Let The Mayhem Begin!


It feels like it ought to be a public holiday. Perhaps a moment when the UK integrates with our European cousins, nay, a global occasion of celebration. A moment when we dive gleefully into the back pages and scour the web for the merest morsel, the meagrest crumb of news. Yes, the Transfer Window is fully open!

I was going to suggest searching for titbits but frankly that’s a whole different discussion and you really do need to clear your browser history. So I’m told.

You came looking for some dissection of last night’s Euro 2016 action and when I find that action, I’ll dissect it. Not as bad as Portugal’s win over Croatia, it wasn’t as good as Poland’s penalties win over Switzerland either. And that was an utter non-event.

The two sides are distinctly average which makes England’s failure all the more painful but gives a certain clarity to the national team’s failings. The FA are being given a lot – and I mean a lot – of advice by ‘experts’ on who to appoint as Hapless Hodgson’s replacement but so long as they don’t dive head first into appointing Jurgen Klinsmann, I don’t mind.

Big Phil Scholari is interested in the job he turned down a decade ago and in no way should you read anything into the fact that he had a good job then and doesn’t now.

Anyway, the Portuguese are through and Ronaldo’s still not the hero. Fair play to him for taking the first penalty last night – and it was a good one – in front of the Polish supporters. It’s one of those moments when the élite players need to stand up and set an example; he did.

Interesting the Polish striker Milik has been coached by Dennis Bergkamp at Ajax on his finishing. His form this tournament may have sabotaged any dreams that Bergkamp had of returning to Arsenal…

Back to the transfer window. It’s the footballing equivalent of ‘Are we there yet?’ but one which fixates us, no matter how much you try to ignore it. A moment in a Hollywood movie where the hapless victim stares into the water unaware of the danger which lurks beneath.

It’s also a time when envy strikes, playing on your every fear, no matter how latent and deeply buried they may be. Rival clubs are busy in the market, signing anything with two legs and even one of them appears to be an optional extra. Their money is no object unless you object to how much money they’ve got to spend.

And we’ve got plenty of fears. Serial under-investment in the squad has harmed successive title challenges before a ball has been kicked in anger. That isn’t saying that Arsenal don’t spend or even enough, simply that Arsène habitually begins a new season with serious question marks over the depth in certain positions.

It’s not one area either; he’s gone into season’s with under-strength defence, midfield and strikers. I don’t whether it’s a relief that there isn’t one blind spot or whether to be concerned that there isn’t just one blind spot.

Last summer was baffling but you sense had a deep impact on the Arsenal psyche. The club’s transfer business was feeble; we’ve revisited the reasons and consequences time and again, so I don’t intend to do the same again this morning. Suffice to say, expectations this summer of filling the positions identified are low, despite Granit Xhaka’s arrival.

Football currently has a dearth of world-class strikers and even the next level down is poorly stocked. It’s put pressure on Wenger which is added to with stories that Gonzalo Higuain has rejected a contract offer from Napoli. The key element of that story is always omitted; the only dispute is over a release clause – the wages are fine so it’s unlikely he will leave this summer.

I know we look at other clubs and their seemingly decisive transfer market actions enviously. Frustration grows as Chelsea take one look at a player, offer €40m and he’s due to sign in a matter of days. Except Chelsea fans are probably frustrated by Batshuayi not being signed; “he’s had a medical, what’s the delay?” – sound familiar?

It could be worse, Arsenal could be selling shirts with Lacazette on the back already. It’s as if the name Aaron Ramsey has been erased from the Manchester United memory banks and certainly enough to make Borussia Dortmund hold out for €5m more or take Henrikh Mkhitaryan back to Germany. And his agent to an office furniture superstore so that he can chuck chairs about to his heart’s content.

On the Arsenal front, Juventus have been told to walk the big door marked “Do One!” after they enquired about Alexis Sanchez’s availability. They’ve only got to look at social media to find out that he’s on holiday with his foot up. I’m just surprised he hasn’t been ruled out for the season, such are our injury woes.

But that story signals that we’re here, the first day of July with pre-season soon to begin. Which makes the proper football ever closer.

Let the mayhem begin!

’til Tomorrow.

65 thoughts on “Let The Mayhem Begin!

  1. Pete the Thirst says:

    Jenko – Like a new signing!

  2. C says:

    Let the madness begin.

    You certainly see the talent in Renato Sanches that made Bayern sign him up and Carvalho has had a good tournament but that match was tough to watch.

    Transfer market, well lets see what happens. Still excited about Xhaka!

  3. Bufallo says:

    Let’s hope the madness begins, although i have my doubts.
    I’m interested to see how Xhaka gets on but i wouldn’t describe it as unbridled excitement, i’ll reserve that for when we sign a fast lethal striker….and that could be a long wait. Lacazette doesn’t excite me as much as Vardy – i like his directness and mental attitude above all. We need more of it in our squad. It’s only a penalty of course but i couldn’t help thinking as he walked up he’s an Arsenal player now, this is going miles wide and lo and behold…..theory elegantly backed up by Ozil. I simply cannot understand a weak penalty like that, in the same way i can’t understand poor corners – so watching england in the second half against iceland was torture, they looked punch drunk. Amazing what perceived pressure can do. Why oh why didn’t Woy bring on Rashford earlier – it was begging for him – instead he shafted him by giving him the time to do nothing.
    Juventus cannot afford Sanchez, there is little money in Italian football and we are one of, if not the, cash richest clubs in the world. They can have him for Pogba. Yeah right.

  4. HenryB says:

    You are right, Yogi, let the July mayhem begin, altho the juxtaposition of those words is enough to confuse some, like C, who prefers ‘madness’ to mayhem. 😀

    Searching for tidbits is fine, but turning up an ex-Spuds manager like Klinsman as a potential Arsene or Hodgson replacement is likely to be a bigger ‘morsel’ than any England or Arsenal fan could cope with. 😀

  5. HenryB says:


    Can I be a maverick and say that much tho I welcomed Xhaka-Tacka the excitement has begun to recede in my mind, and mention of tidbits is making me hungry for another transfer morsel – or two. 😀

  6. Damon says:


    I agree on Renato. I thought his goal was taken superbly and he was a nuisance for most of the game

  7. Wavey says:


    I’m guessing AW is with BEIN Sports until the bitter end of the Euros, so we know that absolutely nothing will happen at least until he’s back on the Arsenal payroll. Will the pool of available players have reduced much by then? Well, there’s always a rush of quick deals and the odd big name snapped up at the start of the window, but most of the activity for the big names doesn’t happen until the pace setters are knocked out. It’s almost like a political party’s leadership race, a few early names are simply in it to flush out the big boys. I just hope we are in the mix at the end rather than having missed all the excitement by the time we turn up. Benzema anyone?

  8. C says:


    While I most certainly hungry and wanting another especially in the form of a CF/winger that loves to score goals, I don’t think the excitement for me will recede simply because Xhaka is the type of DM I have banged on about for some time. That DM that we have been missing in midfield that compliments the likes of Ozil and Santi. Essentially he is our Busquets or Xabi or Kante.

  9. C says:


    He is a brilliant talent and to be only 18 or 19 headed to a club that knows how to well and truly develop young talents; the sky is the limit for him. The one thing that I enjoyed most was his “want to”, he was always wanting to be available to receive the ball, always wanting to make something happen and take players on and well his goal was very well taken. Those nuisances will only seem him reach his potential and his purchase is a stroke of genius by Bayern given Ribery and Robben aren’t getting any younger and both have struggled with injuries the past 2 seasons.

  10. C says:

    Latest on teh tranfer grounds:

    Townsend to Palace along with GK Steve Mandanda (good signing Mandanda is)
    Gayle has move from Palace to Newcastle
    Nolito has signed for Pep’s Citeh revolution, he will be Pep’s new version of Pedro

  11. C says:

    Ben Arfa signed with PSG and Higuain has apparently/reports say has cut ties with Napoli.

  12. Buckagh says:

    What amazes me is the fact that a player like Sanche is not even on our radar, I know it’s tournament football and players can deceive but he looks more than a good propect, but we will continue on with Ox and Theo who have flattered to deceive for years now,

  13. C says:


    Yup, but to be honest, I don’t think the vast majority of the supporters would have been happy if we had sign Sanches because he is only 18 or 19. He is one of the group of young players along with Koman, Pogba(when he was 18 or 19), Kondogbia, Imbulu, Rabiot and even Iwobi that look more than comfortable stepping on the biggest stage and performing because they are just that talented. Funny thing about Bayern is that they now have Koman (on loan) and Sanches (they bought over the summer) who are probably 2 of the most talented attacking players in the whole of Europe and both would be better than quite a few more experienced players. O well.

  14. andy1886 says:

    Ibra about to rock up at United. I must admit it would hilarious if he turned out to be one of those players who’s form just suddenly falls off a cliff one day (preferably after his first game). We’ve all seen it, one day a player just seems to lose it like his boots are suddenly filled with lead. On the plus side ‘Saint’ Ryan Giggs is also out of a job. More time for beating your partner and shagging your relatives then eh Ryan? 😉

    Good luck to the Welsh (the rest of them anyway) tonight. I know that they would rather become eunuchs than support the English but I have a soft spot for them and hope that they go all the way stuffing CRonaldo and that cheating bastard Pepe in the semis.

  15. santori says:

    Why do we need Sanches?

    We have Granit. This is one of the most solid performers in the Bundesliga, still young but sufficient experience that he isn’t entirely wet behind the ears.

    And there’s is Coquelin.

    Plus Jack, Santi, Elneny to link.

    Plus Ozil and Ramsey maybe ahead.

    What makes you think he wasn’t on the radar?

    The fact is there is no requirement for him particularly as we concluded Granit early.

  16. santori says:

    You also have to realise there is a lot of postuyring at the moment.

    The Vardy ‘incident’ perfectly illustrates what the media tend to do which is make a mountain out of a mole hill.

    not just us but most teams are scouring for talent and will be making offers. The players can elect to accept, bargain for a better position or use as leverage for other deals or extensions.

    But as soon as one of these myriad offers does not conclude, the media is all too quick to stoke the facile impressions of some Arsenal fans and categorise it as a failure.

    We will likely be linked to many players not on our own accord because for agents, it adds value(and a stamp of approval) to say we are interested, come on son, sign him now before they come in and buy him on the cheap.

    At the same time, we are likely watching (‘keeping track’) of many players (strikers) because you simply cannot fully predict how things develop particularly with short supply high demand.

    Which is why Wenger felt it fitting to make a quick punt on Vardy ahead of Euros.

    When you consider China is buying Hulk at 47m (a player still in decent age range), you can see just how tight the market is.

    That’s not in any ways to excuse us if we don’t do business but as I said last summer, there is little elasticity for top end strikers then because of forthcoming Euros. Clubs and players were less likely to come down on price.

    This summer, there will be movement but it may have to be precipitated by some clubs with deeper pockets than us first. With Zlatan moving from PSG, the wheels are beginning to set in motion.

    We need to keep our cards close to our chest because certain clubs can compete with us for similar product.

    That United have gone for Zlatan has potentially moved on of them out of the way.

    Remember, when Wenger took Ozil and Alexis, clubs like United were also in the market for similar players and willing to pay more than us for their services so it was no mean feat that Wenger managed to keep the info close to chest and sneak them in quickly when they finally became available (in Ozil’s case late on because of the Bale saga)

    There is some risk to any poker game but I suspect, Wenger in some ways may wait to see how certain clubs react before moving in for the kill.

    The problem is with clubs in CHina willing to spend on strikers nominally targets for other premier league clubs outside the big spenders, the supply chain for next tier of strikers is also competitive. We then risk not getting adequete enough if we should wait for top tier and get played out by the market.

    It’s a tricky balance.

  17. santori says:

    Personally, I hope the other big spenders get distracted by HIguain etc go into a feeding frenzy on the top end because I’d really like to see Wenger get someone like Draxler in to develop into the middle.

    He reminds me so much of RVP (hopefully with a better character)

    but this route is complicated with potentially needing to bring in cover as insurance whilst Draxler converts into the middle. We’ll need possibly then an adequete short term player who can cover the more physical side of Giroud’s role as anode for the team. Or unless Wenger should feel Walcott still has something to give over next 6 months.

    If we go for the ready made end, Higuain won’t lack suitors but it all depends where he may go. If he say ends at PSG for Zlatan, does Cavani become available? Or if Morata should stay at Madrid, will Benzema be moved?

    Plenty of permutations at the moment so I think we are watching to see the opportunity gap emerge.

  18. santori says:

    Ibra…depends if he is hungry. Certainly did not do much for Sweden.

    Mourinho pulled the strings and offered enticement to get him.

    The agent also handles Mythikarian and Pogba so plenty of chatter on that end.

    On the minus side for them, they are not in CL.

    But if they are willing to into stratospheric prices for Pogba, who knows?

    Juve has muscle but not enough to prevent Paul from leaving on an insane offer should he want to of course.

  19. Columbus Arsenal (MA) says:

    I would surmise that were Arsenal to have got another 18 or 19 year old, there would have been help to pay from the fan base. Sanches may or may not continue to develop but we’re he acquired by Arsenal there would have been a whole lot of complaining.

    In seperate news I see Crowley is off to Oxford for a season loan.

  20. C says:

    Sanches has all the makings of a quality winger so ofcourse he wouldn’t challenge Xhaka.

  21. C says:


    I saw that, he needed it as his lasy loan didn’t go well really at all. I think I read that the manager said he saw quality but he wasn’t ready physically or mentally. I think he is talented (I remember me and you talking about his move to Arsenal) but as you would expect physically he isn’t ready especially playing centrally.

  22. Columbus Arsenal (MA) says:

    Post Toral’s loan, every other youth player is behind the 8 ball. I would imagine Toral, Jeff and Iwobe will be getting lots of preseason action. I see Nelson is on track to appear for the U21 unit, by passing the U18’s all together. Willock is also going to be an interesting watch. Still, way to many midfielders, need some strikers coming through!

  23. C says:

    Tend to agree with that though it was interesting to see some get off to good first halfs and then seemingly fall off the cliff. Willock has plenty of time but patience is needed. Adelaide is the player for me that could potentially take a major step up this season. Bennacer is another one to watch as he was impressive all season long.

    It wouldn’t be Arsenal if we didn’t have too many midfielders. Really want to see how Mavididi does this season, if he can take the next step in his development as a striker which would be the hold up play.

  24. C says:

    Did you see our youth winger Tyrell Robinson is set to sign for West Ham? There goes your winger.

  25. Bill says:

    Iwobe had the sort of year a lot that has been common with U21’s who get playing time. Started really well but fell off after a few games and struggled in the last several he played. I think the goal with Iwobe should be long term and we hope to build someone who could be a real impact player in a few years. I would like to see him on season long loan in the Championship or PL.

    Toral on the other hand was impressive in the Championship and he was able to sustain a good level for the whole season and was not so inconsistent. He is also older and he can play midfield or wide forward in an emergency. I would still like to see Toral spend next season on loan in a midtable PL team to get even more experience before we give him a high leverage squad spot. However, If either of them are going to be put into a position where they might get minutes then I favor Toral

    Its hard to imagine that any of the other younger players has much chance to help the first team.

  26. Bill says:

    I think it would be a mistake to keep both Toral and Iwobe. I think younger players benefit from getting many minutes as possible to continue to gain experience but we hope that we have enough experienced depth in front of them so neither will be needed to play very many high leverage minutes. Since they both play basically the same position, the few minutes they will get would be divided between them so it seems logical to keep one or the other so the one we do keep can get as many minutes as possible.

  27. Columbus Arsenal (MA) says:

    Bill, your commentary on Iwobe’s form mirrors our entire squad. This is where we butt heads all the time. Are you then also suggesting every other squad member is likewise sent on loan? Please name a player that did not go through patches in form last season. If you could then advocate their loan spell, I would be more inclined to agree with you. I just don’t understand why you continue to treat young players differently, when the charges level at them is endemic 5o the entire team.

  28. Columbus Arsenal (MA) says:

    If a player earns their spot in the squad, why does are matter Bill? The biggest problem with this team over the past decade would probably be the consistent drop in form during the course of each season. Why it happens is beyond me. But, I just don’t get why you give a pass to over a certain age and then use it beat up on players under that age. Seriously makes no sense.

  29. Bill says:


    The difference in Iwobe’s drop in form was that it happened at the end of the year when everyone else and the team as a whole was finally emerging from their funk. I agree with you about the whole team but you can’t send the entire team on loan and the experienced players have nothing to gain because we have to play someone and they are going to play everyday anyway. The most important thing that a younger player can get is the experience they get from playing as many high leverage minutes as possible above the academy level games. The point of a loan is to give them a chance to play as many of those high leverage minutes as possible. Clearly there is a huge difference in the way you would handle someone like Iwobe compared to someone like Ramsey.

    Years and years of experience has shown us that what happened to Iwobe is easily the most common things that happens when a u21 player who is not quite ready yet is forced to play. They start off really well but fade quickly. Its happened again and again over the years. The most recent examples are Gnabry 2 years ago. My theory is the early performances are partly adrenaline fueled. The eagerness to prove themselves contrasts with the experienced players who don’t seem to have the same energy. However, once the early adrenaline fades the younger player realizes that he is not quite ready yet and he fades. That is just a guess and perhaps its way off target but its the best only thing I could come up with to explain a relatively predictable and recurring pattern. .

  30. Bill says:


    A lot of players seem to have a sophomore slump and its reasonably common for players to have a good rookie season but plateau and never really replicate their 1st year performance. Its no exaggeration at all to say that after his first season many of us were calling Le Coq the best DM in the league and the player who would finally bring balance to the team because he allowed our attacking players the freedom they needed. 1 year later he is 3rd choice DM and no one is particularly unhappy about him getting short shrift. The early adrenaline theory fueled rookie season could partially explain those sort of patterns.

    Miami @ 6:52

    It makes no sense to me that you would try to make a case that any manager would treat a U21 player the same as an experienced player with a long history. Iwobe has about 15 games of experience on the first team in his career and he finished that run in poor form and no one has any idea if he can ever replicate the short part of that run where he had good form. Whereas the experienced players have a long history and you have a very good idea of what they will do when they emerge from a funk. I can’t imagine you would think that any manager would only consider how Iwobe and Ramsey played during that 15 game stretch when he makes squad decisions.

  31. Bill says:

    I am really not anti-youth.

    1)I think the best thing for a player like Iwobe is to play everyday so he can gain experience rather then sitting on our bench or in the stands on match day for the majority of the time.

    2) If we do end up needing to play him and we throw him into pressure a title race before he is ready and he struggles, it can do more harm then good.

    3) I think the best thing for the team is to have players like Iwobe work thru their youthful mistakes and inconsistency on loan. That also allows us to be more confident that they are ready before we give them a high leverage squad spot.

    I hope all of that makes sense.

    None of those ideas seem unreasonable but that is just me

  32. Columbus Arsenal (MA) says:

    Christ Bill, actually take the time to read what you wrote. Then go and have a look at the definition of ageism.

    “It makes no sense to me that you would try to make a case that any manager would treat a U21 player the same as an experienced player with a long history.” I don’t, I want the manager to treat every player like they are a part od the same team. If any player is playing poorly then drop them, if a loan makes sense, loan them, but for fuck sake, treat the same. The experienced players have a long history of fading in the title challenge every single year, but your right, sending the ones probably least culpable on loan will solve the persistent nagging issues dogging Arsenal.

    You giving foreign policy advice to Trump by chance?

  33. Bill says:


    You focus on that one statement but you completely ignore the admittedly long winded explanation for why I said that.

    You may think its wrong but realistically, Ageism as you are describing it has been the standard practice of football managers and teams forever. It seems completely unreasonable to me for anyone to believe that experienced players and inexperienced u21 players have ever been treated exactly the same by any manager in history. If the entire team is fading then you would drop them all of them and run out the u21 team and hope that works? You can’t really believe that.

  34. Bill says:

    Ageism is a positive thing for some players. A player in his mid to late 20’s who has been as inconsistent as Ox or as injury plagued as Wilshere probably would have been jettisoned. However we keep them around because they are young and we hope they can work thru the inconsistency or the injury issues.

  35. C says:

    I have criticized Ramsey(warranted it is) but he has been really good in that free role for Wales. Seems he and Bale are free to roam as they please with the rest to defend.

    Problem for Ramsey is consistency, o yea and Ozil.

  36. C says:

    What a fucking piece of skill by Robson-Kanu to shed Muniay and Alderweild and buries it. Wales up 2-1.

  37. C says:

    This is exactly why nobody trusts Belgium and Wilmot.

    Its not just Ramsey; Allen, Robson-Kanu and really all of them are having blinders.

  38. C says:

    Welsh supporters singing:

    Are you watching, are you watching, are you watching England.

  39. C says:

    Belgium clearly missing Kompany, Vertoghen and even Verm.

  40. C says:

    Does anybody else in the US hate the fact that Twellman is a commentator?!!?!?!

  41. Bill says:


    Move ozil out wide and put Ramsey in that spot. Better yet put Sanchez behind the striker and buy another scorer to play on the wing opposite of ozil. There is no law that says a playmaker like ozil can only function from the #10 position. We have been conditioned by Wengerball to believe that you must have your creative hub playing at #10 but plenty of successful clubs get their creativity from somewhere other then the #10 and that frees up that position for someone who can score. Ozil might not like the idea but moving him would give us much more tactical flexibility. We shouldn’t be held hostage just because of who he is. He has played effectively from wide positions on other teams.

  42. ttm says:

    oh I can’t stand twellman or donovan doing the color commentary. donovan was pretty awful during copa.

    we’ve actually got decent guys that have been calling the game for a while (messing, dellacamera, max bretos) but I guess they aren’t sexy enough

  43. Bill says:

    If Xhaka is really a deep lying playmaker with cazorla in front of him we are already into playmaker overload without even counting the player in the #10. Adding a 3rd and even a 4th playmaker who are also not scorers goals seems like it’s clearly moved past the point of being obsessive and leaves no one to turn their passes into goals.

    I think playmaker over load leads to the dark side of tippy tappy.

  44. C says:


    Why, so people can complain that Ozil doesn’t track back? How about just buying a goal scoring winger to play opposite Sanchez, there are plenty of them. Ozil was brilliant in his position and it has NOTHING to do with Wengerball. Lowe plays him there, hell Sanchez doesn’t even play behind a striker EVER. For Chile he plays in a front 2 that is based on movement, otherwise he plays as a winger, he plays best in space so why restrict him pushing him inside where everybody is? Wales is playing a 352 and Bale and Ramsey are given absolute freedom of movement and he isn’t scoring goals he is creating, who would you rather have as a creator, Ramsey or Ozil? I was raised on Brasilian futbol and quick ball possession so your wrong on my futboling philosophy.

  45. C says:

    Different players at different levels. Whats wrong with having 3 scorers (2 wingers and a CF) a DM, a player that links and a creator in the final 3rd? You might want to take a look at the teams that have won the PL, how many of them played with goal scorers everywhere, how many had more than 2 possibly 3 double digit PL goals scorers in one team?

  46. Wavey says:

    Ramsey better for Wales than Arsenal yet again. Hmmmm, I wonder why that is.

    On and on and on about converting Draxler into a striker. What happens if it doesn’t work immediately? This isn’t an experimentation exercise. The idea of waiting for a player to adapt to a new role makes absolutely no sense. Buy a proper CF and Draxler as well, then you can experiment with Draxler as striker as well. Don’t just take a punt on a player who has never been a striker suddenly taking to the role straight off. Does anybody remember how long it took Henry to get off the mark? Would he get that much time nowadays? Buy a striker, then you can experiment with other players as well.

  47. Bill says:

    We always complain about tactical inflexibility but then we have to start every game with Ozil at #10 which really does limit what else we can do. Plenty of teams get their creativity from places other then #10. Munich plays Muller in that role and even Barca gets all of their forward playmaking and almost all of their assists from the 3 forwards. The reality is that we should have enough playmaking with Xhaka and Cazorla that we would not need a 3rd playmaker. 4 of the the forwards players could be scoring threats the way they were when Bergkamp played behind the striker. Ramsey is no DB10 but having 4 players upfront who were might score a goal would make us much more of a threat.

    On the other hand there is no reason Ozil could not weave his magic from the left wing. Defensively Nacho is good enough to hold down the fort. Ashley cole did that with Bobby Pires in front of him. I suspect Gilberto may have cheated a bit to the left at times and Xhaka could do the same.

  48. Bill says:

    3 games in the round of 16 have to be considers moderate to severe upsets. In all 3 games the underdog won they had less then 50% of ball possession. That ties in with what we talked about yesterday. The way you beat a team that has more resources then you is not with a ball possession ethos. Even Arsenal has proven that over the last couple of seasons.

  49. Bill says:

    ramsey has been inconsistent but he is clearly a talented lad. Unfortunately nothing has worked well at Arsenal for a couple of seasons. Even changing postions did not help. I think things go mentally stale after a while with some players and certainly that happens with a manager and his club and sometimes a change in scenery or situation is needed.

  50. santori says:

    Ramsey WORLD CLASS!!!



    People who begrudge him and then praise Cronaldo for the back heel goal which Rambo did as well and was not even voted as the best goal of the season…clueless.


    Was rooting for them half in hope today. Head said maybe Belgium would be a better match up to dispatch the insipid Portugese but what a performance.

    Plucky not lucky!

    3 goal score line to 1 was more than imaginable. And two assist for the bleach blonde Welsh Jesus!

    As I mentioned before there is MORE than room for Rambo in the current Arsenal squad, whether he can start as a regular is one thing but he is best just behind the main striker floating and getting into the box. Who knows if Ozil gets a knock? We may have to than have Ramsey step up and he is showing he can.

    MASSIVE shout to Robson Kanu.

    What a brilliantly taken goal. You’d think he was Brasilian. Dare I say his stock has gone up tremendously.

    What a win! Wales is where fairy tales are made of.

    Can you believe an Iceland Wales final?

    Bloody Hell!

  51. santori says:

    Chris COleman can also take a bow.

    Interesting 3-3-2-2 set up with fullbacks deployed forward but dropping back to form 5-3-1-1 (the covering players out wide were flexible pushing higher up or adding overload out wide)

    Excellent tactical change to nullify the strength of the Belgians on the flanks!

    And nothing negative, Wales gave almost as good as they got moving forward too, gambling men into the box for crosses.

    Clearly shorn of some of their regulars at the back, Belgium were a gamble trying to finish the game off too early after the excellent Naingolan strike. I thought they may run riot. But they did not take care of things at the back preferring to out score when they leaked the equaliser. And of course they had Alderwirald, every pundits friend and Spurs bottler.

    Me thinks Coleman should be in frame for the England job but he’s Welsh and they are clearly the one with more prospect! 😀

    What I like about the minnows this tournament is they have not given their opponents any respect, tried to defend and just hit on the break. There were no panic passing or hoofed clearances. They may not have been able to go toe to toe technically but they stayed calm (Iceland AND Wales) and found their players with accurate simple and basic passes, tried to find the spaces.

    We need to take a page from them when matched up against our usual nemesis in the CL knock out stage. Bayern, Barca, you have to play the ball and not just defend too deep, hope for the counter, clear it in a blind panic.

    What a tournament! Really enjoying this Euros. Format is spot on!

  52. santori says:

    Oh and er…Stupid not to have 3 or 4 options to score your goals (CF or otherwise)

    If your main ‘world class’ striker goes out of form or out injured, you are crocked.

    Sorry, don’t understand that train of thought at all.

  53. santori says:

    Maybe Wenger should get Draxler, in near term turn him into a CF but also get Robson Kanu (FREE AGENT). He was at Arsenal before he went to Reading and his DNA shows!

    What a move!

  54. santori says:

    Playmaker overload.

    No such thing.


    You want as many creative players on the pitch as possible. If your CBack can playmake all the better.

    We have a spine with Giroud, Ozil and now Granit able to thread balls. Granit threads long accurate balls in case you haven’t been paying close attentions so it isn’t exactly ‘tippy tappy’.

    And you want redundancy.

    When Santi went out injured, we missed that sort of service from deep. It was all too easy to shut down the main creative treat in Ozil.

    Why would you not want extra creativity in a team if you can have it. Again do not understand that sort of reasoning if you can even call it reasoning. So silly!


  55. Bill says:

    We could get a better CF and another goal scoring winger and score enough no matter who played in the # 10 position. Realistically Arsene is not going to play with 2 strikers. It just does not make a lot of sense that we need a 3rd playmakers when we already have 2 deep playmakers. The #10 position could be the place where we could have a scorer of we didn’t have to play ozil in that position. If only ozil could play deeper.

  56. Bill says:


    I understand your theory and if all else is equal then you would rather have a layer who is a better passer. The problem is that our our playmakers are not scorers and loading up the pitch with them does not leave room for enough scorers. Arsene seems to think that the solution to any problem is to add another playmaking midfielder who doesn’t score irregardless of how many we already have. Not much logic in that when you have been trying to do that for 10 years and we have never scored enough goals. No?

  57. Bill says:

    I suspect Messi wouid rather play CF instead of running up and down the right wing. However the world’s best player was willing to switch to make the team better. Yet our players complain about playing a less favored position. I think part what happens when a club goes stale is degradation of the team comes first mentality.

  58. Bill says:


    If you have a team full of playmakers and great passers who are brilliant at ball possession but no one to score then its inevitable that your attack is going to turn into endless passing around midfield. There is nothing else that could possibly happen.

  59. Wavey says:


    Now that’s clearly been thrown in to provoke. One goal doesn’t suddenly make him Arsenal material, even though it was class. He doesn’t score enough at club level. Why would you want another of those?

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