France Smite, Asano and Summer Temperatures Rise


So, the smiters were smited. And how.

France were outstanding in the first half yesterday evening and however much Iceland may have been tired, they were overrun by a technically superior side. Every player in blue knew what they were supposed to do and did it.

Olivier Giroud enjoyed a fine evening’s work. Hailed and condemned in equal measure, the brace of goals and an assist was enough to see him cast as the solution to Arsenal’s striking problem. His fifteen game barren run was forgotten as his abilities were talked up; nine goals in as many internationals, it seems, proves he is not the problem.

When he’s scoring, he isn’t. When he’s not, we don’t have an alternative and that is the problem. Giroud at Arsenal is a different beast to the one in a French shirt. He has support for country, players willing to bust a gut to get into the box to score if he can’t. He has a manager who imbues the confidence to shoot on sight, to not be afraid to miss.

He certainly doesn’t enjoy any more support from the stands; derision is so regular that he must feel that his surname is Gir-boo.

The reality is that he is a player who scores in streaks. No problem with that; if you know that limitation, you plan accordingly. Arsenal don’t and that’s why Giroud becomes an issue a couple of times each season. The barren runs come without warning and we don’t have enough goalscorers in the side to compensate. Crucially, he doesn’t have the competition for his place in the side which might instil some consistency in him.

Perhaps he needs a strike partner; he certainly thrives with Griezmann alongside him so is it time to move Alexis to a more central role? Would that nullify Alexis’ effectiveness or choke the supply line? It’s an issue Arsène must consider if he doesn’t sign another striker this summer.

Which, of course, he has. The club agreed the signing of Takuma Asano, a 21 year-old Japanese forward. Immediate comparisons were made to the Arsenal careers of Inamoto and Park, which I understand. But, if that criteria was applied to every deal, Mesut Özil certainly wouldn’t have been signed because frankly, Malz and Bischoff ought to have deterred Arsène from signing any Germans.

I don’t know if the lad is any good and neither will you for a few seasons either, as he doesn’t seem to fit the automatic work permit criteria and struggles to get the necessary appeal points. Even Arsène referred to the player as “one for the future”, signalling a loan spell rather than coming straight into the squad to challenge for a place.

Timing though, is everything. Set against the arrivals of Ibrahimovic, Mkhitaryan and Batshuayi, Asano is an underwhelming addition to the squad. It fuels every negative stereotype against the manager and chips away at his transfer market credibility with sections of the support.

However, let’s be honest, he’s isn’t a primary target this summer however easily he is portrayed as such. It’s grist to the mill for the clickbaiters and supporter frustrations which manifest when rivals are strengthening their starting line-up whilst we plan longer term.

How, you might wonder, did others feel when we moved to sign Xhaka quickly whilst their clubs planned their transfers at a later date? A sense that Arsenal had stolen a march and meant business; we did too, there’s no denying that.

The problem for Arsenal is history. Claiming Arsène isn’t prepared to sign big money players doesn’t work, we know he is. By the same token, holding Özil and Sanchez up as examples of a coherent transfer policy failed when we didn’t sign a single outfield player last summer.

Now is the opportunity for the club to show they’ve learned from that. We can’t afford to sit on the sidelines any more with new managers bringing new ideas and investment to rivals. A top four finish may bring Champions League football but our continued and unending failure to progress beyond the last sixteen damn the manager a little more every season.

It’s no good Ivan Gazidis or any board member telling us that the money is available when it isn’t spent. That’s just a weak-willed director trying to shift the blame onto the manager, excusing their own failure to manage Arsène.

We won’t always sign the top target – or if we do, our aim is too low in terms of quality – but there has to be a longer list than we appear to have each summer. If there isn’t, questions are rightly asked of why we go into the season consistently short of players in key positions.

That it changes each year – one season, it’s a centre back, the next a striker – suggests that Arsène isn’t blind to a particular position. It tells us that he may be too fussy about the players he wants. It suggests that financial conservatism is too deeply ingrained in the club’s culture. That’s as dangerous to aspirations as recklessness.

Anyway, the international transfer window has been open just over three days so it’s basically too soon to lose your heads. The time for that may yet come but just for once, it might not…

’til Tomorrow.

71 thoughts on “France Smite, Asano and Summer Temperatures Rise

  1. Wavey says:


    There’s already been some nonsense floating around the interweb. Allegedly AW spoke to Canal+ post the France/Iceland and suggested Giroud’s would mean that Arsenal may not need a striker. Clearly that is nonsense as he is working for BEIN Sports for the Euros. Did he nip out for a quick interview with Canal+ before plonking back down in his seat in the BEIN Sports studio for another session of post-match analysis?

    There is also a nasty rumour that Wenger thinks Lacazette is too expensive at the quoted price of £40m. This is one that I truly hope isn’t true, as it would suggest that we will miss out on all the bigger names and end up trying fit in an unknown from the bargain bucket. Don’t worry, Sanogo is back. He was free, so that’s something.

  2. andy1886 says:

    Hmm, a bit of a false comparison suggesting that Malz, Bischoff and Ozil are anything like Inamoto, Park and Asano really YW. Obviously Ozil was a big name, the other two were unknowns who didn’t come off. Asano is much more like the other two Asian players, in fact he’s probably the least well known of the trio in that group, so it’s far more valid to link Asano to say Park than Malz to Ozil.

    Agree though that Giroud looks better playing with a partner. Something I’d like to see tried at Arsenal unless we sign that superstar that can provide enough goals on his own.

  3. andy1886 says:

    That said Asano is really an irrelevance. Not ready, probably never will be (even his record in the rather poor J-League is nothing to write home about). I’d give odds of about 100 to 1 that he’s ever a regular starter for us so for me it’s a pointless acquisition. Another Wellington Silva? By the time we know we will have probably forgotten about him.

  4. YW says:


    The Lacazette one, I think, has some essence of truth. £40m? It’s a risk for him; hasn’t featured for national team for a year despite a decent club record. The question is why no one else has looked at him seriously, beyond West Ham?

    Is there something there or just other preferences? When you see the dross some of the big clubs have had recently, it’s surprise we’re seemingly getting a free run at him.

  5. YW says:

    Spurious Andy? No more than damning someone because of others who’ve gone before him, I don’t think. Park was an established international, having played 100+ times for Monaco in France.

    And don’t knock the Wellington. He’s a fully-fledged member of the first team squad now!

  6. Luke says:

    Good morning YW

    Your assessment of Giroud does suggest that the problem with Giroud is not wholly of his own making:

    “When he’s not (scoring), WE don’t have an alternative”

    “Giroud AT ARSENAL IS A DIFFERENT BEAST to the one in a French shirt”

    “if you know that limitation (of scoring in streaks), you plan accordingly. ARSENAL DON’T and that’s why Giroud becomes an issue”

    That being the case, shouldn’t we cut him some slack and not slaughter him for being unable to help win the title for Arsenal?

  7. andy1886 says:

    Nice word that YW (Spurious). I wouldn’t condemn him because of his nationality though, it’s just that there seems to be very little evidence that he is actually anywhere near good enough to be an Arsenal player. And at 21 there should be at least something to suggest that he’s a special talent, which as far as I can see isn’t the case.

    Anyway, Arsene has far more important issues to deal with, like what he’s going to do when he retires after next season ends 😉

  8. Pete the Thirst says:

    Giroud – like a new signing!

    Looks like we’re heading into comedy season, while Nero heads off on his holidays.

  9. Jonny says:

    Oh grow up, no one is ‘slaughtering’ Giroud.

    All anyone ever says is that he is not quite good enough and that we need better alternatives.

  10. Damon says:

    I posted over the weekend, I’d be interested in seeing Giroud play with a strike partner. Sanchez and Welbeck (when fit) would both offer interesting combinations.

    To answer you YW, I’d like to see Sanchez centrally. I think his industry can cause havoc better there, with and without the ball. I also think he’s becoming a little bit predictable coming off the left. Everyone knows he wants to cut inside get it on his right and give it hammer.

    Thining about the crux of what I was saying over the weekend is that we’ve been using a double pivot to bring two skills sets. The destroyer and the distributor – Le Coq and Santi being the obvious two. But we potentially now have freed up one of those, as we have all that in Granit. I know if’s a bit simplistic to say it this way, but it free’s up a spot in the eleven. I’d like to see that given to having another striker on the pitch with Giroud. I also think that Giroud and Vardy would’ve been an exciting pairing

  11. Damon says:

    Apparently Everton are going to try and nab Mata from United? If they hold what they”ve got and add a few more of that quality, they’ll be a major problem next year

  12. YW says:

    £20m apparently Damon. Mourinho really doesn’t like him!

  13. Jonny says:

    Mata would be a superb signing for Everton.

  14. Damon says:

    I’d imagine a few will be in for him at that price. Especially as he’s only 28 – three good years in him at least

  15. Damon says:

    I could easily see Mata moving deeper to centre mid, a la Santi for us?

  16. Birdkamp says:

    Its not really a big story is it? Most big clubs sign players like Asano every season and send them off on loan or to their B teams if it’s Spain or Germany. It probably won’t work out, but the small chance it might makes it worthwhile.

  17. Birdkamp says:

    As long as we didn’t go on a wild sheep chase to find him.

  18. Pistol Fish says:

    The Giroud debate rolls on. I am one of those aparrent morons that think he’s not good enough to be our no1. No 2 maybe, but still think we could do better. I’ve seen nothing in the 4/5 or 3 and a quarter years (depending who your taking too) to come to any other conclusion. I’ve been following Arsenal for 25 years and would be interested to hear who was a worse no 1 in that time? In fact have we have for the most part had better no 2’s during that period.
    The simple fact that he has had to be dropped in two seasons at crucial times in the season says it all.
    I’m 100% confident he will be our no 1 again next season and it will be Groundhog Day all over again.

  19. YW says:


    Problem is that it’s the only story at present. As I said in the post, it’s wholly underwhelming compared to those surrounding the other big 3 teams.

    I think most find it disturbing we’re not linked with anyone beyond Lacazette.

  20. Damon says:

    I tend to agree with you on this one Big Al

    I think we have to say the timing isn’t great, but that can’t really be helped. The Granit deal being long enough ago for it to be “forgotten” about Certainly when all the others signed their first big name this summer, it’s faded away compared to them.

    i thinik it’s saving grace is that he can’t get a work permit. It takes away the possibility he could be a starter next season. That can’t happen, so it’s not like this is our new CF. Let’s not all get foaming at the mouth just yet!

  21. Damon says:

    Although, if the reports that he’s baulking at £40m for Lacazette are true, we’re probably fucked

    Mane just went for that. Give or take a J-League U21 1 goal in 5 games CF

  22. Birdkamp says:

    I’d be pretty keen on Lacazette, YW. There are question marks – there was a big falling out at the start of last season or something. But his late season form was ridiculous. Not too sure why other clubs have been cautious. Definitely not a big guy though – we might be a bit vertically-challenged with him and Alexis up front.

  23. Pistol Fish says:

    If Wenger thinks 40mil is too much for Lacazzette were in trouble. If it’s a attitude or personality issue then fine. Rumor has it he is a bit petulant. But on goal scoring ability we are not going to find better for less.
    I’d still like to give Yarmalenko a try or some other up and coming CF. bring them in and let them know they are no 2 but the no 1 spot is up for grabs.

  24. Birdkamp says:

    Optimistically, I guess you’re looking at a certain amount of legwork done for the Vardy deal. There were whispers as early as May time. So I suppose you’ve got to count a few weeks on from the Vardy collapse around mid-June before you hear anything substantial. If there’s anything to be heard.

  25. Orson Kaert says:

    The major problem with Giroud as our main striker is his unpredictability.

    No one, including Giroud, knows when he will enter one of his barren periods nor how long it will last. It is not until he has failed to score for several games that it can be said to be one of his non-scoring streaks.

    Planning for such events is impossible.

    The solution is to pay whatever it takes to buy a reliable replacement.

  26. Atid says:

    I can’t help thinking that a 4312 formation would get the best out of all the existing players. Giroud would get alexis as a partner, just like alexis plays for Chile. Ozil would play just behind them and ramsey and cazorla would flank xhaka.

    As for the width well our full backs can provide that.

  27. andy1886 says:

    Atid, I quite like the idea but although our FB’s can provide width going forward we’d struggle to defend out wide IMO. Ramsey and Cazorla provide cover doesn’t fill me with confidence and anyone playing a more conventional 442 is going to walk through our midfield if we’re not careful. Can’t see Ozil and Alexis doing much tracking back into our own half.

    Personally I still like 442 (or something close to it). We won titles that way, City won their titles that way and so did Leicester last season. Only Chelsea have won the league playing a single striker two seasons back, before that even they had the likes of Kalou (still on our radar? lol) up with Drogba.

  28. Akshay says:

    I agree on the 4312 debate. Suits all our strengths and considering the lack of width from likes of the Ox and Walcott….We can get the best of Alexis, Giroud and Ozil at the same time……when the full backs go forward, Xhaka and Elneny can form an effective shield and protect the center backs

  29. C says:

    From my understanding and reports, PSG chased him last summer and the start of this one but Lyon is refusing to sell to them because of bad blood. 40m for Lacazette is fair especially when you look at his goal scoring record and consider he just turned 25 years old.

  30. C says:

    @Big Al

    We might be vertically chqllenged but both Lacazette and Sanchez have good to great leaps and score their fareshare of headers. Plus, we dont really send in crosses, more zip passes along the ground.

  31. C says:

    Here is something else to think about, Giroud is set to turn 30 this season and has never been a prolific goal scorer; so are we going to change the whole system for a striker that has never been prolific when we have out best players(Ozil, Sanchez, Xhaka) all players that moving forward will be the core of this team? Why but a striker to develop with them(Lacazette, Icardi, Lukuka even) and allow them to be 1.a to Giroud’s 1.b but still keeping Giroud in the fold. I would get changing thr system for a Ibra or even Higuain who have been clinical goal scorers their whole career.

    Again, I’m not and have never said sell Giroud, just remember that he has never been clinical and was bought as a Plan B.

  32. C says:

    Leicester have agreed to sign Ahmed Musa. They have made some good signings potentially in Musa and Mendy. If they can keep Kante and Mahrez (which look more and more likely) they won’t be just a one season wonder.

  33. Ras says:

    As France and Germany continue to go deeper in the competition Giroud and Ozil are both going to be reporting for ” pre season training” later than many of the others. It will be the same for Ramsey.

    The swelling, the injury to Sanchez does not look so goodm so he is going to need to rest, get over his injury and then return to training. So where am I going with this?

    I hope that we will have a striker and ALL the required players in place for the start of the new season. Other wise I FEEL we are going to be playing catch up.

  34. donut says:

    I watch a lot of French football in the flesh and Bathshuyai was the one we wanted, Lacazette had a strop last year over summer move / non-move but came good. Would have no problem with 40m for him in the current climate.

  35. Wavey says:

    Even if there is a bit of uncertainty over Lacazette, why argue too much over price? They have already turned down bids in the low 30’s so it’s not going to be a bargain price. It depends on aspirations, but if we don’t end up stumping up the big big bucks it’s going to cost for the “stars” we just end up sitting on our hands again. So throw down a £35m – £36m bid and see if that shakes them up. Letting the world know that you aren’t happy about the price makes no sense. Bid or walk away, but don’t make noises about the cost of players. Has he scored goals? Yes. Will he for Arsenal? Don’t know, but adding no one leaves us as we were, but with our opponents signing new players and having hungry new managers. I’m not going to be feeling relieved that we didn’t spend that extra £5m on Lacazette if we don’t bring anyone else in. Time to step up if we are going to go head to head next season.

  36. silvergunner says:

    Afternoon YW I like the idea of 4312 system but as already highlighted requires a very disciplined midfield that understands the importance of covering exposed fullback areas. Personally I think we would be best of with 442 Ozil doesn’t have to play of giroud he can ‘occupy’ the left wing or right wing which he often did at Madrid without curtailing his creativity. Sanchez can move central and would probably core more goals from here.
    I too think that lacazette is a good striker at £40m it’s a bit steep but he’ll guarantee goals seriously though Aubameyang is still at Dortmond why not push the boat out for him though?

  37. C says:

    I always found it interesting that people look at strikers as, “who else is in for them”; if we are going with that logic, who is in for Giroud? Its not as if we haven’t heard other clubs complain about the price of an Arsenal player(see Ospina, Campbell, Sczny) yet we have heard clubs intrigued and interested in: Jack(even while he was injured), Ramsey, Ox, Theo, Ozil, Sanchez, Santi, Bellerin, Nacho, Kos, hell even Debuchy and Gibbs; yet nothing on Giroud. Just a thought.

  38. silvergunner says:

    Looks like the Rodriguez rumours aren’t going away either.

  39. HenryB says:

    I think you may have misunderstood the ‘who else is in for him’ comment C.

    What is implied by that phrase is that ‘no one else is interested, so he is probably not good enough’ and the corollary to that is, ‘if he is any good then Barca, Real or Citeh would have had a nibble – they have not, ergo he is not’.

    I would not be unhappy if we signed Lacazette for £40m but as he stands at 5’8″ that would equate to approximately £588K per inch. 🙂

    Giro is not everyone’s cup of tea, and I get irritated with him sometimes too, but it is all a question of judgement, he is in the France team while £40m [£588K per inch] Lacazette is not – so how much should Giro cost?
    The fact is that Lacazette is not really a CF, he is more of a winger, and not a replacement for Giro, but for the Ox or Theo (well no, not Theo, he will still be with us earning £millions a year when he is a white bearded old man with a walking stick just coming into his prime years on the wing.]

    Part of me is really disappointed that those players we seem to have been interested in, have said — thanks but no thanks — and gone elsewhere, it seems, or in the case of Vardy stayed at his current club.
    Then again, the thought strikes me that the transfer season only started last Friday and there is nearly 3 months to go — so, joy still to come? or more excruciating contortions in the never-ending Arsenal transfer shenanigans? Oh, bollix!

  40. HenryB says:

    ### Sky Sports says that the Summer transfer window for the Premiership starts on June 9th, and closes on August 31st.

    But one good thing going for me is that we have almost used up one month of the window so only about 2 months of purgatory to go! Yay!!

  41. Birdkamp says:

    Ah, Spain, don’t ever change!

    Three things dominate the news every week in Spain: A given weekend’s death toll on the roads, domestic violence and finally someone in office getting done for hilarious embezzlement

    Actually just a few months ago there was one where this mayor built a huge cultural complex in a rural village of like 500 people. Not to forget the billion Euro state-of-the-art international airport in Castile-La Mancha which hasn’t had a scheduled flight for five years.

  42. Goonerton says:

    Anybody seen Pep? Oh sorry he’s in Manchester working, making power moves and employing new staff to improve his team.

    Eh.. Anybody seen Jose? Oh shit sorry he’s also in Manchester working, making power moves and employing new staff to improve his team.

    Anybody seen Wenger? Yeah he’s working for BEIN TV covering Euros and busy employing playing staff who nobody has ever heard of. He’s already done the marquee signing what more.

  43. Goonerton says:

    Hands up if you smell that same ole shit again

  44. C says:


    I get what your saying but then again can’t the same be said of Giroud, who has been in for him since his arrival at Arsenal even with his performances for France.

    Size isn’t everything give Aguero is only 5’8, Defoe is only 5’8″ and we have seen quite a few others. The thing is, he is strong, powerful and stockily built so no worries about dealing with PL CB’s. I don’t care who gets picked for country to be completely honest with you, I mean Aguero doesn’t start for Argentina, Gotze keeps getting picked for Germany despite barely featuring for Bayern. I mean look at Welbeck, he has 14 goals in 35 matches for England yet for club he struggles with hus finishing.

    Lacazette started as a winger but has made the transition to CF and done so in breathtaking fashion. I have seen you say you wanted Aubameyang, he started as a winger and made the transition. Funny how that works huh? We have also seen a couple others start as wingers and transition to CF’s, unless you have forgotten.

    I tend to agree though, I think its clear we need a CF after going through 4 years with Giroud as our #1 and to see other clubs making moves and then players telling Arsenal no thanks, it does make you wonder what exactly is going on. We have seen Vardy and Mhikitaryn thus far at least publicly, but have also seen Batshuyi head to Chelsea, even though we were reported to be interested. Maybe somebody will come in maybe they won’t but I have a sneaky feeling that we may head into the season with our strike force the same as it stands at present.

    Here is a question though: what other big club with aspirations of winning silverware would keep on with a striker that runs so hot and cold for 4 straight years? One who was never prolific before his breakout season and hasn’t been since.

  45. silvergunner says:

    Still available :-
    Draxler – Can he convert to a CF?

    But I have a sneaky feeling Giroud will be our number one choice come start of the season.

  46. YW says:

    There’s an airport in Castellon in similar condition, Al. The only passengers its carried in the last five years are the Villarreal football team for away games!

  47. C says:


    I would ad Yarmolenko to that group along with Icardi.

  48. philmar says:

    Asano is a curious signing. Why we are wasting our front office, lawyers and medical staff’s energies processing signings of this sort is confusing. He doesn’t seem to possess promising potential at age 21. But neither did Koscielny I guess.
    The first thing that came to mind was that Arsene was signing his love child from a dalliance while coaching Nagoya Grampus 8…he was there in 95/96. Yeah ,this is how internet rumours start.

  49. philmar says:

    Who is in for Giroud?
    I’d say over 50% of the world’s population. But that’s just the women and few of them manage professional football teams.

  50. C says:

    Reports coming from Italy say we are set to sell Sczny to Roma for about 15m. Seems to be to be a bit strange but so be it. Why not send him on loan as all parties seemed to favor it early in the summer and it made sense since Cech has 2-3 years left potentially and Ospina potentially wanting to leave.

  51. Ricardo Estee-Wale says:

    …Bischoff wasn’t German though. French dad and Portuguese mum.

  52. andy1886 says:

    It’d be a surprise C, but to be honest we are due a bit of a clear out. I’d have thought we might have made a few sales by now, we usually sell early and buy late. Wouldn’t have picked Szczesny as most likely leaver though.

  53. HenryB says:

    I see what you are getting at, C, but no one is ‘coming in’ for Giro — anyway, it is becoming more and more likely that Vardy was AW’s big venture into the CF world and, as usual, if that does not work there does not seem any other alternative.

    We spoke before of Seville’s system (courtesy of Yogi’s article referral) of having backup buys, and we do not seem to have any such fall back. Well let’s be honest, Tacky Asmovim at £3.5m was a ‘project’ and perhaps he has news about Welbeck recovering faster than expected? Who knows?

    We moved quickly for Granite, and that’s fine, but, again, did we really need another midfielder, however good, as a priority over a striker/CF? I would rather have had Overbuymeang or another tip top CF.

  54. C says:


    Tend to agree, I thought we would sell and though it might be unpopular among many, I thought a couple of Theo(sigh, I have admitted a bit of defeat), Ox, potentially Gibbs and one of Ramsey, Jack or Santi. I like you didn’t think Scnzy, he had a good season for Roma and as with many GK’s they get better with age and maturity. Hell, just 2 seasons ago when he won the Golden Gloves and was our saving grace on many occassions he was being mentioned, ability wise with Courtious and De Gea as the “Next Generation” of top quality European GK.

  55. Columbus Arsenal (MA) says:

    I would imagine there are many that will likewise be delighted with Girouds form, adding value to his transfer fee. Now would seem the apt time to,assign him to the once were Arsenal players column. Probably the most derided player outside Flamini, who finds himself in that column already.

  56. C says:


    That is the head scratcher in all of this, if Vardy was the big CF venture and then nothing, it makes you really have to wonder if the lessons that should have been learned in transfer windows past have actually been learned and gotten through.

    Sevilla have done brilliantly not only in the players they have chosen but managers as well. They lost their Polish destroyer to PSG but bought Nzonzi (who was widely considered one of La Liga’s signing of the year) who has slotted in perfectly so shouldn’t be much of a drop off in their system. Arsenal would do well to follow that model of Plan B and C but they don’t seem to be, o well.

    Xhaka wasn’t a priority but given how our midfield has struggled the move is certainly understandable. I tend to agree though, I would of thought especially after Arsene talked seemingly every week after Christmas about how we needed to be more clinical in the CF department that a CF would be in early. There is still time and quite a few top quality CF’s but its interesting that there hasn’t been much rumored outside Lacazette. One situation (though I think the time has passed on him coming) that I think we should monitor is Higuain who has spoken (both he and his manager who is his brother) about wanting out of Napoli. Could be an interesting 2 months to the window.

    What I don’t wish to happen is Giroud being our only CF or having no competition based on his Euro performance. 4 or 5 years as our main CF is long enough for my money. What happens next summer should we not buy a CF or struggle this season; I think we will be looking at the likes of Ozil and Sanchez potentially wanting out through lack of ambition from the club.

  57. YW says:

    Good spot, Eicardo. Peculiar that 196 of his 252 appearances have been for German clubs. Save me looking – what’s god connection?

  58. Birdkamp says:

    YW, so that was the one on their shirts? Guess the advertising didn’t help!

  59. santori says:

    Tsk tsk… people here discussing who is available as a striker from what they know from gossip collums and general knowledge.

    There will be movement in market with Zlatan gone at PSG. Say if Higuain moves to PSG, what happens to Cavanni? Or if Diego Costa moves because there is no CL footy at Chelsea.Morata is now back at Real, should they keep him, what happens to Benzema?

    YOu guys are operating from an extremely limited knowledge base and making assumptions.

    Fact is GIroud is a damm good striker scoring 10 goals in 8 games for France 24 last season for us and constantly in the 20 goal mark over last 3 seasons for club.

    There is a reason Deschamp starts him ahead of the much fancied Lacazette in these parts. And it is effective for France with Payet and Greizzman, as it is with Italy and pelle playing a similar role flanked by Eder and Ghiaccherini.

    We will need another striker because Walcott is not consistent . Welbeck barely available.

    Asano is a punt for the future like Campbell was but many here tend to get their knickers in a twist imagining the worse outcome.

    Again as I have mentioned, there are 6-7 clubs that can spend more than us. If we should move too early for our target, they can easily muscle in ahead of us.

    But too late and we risk missing secondary tier strikers good enough but not perfect for our requirement, particularly with the spending power of other PL clubs and the fact that China able to spend 47m on Hulk is also compressing the supply chain.

    This is the issue right now and we need to be patient.

    Wenger is one of the best in the market (should he be willing to sign which is the caveat and I can understand some of the trepidation)

    It’s still early in in transfer market with Euros still in full swing. I think the bulk of the manouvering will not happen till later.

    We shall have to wait and see.

  60. santori says:

    Meanwhile more chatter about us and Morata.

    As mentioned we have to see how these clubs like Madrid move. Do they keep MOrata or do they sell Benzema or sell Morata or bring in say Costa or bring back Higuain???

    They can spend more than us.

    Should they feel they cannot take Morata to the heights he may promise, then maybe Wenger might be a great option for the young Spaniard to fully realise his ‘world class’ potential.

    Certainly as and out and out future heir to GIroud, he seems a great blend of height physical power technicality and pace.

  61. C says:


    Funny you say we have limited knowledge of the market yet go on to explain as though you have extensive knowledge. May I ask, are you an agent or club official, otherwise you are stating an opinion no different from us.

    You talk about Giroud’s record for France but fsil to mention his record for Arsenal. Sure you say Deschamps choices Giroud over Lacazette but fail to mention that Lacazette has done something in France that Giroud couldn’t, you know score 20 goals in a LEAGUE season which is more than Giroud has done if I’m not mistaken in his whole career.

    You talk of Giroud being chosen for France yet fail to mention that if not for Benzema’s case, Giroud is #2. More you talk about players not being chosen for country yet fail to mention that it happens quite often, say for instance Icardi or Giovinco who are both top quality players, not to mention Kramer or Bender or even Thiago Silva. Picks for country aren’t always clear.

  62. Columbus Arsenal (MA) says:


    Giroux has scored 21 or more twice in his league career in a single season.

  63. HenryB says:


    But all players are lifted by their team mates’ and manager’s ability, or conversely never reach their potential for the same reason.

    My views on Giro have been exhaustively discussed as they are much the same as every one else’s, but ……. the above statement implies the Arsenal team have, like him, never been quite good enough – chicken and egg? 🙂

  64. Wavey says:

    I think France also play to Giroud’s aerial strength, which Arsenal patently don’t. And maybe that is another reason why Deschamps decided on Giroud over Lacazette, as the younger man isn’t exactly tall. Knowing what he had available to him the French coach went with a particular set up which plays to Giroud’s strengths. I really don’t know who Arsene builds his team around, apart from some concept of beautiful football.

  65. andy1886 says:

    Beautiful football to him Wavey, dull and without substance to me.

    Did you notice that Pep mentioned all the great coaches in the PL yesterday but Wenger’s name wasn’t amongst them?

    “In England, of course, the most important thing is football. The people don’t come to see who the manager is, they come to see how good the players are. With Jürgen Klopp, with Antonio Conte, with Claudio Ranieri, José Mourinho, Maurico Pochettino, Ronald Koeman, there are fine managers. But the reason I work here is just to help the players”

  66. Birdkamp says:

    I think we do play long to Giroud a fair bit. I see him contesting lots of headers for us.

    The main issue with OG is that he’s streaky. He’s perfectly fine for a few weeks, then is dodgy for a few, then comes back to form again. That’s not just his goal-scoring, but every part of his game.

    Said elsewhere but my biggest complaint with his game apart from those dry spells are when he’s under pressure a defender or two and the ball’s on the deck – he’ll usually cough up possession, which is a problem for us.

    Also, the team is of course the most important thing, and if the team performed better (i.e. didn’t have that wretched mf for three months of last season), he’d score more. That would push him up above 1 in 2, but with all the service in the world he’ll still have bad spells from what we’ve seen these last four years.

    I’d guess the reason why Lacazette was left behind was because he had a pretty average season until March or so. I haven’t read up on it, but I think he upset a few people at the start of the campaign too.

  67. Birdkamp says:

    In that 12 of his 21 goals were scored after March 6.

    There are a lot of people unconvinced by him. I’m sort of agnostic. Think he’s good and a better signing than Vardy (younger, more technical, more unpredictable), but there are questions aren’t there?

  68. Wavey says:


    We do play long to Giroud to hold it up, but we don’t often play crosses in to him. That’s been an issue for a while though. Bendy wasn’t a great player (although he’ll tell you otherwise), but he was pretty good in the air. For some reason we started playing him on the right wing so he was more likely to be delivering crosses rather than being on the end of them.

    It’s part of a theme that we have had for some time, not playing to the strengths of the players we have. I know AW has a style of play he wants from the team, but we don’t buy players who fit that style. So we don’t get the best out of the players we have. They should be adaptable to some degree, but when they shine for country and not club there must be something wrong.

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