Unusual Transfer Destinations, Giroud & A Tad More

It’s one of the more unusual destinations in which to decide your future but this is no ordinary situation.

Leon Goretzka, linked with just about everyone, is taking the opportunity of a mid-season break to Benidorm to decide which club he is going to join for next season, most likely on a free transfer in June.

There’s plenty to distract him. It’s in Spain – Real Madrid perking up – while he can choose any cuisine he wants, maybe German – Bayern or Italian – Juventus.

A few beers down the line, an evening in Sticky Vicky’s company will put him in the mood for a move to England. I suspect it will be Chelsea under those circumstances; John Terry’s probably on a low-rent flight already to join him. Ah wait, that’s low-cost; Terry’s low-rent.

Put our lot in Sticky Vicky’s and they wouldn’t know what to do. Or where to look. The days of drunk and disorderly Danes with mechanophilia are far behind us.

It’s all about who replace Alexis Sanchez these days. The latest is Wilfred Zaha. His performance against Morocco yesterday a rare bright spot in the dishevelled wreckage of Ivory Coast’s World Cup qualifiers. It’s not a signing to set the pulses racing though, especially at a mooted fee of £35m. Without wishing to be cruel, I expect more for my money.

Not that it is my money, of course, although Arsène does spend club funds as if he had my budget to play with.

There’s plenty of talk of goalkeepers around. Marc-Andre Ter Stegen is ready to give up being Barcelona’s Number One to become Arsenal’s Number One. Meanwhile, they call him Kepa, Kepa the Keeper turned his nose up at being the main man at Real Madrid. Arsenal are In Like Flint given both our goalkeepers are out of contract in summer 2019.

I’m a Giroud, How Do You Do

Meanwhile en France, Olivier Giroud testified that the Good Lord has faith in him to deliver. Amen, brother, AMEN!

Can you feel it pulsing through your veins? The blood of Arsenal runs through his:  “I am happy at Arsenal and I am fine with the decision to stay because I want to.” Amen, brother, AMEN!

And then he got all biblical.

“The story between the club and myself is not over and not finished,” he declared, pounding the lectern to murmurous approval. 

“I keep believing in my quality and I keep the faith!” You gotta have faith, Ollie; faith, brother, FAITH!

“I have a lot of objectives with Arsenal and my country so I always try to move forward and keep scoring,” as he checked the time of his flight to Alicante where Leon will meet him for the wild weekend.

“I’m sure He was watching almost all the games especially because Aaron was playing,” casting himself as the Prodigal Son, whose years of debauchery have been forgiven. Aaron stays at home dutifully, except for when he’s on the pitch. Then he does whatever he pleases, all with His blessing.

“He’s always supporting me and there is a lot of trust in each other,” for He knows that Olivier will take Him to those places in Paris where A-A-Ron won’t go.

“He trusts in me and I try to give it back on the pitch when I can,” he TESTIFIED!

On a Mission For God

At the back of the room, He stood watching, nodding in approval, eyeing the suitcases and his mind already wandering the Playa Levante. Snapping back to reality, he recalled His Olivier having fun for his country.

Six goals in 12 appearances this season, but a paltry 3 in 14 for Arsenal? It’s hard to be critical when 10 of those appearances add up to 178 minutes on the pitch, with 1 goal in that time. Two goals in four ninety minute games is par for the course.

That’s it for today. This evening, Northern Ireland aim to give Granit Xhaka a few weeks break next summer but judging by the first leg and the Swiss superiority, it’s unlikely to happen.

33 thoughts on “Unusual Transfer Destinations, Giroud & A Tad More

  1. Thanks for the post yogi

    Wilfred Zaha to replace Alexis?? He was once a can’t miss prospect and I guess he has not completely missed but I can’t see him becoming a major impact player for a team whose objective is supposed to be getting back into the top 10 in Europe. We are certainly not aiming very high these days.

  2. Bill,

    We’re aiming for Europe League now, so he’s probably in the ball park for that level I would guess. Champions League is something we might luck into but the cost/return analysis will tell Stan that investing £100m+ to get back around £40m makes no financial sense. And of course his wages would be a fraction of either Alexis or Ozil’s.

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  4. Giroud the prodig…….nope he is more like a whiny older prince son who simply is thought of as okay but never good enough and when afforded the opportunity simply wasn’t good enough to be the heir apparent to a long line of brilliance but was just good enough to stick around adding in his two cents every now and then. Lacazette, well he is the younger brother who is ideal in every way and when afforded the opportunity to rule did so as all the people wanted and knew he could. Giroud stays in place because the pesky and cruel elder statesmans (Arsene and Deschamps) who simply won’t retire prefers him even though the people want the younger brother Lacazette!

    In the end the older brother returns with a thigh injury that nobody knows the exact degree of the injury they just know he has one.

  5. Zaha, well he would make an ideal replacement for Ox but with goals in him but doesn’t mean he is worth it. Europa it is then.

  6. Zaha sounds like a thoroughly Wengeresque signing.
    I quite like the player and there are signs of him starting to come good but no doubt AW will coach that out of him in short order.

  7. Jonny,

    He has started to come good and score goals, problem he would face at Arsenal would be he would be the “replacement” for Sanchez.

  8. Well, lookee here, C, as the font of all Arsenal knowledge I need to refer the following to you for verification! 🙂

    Some years ago it seemed that Arsenal and Manure were both after Zaha. The media had some fun with saying he wanted to play for a London club, others saying the Zaha had agreed a deal with Arsenal, and somehow, inevitably, he did not and went off to sign for Manure, to much gloating from Ol’Red Nose.

    Clearly irritated with the media reporting, AW came out and said he had never made a bid for Zaha, and had never wanted to sign him because he was not of an Arsenal standard – so the stories were just media inventions.

    In a way he seemed justified as Zaha was useless for Manure and soon got off-loaded by Fergie.

    Again, if the above is correct, I just cannot see that Zaha (that is to say his contract) will ever be bought by Wenger.

    [In addition, C, I watched some of the England v Germany game and I was very unimpressed with Draxler — which was a surprised– what did you think?]

    [In an additionally additional 😀 — was Jonny talking about Giro? Seems too nice a boy to be a racist, misogynistic, lying whatsit, with access to lots of inappropriate pussy because he is rich – at least in the locker room!] — Makes my head spin to think that I suggested him to be President of France.] 😀

  9. “The sooner they get the fat, treasonous, lying piece of shit out of office and into prison, the better.” Insert _______ (dNc, hillary, zimmerMan, brazile)
    Basically, they upended the democratic process to get their candidate into office, circumventing all rules and procedures, and her hubris kept her from campaigning in 3 states that she needed to win the election.
    This coming from a lifelong social liberal.

  10. That’s well said , AAPOH . It was all Hilary’s fault.

    Looks like there might be a cold front coming in from the north.
    Don’t forget to wear a scarf . You know how cold it gets in St Petersburg this time of year. 🙂

  11. Northern Ireland knocked out due to a terrible decision by the ref in the first leg. The sooner VAR is introduced, the better.

  12. HenryB,

    Afternoon Henry

    I remember that whole Arsenal vs Manure struggle over Zaha that was but wasn’t and then he was again. He did prove not to at the time be more than just a squad player for Fergie.

    Honestly part of me wonders if Arsene said that because he lost out to Fergie but who really knows.

    At present, I do wonder if Arsene would consider him but I think he is one of those players that Arsene passed on / lost out on and his pride won’t let him go back in for him which would be okay with me because Zaha would have the pressure of ‘replacing’ Sanchez should Sanchez actually leave.

    Additionally, I didn’t end up watching the Germany v England match but there seems to be a lot of chatter that Draxler was a ghost all match which doesn’t surprise me because he is capable of being a major player or a ghost but has yet to find that inbetween consistently.

    Additionally to your first addition, don’t think that Johnny was talking about Giroud though you could say that…..naw I won’t go there because I don’t know what Giroud does outside of his affair.

  13. Must say that it’s refreshing to read alleged high treason about President Trump and Mrs Clinton in place of the perpetual whining about Arsene Wenger. 😉

  14. Have we ever bought a player from Man U who didn’t turn out to be right turkey? Okay, Zaha may not be currently a Man U player but, as far as I’m concerned that makes no difference. A replacement for Sanchez he certainly isn’t.

    I put him in the same category as Sterling and Walcott. Squad players at best but not earthmovers by any stretch of imagination.

  15. Yeah – the DNC should be rebranded ‘POS’ after their candidate selection programme was revealed to be just as shoddy and corrupt as it immediately looked.
    Given we are talking about the fundamentals of democracy here it is remarkable how so many Democrats seem entirely nonplussed about events and how many more moderates are wilfully determined to maintain the status quo and blame Bernie supporters for everything which that old bag utterly refuses to take responsibility for.
    That said – they did not break any laws in the process – despicable it may be, and immoral – without question. Not even remotely in the same treasonous leagues as ‘Mango Unchained’.

  16. Not often ‘earthmovers’ are available.
    We should have sold Sanchez when we had the chance – he’s been far from his ‘earthmoving’ best and his replacement, if and when he becomes available, is not going to come cheap in the new market rates.

  17. Zaha for 35m IMHO wouldn’t be worth it given how many players there are out there that are better quality. I mean what about some of the players in La Liga, Serie A, the Bundesliga. One player I think could be had for the same price would be Dembele of Celtic who not only loves to score goals but would be the ideal replacement for Sanchez because with Lcazette, they would not only be able to create but they both score goals and score goals a lot.

  18. Zaha was another on of the hundreds of U21 players that we have seen over the years that everyone was excited about because he had some technical skill to go along with eye catching pace. The vast majority of those players never develop the ability to provide end product. Eye catching does not equal effective.

  19. C,

    Guys Zaha never played for Fergie at Man U! He joined after the play offs in 2013 when Fergie had retired. Played for that plank Moyes instead!

  20. Zaha would be a good acquisition get Goretzka too god knows we need better options than Coquelin and Elneny when Ramsey & Xhaka aren’t working.

  21. Mike:

    Guys Zaha never played for Fergie at Man U! He joined after the play offs in 2013 when Fergie had retired. Played for that plank Moyes instead!


    That is not quite right.

    We were talking about who did or did not buy Zaha,
    He joined (or was bought) by ManU in January 2013.

    Ferguson retired at the end of the 2012/13 season — i.e. 6 months after buying Zaha and then loaning him straight back to Crystal Palace — until the beginning of July 2013.

    So it is correct that he did not play for Fergie – but he was bought by Fergie. 🙂

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