure out how to do more then just catch the eye. Over the years we have seen players like Nelson and may be he is going to be different but none of the players before him have been able to take that final step needed to become effective PL level players.

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