Theo & Jack – England Dreaming

The world is out of kilter and has been for a long time. The draft-dodging buffoon in the White House is hero-worshipping neo-nazis while castigating those who pursue a peaceful path of protest at iniquitous inequality. We mock but the British asylum is over-run by lunatics.

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The stars are so out of alignment that in the 91st minute on Monday night, Kieran Gibbs will score the winner for West Brom; that’s how mad it’s become.

No Arsenal today so the papers sate their desire for clicks with tales of players abandoning ship and even when they can’t, the headlines are shaped to make it seem as if they are. Arsène spoke of Aaron Ramsey as a future Arsenal captain but the back pages have us running scared he will leave on a free transfer.

The club want to begin talks with him and Danny Welbeck to ensure we don’t have a repeat of the coming summer’s fiasco of at least two players walking away on free transfers; three others can do the same but only now is Jack Wilshere vexing minds. Huss Fahmy has a lot of work to do to stop 2019 being more destructive.

Next summer’s transfer budget is largely going to be spent on replacing Alexis and Mesut Özil but offers the opportunity to remodel the squad, shaping it to fit a tactical plan. I’ll leave that hanging there.

Alexis is going to City and this morning, the German will pitch up at Old Trafford to reunite with Jose Mourinho. That’s a move which takes Frank Stapleton’s defection amp, adds in van Persie and turns it up to 11. The self-annointed Chosen One doesn’t want Özil but the prospect of driving Arsène to the edge of despair is too good an opportunity to miss.

You’ll See I’m Right Some Other Time

That’s what the media would love to happen anyway. It’s too convenient a plan to happen; football doesn’t work that way, does it…?

The future dominates talk at the moment. It’s only a matter of time before Wenger’s must be decided; leaving it to drag on to the last year of his own contract pushes us back into the shambles of last season. As if we’ve climbed out of the contractual mess.

Jack Wilshere is the latest to feature in the minds of those walking on a free next summer. He is, Arsène contended, “an Arsenal man”. So much so that all mention of the club has been removed from his social media profiles; he’s just a “professional athlete”.  Will that be updated next season?

It’s an important year for Wilshere and Theo Walcott. Injuries mean that Wilshere is the forgotten man of international football. If FIFA do suspend Dele Alli then it will be surprising if Gareth Southgate omits him from the next England squad.

With the World Cup next summer that would be the boost Jack needs. His performance against Doncaster was the only positive from the evening aside from the result. Inclusion in the squads for next week’s matches – pprobably starting in Barysaw – will help his cause.

I am not sure the same can be said of Theo Walcott. It seems to me that his England ship has sailed. Reduced to the bench, it was telling that no serious bid was received last summer. West Ham United were previously linked with him but nothing came of that.

His Name is Theo and He Dances In The Sand

Certainly it’s hard to see him fitting into the 3-4-3 at the moment. Maybe without Alexis and Özil it’s more obvious that he is a first team player. With the current squad, I’d say he probably is in that scenario but then next summer is a different matter, depending on who is signed.

It’s a tricky business for the player as well. Wenger said that he comes into training, “doesn’t say a word” – which I interpret as not complaining rather than sulking – and works hard. No doubt he ponders his future at times but otherwise is a good lad. It will be telling to see when (if) we start contract negotiations with Team Walcott.

Is this going to be a career we look back at and think it should have been so much more? I think so. Injuries is a factor you can’t ignore but it strikes me that he won’t be feeling ‘fulfilled’ by how its’ panned out. Not bitter as such but just some kind of emptiness, a little bit hollow in parts.

’til Tomorrow.


24 thoughts on “Theo & Jack – England Dreaming

  1. Good morning,

    thanks again Yogi for fashioning an excellent post when there isn’t much going on.

    I’ve harped on about this before, but I think it shows a clear mismanagement of the transfer and contract arrangements at Arsenal. We should always be looking to upgrade and refresh the squad, rather than sit on our laurels. The poor decision making over Ozil and Sanchez over the last two summers and particularly over the summer just gone has put the club in a precarious position. Where we should be looking to upgrades on players like Walcott, Ramsey, Welbeck and Wilshere we are instead contemplating new contracts as the departure of our two stars next summer will mean that whatever transfer budget we have will need to be spent in replacing them. What is ridiculous is that these players will know the club is on the back foot and negotiate better deals to stay. It’s great to have a player like Lacazette at the club, but the quality around him is diminishing and squad players have been empowered.

  2. Wavey,

    All the hallmarks of a club settling for Europa League with an outside chance of a CL spot if others slip up I’m afraid. Ramsey and Welbeck are of that level.

    As for Ozil off to United that would barely register a ‘2’ on the Stapleton scale for me. Maybe it’s because I’m older (but not necessarily wiser) now, but Frank’s departure (for a paltry tribunal set fee) was a real kick in the teeth whereas Ozil’s will be met by a ‘meh’.

  3. Very entertaining read, again.

    Don’t even get me started on the ” draft- dodging buffoon in the White House” who’s draft-dodging is one of his lesser offenses against decency.
    Americans who aren’t embarrassed by this clown on daily basis have a high tolerance for embarrassment.

    As for Ozil to United rumors, I think there might be something to it.
    Mourinho acted surprised when Ozil signed for Wenger and even told the player in so many words that if he had known Ozil was on the outs at Real, he would’ve taken Mezut with him to Chelsea in 2013.

    With both Alexis and Mezut leaving on a free next season, Wenger’s proclamations that Arsenal are no longer a selling club might come to realisation in the most convoluted way.

  4. andy1886,

    Hopefully Spurs’ wages structure will ensure that they don’t replace us as regular members of the top 4. If Liverpool get their defence sorted they could certainly end up being a regular CL participant though. I’m not that bothered about us playing CL football just for the sake of it, but an acceptance that our budget is more suited to the Europa League in the future would be an acceptance that we have no intention of competing for the title. Makes a mockery of Wenger’s insistence that we will challenge for the PL.

  5. Right, for our horticultural or culinary experts, we find red roasting peppers – the long variety – in our shops but searches for the green variety are proving fruitless. Or peppered with failure, if you like.

    Anyone know if they are a particular variety and if so, what they are called?

  6. I’d just use the standard ones in Tescos for roasting – think they work ??

    As an aside, I quite like MoTD is Arsenal have played (but not if they have lost) and/or when other disliked clubs have lost or a player/manager has lost the plot….On this basis I haven’t watched last night’s MoTD as I don’t think there is a single result or incident of note…Thank heavens it is free…

  7. @Tom,
    With respect, I question the assumption that Ozil and Sanchez will leave next Summer.
    Depending our progress in all four chances of silver, I would expect a decision over selling both players in the January Transfer Window. (Albeit each at a reduced fee).
    In turn, there may well be some business for us in the buying stakes. 😉

  8. YW,

    Good Post.

    In answer to your question re green peppers, If you click on the link to you will see there are hundreds of peppers, broadly cropped as green, orange, yellow and red. There is nt just a list of peppers but the ‘scovilles’ for each type [how hot they are].

    The long, skinny sweet peppers from Spain are called Guindolas, and are usually sold pickled in jars — very nice. 😀

    Green bell peppers are usually cropped early and tend to be bitter, because if they are not cropped early they slow down the growth stages of the other 3 colours. Red bell peppers are the ripest and sweetest.

    The reasons for a scarcity of green peppers (and others too) in the supermarkets is twofold.

    First, shoppers tend to want to buy only packets of yellow, orangered and red peppers and to avoid the green. If they are poor sellers they don’t stock them.
    Secondly, the weather this growing season in Spain, the main UK supplier, has been poor and the UK supermarkets are running out of supplies.

    Not that I know anything about chilli or other peppers or growing them! I only eat them! 😀

  9. @Buckagh,
    I agree they are likely to leave but there is a monetary difference between business in January and May.
    Arsenal FC could use the transfer money in order to obtain replacements.
    Arsene Wenger will carry the proverbial can as he does in all things Arsenal-wise. 😉

  10. It would almost be interesting to see how Ozil did in the Prem with a solid defensive midfield behind him. However, you have to question how many minutes Mourinho would give him and, therefore, his motivation for making the switch.

  11. Orson Kaert:
    Woolwich Freddie,

    Well, from his comments on arrival and entries in his recently released book, Ozil only ever wanted to play for Wenger, calling him up to inform him of his availability, as he had promised him when he rather joined Real Madrid (yes, Wenger was on his case before he went to Madrid) from Bremen. Mourinho never stood a chance.
    Money? He could get that at Arsenal too, you know? When he’s set to move on a free, every interested club has the same chance to “bid” for his services. However, it won’t surprise me if he left because he’s not likely to get the same scrutiny at any other club as he receives at Arsenal, even if he remains “lazy”. The narrative will change to “he’s now playing in front of a solid defence”, or something to that effect.
    A chance to win the Premiership?Although he would probably have to move to Man City for that.

    To play for Moanhio as he did at Real Madrid?


  12. Oops! Not sure how the “quote” icon was to pan out. Sorry, but I hope you can make out my own comments from the Quoted comments.

  13. Ozil would not want to go to Utd as he wouldn’t get in the first 11 and Utd wouldn’t hand him a contract where he was guaranteed first team football. Mourinho doesn’t like to play with midfielders who don’t track back and Ozil definitely isn’t a Mourinho type player. Neither of them will be sold in January. They will leave for free and that’s that. Good riddance I say.

    Don’t get me started on the numpty in the White house. There is absolutely no way we should let that man into our country and we should certainly protest when he does visit our shores.

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