Lacazette & Alexis: Some You Win…

Footballas! Dontcha just love ’em?

It’s a mixed weekend for the club. Alexandre Lacazette is on the verge of joining with Arsenal and Lyon close to agreement. Even Ornstein of the BBC joined in, a moment for those who divine transfers by social media which signalled a ‘done deal’.

Even though he hasn’t even put pen to paper, some proclaim him the ‘worst signing eva’ while to others, he is the Messiah. Football; never knowingly understated.

Of course, Aulas postured more than a posturepedic bed, claiming it was far from the certainty everyone believes. The parrot on his shoulder shouted, “Pieces of nine”, as if to underline the Lyon president’s desire one more cent from the deal.

There is a belief that the deal will be complete early next week, perhaps even tomorrow and there’s no doubt, it strengthens the XI. A proven goalscorer, with European experience and one whose desire to represent his country will, you hope, spur him on to a great Arsenal career.

It is good news and while celebrations now risk being premature, from what I’ve seen – cue hyperbole – there is something of the Ian Wright’s about his finishing. We know there is a world of difference between English and French club football, there’s a world of difference between two clubs in the same division.

That’s the nature of transfers and inevitably, there are naysayers who will decry anyone who doesn’t cost £120m straight out of the womb. But if we’re asking the club to address weaknesses and they do so (on paper), it’s genuinely churlish to criticise.

When the dust settles, it raises questions about the future of Giroud and Theo Walcott, although the latter is tied into other contracts, I suspect. Giroud to Lyon seems unlikely but out of the Emirates? Almost certainly.

We’re Not That Sort Of Club

While that was going on, the Alexis saga rumbled on. I can’t work out whether he was paying homage to or taking the p*ss out of, Arsène’s own contract histrionics. Speaking ahead of the Confederations Cup final, he told the press he’d made up his mind but wouldn’t tell anyone the decision.

We can look at Wenger’s similar comments and be none the wiser. The indicators are all that he’s going but it’s by no means certain. The same could be said of Arsène until closer to the end of the season. Alexis has this match before his holidays begin and a month of pure speculation until things happen.

What those ‘things’ are is another matter. Arsène’s claims that they will hold Alexis to the last year of his contract is posturing. Wenger has *never* been that hardline before, particularly knowing it will cost him more in the long run. That’s essentially his dilemma. If Alexis walks for nothing next summer, there’s no extra cash to replace the hole it leaves in the squad.

So, while I would like the club to hold him to the course of his deal, I do not expect them to do so. We aren’t that ‘sort’ of club. A player who wants out knows that Arsenal will cave in. It’s a question of timing; Arsenal need a replacement to arrive before the departure is allowed. Thomas Lemar is, at the moment, that man but not certain.

The situation is complicated. A sale to Manchester City is untenable, just senseless. No matter who is signed, handing City a striker who can win them the title is just madness. Even if that is what the player wants, no amount of money can justify the action. It would be the longest resignation letter in the club’s history.

Parting Gifts

It will keep us occupied over the coming weeks, as will the situations of Mesut Özil and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. The former, I can’t see him leaving Arsenal. He is indulged by the manager and becomes the focal point of the side if Alexis leaves. That may suit him and bring the best out of his play. It may not; who knows.

By comparison, Ox’s contract kerfuffle is a recent event. It hasn’t been dragging on for months in the back pages, even though it is exactly the same. And this is where the Alexis situation begins to impact on other negotiations.

There is potentially £100m of transfer revenues who could walk away for nothing next summer. It isn’t just about Alexis, it’s about a cohesive plan for squad rebuilding. Two of the three may renew, none of them may renew. By now, Arsenal must have a strong indicator of where the land lies in each case.

And while they are individual cases, there has to be a general policy applied, be that not selling to Premier League clubs or accepting £15m less from an overseas club. All of them can strengthen other teams much to Arsenal’s detriment. We aren’t in a position where we can do that; we give enough gifts during a season as it is.

Anyway, the Lions won, there’s a new playlist on Dad’s Jukebox and we are likely to sign the goalscorer we’ve been haranguing the club about for years. It’s not a bad start to the weekend, is it?

’til Tomorrow.

51 thoughts on “Lacazette & Alexis: Some You Win…

  1. Very good stuff, Yogi, and you certainly hit the nail on the head regarding the problem of taking a £60m hit by making Sanchez stay for another season or to let him go to an EPL competitor or try and force him to go to a ‘foreign’ club.

    Well of those the last one is a no go – players are not slaves, and if they do not want to contract their services somewhere, then human rights have to be respected.

    So, lose £60m keeping an unhappy player or sell him wherever, so that we can plough his sale money and massive salary into another younger, quality player?

    Sell the bugger, and add it to the kitty and buy another player to go with Lacazette, would be my vote.

  2. Can we do with him what liverpool did with suarez back when we went in with the infamous 40 m plus 1 pounds and ask city what theyre smoking at the etihad?
    I know these are two completely different situations, suarez was younger than sanchez is now, suarez probably wasnt into the last year of his contract. But still i was wondering

  3. Morning 😀

    Selling RvP was senseless, United had been our closest (and probably most hated) rival for years, and ‘Old Red Nose’ was pretty much the Antichrist for many so certainly for me that was far worse. Alexis to City, while I’d rather he went abroad really isn’t going to impact on AFC so much. If he helps City win the title so what? Would we rather Chelsea, Spurs or United win it? Because they are the most likely other options and I wouldn’t be happy with any of them.

    And selling him to City isn’t likely to hinder out top four challenge either. City and Chelsea will almost certainly make it anyway. We’re looking to being one of two from a group including United, Spurs and Liverpool. Those are the teams that we’re going to have to finish ahead of. Anyone dreaming of the title with Wenger still in harness hasn’t been paying attention for the last decade or so. We may sell to City but in all honesty I don’t think it’s quite the big deal people are making it if we’re being objective.

    As for Lacazette I’d welcome him, a change of approach for a different style of striker to Giroud and a change that’s overdue IMO. Not that he’s the best option available but for this club it’s about as good as we could hope for. But we need more than that so let’s hope that the Lemar deal isn’t completely dead.

  4. Morning,

    Another fine post Yogi.

    “Handing City a striker who can win them the title is just madness”, but is exactly what we did with RVP to United. If Lacazette was originally intended to be a signing to add to the existing XI rather than as a replacement for Alexis, I still think we have to take the money on Alexis this summer rather than let him go on a free. We can use the extra cash to bring in another top player. I like C’s suggestion that we bring in Dembele alongside Lacazette and if we were to bring a player like Lemar as well we will have done quite well in replacing the departing Alexis. I would have thought that with those additions Giroud would be off and probably one of Ox or Walcott. Without taking account of any other departures (and there have to be some), we are probably looking at around £80m – £90m for those three going which covers off the cost of Lacazette and Dembele. It still means we wouldn’t be looking at a particularly huge net spend this summer, as we are still able to generate funds from disposal of players who aren’t really going to be a big miss. If there is ever a point that we lament the departure of Giroud or Theo we know the club is in deep shit.

    For those who think I’m getting all excited about the transfer window all of a sudden, I’m not. I’m still not expecting a great deal to happen. I’m just musing on what we could do in a scenario where Lacazette does come in and Alexis goes.

  5. Andy1886
    My sentiments exactly.
    Arsenal aren’t finishing above City with or without Alexis, so bolstering Guardiola’s already over blooded attacking options would do the least amount of damage to Arsenal’s chances for the top four finish next season.

    Anyone dreaming about Arsenal title challenge next season is detached from reality.

    Spend the Sanchez money wisely but quickly before the entire world realizes he’s gone and clubs charge Arsenal another premium for having to find replacements for his goals.

  6. Not selling to City isn’t about us challenging for the title. It’s about not letting what is already a big gap get any wider. Then when Wenger leaves, the new man has at least got a chance of closing on the rest.

  7. YW,

    Exactly. Furthermore, selling to City says to anyone out there, we’ll sell your our own mother if Stan makes a profit out of it

    Liverpool showed us the way with Suarez and we still appear to not have learnt

    Could you see Levy selling us Kane, even if we offered £150m? I couldn’t.

  8. By the way, Spurs seem to be doing an excellent job of hanging onto their stars without paying silly money. Not even any rumours about their boys moving in the back pages. When you consider they have some pretty hot property in Kane and Alli at the moment, hats off

    By the way, I’d sell Kyle Walker for half what he’s being touted at. Not just because he plays for Spurs but because I think he’s generally a shit footballer

  9. No disrespect YW ,but when might that be, Wenger leaving that is?

    I fully expet him to extend again two years from now and remain in charge as long Kroenke’s investment appreciates.

    Arsenal will never “close the gap” because there’s no culture of winning at the club, something that can only come from the top down.

    Accumulating wealth is what winning is to people like Arsenal’s majority owner, not trophies.

  10. Selling Alexis to City will only makes Arsenal a feeder team to them-Adebayor, Nasri, Clichy,Sagna,etc.Arsenal should tell Alexis that we wont sell him to city. It is high time Arsenal takes a hard time on her socalled star players.

  11. Damon
    If our own mother had a year remaining on her contract with us and wanted out, I’d say to her good luck and for £50m sent her on her marry way 🙂

  12. Tom,

    Exactly – Alexis is 28, even if Wenger leaves in two years he will be on the way down by then. That said I expect Wenger will stay even longer in which case Alexis isn’t a factor. As for the message it sends, it’s exactly what everyone thinks anyway and the fact of the matter is that Stan and Wenger (whatever he says in public) will sell if they deem it a good deal.

    For the sake of our sanity I would pretty much write off the rest of AW’s tenure and just ‘enjoy’ (if it’s possible) the ride. We can go back to being a sport centred organisation when he’s gone.

  13. “Anyway the Lions won” Is that it? One of the most significant sports result in years and that’s all it gets?


  14. andy1886,

    I was going to say something very similar. I’d love to see Alexis stay at the club, but only if he is signing up to a new deal. Much as I hate the idea of selling to City, getting £50m for Alexis must be a pretty good deal given that he is the last year of his contract. If he does go to City at least the Arsenal fans get to give him grief when we play them. We have consistently shown ourselves to be a feeder club to the top teams in the PL in the Emirates era. There has been no sign of it stopping, as City have continued to pick up our experienced players when Wenger thinks they are past it. If we could get the money by selling Sanchez abroad I would do it at the drop of a hat, unfortunately we are in another of those situations where the player can dictate where he wants to go as he only has 12 months left on his contract. I still don’t get why we wouldn’t have nailed down contracts with both players last summer. By waiting until the last year of their contracts we are on the back foot and Alexis is able to force a deal if he wants to go, whilst Ozil is able to get a bumper new wage packet.

  15. If City are prepared to pay £55-60m of course we should take the money, it would be economic madness to do otherwise. Everyone seems to forget that City have another 3 players who are as good as Alexis and they cannot play them all. I am excluding Sterling here as I think he is crap and cannot believe that Guardiola will not move him on for someone of better quality. So he will improve their squad, but if he doesn’t want to play for us there is no point in keeping him because he will become a destabilising influence without a doubt. It is up to Arsene to sign a player of commeasurable quality.

  16. Selling Sanchez to Citeh would be a massive mistake. I think with the team they are building and the additions from the other top 4, it would lead to us being further behind but more than that it would show that we are willing to sell if the price is right. He might not be happy but he would play and play hard, its in his nature and if we improved, he would surely be willing to sign or we could get him to sign say a 1 year deal and if he wasn’t happy sell him next season.

    The word and reports say we are set to sign Lacazette with the fee set to be agreed as soon as early this week with terms already agreed. With reports saying Costa is set to move back to Athletico, Lacazette to Arsenal would be a massive get and pairing him with Sanchez and Ozil is mouth watering, he is a finisher and more to that, he was a winger first and with that he is really good in tight spaces and turning and running. While he might be relatively short (5’9- 5’10) he is really good in the air and in the box and is more than capable of getting 20 goals for us next season.

  17. C,

    Unfortunately I don’t think it’s in Arsenal’s control and I’m expecting Alexis to state that he is not signings new deal. It’s likely to play out in a very similar fashion to the RVP deal where it was later disclosed that there was another deal on the table, but that RVP wanted to play for SAF at United. If Alexis tries to push through a deal to City so he can play for Pep again does the club block it and make him play out his contract? I just can’t see them letting him go on a free and Sanchez would be determined to go at the end of the season having seen his move to City blocked. Maybe it stops him falling into City’s hands, but the club would be losing £50m. That seems highly unlikely.

  18. Wavey,

    It was never in Arsenal’s control the moment they didn’t strengthen the CF position last summer. The thing is, Sanchez might be wanting to play for Pep or leave Arsenal but they should keep him and make him play out his contract, somethings go beyond money and making a statement by forcing him to do so shows Arsenal’s strength but should they sell to Citeh, its a different story. Like it or not, selling to Citeh, with their additions plus their players coming back makes them not only a force but favorites for the title. I would be really interested to see what Sanchez would do and I do think that if offered the right contract with the addition of Lacazette and say a CM, it could be different. Sanchez has stated that he wouldn’t mind staying but wants the club to strengthen, which is very similar to the RvP situation. I guess ultimately it will come down to whether or not he sees silverware here. While I do think CL will play its part, I also think he values the PL title equally as much. PErsonally, I have no qualms with losing out on 50m if it means showing intent and letting him leave on a free.

  19. C
    I’ve said it before. Lacazette is nothing more than Sanchez’s replacement. He will be played on the left and we will be looking at Giroud and Welbeck as CF’s.
    Arsene has done nothing but buy big, tall CF’s the entire Emirates era. Adabayor, Chamack, Bendner, Giroud and Sonogo. That’s what he wants and I see no reason he’s gonna suddenly go for a guy under 6ft.
    Even with us looking so good with Alexis upfront the begging of last season he couldn’t wait to switch him back out wide.
    Giroud will be here next season, of that I am certain.

  20. Pistol Fish,

    And it would be a shame if that was his intent. Big strikers or not, we have looked best with a mobile CF and its strange, even with the likes of Adebayor and even Chamakh (both were mobile or relatively mobile) welooked much better. More to that, Welbeck showed that with a mobile striker we looked much more dangerous and in the system that he likes to play: possession and turning that into quick moves; he would prefer a mobile striker. Lacazette, even in Europe, showed that he is capable of holding up play.

    Giroud may stay but first choice he certainly is not anymore. I would personally sell Giroud and go with a CF strikeforce of Lacazette, Welbeck and possibly Sanchez if need be.

  21. I see no reason for Sanchez to refuse to disclose his decision if it is to stay at Arsenal. To me it is fairly obvious that he wishes to leave, in which case selling him now when he could command a fee in the region of £50/60 million makes a lot of sense. To continue paying him his already exorbitant wages for another season and then being forced to let him go for nothing makes no sense whatsoever.

    He’s a very good player but would he make that much difference to Manchester City or Chelsea, clubs already stuffed with talent.

    Make him available now but make it clear that no bid under £60 million will be considered.

    Adding £60 million to the balance of the transfer kitty, after Lacazette’s fee has been paid, would give us a good chance of landing some genuinely top class players who would satisfy both Gazidis’s desire to improve the quality of the first team and the fans craving for a marquee signing or two.

  22. C,

    I agree that Giroud has had his time at Arsenal and should be moved on, but I’m far from convinced that Welbeck is worthy of a starting place in the first team. His approach play is quite good but he needs to show a lot more in the way of scoring goals.

  23. I too think a Giroud should be moved on. I’ve never considered him Arsenal quality.
    But I just don’t see it happening.

  24. Orson Kaert,

    I’m not saying Welbeck should start, but I think after 5 years with Giroud we know what we got with him and he simply doesn’t offer as much as we both want and need. Welbeck does need to start scoring more consistently and its maddening to see him offering as much as he does but be so inconsistent scoring goals. Letting him be CF2 to Lacazette is the ideal situation and if Welbeck accepts the challenge and scores more consistently thanwe have something.

    You mentioned what he would offer to Citeh, well unlike you, I think he would offer quite a lot to Citeh. Imagine the front 4 possibilities of Sane/Aguero or Gabriel/Sanchez/ De Bruyne or Silva and that is with Sterling coming off the bench. Chelsea, well adding Sanchez opposite Hazard is worrisome to say the least.

  25. Pistol Fish,

    I agree about Giroud, he was bought to be a CF2 and his quality is of such. People bang on about his goal/min being up there but forget that after 4 years he has shown he is a ‘meh’ striker. The fact that we create as many chances as we do and yet Defoe has outscored Giroud speaks volumes.

  26. An Extraordinary match in the county cricket – Hales wins the game singlehandedly with 187 unbeaten to successfully chase down a team total of 297.
    Highest score in a Lords ODI final.
    The scorecard looks more than bit bonkers.
    Take a bow, sir – a nudge to the selectors too who have brought Ballance back into the test team…he is in rude form but….hmmm.

  27. Pistol Fish,

    In the Premier league you need big men upfront for certain – it’s the nature of the league; so nothing wrong with Wenger buying them. Giroud has paid his fare dues being our big man.

    If Sanchez has no intention of signing a new contract, it’s better we sell him this year.
    You can’t run a football club by leaving a £50-60m hole in the transfer budget, that’s bad management; and you’re complaining Arsenal is not spending big.

    Also, last season was our best for a while in terms of attacking play – I don’t know why you are stressing strengthening the CF last season when it clearly didn’t impact our play. Defence was the problem last season.

    Lacazette will be a great improvement to the team (needs to work his assist rate though) – I hope to see Giroud in another shirt next season once that deal is confirmed. He should be leading an attack elsewhere.

  28. C,

    What sort of message would we send out — and by the way, would it be a message in a bottle? I cannot think of anyone in football interested in receiving messages from anyone else — in a bottle or otherwise. Would you? I wouldn’t.

    So, back to cases.
    You think forcing an unwilling Sanchez to stay with us for another year, and then lose him to Man Citeh for nothing, when they would have paid us £50m or £60m this year so that we could buy a replacement for him is sending a message?

    They would send one back – Arsenal have more money than brains, and we have got a £50m player for nothing.

    I do not think so, C. 😀 You are wrong on that one, my friend.

  29. Jonny,

    I watched the Lions v All Blacks this morning, and it was terrific stuff — I think it was said that was the first time that the All Blacks had not scored a try in a game in Wellington for 50 years, and had not lost there since 1995 (?)

    Bit tired and bleary eyed this a.m. after a late night/early morning party, so those stats may be somewhat out! 🙂

    Hales’ play for Notts was outstanding – as was the result. Extraordinary.

  30. C,

    The BBC journalist, Ornstein, who has a reputation for being more often riight than wrong, says this;

    — “Ornstein reveals that Arsenal have made a “big offer” to Sanchez. But, if the Chilean wants to leave, it will be this summer and not the next one, when he will be a free agent.

    The BBC journalist also reveals that there have been no offers for Sanchez yet but ominously adds a hashtag to this Tweet: #MCFC.

    Arsenal fans must be bracing themselves for Alexandre Lacazette to arrive in the coming days and the very real possibility Alexis Sanchez is leaving this summer… ”

    It would be a pity if he leaves – but no player is bigger than the club.

  31. it depends on the price
    20mil for a 30 year old giroud is difficult to say no to but hes the ideal candidate to come off the bench and change a game – so hows about we hang onto him.

    we’re potentially talking about losing both sanchez and giroud this summer. thats not an ideal scenario – lacazette alone wont fill that gap.

  32. C,

    You may be willing to let Alexis go on a free transfer, but I’m pretty sure that Arsenal aren’t.



    Alexis provided 20 PL goals last season and has been our top goal scorer for 2 seasons even though he wasn’t bought as an out and out striker. We should have brought in a quality striker when RVP left, but have failed to do so every summer since. Alexis works well as part of a mobile 3 forwards, but it is clear that Giroud has been regarded as the weak link. Giroud may have had an impressive goals to minutes ratio last season, but he has never been able to be the consistent striker we needed. Great as a back up striker, but never as a number one striker.

  33. My thoughts align with Andy (and Tom etc.).

    In the first place I’m fundamentally against the idea of compelling a ‘wantaway’ to stay. I find the idea absurd from any perspective.

    The views regarding Sanchez possible departure – well, it will not be any turning point in perception/intention/ambition.

    People are willfully missing the crux of the issue. The turning point was the fact that Sanchez and Ozil were not content and pondering a future elsewhere for months. It’s Serge Gnabry off to Germany and Chris Willock to Benfica. That’s the issue – the reality of Arsenal in the present.

    I could give a monkey’s if Sanchez ends up at City – it would be exciting. Man City will be chasing the title with or without Sanchez (see Andy).

    It will be Gabriel Jesus’s first full season and he will beast it. Sane and De Bruyne are already purring, Kompany looks fit for another season, Bernado Silva has come into midfield (with David Silva) and Ederson to GK, and Dani Alves looks like he’s joining for free.

    I think the intention for City would be to drop Sterling down the pecking order and Sanchez would simply be an expensive and wonderful cherry on top. In the interim, does anyone think we will make a tilt for the title next season? I don’t see that, and if this is the case let’s have a reality check, were not selling to a rival.

    If the idea Sanchez is forced to stay (for the final year) he’ll play heart and soul is the idea is dubious, wishful thinking. He’ll play as a he feels – sometimes up and sometimes down- with the key motivation to keep his own profile high, not Arsenal’s.

    Finally, days ago I noted if we use this window astutely we can see it could possibly end up a net zero spend which would be very interesting. As Andy says, we bring in the likes of Lacazette (and others) and totally shake the squad up which is precisely what is needed.

    A few more key moves out – such as Giroud and Walcott- with some great additions such as Lemar and Dembele – and we really could be entering the next season as an exciting team. It might not make a run for the title, but as long as it is competitive and excites the fan base, I think a good job will have been done.

  34. DFS-,

    You make it all sound so easy, we sell this player or that player, always supposing any club is willing to buy them and can afford the wage demands on top of the transfer fee, not forgetting the player’s agreement to be bought by that particular club is needed.

    We buy this player or that player, again supposing they want to sign for Arsenal, we may no longer be the destination of choice that we once were and their club may not want to sell them anyway.

    So it’s not quite as straightforward as you appear to make out.

  35. Oludotun

    Pistol Fish,

    In the Premier league you need big men upfront for certain – it’s the nature of the league; so nothing wrong with Wenger buying them. Giroud has paid his fare dues being our big man.

    Ummmm, no. I disagree totally. Name these big Centre forwards that are or were so great.
    I promise you for ever one bigger that 6ft I’ll name you two 6ft or under.
    As for Arsenals big front men, only Adabayor ever scored 20 Leuge goals in a season.

  36. Orson Kaert,

    “You make it all sound so easy….”

    Yeah, and the ‘excuse well’ never seems to run dry.

    I don’t – none of this is easy. It takes smart agressive negotiators (presumption, we are trying to put them in place) and have actually ambition to change the squad up (and as Andy, realistic goals – a fresh competitive team, with or without an actual title tilt).

    Selling Sanchez now would appear to cover at least 80% of Lacazette’s fee.

    There are extensive reports (are there not?) of offers/interest for both Giroud and Walcott and Oxlade Chamberlain, all between 20m+ for Giroud to 30m+ for The Ox….who knows for Theo.

    For the right price a number of players could be off loaded – it all depends on our intent and ambition (to shake up the squad) …or not. Take Gibbs.

    If he is demanding 80,000 a week whilst we demand 15 million in fee and we want him off the books we need to drop our fee from 15m to say 12m (or whatever it takes).

    2 or 3 of such deals above in addition to Sanchez and we could leave this season with a zero net spend.

    Are you seriously claiming no one is interested in Giroud or Walcott, Oxlade Chamberlain, Ospina or Gibbs?

    Then we have peripheral playes such as Campbell and Perez (in no mans land) who teams have expressed interest in. Transfers are no more difficult for Arsenal than they are for any other team – excepting the cases where are wages are too high. In that case the transfer fee needs adjusting down. At least at that point we have considerabe income from sales and have dropped our wage bill.

  37. If Sanchez goes, how would people feel about giving the wages we were going to pay him to Zlatan for a year?

  38. Damon,

    That was a great reminder of my friend noting some PL team should take Zlatan for a year, Damon.

    A Man U suportng friend brought this up weeks ago (Zlatan to any key PL team – but of course Arsenal under the circumstances) – and I warmed to the idea somewhat, but then forgot about it.

    He thought United have made a mistake. If Zlatan could pass a rigorous fitness exam (sounds like he can) and would sign a 1 year performance related bonus, his argument was Zlatan coud really help a team for a year.

    I think he is right. And…this is sort of what I am banging on about. If the powers that be really took a creative and aggressive approach to this window, the entire fanbase would get behind the team.

    Seriously, Zlatan would put some swagger up front.

  39. this may be totally missing the target but
    PL rules state you can only register 25 players over the age of 21 (we have 31) at least 8 of which have to be Home grown (we have 14)

    we need to cull at least 6 players this summer either through loan or sale before we start thinking about making any more signings like lacazette?

  40. we could well come out of this window with a profit.

    no wonder theres talk of 125mil for that french kid.

  41. JonJon,

    Yep. If we sold everyone on that list, I’d say we’d generate week north £200m. Sterling not euros, if we do things

    I don’t think we will sell all of them and the ones with question marks depend on others coming or going. I could see us have a net profit on the window tbh. Missed Wojo off that list too

  42. JonJon,

    “we could well come out of this window with a profit”

    – the very point I have been trying to make. And as Damon pointed out this is not even factoring in Szczesny -although I think he should be brought back as our number one, or potentially Wilshere.

    My guess is a good outlay for this season would be around last years -let’s say 100 to 120 million ( for Lacazette and two others, lets keep it simple for now)

    So, it is possible we could balance the books and not touch the reported 150 million pound war chest at our disposal.

    Whilst I like the idea of culling the herd, lowering the wage bill and keeping the funds banked, the ‘war chest’ could be used (philophically if you will) to ‘cover’ the cost of dropping the fees for some players to facilitate sales.

    If you argue some players need to be ‘discounted’ (such as Gibbs as above from 15m to 12m) and used that strategy for 5 individuals (over the top but lets egg it up) you could then say we discounted 15 million from the transfer kitty so it now stood at 135 million pounds.

    I will sound like broken record soon, but we have an opportunity to take a dynamic approach to the squad to excite and unify the fan base prior to the next campaign. There has been an unshakeable staleness to most things Arsenal for a while- let shake things up as surely we have little to lose at this point.

  43. DFS-,

    Careful with that “war chest”

    I fancy it isn’t funds sloshing around waiting to be spent. More like how much they’ve projected wellngenerate from who will be sold

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