Arsenal Take Welcome Three Points From Bruising Encounter

mcvNewcastle United 0 – 1 Arsenal

0 – 1 Coloccini (52 o.g.)

Sent off: Mitrovic (16)

It’s a damning indictment of modern football that some found the sixteenth minute dismissal of Alexsandr Mitrovic both controversial and unwarranted. The Serb arrived on these shores with something of a firebrand reputation and being part of an XI which was sent onto the pitch with instructions to physically intimidate, seemed likeliest to fall foul of the officials. He wasn’t the first to trouble Andre Marriner’s notebook nor the last as Steve McClaren betrayed the expansive footballing legacy so beloved of the Gallowgate by transforming Newcastle into Stoke-lite. They were light of one man with seventy-five minutes to play and got the result their performance deserved.

Bizarrely, McClaren said after the game that whilst “the cards were all fouls but I think the ref has reacted too harshly, too rashly with every one of them.” It seems working for Mike Ashley drives any semblance of common sense out of managers. Does he genuinely believe that? I doubt it but with a squad which is showing little sign of improvement over the shambles of the previous season, he will have clung to whatever flotsam and jetsam strayed of his side’s performance. The odds though, of a Keegan-esque outburst have considerably shortened.

Arsenal will be content with the three points on an afternoon where performance didn’t matter. The looming international break  meant that three points was all that counted as the squad sought to end their indifferent start to the season with a win and more importantly, not let the gap to Manchester City grow beyond the five points which existed before kick-off. As events transpired, it turned out to be three points which capitalised on the failings of Chelsea and Liverpool, the latter’s defeat meant Arsenal leapfrogged them into fifth place.

Arsène shuffled the pack before kick-off, Olivier Giroud’s record against Newcastle counted for nought as Theo Walcott was preferred to the lead the line and with Mesut Özil out through what the manager described as a ‘minor’ knee injury, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain came onto the flank with Aaron Ramsey pushed into a central role. Changes that nobody complained about, changes which created openings but the extent of Arsenal’s problems remains evident when the O.G. leading the scoring charts is down to the largesse of their opponents and not a French international.

Thierry Henry grated Giroud’s ego earlier in the year with the observation that the club couldn’t win the title with his compatriot leading the line. It seems that Giroud is hell-bent on proving him right, one goal this season is not a persuasive enough argument to prove Henry wrong. It’s one more than Theo Walcott has although nobody is sure how. Presented with a gilt-edged opportunity to open the floodgates when Tim Krull parried Alexis’ shot, the England international scooped his shot over the bar with an unguarded net beckoning. Ian Wright observed that Walcott, if this was always Wenger’s long-term plan, ought to have played centrally for the last five years, seemed to have a point. That Arsène noted afterwards that he continues to search for a new striker underlines that.

Faced with ten men, Arsenal unsurprisingly overwhelmed possession. Newcastle didn’t muster a shot on target in the ninety minutes and generally gave Laurent Koscielny the sort of return to the side that he of which he could only have dreamed. The other end of the pitch remains in sharp focus and the XI deserves some praise for not panicking having arrived at the interval without scoring. Damned by faint praise? Even though Newcastle packed the defensive third in a determined, some might say rearguard, action not to concede, Arsenal with title pretensions, should have scored more, there’s no doubt about it.

However, having dropped three points on the opening day with the fiasco against West Ham, Arsène will be happy with the points haul since and is probably those three behind where he thought they would be at this point of the season. When the Premier League recommences in a fortnight’s time, the fixtures become more exacting with Stoke and the trip to Zagreb the hors ahead of Chelsea and Tottenham before the month ends. It will need significant improvements up front to continue the form they now find themselves in. A point Arsène acknowledged,

We have offensive potential but you always want more and more goalscorers. We have not fired offensively, our finishing has not been clinical and we have to improve on that.

The internal solutions aren’t there at the moment but maybe, just maybe, they need ten days with the international squads to clear their heads, to brush away the cobwebs. It seems to me that this is the answer because Wenger, notoriously secretive about transfers at the best of times, offered little sign of new blood to change the situation,

We are open and we are in the transfer market. If we find an exceptional player in any sector, we will do it. At the moment I don’t know if something will happen or not.

A familiar refrain but let’s hope it is the game playing with the media he so enjoys. It might be a long September if it isn’t.

’til Tomorrow.

110 thoughts on “Arsenal Take Welcome Three Points From Bruising Encounter

  1. Wavey says:

    Two girls just knocked on the front door girl my eldest. He’s twelve. No wonder he’s not so bothered about going to the Arsenal now.

  2. C says:

    Sczny had a really good save to secure all 3 points today for Roma. He has started the season for them in really good form.

  3. Wavey says:

    Neville was seriously pissed off with the Man Utd performance, but avoided directly slagging off LVG. He was saying that he can’t believe that LVG send them out to look backwards and that he could understand why they just try to hold the ball when they haven’t really gained control of the game. Carra rightly pointed out that Neville was raising the same concerns last week because they were playing in the same way, so maybe that’s the way LVG wants them to play.
    It sounds a bit like the Wenger model of possession football, but you’d have thought that by now Wenger would know that it doesn’t really work in the Prem. Neville believes that possession for the sake of it doesn’t work in the Prem and he is perhaps hoping that someone gets that message to LVG. Which is perhaps why he also thinks Wenger is either naive or arrogant, because we are still trying to play that possession game.

  4. C says:


    Yup thats exactly why he doesn’y bother with Arsenal. But two girls and only twelve, well done to him.

  5. C says:

    Dortmubd are putting teams to the sword no matter who it is. They finally got the band back together in Hummel, Reus, Kagawa, Gundoghen and Sahin plus added a couple of pieces in Pierre and Mhkitayran in attack plus Ginter the 18 year old DM and a coue others and they look scary good again.

  6. MesutsLeftFoot says:


    I think Scez needed a loan move, he was getting to cocky and i think he could come back and be world class keeper. Cech for me is still a better choice as of now. I wonder if we’ll actually sign anyone else, so much expectation and again, nothing is delivered. We need 2 players in imo, we’re going into the season relying on players not getting injured again which is really worrying.

  7. C says:


    I agree about Sczny, I think this loan will do him a world of good, allows him to refocus while playing for a side that is set to challenge for the title. I think he will come back in a year or two and take over for Cech a more poliahed and mature GK which is exactly what we need from him.

  8. C says:

    Draxler to Wolfsburg and Chicharito to Leverkusen are two good moves for both clubs.

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