The Wonderful Madness Of Football

It’s quiet which is hardly surprising given the brief interruption to the league season the international break brings. There’s talk about the booing of Wayne Rooney before the England game which is just nonsensical. The booing, not the talk.

There’s talk about how Gareth – that’s Mister Southgate to you sonny – is ‘hard’ enough to drop Wazza. If he needs to and if Wayne says it’s alright to do so. Probably because Colleen wants him to look after the kids whilst she goes shopping.

There’s talk about agents, corruption and lies and more talk about the FA talking about doing something about it.

But there’s very little football talk. Proper football talk. Everything at the moment is the periphery. What we need is some lower league lunacy, some proper football madness. And right on cue, the Guardian’s Knowledge column for this one.

The first question is why anyone is recording this at all but also with what seems to be a tripod-mounted camera. The soundtrack will be conversations familiar to millions around the world. The lunacy really takes hold when the referee completely ignores the Laws of the Game to allow the free kick to be taken?

Brilliant stuff, with a bit of Godwin’s Law thrown in for good measure.

But the bigger question is why is the match being recorded. No disrespect to the gentlemen in the soundtrack but they sound a little long in the tooth to be hoping to make it to the pundits’ sofa. Still, if Robbie Savage can do it, why not? Perhaps that’s what we need to give the game ‘back’ to the fans. A bit of terrace talk from Match of the Day or Thierry sitting alongside Bert Eacock from Billockby to analyse the Arsenal v Manchester United match from the Emirates?

If you’re looking for Arsenal excitement, Alex Iwobi scored for Nigeria (again) but this one counts in the official records with the brace in a friendly last week ignored. Like Nacho Monreal, he’s hopefully already on his way back to the club unharmed from the ruffians of international football.

Monreal created Nolito’s goal for Spain in their 2 – 0 win over Albania last night. Created is a bit of a stretch but it was a very nice short pass to the goalscorer. I believe you stat-heads will class that as an assist. The lads up in Norfolk won’t have that word used; “‘e’s a good crossa ova ball” is all they need to know about the attacking instincts of their full backs. Probably don’t even like them going over the halfway line.

Kieran Gibbs arrival in the England camp was confirmed by photos of him and Feo in training, apparently having flown in from Dubai where he was on holiday. Which is nice.

Rob Holding knows which side his bread is buttered and had some pleasant things to say about Southgate in the hope that a few appearances for Arsenal in the League Cup will prove he has more to offer than Gary Cahill who, let’s face it, at the moment is just one second away from gifting a goal to the opposition. Handy in the Premier League, not so much if you want England to reach the next World Cup finals.

Which sums it all up. Nothing, nada, zip, zilch, naff all. So on with our days.

Or you can always listen to this week’s playlist over on Dad’s Jukebox.

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25 thoughts on “The Wonderful Madness Of Football

  1. Morning,

    The interlull continues, yawn. Another round of average performances from the home nations this weekend.

    The talk about players being undroppable is really a load of old nonsense. If a player isn’t playing well, or doesn’t fit in the set up he should be dropped. National managers are too concerned with not rocking the boat to make the correct decisions.

  2. Well done for churning out another post Yogi.

    Poor old rooney. He badly wants to go to Russia with England at the next world cup. If he doesn’t he’ll have to spend his time with Coleen.

  3. Jonny,

    Probably covered the whole spectrum there. Just deciding whether I just fit one, or if all three apply.

    YW’s prose are always a joy and I suspect many read the post, but feel too inadequate to reply.

    I’m either a reprobate, a malingerer, or a galoot so am happy to post on anything to eat up some of my day.

  4. Of course I had meant write ‘unholy’. I burn up inside churches.
    Galoot is a very satisfying word – not really used much in the UK.

    So congrats to Bangladesh for taking the second ODI.
    Denver came surprisingly unstuck against Atlanta – the perils of lacking a quality QB exposed at last.
    At least Saracens crushed Wasps – something to just about keep me going through the week until the proper football returns.

  5. Hey All, Yogi you are a good man for being able to come up with another post.

    No mention of Campbell or Ozil, heartbroken a bit 🙁

  6. So Ox sees his future in central midfield because thats where he trains and plays for England. I honestly think Ox should take a look and learn from Theo and realize his best position is on the flanks and should work and develop into a polished winger.

  7. Hey ho!….cant wait for the internationals to be over-are they really ever over?
    Looking forward to shooting down the swans hehe. 4:1 methinks

  8. Afternoon YW thank god we are coming to the end of the interlull.

    c the boy ox should concentrate on his pass completion before he can contemplate playing on midfield, at the moment he is more hindrance than help in there.

  9. Pique comments about have retirement over the Spain kit are weird. I don’t really understand the whole Catalonia Vs Spain debate but he is definitely sending a message.

  10. Ox pass completion rate is not poor.

    His final ball is the problem when trying to execute something offensive -wise. But he tends to keep the ball well for us otherwise.

    And he adds a dynamism to the play because like Alexis he is willing to take on players and beat them. In fact, he doesn’t lose the ball anymore or less than Alexis does with these take ons.

    The crucial problem is the final ball

    Simple passes he does well but with more ambitious deliveries or shots, he tends to rush them a fraction. He needs to calm himself down look around and take that last option with more composure (something Lucas seems to do well)

    This will come with time and practise sooner than later.

    As Wenger has mentioned, the issue with the Ox could be that he is trying simply too hard.

    As far as position is concern, I fully agree he is best served on the wide flanks but what do we know, we said Alexis could not play up top.

    OTOH, with the midfield we have now Sans maybe Elneny, would prefer Ox develops further as an option out wide where he can attack the goal better and give a bit of width to the play.

    I would not gauge anything from how England plays people. Remember they played Jack as a DM. That was silly to say the least.:D

    Happy interlul…getting a tad boring…have to amuse myself with US presidential ‘debates’.:D

  11. Jonny:
    I’ll round out an holy quartet.

    Morning, you beautiful reprobates, malingerers and galoots.

    At first glance, Jonny, I thought ‘what is our erudite chef on about’ and then I realised that I do still occasionally get my English [UK/US] vocabulary in a knicker twist.

    I thought you were referring to ‘Wellies’, aka rubber boots, when you offered a good morning to some galoots, until I ‘engaged brain’ and realised that I had transposed the American word galoots and the English (UK) word galoshes. 🙂

    Anyway, tish tosh and all that, and a good afternoon to you. 😀

  12. Hi C,

    I saw your 3:02 comment and felt you were only voicing the Ox’s personal opinion on where he felt he was best suited to play, which is attacking midfield.

    The fact is that Wenger on more than one occasion when asked, has said that he thought the Ox would become a dynamic attacking midfielder. Since then, a series of injuries has disrupted the Ox’s progress, and because of the wealth of talent available in the Arsenal midfield he only gets to come on and play wide right, usually, though not exclusively off the bench.

    To compare him with Walcott is a mistake, as Ox is far more talented, and far more explosive than Theo with greater dribbling skills, and after a couple of good games Theo has apparently regressed to the ‘old’ Theo.

    I hate to admit this, but I think the non-communicating Santori at 5:05 is basically correct, both in his evaluation of the Ox’s best position, but also his acknowledgement that the only realistic position for him to play in, at the moment, is actually on the wing [or out wide – in the vernacular]. 😀 Sorry. 😳

    How is your day going? Plenty of alcohol available for all later this evening, I suppose? 😀

  13. silvergunner:
    Pique comments about have retirement over the Spain kit are weird. I don’t really understand the whole Catalonia Vs Spain debate but he is definitely sending a message.

    I am not sure there is any hidden ‘message’ about his retirement, as Piqué has explained himself on Spanish national TV, like this.

    The Spain veteran, who was part of the squads that won three major tournaments in a row between the years 2008 and 2012, was criticised during his country’s World Cup qualifier with Albania.

    Pique cut off the sleeves that bear the famous yellow and red colours of Spain before the match.

    His past criticism of Real Madrid coupled with his support for Catalonian independence and Barcelona loyalties meant supporters immediately interpreted the move as an act of hostility.

    However, a furious Pique has hit back at suggestions he had an agenda – and revealed Russia will be the last time supporters see him in the colours of the national team.

    “Yes, I’m tired of it and the World Cup in Russia is going to be my last commitment with the Spain team and then I hope I can be left in peace,” the 31-year-old said.

    “I cut my shirt because the sleeves were very short and they were bothering me. I’ve tried everything but I can’t take it any more, the thing with the sleeve is the straw that has broken the camel’s back.”

    “They have succeeded in killing my joy in playing for Spain and even though after Russia I’ll only be 31, I’m going to quit then.

    “I have always tried to give everything but while some people appreciate that, others think it’s better for me not to be with Spain.”

    Pique also revealed that he’s willing to wait two years due to the influence of new manager Julen Lopetegui.

    Not weird at all. It’s what Rooney should consider doing (altho he is not a Catalonian). 🙂

  14. HenryB,

    I was stating where Ox himself has said he thinks he will play and plays for England.

    My comment in relating it to Theo is that at present he is best placed on the wing and because of that he should focus on that. The thing is, as long as Ozil is here he plays in that role and then should one of Jack or Ramsey come good they will play there for the forseeable future at Arsenal. Thus, I think Ox, if he focuses on his final ball would and can become a devastating RW or LW player.

    The thing is, if Ox’s final ball is what is missing, then ACM isn’t the position for him since that us quite a large part of that position. Plus, didn’t Arsene say Theo could be a CF? The thing is, why not grow and focus on the wing and then if necessary get moved centrally.

  15. Forget pass completion or final ball.
    Ox needs to figure out how to not loose the ball in critical areas.
    Damn I need some football in my life now. These international lulls are just horrid.
    And to top it off its time to go take down the hurricane shutters.

  16. Watched Formula 1, Formula e, watched the wasps game, watched Chicago marathon, watched a presidential debate….football is not easy to replace

  17. I see the blue jays destroyed Texas in three games

    In a five game series, do they now bother playing games 4 & 5??

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