Like A New Signing, Welbz Gives Us The ‘WÖW’ Factor

A quick start before I sit down with the Press Conference Bingo sheet. Danny Welbeck is ‘Like A New Signing’ but for this to work, Arsène needs to get off to a quick start with a few cliches in nice and early.

It’s that time of the year when the silly season is upon for a brief intrusion into the proper business of football. Speculation is rife and there’s a Cold War between rivals. Speculate to accumulate and the BBC gave you a nice little guide to which media outlet is reporting the transfer window(s) accurately.  A scatter gun approach is not always the best approach, it seems, but while the Arsenal reportage is largely inaccurate, it’s good for manufacturers of blood pressure pills.

For Arsenal, it’s looking more like departures and for the umpteenth transfer window running, Mathieu Debuchy is trying to put himself to the front of the queue to get the hell out of dodge. Or the Emirates to you and I. “I want to leave or I shall scweam and scweam and scweam”, the Frenchman declared as a convoy of Arsenal supporters arrived at Colney to give him a lift to the airport. It’s a great shame how his career worked out; terribly sad in fact since I thought he was a decent replacement when Sagna left for Oil City. Injuries put paid to that and through no fault of his own, his confidence is shattered, creating a dishevelled shadow of the player that he once was.

You Don’t Bring Me Flowers Anymore

Mathieu is upset that his relationship with Arsène has degenerated: “We greet each other, we say hello – nothing more.”

Arsenal rejected a move to “Manchester” and having given his all in pre-season, received “a slap in the face” by not even being in the matchday squad. All very Three Musketeers and King Louie,. Therein is the crux of the problem with the 25-man system and a lack of competitive reserve football. Arsène’s recent observation about the loan system being replaced by a ‘nursery club’ is nothing new – it happened in the 1930s with Margate – but is likely to be as well-received as a chocolate teapot in a heatwave.

Debuchy must cut a forlorn figure on the training pitch when he’s not in the treatment room. That’s half the problem, you have to wonder if Arsène thinks of him as a perma-crock but I doubt that many of the regulars give it a second thought. Perhaps I’m being harsh and they do. Debuchy’s ‘problem’ at Arsenal is not being a versatile centre back, capable of covering at full back. The other way round lends itself to a narrative of ‘square pegs and round holes’ and doesn’t suit Arsène. And to think a few years back, that’s what we had all the time.

He’s not the only right back or even defender reportedly on the way out. Jenkinson is heavily linked with a move to Villa Park on loan, determined to restore his confidence and move on. Arsène is, it seems, determined to use Gabriel or Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain as cover for Hector Bellerin. Risky in the long-term but a calculated gamble.

Like A New Signing

Oh, come on, you knew that was coming. Danny’s back in training and apparently in contention for the Palace game. So is Shkodran Mustafi and I know which one I’d prefer back in the starting line-up. Soz and all that Welbz. Gently does it with both though; there’s a trip to Bournemouth to manage so squad rotation will be the order of the day.

Welbz is set to be cast as ‘super sub’ for a while or at least I hope he is. After two lengthy injuries, a dose of caution in his return wouldn’t go amiss. Not quite wrapping him in cotton wool but not far short in all honesty. His return in fairness does create an intriguing triumvirate in support of Alexis. Walcott on the right, Özil in the middle and Welbeck on the left. Barcelona has their ‘MSN’, Real Madrid ‘BBC’ so we’ll have the ‘WÖW’ factor.

Dear god, I’m leaving it there today.

’til Tomorrow.

62 thoughts on “Like A New Signing, Welbz Gives Us The ‘WÖW’ Factor

  1. Kenny says:

    Welcome back Welbz.
    The boys have to put a decent run together now.
    Hoping that’s not too much to ask.

  2. Mo says:

    Bring jack back and add ballance to the midfield. Also would be two new signing, have a happy new year.

  3. C says:

    Perma-crock……o I won’t even start down that road, unless others do.

  4. YW says:


    Mo already has – bringing jack back…

    Seems Arsene is cross with MD; lies, damned lies and footballer quotes.

  5. Paulie Walnuts says:

    Arsene got an early cliché in ….you’re talking crap was the giste of it.

    Welbz should be brought back VERY slowly. It’s Arsenal after all.

    Even Butch Wilkins is banging on about our soft muscle injuries & how Jack W is stringing a good run of games together now he’s not training with us.

  6. Mo says:

    I really don’t understand, we have other injury prone but I seriously don’t get the loan, maybe there are things we don’t know about

  7. Ras says:

    Good Morning. YW if and its a BIG if ALL the attackers ( Giroud, Alexis, Welbz, TW, Ox Iwobi and Perez ) manage to stay fit until the end of the season. Where does Perez fit it ?

    It is clear that AW does not trust him yet. If he starts 3-5 PL matches this season I be gob smacked.

  8. HenryB says:

    Morning All,

    Three items hit my eye:
    – YW constructing an amusing Post from recirculating the usual AW updates (altho I suppose he cannot say what he might really think – AW I mean. A nice little starter for my meander thru the blog world, keeping well away from the grinches, of course.

    – Hi Ras, “If he starts 3-5 PL matches this season I be gob smacked” – which half had you in mind for the ‘-5’ PL match, his top half or his – ahem – bottom half ? 🙂

    – How’s it hanging, C? 🙂 “Perma-crock……o I won’t even start down that road, unless others do.”
    Go on, C, as YW said someone already has, and you know you will not be able to resist when Bill gets here. Perma-crock – is that a bit like perma-frost – with us all the time? 🙂

  9. C says:


    Well since Mo has opened the can of worms; I wonder if Arsene looks around like that at quite a few in the squad, Mo brought one up and you, Yogi my friend wrote about another yesterday and there are a couple others.

  10. C says:


    Good Morning my friend.

    This is how I see it….

    For all of Debuchy’s complaining and crying, when has he actually been fit to play be it at Arsenal or when Arsene loaned him to France? I mean, Arsene gave him a start and he got injured within 15 mins of the match starting. I know its harsh, but Debuchy shut your mouth until your fit.

    Ox, for all the talk of potential and raw talent; well can he be relied on; history is proving nope! Reports and stories emerged yesterday that he is looking for a pay raise equal to that of Bellerin’s on the back of the whole Liverpool thing, well if that is the case; it made me smack my knee laughing given that one has established himself as one of of the best if not the best RB in the PL and the other is Ox. Sorry, for a player that has so much raw athleticism and potential, he needs to stay fit or can be sold to help keep Ozil and Sanchez.

    Ramsey and Jack, two other players that enjoy getting injured and have shown to be really inconsistent; well heres the thing, neither of them can or should be looked at as vital cogs to the Arsenal because you can’t build around players that are destined to get injured; you would think after RvP, Diaby, hell Jack himself that Arsene would have learned.

    Welbeck, I hope he is brought back really slowly and its strange because at Manure he rarely got injured yet can’t stay out off the training table.

  11. HenryB says:

    Really cannot find anything to disagree with in your 11:36, C, it is good stuff.

    One little item which caused me to stop and mull over, but is really one of empathy with the players concerned who have chronic or persistent injuries, you said, ” Ramsey and Jack, two other players that enjoy getting injured…” (I highlighted the word).

    Quite seriously, C, I can not think of any situation where professional players who may have their careers and or livelihoods threatened by such injuries would ‘enjoy’ having them. No sireee. 🙂

    A more appropriate word [strictly my opinion] would be ‘suffer’. A small but important point to me – but as I said, the rest of the comment was classy. 😀

  12. C says:


    I should have used a different word, I do feel for them and the chronic injuries. The word enjoy was not meant in the literal sense, more tongue and cheek.

    For as much as I discuss both of them, I do, as with most people, wish them good health.

  13. Jonny says:

    Hmmm. Not sure how to read this.

    On the one hand he has something of a point – but only on the supposition that the arrival of Pep plus Mourinho taking over Man Utd would yield immediate results. Surely we should be pleased they have not for, we would be well behind the top 4.

    There have been some very memorable games – most of them involving Liverpool and Chelsea.

    He is right, perhaps, that the standard – when set against Europe’s best – is below par. Still Chelsea of late look as though they could give anyone a game.

    I’m just not remotely clear as to why he thought that would change overnight and what he fails to mention is that it his own team’s failing that is perhaps the most disappointing of all.

    A stupid conversation to even start.
    “Arsene Wenger reckons the Premier League has been “disappointing on all levels” this campaign following a summer of hype.

    The Gunners boss was expecting the level of performance to increase with some of the best managers in the world arriving in England to test themselves.

    However, the Frenchman feels that this season has so far failed to live up to its billing and expects an improvement in the New Year.

    “I assess it in two parts. We finished second in the league last season, it was Leicester’s year 2016 overall and for us it was disappointing not to win the league,” Wenger told a press conference on Friday.

    “After that the second part of the year we have moved our level up but we are in the middle of the championship now.

    “It was a very promising championship with the best managers in the world competing and it promises to be an exceptional year.

    “But until now disappointing on all levels because the Premier League has not produced the games that are remembered but in the second part I expect the level and spectacularity of the games will go up and we have a responsibility to do that.”

  14. HenryB says:

    I know, C, but I had to find something to disagree with – no matter how small. 🙂

  15. Spy says:

    Looks like Debuchy has manufactured his way out of the club, Arsene has called him a liar over interest from Manure. He’s gone

  16. Bill says:

    Great post Yogi

    I am intrigued with the idea of Welbeck playing on the wing. He is not very good finisher or a big time scorer I would like to see but he certainly offers more of a goal threat then Ox, Iwobe, Ramsey who are the “false wingers” we have used all season. However my concern is that Arsene will still want his “false winger” and I suspect that Welbeck will be used instead of Theo rather then with him. A front line of Alexis, Welbeck and Ox/Iwobe is less potent then Alexis, Theo and Ox/Iwobe. Time will tell how Arsene decides to use Welbeck. His return will certainly move Perez further down the depth chart. Perhaps I am wrong but the way Arsene has used him suggests Lukas was end of the window inexpensive punt whose job was to hold the fort and provide some depth and someone to play in cup games until Welbeck returned. Welbeck’s return will certain push Lukas further down the depth chart.

  17. C says:


    Haha glad to see as much as things could change in 2017, I can always count on you! 😉

  18. Bill says:

    With regard to Jack W, I agree with C. He is a player who has eye catching skills but just like Diaby you can’t afford to put him in a high leverage squad spot or count on him to be an impact player because the chance of losing him to injury is almost 100%. Even Diaby and RVP had a couple of seasons where they were able to stay healthy enough to play a lot of games but you always knew that the next injury was going to come at some point but you did not know when. Whatever positive influence you could get from Jack would be an unexpected bonus but certainly not something you could go into a season counting on.

    I also agree with C and even when healthy, I think Jack’s ability to have a positive influence on any sort of consistent basis is over rated. I have not watched him play very much with Bournemouth but in theory he should be head and shoulders more talented then the rest of their midfielders. He has played 16 games and has 0 goals and a grand total of 1 assist. I realize that stats don’t tell the whole story but you would expect him to be their best technical player and help control the tempo of the game have the ball at his feet more then anyone else on the team and “boss the midfield”. Bournemouth has scored 23 goals and you would think he would have more assists just by accident. Even in his breakout season in 10/11 Jack played in 35 league games and actually lead the team in minutes but only had 1 goal and 3 assists in the 35 league games. Even with Fabregas in the team Jack had the ball at his feet a lot in the attacking end and how can you have that many minutes and not have more assists? My own belief is that Jack is a lot like Diaby. The things he does can be eye catching but eye catching is much different then influential. As a comparison in his last full season in 14/15 Cazorla played behind Ozil in a similar role to the one we would expect Jack to play and Santi lead the team in assists with 11 in the league games. Santi is eye catching but also effective and I think Jack struggles to be consistent with the latter.

  19. C says:


    See, Bill agreeing with me more heading into 2017, must have been one of the things he wanted to work on moving forward! 😉

  20. C says:

    With Elneny set to be off for the ACN, I would imagine that he will get the start against Palace before missing the next 4. Should Ramsey get injured (which unfortunately is the reality of Ramsey), I would be interested to see who would be pivot #3. Would Arsene slot Iwobi there for the FA Cup or would he use Bielik or Adelaide.

  21. C says:

    It seems that Hull is making a big push for Jenks. According to their Phelan (apart of the Hull set up), they have made several early attempts to secure a deal be it loan or permanent. Jenks clearly doesn’t have a future at Arsenal so long as Bellerin is here so he will want out and Hull might not be a bad landing spot for him; surely its better than Villa. Hull will be without Elmuhommady (sp?) due to the ACN but also they seem to like playing him a bit higher up the pitch; so Jenks could fit there.

  22. Orson Kaert says:

    Good day to you all, it’s a very strange world where overnight such dramatic changes can take place for no apparent reason.

    Obama expels fifty odd Russian diplomats and Putin doesn’t retaliate.

    Syrian ceasefire lasts for longer than it takes the ink to dry on the treaty.

    Bill and C agreeing with each other.

    What is the World coming to?

    Back to football.

    1) Debuchy, let him go anywhere he likes, the sooner the better.

    2) Welbeck, he’s bound to pick up a few niggles now he’s back in training. He won’t start a game before the middle of April, he won’t play a full ninety minutes this season.

    3) Wilshere, leave him at Bournemouth, you never know they may make a decent offer for him. There are better midfielders around who don’t carry his sort of injury baggage.

    4) Oxlade-Chamberlain, he’s only ever going to be a bit part player at Arsenal let him go, but not to a top six Premiership side.

    5) Lucas Perez, give him a game for f***s sake, let’s see what he can do.

    Having watched a few of Wenger’s press conferences, I’m only glad that it’s not part of my job to attend them and listen to the inconsequential bull-shit on offer.

  23. C says:

    I see Bob Bradley is taking some little digs at the Swansea upper management after sacking him in 85 days. Ummmm, excuse me Bob, but in your short spell as Swansea manager, your squad had 29 goals scored on them in something like 10 matches including a 3-1 loss to West Brom followed by a 3-0 loss to Middlesbrough and a 4-1 loss to West Ham. Now I only know a little bit about futbol but I’m pretty sure that is fucking GOD awful especially since I watched those matches (mainly because I think Sigurdsson is the best dead ball taker in the PL and really enjoy watching his all around game) and your side was literally never in the match outside the fact that they showed up and you looked like a manager who had not an idea in the world on how to actually manage.

  24. C says:

    Orson Kaert,

    Perez is the biggest headscratcher this season, when played he has produced but then Arsene stops playing him. Its like he doesn’t want to play him for fear of Ox falling further down the depth chart. Perez came in against West Brom and created from the wing 2 clear goal scoring chances: one Giroud wasn’t quick enough to easily tap in an the other was Bellerin’s header that just went over the top.

  25. HenryB says:


    See, Bill agreeing with me more heading into 2017, must have been one of the things he wanted to work on moving forward! ?

    Of course it might just mean that now both of you are wrong. 😀

  26. Bill says:

    Henry @ 2:52

    Good one. 🙂

    I have found that when 2 views are on opposite ends of a spectrum, the truth is most often somewhere in between. For example, Elneny is not as good as C thinks but probably slightly more effective then I give him credit for. On most subjects, it is my opinion that the real answer is usually closer to my side of the fence. However, I must admit that my opinion is probably strongly influenced by bias confirmation.

  27. HenryB says:

    C @ 2:46

    Oddly enough Bradley was sacked by the American owners of the Swans – after they had let Williams their best CB go, without replacing him, and they also let Ayew their best goalscoring forward go to WHam, again without a quality replacement – maybe they should have sacked themselves?!

    I think such a hasty decision showed lack of knowledge of the game — and maybe they should not have appointed Bradley if he was bad enough to go after 85 days, and appointed Giggs instead?

    Bradley is upset, but he has very good reasons for feeling so.

    Now they appear to be doing the same thing by not appointing the Welshman, and Wales team manager, Chris Coleman, and instead going for the Derby manager, an Englishman (?).

    Before they get their asses into gear they will be relegated – and deservedly so. There is a case for ownership of national league teams to remain in the hands of the locals, and not foreigners.
    China will own all the top European clubs sooner or later – so maybe this is their long play to wait until they are made an offer – who knows – and really as Arsenal supporters – who cares?

  28. HenryB says:

    Bill @ 3:04

    I usually give deep consideration to arguments put forward – and then decide on the best one and put it forward as my own and claim credit!!
    The trouble is that choosing your views or C’s I am onto a hiding to nothing, as now I have proved you are both wrong. 😀

    Give it a while, and I will deny any such comment as the above was made by me – and refer anyone, such as the ‘Orse, questioning it to go search Bill’s archives for proof, and luckily we both know he can get stuck in these non-existent archives for ever! 😀

  29. Jonny says:

    Just reading that Gervinho presently gets a £130,000 goal bonus and £50,000 appearance fee on top of basic £165,000-a-week wages in China.

    I wonder if that kind of bonus would have made his scoring ability with us worse or better? 😉

  30. C says:


    I actually agree with most of that but I do think that between Baston and Llorente they have enough firepower to have replaced Ayew, with that said, Bradley decided that both were better coming off the bench and instead using Siggurdson as a #9 but want to play on the counter. Baston is a good to really good young but talented striker who many in La Liga thought would go on to score loads for Athletico given the previous 2 seasons while out on loan he scored 22 and 18 in La Liga (he is an Athletico youth product).

    I do think that Bradley isn’t that great of a manager and if you look at his CV, it shows as much. Swansea should have just hired Giggs or even Coleman now; but in typical American ownership fashion, they will not do the obvious and think they can re-create the wheel.

    As an Arsenal supporter, I don’t really care but as a futbol supporter, I think its rather interesting and made me wonder about if Swansea are willing to, then why not……..nevermind, back to discussing the injured and Palace coming up.

  31. Paul says:

    Think Bogie should go for the one on his left.

  32. Bill says:


    Perez was brought in to sit below Walcott, Iwobe, Ox and Ramsey on the depth chart at wide forward and below Alexis and Giroud at CF. We started the season in good form and there was no reason to alter the pecking order. The assumption is always going to be that the player higher on the depth chart is more likely to be influential then someone lower on the pecking order.

    We all have players we are curious about and would like to see and we often talk about wanting specific players to get chances. However, to maintain a title challenge, the first 11 needs to get a vast majority of the high leverage minutes and next in line is the next highest player on the pecking order. Like it or not, there are not that many left over minutes to give someone like Perez. No manager is going to use the lower players on his depth chart unless injuries other circumstances force him to do that.

    I hope that makes sense.

  33. HenryB says:


    Just to clarify – I did not mean I did not care about your comment – which is why I responded, but I do not really care about Swansea or their owners.
    In past seasons the Swans took too many points of us, so I am all out of sympathy for them! 😀

    As to going back to discuss injuries and the Palace game – Neh – not so much. The injuries bore me now and so do Palace and Fat Sam.

    Let’s talk about n**** w**** instead – that does not bore me at all. 😀

  34. HenryB says:


    I have also heard rumours that Arsenal are in the market for someone to improve our wing work, and that the one to go will be Theo.

    Well when I say ‘heard rumours’ what I should, perhaps, have said is that I have worked hard to spread the rumours – and I listen to myself very carefully, and now I am convinced it is really true! 😀

  35. C says:


    It does make sense but I’m not convinced that Perez was bought to solely sit behind those others. Maybe he wasn’t brought into the team straight away like Mustafi but he was performed when called up including his lone start at CF in the PL. I would think that part of the problem is that he picked up an early injury that saw him out for some time.

    I get what you are saying, but the vast majority of the mins goes to your starting 11 when they are nailed on starters and its clear to see. Iwobi, Ox, Giroud and Ramsey are anything but that and because of that I do think that Perez should get a shot.

  36. C says:


    I am all for that conversation!

    I can understand, truthfully, I think that Sigurdsson is a good player and I enjoy watching him but also think that Borja Baston is an interesting player given how highly rated he was at Athletico and by Simeone.

  37. C says:


    Well since you seem to be in the know, please give me some warning about when the transfer will happen so I can brace myself! 😉

  38. Bill says:

    Perez has played in all of the cup games when he was healthy and started a CL game and has been a sub in a recent PL game. That is quite a few minutes for someone who started low on the depth chart.

    If we had started the season with Iwobe on the midfield depth chart where he should have been then Perez probably would have gotten quite a few high leverage minutes by now. Iwobe started as the number 1 and looked good for the first month and he got the vast majority of minutes so far. However, in the last couple months Iwobe has been in the process of played himself down the pecking order but that takes time.

  39. C says:

    German papers are saying that Gnabry has a £6.8 million, I think we should at least be tempted and send Ox out on loan.

  40. Orson Kaert says:

    Swansea’s American owners went for Bob Bradley either as an experiment or in total ignorance of the complexity of managing in the English Premiership.. They pretty quickly realised their mistake and worked out that the thing to do was get rid of Bob. They now need to get someone to stabilise the team, bring a bit of footballing nous to the party and sign a couple of players, Terry and Lampard, to act as a short term steadying influence.

    The man to do it is ready, waiting and available not far away. Old ‘Arry is sitting in his living room in Sandbanks. Give him a few brown envelopes and a wad of readies and he’ll soon have the club up and running. Half a season will be more than enough and they will have time to sort out a permanent manager for the start of the new season.

    How anyone can believe that Giggs could step in and save them from relegation is totally beyond my ken. He had what four games in charge of Man U? Then spent most of a season sitting like a stuffed dummy next to van Gaal in the dugout.

    C’mon you know it makes sense!

  41. kelsey says:


    Wenger is a disciplarian and doesn’t like Jack’s off field behaviour which has caught the headlines more than once. The fact that Wenger went to meet Jack’s parents and was told in no uncertain terms to eff off doesn’t help things.

    That Jack has glass ankles and countless injuries in that area yet appears to be injury free at Bournemouth is a mystery.

    IMO we won’t see him in an Arsenal shirt again.

  42. HenryB says:


    I need to let you know that I only make things up, but Kelsey is someone in the know – and he is usually right – tho his hair does blow in his eyes sometimes!

    But don’t start him on predictions! 😀

  43. Paul says:

    kelsey are you Jack’s dad? If not, how do you know about that conversation?

  44. Bill says:


    We hear about buy back clauses all the time but I thought most of the time those turn out to be sell on clauses where we would get part of the cash if Gnabry was sold again. May be its happened a lot and I just don’t know it but has there been a documented case where a team activated a buy back clause?

  45. C says:


    I don’t think we will see Jack in an Arsenal shirt again either.

  46. kelsey says:


    Jack’s Dad I am not. Ask Henry he knows I am known as Crystals. One of the lads in our youth team told my son ages ago.No point to make such a thing up if you think about it.

  47. C says:


    Its not a buy back clause mate, its a run of the meal for any club that wants to release clause. Bayern is said to be interested too.

  48. C says:

    Speaking of Gnabry, could you imagine if he went and fulfilled his talent and we were left waiting for Ox and I guess Ramsey and Iwobi to come good.

    One even bettwr, Bayern signed him and he scored the tie defining goal that sent them through and Arsenal crashing out again.

    That was my best “Orson”, how’d I do?

  49. Bill says:


    Makes sense about a release clause. I think buy back clauses are mythical beasts.

    C @ 5:02

    You make a point for me that I have arguing for years. Cesc and Bellerin are exceptions but the vast majority of times that we have given a U21 player a high leverage squad spot it does not work out over the longer term. Ox, Wojo, Gibbs, Wilshere, Ramsey, Denilson, Bendtner, Sanogo, Chambers Jenks, perhaps Iwobe etc etc etc. There are literally hundreds of other U21’s that a lot of fans have hyped as the next great thing and its impossible to give even 1/10th of those players the chances every one hopes they can get. It points out the unpredictability and how much of a crap shoot trying to predict the career path of U21 players. In each case we could have bought a better player or given that squad spot to someone else who might have helped the team win more games.

  50. Orson Kaert says:


    We don’t know on what terms Wenger was appointed as manager twenty years ago. Was he made aware that he wouldn’t be able to buy the big name players he wanted? Or was it always hisaim to bring on “prospects”.

    Either way his youth project took off to a certain extent and his judicious (in many cases) capture of some very good players kept us afloat through much of the period spent repaying the Emirates building loan.

    We all know that he had to let some of his best players go because of the financial situation. Unfortunately it seems that with very few exceptions his forays into the transfer market have been less than spectacular successes.

    Even now with the club’slub awash with TV money he still finds it difficult to pick and get those good players who could make a noticeable improvement to our squad.

    Instead he is trying to strengthen by using the academy players. Unfortunately that idea isn’t working too well either, as most of them quickly move on or out.

    This lacklustre approach to recruitment is another reason why the club should be looking to replace him before the summer transfer window opens.

  51. Wavey says:


    Therein lies the problem, we brought in a player who can fit in a couple of roles to provide back up when we should have brought in a player to push Giroud further down the pecking order. Sanchez has proved that he can play in the striker role, provided he has players around him rather than being isolated with his back to goal. It just seemed to be another of Wenger’s experiments though, whilst the signing of Perez appeared to be Wenger getting in another of those players who is adaptable and can do a job. In Alexis we have now created a player indispensable to the team and will have to stump the cash, or go back to struggling with the cast of understudies we have as back up. Regarding the rumours about Reus, we shouldn’t buy him as a replacement for Alexis, we should buy him full stop.

  52. Wavey says:


    If true it would put paid to any sell-on arrangement we might have as well. It seems really strange to offer a player a new contract, but make no arrangements to get any further fee if he proves to be a success and subsequently moves on for big money. If Werder are willing to let him go for such as small pay out, more fool them.

  53. Wavey says:


    Real Madrid seem to be the only big team really using the buy back clause. As well as Morata, they have triggered it for Negredo, Granero and Carvajal.

  54. YW says:


    This morning’s post has been beaten by life so will be the afternoon post at about 1pm.

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