A Grand Day In The Football Calendar: The FA Cup Third Round


Morning all. Winter has arrived. It’s been here in the real world for a while but now, this is the confirmation. This week’s playlist will hopefully warm you through; The Gift is on Dad’s Jukebox in the right sidebar or here.

There was a time when this was one of the highlights of the football calendar. A month earlier, we huddled around the transistor in the playground until the static was pierced with words welcoming us to the “draw for the third round of the FA Cup”. A reverential hush dropped as velvet tones imparted the name of the teams drawn until the velvet bag was empty. The final act was to inform us the ties would take place on the first Saturday in January.

Only the weather or police intervened to change that; no waiting for broadcasters to pay no heed to the transport network as they chose their ties. It all contributed to the magic of the FA Cup. Those were the days when rotating the side for a cup match was unheard of and never entered our thoughts. The strongest XI would be fielded and no matter who the opponents were, expectations of victory were tinged with butterflies; this was an afternoon when the meek could inherit the footballing earth through perspiration and a little luck.

And they used to. We thrived on cup upsets, gloating in the playground but it heightened the love of the FA Cup. Anything was possible and we enjoyed it, unless it happened to us and then a week, month or year of torture ensued. It’s a time of year when tales of giant-killing were wrestled from the pages of the Brothers Grimm and played out on the green fields of England.

We knew the names of the famous underdogs. The likes Walsall and Yeovil found themselves joined every year by the likes of Altrincham, Wimbledon, Blyth Spartans, Harlow, Colchester and Hereford. Every professional club had a tale where they had been slain on a muddy pitch or undone by a moment of genius. For a season at least, non-league clubs lived in the sun, filling the back pages with their derring-do. Remember the ‘Leatherhead Lip’?

It was a time when we revelled in other clubs achievements and treated a draw with as much glee as victory; they might still do it. Arsenal weren’t immune. The name of Walsall is seared into your brain at birth. Rotherham United, Northampton Town. York City. Look, I know you’d travelled there to see a match but did you really have to help clear the pitch? Really? Steve Williams added another couple of hundred thousand pounds to his cost that afternoon. Not in transfer fee, we’d spent that already. This was lost cup revenues.

So near Bedford Town, so near. And don’t forget Wrexham. None of us there that day will. Defending champions against a team which had finished 91 places below them the previous season, grateful for re-election. Thankful that automatic relegation to the Conference was still a few years away yet.

It’s a bloody long way to Wrexham. Even longer on the way back after dubious refereeing lay at the root of defeat. Robbed? We wuz! It didn’t stop us loving the FA Cup though, did it? Twelve months later and the silverware adorned the Highbury trophy cabinet.

And Sunderland.

The cup still resides at Highbury; the House though, not the stadium. Not even Harry Potter can reintroduce the magic though; its flickering embers remain in the minds of an older generation overrun in the real world by rampant commercialism, willingly abandoned by the very guardians who bemoan their loss of status.

Different times.

Three or four decades ago, the visit of Sunderland would have still brought with it a sense of anticipation. Not so much now, familiarity has brought contempt. It’s not helped by the recent meeting between the two sides at The Emirates. Did we feel the same back in the day? I can’t recall being uninspired by the cup back then. Maybe I was and have chosen to forget it down the years.

Today will see Arsène rotate the side as best he can. The visits to Liverpool and Stoke next week ensure that the strongest side he can field will be one that utilises the squad to its’ fullest extent; a mix of youth and experience hoping to avoid being remembered as ‘the hopeless and the hapless’ by future generations. Arsène will become ‘the Tinkerman’, wrestling the title from the depths of denigration in victory, becoming football’s arch-villain in defeat. The last thing he wants though, is a replay. No cavalry riding over brow of the hill to spare his beleaguered troops in that scenario; a quick, incisive victory today gentlemen.

Which gentlemen they are is open to conjecture. We’ve seen how the team of strangers plays this season and those defeats weren’t pretty. Hope comes, of course, from winning at White Hart Lane; it always does, doesn’t it? I expect the line-up to be something along the lines of:

Ospina; Debuchy, Gabriel, Koscielny, Gibbs; Chambers, Ramsey, Arteta; Oxlade-Chamberlain, Walcott, Reine-Adelaide

You can’t go to Woolworth’s for your pick ‘n’ mix any more; the FA Cup is happy to oblige though. Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it.

’til Tomorrow.

146 thoughts on “A Grand Day In The Football Calendar: The FA Cup Third Round

  1. C says:

    Gibbs has done well today defensively, I have been critical of him but today he has done well.

  2. C says:


    I make my service available and wouldn’t need anywhere near what Bould is being paid.

  3. Moe says:

    Walcott with the tamest shot i’ve ever seen.

    So much soace for him as well.

  4. C says:

    Bellerin cuts back and bang for Ramsey but make no mistake, that pass from Campbell was spot on.

    Campbell has been top draw today for me, important in both goals and constantly a threat with Iwobi running a close 2nd.

  5. Moe says:

    Brilliant by Ramsey and Bellerin.

    That ball by Campbell to Bellerin was unbelievable.

  6. C says:


    That ine I wish Theo would have put his laces through it.

  7. C says:



  8. Moe says:

    What a ball from Bellerin to Giroud.

    Bellerin with two assists today.

  9. C says:

    Just need Theo to get his goal even though he did grab the assist and has done well today.

    Bring on Adelaide for the last 10 or so mins.

  10. SV says:

    Belerin is winning this game alonehandedly.

  11. C says:


  12. Phil says:

    That is as clear a penalty as is possible.
    Atkinson you twat.

  13. C says:

    Okay so Bellerin or Campbell, fuck its lets just give it to both of them!

  14. C says:

    That is a lovely ball from theo though for the penalty that should have been.

  15. C says:

    80′ mins and still full of pace from Bellerin.

    Adelaide on for Campbell who rightly deserves his standing O.

  16. Moe says:

    Walcott most dissapointing player today.

    Jeff on.

  17. Moe says:

    Atkinson is a terrible ref.

    Scared to make obvious calls.

  18. Moe says:

    Jeff walks around like Yaya toure and Diaby.


  19. C says:


    Thats harsh on Theo given he set up Campell’s goal and played Giroud through for what could and should have been a penalty plus he looked dangerous.

    I was going to say Giroud, because outside of the goal you would have forgotten he was on the pitch.

  20. Moe says:


    Not in the game enough for me. He still relies on others too much.

    But it’s just today,i rate Walcott as CF very highly.

  21. C says:


    Understand what your getting at. But when you look at hus touches, they are all positive for the most part.

  22. Moe says:

    Good game.

    Campbell,Iwobi,Ox,Ramsey,Bellerin were great.

    I think my MOTD is Campbell. Classy on the ball as always.

  23. G4E says:

    I wonder what Bellerin’s worth right now?

  24. Brevity says:

    Good result, same as the PL game in the end. Nice to see Iwobi.
    In the 4th round and we rested a few players. A happy day and should give us some heart going forward.

  25. C says:


    Chambers did well too.

    But I agree, Campbell was a top draw but Bellerin and Iwobi certainly weren’t far behind.

  26. santori says:

    But Campbell is not world class;)

    Who cares?

    Effective and improving. So what if you are Eden Hazrd and world class. Much rather Campbell.

    And Ramsey is the engine room at the moment for us.

    Players improve.

    Well won. On to the next round. We can do three in a row. The FA cup is a prestidge competition and the punctuation to the season. Lets win it again!

  27. andy1886 says:

    Happy with Campbell.

    Happy with Ramsey.

    Happy with the win.

    Still confused about in which world Le Coq played against Southampton…..

  28. Nigerian_gunner says:

    Boy o boy!!!!! santori the great reappears..
    I really enjoyed myself today, it’s been a long time since I watched Arsenal play so well, the entire team was full of pace, it was well worth my time.
    But Campbell simply stands out for me today. If he continues playing the way he did today, i believe he would make a very good squad player, his confidence was too obvious to ignore. Special thanks to yogi warrior for his entertaining dose of this daily ARSENAL syrup..
    Also the likes of c, bill, moe, m.a, cbob n the rest for making this site fun. Hopefully we’ll celebrate ? @ the end of The season as champions…

  29. consolsbob says:

    Good to see a happy man, Nigerian gunner. Felicitations!

  30. Tateezee says:

    Enjoyable win today.

    Good team performance especially considering the trio in midfield.

    We bossed the game totally immediately Ramteta came on.

    Theo created the first and the unawarded pen. Beyond that he didn’t do too well. I would love him to take players on more just like he did in creating the goal.

    Giroud was largely anonymous.. *sigh* good thing he scored though.

    Bells, Campbell had good games.

    Expecting Alexia and Ozil for the Liverpool game.

    By the way… Another happy Nigerian gooner here. )D

  31. Brevity says:

    Not exactly a lucky season for
    Ospina. Only bit of bad news on the day really. No idea how bad the injury is – just a strain? Be good to see him back for the 4th round.

  32. Phil says:

    I thought that Theo, particularly early made some good runs. Twice Ox missed the chance.
    OG did his job.
    Scored and had a dead set penalty

  33. C says:


    I think with Ozil Theo’s runs get picked out.

  34. jimmy says:

    Iwobi was excellent on debut. Such a mature and assured performance. Not an athlete but a fantastic football brain.

  35. C says:


    Now once he gets there he has to start finishing again.

    Theo also played a really good 1-2 in the box with Campbell that almost led to Campbell nabbing his 2nd if not for some good GK.

  36. C says:

    Afobe is now a Cherry after completing his move to Bournemouth with the fee believed to be 10m.

  37. Phil says:

    Well done C on the Steelers.
    What an incredible game .

  38. Wavey says:


    We were very disjointed for a lot of the first half, but I guess that’s no surprise as we were playing with a very experimental line up. The lack of a play maker meant that we didn’t really have anyone taking charge. Once the players worked out what they were doing we looked a lot more threatening and could have scored plenty more.

    Campbell was a star and Bellerin got his crossing right in the best possible way. The youngsters didn’t look out of place at all. The defence were a bit shaky and Sunderland maybe should have scored again, but overall a job well done.

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