Striker signing still priority for Arsenal

Arsenal have seen their attempts to add to their strikeforce this summer thwarted, putting their Premier League title chances in jeopardy.The Gunners fell short of ending their 11-year drought for the top-flight crown last season, finishing in second place behind eventual champions Leicester City. Consequently, Arsène Wenger was expected to add more firepower to his squad to match the spending of the club’s rivals in their bid to get back on top.

However, they have been unsuccessful thus far in their bid to lure a top-quality forward to the Emirates Stadium, while Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea have all strengthened their attacks. As a result, Arsenal are backed at 6/1 in the latest Bet365 betting odds to win the Premier League title, leaving Wenger with work to do to bolster his side before the end of the transfer window.

The Gunners came close to sealing a deal for Jamie Vardy after agreeing a fee with Leicester for the England international, but the 29-year-old rejected the move to the Emirates.Following the failure to complete a deal for the England centre forward, Wenger turned his attention to Lyon’s Alexandre Lacazette, who starred in Ligue 1 last season with 21 goals.

Thus far, Arsenal have been frustrated by the French club’s unwillingness to part with the striker, rebuffing the Gunners’ bid in the region of £30m for the 25-year-old.

The North London outfit will therefore enter the season with the same striking duo as last year, with Alexis Sanchez and Olivier Giroud leading the line. It’s a combination that many teams around Europe would be delighted to possess as the duo notched 29 goals between them in the 2015/16 campaign.

Giroud’s size and power causes havoc in the penalty area along with his cannon of a left foot, while Sanchez has the skill, guile and individual brilliance to carve apart even the most stoic of defences. However, neither player was prolific enough last season to deliver the top-flight crown to the Gunners, with Giroud’s run in the second half of the campaign of 15 matches without a goal, especially costly to his team’s title chances.

Sanchez too had lengthy spells without finding the net, highlighting the need of another forward to alleviate the pressure on the pair, although that issue has not been dealt with yet. As a result, Arsenal will look to the Chilean and the Frenchman to handle the load up front, although Theo Walcott and Alex Iwobi could provide support until a new striker arrives at the Emirates.

Wenger has displayed a propensity not to invest heavily should the answer to his solution be available either internally or a cheaper alternative present itself.

Should Arsenal enjoy a strong start to the campaign, Wenger cannot be fooled into thinking that he can get by with the current levels of talent in his squad due to their tendency to see key players sidelined for large portions of the season.

The Frenchman has to add a quality striker to his squad to stop them being left behind by their rivals, who have invested heavily over the summer in their pursuit of the Premier League crown.

9 thoughts on “Striker signing still priority for Arsenal

  1. Delford Magaya says:

    Wenger is irritating the fans of Arsenal including myself and is good for the club not to renew his contract anymore, he is a lie and he is not trustworthy anymore, whatever he says and whatever he does is totally different, even if he were to go today, I would be celebrating. He caused Arsenal to be an ordinary club amongst the best clubs.

  2. Nick Hynam says:

    We need a new quality striker & centre half……….!!!!!
    So why all the ‘low’ bids for players of interest knowing they will not be accepted………..
    & then no further bid placed………
    Do Arsene really want these players or is he just trying to keep fans happy by saying
    “Well I did try to sign someone….. But it was not accepted”………..
    Makes you wonder… I’m just saying……….!!!!!!

  3. Rob says:

    With the current squad, Arsenal’s chances this season are far from promising.

    With Mustafi and a quality striker (Lacazette/other), things would look quite decent.

    Had Wenger been a bit ruthless, he would have got Mahrez in (who quite likely wanted to join a bigger club than LCFC) and shipped out Joel Campbell and, ideally, Walcott as well. This season has to be Walcott’s last chance to prove himself.

    Yet, even with a stronger squad than the present one, one would have to question Wenger’s capability in terms of tactics and man-management. The much-vaunted “mental strength” is clearly a department which Wenger seems unable to adequately address.

    It’s a cliché to say so but what Arsenal perhaps need more than anything is the kind of badass, assertive, belligerent players who would do everything to win.

    Without this (and we won’t have it this season…) will we get anywhere above 4th? Don’t think so.

  4. Gofa says:

    hahaha as long as wenger lives ARSENAL Will not sign and get anywhere 🙁 what is z solution to get rid offfffffff this guy?

  5. The Arse in Namib (AITG) says:

    We have needed a striker since before Giroud came. We have less alternatives now, because we know these don’t work.

    In fact you are wrong about the starting lineup last season Matt, which was Walcott and Giroud. Sanchez played down the left and Walcott missed half the season; the other half of the season he missed.

    The problem with Sanchez down the middle is that he does not score more goals there and we miss his runs and interventions from deeper, which are some of our most telling contributions on the field. I know this because I read it here before the beginning of last season and it still makes perfect sense.

    We should be playing 3 up front and set the rest of the team up to address that, but we pretend we only play 1 and then end up playing 4 up front as Ozil joins in the attack. Which is the reason we look so self assured around the box for 70 mins and why we are so vulnerable to the counter.

    Sanchez maybe the only player we have with the skill and composure to play up front, but we have actually weakened the team by putting him back there whilst not addressing the real problem which is no fucking strikers. We know this because we have been here all last season and they now cost a hundred million.

    Look on the bright side, while others spend that amount of money we might get a really good run of luck which will keep us up at 3rd around Christmas.

  6. The Arse in Namib (AITG) says:

    Our fixation with the Leicester players and attempt at signing them is twofold and pretty obvious. Their contracts with Leicester were all signed when they were relative nobodies so their release clauses were relatively tiny.

    All their contracts have been readjusted now so they are no longer on our radar. We knew what their contracts said and were therfore first in to try and prize them away while looking like we had done the research and negotiated terms because the one signing we had made was to poach Leicester’s head scout. Possibly hoping he would have been able to double trade on his previous scoops with precisely that information….’Vardy’s release clause is only 20 million which is sausages.’

    We were able to steal a charge on Vardy and Mahrez, but could not even offer them more than Leicester ended up doing so basically we fucked the opportunity because we are cheapskates.

    Let’s hope that scout has more than the one scoop in his cone so we can wear the name cheaparsed Arsene’s Arsenal with pride.

  7. feller says:

    A bit late but only today reading yesterday’s post I was interested to notice that there was not one follow up in the comments to the KSE elephant/ram in the room vis a vis transfer spending and underpinned loans.

  8. Raven says:

    Playing Sanchez up top is not the answer. It was clear for everyone to see from that Pool match. I would rather he played Akpom or Mavdidi up there as both are strikers while Sanchez are a winger/secondary striker.
    The main problem is that both those players are very very young and Mavdidi hasnt even sniffed to senior football yet.

    lets look at who are left of strikers who havent been dealt yet. Lukaku, Aubameyang, Lacazettes, Fekir and thats about it.
    Lukaku is in Chelseas sights, but read this morning that he doesnt want to move there. The Bundesliga has already started so prying Auba away from Dortmund is going to take take an insane amount of money and still its very very unlikely Dortmund will let go of him this late in the window. That brings up to Lacazette and Fekir from Lyon. Lyon has never sold a player to Arsenal eventhough Arsenal has tried to buy players from that club before; Sidney Govou. Looks like Aulas simply dont want to sell to Arsenal.

    So Arsenal will have a really hard time to land a striker that is better or close to Girouds ability. Honestly dont think it will happen and yet there have been plenty of movement on the striker front this summer. Dithering, slow it what you want but the vendor with the strikers has gone home

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