Liverpool Crushed By The Wheels Of Arsenal’s Industry


Arsenal 4 – 1 Liverpool

1 – 0 Bellerin (37)
2 – 0 Özil (40)
3 – 0 Sanchez (44)
3 – 1 Henderson (76 pen)
4 – 1 Giroud (90)

Sent off: Emre Can (84)

If this is the effect of international football, can we have another break after the trip to Turf Moor? As Arsenal moved into the upper floors of the Premier League – not quite the penthouse – Liverpool were left on the pavement, pulverised by their hosts vibrancy.

Arsène stopped short of calling it of the perfection but understandably, the pride in the performance shone through in the manager’s words. From the kick-off, Arsenal were energetic, harried, hassled and forced mistakes from their opponents, winning the game in the same way they had been so ruthlessly exposed at Anfield twelve months previously. The basis of the win came from the midfield, Coquelin’s defensive discipline allows Ramsey to support his attacking colleagues and the Welshman was pivotal in the opening twenty minutes where the afternoon’s stall was set.

The only thing missing from the spell was a goal; it wasn’t through lack of trying with Cazorla bringing a smart save from Mingolet whilst Ramsey should have done far better as he sought to capitalise on one of the many loose passes Kolo Toure made all afternoon.

Crucially, Arsenal didn’t offer Liverpool any respite in any area of the pitch. Whether in the attacking third, midfield or protecting their own area, defending began at the front and the whole team kept working hard for each other, frustrating the Pretenders to the extent that their chances were few and far between. And when the defence was breached, Markovic and Sterling contrived to produce a Keystone Cops attacking masterclass.

At any point in the ninety minutes, the midfield funnelled back to help protect the bridgeheads built. More importantly, those duties were performed consistently, there was no letting up or easing off even with a three-goal advantage. Eye-catchingly, Mesut Özil was effective in this role, more than just a body in the way, ready with a languid surge up the pitch or the quick pass to relieve pressure.

Fittingly as the afternoon unfurled, it was Hector Bellerin who broke the deadlock, encouraged to advance into the area by wretched defending from Moreno, he obliged and curled in a delightful left-footed shot past the grasping dive of Mingolet. For a century or more, defenders managed to tackle and jockey opponents, conceding the odd penalty of dubious nature but never enough to warrant the current preoccupation. Moreno’s decision to embrace the pathetic and obsequious style with hands behind his back is so pathetic that it received the punishment it deserved.

Minutes later, Özil produced a free kick of marvellous accuracy. Forget the criticism of the goalkeeper’s position and savour the delicious mastery of the football. The replay caught the moment beautifully. The wall, mid-air, heads and necks twisting to locate the ball’s trajectory, faces contorted as they recalled Bill’s immortal words from The Italian Job; the ball did indeed, go thattaway. It was a familiar feeling for the Liverpool defence.

And as Liverpool reeled on the ropes, Alexis delivered the powerful counter-punch that floored them, the ball sat up so invitingly and he could not resist producing a shot of startling ferocity that left Mingolet’s hand flailing helplessly in the ball’s slipstream.

The half-time whistle produced small mercy for the visitors. The second forty-five minutes offered them little encouragement, save for a brief ten minute spell in which Henderson squeezed his penalty home but the as the embers burned down, Emre Can threw a bucket of water to ensure it was completely extinguished as his frustrations surfaced in the scything motion of his legs through the back of Welbeck. If he hadn’t already been booked, that tackle merited a red card on its own.

Liverpool pointed to the largesse Anthony Taylor showed to Hector Bellerin as he upended Sterling. I would suggest that the youngster was saved by the fact that an intent to foul Sterling was absent; he was beaten by pace and equally footwork. Had Sterling played that way from the start, it might have been a more testing afternoon for the Spaniard. As it happened, one of the most encouraging signs for Bellerin’s career is his refusal to dive in rashly, already intelligent enough to know the consequences. The key is to remember that more often than not.

Surprisingly he wasn’t voted Man of the Match but given Monotone Michael was choosing, it was unsurprising that he opted for the safe choice of Alexis. Nobody will argue that Sanchez didn’t play well, just that at his price tag – like Özil – it was the sort of performance you expect more often than not. Bellerin meanwhile continues to learn and exceed any expectations, even those that being selected for the Arsenal XI inevitably bring.

In a way singling out individuals following a match such as yesterday is that it overlooks the ‘unsung’ players, the likes of Monreal, Mertesacker, Koscielny and Gabriel. The latter slotted in so comfortably that it was easy forget the Brazilian was on the pitch although he made sure that Henderson didn’t forget him. Sensible lad, making sure there was a body in the way, cushioning his fall to earth.

Despite continuing his goalscoring run, Giroud would fall into the same category. It was a cracking finish, sharp movement followed by a powerful and accurate finish but overall his performance was more for the team than himself. The selfishness that a centre forward so often displays was subdued by Giroud’s work ethic, pulling the Liverpool back three over the pitch in the first half, closing off escape routes for ninety minutes. His goal was due reward.

For what might be the shortest of times, Arsenal sit in second place. Manchester City ought to take the points at Selhurst Park but the way this season has panned out, there is no guarantee of that. Until Monday’s final whistle, the dreamers can dream.

One more thing. Gentlemen, can you play like that every week?

’til Tomorrow.

70 thoughts on “Liverpool Crushed By The Wheels Of Arsenal’s Industry

  1. Ras says:

    Morning All from a bright and very sunny Toulouse. The La Ville en Rose. A great win yesterday..A weeks rest n recreation…

  2. jlsgooner says:

    Morning all, great upbeat report and ‘monotone Micheal’ had me giggling into the bowl of weetabix it’s just so much more apt than ‘twat’.

  3. AJ says:

    You mentioned 5 players worthy of merit in addition to Owen’s favourite but for me, the standout MOTM was Coquelin, he didn’t even get a mention.

  4. Limestonegunner says:

    Nice stuff, YW. You did indicate Coquelin’s importance to our ability to press at the outset, but I would single him out for some further praise to emphasize just how good he was. Bellerin did wonderful things but several times looked defensively shaky in his positioning. By comparison, Monreal’s side was very controlled.

  5. Limestonegunner says:

    But that’s just minor carping because overall it was a thrilling team performance, exactly what I had hoped for but feared might be beyond us with our typical sleepy lunchtime and disjointed post break starts. Not this time. If anyone would like to see progress, that certainly represents a step forward for me.

    Keep it up Arsenal and it will be quite a decent season. Let’s also put and end to Mourinho’s Chelsea undefeated record against us. It is about time. There were five big matches left. One down, four more to go. May they all be similarly convincing victories!

  6. Yogi's Warrior says:


    It was controlled but I think Liverpool identified the Arsenal right as a weakness which is why Sterling was deployed down the left in the second half. Shows the lack of depth in the Liverpool squad that Sturridge had to be used. Rodgers spending is questionable at best. I doubt he’s got anything of the Suarez money left.

  7. Damon says:


    I hope you enjoyed writing that as much as I did reading it!

    Some splendid prose in there – flailing in the balls slipstream a particular favourite!

    Monotone Michael was fun too. I would probably go a bit more “base” than that…. the bloke is a moronic prick. I have decided to pen a letter to BT Sports threatening the cancelling of my subscription unless he is removed from the payroll. His punditry is rank and his bias and hypocrisy is so evident that it is beyond laughable.

    I should imagine they won’t do so on the basis of my puny letter, but it needs saying. I’d imagine that a high proportion of armchair fans watching would do as good a job, or better, for a much lesser fee.

  8. Damon says:

    Having hoped we destroyed them in the second half, partly to enough Owen’s suffering, I actually preferred listening to him clutching at the grim straw-ends of hope after the penalty was scored that they might just get back into it

    HA HA!!

  9. Jonny says:

    If I recall correctly, part of the Suarez deal was a shady pre-contract agreement involving several Llamas (with clean licence plates), six compromising pictures of Andoni Zubizaretta and an Irish man’s handshake on the fourth whore in the “Liam Neeson Serbian Abduction Handicap Stakes”.

    As Swiss Ramble would undoubtedly confirm: the Suarez money was rodgered from the get-go.

  10. Paulie Walnuts says:

    Whilst I agree with those saying Le Coq has done enough to be given more chances next season I would still buy another player for that role as neither Arteta or Flamini cut the mustard any more.

    One of the two at Saints would be my choice. It would show some of the intent that Damon mentions.

    The same goes for the centre forward role.

    The top teams ALWAYS look to improve.

    As for Pool , Sterling is a talent but like Sturridge not as good as he thinks he is.

    Sad to see a once fine player for us look like he’s about to collect his bus pass but thanks for those comedy moments yesterday Kolo.

    Even he wasn’t as amusing as Monotone Michael though. A man who scored 40 goals for his country & played for some of the best clubs in Europe , yet isn’t liked by anybody !

  11. Phil says:

    The write up reflects yesterday’s performance.
    well done YW and well played yesterday.
    The scousers had their chance to take the lead and blew it.
    Three quality goals killed them off.

  12. Phil says:

    Since the Monaco debacle, Giroud has responded as well as is possible. Have to respect a man who comes back from that performance and criticism, and is not just banging in goals, but working his arse off.

  13. Phil says:

    I liked the harassing in your face style. Works more often than not.
    Le Coq keeps improving.
    Gabriel fits in seamlessly.
    Monreal has a lock on LB.
    Ozil should be shutting the critics mouths or cutting off the typing fingers by now.

  14. Phil says:

    There has been press regarding Cech joining us. Yes he has height, and therefore controlling presence in the box. A great keeper indeed. So it’s safe to assume he is an upgrade on Ospina. And yet, I am struggling to recall errors of judgment by Ospina. Yes he is the Gladstone Small of keepers,but he ticks a lot of boxes for me.

  15. Phil says:

    Is it too early in the day to eat a chocolate bunny or 2?

  16. The Accidental Gooner says:

    Long time reader, first time post. Great write up as usual Yogi. Well done to the lads yesterday, brilliant start to the weekend for us all, keep it up lads. COYG.

  17. ArsenalAndrew says:

    Great write up Yogi for a great performance.

    Ironic as the two times Arsenal have in recent years appeared most vulnerable have been games staged at lunchtime and games played immediately post Interlull. So yesterday’s fixture had ‘banana skin’ written all over it; fortunately only Liverpool slipped.

  18. Jonny says:

    Hello Andrew – how are you going?

    A good result – they can keep their bananas.

    Do you want to post me my shoes? I would quite like them back. 😉

  19. Paulie Walnuts says:

    Welcome to the first team Accidental Gooner.

  20. Wavey says:


    That was my thought last night. New CDM in the summer and LeCoq as very acceptable cover. He’s proved he can do the job now and I don’t think its a fluke as he has been up against some good players. He has learnt some discipline which is really making the difference to his game play. He didn’t dive in yesterday, he went to ground to collect the ball when he needed to. Very impressive. Flamini and Arteta don’t get new contracts in my view. I think Arteta’s legs are gone and we won’t get enough games out of him to merit it. If he were an Arsenal Legend perhaps you would find a way to keep him for that last contract before he retires, but he’s not. Flamini should get himself off to France for one more contract, he doesn’t warrant one at Arsenal no matter what his mum says.

  21. MarylandGooner says:

    A wonderful match against a top 6 opponent. For once the injuries, suspensions, and pre-match karma all seemed to be working for us. Liverpool wanted to exploit our back line for pace, but they always seemed one Uruguayan short.

    A few small worries — what happened to Kos? Ramsey tailed off noticeably at the end and basically stopped running altogether. I hope both are due to fatigue and a minor knock.

    For an example of an ex-player who can be totally impartial as a commentator, we’ve been enjoying Lee Dixon this year on NBC SN in the US. Nice insights, especially about defensive positioning, and he’s a gentleman, even covering Spurs.

  22. peacefrog says:

    I saw an article that Cabaye is not happy at PSG and is wanted by Arsenal. Would be good cover for Arteta and Wilshere.

  23. Wavey says:

    Sky Sports discussing Kane with Henry and Carra. Henry saying Kane needs to be left alone to develop rather than being rushed into England side. Carra goes into one about Kane being top English scorer at present. Henry asks who Carra would drop from first eleven instead. Henry says Rooney would always be first choice at present and Welbeck’s form for England means you would be dropping a proven international girl scorer for an unproven youngster. Carra being defensive about never suggesting that Rooney be dropped. I’m with TH, Kane needs friendlies to get used to the set up, not be be thrown straight in at the deep end in qualifiers. Maybe from the bench when the job is done, as against Lithuania but never from the start at the expense of proven players.

  24. Wavey says:

    Only 7 minutes gone, but Burnley are showing that they won’t let teams get complacent. Spurs have dwelt on the ball a couple of times and been caught out. Ings should perhaps have scored already. Burnley work really hard and you can’t
    turn up there expecting a win just because they are at the foot of the table. We will have to be very focussed as they play without fear.

  25. Two Owls says:

    A very impressive game yesterday with Sterling managed very well by Bellerin throughout the game. Although there was a brief moment that Liverpool came back into the game, by and large the defenders were up to the Liverpool attempts at intrusion save one moment when the ball should have been tapped into an open side of the Arsenal goal. But the other side of that realization is that there were multiple times that Arsenal should have scored. The truth being that four goals flattered Liverpool excessively. It was pointed out in the broadcast that I viewed that Arsenal are not the team that Monaco beat at the Emirates and they proved that in the return match. Despite the naysayers, Arsene has built another impressive team and with a further few tweeks along the lines that PW has mentioned, they will be a team to be reckoned with next season. It is, in my opinion, difficult to pick out a MOTM since the entire team were involved in the winning of this game perhaps more than we have seen to date. Arsenal are an absolute delight to watch and I wait with baited breath for the Chelskie match!!

  26. Two Owls says:

    Oh, and a very happy Easter to you Yogi and your family. As well, let the Great Spirit Bless all of you who make regular posts on this Blog which I enjoy always. This is indeed a time for Arsenal Fans to give thanks.

  27. consolsbob says:

    I’ve never grasped how Andrew got hold of Jonny’s shoes.

  28. MesutsLeftFoot says:

    Fantastic performance, once again we’re all sat here lamenting our horrible inconsistencies over the first ten games and how we could be much closer to Chelsea. Is there a push for title still on? We’ve passed all our recent tests and with Chelsea still to play Man United, Liverpool and ourselves i’d put money on Jose parking the bus from now til the end of the season.

    It does beg the question as to why we haven’t been playing like this from the off, do we just have players all hitting form at the same time or has the emergence of Coq in the CDM role allowed the team more balance, in conjunction with Ozil finding the form we know he has and Giroud looking like the player we signed from Marseille who can score with apparent ease.

    Liverpool could still make top 4 in my opinion, but it will require Man u getting beaten by Chelsea and ourselves to do it along with finding the form they had pre OT stuffing.

    I’m stil not that worried about Man u…But i still see the it and the Chelsea game as our real tests for this season. Contradictory to what the media and Van Gaal are saying, i still don’t think they’re that good a team, a lot was made of their win over Liverpool, but considering they still made that quite hard and we were able to put 4 past them i reckon we could stuff Man u if we get our tactics right on the day. Cheslea are a different kettle of fish, no Costa for a while and they’ve resorted to old Eden’s penalties to rescue them…If Arsene was as devious as Jose, he’d whisper in Coq ear that a few well times hard tackles on Hazard at Emirates and they’re lose there prime playmaker and top scorer but i don’t think he will. Doesn’t mean we can’t win, they’re not playing well, again, all down to Wenger’s tactics on the day and how crucial it is at the time..

  29. Bill says:


    Great post. Fantastic game. Every year we seem to be able to put together 1/3 – 1/2 season of great football. This is one of the best runs in memory. Reminds me of the first part of last season. The Emirates era has been filled with false dawns in almost every season but somehow this one feels a bit different. Certainly this squad on paper is the best we have had since 2010. The wins against Man City ManU are unique. Hopefully we can carry on for the rest of this year, win the FA cup and carry the momentum into next year and put together a full season of mental focus in 15/16.

  30. Pistolfish says:

    Excellent team performance yesterday. There were the obvious standouts but I cant think of any one who didn’t have a good game yesterday. Its been a very long time since we last experience a good proper thrashing of one the the top teams. Feels good.
    My only complaint is that I didn’t have the pleasure of the Michael Owen cometary. My commentators on US telly were very complementary of the Arsenal.

  31. MesutsLeftFoot says:

    Spurs struggling vs Burnley, how Ryan Mason got an england call up i’ll never know

  32. C says:

    Brilliant performance with Ozil finding his form, Giroud continue to score goals and our back 4 looking solid.


    Giroud came from Montpellier mate 😉

    Quick note from yesterday, not many wingers get 20 goals and 15 assists, well atleast not average ones. 😉

  33. Wavey says:

    Spurs could only manage a 0-0 draw,

  34. C says:


    Ryan Mason gets into England because its England.

  35. MesutsLeftFoot says:


    Knew it was mont… Marseille came out as i was reading the pre PSG game notes, looking forward to watching that match tonight.

    On Theo, let’s not start that after such a good preformance yesterday :), he can still come prove me wrong but i think for over £100k a week he’s a poor investment.

    glad to see Ozil getting some praise….Guardian writer called him sublime, perhaps the meant Sterling was sublime, you know, since he’s better

  36. C says:



    Ozil has been sublime and agree its about time that he did. Sterling is bettet, just as Sterling and Sturridge are better than Sanchez and Di Maria and Falcao were going to be more influential than Sanchez. 🙂

  37. Phil says:

    We would have scored 6 if Theo had a run

  38. santori says:

    Great win.

    There is no race for fourth for the Liverpool and Spurs obsessed media. Those mediocre teams are frankly chasing 5th with Southampton.

    There is a race for second though (and possibly slim chance) a race for first.

    The strong defense second half of season has been the platform we have built this charge on.

    But it would be erroneous to think it was just bc of Coquelin.

    He has been impressive but it has also coincided with the return of the stable partnership of Meterscielny.

    There have been question marks about the German’s hangover but frankly this was nonsense to cover up the lack of cover which has forced us to play an unstable back 4 carrying inexperienced or out of position players at Cback in Chambers and Monreal (which cost us, most goals coming from wide areas)

    had Coquelin been involved with this back line, the outcome would have likely been fairly similar to with Arteta or Flamini.

    There has been plenty of nonsense about Per’s lack of speed but he marshalled Sterling perfectly. Who needs speed when you are already there?

    The addition of Gabriel has allowed the fullbacks to concentrate on their bread and butter.Monreal has been an improvement.

    And we have had another revelation in Bellerin albeit there were already signs from pre-season and last to suggest he would be making a step up this season. He is night and day to Jenkinson, with better technical skills, a better footballing brain and better pace not to mention architectured crosses not whipped in blind.

    This is the key difference.

    Come the summer, we could do with a player who can add going forward and cover at DM. Someone like Kongdogbia at Monaco would be both economical and very useful with his technical ability and size. Alternative is Khedira who is more a luxury model given salary but who brings great experience

    The player he should replace is Arteta.

    The Spaniard has been a lynchpin for us over the rebuilding period and a stalwart but he won’t get any younger. Flamini (not everyone’s favorite clearly) is a good player with solid fundamentals and decent use of the ball who has improved his passing percentage. He is clearly not the world’s best DM but someone who is capable and importantly willing to be on the bench for long spells affording someone like Kongdogbia or Khedira and Coquelin the centre stage holding.

    Alternative is to hold Arteta for another season but I just don’t see the point in that.

    Then there is Diaby who is set to make another return. With older players and injury prone players, we should appreciate what they have given to us but we must not be too sentimental. if they cannot be available for us for long spells, that should be the first criteria not fulfilled.

  39. santori says:

    Man of the match for me is Ozil.

    That free kick was the pick of the goals because we have not scored or been a threat from set pieces for a while.

    Hopefully we can sustain this an add it to our locker.

  40. santori says:

    Plus all this nonsense about Le Coq being cover at DM.

    He is not playing to be cover.

    He is demonstrably the first choice at the moment and by merit.

    if we add in that area, it will be because the player coming in will give us certain different and nuanced qualities.

    As I have mentioned repeatedly, we miss Diaby. he is not exactly a DM but a box to box who can cover at DM.

    We need someone fairly similar but (aside from Pogba) there are plenty of false candidates bandied around.

    I think if we can afford Khedira (salary an issue), he will be fantastic as he replaces Arteta’s experience but adds the physicality we need at times (contrary to popular opinion, Coquelin still struggled with Fellaini where several seasons ago against Everton, Diaby had him in his pocket)

    Otherwise, Kongdogbia is a great candidate with plenty of upside potential. He is young but shows good maturity in his game and physically strong (bullied Coquelin, went pass him like he wasn’t there a couple of times). More importantly, he is also technically gifted which is something we need.

    In particular, we need to be able to hold and see out games better. A player like Diaby who can hold the ball away from the opposition and bully them with his physical strength or add threat going forward with his long stride will be very useful in the last 10 minutes of a tense scoreline.

  41. santori says:

    No sight of Mario Balotelli which the media trumpeted as a ‘no brainer’ signing for the genius Brendan Rodgers.

    Followed by comparisons to Welbeck where they thought Wenger was foolish paying 16m for.

    I bet you no sign of Alan Hansen either on MOTD.

  42. Jonny says:

    I think it was rohypnol and the power of suggestion, Bob.

  43. Birdkamp says:

    Santori, there have been lots of different reasons for improvement since Autumn. It’s a giant combination of WC hangover being shaken off (we’re not the first team to struggle with this, and we won’t be the last), an understanding developing at the back, combinations clicking in attack (well into the New Year we were having to field XIs that had never started together before – this is huge), players coming back from injury (Ozil, Giroud, Koscielny), players bedding into the team and players finding form, but Coquelin has definitely been a factor. He’s pretty limited but nobody else can do what he can do.

    On top of that we have world-class players, or thereabouts, in a few positions. More than I can remember for a long time. That plays a huge part of course.

    And this might change, but apart from Flamini (could have been sent off after a few mins yesterday) there’s nobody in this squad I don’t rate, and good chances of improvement next season for many individuals.

  44. erasto bemeye says:

    When we’re hammered by Lpool last season at YouNeverWorkAlone stadium, there were an outcries in the media.So why there are no the same NOISES as we undo waterpool by the same margin ? And we did it with style, because all of our goals were Pictured goals.Actually beauties!

  45. Jonny says:

    Hard to find fault after such a heart-lifting, emphatic performance but that was a head-scratching substitution.

    Rosicky is no defensive slouch, three times the player (than Flamini) and Coquelin was still anchoring the midfield. There was an audible, collective groan at the decision.

    Still we did win the fuck out of that game – so one should not look for quibbles.

  46. Paulie Walnuts says:

    Managers do have their favourites & Flamini seems to be one of Arsene’s.

    I don’t think he’d get game time at any other top half side (except maybe Spurs haha) but he’s obviously deemed useful enough to be preferred to Rosicky yesterday for instance.

  47. Phil says:

    Was intending to not be critical of Wenger today, because good wins or bad losses turn into some form of referendum.
    That being said, I agree Jonny.
    Other than Santori, I can’t think of anybody else who thought Flamini should have come on instead of TR7 for Ozil. Well him and Flamini.

  48. Birdkamp says:

    Actually, been saying for a while that those are the only circumstances in which he should be used – when we’re sitting back protecting a lead and need someone to cover some ground. He can be counted on to run about a lot, and has a little more of a defensive mind than Rosicky. It’s all relative of course, as Rosicky is an AM!

  49. Birdkamp says:

    PW, not sure we can say he’s a favourite, as he was mostly out of the team when Arteta was fit, and ever since Coquelin came good he’s been on the bench.

    Which kind of shows that AW knows he can’t offer much. The mystery is why nothing was done about it in the summer. In an indirect and unsatisfying way it led to Coquelin getting a 2nd chance, but a class DM in July *could* have turned a good season into a great one.

    And to be honest, there’s a little more to it. Flamini’s not very good, but I think he was exposed by his teammates too. Ramsey’s mystifying early run of games come to mind, when he grew that quiff and forgot everything that had made him so good before.

    I think we can start talking safely about CL now. Along with the new PL deal that’s going to be a serious amount of money this year. If AW has any regrets about last summer I hope he exorcises them by signing a world-class CM and, if Walcott’s off, an attacker.

  50. Moe says:


    Basically “Mesut is a sublime performer, when he plays well”

    I’m not sure whether to cry at how bad ‘journalism’ has become or laugh because of how absurd that statement is.

  51. Pistol Fish says:

    You want to hear some real nonsense talk?
    That free kick was the pick of the goals because we have not scored or been a threat from set pieces for a while.

    Arsenal have score from more set pieces than any other team in the prem this season.

  52. MesutsLeftFoot says:


    It was more someone recognising that because he’s not got the workrate of Alexis doens’t mean he’s lazy, but i agree Pistol i also saw that…lazyjounos at their best

  53. consolsbob says:

    Well, I still haven’t got a clue.

    About so many things. Oh, so, so many things.

  54. Stanekay says:

    Arsenal continues to thrive on talent and proper team work. This squad kn do many amazing things if they stick together. I just hope they continue 2 believe in themselves.

  55. Wavey says:

    How the hell does someone just come in here and say that what I am talking is nonsense? If I believe LeCoq should be cover next season behind a new CDM, that’s my opinion. GET IT! I disagree with people on here, we have discussions. I don’t state what they say is nonsense. I wouldn’t be that rude. I’m sorry that I don’t rate Flamini when you so obviously do. It’s my opinion and clearly not just mine. Restating your views every single day as if they are facts and then calling every view that isn’t yours nonsense is not a discussion.

  56. Wavey says:

    One of the papers is saying that Jordan Henderson is also stalling on a new deal. They have apparently offered him £80k a week and he only has a year left on his contract. Chelsea are apparently interested. Its just going from bad to worse for Liverpool.

  57. C says:


    Did you see that Rodgers called iut his players and several outlets reporting that the players weren’t fond of it or the fact that Rodgers seemed to concede getting in the top 4.

  58. arse110 says:

    Henderson stalling is probably rubbish, why would he go to Chelsea where he would rarely make the starting 11 when he’s in line to take over the captaincy at Liverpool after Gerrard retires? That’s an utter tosh move in my mind, especially given that he’s entering the prime of his career.

  59. Wavey says:


    You might well be right. As you say, Henderson is in line to be captain by the looks of things. Certainly plenty of winding up going on behind the scenes though. Guess I’m not surprised given the fact that they have pretty much thrown away CL footie next season. Nice to see the press having a dig at someone else for a change. I guess Pellegrini will be back in the firing line if they lose tonight
    Garth Crooks reluctantly puts two Arsenal players in his team of the week (Bellerin and Alexis) for the BBC. He must be hating it as an ex-Spud. Maybe that’s why he gave Cattermole the spot over Coquelin and why Ozil didn’t even get a look in.

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