Arsenal Announce Shock Lacazette Signing Plus Alexis and Wages

Lacazette, done and dusted. We’ve seen the photos of him in the red and white shirt so there you go. Very briefly on the subject of kits, it seems we’re wearing this vile monstrosity in both Australian tour matches:

Back to normal programming. Arsène enthused over the player, in a way which the Deportivo-bound Lucas Perez can only be jealous of:

“[Alexandre] has shown over a number of years that he can score goals and that he is a very efficient finisher. As well, he has very interesting technical qualities and a strong character.

“He is a guy who is a great addition for us, and someone who will help us challenge at the top level this season.”

That’ll be nice, us challenging at the top level; pleasant change, etc. The showreels on YouTube and wherever gave a taste of an all-round striker, an Ian Wright more than an Henry.

Whereas the latter always had a measured finish – or seemed to – the former’s goals were more instinctive. Lacazette is more of the latter, it struck me, and one who is going to roundly appreciated not only by the terraces but the stands as well.

Talking of terraces, bravo to West Brom for sticking their head above the parapet and being willing to be a member of the Premier League pilot of the idea. Would that Arsenal were so enlightened.

Back to Lacazette. He hasn’t seen much of us recently which is quite useful as the stereotype of Arsenal holds firm in his mind,

“Arsenal is also the club which plays the best football in England, so I really wanted to come here.”

But anyone who believes, “Arsenal is a legendary club”, is fine in my book. Expectations are high and I’m sure Lacazette is unfazed by it all. As long as that is still the case when the competitive games start in August, we’ll be laughing.

Bienvenue à l’Arsenal.

Sum Guys Have All The Luck

Before I start on this, I’ll make a party political statement on behalf of me. The money earned by footballers is obscene. The money talked about in the next 4-500 words is disgusting. When you think of these sums of money and what good they could do in society, it is the most damning condemnation of capitalism, because football is not unique as a branch of the entertainment industry in this respect.

Thankfully, the arrival of Lacazette overshadowed claims that Alexis has demanded £400k per week. At the moment, according to the Venerable Cross, that’s £125k more than Arsenal are offering.  Flying under the radar are reports that Mesut Özil wants £350k per week; I put that in for some context.

Is Alexis worth it? I’d argue yes, plenty will say no. The question is whether we can sell and upgrade. At the moment, our reduced circumstances of Europa League football is not hurting. It can be presented as a blip so while the elite players wouldn’t look at us anyway, we can aim for the bright young things and those who aren’t quite at the Real, Bayern or Barca level. Perhaps even a reject of theirs; we’ve got two now so why not another.

Ability is subjective, no matter what the stats say, and in an inflated transfer market, fees are no guarantee of quality. They never are but even less so now. If it comes down to the maths, then the situation is no clearer.

Alexis’ £400k per week equates to paying a £120m fee with a £300k per week salary, on an annualised basis, so can we buy a better player for £120m? Would they take that salary? Who are they? And more to the point, do they want to come to Arsenal?

634-5789 (Moneysville UK)

When you get to that kind of fee, resale value – such a vile aspect, as all finance in football is – will come into play. You would need to sign an Mbappe to hope to profit. If you took someone like Bale, the prospect of any resale value diminishes and I’m not sure Arsenal is a club ready to run down a contract on this kind of player. It flies in the face of  the financial conservativism which constrains the club at times. Most of the time…?

Is Alexis worth £400k per week. Would Thomas Lemar be an upgrade? Stats for last season suggest otherwise; 14 goals and 14 assists in all competitions versus 31 and 13 for Alexis. Draw your own conclusions; stats say that’s not an upgrade.

It depends of course, on the role you have for the player. If you consider Lacazette as part of the rescue plan, then Lemar’s 13 assists v Alexis’ 14 is comparable. If you consider Lacazette as part of the rescue plan, we haven’t strengthened the squad, just filled a soon-to-appear hole.

What tangled webs we weave. Still, the Transfer Window Action Team proved big deals aren’t beyond them and there’s more to come.

’til Tomorrow.

55 thoughts on “Arsenal Announce Shock Lacazette Signing Plus Alexis and Wages

  1. If anybody is saying anything other than we finally have a quality CF, than they are either jealous, never seen him play or are kidding themselves. He scores goals, works his socks for the team and has an all-around style that is still being developed given its only been 4 years since he became a striker. The other thing is that he suits what we need perfectly: power, pace, hold up and link up play, ability to turn and run, quality movement and a natural goal scorer in the box.

    Welcome Lacazette, I look forward to the loads of goals you are going to score.

  2. Good morning folks and thank you Yogi.

    If £400,000 a week is Sanchez’s demand he will find it hard to achieve a move other than on a free transfer. There are few clubs able and willing to pay a substantial (£50/60 million) transfer fee plus those kind of wages.

  3. Welcome to Arsenal Lacazette.

    He is a great signing especially under the current circumstances. Kudos to Wenger for getting it over the line and pretty cheaply at that. We finally have a proper pacey number 9!

  4. Its also great that Lacazette is in now and it looks like most of the squad is in. Get that chemistry working with Ozil from the start. Have to say, Sead and Lacazette are a great way to start the window. Lacazette is an instinctive finisher but when you watch him run with the ball and the power and pace, I can certainly see why people compare him to Henry in that aspect.

    Have to say too, have to thank Jamie Vardy for not signing with us last season as Lacazette is a MAJOR upgrade on quality and while Vardy had one quality season, Lacazette is entering his prime and has been nothing short of brilliant since he broke through (Puel was the man who gave him his debut for Lyon).

  5. Still no shirt number announced for Lacazette, could be waiting for Perez to leave and free up the number nine.

  6. The Sanchez conundrum is presenting some interesting choices for Arsenal’s wheeler dealers, and seem to be as follows.

    1. Let him go to Citeh for £60m.

    2. Let him run his contract out and go to Citeh next year.

    3. Pay him the £440 p.wk as demanded.

    OK, pros and cons of,

    1. Selling him for £60m to Bayern or PSG would not antagonise the fans but it would be difficult to buy a replacement at the same quality for £60m — take Lukaku who is valued at £100m and is not so good. X

    2. He may or may not put his heart into his game if he knows he will join Citeh, and it would definitely annoy the fans that this was allowed to happen. Next year we would be £60m short of re-investment money, and as above a direct replacement would cost approx £100m. X

    3. Paying him £400K p.wk = £20m p.a. (round sum) and over 5 years = £100m, but we could sell him at some stage for £Xm if we found someone better. We already pay him approx £200K p.wk so the £100m salary cost over 5 years is really only an increase of £50m – cheaper than losing him on a contract run down — so it has to be ——-

    Go tell Wenger I said so, C. 😀

  7. Because Lyon President Aulas is who he is, they have reported the deal to be “Olympique Lyonnais has agreed to transfer its international striker Alexandre Lacazette to Arsenal for a maximum of €60 million, including €7 million in incentives.”

    For those like me who don’t track it in pounds, it equates to £46.5m up front and then an addition £6.1m in incentives.

  8. Bit early to get worried about squad numbers and names for 2017/18, C.

    The date for restoring the squad takes into account the transfer window, so is not needed until the window closes.

    A lot will happen between now and then with a number of players due to leave, so more can come in too.

    Possible Outs:
    Gibbs, Ospina, Debuchy, Le Coq, Giro, Mertesecker, Chambers, Theo, Ox, etc — not to mention possibly Özil and Sanchez.

    We will know more when the window closes end of August.

  9. HenryB,

    I think there is a #4: He leaves on a free to Bayern or Juve.

    I know the interest with teh media having Sanchez go to Citeh but they aren’t taking into account Pep and the type of players he likes. He isn’t going to sign a 29-30 year old on big money, especially on the flanks where he already has Aguero, Sane, Sterling, De bruyne, Gabriel Jesus, Bernardo Silva plus I could see him going for another younger attacker.

    If we are to sell to PSG or Bayern, I would gladly lower the transfer fee if we could get a player in exchange. For instance, from PSG we could have Lucas Moura or from Bayern I would gladly have Koman.

  10. HenryB,

    I didn’t know there was a set date, so thanks for that, Henry.

    On your possible outs, the one position now to watch certainly has to be in attack were naturally Sanchez and Ozil’s shadows loom the largest, but then you have Giroud, Welbeck, Theo, Iwobi(for now though I think CM is where his talent will see him land) and Ox. Of that group, Ox’s contract ends next summer and will Giroud accept being CF3 which I think is where he is given Welbeck’s physicality and mobilty (naturally his goal scoring has to improve). Then there is Theo who was the 2nd leading goal scorer at at the club but was phased out for the switch to the 343 which in reality didn’t help Giroud either. You also forgot to mention #10 might open up should Jack leave.

    Interesting days to come but I guess we will wait for squad numbers, though it is interesting to see what comes of it!

  11. Afternoon all,

    It’s amazing that the social media is so negative on the arrival of Lacazette. I can understand fans from other teams having a pop, but there is so much hate for Wenger that many Arsenal fans are moaning before he has even kicked a ball. Any player can struggle in a different league and some are never able to do a job in the PL even though they have proved themselves elsewhere. Falcao is a great example of that with both United and Chelsea thinking they could get him to work for them. Its a shame that some are just waiting for him to fail so that they can continue to dig out Wenger.

    I have no love for Wenger and still believe he should have gone after the FAC win over Hull, but we are stuck with him so I want to see what the team can do. Lacazette is a good signing and, if Alexis does stay, the attacking line up could score for fun next season. It has taken a long time to bring in a replacement striker for RVP and we have limped along with a fairly big gap in the team for some time. Alexis coming in allowed us to add some goals, but I think he was largely brought in as another provider in the hope that Giroud would lift his goal tally. Unfortunately Giroud has never been mobile enough to work with players like Alexis who like to charge around the pitch and constantly have team mates buzzing around them. Its been clear on a number of occasions that he has been less than impressed with Giroud’s movement.

    Lacazette has the potential to be much more of a threat up front and, if he lives up to expectations, we have done a pretty good deal in bringing him on board.

  12. HenryB,

    The club will want to get the squad numbers sorted out sooner rather than later, so that they can get all of those replica shirt sales sorted out. It must make a nice dent in the revenues if you have to send out free replacement shirts for everyone buying one with the name of a departing player on them. Imagine having to send out replacement shirts for all of those Ozil and Sanchez ones. Ouch!

  13. C,

    Morning C n all.
    If I were arsene I would offer Sanchez a cheeky 😝 deal that goes like this.. Option one:
    we will sell you to any club of your choice at a reasonable price, if only you can stay and outscore Lacasette by January.

    Option two: but if Lacasette outscores you by January, you will stay and sign the contract with significant wage increase and eventually battle it out for the clubs top scorer at the end of the season.

    It would be a win win for arsenal; firstly they have two quality strikers trying to outscore each other ,creating a very fierce competition in the forward line

    Secondly, because of the amount of competition generated in the team, by January, if arsenal happen to be around the league leaders their might be an increased hunger in the side that might convince Sanchez that Arsenal now has the ability to match his ambition.

    I know am only dreaming, but dreams sometimes comes true you know

  14. Wavey,

    I think the other thing with so people being negative is the hype around the Mbappe thing which to me makes no sense. Sorry to burst everybody’s bubble but we were never within a shout of actually getting him and to be honest, I find it quite comical on 2 front: 1. that people bang on about Arsene spending on potential rather than proven yet they want MBappe who really didn’t come on for Monaco until about Feb. and with him you are paying for potential as much as talent (sorry I can’t see spending that money on him and for all the hype, Il Fenômeno and Ronaldinho at MBappe’s age were by far the best I have ever witnessed and I know many will disagree but Mbappe isn’t in their class) 2. People are saying not to give Sanchez the wages he wants yet want to spend 125m in transfer fees plus probably another 250k/wk for MBappe.

    Lacazette is easily one of the top 5-10 pure goal scorers in World futbol when you consider the players that I would put infront of him would be(in no order): Higuain, Messi, “fake” Ronaldo, Aguero, Lewandowski, Suarez; outside of that list for me is where you find natural goal scorers like Aubameyang, Lacazette, Neymar, Kane.

    The other thing I’m tired of hearing is that he has done it in Ligue Un, who cares, Ligue Un has quality sides and if they didn’t then why are some of Europe’s elite chasing after players from Lyon, Monaco, Nice, PSG and if it was so easy to score in Ligue Un then why is LAcazette the only player to score 20 goals in 3 consecutive seasons in Ligue Un and that includes some quality players through the years. I know our friend Bill likes to bring up Gervinho and Giroud, but Giroud had 1 good goal scoring year were it all came together for Montepellier when they won the title and Gervinho was never a goal scorer but a winger who could score goals and provide assists. Lacazette is a different quality to both and I think he will show his talents.

  15. It’s a funny old business football transfer fees. Last week Everton were quoting £100 million for Lukaku, this week they agree £75 million with United, still £25 million more than he’s worth, in my opinion.

    It looks like Diego Costa is off to Athletico Madrid despite their transfer ban, he won’t be able to play for them until January. Wenger should offer to take him on a six month loan. A 50% contribution to his wages would be attractive for Athletico and wouldn’t empty the Arsenal piggy bank.

  16. Alexis and Ozil clearly want to leave if they’re asking for those sums. They can leave. Gifted players and a pleasure to watch when they want to play hard…but clearly not worth those sums. Sell’em. use their wages to fund up and coming youngsters.
    I preferred watching Wenger’s youth project. Buy anyone named Dembele (Celtic and Dortmund), Aubemayang and a few more youngsters….just don’t ask me which ones.
    I like what the Spurs have accomplished. they gave youth a chance and got it right.

  17. Nigerian_gunner,

    That is quite a dream mate! Nothing wrong with dreaming though, I do it all time on here.

    I think the type of deal that could happen is signing Sanchez to a 1 year extension and tell him if he wants to leave next summer then we will sell him to a club at say a lower transfer fee especially if its outside the PL.

  18. C,

    On a similar vein, everyone talking up Mbappe seems to forget he was playing in the same league as Lacazette. The confidence of playing well for your club in your break out season can roll into performances at country level, but that bubble can burst quickly when moving to another league where things aren’t so easy.

  19. Wavey,

    Exactly and they also forget that Lacazette really didn’t become a CF until 3-4 years ago and is still developing as a striker which bodes really well for Arsenal. The other thing is they are pointing to the French national side where Giroud is ahead of Lacazette, who cares! I mean if that’s what we are judging players by then Giroud must be better than Benzema and Gamerio to and we all know that is a fucking joke.

  20. The other thing about LAcazette, especially if Sanchez stays it that it will take advantage of Xhaka’s balls over the top and his long passes which are generally spot on so it adds another dimension. Allows for Xhaka to be able to spray balls which will stretch the defense while also creating more space underneath of Lacazette.

  21. HenryB,

    Did you see Nathan Tella, who was released / told he wouldn’t be offered a contract by Arsenal, has signed on with Southampton.

  22. Cech or Sczcesny

    or (and my preference)

    Cech or Sczcesny (I go with the latter)
    Bellerin—–Mustafi—–Kos——-Nacho or Sead
    ———–Xhaka———? not Ramsey but Santi replacement who does the defensive work

  23. Great post yogi.

    Awesome signing. I have been meaning about us needing a better goal scoring CF for the last 4 seasons. I don’t expect his efficiency to be as good as it was in France but he has to be an upgrade to the incumbent CF’s. Kudos to Arsene and Ivan and Stan.

  24. Keep Alexis for a year on 140k or whatever he currently is on. He is the sort who will play hard no matter what and has to convince for a big new contract. End of next season he’ll be 6 months from 30. His best bet may be to sign with Arsenal for 300k and a signing on bonus. The way to insure that is get the players in to challenge next season properly. If he walks, at least we get a good season from a top player at bargain wages and get a run at the title and possibly back into CL and win Europa league. It will be easier to replace him then if he goes. Right now AFC should be clear: next season you are an Arsenal player no matter what and we mean to try to win the PL and Europa league.

  25. Lacazette needs to be an addition rather than replacement for next season if we are to have a chance to challenge.

  26. Wavey,

    Heck, even Ligue 2 players shouldn’t be written off: Naby Keita, Mahrez and Kante have all come from there recently, and all three would make us better. Those are off the top of my head and I’m sure there are loads more. French football hasn’t been able to compete on fees since the early 90s, but it makes up for it with development and scouting.

  27. Birdkamp,

    Aubameyang, Hazard, Kevin Gameiro, Lucas Digne(you know the one who plays for Barca), Zouma, Umtiti, Kondogbia, Carrasco, Tolisso (moved to Bayern)

  28. Rather run down the Alexis contract than sell now; we can’t replace him this transfer window for anywhere near the 50 million we could get for him if we sell, that is now chump change. If I was going to offer him around 350 thousand a week I would do it toward the end of the next season to ensure that we got as much at the current rates and post signing. A four year deal would make 34 by the time it runs out.

    Ozil I would offer 250 pw. He ain’t no Sanchez.

    I think Sky has killed themselves with this stupid deal and it won’t ever be repeated. I think that Murdoch is trying to bankrupt it so he can pick it back up on the cheap.

  29. Hi all,
    I would not revert back to 4-2-1-3 , its the Arsenal and we will concede goals as time goes by. 3 flat defenders are the best. In my opinion, we need to have a bigger mix for this season’s Europa adventure, if possible have 3 teams. The first team, premier league players et al, the second team (F.A cup, Europa specialists); the third team team would be the youth reserve team(League Cup).
    Wishful thinking it is, but it would make sense if we could graft a functional winning squad based on player combinations, skills, strength,formation flexibility and function.

    That is how a Big club should organize really and keep the competition and morale high. If there is a slump in form in one group, it could easily be compensated for by another group. I think Benitez would probably do stuff like this, but with some smooth talk and tactical efficiency it would work.

    In response to the early purchase of Lacazette, I really think the turning point was the Liverpool vs Arsenal match, when Wenger kept Alexis on the bench and the team looked lost. It must have really being something significant between the two men, whatever row they had.
    Alexis request for wages are not necessarily what he wants, but a ploy to rid himself of Arsene by asking for ridiculous wages.
    The joke would be on Arsene, that he was no match for other top coaches, and so he had to start early in the transfer window and show ambition, unlike the complacent top four approach of yester-years.
    The late season revival was a sore show, a little too late, the huff and puff for champions league football, punctured by the Spuds from white tattle lane. To retain his pride and ego, Arsene had to show he had plans, after all it is said the best laid plans of men and mice often go wrong.

  30. lari03,

    If you buy the proper players to play in a 4213 or any sort of back 4 than naturally it will work. A flat back 3, hell Conte couldn’t even keep clean sheets or needing to try and ‘outscore’ opponents in matches and he is much more adept at it then Arsene.

  31. TAITN

    The main driver of the hugely increased TV rights this time was BT and like in any auction, two or more bidders, in this case BT muscling on Sky, has pushed the money offered higher and higher.

    It is not possible to put the genie back into the bottle, especially as it is the viewers who finally foot the bill, and so far they have not walked away. No sign of that changing anytime soon – altho the viewing figures did drop a bit last season.

  32. silvergunner,

    Yea, its a good day; finally got the striker we have longed for since RvP left, the only thing that makes it better is Lacazette is just not entering his prime. 😉

  33. FUCK Bayern have snatched up Goretzka, but I guess I should have known. There are a couple in La Liga I would like: Fornals, Asier Illarramendi, Seri, Rafinha, Sergi Samper,

  34. Here we go, C, as I know you are worried about sort numbers — it seems Arsenal have it well in hand!! 😀

    72. Xavier Amaechi

    73. Daniel Ballard

    74. Folarin Balogun

    75. Daniel Barden

    76. Jay Beckford

    77. Josh Benson

    78. Robbie Burton

    79. Harrison Clarke

    80. Trae Coyle

    81. Vontae Daley-Campbell

    82. Tyreece John-Jules

    83. Jordan McEneff

    84. Mark McGuinness

    85. Zech Medley

    86. James Olayinka

    87. Joseph Olowu

    88. Tobi Omole

    89. Matthew Smith

    90. Emile Smith-Rowe

    91. Bayli Spencer-Adams

    92. Zak Swanson

    93. Dominic Thompson

    94. Nathan Tormey

    The new Scholarship lads. Take a bow guys!! 😀

  35. HenryB,

    Its all about the new scholars!

    I wish the senior departures, arrivals and shirt numbers was sorted as quickly as the scholars and youth. 😉

  36. Interesting Lacazette said Le coq played a role in him joining Arsenao as they had stayed in contact from when they won the U19’s together.

  37. @YW is that Cybil Shepherd?

    Pete the Thirst, yes it is.
    If I’m not mistaken, it’s from Peter Bogdanovich’s old American Classic “the last picture show”.

    Great film.

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