Who’s Next In Champions League & Money For Nothing

At this hour of the day, it’s unsurprising that I can’t remember the name of the current UEFA president. I struggle at other times to recall it which ordinarily is no bad thing. In football terms, it’s quite a good trait, being anonymous, especially after the wrong ‘uns whose tenures saw unparalleled greed and corruption. Some of the tales even had Robert Mugabe blanching, before he berated and battered a hapless aide for not thinking up some of these scams first.

Anyway, I’d planned to serenade Aleksander Čeferin – yes, I did look it up – about the Champions League and plead mercy for the next round but it probably wouldn’t do any good. It would do more harm than good, ultimately. I mean, he’s going to think, “JFK gets Marilyn Monroe, I get an Arsenal blogger; not such a good deal and frankly I have as much power over people’s lives as the US president”.  So I’ll keep quiet and wait for the inevitable Pretty Good Side v Arsenal in the Champions League Round of Sixteen.

It’s going to be interesting this year with the second leg at home. We’ve always been undone by our failings first time around so how we approach the tie will be interesting. Benfica would be good; we could really scare them and play Yaya Sanogo although it would probably scare us more.

But Aleksander would be right of course but it’s better than his FIFA counterpart, dear old Gianni Infantino, deserves.

He looks like the sort of bloke who enjoys X Factor and serenaded by Cliff Richard; or worse still, Phil Collins. Of course, Gio would criticise the X Factor format for not giving enough time to performers from obscure nations. He’d have sixteen categories with just three contestants in each. Make it easier for the less talented to progress. He’d probably come up with some crap bonus points scheme. Instead of the proposed penalty shootouts at the end of each game – seriously: we know you’ve just been humiliated with that 1 – 7 defeat Brasil but let’s go, you could get a bonus point here!

I suppose the X Factor would be about who gets close to holding a particular high note. Louis Walsh’s response – you took that falsetto and made it your own – would be decisive in awarding the bonus point in this instance.

Actually that would probably improve the X Factor but 48 teams in the World Cup? That’s a recipe for disaster.

The Arsenal Bits Not About The Champions League

Elsewhere, Santi gave a thumbs up to the Paps after his operation and the little grinning cheeky chappy said it went well. See, look at the photo and tell me that the world isn’t a better place with a Santi smile. Forget the scammers, the con artists and scumbags – usually the same person thinking about it – for just a moment and savour the smile which launched a thousand toothpaste sales.

Mesut and Alexis continue to vex. Özil was close to signing his deal but because it didn’t happen inside an hour of Arsène’s comment, he’s off. Well, he’s cosying up to his idol, Zinedine Zidane, as if that’s ever going to happen. Does anyone seriously think Real Madrid will win their appeal in the CAS? They won’t be signing anyone next summer. Or next winter and frankly, the £100m would be smashed if they wanted him next month.

Alexis is a different kettle of fish. He’s doing a Theo, considering all offers whilst producing his best Arsenal form. Perfect negotiating skills, I’d say. £400k per week offers have flooded in from China which apparently means we’ll have to spend £156m on wages over the course of any new deal. Me either.

There’s a lot of posturing and supposition at times like this. Alexis and Mesut, both in fantastic form; if ever we had two players who deserve mega salaries, it’s those two. Some complain about the money floating around but it isn’t anything new. Salary levels are but in the last two decades, wages have reached a point where there’s no point in worrying about it any longer. They are utterly divorced from reality.

Sorry, what’s that Ivan? Busking? I’ll give it ago. What message on the board? “Two sad dogs to make happy?” Consider it done.

’til Tomorrow.

65 thoughts on “Who’s Next In Champions League & Money For Nothing

  1. C says:

    I know the wages being throwm out are unthinkable to those who don’t play sports BUT wasn’t the whole purpose of the move to the Emirates so that when we finally do have players like Ozil and Sanchez, we can pay them?

  2. Orson Kaert says:

    I don’t know how true it is but “sources close to Ozil” are suggesting he wants £384,000 per week. That’s £20 million a year!

    My immediate reaction on hearing such ludicrous demands is put him in the shop window with a £100 million price tag and await the flood of offers.

    The same applies to Sanchez (I’ve stopped calling him by is first name, until he signs for a more reasonable wage).

    Neither player will be easy to replace and any decent replacement will not be cheap, but to pay such obscene amounts for the transient skills of an already absurdly wealthy footballer is beyond belief.

  3. Wailesy says:

    Nice write up Yogi.

    Why would Sanchez go to China? He’s at the peak of his powers and could go to any league in Europe. I’d say Sanchez has a good head on him so it will be up to AW to take him for a little stroll around the Emirates and introduce him to a couple of statues and persuade him that he too could have pigeons not puppies perching on his bonce. That together with top goal scorer record, provided of course that Sanogo doesn’t find his scoring boots!

  4. Orson Kaert says:


    That was always a non starter, an extra 20,000 bums on seats at home games was never going to put us on a par with clubs floating on middle eastern oil reserves or the ill gotten gains of Russian Oligarchs.

    The only way would ever compete is if Silent Stan opened up the vaults and dished out the dosh.

  5. Orson Kaert says:


    There aren’t that many clubs in Europe that could sustain the required level of spending to satisfy the wage demands of the really top players. If it’s only money Sanchez is after, China is probably the place to go.

  6. Orson Kaert says:

    Thanks for the post Yogi well worth reading, as ever.

  7. silvergunner says:


    Morning YW.
    I guarantee we get Bayern.
    c on Sanchez and ozil I completely agree if we are certain about becoming a top European club we must keep these type of players.

  8. C says:

    Orson Kaert,

    Tend to disagree, think the coin is there to spend, now time to spend it. Its noy just the extra seats, add in sponsorship deals and what not and there is plenty of coin to pass around.

    Personally, I’d rather them re-sign Ozil and Sanchez before the likes of Jack and Santi’s contracts are even discussed.

  9. Wailesy says:

    Orson Kaert,

    Hi Orson,
    I don’t think it’s only money he wants. He wants to win titles, CL’s, Copa’s and world cups. I kind of agree with Wenger on this though I’m definitely naive. Both Ozil and Sanchez will sign or neither will. I wouldn’t pay Ozil £384 a wk but if I was AW, I would pay Ozil £250 and Sanchez £280 and say to them I’ll go in and get a world class RW a RB and a creative CM in January.
    And no don’t worry Jack ain’t coming back. ?

  10. YW says:

    C – yes but I’m sure that the current board would weasel their way out of it by claiming they never said that; it was their predecessors.

  11. C says:


    Yea they would try but then they would give Arsene a shinny new deal for at this point would be what, 10m a year. How about they take those wages and any they were going to give Jack and Santi; give it to Ozil and Sanchez and then figure out the rest later.

  12. C says:

    Orson Kaert,

    I tend to disagree, I think there is coin out there to be spent, maybe they don’t want to spend it; but its there.

  13. Michael says:

    Its all very well to talk about the amounts of money these 2 guys want, however apart from China there aren’t that many clubs outside the UK that could afford it or would want to afford it.
    Alexis is in a class of his own at the moment, and is very hard to replace, perhaps a “sensible” salary and performance bonuses to match what he is looking for is a direction the club may well be forced to look at.

  14. Arsetralian says:

    What do they pay Ibra at Man U?

    Presumably that is the latest in wage hikes in the EPL

    We should match that

  15. Wailesy says:


    Hi C
    We desperately need cover for Bellerin. Gabriel is doing a job at the moment but he does not have the quality to challenge Bellerin in that position.

  16. -DFS says:

    None of us know what Ozil and Sanchez are asking for with their contract extensions, but if the figures are in the ball park, they are obscene.

    However, it does need pointing out the viewership of some key sports has markedly dipped in recent times – the EPL and the NFL Stateside (to an alarming degree).

    Some pose it is due in part to political events – not simply on the events themselves but the fact wealth disparity is being underlined so emphatically. Watching multi-millionaires play ball games has perhaps lost some luster in the present climate.

    Regardless, the parties representing both Ozil and Sanchez should be aware enough to bear this in mind but if they aren’t (players included) screw them. At some point, some entity needs to take a stand.

    Their agents might think they have us over a barrel, but as Michael has pointed out, it is a very limited market which would be willing or able to pay such (purported) salaries.

  17. C says:


    That makes sense, but while both Gabriel and Mustafi can play there; the need for other spots might top the priority list.

  18. Highbury says:

    I am pretty confident that the club will offer Ozil and Sanchez pretty close to what they want monetarily. After which, they need to work their butts off to deliver trophies to the club.

  19. C says:

    Arsene saying we can beat Madrid,means UEFA will give us Madrid.

  20. philmar says:

    wasn’t the whole purpose of the move to the Emirates so that when we finally do have players like Ozil and Sanchez, we can pay them?

    That was the rational used to sell the move to those who cherished the atmosphere and history of Highbury. But the move was done to increase the shareholders’ profits and/or share price.
    Ultimately it will come down to whether Stan and the board want to give up that much of ‘their’ money or whether they feel they can earn as much profit by replacing them with lesser salaried players. Rather than spending 600,000+ pounds/week on these 2 players they may decide it better to improve other positions on the team and spending 400,000 on 4 other players, even if it means we are projecting to finish 4th rather than 2nd.

  21. Aaron says:

    If Sanchez and Ozil take the money like most pro futballer’s and the go to China then they are truly insane. Win titles against who? $h*te quality of life, crappy air and cut off from a normal life of family and friends.
    If the want to money and play hardball- let them go, but not to any EPL team nor Spain unless it is crazy money. Pogba $100mill type foolery.

  22. C says:


    I can understand that but I think that if you look at everything as a whole including the sponsorship deals, the players coming off the books that will free up money, I would rather invest that money into Ozil and Sanchez to really have a go at a title or trophies for that matter instead of being stuck where we are. Imagine if you were to take Ozil and Sanchez off this team, we would essential be battling for 5th or 6th when you think about all the other clubs that have progressed.

  23. HenryB says:


    I hope you noticed my apology to you last night — humour is a tricky business and can easily go wrong, but I find it irresistible – just ask C. 🙂

    Anyway, I have to say that I genuinely do not share all your views about the motives of the shareholders, or at least the only one that matters, Kroenke, of course.

    He like many other owners is clearly a business ‘investor’ and will not have bought our club for any love of the game, the club or us fans. So far we are probably in agreement.

    But as regards making profits, again he runs with the model of self funding – self sustaining, and would find any loss making unacceptable – but making profits, and a glance at the annual accounts shows the club gets very close to break even every year, but even if some do not agree with that, if Arsenal were to make substantial profits then the cash that represents would normally be taken out via dividends, and there have not been any divis paid out since he bought the club.

    Where he will make his money, in the long term, will be when he sells the club for far more than he bought it – so we will again probably agree on that.

    I have made a conscious effort not to mention the figures in the annual accounts in the above comment, as to do so would make some respected bloggers on here feel as if they have been rubbed all over with poison ivy. 🙂

  24. HenryB says:

    Hi C,

    I really, really do not give a stuff about the financial well being of the shareholders, other than expecting them to ensure the clubs financial security for the foreseeable future.

    So, one part of me wants the club to spend whatever it takes to get the best players and to do so that means offering them the market rate for their salaries, at the time of transfer and during contract extension negotiations.

    But another part of me rebels at the sheer greed of the players and their agents – and however good they think they are I would if it was my choice, as a fan, tell them to take a hike.
    If I was an owner, Chief Exec, or coach I would be inclined to pay them – its a business decision – and cut back elsewhere as necessary to keep within budget.

    These pay negotiations are a form of blackmail, as the players know full well that the club are aware of the fans reactions if they did not pay up, or if they let them go without replacing them with equally good players.

    I think Arsenal will bite the bullet and meet their demands – given the difficult economic situation for many of us, and knowing it is going to get worse, I would tell them to f*ck off, as I implied above.

  25. C says:


    Hey mate,

    It really is just one of those things in life that fucking suck to be honest. As a fan and as somebody who follows most sports, these figures for salaries are EVERYWHERE. I mean in MLB plays are getting contracts for 200+m for 8-10 years; I mean the figures are absolutely unreal especially when you look at real life salaries.

    The one thing that I can never knock them or their agents for is asking for more money, hell I do it when given the chance , but I think when it comes to sports; its different because we can’t relate to those figures. The thing that bugs me most about Arsenal and even Arsene, is that the same people that don’t want to pay their players continue to give Arsene a pay raise; speaking out of both sides of your mouth. Its a situation that is just part of futboling reality; want top players have to pay them like top players or somebody will.

    The other point I think should be brought up is that its not as if everybody in the team is making that money; fine pay Sanchez and Ozil that money because quite frankly, their top players and that’s the market rate; but when it comes to others, I have no problem if Arsenal and Arsene short them, the likes of Jack, Theo, Ox, Giroud, Ramsey, hell even Le Coq; those are good players but could all of them not be replaced by signing players like Kondogbia, Dembele (either Dortmund or Celtic), Pulisic, plus with the likes of Iwobi and Adelaide coming through.

    I say give them the money if they earned it. A few years back, I decided I can’t view futboling figures or any sports figures for that matter the same way that I view normal life.

  26. Adeöye says:

    I have never for once seen Jenkinson as an Arsenal player. His performances have never been convincing. There is a need for a dependable RB as a back up for Hector.

    Nice thoughts, Yogi…

  27. HenryB says:

    Again a very good comment, C.

    The nub of it is exactly as you say, it is difficult to get to grips with the sums involved in player salaries/sports salaries. And as you point out it affects all sports and clubs throughout the world – but it does not make it right.

    What I can do, is realise that I, like many other people, struggle to have a reasonable lifestyle on my own salary, and watching players demand more in a week than I will earn in 10 years pisses me off – and that will never change.

  28. Kuria Baba Dan says:

    Besiktas wld be good…….it wld probably scare us more…..i like tht. Well wriiten post.

  29. Raj says:

    Orson Kaert,

    Finally Someone who relaises the problem we have been facing when the emerates was Built. At the the time we were looking at every year having an exra 20-40 million to Buy Players. BUt we know that will not buy the players as other Teams and players are demanding £50 + £10 million per year for each year of contract.
    Sponsorship and Crowd capacity would have put us on par with the Best teams in Europe, but who would know that Russiam Olarch’s and Middle Eastern Oil would pouring Money to our rivals. We need the Capacity to get the Money In like Manchester United, then we can give players wages like £20 million a Year. In which case we would get the Best players not the Spanish Clubs. PS we do have a problems getting the best players due to British passport regulations. Now the Chinese are willing to pay £50 million a year to get players to China. I wonder what the taxation rates are and regulation on earnings in China. Where could you spend the money?

  30. C says:


    Completely agree with you on all points and struggles, problem is; just when we all think the bubble will burst, it carries on bigger and bigger. Pissed off we all are; but we all continue to watch.

  31. Steve Palmer1 says:

    Evening all,
    Were still talking money, two players holding us to ransom and if we want to keep them we must pay. Many supporters reckon we should pay them straight away, and some are not sure, i on the other hand feel that by paying Sanchez and Ozil £200 or £250 thousand a week is suicidal for the club. Sanchez and Ozil cannot win leagues on their own, they need a good defence and good players all round. If i was one opf the other players i would be looking at this case very closely as if they can demand that kind of money why can’t i and the others.

    We have what many say is the best right back in the country, i dont think so but what do i know, but the position needs to be filled. Koshielney has saved our arses so many times it doesnt bare thinking about. Mustafi you are all having orgasms over, Xhaka another that has made a big difference and then the one player who has changed the face of football at Arsenal Coquelin remember what we were like before he came back and here he is still doing the business heart of gold and tackles like a ferocious beast i love the feller.

    Yes of course we have the two in question finishing off some exquisite moves, but we have guyds doing the business all over the park, are they not worth the money these two are asking for.

    Makes me laugh at times, how people see how Arsenal should spend their money. I look at it like i look at a motor car just for instance lets say a Rolls Royce brand new and shiny dont know how much they are but they will be dear, and a little fault appears and it doesnt start up probably a sensor or something cheap, the car does not move so its a piece of shit not going so whats the point of owning it, all that shiny bodywork luxurious upholstery sitting there looking great but doing nothing.

    Now that is the same as having an Ozil and Sanchez on the park all looking good but going nowhere without the other parts. Now of course all those parts are different prices but the motor dont go without them.

    If you couldnt get the part no mater where you went and a guy says i have that part what usually cost a few bob but he says he wants a grand would you pay the money, depends if you want to drive the Rolls doesnt it.

    I believe it all started with Walcott he held us to ransom, i said sell him he’s shit others said we need him and we caved in and paid him and that was the moment others would remember. Walcott now is not worth two bob but we still pay him nearly as much as our most expensive player.

    From what i read Sanchez wants to be the highest paid Arsenal player, i would assume he is now, so he must want a big margin just to let everybody know just how good he is. While he is scoring i would be inclined to give him a rise but surly if he gets one the others who have all helped deserve one as well.

    I personally would hold them to their contracts until the last minute then offer them a rise and if they decide not to take up the offer put them on the list and get as much as we can we can buy a part anywhere to get the car running and thats what i would do, after all they signed the contract and was happy with it and we have allowed then to get better while paying them fortunes.

  32. Steve Palmer1 says:

    I worked for a big company and we had a wage structure with three grades skilled semi skilled and unskilled all those classed as skilled got the same money and so on if you wanted more you worked to up a grade and we all got on quite happy with that structure.

    The company allowed everybody to try and improve themselves so everybody had to graft. If you had the skills they would promote you if you didn’t then you had to deal with it. We had harmony on the site everyone knew their place, but of course many felt we were worth more usually the shop stewards.

  33. Colts says:

    So let’s say we don’t pay them.

    We go back to bein an elite joke that has no chance of anything major unless we can find like for like. And who exactly are at the level of those two who will come after seeing those two leave? No thanks.

    Doesn’t matter what they want, pay it and let it be known not only do we pay top doller for top talent but also if you want top doller then this is the level of product that is needed.

    I mean, we are serious about stepping up aren’t we?

  34. Dukey says:

    I agree with horse and kart.

    Sell the greedy bastards if they are holding us to ransome. They are only playing like Greek gods now as it’s that contract renewal time and they will most likely revert to past form after attaining the big bucks contract they are after.

  35. Steve Palmer1 says:

    Colts, we all have our own opinions and of course yours is as good as any, I take it that if you have workmen in you pay them the full price and not get other quotes. i like a man who knows he has the best deal right from the start.

  36. Steve Palmer1 says:

    I must say that paying them is still no Guarantee of winning anything, and not paying them, we still got second last season. Just Saying.

  37. C says:


    They played like this before but got injured in Sanchez’s case or didn’t have a striker who could finish in Ozil’s case. Lets also not forget that since their arrival we have lifted trophies. Say what you want but take them off this side and we are scarping for 4th at best.

  38. C says:

    Again, for all the talk about Ozil and Sanchez, lets not forget that Arsene keeps getting pay raises for getting us 4th.

  39. Foetry says:

    HI guys. Inspired post from YW as usual. I am hoping we would get Santi back by early/mid Feb even though I found the contribution from Xhaka quite remarkable so far.

    I think whoever we get drawn against in February, baring Real we stand a good chance (on paper) to reach the quater finals, fingers crossed no injuries to key personnel.

    On the subject of contract renewal, I am not with those who think our top 2 assets are on top form cause they are eying potential new deals, Ozil was great last year and Alexis despite a couple of months lay off was influential on the pitch and above all in his usual combative mode.

    But If we are honest the figures being mentioned would be a real test of the club resolve to keep both of them. Did anyone saw a report about the ‘leaks consortium’ saying that Ozil for example is already on a 240k a week on Arsenal books (base salary, bonuses, sign on fee and image rights)?

  40. Colts says:

    Steve Palmer1,

    Hi Steve, what are “quotes”? ?

    I think tryin to relate this obscene theatre to reality is unrealistic.

    I would imagine that both sides will have to compromise to an extent. I only hope that we’ve past the era of crying pauper wolf and that they understand the ramifications of not making these players retire here.

    Perhaps I was a bit vague in sayin pay them what they want. Their wages should be close enough to the other elite clubs else we send the message that not only are we not at that level we are not prepared to even try and reach it.

  41. Dukey says:

    Ransome? Blood tests predict if textbook.!

  42. Dukey says:


    To be fair they have been very good players since the off for us, but there is no doubt they have upped their games this season. A cynical git could conclude it is a coincidence that it has come at the same time as contracts are up and coincidences don’t exist.

  43. C says:


    Point is, they have been very good since their arrival, for whatever reason (personally I think its the change in style of play) they have taken another step up. Pay them, its why you have a wage structure, Ozil and Sanchez should be paid like 2 of the best not just in thr PL but Europe.

  44. Dukey says:


    It could be the change in style this season since Wenger has excellently since being priced out of a striker deployed Sanchez as main striker, or it also could be the age old quest for greater wealth. It’s a risk. There is a big chance the performances will drop off. But on the flip side even at their lowest level they are still a cut above the rest.

  45. -DFS says:

    I’ll underline my point again because at least some here discount/ignore the idea.

    Go check media reports over the past year or so through to this season and you will find key sports viewership figures down – in some cases 15%.

    Whether or not it is long term or just a temporary plateau remains to be seen – there are political pressures, lifestyle choices, people fed up with expensive sports packages, and perhaps a saturation point with the in your face ubiquity.

    It is not a given…I repeat not a given…that there will be a never ending stream of growing cash for the EPL. In fact many argue the rights were already overbid through the last round of negotiations.

    I do not know how this will shake out, but there are convincing arguments blowing one’s wad right now, this year, would not be the smartest play.

    Then, there are other factors …the first, and I’ll repeat this, the sheer obscenity of this level of pay.

    The second, as a couple have astutely mentioned, philosophically fans (as well as most managers) look in completely the wrong direction in terms of strengthening a squad.

    Buying a 30 goal a season striker is of no value if you leak goals with a weak defense. Greater improvements are made by strengthening the weakest link, to raise the quality of the squad overall. This has been studied for years but managers studiously ignore the data and recommendations because they and the fans ‘believe’ one star player as opposed to three competent individuals will improve the squad more.

    Therefore if the demands are real, not only do I balk, there is a valid and correct argument to make that bringing in 5/6 quality players to replace two ‘stars’ is better in the long term.

    I do not wish to see either leave the club, but if the demands cited are genuine, I would have little issue with the club cashing in.

  46. Wailesy says:

    I don’t buy into the theory that players perform better when contracts are being negotiated. Not these 2 players anyway. As C says, these 2 players have helped bring trophies back to the club. If you look at what other players from the “big” clubs are on Yaya £220+ and Rooney £250+ paying our 2 around that figure is a bargain.
    Let’s say we wrap up a deal for Sanchez in February and we’re still in second 3 points behind Chelsea and Sanchez is sitting on 20 goals. We’ve got most of the season out of him at £160 a wk. It’s a steal!

  47. C says:


    Yup and thats exactly the point, if we are wanting to and are going to take the next step and have other top players wanting to come to Arsenal to play with Ozil and Sanchez, we have to resign them. Everything is a risk, but keeping them would show that Arsenal is ready to go get trophies and not in the business of selling top players anymore.

  48. Steve Palmer1 says:

    You guys all know your football, yes we all have different views, not so long ago the team were boo’d off the park, Lets face it if we have another bad spell those boo’s will start again. It has been asked about the managers money and his rises, and yes fair point wage demands are for all at the club, look how we all moaned when Stan took a million, Bugger me its his club as well.

    Mr Wenger has steered this massive football club for twenty years and during that time with all different players he has definitely earned his money, I would bet the man has never asked for a rise in all those years.

    Wenger has helped the club to a CL position which has paid £30 million every year, Not many Managers in this league now have got anywhere near that, and i would assume Wenger would have done it for less.

    It is true that Sanchez and Ozil have been different gravy, but i dont believe we can compare their wages with Wengers, in fact i have never heard that Wenger is holding us to ransom.

    Wenger has always worked hard for players rights it is somthing he has been known for, and when it comes to the push and the shove for a decision, i have to feel that they will get what they want.

    Stan of course will be informed and i expect him to rely on the managers descretion. I have the belief that the club earns its dough through the turnstiles and the sponsors, and it wouldnt surprise me at all if winnings from comps goes into the funds for Wenger to use as he needs. Stan is only interested in the club being self sustaining, the profits each year must make him happy and i doubt he cares about how much the pair of them are on,

    Over the years while we were struggling CL money was probably used to pay our mortgage selling players as well generated money buying Bargain basements kept our spending down, but now we manage the Mortgage with sponsors money as we are now a very successful club.

    Wenger went out of his way to get Ozil and Sanchez, if he feels he needs them we will pay the dough if he thinks they are taking the P… he will show them the door, so a waste of time me and you arguing, because the press and the pundits are stiring the shit as nothing happens at Arsenal with out the boss’s say so.

  49. Wailesy says:

    When I was younger I did a bit of travel. I remember everywhere I went were Israeli’s with a need to explain to shop keepers that even though they looked European (and probably had more cash than the rest of us) they weren’t and thus were not prepared to pay the same price as the rest of us.
    This is what Arsenal FC does too. Yes we are English and yes we are a big club but we are not prepared to pay the same price as the rest of the big clubs.
    We are however prepared to meet the demands of the manager’s salary needs though, of course.

  50. Steve Palmer1 says:

    Arsene Wenger is much much more than just a manager of the players, with his buying and selling of players he has single handedly made Arsenal secure, if we had had him just doing whats best for the team he may well have had the success that Red Nose had at UTD but times here were different, as we ventured into the unknown with the move and Wengers instructions were to cut down his spending to help pay our debts, and he did that and still made CL every year. When he retires they will need a few financial geniuses in place, so a new man can just manage the team and not the club. I don’t know this for sure, but everything points to it, and that is the way i read it. Wengers 8 million a year is peanuts to Arsenal, as he has been the clubs financial genius and still is.

  51. Wailesy says:

    I would of rather AW focus on winning football trophies and not take the responsibility of commander and chief.
    20 years in the CL. I’d trade all those years for winning it just once and not qualifying for 10years

  52. -DFS says:

    Wailsey –

    “Don’t under estimate David Dein’s role in the success of the club”

    This, and the point is not underlined enough these days.

  53. YW says:


    “This, and the point is not underlined enough these days”

    As you can see, I’ve underlined the point twice. It’s not much but hope it helps your day get off to a better start.

  54. Steve Palmer1 says:

    Yes David Dein was the factor that brought Arsene to Arsenal, from what i read many years ago Dein had consulted with other French managers and was told that Arsene Wenger was a newish manager who needed to be taken into consideration, I can only assume that the club was not happy with Bruce Rioch and was looking about for someone new, And those managers he spoke too must have been in contracts, so from what i read Wenger was approached.

    David Dein was very close to Arsene Wenger in the early days they lived very close to one another and from what i heard was together and blending well. David Dein in those days had shares, a man of means you might say and i imagine that he had amassed a few shares for a pension.

    The George Graham days had not long come to an end, caught with his hand in the till, he got the tin tack but Dein must have been involved as well, Dein went on to form a partnership with Wenger who apparently was a bit straight laced, was fairly green having a couple of positions where he was making a difference. At the time of Dein approaching Wenger he was managing Grampus 8 not a massive club, who i had never heard of, and i must admit had never heard of Wenger either.

    Dein convinced Wenger that his future was with Arsenal and so it all came about. Yes its true Wenger inherited some good players none other than Dennis but that was Rioch’s claim to fame, but Arsenal had other players who were used to a boozy way of life, Wenger was to change that, and helped many get off the booze and gambling, and even got them all fit the Wenger era had begun.

    Dein of course was steering Wenger, Everybody was saying that Dein was the brains but in reality as Wenger got his feet under the table he started to want to change how things were run. Dein was still doing deals and no doubt earning a few bob along the way, until the chance to make a killing came, when a takeover became evident. Dein would sell his shares to who he felt would pay the most , and his involvement ended there. Arsene was now on his own.

    Once the tooing and throwing was over and Stan the man took over, it was clear that Stan, although a blinding business man knew f all about football, Wenger had seen success by then, and Stan relied on Wenger, Dein had shown Wenger the way forward, but in all his years i have never heard that his hand was in the till. The lads on the park were training different and their diets had changed and Arsenal was cleaning up. Then of course the move, and of course the time of the player famine and the bargain basements, you all know about them. probably better than i do ha ha.

  55. YW says:


    Rioch was only appointed because Dein couldn’t persuade the board to appoint Wenger in 1995.

  56. Steve Palmer1 says:

    I stand corrected YW thank you.

  57. Wailesy says:


    Hi DFS,

    I have a lot of love for the man but I’m still really pissed off with Dein to be far. Mainly for introducing Kronke to the club. It’s probably the only mistake he has made in his entire life but fuck it is a big one.

  58. -DFS says:


    YW –

    Underlining the point really made me laugh…just wanted you to know I did eventually catch that!!

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