Hull City Preview: Hashtag Win, Three Points Please; Wright On…

Hull City pitch up at the Emirates in a match Arsenal have to win. Not in the sense of being in the hunt for trophies or anything as tawdry as that, but just to relieve the pressure which is leading inexorably to Arsène Wenger’s exit. In Ian Wright’s opinion, that’s at the end of this season and the narrative of a legendary manager being hounded out of the club is already set to run.

I get the impression that that’s it. He looks tired. You just feel that he looks winded. I feel that he will go at the end of the season. He actually mentioned that he is coming to the end. I have never heard him say that before.

While it’s only an opinion, this is someone who knows Wenger and you’d think Wright wouldn’t be shy in asking him about the future. That Arsène reportedly mentioned the end of his reign is an indicator of his current mindset but no more than that; a few wins and he’ll probably think he’s got another season or two left in him.

Wright turned his aim at the players,

The players have let him down badly. If he does leave at the end of the season, there will be a lot of changes. They should have a long, hard look at themselves. He has been so faithful to his team, it has been misplaced.

Arsène’s loyalty to the players is almost legendary. The players have let him down but it is consistent over the past decade or so; we’ve talked about what is wrong with the squad composition until we’re blue in face. Not enough leaders, too nice, etc.; it makes for a pleasant working environment but loses an ‘edge’, a spark and that’s too apparent on the pitch.

Hull City – A test for Arsène Wenger’s loyalty

I suspect that Arsène will remain to most of the side which lost at Chelsea. Personally, I would give Ospina a match to make sure that he is match sharp for Wednesday. If Petr Cech takes that as punishment for the third goal, so be it. Who knows, we may see the perfect response from the rest of the team in those circumstances; the plus side is that if Ospina drops a ricket today, Cech can play in Munich.

The main injury worry is Hector Bellerin. I think talk of Graduated Returns is a welcome step but reading up on other sports approach to concussion, the first game back for the young Spaniard has to be Bayern. Yes, Gabriel isn’t the ideal replacement and some consideration should be given to playing Oxlade-Chamberlain at right back if we’re looking for width going forward. I’ve made no bones about my preference for a back three in Bellerin’s absence but it’s not going to happen, even in a home game where we should have no fear of defeat. Famous last words and all that, I know.

It’s also the only place Ox is going to get a place in the starting line-up today. Mohammed Elneny’s Gabon odyssey is over and straight back into the midfield he will come but beyond that, I look at the line-up last week and in my heart of hearts know that Wenger’s options to shake things up are limited. Perhaps that’s half the problem at the moment? We’re at the point where injury and suspension has limited Arsène’s options to vent his frustration on the players?

The line-up then,

Cech; Gabriel, Mustafi, Koscielny, Monreal; Coquelin, Elneny; Walcott, Özil, Iwobi; Alexis

Although it must be tempting to drop Theo with Giroud leading the line.

Bouncing back

No, not a reference to the top four again but an attempt at siege mentality. His public demeanour is such that you can’t imagine Arsène imburing a Musketeer spirit in this squad; their character set doesn’t appear to be capable of the typical football response when backs are against the wall.

Wenger was right in when he said, “The team wins and the team loses.” While he may like to defend the Özil’s and Sanchez’s of this world, the reality is that fans look to them to bring the team through difficult times and when that happens, they become the lightning rod for opinion. With their price tags, expectations are higher, fuelled by reputations forged on international success.

Arsène doesn’t like it, as you would expect,

“When you win sometimes some players are singled out as they are treated like exceptional players but when you don’t do well sometimes just focus a little bit more on the team aspect and not try to blame each other.

“The blame culture is part of the perception of people, but what is important is that we have a good opportunity to show that we are a united strong unit and that we bounce back.

And I think both players can perform better. Alexis doesn’t have to beat the opposition on his own while Mesut could score more. I’ll guarantee you though, that the pair lead the way in the club’s Player of the Season awards. Rightly so, when you consider the goal returns, as well as assists. Even at 80%, they are still the best pair in the squad. Bellerin, for what it’s worth, is the only one I think will feature in national awards.

This time we’ll get it right

The final word on today’s match goes to Le Boss,

“When you don’t win you cannot as well say that all is well. You have to analyse that something is not right. It is our job to find where and to have a strong united response.”

And that’s what we need; a win, no more, no less. Go to work, gentlemen, go to work.

Finally, a new playlist appeared on Dad’s Jukebox yesterday. That Was The Week That Was is a selection of tunes for the great and good over the last seven days.

Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it.

222 thoughts on “Hull City Preview: Hashtag Win, Three Points Please; Wright On…

  1. Our midget defence is being beaten in the air too often, and surely it will only be a matter of time before Hull score?

    We desperately need another goal.

  2. Perez with the header leads to a handball, red and penalty. What a quick break, Ozil with a quick flick to Sanchez who picks out Perez and match over.

  3. Sanchez on the double and a MUCH MUCH MUCH NEEDED 3 points.

    Well done to Perez too for getting in position for the cross and either forcing a penalty or scoring a goal.

  4. Sanchez/Perez/Welbeck should start against Bayern.

    Harsh on Hull and doesn’t tell the story but well done for getting the 3 points especially after the week that has been Arsenal’s last week.

  5. Certainly had the luck with us in that one. 1st goal off Alexis’ hand, Gibbs should probably have been off and a pen in added time.

  6. Wavey,

    And if the defender had not handled the ball for a penalty, I think the Keeper might have saved Lucas’s header. We have been on the receiving end of those games ourselves — not nice.

  7. G4E,

    Had a week to lift them for this game. I don’t get why the team should be coming into the game low on confidence. After the two losses they should have been really up for it to put things right.

  8. HenryB,

    I wonder if they have grounds to appeal the red. Deliberate handball, but as you said, could be argued that the keeper would have stopped it. Always a pen, but a questionable red.

  9. At the game, muted atmosphere in stadium but not the hysteria that appears online, confidence is low but I’m happy with three points, Why should players who have a week to regroup and come out all guns blazing, instead they come out nervy, unconvincing, they need to ask themselves some questions where is this fabled mental strength need to up the game for Bayern Hollywood

  10. Maybe contract issues, but our two stars are both out of sorts. Alexis is trying to do everything and ends up overdoing things. His passing is lousy, but he can cross a ball.
    Ozil looks completely off his game. Back on his heels at times in the first half and straying offside too often in the second half. He seems to be over thinking everything as well. Taking too long to make decisions, or trying flicks in areas where it is too tight. Maybe that’s harsh, but Ozil should be held to a higher standard than the average player. For a player of his quality, he is underperforming.

  11. Got back to the hotel, we’ve been at the summit of Table Mountain, just in time to watch the ref blow the final whistle. Sanchez with two, one a penalty, three points in the bag. Did I miss anything worth watching, should I have stayed off the mountain and stuck to the tele?

    34c in Cape Town right now. Do I watch Ireland hammer Italy, 14 – 3 at the moment, or go in the pool?

    Pool first cold beer to follow.

  12. Hull defender saying that Clattenberg admitted after the game that the first goal shouldn’t have stood, but he didn’t see it.

  13. But the Lino had a direct line of sight, Wavey.

    Probably all too quick to register as the ball ricocheted around the defender, the keeper and Alexis.

    I think both Mesut and Alexis will go this summer. They want to win trophies – who doesn’t , and who can blame them – they know it will not happen with the Gunners, so logically it will be sayonara.

  14. HenryB,

    You get that feeling every time you watch both of them recently, while both have been far from even good by their standards, they have to be looking around and wondering what is going on with the club and team as a whole.

    I am really happy with the 3 points, actually overjoyed given we have seen historically after a rough week the team either draws or looks even more pathetic but there it just feels like something is missing.

  15. The ref conferred with the linesman and he could not call it a handball either. When something happens that fast you need to have exactly the right angle of view to be sure what you saw. That is why something that looks obvious when you have multi angle slow motion replays looks completely differntly in real time at full speed. Same with the elbow flying into Bellerin’s head. If the ref is not sure what you saw then you end up trying to guess what happened which explains the inconsistency and the fact that there is a big missed call in just about every game.

  16. I like Theo and he was lively in the attacking third and I love Iwobi as a futboler but the team needs freshing up. Both Welbeck and Perez HAVE to start up front with Sanchez, both of them just bring an energy and desire to the team and I think its EXACTLY what Sanchez and Ozil need right now to help “get them going” again. Welbeck just runs and runs constantly wanting to drive while Perez is the very definition of a Spanish winger/striker: quick, clever, excellent runner, loves to press, fighter, eye for a goal or pass and will press and battle until the absolute end.

  17. Alexis does not have to play well if he scores twice.

    Ozil on the other hand has not been the difference maker we hoped for most of the last 12 months. IMO.

  18. Agreed, C.

    Something is not right with those two, and not right with the team. We could just as easily have lost that game if the luck had gone the other way.

    Still we have unluckily lost too in the past, and lady such seems to have smiled on us today.

    Anyway, I feel very uneasy with the team and the Boss, at the moment, and my gut feel is that AW should retire this summer, and allow a younger guy to come in and shake up the whole squad.

  19. C,

    I have supported and hoped Theo would fulfil his potential but I have lost faith in him and do want to see him anywhere near the starting eleven same goes for Ox. Perez And Wellbeck have earned a starting spot but don’t think it will happen

  20. Ozil and Sanchez are the highest earners, instead of making excuses for them perhaps they should lead by example. Ozil cannot be bothered and Sanchez is no team player.
    His distribution was terrible today and chooses who not to pass to, he would rather dribble back to the half way line than pass to Theo or Iwobi.
    They sould have been subbed but they seem to have a hold over the club on the contract situation.

  21. Bill,

    Because I thought it was a clear foul in real time, as I said last weekend. I thought it was obvious that Alonzo took a run at it and had to take Bellerin out to get to the ball.
    I would not have been surprised if the lino had signalled for a handball today. He was in line with it and I was surprised that he didn’t call it.
    We got lucky and last week we didn’t. Shows how ridiculous it is that football is still in the dark ages without replays. I doubt many would have argued if the goal had been disallowed by the lino today. Amazed that the officials didn’t see Bellerin getting nailed last week.

  22. HenryB,

    I mean even with Sanchez scoring, lets be honest, he has been rubbish the past couple of matches and I know people say Ozil gets held to a higher standard but if as most Gooners believe Sanchez is our tailsman he gets held to the same standard.

    There needs to be a shake up and its not as if the players we have aren’t quality but there is no fight or want to fight for each other (see Theo incident today and the even more frustrating thing is Le Coq came over not to defend Theo but talk to Theo). A younger manager would come in and demand and I honestly think most of the players would perform up to the standard we know they can. I fear if Arsene signs the supporters will turn.

  23. Buckagh,

    Granted Theo is just back from injury and he grabbed a hat trick upon his return he is one of those players that flourishes playing in an attack where he doesn’t need to do much creating for himself and presently he has too. Perez and Welbeck should start plain and simple.

  24. Bill,

    Rubbish Bill, Ozil was brilliant in the first half of the season scoring, helping to create and the team was flying and even against PSG he was part of why we scored and a large part of why we won the group. I think just like Sanchez, since Everton and Citeh those two and the club as a whole doesn’t have the same pop or drive, out of ideas and needing fresh legs or something. Why players like Elneny, Perez and Welbeck don’t feature more is odd, they might not be of the Sanchez and Ozil quality but the 3 mentioned are the types that push you with their fight and desire on off days.

  25. I know this might sound crazy but Bayern are struggling too and WE all know that sitting back is asking for trouble especially recently, so if Arsene does want to go toe to toe as we have seen him do then I would rather we attack because Hull could have easily scored 2 in the first half on tap-ins, does anybody truly think Lewandowski won’t finish those?

  26. Buckagh,

    Buck agh TW is a curious conundrum. He’s been at Arsenal for nearly 11 seasons.

    He comes across as a sort of likeable person who really would not hurt a fly.

    Has TW merited nigh on 11 years at Arsenal?.

    Personally I think the limitations in his game far out weigh the positives.

  27. Ras,

    The thing is, he dows the one thing that so few in our team can actually do and thats score goals. You look and he is 2nd on the team in goals behind Sanchez and that is with him missing a little more than a month with injury.

  28. Bayern are still winning, and leading their league with by a 7 point margin. …not too much of a crisis!
    I didn’t see the game today (friends round), just a short clip which showed many empty seats, but I gather we had a lot of luck with the first goal (we can’t complain about bad luck this season imho); and Perez isn’t injured for 6 weeks but came on as a sub.
    I would like to see him and Welbeck start with Sanchez vs Bayern but it’ll be Theo with Perez on the bench no doubt. Perez adds a spark that right now, few of the others have. Confidence is clearly low. Ozil has been flat since his flu break.
    Enjoy your Sunday everyone

  29. It could be, Giroud, Welbeck and Sanchez as the front three Wednesday. He won’t put a untried Perez in, too important imo.

  30. Knobby,

    How is Perez untried? More importantly what has Giroud done to make himself so important ahead of Perez?

    20 appearances in Europe 7 goals.
    32 appearances in Europe 13 goals and all coming with Arsenal.

    Perez just adds something to this team that we sorely lack, a spark, a fight that simply put, Giroud doesn’t have unless he is fully up for it.

  31. C,
    How many games has Perez started for Arsenal in the PL or the CL?
    I don’t necessarily agree, but knowing Arsene I doubt he will start him.

  32. Knobby,

    2 starts 3 goals in the CL. The thing is, yes the match is important but its about performance no, only way to gain experience is through playing. When Perez has played goof things always happen.

  33. C

    Perez has hardly played. You may be right about perez but it’s a bit early to make a statement suggesting that he might be the thing we need. We have seen dozens of examples over the years of players who look really good in a couple of games or against weaker opponents but never replicate that when they start regular league games. Throwing him on against Bayern would be no more then a leap of faith.

  34. Knobby,

    Sorry, bit of tunnel vision. I do fancy Arsene will pick Giroud but personally I would go Sanchez/Welbeck/Perez.

    For me, there is no point sucking up pressure simply because we aren’t very good at it.

  35. C
    Workrate is my concern… We always get out run by up to 10kms per game.
    And 8kms of our running is done slowly by Ozil.

  36. Bill,

    Why, he has performed against Barca, Madrid and Athletico in a much weaker squad. Giroud continues to play against Chelsea despite scoring his first goal against them in essentially garbage time, I don’t think, especially for an experienced player is too big. This team is in desperate need of a spark and I think Perez and Welbeck can provide it.

  37. Clattenberg apparently apologised to Hull players after HT for the Sanchez goal.
    Yet FA rules don’t allow him access to his phone or any replays until after the gamr… Mmm

  38. Wavey

    I would argue the hand ball today should have been easier to see then the flying elbow which was blocked from view by the players body

  39. Just heard on BBC interview with Wenger that there were banners at the Emirates. They were calling for Wenger to stay. Just shows the mentality of the home fans nowadays. That they shell out the amount they do to watch performances such as the one against Watford and still want him to stay. They moan all the way through a match, as the commentators pointed out yet again today, but are too scared to call for change. It’s a green light for the owners to nail down a new deal with him. Wait until after the Sutton United game. I’m expecting the deal to be announced following progress to the next round.

  40. Bill,

    As I said earlier, I am amazed the lino didn’t give it at the time. It looked like he was up with play, really surprising that he didn’t seem to see. When you see the view he had, it seems that he couldn’t fail to see the contact with the hand. I don’t think there would have been many complaints if the goal had been disallowed.

  41. Please don’t say, fans that want Wenger to stay are scared of a change..
    We they just want what’s best for Arsenal too.
    Step back .. this is the worse Arsenal team for twelve years yet we are still in equal second place with the best Spurs for 56 years.(and we are still in the CL)
    When the time is right, we will get a change and hopefully we can all unite behind the new manager.
    In the meantime let’s all get behind our players.

  42. C

    Everyone looks brilliant in the first 1/2 of the season. I the case of Alexis and Theo the numbers help to confirm the subjective opinion. The early run of goals scored was a surprise but the numbers which suggest the creativity were not there and now the goals have stopped. Overall Alexis has not looked as good as he was but he is still scoring

  43. C,

    Maybe so. That for me also highlights the current problem with him.

    I have no idea what his goal stats are for the last 10 years. For me he has come to the end of his ‘effectiveness’. As stated before he scores goals, he does however go missing for long periods in games. No? In this absence he very little creative in put. Yes he will make runs etc but if the team cannot find him what use is he?.

    We need someone of the ilk of Mane. He has pace in abundance. He’s a better all round footballer.

    When have you last seen TW create a goal for himself from out of a nothing situation? It’s not in his game C. Welbeck is a better option. I would start him over TW anytime.

    Like AW I think TW and a good few others should be moved on. Nacho The Ox Ramsey Mert Jenks and TW should all be moved on.

    Le Coq would be a squad player no more than that. If we seriously want to move to another level we need a midfield player of the ilk, category of Kante. It was £31 million Chelsea paid for him. Bargain.

    If We could bring a midfielder who has good athletic ability, technical skill, pace, tackle you there have a lac to choose from Santi El Nenny Niles M Xhaka Adelaide ? New Player Iwob Le Coqi.I have included Iwobi as he can do a job in midfield.

    The speed of modern game now dictates that you need to have players who can cover the terrain. The midfield against Southampton although against a weakened team was the template for me of how we should look to develop our midfield.

  44. C
    Exactly I agree, but they should have been tried and tested (perez) by now.
    I was the one who bigged up Welbeck when he was injured, with a bit of love and respect he could be our best player.

  45. Welbeck and Perez are prepared to work for the team to win trophies.
    It seems that Ozil amd Sanchez want to join better players and they can piggyback and win the trophies.

  46. Knobby,

    They are scared of change. I was there last season for every home game and the moaning (and booing) was heard all too often. They want things to improve and they complain about the team having stagnated. Those who have finally had enough have either given up their season tickets all together (like me), or decided to rent them out until Wenger leaves.

  47. Knobby,

    And you are picking up on the same things that Wenger goes on about. We are Arsenal football club supporters not Wenger supporters. I can get behind my team when they play and be critical of them, I don’t have to back the manager though. I have never booed the team, especially not during a game. There are many who turn up at the Emirates now who do boo the team. How is that getting behind them? For what they pay they have a right to complain, but I don’t think it’s right to boo the team during the match.

  48. Wavey I understand what you are saying, but what is the mentality of the fans you talk about?
    Arsenal have had very little change and Spurs, Liverpool (would be 4th place teams) have had loads.
    If changed worked we would be far behind these teams who are prepared to go into debt to achieve what we have over the years.
    Arsene may not in some opinions be able to motivate or organise his team, but he does know how to assemble a a squad for relatively little money.

  49. Knobby,

    Do you really want to have the extended argument that has been going on between AKB and WOB for years now? The one about accepting your position in life? The one about our spending and wages bill being bigger than Spurs’ for some time now, so it’s to be expecting that we do better than them? The one about the money argument working both ways, if we are expected to be behind those who spend more we should routinely be ahead of those who spend less? The one about the move to the Emirates meaning that we could be competing against (rather than just playing against) teams sure how as Bayern?
    Let’s not, eh?

  50. Knobby

    > Arsene may not in some opinions be able to motivate or organise his team, but he does know how to assemble a a squad for relatively little money.

    Which is why he’s the wrong man for Arsenal. We’re in the top ten richest clubs in Europe and we admire a manager who puts a squad together cheaply?

    All that says is the club and supporters have no ambition.

  51. Knobby,

    Change seems to work for Chelsea – new man at the helm and clear at the top. Same for Leicester last season and before that Maureen was in his second season after returning to Chelsea when he won the PL. Prior to that Pellegrini won the league in his first season at City. Seems to suggest that actually change works. So three first season winners, one in his second season and this time around it looks like we will have another first season winner.

    As for assembling a team on little money, over the last five years we have the third highest net spend on players after the two Manchester clubs. More than Chelsea who are on course for a second title in three years. Never let the facts get in the way of perceived wisdom though eh 😉

  52. Knobby,

    How exactly do they financially dope? Chelsea spend less than us in the market and have an income slightly less than us. United have a far higher commercial income, how is that doping? Only City have dubious sponsorships. Leicester? no excuse for last season is there?

    Old arguments that have no basis in fact I’m afraid.

  53. So, Abramovich wrote off a half billion pound loan, we paid half a billion on a new stadium that about a billiion pounds apart… Get real

  54. Knobby,

    Really? Must have missed that, as far as I know Chelsea still owe the money unless you have some evidence that I’m unaware of. Indeed we did build a new stadium, net result an increase in income of at least £30m (increase in match revenues of £50m, repayment and interest costs around £20m, plus increased food and beverage sales etc.).

    So hardly a crushing blow to ‘poor little Arsenal’. Apart from which as I mentioned earlier we’ve outspent them over the last five years. And have a wage bill that’s not far off double that of the Spuds.

  55. # Net Spend last 5 Years Purchased Gross Sold Nett Per Season

    1 Manchester City £565,650,000 £163,100,000 £402,550,000 £80,510,000
    2 Manchester United £528,800,000 £176,650,000 £352,150,000 £70,430,000
    4 Arsenal £298,340,000 £92,450,000 £205,890,000 £41,178,000
    3 Chelsea £507,459,000 £320,650,000 £186,809,000 £37,361,800
    5 Liverpool £365,600,000 £244,080,000 £121,520,000 £24,304,000
    6 West Ham £169,500,000 £51,000,000 £118,500,000 £23,700,000
    7 Sunderland £131,980,000 £51,050,000 £80,930,000 £16,186,000
    8 Crystal Palace £149,535,000 £68,900,000 £80,635,000 £16,127,000
    9 Leicester £129,700,000 £55,050,000 £74,650,000 £14,930,000
    14 Stoke City £98,300,000 £24,000,000 £74,300,000 £14,860,000
    10 Everton £191,300,000 £123,816,000 £67,484,000 £13,496,800
    11 West Bromwich Albion £99,350,000 £42,209,000 £57,141,000 £11,428,200
    15 AFC Bournemouth £76,850,000 £24,780,000 £52,070,000 £10,414,000
    12 Watford £90,700,000 £48,800,000 £41,900,000 £8,380,000
    15 Middlesbrough £59,225,000 £18,675,000 £40,550,000 £8,110,000
    16 Southampton £235,100,000 £195,850,000 £39,250,000 £7,850,000
    17 Burnley £53,200,000 £23,450,000 £29,750,000 £5,950,000
    18 Hull City £92,625,000 £65,900,000 £26,725,000 £5,345,000
    19 Tottenham £315,450,000 £314,450,000 £1,000,000 £200,000
    So financially we should never finish above 3rd or 4th
    Spurs got a deal on Bale and Chelsea stocked players like Lukaku. Also players on 300k a week wages at Chelsea, Man Citeh not so much Man U have not been included in the financial dope.
    Why did we lose Cole, Sagna, Vanpersie, Clichy, Nasri, because they took lower wages to win a pissy trophy ?

  56. Knobby,

    And that’s the most ridiculous argument. We can’t win that way, it’s not the right way. I’d prefer an owner that wants his club to win rather than one who wants to make money from it. Abramovich did nothing wrong, he was allowed to spend his money on the club. In fact, the financial fair play rules that UEFA brought in effectively kept anyone else from doing the same thing and therefore gave City and Chelsea an advantage as they had already spent the money. Talk about shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted. By all accounts, Usmanov has wanted to throw money at the club for years but has been turned down. He owns 30% of the club, but doesn’t have a seat on the Board. Instead its filled with yes men and those who have already taken Stan’s money. We’ve tried it that way and have stagnated. The other teams did it the other way and have win trophies. United and Chelsea have both won the CL and City are determined to win it at some point as well. We bow out in the first knock out round every season. But that doesn’t matter, at least we are in it every season.

  57. Knobby,

    Yup, as I said we’ve spent more. And I’m sure that winning a trophy (I wouldn’t call the PL a pissy trophy otherwise why are we so bothered about winning it?) was a major factor for those that left (mostly a fair few years back now).

    Now Chelsea can pay huge salaries but their overall salary spend is not far of ours (within 10%) How do they do that? You can argue we pay our non-stars too much and our top players too little. Socialist wage structure and all that.

    Money doesn’t always determine finishing position. It didn’t when we won titles at any time since the 30’s when we possibly were the richest club (Graham spent peanuts). Leicester?

    Thanks for the link btw, it seems to confirm that in fact RA did not write off the debt and could call it in at any time, And they’ve still spent less than us over the last five years regardless….

  58. Knobby,

    Conspiracy theories? Seriously?? Easy to claim but far more difficult to prove. Perhaps Hull think that after today’s game referees are conspiring to aid AFC??

  59. Knobby,

    Yes of course, it’s just a big money laundering operation. Pretty sure you have to take some money out at some point to make those work. Just throwing more and more money at a football club until it wins things isn’t an effective way to turn dirty money into clean money.

  60. So now Andy and Wavey disagree lol
    Don’t forget the man on the moon when we had no phone signal and Morris minors for technology.. conspiracy theories.

  61. Just as an aside, Mr DT, who has a vlog covering his trips to games both home and away, has estimated that he has spent £70,000 following Arsenal since we last won the league. As he says, that’s about the same as a week’s salary for Debuchy.
    That’s what fans who follow the club are forking out and it seems reasonable that the manager and players at least attempt to live up to the expectations of those fans.

  62. Well I’m glad I’ve been put right. Quite clearly everything is ok and we should just wait patiently.

    Abramovich is going to ask for his money back any day now and will bankrupt the club to do it.

    City’s owners are playing the really long game on the basis that eventually the franchise will be bigger than anything they have ever earned out of oil wells. The franchise is going to provide the income that they need to maintain their lavish life style once the oil runs out. Not sure the numbers will add up for that one.

  63. Knobby,

    I think you are missing the point a bit, it’s in the last sentence. Obviously he knows what he is paying for, he is asking that the team not let him down by doing their bit.

  64. Take an undervalued asset, invest in it, watch it grow and potentially sell it later at a profit. Sounds like capitalism to me 😉

  65. Please just look it all up on the net..
    Search beyond oil. For the Arabs
    Abramovich dodgy, whatever you want?
    It is bigger than a 90 min game.
    We are just pawns…

  66. 10.16No Abramovich will never ask for his money back… It’s financial doping.. it’s pissing in the wind to him.
    Why bankrupt a club you own???

  67. Hilarious stuff. Arsene the genius struggling to maintain a top four place on our tiny income.

    You fools! The man is a genius.

  68. Knobby,

    So it’s not money laundering then? You see the point of money laundering is to get your dodgy money into the system so that it’s legitimate. Then you can take it out again and no one can question you. As Abramovich has injected £1bn into Chelsea it would seem reasonable to expect him to try to take it out again at some point so that he has his hands on clean money. He wouldn’t give a shit about the club being bankrupt after he got his money out, as he would have achieved his goal of laundering the money (as you suggested). In a money laundering transaction you would lose a bit of the cash you have put in as part of the process, but that would be the “cost” of the transaction. If Abramovich doesn’t take his money out again it’s not much of a money laundering scheme.

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