Players Better At Defending Boss Than On Pitch plus Granit

Let’s have a day off from Him today. I’m tired of it. I could talk about Alex Iwobi’s misguided comments about impatience but I’m sure someone, somewhere will tell me they are taken out of context.

i can’t even be bothered to read Laurent Koscielny ‘taking the blame’ on behalf of the squad. It’s nothing which hasn’t been side hundreds of times before.

Lads, it’s best not to speak in situations like this. You’re not influencing anyone’s opinions and definitely not helping Arsène’s cause.

Granit Xhaka, on the other hand, gave a wider ranging interview to a Swiss paper, a translation of which is on Arseblog News. When a player rips through a pundit, it’s a good start,

On BBC Alan Shearer got going. “No hunger, a totally disturbing performance”, he said.

What kind of analysis is that from these experts? What am I supposed to say? They don’t see what’s going on at Arsenal, I’m sorry. It’s better I refuse any further comment.

But he proved his training for the sofa is well on track,

Let’s make it short: At the moment we lose matches we shouldn’t lose.


Xhaka stepped up to the plate and admitted his responsibility for performances. Talking of which, has Theo done that yet? He’s always good for a quote or two. He – Xhaka – thinks Wenger is staying as well, just can’t put his finger on why.

The focus with Xhaka inevitably falls on his disciplinary record. The Swiss international’s two red cards honed those predisposed to believe in refereeing conspiracies to claim Granit is another victim.

Return of the Hard Man

Xhaka is the reincarnation of Steve Williams. Forever in trouble with referees – although Willow’s mouth went into overdrive before his brain engaged for the most part – there is an element of others getting off more lightly than the Swiss.

Ibrahimovic was the example Xhaka used and underlines the gap in how players reputations influence officials and the media. The Swede got off lightly for a more heinous act than Tyrone Mings. I don’t think the Bournemouth defender meant to stamp on Zlatan’s head; Ibrahimovic teed Mings up with his elbow.

A malicious attack for which people are jailed yet the United striker ended up with a three-game ban compared to Mings five.

Xhaka’s not quite donning the tin foil hat – “I believe I have a bad reputation for referees” – but heading in that direction, it seems. I wonder if the public indulgence by the manager contributes to that. While we know Arsène defends the players to hilt but it must be hard for the players to forget what is said to the media.

Right Player, Wrong Time

As Xhaka says, he isn’t brainless but I wonder if curbing his aggression robs the team of his best asset? A muted version of the player is not what we need. With a midfield quartet, he could thrive with a proper defensive midfielder alongside him; Xhaka chipping in with that side of the game but concentrating more on distribution gets the best from him.

It’s why he and Ramsey as a central pair don’t work; both are more attack minded, one box-to-box with the other spraying the ball around. There’s no genuine inclination to defend on either part. Bringing in Kante with Xhaka last summer would have been ideal but I am certain we got a good player, while needing the type of midfielder Chelsea signed.

Overall, it’s an interesting read and worth looking at. It’s hump day in the international break. Matt will be back later with a bit of fun and idle distraction.

’til Tomorrow.

56 thoughts on “Players Better At Defending Boss Than On Pitch plus Granit

  1. Orson Kaert says:

    Thanks for that Yogi, how you do it I just don’t know. A look through various news sites and papers failed to reveal anything of particular Arsenal interest.

    Still there’s always the Australian Grand Prix to bore us to death on Sunday. Hey ho!

  2. andy1886 says:

    Orson Kaert,

    Morning Orsie. I don’t know about you, but I’m not inclined to take lessons on patience from someone barely out of nappies. Like one or two others I suspect that Iwobe knows which side his bread is buttered and now that they believe the boss will stay the usual suspects will be lining up to kiss his backside and stay on the gravy train. Who else would have stuck with Giroud at a major club for example?

    I had thought that a new manager might be able to do something with this squad but more and more it looks like we have too many players there enjoying the easy life. There will need to be some major rebuilding when Wenger goes and the sooner we start the better.

  3. C says:

    Good stuff Yogi, I was wondering if you were going to go touch on Xhaka.

    Personally, I think signing Ndidi should Leicester get relegated would be a really good signing. At present though its why I like the busy work on Elneny next to him, let him do all the busy work and let Xhaka sit deep, he is a good reader of the game and a player that can intercept and break up play while Elneny does the pressing.

  4. Jonny says:

    I don’t know how anyone could view what Mings did as an accident – he actually looked down before placing his foot and he made no effort to avoid his heed.

    Ah well – like I give a rat’s arse. 🙂

    As for Xhaka being a good player – well maybe, but we haven’t seen much of it and the real problem, as ever, is AW’s inability to shape his players to a defined role and get the best of them.

    As you allude perhaps if he bought the right players to start with we would not constantly be playing ’round pegs, square holes’.

  5. Ian says:

    I like Xhaka… he reminds me a little bit of our former midfielder Stevie Williams, absolute rubbish at first but will come good and be a pivotal player for us…

  6. Wavey says:


    I think getting the midfield sorted out is keye to the rest of the season. The unit in the middle needs to be settled and organised because they are neither at the moment which leaves the forward players starved of the ball and the back line with little protection. If we have any ambitions at all for the remainder of the season, the midfield unit needs to start to dominate games rather than disappear. It means players like Xhaka, Ramsey and Coquelin have to step their game up.

  7. Orson Kaert says:


    I think it more important that the defenders start playing as a unit, not a bunch of ill disciplined individuals.

    Also if the midfielders are going to join the attack, the full backs need to hold their positions.

  8. C says:


    Completely agree but I don’t think that Le Coq is limited which causes a problem. You have Ramsey who is more attack minded which doesn’t work with Xhaka because Ramsey isn’t disciplined enough defensively, then you have Le Coq who is good defensively but is so limited attacking wise that he can’t really push forward. Elneny brings consistency but isn’t most people’s choice because they don’t see him as an impact player. Iwobi would be good there but defensively he leaves a lot to be desired. I wouldn’t mind at this point Maitland-NIles but I don’t think most would want that.

  9. Pete the Thirst says:

    It’s quite simple really: play a holding midfielder.

    OK Coq hasn’t looked good the past few months, but he’s been persuaded to get forward. He can’t play that role. Just sit deep, track runners, make tackles and give the ball to the creative players.

    Or give Elneny a go in the role. Not sure what he’s done to upset Wenger, but he has been on bench warming duty all season.

    When the full backs are attacking in a Wenger kitchen sink fashion then the defensive midfielder can drop in to cover. Not unlike a back 3.

  10. idowu says:

    having both Xhaka and Kante in the same team will affect our attacking play a little, but we should be very solid defensively . If we play a 4-3-3 formation with Xhaka-Kante- Ramsey, that will be the perfect combination . a ball playing Regista, a defensive minded player and a box to box player . Ozil is really a luxury we dont need right now, he can be pushed to the left of the front three of Ozil-Sanchez-Walcott……that’s if Sanchez is staying on after the summer.

  11. andy1886 says:


    That’s what you get when there’s no discipline. I’m sure we do have the players to forge an effective midfield unit but without a plan and the will to give instructions and enforce them you’re wasting your time. How many times have we seen ill-disciplined players seemingly doing their own thing with little regard to what the team needs? Wenger simply cannot or will not put in place the structure required.

  12. C says:


    Yea I think there does need to be some sort of structure and system. I for one don’t believe or think that Ozil doesn’t put in a shift defensively nor do I think that he can’t work in a 433 or the type of system that Pep is currently playing if pushed. I think the thing that has exposed our midfield the most is the lack of discipline from our pivots more than anything. We see 2 man midfields to varying degrees all over Europe but defensively they do a job and trust each other to do the job. Its what we see with Xhaka, he has played next to Le Coq, Elneny, Santi and Ramsey; there is no partnership there that has been given time to grow.

  13. consolsbob says:

    Interesting that Xhaka talks of a lack of social interaction with his team mates.

    If memory serves that was very much a feature of our recent successful sides and those in the 70’s and under GG.

  14. Orson Kaert says:


    What makes you think Kante will ever be an Arsenal player?

  15. Bill says:

    Great post Yogi

    Xhaka has been a disappointment so far. Hopefully that we change. He has the ability to make an eye catching pass but there is a big difference between being able to make an occasional great pass and being a great passer. He has not been the difference making deep lying midfielder we envisioned and he is not the type of player who will help link the defense to the attack that we have really needed after Cazorla went down. Perhaps the most concerning thing is he is supposed to be a DM but I don’t think he has defended very well. We already have a 1 dimensional central midfielder in Ozil. We need more from Xhaka then just sitting back there and looking for chances to spray a long pass somewhere. If he is going to sit deep in our midfield he absolutely has to do a better job of defending then he has to date.

  16. Bill says:

    I don’t think its works well to have a team full of 1 dimensional players. You can’t build a system that takes advantage of 11 different players unique skill. The tactical tweak that helps one player will hinder another player. The position where you can best afford to have a 1 dimensional player is CF as long as that 1 dimension is scoring lots of goals.

    The midfield needs to control the tempo of the game, link defense to attack, drop deep to help defend and break up counter attacks etc etc. Ozil is a 1 of our central midfielders but he plays more like a forward which means the 2 remaining central midfielders need to do all of the other things that a midfield has to do. We can’t really afford to have another 1 dimensional midfielder on the pitch at the same time as Ozil. I think that is a part of the reason we have often been over run in the midfield by stronger teams this season. Its harder to compensate for a 1 dimensional central midfielder. I suspect part of the reason Germany used Ozil out wide in the 2014 World Cup and why Madrid sometimes used him out wide and why Madrid was willing to sell Ozil was because he limits flexibility. Ideally you don’t want a central midfielder that you have to substitute at 65 minutes to make sure your defense stays solid.

    I hope that makes sense.

  17. C says:


    I’m intrigued where you get this 1 dimensional player thing from?

  18. Bill says:

    1 dimensional is my attempt to find a term which describes something we have talked about a lot in the past. You and many others have said many times that Ozil plays like a forward and does get involved in doing the things that most central midfields need to do. He is certainly not an asset to our team defense and he does not help with transitioning from back to front and his effectiveness is completely neutered if the rest of the team does not get him the ball in his favored positions. Most central midfielders multi task but that is not ozil’s strong suit and the rest of the team needs to compensate. I don’t think there are many central midfielders who play the way he does. If you can think of a better descriptive term then 1 dimensional then lets use that instead.

  19. DFS- says:

    Iwobi comments were wrong note, but from one perspective I’m glad he made them.

    He is obviously a favored son of Wenger (at the expense of other players) and probably does hold Wenger in genuine esteem. But, much like Giroud’s recent guff, it illustrates a detachment, a gulf between the players and fans, how they view the club and its current status from differing viewpoints.

    The more I hear this types of comment the more convinced I am the club needs a complete transformation, an overhaul from top to bottom.

  20. Bill says:

    For me the bottom line is that Ozil is a sort of like Podolski. Lukas could score some incredibly exciting goals but he did not score enough to compensate for being 1 dimensional and he was clearly a liability if he is not scoring.

    Ozil can be an asset if he is playing the way he was in the first part of the 15/16 season when he was at his best and creating about 1 assist per game. However if he is not at his best and plays the way he has for the majority of the last 15 months he limits tactical flexibility and he is probably a liability. IMO.

  21. idowu says:

    Orson Kaert,

    a player like Kante really

  22. silvergunner says:


    overhaul 100% needed.

    new coaching staff, new manager, DOF no more moddycuddling.

  23. Bill says:

    In germany Xhaka played with Havard Nordtviet beside him. As we remember Nordtviet was a heavily hyped CB for our academy so he was probably the one doing the defensive heavy lifting for the Xhaka/Nordtviet partnership in central midfield. Based on that I would think Xhaka would partner well with Le Coq but that has not worked out well so far. The team seems to play best when we have a more dynamic attacking player in the box to box role such as Cazorla or Ramsey when he was playing well in 13/14 and we have seen flashes of it with Ox in midfield. Le Coq/Cazorla worked because one was dynamic and the other defensive. However, having the dynamic attacking box to box player does not fit Xhaka because then he has to do the defensive heavy lifting and he does not do that very well.

    You can’t build a system that emphasizes the best qualities every player. If we tweak the system to help one player it hinders the effectiveness of a different player. The whole team has to integrate into one system and you can’t build a system which is the best for individual skill set all 11 different players at the same time

    I hope that makes sense.

  24. Bill says:

    If we are going to play with Ozil then we need a dynamic player in the box to box role to help improve the speed of our transitions from defense to attack but the attacking box to box player is not best for Xhaka or our team defense. If Ozil is going to stay up forward and play directly behind the CF on both attack and defense then we need to wide forwards to aggressively track back and help out on defense which is not the ideal scenario for someone like Walcott who is a 1 dimensional player. Theo is a liability if he does not score but its harder for him to score if he has to aggressively track back and defend.

  25. C says:


    Nope, never said he plays like a forward. I’ve actually said part of the problem with our midfield is that Arsene too often tries to use him as a forward. Throughout his career he has played as both ball carrier and passer as the most advanced midfielder. We have also seen him play on the flanks and be effective so that in and of itself makes him more than 1 dimensional. Also, to say he doesn’t do the defensive work outlines more the style of play Arsene wants from certain players and we have seen in since the breakup of the Invincibles, PLUS Ozil wasn’t bought and isn’t highly rated for his defensive work, plus if he is to be played or instructed to play like a forward then in no way should he be criticized for not always tracking back because wouldn’t you want him to play closer to the halfway line? I think it goes back to our midfield pivots and the style of play that we play. Xhaka is a good reader of the game, good at intercepting and nicking the ball away from players, he gets in trouble when he presses high up the pitch and goes to ground to tackle.

    A complete midfield has players that compliment each other all doing their job, a DM, box-to-box type and a more advanced midfielder, its the way futbol has always been to varying degrees even with people wanting the 442 where more often than not you either have a target man who good at knock downs or hold up play (think a big less mobile #10) or you have a technically gifted player there that does a lot of the link-up play, think Bergkamp. Then you have the box-to-box player that does all the ‘busy’ work, pressing closing down space inbetween the most advanced and the DM but also is the link player, think Vieira, Veratti, Xavi, De Bruyne (currently for Citeh) or from days gone past, Lampard, Gerrard. then you have a DM and while there are different styles, their main objective is to really break up play, be the last line of midfield defense, and actually pick up the ball from teh defenders to start things.

    Now that is pretty simplistic as there are several varying ways each position can be played but the midfield like the forward line and like the back 4 are a unit and need to compliment each other and from time to time you will get players that are really good at their job in midfield so if that makes them 1 dimensional then so be it but if that skillset compliments the rest then it can create a brilliant midfield. For instance, Barca and Spain’s recent dominance was built on one of the most complete midfields that I can think of in the history of futbol. Busquets is borderline the perfect modern DM: tackles extremely well, reads and intercepts, nicks the ball but is also a good passer, really good communicator and surprisingly strong on the ball. Then you had Xavi who was the CM who was solid defensively because of his futboling IQ but was absolutely brilliant at dictating tempo and those quick transitions but was far from a ball carrier. Then you had Inesta who was the most advanced midfielder and he was not only a ball carrier but he could make “that” pass and while defensively he wasn’t always the best and didn’t track back, he pressed and understood his role.

    I know that got kind of long and hope it makes sense.

  26. C says:


    Then explain how Sevilla has done it over the past 8 years, or Barca even though Xavi has left and Inesta is slowly being phased out, or Manure over Fergie all those years. You can find a system that best suits the skill set of all 11 players, you just have to be able to adapt and tweak your system and not worry about having favorites and EVERY single position doesn’t need to be an an impactful player if they are really effective at their job.

    For instance, look at this year’s Chelsea team; are you telling me that Cahill, Azpelacueta, Matic, Moses and Alonso are impactful players that would get into another big club in world futbol? No way in hell, but they are really really effective at doing their job and playing their role over and over and over again to the point that you know exactly what you are going to get from them match in and match out. Its why I have been banging on about putting Elneny in a midfield with Xhaka and Ozil, you know exactly what your going to get: defensively he is good, pressing, closing down space winning the ball back and allowing Xhaka to be the player that he is when it comes to the defensive stuff, but he is also really good passer and makes quick decisions with the ball and constantly looking to play it either to the flank or get it to Ozil or Sanchez to let them go.

  27. Bill says:

    Barca could get away with almost whatever they wanted because they have always had such overwhelming talent advantage and more pure fire power then any team on the planet. Pep had the same advantage in Germany. He can’t make that same system translate nearly as well in England where he does not have the talent advantage. Fergie would dump a player very quickly if they did not buy into what he was trying to do no matter how talented they were. Conte basically has 7 outfield players who buy into playing great defense and 3 attackers who are scoring their goals. Fergie and Conte have both recognized that you build the leagues best defense and then have enough firepower upfront and if you do that and all of the players buy into the system and work hard then you have the formula for a winning team.

  28. Limestonegunner says:

    Have to agree, YW, that we needed an all action defensively minded player like Kante to get the best from Xhaka. I haven’t given up on him and like his attitude, but he has to be complemented with the right set up and players to flourish. Great passer, likes to get his touches and move the ball but he’s a bit slow to recover and isn’t terrific dribbling. But I think he has a defiant and fighting spirit which I very much appreciate.

  29. Limestonegunner says:

    Yesterday and the day before, there was some discussion of how Arsenal would fare with a new manager. I will not be surprised if initially we do pretty poorly. It depends on who comes in, what resources they are given, whether there is a proper football structure to support the new coach, and if we lose our best players. The transition may be rather difficult. But it has to happen and has already been left too late. Even if it gets worse before it gets better, it will be interesting. I’ve only just returned to the blog because Arsenal have been incredibly boring as a topic of discussion for several years. I was mildly interested to see how AW would do with greater resources. And we’ve learned what we suspected–he spent big but was not able to build a winning side and continued to fail to spend when he really needed to as well. He failed unfortunately and AFC is overdue for a new period in its history.

  30. Bill says:


    Someone like kante would fit well in any system but there are not that many players who can do what he does. If Xhaka can only be really effective with a specific sort of partner then what happens if that partner gets injured or loses form? If you build a team that has a bunch of players who require a style of play or a specific partner then it becomes very fragile and unsustainable. We see that all the time with Arsenal such as when Cazorla goes down Le Coq and Ozil suddenly become much less effective. We can’t continue to build teams that way. We need to build teams that can adapt and change when required. Does that make sense?

  31. Bill says:

    Arsene tried to build a system that was similar to Barcelona but that system only works really well on a consistent basis when a team can consistently impose its will and style of play on the other team. The system can work for short periods of time when we hit our purple patches but our best form is fragile and not sustainable. We will never have that sort of talent advantage that we need to play consistently well in England with a ball possession/central midfield dominated system. IMO.

  32. Bill says:

    If you don’t have an overwhelming talent advantage then the best way to build a team that can play well consistently is to start with a rock solid defense and then add in as much firepower as you can afford and emphasize counter attacking football and make sure everyone buys into what you are trying to do. To my eye, that is what Fergie and Conte and Mourinho and Leicester have done and they have won almost all of the league titles in the last 12-13 years

  33. Limestonegunner says:

    I agree with defensive foundation as first and necessary. I was just saying Xhaka has potential but he’s not your DM; he’s like Pirlo. I prefer to have an adaptable side but all players have strengths and weaknesses–I don’t think AW really put his team together well this summer of figured out how to adapt after Cazorla was injured. It was a shocker he let JW go on loan, etc…

  34. Limestonegunner says:

    I don’t think the Barcelona formula is the issue here–that hasn’t been the template at AFC for a while. AW just never figured out what to do once the Barcelona experiment didn’t work for AFC in the PL for many reasons. The last 5 years we have not been such a wonderful footballing side; but we have’t been very effective or tough either.

  35. Bill says:


    I understand the theory behind what we want xhaka to be and we have seen that he does have an occasional eye catching long pass in his locker. However, at least so far comparing him to the other top quality deep playmakers such as Pirlo, Xabi Alonso, Cazorla etc etc is not realistic. The best we have played in this decade is when we have a defensive mid and a dynamic box to box player and Xhaka is neither of those. Unless he can pick up the defensive side of his game then we will always have to compensate and whomever plays with him has to be able to be the main defensive cover and help control the midfield tempo and transition from defense to attack at the same time. How many players can do that?

  36. Bill says:


    What I meant by “playing like Barcelona” is during the entire Emirates era starting with Cesc we have built our team around ball possession, midfield creativity with a central midfielder who is our creative hub playing directly behind the CF in the #10 position. It has become more and more stale in the last few years but to my eye that is still the basis for what we are trying to do. Fergie, Mourinho, Ranieri and Conte have won almost all of the last 13 league titles and none of them used a system that even remotely resembled what we do.

  37. Bill says:

    Statistically Fabregas is having a good season and his assists/minute are high. However, I suspect the reason Conte does not use Fabregas very much is he has similar limitations especially defensively that we have with Ozil. It’s hard to be solid and organized if you start with 2/3 of your central midfield having defensive limitations.

  38. Bill says:

    Xhaka, Ozil or Fabregas all have a very strong specific talent but if their limitations means they don’t fit with the things you are trying to do with the whole team then you can’t really use them. You can’t try to manipulate the whole team in order to bring out the best in each individual player and if it sacrifices what you are trying to do as a whole team. That seems straight forward.

  39. Bill says:

    If we start Xhaka and Ozil then 2/3 of our central midfield are defensively limited. The midfield is an important part of a good defensive team. May be there are ways to compensate but I can’t imagine Arsene with his lack of defensive nous could find a way to do that effectively on a consistent basis.

  40. Paulie Walnuts says:

    Xhaka appears limited to me. He’s got a nice left foot , but he’s one paced , can’t tackle & rarely threatens to score. Maybe he’d look more of the part in a different set up but he’s been a liability at times this season.

    Iwobi needs to button it. He’s done f&ck all in the game yet. Help win us some trophies , put some effort in & maybe then have another try.

    It seems to me that there are real cliques in the squad right now. As others have alluded to , perhaps they need to restore the famous Tuesday afternoon club, where the players went on huge benders & bonded properly.

  41. captain senderos says:

    thought sanchez has a terrible ankle injury? he played for chile yesterday ……and news of mezut ozil having a new injury again? suspecting ozil sickness and apparent injury are fake…his time at arsenal is simply over

  42. Ras says:

    Good afternoon all.
    I have had a quick lecture through the various comments etc re midfield.

    The 1st and primary thing is that this Arsenal team are SHITE when not in possession of the balon.

    This current team has not been trained- drilled in any particular shape or form as to what they must do when not in possession of the balon.

    We saw in the WBA that zonal marking does not work. We saw that discipline does not exist and the players don’t fear Wenger.

    Do any of you think our Wonderful Manager is suddenly going to start working on ‘ Man to Man’ marking. He’s 67.

    We posses to many light weights non athletic type whom can’t compete in the midfield.

    Teams KNOW that if you press Le Coq he will cough the ball. It’s common knowledge within the footballing ranks. So they (opposition ) target him. Xhaka is not gifted greatly in the tackling aspect nor with pace.

    This team does not know how to operate the Press during a game. If you think about that its scandalous negligible even in this modern era.

    Did Pirlo do much tackling?No he had others to do that for him.

    To get rhe best of Xhaka AW has to play- sign (as he’s going to be here next season )the correct players with him in midfield to get he best out of him. Only The Ox and Santi in my opinion are currently the only 2 whom I think can do a job. Ramsey is a Number 10 really we all know this.

    Ramsey does not tackle and does not really have a defensive bone in his body. The Game v WBA showed that. El Nebby is tidy and us blessed with a ‘good engine’. He’s at best a squad player. Lets be frank

    Its not going to happen as AW JW going to remain in charge but We need at least 2 new midfield players.

    Is anybody happy that we have only Bellerin at right back. There is nobody else. For a club of the stature of Arsenal that is diabolical.

    Fuck Gibbs and Nacho off. We need the likes of Sidibe at Monaco. I bet Luke Shaw under a different Manager at Arsenal could do a job.

    What respect I did have for AW has long gone. This Man is holding Arsenal to ransom.

    At 67 what is he going to build? It’s all ego ego ego.

    AW has shown sadly the selfish manipulative side of his character. He’s had after all 20 years. It’s a decent run no? He had the temerity to think he can find a winning formula ? Joke rand I think it’s going to get worse.

  43. Ras says:

    Paulie Walnuts,

    Paulie its not Iwobis fault in the footballing sense.

    The fool that is AW has set up a 20 yr ok’d to fail.

    I just noted Xhakahas no true pace and can’t tackle. You put Ramsey and Ke Coq either side= disaster

  44. Adam Singh says:

    Watching Ireland vs Wales. Ramsey is playing well. Best player on the pitch. bale doesn’t look fit.

  45. andy1886 says:

    I see that Merse thinks that Wenger will do one more year and then be replaced by Vieira. You’d think that he would know better (it’d be far too early for PV4) but then again this is Merson we’re talking about, great player but not the sharpest tool in the box.

  46. Limestonegunner says:


    Me too. But I’m newly back and figured I should play along. I’m ready for a new team from top to bottom!

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