Tales From 1990/91: UEFA Get In On The Act

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22nd October 1990

I suppose the only surprise was that it took UEFA this long to speak out on the matter. A matter of days after the Arsenal match, Manchester United faced Wrexham in the European Cup Winners Cup and having only just permitted English clubs to return to the glorious playing fields of Europe, they weren’t about to let the English sully them with their narky behaviour.

United would enjoy fortuitous draws in the competition on their way to beating Johan Cruyff’s Barcelona in Rotterdam. They beat Hungarian giants Pécsi Mecsek followed by Wrexham, Montpellier and Legia Warsaw in the semi-final. Free draws could be so lucky for the right club, particularly as they somehow avoided Aberdeen, Sampdoria, Juventus and Dynamo Kyiv along the way.

Even though UEFA acknowledged that the matter was none of their business, they still felt the need to poke their oar in. The FA would, they hoped, be strong and mete out swift punishment as from the gods themselves. The FA, having reacted swiftly initially, were resting with their exertions the day before taking their toll. It would be a few weeks before they could hold an Inquiry into the incident.

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  1. Brevity says:

    Always nice to get moral advice from UEFA isn’t it?

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