Burnley Review: Job Done

Arsenal 2 – 1 Burnley
1 – 0 Chambers (19)
1 – 1 Vokes (30)
2 – 1 Sanchez (53)

Job done. Arsenal progressed to the fifth round of the FA Cup as a makeshift side put in a patchwork performance but did enough to win the tie. Both sides could – perhaps should – have scored more goals but in the end an Arsenal win is a fair reflection of the ninety minutes.

It’s a difficult game to draw substantial conclusions from, more that we can see the issues affecting individual members of the squad and the potential of others. There’s an element of confirmation bias in any judgements passed and we tend to forget this XI has not played together with any regularity. Some understandings have to be forged and others never will be.

Arsène didn’t deny his philosophy toward yesterday’s match was simple,

We are still in three competitions and we will try every time to get a team out to pass the round.

None of us would argue with that, I don’t think. Certainly not in the case of the FA Cup, even if that to some still represents the best chance of silverware this season.

There were plenty of positives to take from the match. Mohammed Elneny had a decent début, at times seemingly surprised by the physical aspects of the game but generally tidy in his performance. It was fairly evident that he is still adapting to the English game and will take a few more games to do so.

When they will come will be interesting. The presumption is that Aaron Ramsey will return on Tuesday against Southampton with most likely Mathieu Flamini alongside him. Elneny could fulfil the defensive midfielder role and it must be tempting for Arsène to include the Egyptian with the match being at home. It would be surprising if Francis Coquelin plays twice in a week at this early stage of his return.

Elneny was neat in his passing, looking for the simple, effective ball rather than the defence-splitting or overly ambitious. Some might argue overly cautious but better safe than sorry. It wasn’t perfect; he played his part in the comedy of errors which was Burnley’s equaliser, failing to appreciate the danger as the cross came in from the right. It was a ball he should have been more alert to, more aware of. Next time, it will be interesting to see if he is more spritely in closing down the player in possession.

Other impressive performances came from Alexis and Alex Iwobi. The youngster certainly earned his praise, unafraid to fill the sizeable shoes of Mesut Özil yesterday. Overall his link-up play was good, energetic and justifying his inclusion. If Iwobi finds himself becoming more involved as the season progresses, it is merited.

Alexis meanwhile was back. Back in the XI and back to his usual self. No sign of niggles as he harried, harassed and bamboozled the visitors at any given opportunity, sometimes beating himself as well as the defence. His winner was Arsenal at their attacking best, swift and incisive in transferring the ball from their own penalty area to the Burnley net in a matter of seconds.

Arsène observed that the Chilean was ready to return a fortnight ago but that he was held back to make sure that his recovery was full and complete. On yesterday’s evidence, it was caution well heeded as Alexis looked arguably at his sharpest this season.

Among all this glad-handing and back slapping are some concerns though. Theo Walcott’s confidence is low and evident in his lacklustre finish at the end when clean through on goal. An in-form Walcott buries that sort of chance with his eyes close. The out-of-sorts Walcott finds himself robbed by a good save by the goalkeeper having spurned the opportunity to curl the ball past the advancing Heaton.

It’s hard to know what to do with a problem like Theo. Joel Campbell has edged ahead of him if selection comes down to form but Arsène’s loyalty to players often over-rides that and the England international may yet retain his place in the side for coming matches.

Defensively, the same disorganisation which allowed Chelsea to take the lead were evident in Burnley’s goal. Kieran Gibbs slip which took Francis Coquelin’s ankle was almost calamitous for the Frenchman but he recovered. The Arsenal defence didn’t, Chambers found the wrong side of Vokes whose header was perfectly placed to score.

It was a mixed afternoon for Chambers. The goal was a negative whilst his own effort was sumptuous, curled with the aplomb we expect from the likes of Sanchez and Özil not a central defender/midfielder turning out as emergency right back. His inclusion underlines the depths to which Mathieu Debuchy has fallen in the pecking order.

Whether I would be confident in Chambers at full back for a sustained run in the side, I am not so sure. He may have history in the role but certainly in learning the defensive midfield position, he has lost some of his positional sense on the flanks. Perhaps it will come if needed but there will be little surprise if Carl Jenkinson is kept next season to challenge and cover for Hector Bellerin.

It doesn’t help that the defensive pairing of Gabriel and Koscielny isn’t working particularly well. Whilst Mertesacker complements both, they seem to similar in style to work together, immediately at least. Koscielny in particular seems to be going through one of his error-prone spells. Hopefully it is short-term and not costly; it nearly was yesterday when Gray should have done better when the game was scoreless.

Arsenal had to work hard for the win and did so. At the end of the day, that’s what was needed to win and the XI produced it. I’m not getting hung up on the ins and outs of individuals based on a team selection that hasn’t played together before and probably won’t again unless the balls fall kindly in tonight’s fifth round draw.

Put some of those performances into the main XI and I might have a different view on it all but until that happens, it’s Sunday and we’re through and that will do for now.

’til Tomorrow.

95 thoughts on “Burnley Review: Job Done

  1. Jerry says:

    Job done indeed.The equaliser was so against the run of play it was ridiculous.As comfortable 2-1 win as you will ever see.Impressed by Iwobi and Elmeny.Thought Coqulin was rusty whilst Sanchez excellent…first game for a while and so frustrated that people still roll up 20 minutes into the game.Reckon I stood up 20/30 for these clowns.As for the people who queue 20 minutes to get a drink then spend a further 5 minutes deciding what to have when they get to the kiosk……

  2. Brevity says:

    Morning YW.

    A very fair post today I thought. A few risks in the selection but it paid off as we are through.
    Kos’s form is a worry and I’d be tempted to drop him for Soton but I don’t think AW will.
    Personally, I think Le Coq will play, as will Joel but you could be right.

  3. consolsbob says:

    …and then get thier money out of their bag.

  4. andy1886 says:

    Was it really that comfortable Jerry? I had only the commentary to listen to but it seemed that Burnley had a number of decent chances, several gifted by ourselves.

  5. Phil says:

    Good write up YW.
    We were decidedly dismal, defensively.
    Iwobi showed promise as did Elneny.
    Critical to have Alexis back for the remainder of the season.

  6. Phil says:

    Chambers might have scored a good goal, but really his positional play is quite poor in my view.

  7. Orson Kaert says:

    Good morning, thank you Yogi for an informative match review. I’ve seen only the brief highlights on MotD and a collage of Elneny’s touches so I was pretty much in ignorance about how we played before reading your post.

    What struck me was the way Elneny seemed to pop up all over the pitch, without knowing what instructions he had been given it’s difficult to judge his positional discipline. I was a bit disappointed to see him turn his back to a cross in the build up to Burnley’goal.

    The important thing for me was the form and fitness of Alexis, how we’ve missed him recently.

    Still as you say, Yogi, job done.

    We can now look forward to the draw later today in which we are number three.

  8. SV says:

    Good review.

    The only question on Tuesday night will be if we can outscore them. Can we score 3 goals? Would it be enough?

    Our defence is in a bad shape. Not unusual in February. Kos is out of form, Gabriel is rusty, Mert is suspended, the defensive midfield does not exist. Do I trust Arsene to rectify it? No, I do not. I only trust Chech to have some stabilizing influence.

    May be a good idea to watch the next week’s league games from behind a sofa. I can see another red card coming our way.

  9. Wavey says:


    I certainly didn’t think it was comfortable. If Gray had squared the ball instead of going for goal himself we would have been chasing the game. Considering how our confidence appeared to dip after the equaliser, I wonder if we would have been able to handle going behind.

    I think a Flamini/Ramsey partnership against Soton will get taken apart.

  10. abiola says:

    Nice write up yogi….nice, simple and precise minus the fact that you failed to mention the fact that the emirates was too silent especially from our fans yesterday. Why show up at the game when we can’t cheer our team up?

  11. Wavey says:

    Not been watching the tennis this morning and it seems a bit academic to watch now. Has Murray bottled it, or is Djokavic just completely outplaying him?

  12. Jerry says:

    Andy/Wavey I though Burnley huffed and puffed..yes Gray should of squared it early on but didn’t so it’s a mute point.They had another one on one from a tight angle but other than that I thought it was pretty comfortable..always got the impression we had several gears to go up if needed..We scored twice, had a couple of the line and all the best opportunities….especially Theo at the end..Any team in the world will create one or two chances over 90 minutes..even Yeovil v Barcelona…that’s football for you.

  13. Wavey says:

    Sorry Andy. that should have read Djokovic.

  14. andy1886 says:

    Djokovic playing well, Murray sub-par hence Djoko is spanking him once again.

    Guess that means he’s back to being Scottish, not British Phil 😉

  15. Phil says:

    Murray has been fighting hard.
    Djokovic started strongly as he did v Federer.
    Murray just broke back in the third.

  16. Paulie Walnuts says:

    Only saw the brief highlights on MOTD but any single goal lead can be precarious especially with our habit of shooting ourselves in the foot.

    Chambers seems to be the Arsenal version of Phil Jones. Not quite physical enough to be a top class centre back, not quite quick enough to be a full back & not quite technical enough to play against the best in midfield.

    Obviously he has time on his side but that’s where I see him right now as more of a useful squad player.

  17. Phil says:

    I would expect so!
    Murray has never beaten him after going 2 sets down, so it will be tough for the Scot.

  18. Jerry says:

    Rosicky out for a month with a muscle injury!!

  19. andy1886 says:

    That’s okay Wavey, I’m not usually a spelling Nazi but when certain people (*cough* Santori) can’t even spell the name of one of our greatest players (nearly rivals Flamini in that respect)

  20. andy1886 says:

    That’s okay Wavey, I’m not usually a spelling Nazi but when certain people (*cough* Santori) can’t even spell the name of one of our greatest players (nearly rivals Flamini in that respect) then I take exception.

  21. Wavey says:

    I think the only way Yeovil would have a shot on goal against Barcelona is if they tried it from the half way line, or if Barcelona decided to all leave the pitch for 5 minutes.

    I’m not highlighting Gray’s decision because it should have been a goal, but as an example of how open we were at the back. We maybe could have gone up a gear if we had conceded again, but overall it looked a bit laboured. I know that Burnley are no mugs, but this was another game where we flattered the opposition. Burnley were not a threat at yesterday until we gave them the chances to make them one.

    Some will say it doesn’t matter because it was all about being in the hat for the next round, I accept that. for me its the collective performances over the last few games which have been a worry. Burnley were no where near good enough to beat us yesterday, but on that performance other teams are. I hope we buck our ideas up for Soton, because that CB pairing will be together again for that one.

  22. Moe says:

    Rosicky apparently hurt his thigh muscle in the 20 mins he played yesterday. And Wilshere has apparently also had a set back even though his original return target was mid march.

    Not confirmed by Arsenal yet.

    Will be interesting to hear Arsene’s pre-Southampton conference.

  23. Jerry says:

    Fair enough..in an hour and half of football they opened us up twice and once was because Kos fell over….I thought it was comfortable…yes a bit laboured I agree..

  24. Wavey says:


    great for the team because he is good enough to fill in for injuries in a number of positions, not so good for the player as he never has a specific role and therefore doesn’t get regular run out in one position.

  25. Moe says:

    Wilshere must truly haqte Gabriel who was the one who tackled him in training and caused the bone bruising.

    Even if “all is forgiven” in front of everyone, there must be a part of Wilshere who looks back and puts all the blame for his injury on Gabriel.

    Devastating if he has had an injury set back.

    I love the guy but if he is out for longer and he continues to keep getting long term injuries, he should play on a pay as you play contract. It’s just not feasible that someone is given the big bucks every week for basically being on sick leave 70% of their working life.

    I know it’s not his choice and i feel for him but financially, it’s just a weird situation.

  26. Phil says:

    That is ridiculous news about Tr7.
    To Wilberforce’s question of yesterday.
    A resounding -No

  27. Moe says:

    Chambers should just dedicate all of his effort on being a CB. He does not suit any other position.

    You could make a case for DM but i don’t think he has the positional awareness that someone like Coquelin has to be able to play there. He runs after the players when they get possession rather than being in a position to close them down quickly or intercept which is what Coquelin does so well.

  28. Moe says:


    6 weeks out being touted for him now if he did injure his thigh.

  29. Moe says:

    In my opinion Rosicky’s career is surely finished and the only thing saving Wilshere’s career is his young age.

    Love both those players but it’s just getting ridiculous if reports are true.

  30. Phil says:

    6 weeks!
    I wouldn’t be surprised if he played his last game yesterday.

  31. Phil says:

    2 double faults by Murray in the 3rd set tiebreaker.
    The Scot goes down.

  32. Brevity says:

    Agree it wasn’t great yesterday. We haven’t played well for awhile now. Hopefully, Alexis, Le Coq to come back will give us more goal threat, more defensive solidity and deliver a decent run of form. No reason it shouldn’t really, Santi is the only one we are missing now. The right is a question but if Joel keeps stepping up then I’m fine with that and also I feel surer about Aaron if Coquelin is behind him. We can go back to scaring teams.

  33. Phil says:

    Bellerin needs to stay fit.
    Debuchy wants out.
    Chambers is not a RB
    I don’t think Jenk is good enough.

  34. Orson Kaert says:

    Rosicky? I’d almost forgotten what the bloke looks like. If he was a race horse he would have been put down a couple of years ago. It’s surely time to let him go.

  35. Phil says:

    So his is what multi tasking is all about.
    Moving smoothly from football to tennis.

  36. Brevity says:

    Be a pity if that was TR’s last game. Hope not but 6 weeks at this stage of the season doesn’t sound hopeful. Late Cup Final cameo perhaps.

  37. Paulie Walnuts says:

    Time for TR7 to hang up those playing boots & move into coaching.

    If the news on Jack`s (latest) injury setback is true there has to be serious doubts about his whole career. Diaby`s was ruined by injury – is Jack going to be the same ?

    Phil, yes , that right back spot needs addressing. It`s just as well that Bellerin came through really , but with Jenks struggling for form & fitness , if Debuchy goes will Arsene buy in the summer ?

  38. Moe says:

    The problem with the right back role is that we need a player who would challenge Bellerin but also be content with a sub role. However that player would also need to be good enough to play if Bellerin is injured.

    Not alot of players would be ok playing second fiddle to Bellerin.

    So that’s the conundrum.

  39. Bill says:

    Great review Yogi.

    I agree with every word. Not exactly overwhelming in the way you might hope against a lower league team coming into the Emirates but job done.

    Absolutely fantastic to have Alexis back. Despite all of the concerns about the Flambo combination in midfield, the real reason we dropped points in the last couple games was the fact that we had not scored a goal for about 220 minutes. Giroud has done reasonably well but no one else had stepped up and we desperately needed another player who is a legitimate threat to score a goal.

    I thought Elneny looked as good as expected. He got brushed off the ball a couple of times but he did not hurt us and he certainly looked competent. Its only one game but he did not strike me as someone who will challenge for a starting spot at least this season but I think it was unrealistic to hope for that. Hopefully he can be a good squad player in years to come. I don’t see him getting many minutes unless we have another run of injuries. I think Le coq starts against Southampton and hopefully Ramsey can stay at least until Cazorla comes back.

    I thought Iwobe’s performance was very good. The injuries have left us with a bit of a numbers crunch in midfield so we need to keep him for any potential emergencies right now. Besides, sending someone on loan is January sometimes does not work out well. However, despite the fact that he is only 19 I think he certainly looks like a player might thrive playing every day on championship level team similar to Toral and hopefully he will be sent of loan and get a chance to play everyday next season. We have seen games like yesterday from literally dozens of U21 players over the years such as Merida, Lansbury, Eisfeld, Frimpong, Gnabry, Traore, etc etc etc and perhaps Iwobe is different but only time will tell.

  40. Bill says:

    Chambers scored a nice goal. When I first saw it I thought it was a mis-kick. Its seems unlikely that someone who is not a regular goal scorer would have the presence to mind to try for a Bergkamp like delicate curling finish rather then hitting the ball with power. None of that matters and only Calum will ever know for sure. He got caught flat footed a couple of times and I am concerned what will happen if he has to play against better left wingers but perhaps he is making some progress defensively. If Debuchy is leaving we don’t really have other options at back up RB however, long term I don’t think Calum has any chance to by pass Bellerin at RB and it’s definitely not doing his long term prospects any favors by being the squad “utility man” and spending 95% of his time on the bench. I really think that we need to decide which will be his best position and send him on loan so he can learn how to play that position. For now we can only hope that Bellerin stays healthy.

  41. Orson Kaert says:

    Wenger has got to decide where to play Chambers. He can’t keep on moving him from centre-back, to midfield, to right-back and back again and then expect the lad to play well in any of those three positions.

    Perhaps Chambers needs to ask Wenger the question.

  42. Brevity says:

    Can’t really be sure about RB until
    the transfer window closes.
    I agree though it’s unlikely Calum can overtake Hector, to me we should look for experienced cover this summer.
    If we did send Calum on loan next season we’d need to get another CB this summer.

  43. Phil says:

    If Debuchy leaves, I think he has to buy in the summer.
    But to Moe’s point, finding the right person won’t be easy.
    Bellerin is potentially a decade long player in that spot, so no one young would be interested.
    A Sagna type would be ideal, I would think.
    Prepared to play back up, decent wages etc,
    I would take him back.

  44. Phil says:

    Well there you go.
    Agree with Brevity regarding buying experience!

  45. Phil says:

    I think Wavey said it earlier,
    Chamber’s flexibility might be good for the team, but not great for him.
    And Orson, we know that if you ask Wenger often enough you get your wish. Eg Theo the striker.

  46. C says:


    I think Jack hates his body because lets be honest, Jack was missing 80-90% of seasons prior to Gabriel. Actually, he probably hates Arsene for pushing him or his own style and learning curve for not being able to ride challenges.

    I feel for Mozart, really a brilliant player but at this point he isn’t built for English futbol. Maybe Italy, Spain or Germany.

  47. C says:

    Top summary and post Yogi!

    Elneny was good yesterday and yes he needs to get up to the physicality in English futbol(even Sanchez and Giroud struggled during their first seasons not to mention most other players even those of top quality) but he certainly looks a player. It was good to see him and Le Coq buzzing in midfield closing down both players and space. It was to the point that Burnley’s main attack was from them by passing the midfield and letting Gray and others chase and harass our defenders.

    If nobody else will say it I will, Kos’s form is going from a one off to worrying and maybe a spell on the bench might help. The interesting thing is that both Kos and Gabriel play best with Mert or is just me?

    Iwobi and Sanchez were impressive as always and it will be interesting to see Iwobi moving forward. Ox worked hard and outside of his assist, it was more the same but certainly a step in the right direction.

    Theo’s confidence and form are definitely in the shitter but he is the type of player that we have seen go through this and then go on a run of form scoring and creating that makes even me scratch my head as to why he can’t do that more consistently on the wing and at CF.

  48. C says:

    Against Southampton I think we should go:


    Though the 2 positions that will be interesting to see what Arsene does is at CF after Giroud played the whole 90 and at DM were surely Le Coq won’t play from the off and surely Arsene can’t persist with Flamini now that both Elneny and Le Coq are back. Southampton is a good match for Elneny, its at home and Southampton aren’t a physical side outside of Wanyama and are more technical and skillful.

  49. C says:

    A very interesting debate is being raged in the Goonerverse involving Ox and Iwobi.

  50. Orson Kaert says:

    It’s frightening when you look at at our squad and count up the months that players have missed through injury.

    Debuchy, Gibbs, Rosicky, Arteta, Walcott, Wilshire and Welbeck have all lost large chunks of their careers with strings of injuries.

    On the few occasions when he’s played over the past several seasons, I held my breath whenever Wilshire went into a challenge or collapsed in a heap on the ground.

    I suppose we can all hope that some of these players actually recover enough to play some useful part in the rest of the season, but do we really believe they will?

  51. Orson Kaert says:

    C, I would only play Ramsey if he could be attached to a bungee cord that yanked him back to his position every time he crossed into the opposition’s half.

  52. C says:


    I don’t mind Ramsey pushing forward as that is part of what makes him a quality player but its the defensive side, keeping things simple and work rate that has been lacking for me. Its all stuff that he normally does but hasn’t been doing but is more mindset than anything else. Having him play next to a player like Elneny or Le Coq who don’t mind sitting back will help. I agree though, more discipline would help!

  53. Orson Kaert says:

    C, I can only surmise that Ramsey must be playing to plan, otherwise surely either Wenger, Bould or both, would be screaming at him from the touchline to get back in position.

  54. C says:


    I do think that part of it is to plan but in no way after seeing the early success of this season is the plan to be so open and not tracking back. I mean even yesterday, when Elneny or Le Coq did push forward, they also got back immediately to help their midfield pivot partner and close up shop in midfield. Even Arteta did his best to get back and help and close down the midfield.

  55. C says:

    MK Dons equalize off a deflection but certainly deserve it.

  56. C says:

    Both teams back 4 are shambolic.

    Hazard still hasn’t scored a goal this season.

  57. Bill says:

    Interesting that Arsene seems to be as schizophrenic about his played as we are. Just after the Sheffield Wednesday game he was complaining about players not being ready. 2 games later he is knocking on the door. Doubtful that much could have changed in a few months.

    How many 19 years have we seen that are actually ready? May be Wilshere. The last few we tried were Ox Sanogo and chambers and Gnabry. Seems we should learn our lesson at some point.

  58. GoingGoingGooner says:

    It was not Arsenal at their most fluid (save for Alexis’ goal) but it was, for all our little mistakes, a balanced side. I think that most Gooners would have been happy with the energy that Alexis, Iwobit and Elneny brought to the side.

  59. Bill says:

    After watching the last 10 years it seems logical to believe that putting these talented U21 players under pressure to soon does more harm then good to that player. Iwobi is probably not going to be a critical player on the team for a couple more years so there is no reason to rush him. Patience is a virtue sometimes. it seems logical to think that if we believe that really is going to be an Arsenal level player someday then we should do what is best for him

  60. Bill says:

    No doubt Iwobi has been more effective then Ox in his last couple of games however does anyone really believe he is more talented? Is iwobe more talented then Toral? We have been working to develop Ox for 4 years and he has had a few sublime moments and looked like the next great player at first. He even a few good games in a row. I thought Toral has been in the championship for 2 years. I don’t know much about the first season but this year he really seems to be thriving by playing every game. that has to be a really positive thing for torals long term prospects. Campbell and Coq both needed time away from the Arsenal during their formative growth and development stages. Seems like the best thing for Iwobe is to give him the same opportunities that Toral and Campbell have been given

  61. Orson Kaert says:

    Hazard has now scored, he dived for a penalty which he took himself, absolute disgrace, no class, why dive for a penalty when your team is two goals up against a lower league side?

  62. Bill says:

    I don’t believe that players really think about it as diving. Attacking players train to go down when they feel a certain type of contact in the box. They don’t think about the score and its probably more instinct. It would take an effort to actually think about trying harder to stay on your feet. It would nice if they would do that but most won’t. Besides part of your paycheck is tied to end of the year stats and which attacking player does not want to score

  63. SV says:

    Wenger deserves to play Chelsea every week until he finally learns a few truths about English football and gets his setup and game plan right.

  64. Jonny says:

    Home again. Nice draw.

    Chelsea v City. 😀 😀 😀

  65. SV says:

    Will Man City play Chelsea away twice in a short period of time? A few reds anyone? (Not wine).

  66. C says:

    Very good draw for us both in this match and moving forward.

    Chelsea vs Citeh, means that it will be a blood bath given its Chelsea’s in all likelyhood main trophy.

  67. C says:


    Though some red wine does sound very good!

  68. Bill says:

    Our bad luck with draws in the CL is matched by good luck in the FA cup. Could not ask for much better.

  69. Jonny says:

    SV – will he be playing Chelsea by himself in perpetuity?

    This sounds like a Sisyphusian punishment.

  70. Wavey says:

    Great draw for us and a few more all Prem ties as well.

    Wenger’s post match comments mentioned the return of Gnabry and a possible short term loan (one or two months). It sounds like he is trying to get him working with the first team squad for a while, but realises that he needs some games initially. I would be surprised if he is included in the squad next season, especially with Artera, Flamini and Rosicky all likely to be off.

    Not sure why a player like Iwobi can’t break in to the team. Players like Martial and Ali are of a similar age and were brought in to their clubs with the intention of being part of the team immediately. Kane broke in to the Spurs team as an academy prospect. Chambers was brought in as part of the first team squad and Hector has gate crashed the first team. If Iwobi is a genuine talent he may be knocking on the door already. Wenger has played youngsters before, admittedly with mixed results.

  71. SV says:


    It may be a bit harsh on players to send them on this endeaveour of playing Chelsea every week.

    But Arsene can be given a team of the best roboters in the world. After losing five times with them, he would stop blaming mentality and realize he has a job of managing a team after all.

  72. Jonny says:

    I was joking – the way you phrased it, it sounded as though AW would be playing them buy himself.

    He’s not young.

    It seemed harsh.

  73. SV says:

    If Arsene had a team of roboters, do you think he would still mention “mental strength”?

  74. Bill says:


    There are certainly examples of teenagers who make it but it’s the exception rather then the rule. how many times have we heard that someone is knocking at the door. I think the majority of evidence argues that waiting a couple years until he has more experience is best for him. What’s the rush?

  75. C says:

    Terry says he is quitting Chelsea at the end of this season.

  76. Brevity says:

    Hi c,
    It seems more like the chavs are quitting Terry as they won’t renew.
    Either wAy he won’t be missed.

  77. Brevity says:

    It is a good draw for us. And we can rest a few players before the Barca game giving another chance for Iwobi, Calum etc to get a game.
    No doubt Hull will want some revenge for the last couple of years but they are in a promotion scrap too so all in all a good opportunity.

  78. C says:


    I think neither wanted each other anymore.

    But agreed he won’t be missed and surely every ref is excited and popping champagne as they won’t have to deal with his constant bitching and complaining.

  79. C says:

    O and for all those that continue to bang on about Chambers thinking he is a RB or wants to play RB. This is part of what he said after the match:

    “It gives you the opportunity to play more games and you know better where you want the ball, depending on your position. I still see myself as a centre-back – maybe a central midfielder but I’d like to be a centre-back.”

    Read more at: http://www.london24.com/sport/football/clubs/arsenal/goalscoring_hero_prefers_to_build_his_arsenal_career_as_a_central_defender_1_4400562

  80. Wavey says:


    I’m not necessarily lookimg to rush him in to the team. He may must be one of those exceptional talents who is ready now. He looked very composed against Burnley. It is only one performance against Championship competition, but he has been building up to this with better performances each time he’s played. If he is an exceptional talent I would not be surprised if he were to get a short term loan now and be part of the squad for next season. No need to rush him, but if he’s good enough why hold him back?

  81. Highbury says:


    Agree 100 percent on Iwobi or any other young talent for that matter. If he is good enough, then he should be part of the team. Simple.

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