On IQ Tests, BATE, and Counting The Crowd

Social media and Arsenal fans is an obnoxious mix at times. It’s worse than a school playground on our part with the level of obnoxiousness taken up to eleven. Or maybe that’s the IQ, I’m not sure.

Ian Wright offered an opinion and was castigated. Why? Because the person offering an opinion in strong terms could not take it when he/she got a strong answer back. Here’s a hint; don’t offer an opinion in the first place.

Think about that situation for just a second. An Arsenal legend points out a failing which led to Arsenal conceding a goal in a big game which we yet again, lost.

That’s a bad thing to do apparently. For not worshipping at the Arsène altar and showing how Manchester United didn’t concede a goal despite 9 defenders being around the ball, Wright received the lashings of a million pre-pubescent tongues. A former Arsenal star talks to mortals and gets grief for it. That’s encouraging others to do the same, isn’t it?

You have to hope that nascent Twitter alternatives such as counter.social learn to how to control the trolls.

Arsène speaks to the press later today about the Europa League fixture with nobody particularly interested in the fixture. The Evening Standard reported we’ve sold 50,000 tickets for the match and James Olly rightly questioned how many would turn up.

The AST wants Arsenal to add a ‘donate’ button to allow tickets to go to local causes. A stumbling block for schools to take advantage, for example, is that there are rarely enough seats together for a class to go. And at short notice as well, it’s difficult for teachers, etc., to organise. Nice idea, just not entirely practical. I don’t know how you get that to work, either.

This Game Is Gonna Be A Ghost Game

But it isn’t only Arsenal where the problem exists. Only in games where the home side had something riding on the outcome were the ‘Sold Out’ signs genuinely hung at ticket offices.

At Old Trafford, there were huge swathes of empty seats, the Estadio da Luz looked like Benfica could have shut ¾ of the stadium such was the poor attendance. It’s a Europe-wide problem. Real Madrid tonight will be interesting. A tourist magnet and decent opposition in name only. Huge gaps as well?

There are other factors at play beyond dead rubbers. Arsenal’s fixture list is packed in December. The time when people go out to parties, buy presents and we have four of the next six games at the Emirates. Next week we have a midweek away game at West Ham; Southampton this Sunday.

Football operates outside of the real world. Of those six games, BATE is most meaningless; there’s nothing riding on it for Arsenal. It wouldn’t change if it were a Champions League match in the same circumstances, it genuinely wouldn’t.

Watching a match in a half-empty stadium isn’t much fun but this is what Arsenal and the other clubs want. They want more games,  they want group matches so they don’t crash and burn in Europe in September. It’s no good complaining that tickets aren’t being used when the cost of attending games is so high.

This isn’t a rant about match ticket prices. Done that, been there and realise the best we can ever hope for is a freezing of ticket prices for a number of years. But people who live ‘closer’ to the ground, e.g. within London, seem to forget that train fares are probably the only thing to have risen more steeply than football tickets. You would weep if I told you how much it costs when I take my sons to football.

Fans Don’t Come No More

Even towns close to London see fares rise to between £20-30 for travelcards. Arsenal was pivotal in mobilising football fans to travel when transport was less easy a century or more ago. Now, they pay the price for social mobility and corporate greed. It’s no longer a club just for the local community, Arsenal reaches to the edges of the UK and beyond.

Arsenal’s lack of commercial clout relative to other big clubs means ticket prices will not fall quickly. We still lead the way of the top ten ‘richest’ clubs in Europe with matchday revenue as a percentage of total income. That’s how our cloth is cut; we want the stars, we’re going to have to pay from our pockets to see them for the foreseeable future.

If that means the Emirates gets used to 50-55,000 crowds, then that is for the club to deal with. Increasing ticket prices isn’t the answer, Ivan; that will simply exacerbate the problem.

I will genuinely be surprised if more than 35,000 turn up for BATE. That’s the state of football today. Group stages begat meaningless games. Competitions held in little regard by the masses need to be addressed; the current state of European club competition before the knockout stage leaves a lot to be desired.

’til Tomorrow.

88 thoughts on “On IQ Tests, BATE, and Counting The Crowd

  1. Very good post there, Yogi-San.
    Football ate itself a long time ago for me – don’t get me started on fucking train fares.
    This country has been thrown to the dogs but hey, at least we don’t live in the US where the poor and middle class are about to get truly shafted beyond all historical comparison.

  2. On Ian Wright; you have missed the fact that he, an Arsenal legend no less, told another fan that he is basically not worthy of commenting on the match because he lives abroad and thus does not qualify as being a fan of the club (I’m paraphrasing of course, but i’m sure your saw the tweets). After the backlash, from the those pre-pubescent tongues (his colleagues and friends), he was then compelled to apologise.

  3. Good day all, an apposite post Yogi, thank you.

    Paul Hayward, he of the Telegraph, puts the boot into football fans, on behalf of Ian Wright, this morning. Reading his column gives the impression that fans aren’t expected to air their opinions.

    It’s fairly obvious that journalists in general hate social media, they really don’t like having their own opinions questioned. In the old days one or two readers may have dashed off a letter to the paper in question’s editor but it would most likely end up in the bin. Nowadays we are all able to have our say and the journalists are becoming less relevant. Perhaps they should forget about trying to create the news and stick to reporting facts.

  4. As far as the Bate match is concerned I would be delighted if Wenger fielded a complete under 21 side. They would at least show some enthusiasm and it would give those of us not able to get to live games to see the youngsters in action.

  5. Wrighty’s absolutely correct – the moron fans that abused him are the reason this club is in this state. A kind of footballing Stockholm syndrome if you like. Keep feeding them shite dressed up as ‘classy entertainment’ and they’ll lap it up because it’s too painful to wake up and admit that they’ve been taken for a ride.

  6. Xhaka features at #3 of F365’s Ten Worst Players in the PL’s Top Six:

    Paul Pogba was majestic before his momentary lapse. Aaron Ramsey was excellent, constantly probing and pushing. Nemanja Matic was running on about 70% capacity but still helped keep the Arsenal onslaught at bay. Granit Xhaka was the central midfield younger sibling who his older brother was forced to bring along for a kickabout with his mates.

    In a pulsating game between Arsenal and Manchester United, Xhaka looked lost in the madness, unable to control the tempo with his calm, collected passing. There were worse performers for either side, but few cost as much or arrived with such fanfare.

    The Swiss midfielder has contributed three assists this season, but has played his part in at least as many goals for the opposition. From his misplaced passes against Leicester and Stoke, to his refusal to track Tom Cleverley’s run against Watford or Jesse Lingard’s against United, to his costly error at Everton, the evidence suggests Xhaka might benefit from competition not comprised of Francis Coquelin. Tom Ince (32) is the only player to have more shots (31) without scoring this season.

  7. Dave

    And you missed the tweet which brought the response:

    “Yea, Ian Wright, notorious for hating Arsenal”

    Like I said, if people can’t take it, don’t hand it out.

    Wright had nothing to apologise for. He directed it at one person. If you want to interpret his response as applying to all, that’s your tough luck.

    Seeing Arsenal fans afterwards act like cretins and pile in just because Wright criticised the defending was embarrassing.

  8. My last game was home to Burnley a couple of years ago.2 tickets off the internet,train fares, bit of food and a few pints at The Auld Triangle.Left home 09.10 got in at around mid night with no change from £500 quid.

  9. It will be interesting to see when Arsene finally leaves the response to any criticism he might make of the club or players in his role with beIN sports. Perhaps he’ll be branded an Arsenal hater too? Or do these people have double standards perhaps?

  10. jerry,

    I’d wager from that budget and the times you suggest that the bit of food and a few pints may have been a little bit underplayed in your post? 😉

  11. Orse,

    My dad was, and remains, a serial letter writer to the local paper. That’s until they offered him a job of writing a ‘fans eye’ view of each Swindon game.

    There’s a difference between opinion and abuse. A typical response to Wright’s criticism of the team is this:

    “Don’t understand how all the players of Arsenal suddenly seem to lose brain cells and start acting pathetically stupid when they retire.”

    Not being funny, it’s noticeable how all Wright’s critics seem to be staunchly in the ‘Wenger can do no wrong’ corner. Wright pointed out 33 shots on target and 1 goal is not a good stat. He highlighted how 5 defenders were drawn to the ball for United’s second.

    I haven’t read Hayward’s column, but you’re right journalists hate social media. They have to use it but my god, Arsenal fans are embarrassing in how they interact with these guys. They are always ‘cunts’ or something else. A few people interact normally with them, but then they get labelled as licking the hack in question’s arse.

    As for fans getting uppity about being called out for living miles away, some of the worst offenders for that are overseas fans berating UK based fans for not going. “If I lived there, I’d be going every week”. No, you wouldn’t unless you lived in London; it’s too fucking expensive. Including match tickets, the cheapest I can get to Arsenal with my two kids is £250. That’s not including food, drinks or programmes and the like. For a Category ‘A’ game, the cheapest is £350. Unless you live in the home counties, football in London is fucking expensive.

    But there’s a preachy element to football supporters on Twitter. As if they feel the need to prove themselves the club’s number one fan. And abusing journalists, current players and former players are their yardsticks. And they then blub about being called out…

  12. jerry, and YW,

    Exactly right. Assuming an average of two home games (not including cups) per month, I’d suggest that to attend football regularly is the same as funding a budget week’s holiday per person per month in terms of total cost.

    For a parent that hasn’t won the lottery with two children, that’s probably a once or twice a year treat. Not that many times a week


  13. As a grizzly old veteran of following the Arsenal I do not want to go into the whole “I remember my Dad squeezing me and my brother in through the turnstile as one” days. But when days when cash was a bit short we would go see Orient or Barnet. I would suggest perhaps going to the lower leagues to see a genuine game of football, but from what I hear even down in the National League you can spend a pretty penny now. I still “enjoy” watching the Arse on TV here in the US and displaying all the frustrations during and after the game as i have for 40 odd years. Then I can go and see my adopted team the Charlotte Independence of the United Soccer League (Division 2). It is cheaper than the MLS and you see a good game of football with the teams made up of talent from the US, Central America and the Caribbean. Many of the players are full internationals with likes of Panama, Honduras,Jamaica. So there is some good football. It is a long way from Highbury but i do not get chest pains when the donkey of a center forward misses a sitter again. As Jonny said Football ate itself a long time ago, such a shame.

  14. The pre-Bate team news. The team news is that everyone is available. We just have a small problem with Mustafi from Saturday, but everyone else looks alright.

    Mustafi’s injury…a little thigh problem, but it’s a small one. Mustafi could possibly be back for Southampton, if not he will be back for West Ham.

  15. Neil

    I have 5 Football League clubs within 30 minutes of home, 10 within an hour. If we want to go to a match, we go to one of them, depending on the opposition.

    We also have a couple of good standard non-league teams but their charges are just ridiculous for what you’re going to watch. It’s almost as expensive to watch them as league football which is mad.

  16. Club Arsenal hospitality tickets available for tomorrow, including dinner, £360 per person. Mind you don’t get trampled in the rush. 😀

  17. Unfortunately my 17 year old son has inherited the Arsenal disease and it is amusing see him go in to melt down as we screw up another game. I would love to take him to the Emirates to see a game but the cost is putting me off especially with air travel. I am thinking of perhaps an Emirates Cup weekend. Has anyone been to these, they seem like a good time.

  18. Jonny
    Maybe getting shafted beyond any historical comparison is what the middle class and the poor needed to wake the fu$k up and start voting their self interest.

    Don’t hold your breath though. Something about IQ, perhaps.

    I mean, who knew that a self proclaimed populist billionaire who shi#s in golden plated toilets wouldn’t really have their back?

  19. Tom,

    Chortle – quite so.

    Both parties (but especially Republicans) have been guilty of decimating education for so long and convincing the proles to blame immigrants for their plight – it’s not exactly surprising they are too uneducated to see through the lies – keeps the masses pliable don’t you know.

    But yeah here is hoping this serves as a wake-up call.

  20. Good stuff Yogi, ticket prices, I’ll let you lot deal with that.

    the interesting thing will be the Round of 32 draw were already Athletico and Dortmund have dropped down and lets see who drops down today.

  21. Jonny,

    Be patient, the new regime are just tuning up their contract negotiating skills before turning to Ozil and Sanchez. Oh and Wilshire…. and Walcott… and Cech…and uncle Tom Cobley and all.

  22. C,

    The interesting thing about the Round of 32, it looks like our opponents will be, organised on the scale of difficulty, with the first being the hardest:

    Athletic Bilbao

    Honestly, everyone after Marseille, we should be ending the tie after the first leg.

    Seeding means we can’t face Atletico, Leipzig, and most likely Napoli.

  23. YW,

    I would say everybody under Dortmund simply because Dortmund are like the German version of Arsenal: able to beat anybody able to lose to anybody, manager seems out of his depth, has plenty of quality but at times seems to play like strangers.

    The other thing is, how will Arsene handle the Round of 32, because if he plays the ‘B’ team, then I think we could easily be out of it in the first leg but if he plays the first XI then I am in full agreement with you.

    Atletico and Napoli are honestly the only teams that should be a real worry with clubs like Zenit, Lyon, Dortmund, Marseille and even Sporting that all shouldn’t be be scoffed at if we draw them.

  24. If he fields the ‘B’ team in ANY of the knockout phase, the club should announce they aren’t renewing his contract.

    We are in a dogfight for 4th and probably second favourites for that, maybe even third. We haven’t wobbled yet – and 4 of our next 6 are away from home in the PL – and that will go a long way to deciding that fate.

    He can’t dismiss any route back into the CL.

  25. YW,

    I completely agree, riding the B team now is fine but once the Round of 32 starts its the ‘A’ team with the rotating like Jack for Ramsey or for injury moving forward. I’m still not sure what Arsene really thinks about Europa but I guess we will find out soon enough

    Personally, I would rather he focus on lifting as much silverware as we can and realize that 4th simply isn’t guaranteed like many think.

    He can’t dismiss but that doesn’t mean he won’t. I can see him now:

    reporter: “Arsene why didn’t you start Sanchez/Lacazette/Ozil in the first leg of your round of 32 tie instead of starting Jack/Giroud/Welbeck and being down 2-0”

    Arsene: “They have gotten us this far in the competition and we played well and deserved to win but the ref’s poor decisions went against us.”

  26. Apparently 3 years ago today AW said that he will win the Premiership within 3 years.

    Like OJ looking for his wife’s killer still waiting…..

  27. So Jack and Theo start tomorrow and Arsene seems to have put a kabosh on Theo leaving in the January window:

    Wenger confirms Wilshere and Walcott will start. On Walcott: “He works very hard to come back into it. He had a sickness a few weeks ago and after I didn’t change the squad but in training he looks very sharp.” So you are keeping him in January? “Yes.”

  28. Hi, C,

    Despite so many people reporting that Everton, S/Hampton and Wham had made overtures to Arsenal about buying Theo, and the man himself, thru his agent, said he needed more minutes, and was looking to leave, because he had worn a groove in his ass from riding the bench, up pops the boss and sats – no he is staying. What??

    I suspect Theo will be hosed down, brushed up, and reintroduced to the fans as the perfect replacement for Sanchez, and won’t cost Arsenal a penny in transfer fees — just a massive salary to get him to stay until he is 60 years old. Weird or what.

  29. C:
    Reports say that talks between Arsenal and Ozil are close to the break through for him to sign a new deal.

    Don’t you believe it, C.

    Up here in Manchester the local guys are all saying that the sly bastard Maureen is determined to get him, if for no other good reason than to spite Wenger.

    But the Manc U fans all want Özil whatever Mouse’s reason.

  30. C

    > Reports say that talks between Arsenal and Ozil are close to the breakthrough for him to sign a new deal.

    They were due to sign a new deal after Australia (Ozil’s words) and in October (reports). In this blogger’s words, I’ve imbibed suitable quantities of wine to be able to say “Not one fuck is given” about these reports – I’ll believe it when I see it. Still think both are off and if one is to say, I’ll take Alexis. Won’t turn my nose up at Ozil but at the wages being quoted, I’d pass.

  31. YW, @ 5:45,

    I almost dropped my girlfriend ( well she was typing for me, or something) when I saw your comment re qualifying 4th or 3rd for the CL .

    I always understood that you hate qualifying for the CL, because you don’t want to watch us get squished with no chance of winning it. Did I miss a “not” somewhere in your point? 😀

  32. > Reports say that talks between Arsenal and Ozil are close to the breakthrough for him to sign a new deal.

    YW could not agree more. I avoid newsnow and reddit and whatever football news feed because it is full of total shite

  33. HenryB,

    The Theo situation will continue to be a strange one because lets be honest, he is a really good option to get a goal for the B team or against mid-table and lower table sides; he might not offer much else but he still has that eye for goal.

    That would be interesting if he was shined up and noted as the Sanchez replacement, I think people would literally lose their shit! 😉

  34. HenryB,

    Yea I have Manure coworkers who openly talk about wanting Ozil and would gladly give us Mhkytarian for less than what people are willing to pay for Debuchy.

    For all the talk of Mourinho no liking flair players, people forget that Mourinho got the best out of Ozil and both have a healthy respect for each other and we all know how Mourinho is with players.

  35. YW,

    Yea I could see both still being off and I know most actually would be rightly pissed off if Ozil is kept at the expense of Sanchez. The wages being thrown around, quite honestly I don’t care its not my money and good for Ozil if he gets those wages. I know their just reports and all of that so I guess we will see but if we are able to keep one or both then great but losing both still rubs me the wrong way.

  36. H

    No, I don’t like the Champions League. It’s not just because we get squished but because the format is not designed to be competitive. Once you start seeding teams, you destroy competition; it’s a way of ensuring some teams are more likely to get through than fail. Add in a group stage, you give those teams 5 games to get things right. It’s almost a certainty that the seeded teams will progress.

    Money is the root of this; nothing competitive about it at all.

    I merely observed that our target for this season is finishing in next season’s CL. I don’t agree with that as a target because it’s setting your sights low enough to fail hopelessly. Aim for the top and try to win the title. Arsenal don’t do that; we don’t invest in our squad enough to make it possible.

    However, if we’re going to aim for 3rd or 4th, I’ll back them for that. Moan like hell about missing it. Moan like hell about them not being ambitious enough but I’ll back to win that fight.

  37. Liverpool enjoying themselves tonight.

    Mad, the season Salah is having – I don’t think anyone expected him to be this good.

    Mane adds a lot too.

  38. YW,

    That was really interesting and makes what you have said in the past much clearer to me. Thanx.

    Agree with that actually. 😀

  39. Jonny,

    If you didn’t think Salah was going to be this good then you probably didn’t watch him at Roma or Basel (forget the failed Chelsea thing). He is a brilliant player and his pace and finishing is that of some of the best in Europe.

    Between Salah, Mane, Firmino, Sturridge and Coutinho it makes you wonder why Ox was so desperate to go there.

  40. YW,

    I agree with all of that and it really does shine a crystal clear light on discusssions we have had over the years regarding CL.

    Its funny, the CL reminds me so much of thr NCAA basketball tournament except that there is a group stage as opposed to pure elimination.

  41. Group A – CSKA Moscow

    Group B – Celtic

    Group C – Atletico Madrid

    Group D – Sporting Lisbon

    Group E – Spartak Moscow

    Group F – Napoli

    Group G – RB Leipzig

    Group H – Borussia Dortmund

    Have to say it will test our boys for sure.

  42. I use to like Pep but fuck him now, the one time I actually want Citeh to run riot they fucking lose and we get Napoli ans Shaktar go through

  43. The narrative should be that Ozil can stay IF he pulls his finger out and plays consistently as well as he has in the last couple of games – but no pay rise. If that’s not to his liking then good luck and goodbye.

    Let’s be honest, we haven’t come near to a title challenge even when he was on top form, so it’s not as if we’d be a significantly worse side without him. Time to build a team rather than try and forge one by throwing eleven individuals out on the pitch and hoping for the best.

  44. I didn’t, but then I think hardly any of us watch as much football as you, C. 😉

    I genuinely think wanted the opportunity of being coached by someone other than AW and the Arsenal set-up.

    I don’t think he really thought it through – he don’t seem none too bright.

    I also wonder why Klopp wanted him but then how many of those players will be there next season Coutinho most likely not and Sturridge almost never plays.

  45. First time in history that any league has had 5 teams in the CL round of 16. It demonstrates how much tougher competition has become for the 4th place trophy in our league. Arsene’s run of top 4 finishes was an amazing accomplishment but it never would have happened if the competition for 4th place had been this strong in years past.

    We really need to take the Europa League seriously because it might be our best hope to return to the CL.

  46. Liverpool is probably in very good form right now and scoring a lot of goals. I think they have a real chance to maintain their attacking form becasue of the way they play. They have 5 players Sarah, Coutinho, Mane, Firmino and Sturridge who are all legitimate threat to score whenever they are on the pitch. Compare that to us who have only Sanchez and Lacazette who are legitimate threats and we might lose Sanchez in January. They also attack as quickly and efficently as any team in the league. That style of play is much easier to replicate effectively on a consistent basis and much more difficult to defend against then ours.

  47. I am not sure why Ox wanted to go to Liverpool. They have a whole group of players who have a similar physical skill set but they all offer more end product then Ox. Ox is at best a utility squad player on Liverpool. He would have had a much better chance to make some sort of impact at Chelsea. I think Chelsea would be a more dangerous attacking team with Ox at right wingback and he would have only had to beat our Victor Moses

  48. Bill

    He wanted out because we’re going nowhere. That’s the only reason I can think of since he’s playing exactly the same role for them as he did for us.

  49. Good post YW

    Sorry for any folk who set the alarms for the Ashes

    What a last day damp squib

    Actually what is a squib ??

  50. Bill,

    To be honest my friend, Conte has never really cares it seems about his wingbacks being great attacking talents, he wanta them to be blue collar workers who will sacrifice and work their socks off defensively because his front 3 does little to no defensive work. Moses is in thr team because he is that sort of player like Asamoah was at Juve who was instrumental for him even though he had better attacking wingbacks.

    I think you have to remember who the manager us and Conte could give a shit about his wingbacks being explosive or scoring goals.

  51. Here’s a legitimate question since Arsene commented on them in his presser:

    Would you lot rather have Ozil resign or Ramsey and Theo?

  52. Though if re-signing Ozil means we get Goretzka I would do that IN A HEARTBEAT!

    If we get Goretzka and he signs a pre-contract agree like Sead did in the winger, then it would be really interesting to see what would happen with Ramsey and Xhaka because Goretzka is an instant upgrade over both and that CM is where he plays so that could get interesting.

  53. C,

    Contrary to what Snowball said in Animal Farm, Two legs good four legs bad.

    I’d go for Ozil.

    Despite what Wenger is reported as saying, Walcott should be sold now before he enters the last year of his contract, at the end of which he will be thirty years old.

    I see no reason to repeat my opinion of Ramsey, whose contract also expires at the end of next season along with those of Cech and Welbeck.

  54. Absolutely GUTTED for Santi, as Arsene addressed his situation at his presser and said:

    “I sent him a message because he had surgery and wished him well. He (Cazorla) answered ‘I have to start again from zero’.

    “It’s very sad. What Santi has gone through is unbelievable. It’s really, really sad. But unfortunately he has to start again from zero.”

    “If all goes well he has to wait until he starts to run and after he starts to run it takes six weeks to come back to training.

    “When he can start to run again I don’t know. I was hopeful of January, but after this setback certainly now not before February.”

  55. Jonny,

    I see Arsene responded to Jack ice skating and he seemed to discourage it but give him a bit of a pass which is really weird when you consider his ankle injuries:

    “It’s not ideal, honestly, but for your balance it is not bad,” Wenger said, as reported by The Sun.

    “For a footballer, I don’t think it is great but it depends what you do. I don’t know exactly [what he did on the ice]. You can do ice skating and make sure nothing happens. Ice skating violently, I don’t think he did that.”

  56. Orson Kaert,

    Well I guess I’m not the only one who would go Ozil.

    I am Team Theo but I think whats best for him and the club is that he moves on.

    Ramsey, do I think he is a good player, yes; if I had to choose between Ramsey and Ozil, Ozil for me and we go chase a player like Goretzka, Pjanic, Kovacic or the pleathora of talents that will help balance our team or go for a player like Seri or one of those other DM’s.

  57. C,

    Yepp, Ramsey for me. But that is a thin line and against all odds that he stays fit for more than 3 months.

  58. C,


    It’s a little bizarre – if he had turned his ankle (which, having worked in A&E, is not an uncommon injury in the winter when it has become icy and/or x-mas outdoor rinks are commonplace – it’s a veritable blizzard of sprains and breaks) there would have been some brutal fallout and much rightful, gnashing of teeth.

    He probably still has some screws in there too – I mean of ALL the people…yeesh.

  59. Orson,

    You’re the Devil in disguise — or it it ‘in de skies — Whatever. 🙂

    — “Contrary to what Snowball said in Animal Farm, Two legs good four legs bad.

    I’d go for Ozil.”

    Oil has 4 legs? — What have you done to him? — you orses just clop along, swishing your tails and giving nice young ladies bare back rides. Tut!

  60. Jonny,

    Rumour has it he has a screw loose. Not sure I am fussed — the signs are that he will be moving on soon — unlike AW immediately dismissing the idea that Theo is moving, despite all the evidence, he has been lukewarm about L’il Ol Jack.

  61. Jonny,

    I know, I get that he is a father and is a family man based on the photo but he could have just worn shoes or not been on ice skates. I have friends that played and still to this day play hockey and they say that as you said, its commonplace to roll an ankle or your ankles get battered and bruised just on a casual well groomed rink.

    Its the strangest of things, because I agree if he would have injured himself then you couldn’t blame people or the club for being pissed not to mention he is out of contract come the summer.

    Yea, it just all smells of a TERRIBLE decision, luckily he looks to have come through it unscathed but FFS.

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