Gonzalo Higuain On Radio Ga Ga & Other Stuff


It’s Sunday so I’m not quite sure why I’m surprised there’s very little of note going on around Arsenal. We learn many things, of course, even when it is quiet. For example, Napoli have their own radio station, called “Radio KissKiss”.

To be fair, it’s probably a lot trendier in Italian than it is in English because let’s be honest, it’s a fairly duff name otherwise. Nonetheless, it’s being suggested that this is their official mouthpiece (boom, tsh!) and as such pronouncements which come from it are given a great deal of prominence.

Well, a lot more than they should to be honest. An announcer and I did have the name on the tip of my tongue – I’ll be here all week – but I forget who said, believed that Juve were interested in Gonzalo Higuain but Napoli won’t sell to them.

So far so nothing I couldn’t have made up myself. Marks for originiality though go to the reason why Arsenal haven’t signed the Argentine striker:

“the Gunners, who have put on the plate 50 million Euros plus the card of French striker Olivier Giroud, are looking to make some cash with sales in order to increase the economic part of ‘offering.’”

So, if I’ve understood this correctly, we’re offering Giroud and £40m+£1 but need to sell players to make it economically viable.

This – Arsenal – is a club which didn’t sign any outfield players last summer, one so far, and has shorn its playing staff by three. With the small matter of £200m+ in the bank.

And we need to sell before we buy. Self-sustainable economics aren’t all they are cracked up to be really, are they?

I’m genuinely intrigued about Radio KissKiss. A quick look at their website this morning and there’s a picture of the Hoff in all his glory but not a great deal of football on the front. Which makes the claims of authenticity about the story dubious to say the least.

By now you’re wondering why I’ve looked so deeply into these claims. Aside from the obvious “Woah” factor of signing Higuain, there’s the prospect of some of the club’s cash being used other than to line KSE’s pockets.

But it’s the radio station’s name which has done it for me. It’s better than ‘Radio MwahMwah’ I guess but to be honest there are hundreds of better names to go for. The picture of the dj responsible for their English output makes me wonder if it isn’t in fact, Napoli hospital radio, broadening its transmissions. In a macabre twist, the guy reminded me of Piers Morgan, which is about the level of this story.

I am vaguely impressed though, that I’ve got to around 400+ words on it this morning when frankly we all know it’s a load of old bilhooks.

Still MwahMwah are happy; they’ve got publicity which is all that counts.

Elsewhere, Laurent Koscielny is apparently stalling on a new contract with his, what to me at least, seem very reasonable in today’s football, £90k per week demands. Obviously, it’s an obscene amount of money to earn in a single week but by comparison, it’s not huge nor outrageous.

Bayern Munich are hovering. I wonder what their radio station would be called? Radio Leiderhosen? Probably something efficient like Radio Bayern but they could go tabloid with the programming: ‘Bayern Babes on Football’ and such like.

Arsenal, of course, would have a radio station but it wouldn’t say anything or play any music because we don’t officially comment on anything.

Ah, enough. There’s nothing much going on and the sun’s shining.

’til Tomorrow.

72 thoughts on “Gonzalo Higuain On Radio Ga Ga & Other Stuff

  1. Ras says:

    Good morning YW I do hope you and Family are well.

    The Sister Radio station to Lederhosen is Radio Bratwurst.

    We are a month way before the ouveture of a new season.
    Iam obviously not privy to the machinations of The Manager and his assembled ranks with regards to transfers etc.

    The activity at Man U Chelsea and Man C unfortunately unfortunately appears to have us looking rather stagnant in our efforts what ever they maybe.

    I do hope there is a plan B.

  2. HenryB says:

    Hola, Ras, 🙂

    We all know that you are in the know with those who know what is going on at the Arsenal. Those knowledgeable arch-conspirators Wavey, Andy and the Orse have told you that — sod all is happening or going to happen! 😀

  3. Killah Cam says:

    Mr Wenger is not the manager we need.as long he is still there no need for high hopes last season was the best he can do.

  4. HenryB says:

    Yogi, how dare you diss and dismiss Radio Kiss – I love the music, which I never miss.

    The Italian version, Radio KissKiss is probably twice as musicky when they are not being footbally. 🙂

  5. DeiseGooner says:

    Radio Kiss Kiss – not Radio Naples or some such.? Hhmmmmm sounds a little off to me ? Are we getting to panic buy time yet? It started so promising with Xhaka in nice and early. Has Le Boss decided to go with internal solutions for players? Are we perhaps going to see a change in formation and playing style? Our midfield seems to have gone from tippy tappy to more powerful players, le Coq, Ramsey, Elneny, and now Xhaka. Will we go back to a front 2 a la Giroud and Griezman for France? Do we have the players for that? Was that the plan for Vardy? I hope Le Boss has a plan and we just don’t see it yet….

  6. Bill says:

    It must be a real struggle to find something interesting to say on slow news days but you always do it. Thanks for the post.

    Anyone who believes that Arsenal would send Giroud and $40M to Napoli must have missed their meds for the last couple months. We were not even willing to outbid Napoli when the valuation was around $30M and Higuain was 3 years younger.

  7. Birdkamp says:

    I think we can say that if a rumour comes out of Italy it’s a load of crap, especially if it involves part-exchanges. The one time we signed someone from there recently (Viviano) no journalists had a clue about it.

    Icardi’s the latest one: A frustrating, nothingy player with decent penalty box instincts but little else (not strong, not quick, not hard-working, not good at passing, winning headers or dribbling). We badly need a striker but it’s hard to see many that would genuinely improve us, at least it my eyes.

    Keep it as it is and we’re screwed. The other option seems to be crazily overpaying for average players. So we either pay insane money for someone good like Aubameyang or Higuain (who’s good, but not that good), or get creative somehow – buy someone and convert them, or try our luck with someone off the radar.

    Bill, I watch some Italian football and Higuain’s been a different beast the last year or so. Not just more goals, he looks quicker and a few stone lighter. Not surprised to hear he’s started the same diet as Messi. I still would be reluctant to pay huge money for him, and a part-exchange would be out of the question of course.

  8. DeiseGooner says:

    Icardi alongside Giroud could work with Ozil in behind. Quite narrow though. Lacazette would be a better bet I reckon. Huguain would be upgrade on Giroud no doubt but when do swap deals ever really happen? If I was getting anyone from Napoli I’d get Lorenzo Insigne. Italian Alexis Sanchez ? Small, tricky, fast, eye for a pass, ideal for our front line I reckon…

  9. Bill says:


    Fair enough. It’s easier to criticize when looking thru the retrospectoscope which always has 20/20 vision.

    That said I don’t understand the reluctance to spend on forwards. In this decade even average goal scorers have routinely increased significantly in value year after year so even from an economic standpoint its makes sense.

  10. andy1886 says:

    That’s a pretty downbeat assessment of Icardi BK. I don’t know enough about him to offer a counter argument bar saying that we don’t need another great passer or dribbler and if he’s good in the penalty box and at sticking the ball in the net that’s exactly what we are missing!

    How about in a two man attack with Giroud?

  11. DeiseGooner says:

    I wouldn’t be that downbeat on Icardi, there’s definitely a player there who could work well in the premier league. More and more it looks like the player we get will be one not quite at the top but with the ability to get there. These days though even those players will cost a bomb for an English club, everyone knows the money is there, so the English premium is not just for English players.

  12. Bill says:

    I guess the reality is the economics of buying and selling forwards have not worked quite as well for us. We could probably sell Giroud for about what we bought him for but Gervinho Chamakh Podolski and Sanogo welbeck have not increased in value. For whatever reason forwards not named RVP have not thrived in our system in this decade and they don’t appreciate in value so may be that is part of the reason Arsene is reluctant to spend on scorers

  13. nicky says:

    It’s so easy to bewail the absence of signings when none of us have the slightest knowledge of what has gone on behind the scenes at Arsenal FC. We cannot read the minds of those in command there.
    Would the player all the fans wanted signing, fit in with the overall planned tactics next season?
    Were the personal terms he wanted lead to dressing room disruption?
    Would his family be happy in moving to a foreign country and language?
    All these precursors are completely unknown to we fans.
    We see a star player (“long admired by Arsene Wenger”) on Arsenal’s radar and then he signs for some other club.
    The invariable result is that fans blame Arsenal (and by that I mean Arsene Wenger) for (a) dithering or (b) not being prepared to pay the asking price. When in actual fact there may be a host of valid reasons why the signing doesn’t happen.
    Unless or until we ever become privy to the managerial planning at the Ems, we simply have to await the closing of the transfer Window and accept the outcome. 😉

  14. jonnygunner says:

    Maybe we should adopt a system that Barca tried for a while a couple of seasons back when they just played two rows of midfielders and no dedicated striker?

  15. Orson Kaert says:

    Nicky, we may not know what is going on behind the closed doors at Arsenal, but we have the evidence of previous transfer windows to give us a very good clue.

    You advocate waiting for the end of the transfer window and accepting the outcome. Why should we?

  16. Birdkamp says:

    Andy, technically he isn’t special, is the best way to put it. Putting the ball away is about the only thing he can do well, so he’s a bit of an anachronism. A player like that isn’t going to make it in the PL. Even as the smallet guy a two man attack I’d want him to be a fair bit quicker. Next to Giroud we wouldn’t be turning defences around very easily.

    Even in the GG days our forwards had a bit more about them, whether that was pace, trickery or size.

    There must be individual match footage of him around on youtube. Bear in mind that those would be his best performances. Whenever I saw him he got on my nerves.

    It’s moot because there’s clearly nothing in the rumour of course.

  17. andy1886 says:

    Nicky, we have new managers at United, City, and Chelsea. Arsene on the other hand has been in position and has had months before they even arrived to plan and start to execute his business. You don’t wait until the window opens to start negotiations. Yet the aforementioned clubs have acted decisively to address the issues as they see them, and yet again, as we’ve seen many times before, Arsenal are dragging their heels.

  18. C says:

    Higuain has looked completely different since the 2nd half of the season before as though he had to adapt to being the main striker. The thing with Higuain is that similar to the argument people make for keeping Giroud, he doesn’t rely on pace but on movement, instincts and being clinical.

  19. andy1886 says:

    I don’t think that anyone has ever used that last word in relation to Giroud, C. 😉

  20. C says:

    @Big Al

    I think that is over the top a bit on Icardi. He is a talented young striker who knows how to score goals. Sure he isn’t the best passer or dribbler but he is good at both and being as young as he is, he will presumably(especially at Arsenal) will get better at both. I have to disagree with you though about his instincts in the box and his movement, I think those two qualities of his are really good. To be honest, we don’t need a striker that is a dribbler or passer because more likely than not they will be on the end of moves and not apart of them when you think that for most matches when they are fit Sanchez, Ozil, Xhaka and probably Santi will have the vast majority of the possession and dictating the play.

    The one non-striker I do wish we signed though is Manolas.

  21. C says:


    Guess I should have said that a bit better, though to be fair to Giroud he had that brilliant season at Montpellier and he has his hot streaks for Arsenal.

  22. Birdkamp says:

    C, have you watched him? He seems like the opposite of the kind of player you normally like. Pretty much a poacher. I said his penalty box instincts are decent, and he does have good movement. He’ll try a load of things that don’t come off, get outpaced, muscled off the ball loads of times in a match, blame teammates etc. Then once every other game he’ll take advantage of a mistake or sneak in front or behind a defender and score.

    A step up on Giroud though? Nowhere near. He reminds me of Soldado or someone like that.

    To me he’s awkward like Thomas Muller and share’s some of his goal-scoring ability, but has none of the physicality, turn of pace or team ethic.

  23. Buffalo says:

    This happens every year now, it will be strung out, there will be noises about signings and then lo and behold the transfer window closes. He’ll probably try his usual trick of seeing how the august games pan out – maximum points, no need for signings. Lose the first three and we will buy four bang average players on deadline day. Honestly who wouldnt want wengers job ? Absolute dream. Obviously there are endless factors in any transfer but that is no excuse for inactivity……if you dont sign vardy for example, you swiftly move onto the next target and aggressively pursue them, if that doesn’t work on to the next and so on. He clearly thinks we are short up front or there would have been no bid for Vardy at all so it all rather begs the question what on earth is he playing at ? Is there a plan ? the club dont exactly scream ambition and also what is wengers future ? One year, three years, eternity ? Some people are very happy with the status quo, i think we are a bloody mess and have been for years.

  24. C says:

    @Big Al

    I have watched him quite a few times and while he can be frustrating, he does what we need which is finish and get on the end of moves. I know he isn’t the type of striker that I normally like technically and while he has pace he doesn’t have blistering pace but he is quick and knows how to finish. The thing is, he is 23 years old and the one thing that you want from a striker he is really good at and will only improve. Sure I would take a couple of strikers before him but he is certainly one of the top young strikers.

    I think right now he scores goals and that is something that is invaluable. I think the thing that often gets forgotten is that Giroud got better technically once he got to Arsenal.

    I actually think his awkwardness is what makes him the player he is. He does have room to grow and I have seen him at his best and worst. The thing with Icardi is that people would have to be okay with everything that comes in the package. Would he be first on my list, nope, I have said since last summer Lacazette is who I think would be perfect for Arsenal, but Icardi is definitely in he top 5 realistic targets along with Higuain, Chicharito, Bakambu.

  25. Pistol Fish says:

    You said “. Sure he isn’t the best passer or dribbler but he is good at both and being as young as he is, he will presumably(especially at Arsenal) will get better at both”
    I’m just curious why you would belive that as I can’t think of any striker that has improved at all after joining Arsenal. Not since RVP anyways. They seem to go backwards.
    Honestly I don’t give a toss about a CF being a good passer or dribbler, all I care about is movement and finishing ability. We have a overload of passers and dribblers in the middle. Where we fall flat it being able to finish.

  26. Birdkamp says:

    C, I think Lacazette, even with his drawbacks, is a few steps up from Icardi. Plus you’ve got to worry about Icardi’s attitude.

    To me, if you’re going for a smaller striker you need teams to want to double-mark him to create room for other players. Take Dybala or Aguero who are both deadly-quick over the first few yards and fantastic on the ball. Or a few years ago di Natale, also lightning off the mark and really nimble, but unbelievably cool in front of goal too. In the PL every defender would dominated MI, and he doesn’t have enough about him to make room for others.

    If you want to go for troubled Italian-based forwards try Berardi at Sassuolo. Fewer goals last season because he was on the wing, but one in two up front and full of ideas. Doubt we’ll be doing our business there though.

  27. Birdkamp says:

    I think even Giroud’s harshest critics would accept that he’s improved. A quick glace at goals to starts for AFC and France would tell you that (as imperfect a barometer as that is). The question is how much more there is to wring from him. I’d say not too much.

  28. C says:


    Giroud has actually improved in his passing and touch since joining Arsenal, its just natural. I think others have struggled though because they were limited to be quite honest.

    I with the way that we play and are currently constructed, the need for a striker to be a great dribbler or passer, really isn’t needed because Ozil, Sanchez, Santi, Xhaka along with Ramsey, Jack and Elneny when they start and play will dictate and we need a finisher. Having the ability to dribble and be a really good passer would be the icing on the cake. I still want pace though or quickness.

  29. C says:

    @Big Al

    Icardi’s attitude is a bit of a worry given that he is a player who is really the opposite of Giroud when he isn’t scoring goals. When Giroud is in his funk he is a player that sulks while Icardi blames others. Like I said, if we were to get him you would have to accept the whole package.

    Isn’t it a shame, if your going by reports, that we balked at the price for Dybala? I do get what you are saying about being lighting quick, but and again this is just based on what I have seen, his awkward style coupled with his quickness would be fine in the PL because we wouldn’t be playing through him he would be just the finisher. The bigger problem I see is that he doesn’t like to get involved with the build up and most would criticize him for that. Part of me thinks there is much more to him especially when you consider how the Inter attack is and how they play.

    I think nothing will come of it to be quite honest. The thing is, its not just that I prefer a smaller striker but they tend to have the qualities that I prefer in my strikers.

    Haven’t seen much of Berardi but the couple of times I saw him he reminded me of El Sharaway but a better passer and that isn’t a bad thing.

  30. andy1886 says:

    Dybala would be fantastic, one that I suspect looks expensive now but will look like a bargain in a few years time.

    But AFC never take big money risks like that.

  31. Pistol Fish says:

    I really could not comment on Girouds passing improving. I can’t say I’ve paid much attention to it. He seems to lose the ball alot with his attempted flicks and one touch passes. When one comes off every one spunks about how exquisite it was, but I see maybe one in 10 ever actually come off. I’m more concerned about his finishing, and I’m not so sure that’s improved. If it has he must have been pretty dire prior to coming to Arsenal.
    What really irks me though is when he looses the ball the hands are thrown up and the hair adjusted when he should be busting a gut to win the ball back.

  32. Columbus Arsenal (MA) says:

    So my wife just gave me my birthday present… Arsenal v MLS All stars in San Jose! A weekend away and we were luckily enough to win tickets via the lottery!

  33. nicky says:

    @Orson Kaert,
    The last paragraph of your 2.02 poses a rhetorical question.
    Can you kindly provide the answer?

  34. nicky says:

    Andy 1886,
    Re your 2.16, you are not being fair, with respect.
    1. We simply do not know what attempts have been made since the end of last season, in order to strengthen the squad.
    2.The acquisition of Granit was obtained way before the Transfer Window was officially opened.

  35. andy1886 says:

    Nicky, given that it’s almost impossible to make a serious move for a player without it making the press I think that it’s unlikely that we’ve made much if any progress elsewhere. Regards Xhaka while welcome that position isn’t our main concern, and I’d refer you you the old saying that one swallow doesn’t make a summer (or a successful transfer window in this case)

    Whichever way you look at it our direct rivals have made more progress than we have (again) despite the changes in management.

  36. C says:


    Well that us certainly a good birthday gift. Enjoy.

  37. C says:


    The more technical stuff is a fascination of mine if you haven’t noticed. I think his finishing has always been the same because he is a striker that plays in extremes and in bursts, and this season past shows essentially what he has been his whole career (not necessarily 14 matches without a goal but certainly hot and cold) sans a couple of seasons.

    While most of them don’t come off, he has shown improvement. I do get what your saying though because that frustrates me too but its part of his package.

  38. Orson Kaert says:

    Nicky, perhaps you didn’t understand my point. You said we should accept the outcome of the transfer window, thereby implying that we shouldn’t be critical of the manager’s efforts, if any.

    My point is why should we meekly accept the unacceptable, please don’t wheel out the old chestnut that we should support the manager under all circumstances. I believe the majority of fans support the club, not individuals.

  39. Pistol Fish says:

    Fair enough C
    I just wish we had some thing different. I don’t think defense’s have shit themselves like they did with the Arsenal strikers of years past in quite some time. We need that again, unfortunately I don’t think we wil be getting one soon and Giroud will finish his career at the club.
    Sad times indeed.
    I might be wrong but I think we missed a trick with Jansen.

  40. andy1886 says:

    Latest is that Conte says he’s working on more signings and Mahrez is linked to Chelsea. Meanwhile Spurs after signing Wanyama and Janssen have agreed a deal for Marseille winger Georges-Kevin Nkoudou. Maybe it’s an illusion but other big clubs (and Spurs) don’t seem to have the same trouble pushing deals through.

  41. nicky says:

    @Orson Kaert,
    You are somewhat deluded.
    There is always room for criticism. We live in a free society. And criticism costs nothing.
    Actually, you asked “why should we accept the outcome?”
    My answer is because we have no other choice.

  42. nicky says:

    @Andy 1886,
    I’m sure you don’t need reminding that the Transfer Window has more than a month to run. Please restrain your oft-repeated lack of faith in our Club’s recruitment policy until 1st September……..when all will be revealed. 😉

  43. Damon says:


    I’m really pleased for you. You’ve got a good one there! Hope you have a great birthday, enjoy looking forward to the trip and get to see a good turn out for the first team

  44. Orson Kaert says:

    So Nicky, although we are all allowed to criticise I am, in your opinion, deluded for hinting at a criticism of our manger.

    We need not accept anything, if sufficient supporters criticise the way the club is managed even someone as insular as Stan Kroenke will have to take notice eventually.

    Thank you for reminding me that we live in a free society, so I shall continue to support my club whilst criticising the management in general and the manager in particular however much that conflicts with your feelings.

  45. HenryB says:


    You have caused something of a stir in blogdom in that you are out there gently offering alternative opinions to others, and very refreshing and unusual it is too. 🙂

    However, if you think you will get Andy and the ‘Orse to change their mindsets — well, that will take more of a typhoon than a gentle stir! 😀

    Good luck.

  46. HenryB says:

    Hi Orsey, 🙂

    I was thinking of suggesting you go a bit easy on 90 year old Nicky, but then I guess I would also have to ask him to go easy on 90 year Orse. 😀

    Your second para to Nicky @ 8:07 appears on the face of it to have a certain logic to it – however, it does rely on the assumption that all Arsenal fans agree with you, whereas a quick snapshot look on the social networks might show considerable disagreement with your view. 🙂

    Your third para shows a heartwarming reconciliation with Nicky, in that you agree that he is right in saying we live in a free society — I am not so sure that I agree with either of you about that particular adage. 🙄

  47. andy1886 says:

    Nicky, I’m not so keen on last minute trolley dashes, I prefer our new signings to have time to bed in, meet their new team mates and get to gel a little with them before we start competing for points. Our rivals seem to manage that.

    Late is better than never though, as last summer taught us… 😉

  48. nicky says:

    @Orson K,
    I’m not sure if you are being deliberately obtuse or whether that comes naturally to you.
    Feel free to criticise Arsenal FC and its manager. That is the unalienable right you have.
    The point I was trying to get through to you is……don’t waste time and energy trying to change things you cannot change.

  49. nicky says:

    @Henry B,
    Wish I was only 90 again. It’s 92 I’m afraid.
    But unlike some, I still know the difference between the LBW and the Off-side rules. 😉

  50. C says:


    I don’t think defenses necessarily fear Giroud like they did other strikers but I also think its because as a whole teams know how to play against Arsenal so while players like Ozil and Sanchez put fear, players like Giroud and Ramsey alo struggle because of our lack of changing game plans.
    Since Cesc we have been known as a tikitaka team and we haven’t evolved that like we have seen from Barca, Pep’s Bayern or other clubs that focus on possession ans that is the problem coupled with our strikers runnijg hot and cold and you have what we have. Add a more clinical striker and we can certainly take off but with that needs to come a shift in style of play as well.

  51. C says:

    Im interested to see what happens with out CB situation moving forward. Mert has his place and paired with one of Kos or Gabriel is fine for the most part. With Kos on vacation, its time for Chambers to step up or I wonder if Arsene will send him on loan to play regularly with an eye on taking over as Cb3 thr following year. Mert will continue to play even if he is sold for a small fee back to Germany.

  52. C says:

    I see Xhaka is immersing himself into the Gooner universe. He has apparently been training in Kosovo and spending time with various Arsenal supporter groups. I honestly believe he has the makings of a future Arsenal captain.

  53. Orson Kaert says:

    “Don’t waste time and energy trying to change things you cannot change” If we all had your attitude, Nicky, we would all still be living in the dark ages.

    Henry, do I take it that you are a Wenger supporter first and an Arsenal supporter second?

  54. C says:

    And the transfer that you never thought would happen:

    Both Bayern and Dortmund have confirmed that Gotze is potentially heading back to Dortmund.

  55. Orson Kaert says:

    C, did you not see the reports about Bayern Munich expressing an interest in signing Koscielny? We could yet finish up with a central pairing of Merts and one of Gabriel or Chambers. Especially as contract talks about improved terms for Kos have stalled.

    Of course we no longer have to sell our best players every year, our manager said so.

  56. jonnygunner says:

    Kos isn’t one of our best players.

  57. Wavey says:

    Looking forward to the 1st September. We’re going to have one hell of a team with all the purchases we will have made by then.

  58. C says:


    I’m not sure what to make of the Kos to Bayern interest. Don’t think there is much to it for this summer especially since they just bought Hummels to play alongside Boateng and I doubt Kos would want to go and play as there CB3.

  59. santori says:

    Look at the silly money at the moment.

    Pogba for 120m, no news of any contact confirmed between clubs yet but potentially ridiculous sums.

    Gonzalo for 80m to Juventus, they may have to off load Pogba but more likely they have alreay shed Morata for 23m plus a number of other players rumoured on market including Rugani to make weight for such a transfer.

    Draxler rumoured at 55m

    Remember of course these are all rumours but you get a sense how much players are costing at the moment particularly with Hulk going to China for 47m putting pressure on second tier strikers as is and further tightening the supply.

    And you think we can afford to play the same game?

    There are 7-8 clubs who are willing to and can spend more than us. PSG, Bayern, Barca, Real, UNited, Chelsea, City and Juve Some of these will have similar requirements to us.

    Consideirng the potential competition, that we have brought in Granit one of the most promising DM/Mids for 30m early on in itself should be seen as an achievement but some prefer as per usual to see this as cup half full.

    Staying on the rumour front, there is some talk that we are keeping tabs as well on Icardi at Inter.

    Far from complete, he is 23yrs and represents good potential (like Draxler) but with already a good working sense of how to act as a node playing others in from the middle thereby less risk. Who knows? He could develop into the next Higuain and certainlys eems good value if age/development is considered. Again no price mentioned but if he is anywhere 22m to 28m in current market, it would be a decent buy IMO.


  60. santori says:

    Asano is a punt for the future. Wenger mentioned it. Much like Campbell.

    Could be the next Miyaichi or maybe the next Honda. Certainly no risk given the price and the sort of crazy money for other strikers at the moment.

    What I think the Asano purchase hints at is the boss is very uncertain about current market (as last summer) and how it will all play out which was also why he made the bid for Vardy early on. But Vardy is 29yrs and represents less of a future so no reason to follow higher on price offered (as you see, no other PL pursued the matter when we dropped it)

    You need to understand the market and how it works better and not try to read in what you want to see.;)

  61. santori says:

    Koscielny – As I mentioned we need a Cback not because Per is slow or poor.

    We need a Cback because BOTH players bFG and KOscileny (our best pairing) are entering the later stage of their careers.

    That Koscielny may not pursue with us at end of contract should not come as surprise. OTOH, we may see an agreement with Arsenal and him yet.

    BUT regardless, we need a player to come in to eventually succeed Per and also possibly Koscielny. Particularly we need this player if one of them gets injured because Gabriel (who may have a breakthrough season) at the moment is not looking business end despite all this talk about pace.

    Therefore we need to bring in a striker at a reasonable cost to club so we can spread the money sufficienly to ALSO bring in a Cback (or should Wenger IMO incorrectly insist on pursuing the strategy of turning Calum into a fullback, maybe another Rback instead)

    Rugani is rumoured to be on radar. Roma just put up the not for sale sign for Manolas (which could be posturing or the real deal but the Juventus defender may be part of the entourage being cleared to ‘make way’ for Higuain. He’s young at 21yrs but has decent height at 6’3 and decent mobility.

  62. santori says:

    Simply put, many people do not understand how a market work.

    It isn’t fixed price.

    With the amount of heat on at the moment, the prices are very high. As you come to end of the window with some of the competitors (hopefully) committed, the prices for certain targets may lower.

    I say may because we can never know but with less competition for certain players (and we need to worry about the 7-8 clubs who cans spend more), those agents who want to move their product will have to put out a more realistic price.

    Its not for the faint of heart certainly not for your average pundit who has never worked in the window.

  63. santori says:

    …oh and we won’t be selling Per.

    Why do we consistently want to sell our best assets.

    Sell Metersecker ahead of Gabriel?

    Sell GIroud ahead of Walcott.

    Most people are missing the point because they slavishly listen to media punditry.

    We need 3 quality Cbacks and that would preferably be BFG, Koscleiny and a new Cback (hopefully Gabriel in time will improve to replace one of the older ones)

    We need at least 2 strikers to weigh in one of which will be the consistent Giroud. The other should not be Walcott who has been erratic.

    Take out Giroud and BFG and you are asking for trouble next season. Your new asset gets a knock and you are left with Walcott and Gabriel.

    Players are not widgets as well. This isn’t FIFA17. They will need time to settle in and acclimatise.

    If you listen to the media logic, you lose your grey cells quick. I suggest being a bit more circumspect.:D

  64. nicky says:

    @Orson K,
    I think you need some history revision.
    Through the ages, men have progressed by changing things they were able to change.
    Their wisdom was to accept what was possible at the time and what was not.
    Something you appear not to understand.

  65. Orson Kaert says:

    Nicky, I would never accept any history lessons for you.

    I find your attitude of passive acceptance pathetic.

    We have disagreed frequently in the past on other sites where you used a different name and I have chosen to ignore your
    comments. I have to admit to being briefly fooled by your use
    of a different name of ACLF but now realise who you are so I
    will in future ignore anything posted under the name Nicky.

  66. Wavey says:


    We all talk about targets we’d like to see at the club, but it is true that we don’t really know who the club is after, or who Wenger thinks would be a good fit with his current squad. What we do know is that towards the end of May Wenger said that he expected to bring in three players over the summer and that he hoped to have the deals completed prior to the Euros. Since Xhaka was already in the bag at that point (officially announced almost immediately afterwards) and we had a very public go at Vardy which ultimately failed, I’d say that Asano was also planned well in advance and was probably the third of the three mentioned. I’m making that assumption as we haven’t heard a single rumour about another player which has any indication of genuine interest by the club. All of the other rumours are exactly that and in many cases the clubs have indicated that Arsenal has not enquired about the rumoured player. So I’m assuming that we can only be working on the alternative to Vardy (unless Wenger is on another of his that player or no one quests). I understand that transfer deals can take time and don’t just happen, but we seem to have made no contact with any of the perceived targets. So we are either doing nothing, or we are going to bring in a player from left field that no one (except maybe C) has ever heard of.

  67. nicky says:

    @Orson K,
    I have commented on this site under the pseudonym “nicky” for many years and NEVER under any other name.
    So who you have disagreed with is certainly not me.
    I get the impression now that paranoia is the name of your game.
    It’s not your fault and there is medical help available.
    In the meantime, a little advice.
    Never attempt to assist your point of view by claiming support from a fictitious number of supporters of our great Club. You will always be caught out, believe me.

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