Tourists, Jack & Calum’s Date At The Palace, Emirates Quest

The players once again did the club proud with their diplomacy and they genuinely are a credit to Arsenal Football Club, its traditions, and history. Photos of them performing local dances follows on the heels of a well-received Australian leg of the tour.

Am I the only one who hopes the DJ got overcome with the emotion of the occasion and slipped a bit of Carl Douglas on turntable instead of the music he was supposed to play?

Some top-notch lip-syncing there.

I say, of course, ‘he’ when talking about the DJ but who knows, maybe it was a female DJ? If we can have a female Doctor, anything is possible. The media went into overdrive with the Scum and the Heil leading the way with the ‘boobs and bum’ angle of Ms Whittaker’s acting past. No doubt Phillip Hammond will tell Jeremy Hunt to cut GP’s pay; it’s a job that even a woman can do, after all.

Yep, you’ve got it in one: there’s not much football news about this morning. There’s a bit but not a great deal.

Which isn’t much of a surprise really. The movers and shakers are schmoozing their way into new markets and while Arsène is an arch-procrastinator, even he gets a pass on this occasion. He’s hardly slacking when he’s on a different continent and time zone. Besides, this is Arsène v2.0, the reboot; he delegates now.

There’s speculation that Jack Wilshere is wanted by Crystal Palace on a season-long loan. Arsenal won’t release him until he signs a new contract, it’s claimed. We’re not bothered by Alexis walking away on a free next year but for Jack to do so is just unpalatable. Apparently. Options are limited with Wilshere, even before we begin on the questionable fitness record.

Changing Of The Guard

Essentially, we’re trying to grab a fee but what are the options if Wilshere won’t sign a new contract? If Palace wanted him permanently, they’d bid now. The issue is injuries and they want the reassurance they aren’t buying a pup. I can’t say I blame them; his record is a surgical handbook and he’s got more scar tissue than a weeping rude boy.

Arsenal’s options are limited. Sell him for a fee which seems unlikely unless it is heavily loaded with milestones, e.g. £2.5m every 25 first time appearances; we could be waiting to be paid until he retires on a £15-20m fee. It will be familiar turf for him; Calum Chambers is on their hit list and Arsenal set a price tag of around £20m for him.

Is this in any way related to the rumours of a £45m for Virgil Van Dijk? The fee includes a £15m discount on the one quoted to Liverpool. Or maybe Southampton are applying a ‘Liverpool tax’ following their early summer shenanigans? There’s a joke in there about unpopular taxes on Merseyside but you can make that.

It begs the question of whether Palace might find it cheaper to buy the club but at £19.3k per share – the price a couple sold at recently, apparently – it’s going to work out considerably more to do that.

Holding the door open for everyone is Mathieu Debuchy, whose attempt at being unluckiest man at Arsenal is faring well. He was off to Nice, then they signed someone else – someone older to rub salt into the wound – which is very nice. Or Nice; I said it, you were thinking it.

Arsenal And The Quest For Lost Viewers

Talking of French clubs wanting to buy from Arsenal, PSG have spoken to Alexis’ agent according to the media. Which is very naughty indeed. Some people arms will be in the arms in protest; unless Arsenal gave permission, this is tapping up! Hurumph. It carries the same impact as raising their arms while hollering, “Aaaaagaaaaadoo-do-do”. Bad, PSG! Bad.

Winners of the ‘No Shit, Einstein’ award are the sections of the media who claim we must break the bank to sign Thomas Lemar. Thanks but if Robert Pires says he’s a jolly good player, go ahead and spend like Viv Nicholson, Arsène!

Finally, the Emirates Cup is on telly!! Yay! Not Sky or BT but sporting tyros, Quest TV. It’s on the Sky, Virgin and Freeview platforms, so I’m told. If it is, I skipped it, probably thinking it was a Baptist channel who would preach the word of the Lord for a pretty penny. Man, those guys wear sharp suits. Don’t you call me a Mod, I’m on a mission from God…. 

That’s yer lot for this morning, save for the new playlist which is going live on Dad’s Jukebox today.

’til Tomorrow.

60 thoughts on “Tourists, Jack & Calum’s Date At The Palace, Emirates Quest

  1. More scar tissue than a weeping rude boy!!😂😂😂😂
    I see you’re sarcasm and cynical levels are almost off the scale today YW…’s cold turkey this non football lark isn’t it?

  2. I’d keep Callum – just know we’ll go through CBs like a hot knife through butter if we don’t.

    Concerning to look at the rosta of players that we feel ought to move on (for their careers or for the benefit of the club) – and the seeming lack of real interest from other clubs in buying.

    What would it cost to cut Debuchy free from his contract for example ? Can it even be done ?

  3. Good morning folks and thank you for the post Yogi.

    I think it’s a mistake on Wenger’s part to allow Calum Chambers to leave. He has established himself in the England U23s as a central defender and has captained the side. I think he has shown enough to warrant a place in the first team squad, particularly as Meretesacker is evidently in his last season as a player and the ageing Koscielny’s injury record is catching up with him.

    I believe that given the opportunity Chambers can develop into a top class defender and could eventually captain Arsenal

    I know we have a plethora of centre backs, but the waning powers of Mertesacker and the likelihood of injuries and suspensions reducing the playing time for Koscielny would suggest that we need strength in depth.

    I’m frankly amazed that Wenger is even considering a new contract for Wilshire, despite being very lightly used by Bournemouth while on loan last season he finished with yet another serious injury and didn’t exactly set the world on fire when he did feature. Even the idea of selling him with a buy back clause feels unnecessary to me as I can see no role for him in the current or future Arsenal team.

  4. Well Yogi, that read left me laughing from start to finish.

    Jack, well I guess get what we can for him now otherwise he walks for free next summer. Real shame that injuries and lack of development has stalled a once promising career.

    Chambers, doesn’t make any sense to sell him with Mert retiring after this season, Kos not getting any younger and his Achilles and back becoming more and more an issue us being suspended the first 2 matches of this season, Gabriel being injured and missing the start of this season.

  5. Orson Kaert,

    Its weird because its as though Arsene wanted to sell Ospina but the deal fell through so he said ‘fuck Szczesny you have to go because nobody wants Ospina’. I know it might be a stretch but if Chambers is off it feel like you can replace Szczesny with Chambers and Ospina with one of Debuchy or Jenks.

  6. C,

    I don’t see Chambers as a right back any longer, I would rather Mustafi as Bellerin’s back-up while Chambers and Holding rotate the right sided centre back role between them.

  7. Orson Kaert,

    I never saw Chambers as a RB ans I would prefer either Mustafi or Gabriel there but it is as though Arsene is trying to get rid of defenders and he can’t get rid of Gibbs, Jenks and Debuchy.

    The other thing is Bielik is developing quickly and I wonder if his development could play a part.

  8. Gotta go, It’s my grandaughter’s end of term school play today, they’re doing a Dr. Who rip off called The Time Lord, but she is refusing to reveal her role. “wait and see Grandad” is all I can get out of her.

  9. Orson Kaert,

    Well if Arsene would have listened to me he could have had van Dijk for 12m when by all reports we were close but Arsene wouldn’t pull the trigger.

  10. Kenny,

    Yea Elneny as a ball playing CB makes sense but he should be starting in midfield. Bielik I really rate but fancy he is set for a loan given Mert stuck around for another year.

  11. Another awesome post Yogi

    We should try to get whatever money we can from selling Jack W. We talked about this a lot 3 -4 years ago but we should have sold him when Man City was supposedly offering $50M and used that money to buy a CF. Chelsea has proven that knowing when to sell is important and with Arsene captaining the ship he has not done a good job of selling players. How can he well at any of his job when he has to divide his attention among so many different jobs at the same time. Being a field manager should be a full time job but Arsene also adds the director of football jobs to his workload and even AW only has 24 hours in every day.

  12. I think its a mistake to sell Chambers. We should keep him and send Holding on loan. Holding looks like a great prospect and played well last season. However, how many dozens and dozens of times have we seen a U21 player who has a good first season only to see him struggle the next season and never regain the form he showed the first year. I am not predicting that will happen to Holding but it certainly is a risk and there is not much doubt that he will go thru some growing pains and youthful inconsistency at some point. Why not let him go thru the youthful inconsistency while playing for someone else?

  13. Sky is reporting that Arsenal will hold on to Alexis. “The decision has been made” according to Arsene Wenger.

  14. – Sell Sanchez – maybe his leaving will be like when Thierry left – it will get others, like Ozil, more time on the ball. Maybe it will nudge Ozil in to taking more responsibility.
    – Sell Jack. He’s played so little the last few years we won’t even notice he’s gone. Therefore his only value to the club is his transfer fee. If we sign him to a new contract it would probably be at AFC wages making it harder to get a decent transfer fee for him. A new contract would cost us. Allow his agent to negotiate with other clubs so he sees what is wage value is on the market.
    Keep Calum but ONLY if he can be guaranteed sufficient games this year. Unfortunately squad rotation at AFC is invoked by the medical staff not by the manager. Calum needs to play to develop so he’d be better served by going on loan. Yes, there will be a couple of games where we’ll be down to 2 CBs but if Calum is with us he’d have played so infrequently that I’d prefer Monreal or Xhaka there as an emergency CB for a game or two (hopefully it is against a bottom level team).

  15. Sky is reporting that Arsenal will hold on to Alexis. “The decision has been made” according to Arsene Wenger.
    Arsene probably remembers he might have won the league the final year of RvP’s contract but felt compelled to sell him as the club wasn’t going to allow that asset to walk for free. Keeping Alexis will increase our chances of CL football rewards. He probably has a minimum transfer value that he’d accept. My feeling is that Man City have made low offers for a player in the last year of his contract. If they sweeten the pot Alexis will be sold.

  16. Don’t diss the Quest TV mate.
    You’ve obviously never watched Mighty Trains or How it’s Made.
    Errr and many other quality productions.

    Up the Arse!

  17. Afternoon,

    Don’t we still have home-grown targets to meet? Chezzer, Calum and Jack would all be home-grown. BBC has Juve’s tewat showing Chezzer arriving for a medical, so I guess that’s job done. Jack is an ongoing injury risk, so I can’t see the point in keeping him. That leaves Calum. Surely he should be staying?

  18. Wavey,

    So should Szczesny but because we can’t rid ourselves of Ospina due to the fucked up wage structure, we sell Szczesny who Juve hand picked as the successor to Buffoon after selling Neto who is highly rated in Italy.

    I also saw a report that West Brom are interested in Gibbs but don’t want to pay the asking fee due to the potential high wages.

  19. Hi ya, C,

    Did you see my reply to your early morning comment to me, myself, I. 🙂

    The problem with the summer transfer twaddle is that it limps on and on – and all the blogs are basically regurgitating the same old, same old. It’s really hard to resist shutting one’s eyes and snoozing after the first couple of words on NewNow or whatever. And as for ……….zzzzzzzzzz

  20. Wavey,

    The Home Grown Rule says that there must be a minimum of 8 HG players in the 25 man squad, so in theory we could have 25 HG making up the squad.

    Or put another way there can only be a maximum of 17 non-HG players in the squad, so we could play with 23 HG youngsters and 2 foreign players, or what ever mixture the club want within those 2 requirements.

    There is a 21 year old cut-off too, for HG players, but we can have as many under 21 y.o. players as we like.

    In brief, it is a way of restricting the number of players in each club, in each country who are from other countries outside the national leagues.

    Hey wake up – Wavey – it’s boring but not as bad as transfer twaddle ,,, zzzzzzzzzzz

    Ooops, what was I saying?? 😀

  21. HenryB,

    I saw the comment about Adelaide but I must have missed the other one, I will go and have a read.

    Yea, the news outlets do start to mumble the same things and the stories with more truth than the rest stay while the rest tend to disappear. O well, as much as I want to close one eye, I still get drawn in until the futbol starts, so hopefully the boys tomorrow will give us something more to talk about because even though its just pre-season, it is a decent enough barometer playing the likes of Bayern.

  22. Madness- keeping Jack, Ospina and ???
    Letting go 2 homegrown players- Szcz and Chambers when Opsina is seriously shaky, and Kos is a twitch away from being sidelined for the rest of the year. This along with keeping Santi, who will probably never play again, and counting on Aaron to remain fully fit for an entire season. Arsenal have a history of people getting injured for long periods of time, and betting on chronics to be fit the entire season is a losing proposition.
    Anyone think Martinez is ready to step in for Cech in the next 2 years? I don’t!
    Clown show…

  23. Maybe Arsene and Szczęsny cannot be in the same room together. (I’ve no idea). Do Roma have a replacement? The transfer fee seems rather low. I see they didn’t bid to make the loan permanent. Maybe Szczęsny is a nutter in Arsene’s eyes. Or maybe the decision was down to both backups being of same value to AFC but selling Szczęsny being the better economics. Business, business, business.

  24. One thing is for sure. One sentence I rarely see in print nowadays is “Arsene knows”.
    That phrase is so noughties.

  25. philmar,

    Roma did try to make it permanent, their president said so but I think the wages might have played a part in the whole ordeal but he was certainly chased by Naopli, Roma and Juve.

  26. For me the only good thing about this transfer ‘silly season’ is the Tour de France. Living here in North America it never got TV exposure until recently with the proliferation of new sports cable channels. I thought hockey was a dangerous demanding sport but watching these guys cycle endless kms up steep hills in 30 degree heat or hurtle down hair pins mountain roads at 75+ kms/hr, day in and day out, is utterly enthralling to me. …..Can see why they have had so many substance cheats.

  27. C,

    And another of those situations where we have allowed the player’s contract to run down, so he can go anywhere he wants for a song and we either accept it or let him go on a free the following summer. It continues to astound me how we can mismanage player contracts to this extent. We are running the resale value of players down to a pittance simply by allowing their contracts to run into the last year. That has to be an issue of major concern for the Board.
    Wenger seems to have decided he doesn’t want Chezzer back anyway and will take whatever is offered to get him off the books. Our back up goal keepers are either average, or inexperienced and Cech is slowing down. Another disaster in the offing which will lead to us having to pay over the odds next summer after Cech shows how much he is slowing down in the coming season.


    So the question is, do we have enough home-grown players to ensure we only have 17 foreign players in the squad if Chezzer, Jack and Calaum all go? And does that mean that we end up having to keep someone like Gibbs to make sure we are up to quota? And does it make any difference who we think we’d like to get rid of as a club, as no bugger will buy them on the stupid wages we pay?

  28. Yes, it appears Wenger has said no sale on Sanchez and Hytner in the Guardian has written a long piece detailing why (though it seems as much his rationale as Wenger’s).

    Two ‘compelling’ reasons.

    The first being a replacement could not be secured for 50 million – a thin excuse. Apparently City have not bid (as we have suspected) but PSG have talked to the club and no doubt they would pay that or more (the team I noted making most sense to take Sanchez weeks ago). However, when was this deal structured around the sales fee alone being used to replace the player? That’s a stretch.

    He fails to make no mention we have a clutch of players we need to shift and another clutch we could shift to balance the spend.

    The second reason is also tenuous.

    It is the gamble we will only be out of the Champions League for one season – the drop to fifth has been humiliating for Wenger. There is the obvious loss of CL revenue (which he puts at 40m) and the knock on effects off other sponsorship deals including a kit deal which needs which needs looking at now as it expires in 2019.

    This would bank on Sanchez being happy, forming a great partnership with Lacazette and us knocking two of City, United, Chelsea, Spurs or Liverpool out of top four. It’s do-able but a risk.

    I do not think Sanchez is a lock being happy or productive week in and out (which let’s face it is what it comes down to and where we fail year in and out). I can only see Liverpool and wavering next season as their window seems peculiarly ineffective. City will be there, Chelsea will be there, Spurs will be there and I think if United aren’t it’ll be curtains for Mourinho.

    I’ll stick to what I have said along – Sanchez and Ozil put themselves in the shop window, Arsene panicked and ludicrous offers were discussed. No one else bought into it club-wise (even if they could) and at best City would have come in last minute or somewhat casually as PSG have done.

    In the interim (default mode) Wenger prevaricates, does not make a decisive move for Lemar also. The club underlines its utter incompetence when selling players let alone realizing any decent return. We are stuck in no-man’s land and left with no choice but to spin if we retain Sanchez it is to vaunt us back into the CL.

    Anything else this window will likely be peripheral (though how I would love to be surprised).

    Alrighty then.

  29. Wavey,

    As for contracts running down…it’s just another aspect of the weak board/management which now finally seem to be sinking into the entire fan base.

    I have never understood why anyone watching preceedings on the pitch (talent but unrealized potential) would presume things were more professional off the pitch – the term I have always used is veneer of professionalism.

    As for us selling players, we are patently something of a joke and have been for some time.

    We have very good players who never quite excel, such as Walcott and Wilshere. Arsenal does not get the best from them, they are perpetually injured and Wenger retains them way too long. The issue now is not just down to their individual character – they are seen against a backdrop of a team and manager in slow decline over a span of years.

    I do not think Wilshere is as talented as many do…and as I said, its now a sale being attempted against an ugly scenario when we could have had City paying an ungodly amount several years ago.

    But take someone such as Walcott. He is a talent, there is no argument in my book. But the dude patently cannot be bothered week in week out as no one has pushed him. As a potential buyer what do you do? Do you offer full whack? What happens if he plays great for first few games and then disappears for the rest of the season. You look like a chump. Why take that risk?

    It appears to me all the boys who have been comfortable long term at Arsenal have lost credibility, not just form on the pitch but in terms of ambition – I might even say outlook and intelligence regarding their place in the game their careers.

    I am not sure who presents as the finished article rather than a work in progress- yet several of the guys we are talking about have been pros for years.

  30. Wavey,

    Exactly, its strange how for a club that values money as much as they do, they are poor at valuing their assets. Szczesny should have had a contract offer before he left for loan especially after the first season on loan irregardless of Cech because it would have done 2 things: 1. ensured that if we sold we could get a good fee for him and 2. if he continued his form and finding consistency that mostly all GK’s find at his age that we have a quality GK not only for the present but for the future. The contract situation is just a shit show.

  31. Spanish FA president Angel Maria Villar and his son, former CONMEBOL executive Gorka Villar have been arrested.

  32. Neymar has apparently agreed personal terms with PSG and PSG are willing to pay his buyout clause. PSG have also been talking to Sanchez’s agent, honestly, I would sell Sanchez to PSG if we could get a player in return, say Lucas Moura who would be an upgrade over Lemar IMHO.

  33. C,

    This is just one of the aspects of the Szczesny deal which bugs the crap out of me. We diminish the value of our own players.

    At the end of one post the other day, I noted Spurs a month before the Kyle Walker sale finished (note finished) new contract negotiations with Keiran Trippier, Walkers replacement in waiting. He had three years left on his contract, they extended it to 5 years and raised his pay to 65,000pw.

    They anticipated the sale, knew they were to promote Trippier and tied him down. Levy is diligent to nail everyone to long term (realistic) contracts not just for stability but to fetch a strong sales price if that situation arises. That’s why the gist of The Guardian article was ‘why did Man City pay a record price for Walker?’ – Daniel Levy.

    And, to be clear, it is part contracts but also his brinkmanship, his negotiating skill – he will simply walk away from the table unless someone pays what he demands. He has built a reputation over years of getting value for his club – he sells the player, literally and figuratively.

    We do the polar opposite and then wonder why (with other factors to boot) we can’t get a fair market rate for our players.

  34. Wavey

    Regarding Wojo’s contract. The wages from the contract he was on when he left for his loan spell were already way out of proportion to his contribution. If the rumors are true the only way we could get Roma to take him on loan was to subsidize his wages and Roma supposedly could not afford to buy him because of his wages. The big mistake was the same one Arsene made with Wilshere, Gibbs, Walcott, Wojo, Jenks etc etc etc which was paying them an exorbitant wage based on supposed potential rather then based on actual production.

    After dealing with Wojo for 5 years, Arsene already probably suspected that he was not going to bring him back . Giving Wojo a new contract 1-2 years ago based on the hope of getting a higher transfer when we did sell him would have been very poor management. Any new contract probably have meant giving Wojo another raise when his wages were already far higher then they should have been in the first place.

  35. DFS

    Our total wage bill is already out of control. We have rightfully criticized Arsene a lot for having tied down players like Gibbs, Walcott, Jenks, Debuchy, Wilshere etc etc etc etc. We can’t have it both ways.

  36. The reason we could not get a better fee for Wojo had a lot less to do with the last year of his contract and a lot more to do with the fact that no one else was interested in buying him and Juve was only willing to take him on the cheap so we had no leverage.

  37. Bill,

    No we can’t have it both ways. That’s why I precise the details about Keiran Trippiers deal – into the first team and at 65,000pw….for 5 years

    I also pointed out the other day all the Spurs first team but for Kane (if even this is true) are being paid less than 100,000 pw and are willing to accept for at least this next year. No one is making the claim they can hold to that long term, but philosophically, Spurs are not going to suddenly start paying ludcirous wages under any scenario. Their plan is to amend the team through youth (on the verge of bringing young players into the first team) and the early spotting of talent -we’ll see.

    But I’ll quote Hytner from The Guardian on this point …

    “Levy has managed it so far by granting regular and incremental rises to his best performers, in exchange for adding years to their contracts, which has enabled him to retain the element of control. But he has also needed to be uncompromising and that will remain the case.”

    There is no reason why Arsenal could not have offered to extend the length of Szczesny’s contract without a pay increase (sent on loan but particularly complaint to Wenger and the club). Long term security is a selling point as a stand alone.

    I doubt that even crossed anyones mind because from my perspective, I believe Szczesny was ‘gone’ two years ago, a fact underlined by Szczesny’s admission no one from the club had contacted him the entire season (post Christmas).

    If we had Levy type character at in the backroom at Arsenal instead of Wenger (and his dismissiveness towards some), someone who was constantly looking to ‘upsell’ any player, we’d witness a marked improvement to our dealings.

  38. DFS

    I am certainly not trying to say that Arsene has done a good job of managing the wage bill and player contracts. I have been complaining about it for the last 5-6 years and campaigning for a director of football before anyone else on the blog. There is no possible way Arsene can do a good job of being field manager and wage negotiator and all of the other jobs that he tries to do at the same time. He clearly has significant control issues

    However in the case of Wojo we sent him on loan and subsidized his wages because he was not performing on the pitch. He was already on a long term contract with a wage that was significantly higher then it should have been when we sent him on loan 2 years ago. Supposedly his high wages was the reason Roma was not interested in keeping him. Its doubtful Wojo would have taken a contract extension with out a raise. However, you don’t extend an already bad contract for a longer period even if we could have done without giving him a raise.

  39. Bill,

    If this was an isolated situation with Wojo I would agree with you, but Wenger seems to have this strange faith in the players signing up to new deals whenever the old deals are close to ending. His view seems to be that he can get players to sign up again if he throws a bit more money at them. That has worked for the development players who are getting ridiculous wages without having proved themselves, but it has never worked with the big players. They have all been able to head off to bigger clubs with a healthy wage packet AND the possibility of actually winning something. The last 12 months of a contact do have a significant on the price teams are willing to pay. I have no doubt that there would be a queue of clubs willing to pay £50m+ for Alexis this summer if he were not potentially on a free next summer. Who wouldn’t when he scored 30 goals in all competitions last season? As DFS said, there is no reason why we couldn’t have signed Wojo up to a longer deal on the same wages either when he left for Roma, or after the first loan season. He would have wanted job security and other teams wouldn’t have been after him at that point due his troubles at Arsenal. He was always a good enough goal keeper to generate some interest, so even from a management of assets basis it would have made sense to protect the value we may get for him.

  40. But Szczesny did perform on the pitch.

    Statistics show his senior career bears direct comparison with David de Gea. However at times Szczesny had spectacularly clownish moments – I always presumed he was immature and I had no issue at all with his Roma loan. In fact I was never a ‘fan’ as such of Szczesny, I’m just being objective.

    However, he had a very good season followed by another strong season (statistically pulling ahead of de Gea) and obviously has either matured himself or via the management/club.

    In the interim we have Cech who was in decline before we signed him, and talk of two of our back up GKs being sold. I do not understand why we do not bring Szczesny back as our number one, let alone intend to let him go.

    We did nothing to bolster his image or pretend we retained interest in him. In fact we kept underlining ‘rejected’ by placing faith in an aging keeper even as our two back ups sought exits.
    Whilst, the Italian market has lower fees and pay (this a factor in his lower offer), Arsenal undermined his credibility by treating him like a black sheep not even worth a phone call.

    So be it. As someone commented the other day – from top 5 premier league to top 5 club in the world. Good for him, I wish him all the best.

  41. Wavey,

    I think this is the core issue for me. Even if we did not want to keep him and that was decided a year ago, at least be determined to secure the best possible fee and put some work in.

    In that sense I would have given no other impression than Arsenal had faith in him and a return to the club was always on the cards. Maybe it wouldn’t have added much to his value, but we did little but ignore him – and that certainly didn’t generate a return of any kind.

  42. Football’s a funny old game, particularly during the transfer window.

    PSG are reported to have reached an agreement with Neymar to sign him after indicating that they are willing to meet his £195 million buy out figure.

    Meanwhile, according to The Telegraph, PSG are now favourites to sign Sanchez and are able to meet his financial demands as well as offering him Champions League football.

    Can either story be believed? Would PSG sign both players?

    As far as Wenger is concerned, Quote “A decision had now collectively been reached over Sanchez and that it is for him to help Arsenal get back in the Champions League”. “That decision has been made and we will stick to that – the decision is not to sell”.

    Well, that’s clear enough. Note the word “collectively”, is that Wenger covering his arse in the event we don’t qualify for the Champions League and Sanchez leaves for free?

    Yeah! It’s a funny old game.

  43. Orson Kaert,

    Apparently Barca have rubbished the Neymar story so I doubt that it’ll happen. Also saw that AW has commented that his protracted contract negotiations were a mistake – No shit Sherlock! It seems at AFC it takes months to realise what is blindingly obvious to everyone else. And we pay £10m a year for these ‘insights’ too.

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