Arsène On Alexis, Giroud, Lacazette and Lemar, But No Mention Of Theo

The players landed in Oz, and it’s business as usual for Arsène. It genuinely is, with his first press conference since the last, dominated by the future of Alexis Sanchez. Nothing to see here, move along; the Chilean has a contract and the club expects them to honour it, was his stance.

And in fairness, it seems that’s exactly what Alexis plans on doing if press reports of his intentions are correct. You watch Arsène bitch next summer if that turns out to be the case and Sanchez walks away on a free. It will be a far more eloquent discourse but it will boil down to ‘poor clubs, exploited by greedy, ungrateful players’.

Publicly, he hasn’t given up all hope that there may be a new contract from the 28-year-old but the signs aren’t good at the moment. Reports declare that Wenger denied reports in Chile that Alexis had asked for a move to Manchester City which I can say I believe. I doubt the pair have spoken since Sanchez toddled off to join the Confederations Cup jamboree in Russia. I doubt that’s unusual either, before anyone tries to claim it is.

More to the point, asking for a move to City would cost Sanchez millions in ‘loyalty’ bonus payments and there’s one thing which is apparent, he isn’t shy of making a penny or two. I’m incredulous that anyone would expect him to do so. Mind you, clubs are penned in on this with players agitating for moves still receiving pay-offs despite wanting to leave. Only in football…


One also not leaving – at the moment – is Olivier Giroud. We extended his deal, you see, and that means he’s never going to leave. Unless it suits Arsenal and then we’ll rip his contract us quicker than Usain Bolt in a 100m race. According to Arsène, his compatriot is “determined to stay”.

Part of that comes from the knowledge that Lacazette plays second fiddle to him in the French side. It happens at international level, why not at club? 52 millions reasons, all of them green, no Kermit the Frog hasn’t been spawning out of control.

However, a squad overloaded with forwards isn’t going to be a happy one. He’s right, football is a competitive environment but these are players who could walk into any Premier League starting line-up from the eighth-placed club downward.

The focus is naturally on Giroud with Lacazette’s arrival; his fall from grace is complete. However, I can see how he fits into a 3-4-2-1. I can’t say the same for Theo Walcott. He isn’t a wing-back and would make no pretence of being one either. Last year, he freely admitted his dream of being a central striker was over; he’s a wide forward so where does he fit in?

He’s not creative enough to be one of the ‘2’ and with the ‘1’ ruled out, his career is stalling. If we plan on reverting to a 4-2-3-1, he’s one of the ‘3’ but having won the FA Cup with three centre backs, reverting to a back four right now, seems to counter-intuitive.

Who Are You?

Like all those on the periphery, he must force his way into a starting line-up. It’s World Cup year and Theo has never played in one. Indeed, he’s dodged the bullet of the last two but he won’t want to miss out on what is possibly his final chance of going. To do that, he’s needs regular football and that’s not going to happen at Arsenal.

West Ham are talked about but no-one else; Theo is the forgotten man of English football. To think he was worth £30m back in the day when £30m meant something as a transfer fee.

Wenger’s luck is such that he will be spoilt for choice for about five minutes and then someone will succumb to injury. Lacazette is playing a part in the tour games but to answer the question raised by the headline on the club’s website, his debut will come against Chelsea at Wembley in the Community Shield. It’s got to be classed as a competitive match to count as a ‘debut’ otherwise Clive Allen played three times (I think) for Arsenal instead of being the first million pound misfit (ahem).

Speaking of misfits – maybe misfortune is more apposite – Mathieu Debuchy has apparently been told he can leave on a free transfer. You can’t help but feel sympathy for a player who seemed to be a good solution to the problem created by Bacary Sagna’s departure. I can’t think of another whose Arsenal career was so wrecked by injury; good luck to him wherever he lands up.

Not landing at an airport near you soon is Thomas Lemar. Or Kylian Mbappe; it’s all speculation, according to Wenger. Apart from the bits about us being interested in them; all clubs are, he claimed. But there’s interested and interested, and we’re definitely interested. Only £7m apart on Lemar (or £12m, depending on which outlet you want to believe) which is nothing in the grand scheme of things. Let’s face it, if we can haul a deal over the line with Aulas, the club can do that with anyone. When are we back from the tour…?

’til Tomorrow.


60 thoughts on “Arsène On Alexis, Giroud, Lacazette and Lemar, But No Mention Of Theo

  1. lari03 says:

    Excellent post YW. I think Theo will stay and he is not thinking of playing in the world cup. In reality he compared Lacazette to Defoe, which means he still has that Henry-esque hype buzzing in his mind from 2006, so he won’t be leaving Arsenal. Instead he will be competing hoping for luck ,injuries and fall-outs, except the manager explicitly tells him to do one.

  2. DALM says:

    Thanks Yogi – even given how many goals TW scored last season I still don’t see him starting games for us….he used to be sought after – remember the discussions about whether we could afford to let him go and what message that would send out a few years back when we were losing other key players

  3. Orson Kaert says:

    Good afternoon folks and thank you Yogi.

    It seems blockage in the pipeline is called Sanchez. If he stays, Giroud goes. If Giroud goes will Perez stay? if Sanchez goes Lemar’s price will rocket. Contract talks with the Ox are on going, but actually going nowhere fast.

    Jenkinson, Gibbs, Debuchy, Perez and Szczesny have all been omitted from the summer tour while Sanchez is on holiday.

    As far as contract management is concerned the club couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery.

  4. C says:


    You can’t remember somebody’s career wrecked by injury, I present to you Abou Diaby!

    For all the speculation about Sanchez to Citeh, two questions remain: 1. Why would Pep pay that much for Sanchez when its not even Pep’s style to sign a player that age for that sort of money? 2. If he is so wanted, why have there been no bids?

    Giroud, I’m sorry but he looked less effective when we switched to 3 at the back, outside of ‘that assist’ but that came as a sub. If Sanchez stays, Giroud goes and Perez is the interesting piece in this whole puzzle.

    The other thing with the 343: will Arsene scrap the new plan the moment we lose like he did last season with Sanchez at CF; we lose to Citeh and Everton and then Arsene moves Giroud back to CF and it all goes to pieces in the middle of the PL season even though we still won matches in the FA and CL.

  5. Steve says:

    Theo won’t leave as he has it nice and cushy at Arsenal, earns an enormous salary with little or no pressure on him. He does well for a handful of games each year and we are told how the incoming season will be his to shine, each year, without fail.

    Roll him out every now and then for an interview because he is nice, a friendly face, no tabloid scandal will every touch on Theo.

    Compare the abuse a player like Ramsey gets with that with Theo gets. Which player has done more and achieved more in his time with the club? Surely the Welsh.

    Starting 11? Missing out on cup final selection? International career? Nonsense.

    Easier to float along just below the radar.

  6. C says:

    Sanchez to Bayern is officially a non-starter as they have just signed James Rodriguez on a 2 year loan.

  7. gooner in oz says:

    I am lucky enough to have tickets to both games, a Christmas/Birthday present from my stepson. Will be flying from Perth to Sydney, on Thursday morning. Proper football again, can’t wait.

  8. C says:


    Can you explain how Ramsey has done more at Arsenal than Theo is, I’m interested?

    International career, well have you seen the players in the Welsh side, enough said. Starting 11, well we all know that Ramsey is Arsene’s love child so he gets jammed into the squad when he is fit, yet Theo despite being dropped for absolutely no reason last season (he had just scored goals in something like 8 of 10 matches then was dropped) still finished as the clubs 2nd leading goal scorer.

    I also find it funny you say that he is nice and cushy yet fail to make mention of the fact that last summer he scrapped the whole CF thing to re-vitalize his career and focus on being a really good RW again. The other funny thing is that you fail to mention he tore his knee up and then was out for months after that with an abdominal. You do realize that Ramsey, like the Ox, were shit for damn near the whole of last season and only showed signs of life after the switch to the 343.

    surely for a player that gets into the box as much as Ramsey does, surely he should have scored his first goal before Preston on Jan. 7th in the FA Cup and even longer in the PL, say May 21,2017 again Everton.

    Easier to float on being Arsene’s love child.

  9. YW says:


    See, I’d forgotten about him already!

    I’m of the opinion that while there has been nothing official, City have put out the feelers to Arsenal to see the reaction. I believe they were either not discouraged or convinced Arsenal won’t sell, have put the ball in Alexis’ court to force a move. Next summer is a long way off in football so it might not be as clear cut a move as they hope, especially if Pep is given the order of the boot forr failing to win the title!

  10. Orson Kaert says:

    I can’t see Walcott leaving of his own volition, he’s well paid and has a pressure free life. I should think that with his pleasant personality, his clean living, his eloquence and intelligence he is a shoo in for Gary Lineker’s eventual replacement as presenter of Match of the Day.

    In the meantime, if with limited playing time he can get us fourteen or fifteen goals per season he’s well worth his place in the squad.

  11. C says:


    Surely Citeh has put out feelers but I wonder if they are baulking at the transfer fee and wages, even Citeh in all their madness might not want to pay that much for Sanchez. Next summer will be completely different and because of that, I actually think its looking more and more likely that Ox leaves before Sanchez. When you consider the clubs that could afford Sanchez, the list is dwindling especially with James off to Bayern.

  12. Steve says:


    I never suggested or hinted at TW being Arsene’s love child or whatever, simply opined that as a professional footballer he seems to have settled for the easy life of almost being a reserve. 10 years at the club and never really a first team automatic choice, never fully established, always waiting for the big season and so on it will continue.

    Personally I am less generous in my opinion than your own view that he “he scrapped the whole CF thing to re-vitalize his career and focus on being a really good RW again”, my own view being that he stamped his feet at the time of his last contract renewal saying that he wanted to be a striker and then back tracked on the realisation that he is never going to be that player for Arsenal.

    I am not really sure about the relevance of Ramsey’s stats when viewed with his frequency in the opposition box but do carry on.

  13. YW says:


    Interesting you mention that. I was surprised to find that Theo has only broken double figures with goals four times in 11 seasons at the club. I don’t think we should be hanging onto him unless we’re playing a flat back four. Where does he fit in? The answer is, as I said in the post, is that he doesn’t.

    And yes, he does have a cushy life. To some extent, I’m sure that has an appeal but it’s also very unfulfilling. He’ll be 30 when his contract runs out in 2019; he’s not going to get a new one at Arsenal without a massive change in our approach so I’d shift him on now.

  14. DFS- says:



    We might come at the Sanchez issue from different perspectives, but over the last few weeks I share your view regarding City’s interest (or rather lack of).

    They have enough for their title tilt and as far as I know (people overlook this), there is no indication Aguerro is going anywhere – in fact Gabriel Jesus already stated he wants Aguerro to stay.

    I presume they feel no need drive the situation (and as has been said) I would not be surprised for City to leave things until the last days of the window and then, maybe only then, make the lower offer, not the 80 million mentioned. But, I would not be shocked if they passed.

    As you noted, C, James Rodriguez to BM has thrown that alternative for a loop.

    There is another fanciful scenario.

    Arsenal and Man City have come to a tentative agreement but City understand the pressure Arsene is under to bring in other players in so are keeping quiet – but that seems improbable.

  15. Jonnygunner says:


    As a Welshman C….I would say that the National side isn’t a country mile away from the level of the English side to be fair.
    We’ve all had a few disagreements with each other on here over the months and years but I hope you take this remark the right way mate….I find you becoming increasingly opinionated of late-and that your opinion is always the right one.
    That’s just a gentle ‘steady on ‘😉

  16. Orson Kaert says:

    Yogi, is Wenger’s French Connection going down the tubes?

  17. C says:


    Wasn’t Theo an automatic starter RvP’s last 2 seasons at Arsenal then Giroud’s first and then tore his knee and lost a year to futbol then as with most players who tear their ACL it takes some time to gain confidence and match fitness.

    At his last contract, it wasn’t last summer was it so what does his contract have to do with last summer? If you remember he was scoring and playing really well at the start of the season, then picked up a knock, was out for some time, then came back scored goals and then got benched.

    Outside of Ramsey’s breakout season, what has he done over the course of a season that has made him so valuable? If we are honest, if not for Santi’s injury is Ramsey even in discussion and even then we are talking Le Coq or Ramsey and neither have performed well, see people and the club linked with a midfield partner for Xhaka.

  18. C says:


    I’m not English and I think the English side isn’t as good as many think. Sorry you feel that way and I don’t think that my opinion is always right, I enjoy a good discussion and if it leads to change of heart than I’m all for it. Think its more some of the recent topics about players has gotten swayed by 10 matches as opposed to the whole season.

    Change my mind mate 😉

  19. philmar says:

    Relegated to the Europa league, I think this is a good year to clear house of the uncommitted. Give Ozil and Sanchez ultimatums – if they don’t sign then they should look for another club now as Stan cannot countenance an asset walking away for free – it’s a business guys!
    I’d like Giroud to stay. Even if h isn’t an automatic starter that doesn’t mean he won’t feature in the WC. Deschamps clearly likes how he fits in to THAT team. He partners well with Griezman. Deschamps is picking the best team, not a collection of the best 11 players.
    Theo? I wonder if Wenger plans on using him when we use a flat back 4? Is it possible Wenger may use tactics and switch between a Back 4 and 3-4-3 depending on the opposition? or depending on what part of the squad isn’t injured? Theo could be valuable if we were alternating between systems for tactical reasons or (God forbid) Wenger actually went to a flat back 4 for the purpose of squad rotation. Yup, call me a dreamer……..or deluded.

  20. Paulie Walnuts says:

    I believe that Theo has improved parts of his game every season but he started so far back in development as a footballer (he didn`t start playing until he was 10) that he`s never likely to bridge the gap.

    I also think his goody two shoes / boy next door persona goes against him on & off the pitch – if only he displayed the hard faced , win at all costs attitude which his agent appears to have , we really might have had a player.

    With regards to his possible sale, I don`t see it happening – purely because any sort of goal scoring run would come back to haunt us & more particularly Arsene – & , yes , he really IS that vein.

  21. Steve says:


    You are losing the run of yourself mate. I never suggested that TW renewed his deal last summer so no idea why you would think I did. Last summer was the realisation that he was never going to be AW’s choice as striker, thus him deciding that he now wanted to be a winger again, despite always having wanted to be a striker.

    As for Theo playing really well last season, sorry I can’t recall a prolonged period when that was the case. He has fits and starts of course, and equally he has long periods of anonymity.

    I am also not sure why you are picking up on the concept of Ramsey being “valuable”. I have checked back on all my comments today and at no point have I put forward this as a discussion point. I have never said him to be perfect, nor have I put forward an argument that he is or should be Arsenal’s number 1 midfield footballer.

    My original point was that he gets a lot of abuse and that comparatively Walcott gets an easy ride. Now no player should get abuse but in my view (important point there, it is only an opinion) I think he has been as good or consistent a performer for Arsenal as Theo has. They play different positions of course, different roles and in turn different expectations are made of both.

    You come across as very much seeking an argument and having some kind of chip on your shoulder about Ramsey as you have attempted to turn the discussion into a tirade against him.

    The only further point I will make is your last sentence about the club being linked to a new midfield player. The club is linked with hundreds of players every year, some true and most totally fictitious. I actually have not seen many midfield players linked myself but then I don’t read that many sites as I said before, the vast majority are pure fiction. I expect that any player brought in will be to replace a departure such as Wilshere or the ultimate loss of Cazorla. Xhaka and Ramsey will start next season as the midfield duo.

  22. HenryB says:


    I was going to tell you that I had a word with Arsene for you and said you were worried about La Caz’ shirt number and he said …….. no, I am not going to tell you now, because you have been rude Steve about his views on cuddly Theo.

    Seriously tho – compared to Ramsey who was also injured a lot last season, Theo is lacking something. Did you see that film on TV – The Wizard of Oz, the Tin Man (Think it was) sang a song in which he sang,

    – “When a man’s an empty kettle he should be on his mettle,
    And yet I’m torn apart.
    Just because I’m presumin’ that I could be kind-a-human,
    If I only had heart.
    I’d be tender – I’d be gentle and awful sentimental
    Regarding Love and Art.
    I’d be friends with the sparrows …
    and the boys who shoots the arrows
    If I only had a heart.

    Always reminds me of Theo — Ramsey whatever some people think of his value as a player has a warrior’s heart, and always gets stuck in, and covers every blade of grass.

    Theo – not so much.

    Oh, OK, just to cheer you up — Arsene said tell C that La Caz gets the #9 shirt. 😀

  23. Limestonegunner says:

    I think we need a top class CM. Our biggest problem was the midfield last season. Rambo never stays fit for a full season and if there are formation changes the problems playing Ramsey in a 2 with 4 at the back will resurface. If either Ramsey or Xhaka get injured or suspended the midfield combos are awful. And to begin with we can possibly envision a better midfield than Chaka/Ramsey itself. So we need a skillful strong CM to challenge for one of the two places.

  24. Steve says:


    I would completely agree with your comment here. We all know that during the course of a season Ramsey will succumb to muscle injuries each necessitating a 4-6 week lay off.

    We then cannot rely on Wilshere being fit, Elneny appears to not have the full faith of the manager and Coquelin is not good enough.

  25. HenryB says:

    Hi LSG,

    Hasn’t that all been said before (not that it does not bear repeating, I suppose) — and the ‘cure’ then was the arrival of Xhaka – a strong, skilful CM – who arrived hard on the heels of the previous incumbent as a strong, skilful CM known as Elneny? 🙂

    It would have been better perhaps to have given us a parade of possible strong, skilful CMs, rather like Strictly Come Dancing, so that we could select the fans’ preferred choice for CM, rather than the club buying a new one every year and then the fans rejecting them and then go looking for another one?

    Just a thought! 🙂

  26. Limestonegunner says:


    After Lacazette signing, my thoughts have turned to this position. There are lots of options and I hope AW makes it a priority rather than trying to make due with the squad roll players. With Cazorla injured it is a real area requiring an upgrade in quality.

    I love Lemar, but that is an acquisition mostly to grab a great young player who can give versatility to our attack and occasionally in CM. I hope we get him but first I would like to see Goretzka/Keita/Seri quality CM coming in.

  27. philmar says:

    Agree with LG. Clearly the -4-3 helped address our weakness in MF.
    We need another mean bastard in the MF. Too many nice guys on the pitch. Le Coq can be that guy in intervals but he doesn’t seem to be able to be that guy for a sustained period.
    I wonder if we missed a big opportunity when we let Arturo Vidal go to Bayern. In addition to his desire and mettle I bet Alexis would have signed a new contract if Vidal were on our squad.
    Vidal learned how to be a proper bastard by one of the meanest ones around: Gary Medel

  28. C says:


    I’m not sure why you think I’m looking for an argument and the funny thing is, you just made mention of Theo realizing that he wasn’t going to be a CF which is a point that I made originally and hen you went on to talk about his contract and what not.

    The point about Theo that I was making is that he actually did play well on 2 separate occassions last season doing what he is needed and in the team for, to score goals and be that other goal threat up front, which was my original points.

    You stated: “Compare the abuse a player like Ramsey gets with that with Theo gets. Which player has done more and achieved more in his time with the club? Surely the Welsh.”

    My point was that I disagree with that, Ramsey has played well at times but largely hasn’t its fine. We agree to disagree.

    The abuse thing, well I would disagree with you there too, Theo takes plenty of abuse with many calling for him to be sold and all that jive a couple years ago and then Theo decided to become a RW again. Has Theo fulfilled his potential, no due to injuries and his desire to be a CF but I think he has been better than he gets credit for.

  29. C says:


    I think both players lack something and me and you have discussed this. Theo hasn’t fulfilled his potential but last season saw him be the 2nd goal threat until injuries and then being dropped for no other reason than a formation change. Ramsey, for all of his heart and warrior lacks the other things midfielders need.

    You know I don’t care about covering every blade of grass unless your being effective doing so, personally give me Gueye from Everton over Ramsey 9/10 times.

    I saw that Lacazette gets the #9 and Ozil apparently the #10.

  30. philmar says:

    Rambo – his hammies twang too often.
    Le Coq – can do the job if he resists his impulse to go forward (same problem Song developed after he cemented his defensive cred)
    Xhaka – makes too many catastrophic rash tackles. if he can be rid if his impulse to go to ground when making challenges he could be great. I remember a dude named Paddy that was able to cut that out.

  31. philmar says:

    Theo started well last year when Sanchez was playing at striker. Then Wenger never went back to the speedy front trio.

  32. C says:


    Or we could play Xhaka and Elneny since they are different sorts but their skill sets seem to compliment each other:

    Xhaka the deep-lying playmaker that reads the game well and sits infront of the CB’s and sweeps up everything that gets past the midfield, plays the long diagonals and balls over the top but isn’t always the best when forced to play in space. Elneny the ‘busy’ player that presses, closes down space , links the midfield to attack with short and intermediate passes while rarely losing possession and keeps things ticking while also having the eye for a pass when needed but isn’t an Arsene favorite for whatever reason.

    Want a list:
    Fornals – Malaga
    Kovacic – Madrid
    Brozovic – Inter
    Goretzka – Schalke
    Lemina – Juve
    Weigel – Dortmund
    Jorginho – Napoli
    Gueye – Everton

  33. Limestonegunner says:


    We have needed a good CM/DM for several years and AW has been slow to react or be very proactive just as we have been about a striker since RvP left.. Arteta retires, Rosicky leaves, Cazorla develops significant persistent injuries, JW never overcomes his fitness issues and prioritizes his England place over fighting for his Arsenal one, the Ox fills in but doesn’t quite show the decision-making and crisp passing to start regularly centrally, Coquelin does a decent job when paired with Cazorla but is unconvincing otherwise, Ramsey has yet to play more than 25-30 matches a season in all competitions due to his own fitness issues the last several seasons… So bringing in Xhaka and Elneny over the last 18 months was a start to rebuilding the midfield, the bare minimum and it cost us greatly last season. Maybe AW should really try to find a physically strong, dynamic CM with better passing and dribbling skills. There are many options out there but it was clear neither Elneny or Xhaka were that type of player. Jack needs to be sold but his wage demands are probably too high and performances not impressive enough to get him a move to many clubs for a fee that is worth it for us. But anything he or Caz contribute has to be regarded as a wonderful bonus and not relied upon. Any combo without Xhaka at present is pretty disastrous. So at a minimum it should be pretty clear to anyone considering the squad makeup and our failings last year that we need another top class midfielder if there is any attempt to challenge or perhaps even to get into the top 4.

  34. Limestonegunner says:

    C, don’t forget Naby Keita!

  35. Limestonegunner says:

    But I think Goretzka would be my top target. He probably would not come to Europa league club since all the big clubs seem interested in him.

  36. Limestonegunner says:


    I agree. Theo had a good period playing in a mobile attacking unit on the right in the Fall. AW changed his striker and then formation but Theo still scored 19 goals. Alas, Theo really typifies the inconsistency and lack of fight the team culture suffers from, I think. Once he got his coffee maker he seemed to lose motivation as well.

  37. Limestonegunner says:


    I have liked Vidal for us since his first stint in the Bundesliga and was kicking us for missing out on his 12m Europa move to Juventus 4-5 yrs ago. Crazy.

  38. C says:


    Yea but can’t see Keita leaving and Goretzka would be my top followed probably by Gueye then Aiser . The one player I wouldn’t mind would be Sergi Samper as well.

  39. Limestonegunner says:


    Don’t know some of these guys well. Seri seems a great option and Nice might sell.

  40. Two Owls says:

    Over the past few years, we have all seen Theo play a few games, in which, Theo behaved as another player. In those few games, Theo came back and actually tackled for the ball. Very impressive as you all might remember. But, as with all things with Theo on the football field, it is all very fleeting. As Paulie Walnuts has suggested, Theo’s game suffers from not starting early as a child. She mentioned 10 years of age. My Grandson is dribbling with the ball and shooting with a cultured left foot at 3 threes of age. Theo cannot dribble. Virtually all forwards must have that qualification! As well, he is not a thinking footballer. His game is entirely one dimensional. Defenders rob him of the ball far to often and we all wait with baited breath for the moment in the game that he will escape with his vaunted speed. It rarely happens. Still, Theo scores enough goals in a season to warrant his inclusion in the side. Somehow, he musters a game in which he has moments of genius which result in a goal. Then we all comment, “there’s our Theo”!

  41. HenryB says:

    Well, I tend to agree with you on most things, C, and I understand your view on Theo, altho’ I am not really clear about the comparison with Rambo – totally different player in a totally different position, but I suppose you just wanted to have a discussion with Steve. 😀

    I am impressed with the list of midfielders you provided, but I think Xhaka will come good next season, he is strong, plays a very good pass ……. but dawdles on the ball a bit, and can be a bit too easily dispossessed. As you know, I also think Elneny has been treated a little like Lucas – not really given as many minutes on the pitch as he possibly deserves.

  42. C says:


    Sergi Samper plays for Barca and played out of position last season out of position at RB but is a CM in the mold of Santi but a bit more solid defensively (part of the reason Barca used him at RB). He is a really good player and seems kind of surplus at Barca with them buying some CM’s last season. Aiser is a player that we were linked with 3 seasons ago but made the move to Madrid but couldn’t break through in no short part due to Modric finding his feet but has since continue to put on and is another more defensive version of Santi. Neither are the big physical CM’s that some want but both are quality players that are good defensively both reading and intercepting while neither take shit from people but also flourish in the quick passing and transition play.

  43. C says:


    The only reason Theo and Ramsey were in discussion is because Steve brought up something about the abuse Ramsey takes and the fact Theo doesn’t receive any (I laughed a bit).

    I have full confidence that Xhaka will come good, he played well at the start of the season but like the team as a whole, struggled in the middle of the season and then at the end started to really show what he can do. I know he will come good and the midfielders that I have put forth are those that compliment Xhaka. Xhaka likes to sit deep while the midfielders that I have put forth are more in the box-to-box role and do all of the closing down and quick link play.

  44. Limestonegunner says:

    When do Holding, Chambers, Mustafi get back? Will they be ready for season opener? Kos misses first two matches due to his 3 match ban.

    Merts, Monreal and Gabriel with Sead and Ox as wingbacks? Will be interesting!

  45. Jonnygunner says:


    I know you’re a bloody Yank C 😉

  46. philmar says:

    Yea born and bred in the Steel Town!

    You should be a Sheffield supporter then….

  47. C says:


    Most people where I’m from might not know what soccer is and don’t say futbol because its ALWAYS “American football is what you meant to say”

  48. C says:

    Sky are reporting that there is virtually a 0% chance of Ox signing a new deal. If this is true then I would have no problem selling him for 30m this year summer especially if that money helps us get Lemar or maybe Dembele.

  49. C says:

    Campbell is for sure leaving as he hasn’t even been given a squad number thus far.

    Yea yea yea I know Henry 🙂

  50. C says:

    Juve have done it again with the the signing of Douglas Costa who has arrived in Turin ahead of his medical.

  51. Jonnygunner says:


    Maybe he’s got wind of the Lemar deal being a reality-and wouldn’t get a slot on the wing as often(which would impact on his playing time significantly).
    It might be a good thing-for me he had half an okay season and half shite.
    I’m not fussed if he stays to be honest-once in a blue moon he can be devastating…..followed by average,crap…..another injury.

  52. Orson Kaert says:

    Another of Wenger’s chickens cominig home to roost, a while ago he was bragging about the British core around which he would build a winning squad. Walcott (now a squad player), ditto Ramsey, Oxlade-Chamberlain (heading for the exit door) along with Gibbs and Jenkinson, Wilshere (permantly injured and unsaleable) and Chambers (sliding down the pecking order).

  53. C says:


    Yea, I’m not really sure what it was or why but for Ox, he just seems to have plateaued in his development. For as explosive and devastating as he can be, your right, he can be utter shit at times. The lack of end product doesn’t help either.

  54. C says:

    Dan Crowley is having his medical at Willem II which will see him make a permanent move to the Dutch side on a reported 3 year deal.

  55. YW says:


    Heard his attitude was ‘off’ which is why he’s not progressed as expected.

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