Lacazette Incoming & Standing On The Cusp

By the time you read this, the signing of Alexandre Lacazette may have been announced. The great and the good tell us it’s done and  dusted with just photos, interviews and the minutiae of the deal to be resolved.

You can tell that it’s a signing which is very welcome; the enthusiasm for the transfer hasn’t dimmed, not on most people’s part, because Lacazette is the type of player we need. A mobile goalscorer; consistent for the last few seasons, someone to make Alexis think it’s less of a one-man mission to find the back of the net. As if.

Nigel Winterburn believes Lacazette may influence the Chilean

“I think it was obvious to Arsenal fans and to Arsene Wenger that one of those areas to strengthen is the centre forward position

“I am hoping Giroud will stay, I still feel he is valuable to the team as well. Arsenal know they need quality to help them challenge for the title

“I hope the Lacazette deal leaves [Sanchez] at the club. He can play on the left, up front or in the hole. Arsenal cannot afford to bring in Lacazette then two weeks later Sanchez leaves.

“I am hoping Wenger can persuade him to stay for another season, see what happens with the team then sign a new contract.”

The latest suggestion is that Alexis is seeing out the final year of his contract and then walking. Or staying, who knows what will happen twelve months down the line.

To the chagrin of many, Alexis next season puts incredible pressure on Wenger. Essentially, it’s a twelve month audition for the Frenchman. We’re told that he is the reason players sign. In this instance, he will be the reason the player leaves.


Let’s face the truth here. The only thing which will persuade Alexis to stay is a genuine title challenge and winning the Europa League. Take that last one to the bank; we have to win trophies and get back into the Champions League, even if it means an inevitable Round of Sixteen exit.

More importantly, Wenger must stimulate the winning attitude in all of the squad. Determination must be on the surface, not like an iceberg and hidden beneath the surface. Arsène has to instil belief in the squad and by extension Alexis, so there is no repeat of the spineless form which destroyed last season.

And if you think that is pandering to a ‘star’ player, so be it. This isn’t just about Alexis; half the squad seem to be out of contract next summer. You guarantee that the ones who renew will be those you’re not bothered about, hoping to steal a place in the starting line-up through departures.

Arsenal are on a cusp and we have one of two ways to go. Either address the weaknesses in the squad or we can drop into a Liverpool-esque fug. This was always the moment we were warned would come when Wenger departed; oh, how we would regret that event. Well, he hasn’t and this is where we are.

To be fair to the manager, he has started the process but it’s a question of whether he can see it through. The goalkeeping situation needs to be addressed, as do others. He’s got Özil with him and where’s the news on that contract. Put the German on the spot.

A Cunning Plan

Maybe he has, maybe it’s all with Hoss – he’s got to be known as ‘Hoss’ hasn’t he? – for final approval but drawing a line under the situation. He can’t plan a season without that knowledge. Did I say we were on the cusp? It feels like we can either go back to 2010 or move forward.

It’s a strange place for the club to be in some senses. Mainly a two-year renewal for Wenger. There’s no doubt it was a compromise but just as an economic cycle is 5 – 6 years, a squad cycle is 3 seasons. Two is just a decision being avoided. Unless Wenger gets lucky, from our position at the end of last season, the title is beyond us.

And then you look back to 1986/87 when we finished fourth and won a cup. The following season we ended sixth. Now I’m not normally one to succumb to hope…who am I kidding; I’m football supporter. I can handle the failure, it’s the hope which kills me.

No, we won’t win the league next season but a strong step forward? It’s eminently possible. Just the small matter of another signing or three, with quite few sales. On the subject of incomings, at the weekend there were reports of £31m bid for Thomas Lemar. No wonder Monaco binned it; this morning he’s worth £80m. BULLLLLLSHHHH….

’til Tomorrow.

61 thoughts on “Lacazette Incoming & Standing On The Cusp

  1. Interesting, Yogi,

    So as I understand it the transfers that are apparently underway, maybe, possibly, who knows, are all modelled on dem dry bones.

    The toe bone connected to the heel bone,
    The heel bone connected to the foot bone,
    The foot bone connected to the leg bone,
    The leg bone connected to the knee bone,
    The knee bone connected to the thigh bone,
    The thigh bone connected to the back bone,
    The back bone connected to the neck bone,
    The neck bone connected to the head bone,
    Oh, hear the word of the Lord!

    As we have now got La Cassette’s toe bone, we will let Giro’s heel bone go.
    If we get Lemar’s foot bone we will not bother about Mahrez’ leg bone.
    Then if we get Golovin’s knee bone, we will let Jack’s thigh bone go
    And ……. well we get the picture.

    How exciting! 😀 Don’t tell C.

    Incidentally, I wrote to AW and told him we should get La Cas because he was real cool, and that someone else named C agreed with me — but he was only a transfer guru — and I’m bigger than him. Arsene replied, ‘Vous parlez d’ordures’ — I guess he could have said ‘merger’ but he is too nice, and yet there we go – we have the player that C and I were canvassing for!! 😀

  2. YW,

    I can categorically tell you that there is neither a big nor a small M in ‘that’. 🙂

  3. So we could be in for quite a bonanza, one left back and one striker in (well almost) and Gazidis promising more to come.

    Enough to cheer even the gloomiest of doom mongers.

  4. FairPlay to Lemar YW….after his singing career with Kagagoogoo was up I thought he’d be in the wilderness…..hush hush….how wrong could I be.

  5. Some of the contracts that are up next summer, well no need to renew them unless they show they can both stay fit and be productive.

    Is it now safe to say we can truly see the best of Ozil, with Sanchez and Lacazette; I think so. I know people like to say he should be doing better and this and that, but then they are the same people that complain that are striker isn’t good enough? Doesn’t a playmaker need a striker to finish off moves? Well if Giroud is only an option B at best with a terrible history of droughts that last half a season, lets see what happens with Sanchez and Lacazette at his disposal. My friend Bill likes to talk about Ozil’s assists numbers being down last year but fails to take into account that half of 2016 Giroud was starting and going through a 15 match drought and the other half (the start of last season) my friend Bill is incorrect because Ozil was scoring and creating goals (or making the pass that led to Sanchez be in position to score a goal).

    I think I will be in the minority so I think I will jump off the Ozil topic now. I think the Lemar talk isn’t going to happen.

  6. We, the Arsenal fans…………Have to lay an egg before the club announces a freaking signing.


  7. No, you are not, alone, C. 🙂

    –“I think I will be in the minority so I think I will jump off the Ozil topic now.”

    Better a player who can be brilliant, than a player who is always at his mediocre best.

  8. C:

    It only took Arsene, what, 4 years to listen to us….guess better late than never

    You’re darn tootin’ C. He needs to listen up! 😀

  9. HenryB,

    Agreed! Funny how people think a playmaker can perform when he doesn’t have those that can complete the plays he makes. give me 1-2 moments of brilliance each match that can decide a match any day of the week!

  10. Cool – I checked a few minutes ago and it wasn’t on .com but now it’s 100% official 😃

  11. I know you know, but just in case …… 🙂

    – Arsenal announce record £52m Alexandre Lacazette signing after successful medical.

    Arsene Wenger’s attention remains on the futures of Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil. As Telegraph Sport reported yesterday, Sanchez also appears likely to leave – but Arsenal are reluctant to sell to another Premier League club – and would also then want another creative player.

    Furthermore, Monaco’s Thomas Lemar has been the main target but they have also been making checks on Leicester City’s Riyad Mahrez. Ozil is refusing Arsenal’s current contract offer but is also not pushing to leave. ”

    Well zipedeedee!! 😀

  12. Can’t believe someone posted this on FB:



    Seriously? I may be WOB, but I think this is a really good signing. Some people will be against Wenger no matter what. If we signed Messi they’d say he was past it.

  13. Wavey,

    Ya, these are just idiots Wavey, I don’t agree with Wenger on a lot of things now but this is a good signing and an upgrade on what we usually buy.

  14. Wavey,

    Honestly mate, think some are mad we didn’t sign Mbappe for 125m but for me, give me the player that scores for fun and is only behind Messi, Lewandowski, Ronaldo and Higuain!

    Lacazette is a BRILLIANT signing and to be honest, the only thing that feels “Arsene” about it is the fact that he got a player that has scored so many goals and is only now reaching his prime for a complete bargain in today’s market.

  15. I said it at the beginning of summer and I stand by it:

    I think the signing of Lacazette will pursued Sanchez and Ozil to stay especially if they connect.

  16. the other thing about Lacazette is that he is STILL learning to play CF after breaking through the ranks as a talented winger (that’s for my friend Bill, I know your lurking!).

  17. I saw this report, and if it is true, I would be happy for Sanchez to run his contract down — if we win a title next season as a result – what more could I ask for?

    — “Arsenal will keep hold of star forward Alexis Sanchez beyond the summer, Chilean reporter Juan Luis has revealed. The 28-year-old has been strongly linked with a Gunners exit following their failure to qualify for the Champions League.

    Sanchez has less than a year left on his previous deal, and this has heightened speculation over his future with Manchester City and Bayern Munich among his main suitors.

    According to Juan Luis, who represents El Filtrador, the fans should not have much to worry about as Sanchez will stay committed at the Emirates next season.

    “Alexis Sanchez does not move from Arsenal,” he tweeted h/t The Express.

    Near the end of the Confederations Cup, Sanchez admitted that he is clear in his mind over his future, and the Gunners appear set to risk him for the final year of his contract.

    Sanchez bagged 30 goals across all competitions for the Gunners last term, and Arsene Wenger is well aware that the Chilean’s influence would be key towards the club’s quest to win a long-awaited league title.”

    Oh boy — it’s wrong to get too enthused about these things until they are confirmed — but bring it on.
    If we keep Özil and Sanchez now that we have La Cas and there are other straws in the wind too – I will be a very happy bunny. Id it all goes belly up —— I will blame my mate C. 😀

  18. I think we have to be very careful with those fans wanting to fan the flames of discord and dissent no matter what.

    The fact of the matter is, agree with Wenger or not. He signed for 2 years, and he signed two good players so far. So, for me….I need to get behind the team and hope for the best.

  19. HenryB,

    You can blame me, don’t mind at all but signings like this even if you try to resist the summer silly season and the madness at Arsenal gets you excited!

    If Sanchez stays and Ozil stays, that is a mouthwatering attack no matter the formation that we play! He scores goals and loves to score goals but the thing I like most is that because he was a winger, his all around plus the goals means he is quality.

    If we get a CM, o the possibilities, dare I say…..nope, welp fuck it, we could win the PL.

  20. I’m interested to see what number he takes. #10 is worn by Jack but who knows his future, #9 is worn by Perez and nobody knows his future

  21. Orson Kaert,

    They could, maybe even #15….

    Anyways, doesn’t matter, a front 3 or 3 of 4 with Sanchez, Ozil, Lacazette is something we can all get excited about.

  22. The other good thing is that, he is in for the pre-season so he has time to not only settle into the club but also get some matches under his belt with his new mates before the start of the PL opener.

    Kudos to Arsene.

  23. C,

    Steady on old boy! Maybe should win the league, but you have to add in the ‘Wenger Factor’ whereby we are always less than the sum of our parts. In fact we’d have a better chance if the players ran the show themselves and left Arsene to play with his zipper in the boardroom with Stan. So great to see some decent signings but the best bunch of players doesn’t necessarily win the title.

  24. C:
    I’m interested to see what number he takes.#10 is worn by Jack but who knows his future, #9 is worn by Perez and nobody knows his future

    I would prefer he takes the number 14.
    I think a predatory goal scoring spirit possesed TH14 in his days wearing that number so I would love the same spirit to possess l

  25. C:
    I’m interested to see what number he takes.#10 is worn by Jack but who knows his future, #9 is worn by Perez and nobody knows his future

    I would prefer he takes the number 14.
    I think a predatory goal scoring spirit possesed TH14 in his days wearing that number so I would love the same spirit to possess lacasette especially as they both have similar style of play and both learned their trade playing on the flanks..

    I took some time out watching TH14 score some fantastic goals for us especially the ones from the 2003/2004 season, the guy oozed class all over. From his well-timed runs to his blistering pace to magical finishes.
    If LACASETTE is given the #14 and then receives the same sort of anointing TH14 received, then I can’t wait for the season to begin..

  26. we could sign messi, ronaldo, jesus and aslan and still not win the league.

    fa cups about wengers lot.

    weve spent millions on this squad already and we’re falling down the league.
    lacazettes a great signing but it means very little in the overall scheme of things.

  27. andy1886,

    Fucking doomer 😉

    I get what your saying but I do think that a player like Lacazette is something that we have missed since RvP left, a goal scoring striker that in consistent in what he does. Yea there is the Arsene factor and hell, it might all go to shit but with the addition of Lacazette, and if we are able to keep Sanchez and Ozil, that is quite an attacking force and more importantly, players that fit well together. You may be right,they may be better off doing it themselves and letting Arsene play with his zipper.

  28. Nigerian_gunner,

    Wouldn’t mind that at all, though I think Theo still has a place in this squad, he knows how to score goals. Lacazette in 14 is big shoes to fill, though I think the lad certainly has the talent (not saying he will be Henry) to have a MAJOR impact.

  29. C,


    The positive thing for me is that assuming Lacazette starts (and you wouldn’t put anything past AW) we will at least be trying something different. A back three and more mobile striker. If we revert to a back four and start with Giroud up top and Lacazette wide we may as well fast forward to the next will he/wont he sign drama and forget the next two years.

  30. andy1886,

    Tend to agree with that about Giroud, he is CF2 at best. I don’t mind going back to a back 4 (my preference) but I think the one piece missing is a CM that isn’t focused as much on attack as doing the things in the middle of the park to pair with Xhaka: pressing, closing down players, link play, covering and then making late runs when the situation arises. A front 3 or 4 including Ozil, Sanchez, Lacazette, then you can put one of Ox or Welbeck on the RW that would give us that “work-man” like ability but also from time to time help in attack.

  31. <s

    Theo has had his time wearing the number 14 and has proved substandard to the kind of quality required for a sustained title challenge.
    I would sell theo Wallcott now that his most important asset (speed) hasn’t left him yet.
    Sell theo and use the proceeds to acquire a more productive winger because I don’t see a future for him at Arsenal expecially if we retain the 3 at the back

    Wouldn’t mind that at all, though I think Theo still has a place in this squad, he knows how to score goals. Lacazette in 14 is big shoes to fill, though I think the lad certainly has the talent (not saying he will be Henry) to have a MAJOR impact.

  32. Reports circulating that Alexis wants $400K a week…………This must be a joke! I don’t think even Messi gets paid $400K a week.

  33. For now, it’s looking like Sanchez will be here through the next season, and if so, even if I am philosophically against it, it could turn out to be a belter.

    However the talk of “persuasion” (for Sanchez and Ozil to stay) is constructing a false narrative – as though this is all calculated. Last week I said it would take happenstance and we needed things to fall into place.

    Lets be honest here – I (and I think the majority) believe the club were desperate to sign Lacazette as a great replacement for Sanchez. However, in the interim, especially over the last few weeks, no one seems to have approached the club for Sanchez let alone Ozil.

    Its beginning to look like Sanchez leaving might never have been an option. I am fine with that but lets not turn this into a brilliantly executed masterplan (and god forbid lets not have Man City waltz in with a huge offer at this point – I’ve already noted I do not think it’s even the best idea for them).

    I did not believe if we had compelled Sanchez to stay he would be giving heart and soul week in and out – he was pissed off too often last season as it was. But the arrival of Lacazette changes everything and my position is it will have little to do with having a new best friend up front, or forming a ‘winning’ team around Sanchez. It’ll be way more basic than that.

    Friends they might become, but I’ll bet an instant rivalry will form – for Sanchez to keep Lacazette in his shadow, and for Lacazette to prove his worth. If it plays out this way (Sanchez stays) I’ll bet every time one or the other gets on the ball they will be driven to outperform the other.

    Under our specific circumstances (which are threaed with some off notes) I can’t think of anything better up front.

  34. G4E,

    Whatever he is/was asking neither he or the club handled this well.

    Arsenal or specifically Wenger lost their shit midway through the season and panicked.

    That led Wenger to make absurd offers to Ozil and Sanchez which apparently no one else (so far) is willing to match. I am not going to beat that situation to death – I hope lessons have been learned.

    But, what I wished had happened on the first day the transfer window in June, is Arsenal would have had the balls to send a letter to both Ozil and Sanchez agents informing them, as they had yet to make their intentions clear, any contract offers from Arsenal were now withdrawn.

    Let it sink in the club still had leverage.

    The club would have shown it was taking it’s fate back into its own hands – It has nothing to lose to let the pair swing in the wind. If either return to the negotiating table, the figure offered could be lowered in the knowlege no one else was willing to pay the amount (purportedly) Arsenal were stumping up in desperation.

    All and sundry (myself included) are now giddy at the prospect Sanchez and Lacazette will be upfront supported by Ozil.

    Things will get really ugly very fast if Sanchez decides he is going to keep agitating for a move – I think there are a few above who need to bear this in mind before getting completely carried away.

  35. DFS-,

    I certainly agree DFS, should have been done a long time ago. The thing is what can we do now, this uncertainty is still not good for the team. They need to make a decision, either sell him or come out and say he’s staying and can leave on free next season.

    Losing 35 million after using the player for 3 years is not a lot of money for these clubs. The bigger issue is not losing him to a PL rival.

    We shall see what happens, I just think Alexis – If It’s True – is asking for $400K a week because he knows Arsenal will not pay that, no body will except maybe China. This way he forces his way out by asking for outrageous pay.

  36. G4E,


    Wherever you stand on this issue (should we try to keep Sanchez or let him go -likewise Ozil) is neither here nor there.

    I simply cannot understand why a definitive position was not taken weeks ago – in fact I said we should have had a specific plan implemented the day after the FA Cup ( in part because they were going to announce Wengers extension etc and must have discussed all matters).

    As you say, it sends the wrong message on so many levels- within the club in terms of spirit, but also to other clubs we might engage with to buy or sell. Arsenal have a weak reputation for negotiating as it is, but clarifying the Sanchez and Ozil situation could in part send a message that we are striving to assert ourselves.

    As things stand, regardless of the Lacazette signing, it appears as if we are still tied to Sanchez’ own decision for other things to fall (or not fall) into place. We really should not be in such a position.

  37. £400k a weeek isn’t unrealistic at all. If he becomes a free agent

    I did some very simple maths on just this very idea the other day in this blog. If you accept he’s a £50m player to buy his contract today and would command £250k a week wages. Over a 4 year deal, he’s just split the transfer fee straight down the middle. Half for him in his wages and the “buying club” get to keep half, and spread the whole paymentt over the term of his contract

    Bearing in mind he can negotiate a such a deal in six months time, perhaps his agent is setting his stall out a touch earlier to see if there is any interest in the option?

  38. If Sanchez is such a mercenary,and as much as I like him as a player-then he should fuck off.
    £300k is outrageous enough,but £400k is obscene.
    He’s not worth that.If he got crocked on that kind of money we’d be well and truly fucked,and what kind of greedy,money grabbing principals is that sending out to the rest of the squad?
    If City come in for him then I would sell him.

  39. Jonnygunner,

    I don’t see it that way at all. With the fees being paid on transfers I reasoned it was only a matter of time before a star took some of that himself as a free agent

    It’s attractive to the club signing him as the deals total cost is actually less than buying him out of his contract over 4 years

    It may not be Alexis that does it, but someone will. Soon. What will be interesting moving forwards is how the market reacts to it

    Does everyone just ride a contract to its term and become a free agent? If so, does that negate the “saving” on the transfer fee? Or, does every club still use today’s gross spend on a player as the benchmark and just wash it all into their wages? Do only big money players do it? Do only squad players do it? What happens to the roll of “feeder clubs” that can no longer generate a pay day on a kid that comes good?

    In the long run, it might actually be a good thing for football generally. Depending on your point of view

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