The Saints Went Marching In & On To Victory


Arsenal 1 – 2 Southampton

1 – 0 Sanchez (13)
1 – 1 Tadic pen (20)
1 – 2 Clyne (39)

Two first half goals were enough to give Southampton victory at The Emirates last night. Arsenal were undone by a mix of experience and Nathaniel Clyne’s excellent strike. Some are questioning David Ospina which is understandable given it flew into the centre of the goal but like Thierry Henry’s winner against Manchester United at Highbury, the ball moved in the air considerably. Coupled with the power of the shot, it is a moment for tipping your hat to the scorer rather than seeking a scapegoat although criticism that there was no pressure from the defence as Clyne took aim, is not misplaced.

Did it win Goal of the Match? It’s debatable and the decision probably depends on the colour of your club’s shirt. Alexis Sanchez’s thirteenth minute free kick was equally exquisite in its execution; dipping, swerving, it peaked as it passed over the wall and plateaued into the side of the net, leaving Forster admiring the Chilean’s artistry with the same reverence a visitor to The Tate holds for the works on display.

But Arsenal were architects of their own downfall with Tomas Rosicky’s needlessly rash challenge conceding a penalty quickly after Sanchez had settled nerves. Had Arsenal held theirs, it would have been a different contest, one where the visitors composure would have been tested. As it was, Southampton deserved the victory and in moments of truth, we will concede the margin of that win should probably have been wider.

Losing is never easy to take and even though the competition is lowest on Arsène’s list of priorities for the season, a cup run is good for building momentum and giving youngsters the chance to learn their trades. Hector Bellerin and Isaac Hayden confirmed their potential and the back four put in good individual performances. The absence of Mertesacker and Koscielny’s experience meant cohesion was lacking; the natural leader of the pack has yet to emerge.

Arsène noted the injury concerns ahead of the weekend’s visit of Tottenham. Mertesacker and Gibbs have no choice but to be fit as the defence has taken something of a pounding in that respect. With Debuchy absent, the right has cover but the same is not true of the left. Monreal’s injury leaves Arsenal exposed and the absence of a versatile central defender to cover gives little option but to play Coquelin out of position. Square pegs, round holes; the folly of the summer is perilously close to costing Arsenal dear.

In the middle of the park, Abou Diaby’s return garnered most attention. The former French international, whilst not imperious, certainly enjoyed a dominant role in the hour or so he was on the pitch, all of which is very encouraging but any thoughts of a sustained run in the side seem premature. The best planning Arsène can undertake in that respect is the next game, nothing more.

The biggest disappointment for me was the underperformance of players with a point to prove. Lukas Podolski was largely anonymous in his contribution whilst Joel Campbell was fitful and unsurprisingly substituted. Actually the only surprise was that Podolski didn’t depart first. I think those two and to a lesser extent Tomas Rosicky, highlight the difficulties squad players face. It is hard enough to come into the side at the best of times but to an XI of strangers, the need to hit the ground running is even more important.

Add into that mix players who probably realise their futures lie elsewhere and you get one of two responses; excellence or ineffectiveness. We got the latter from the German and a Costa Rican who tried hard to be the former but ended with the latter as well. Neither advanced their cause and to be honest, it is hard to envisage either playing more than a bit part before the FA Cup defence begins. Even then, neither will play centrally if Sanogo is fit whilst injury at that time will surely see Chuba Akpom given a chance. It would be hard for him to be any more invisible.

You sense this is close to how Arsène feels. He resolutely refused to be drawn on individual performances beyond praise for the youngsters. Experienced pros who don’t impress him have developed a habit of disappearing the following summer.

Other than that, there isn’t much to say on the performance. Disappointingly, there were few opportunities created in the second half. Southampton were rarely put under concerted pressure and even as the dying embers of the match flickered under the floodlights, Arsenal were more likely to succumb to a third goal than equalise. Arsène admitted to a similar disappointment.

Some will argue that it is only the League Cup, we are better off without its interference with the fixture list. I understand and would not necessarily disagree with that viewpoint. Despite the contempt in which it is held, the competition serves a purpose and provides a grounding for young players to prepare them for the first team. It was obvious from his comments that Ronald Koeman was bringing a string side and the wisdom of fielding a team of strangers is questionable.

I know the upcoming fixtures are more important from the manager’s point of view but being realistic, we have more chance of winning the League Cup than the Premier League or Champions League. At the moment, domestic cups are the best route to success whilst Arsène constructs a squad. At the moment, we have all our eggs in one basket. A top three finish is not beyond Arsenal but the performance in Dortmund suggests that old habits have not yet died no matter how hard the players are trying. Closing last season’s seven point gap is a realistic aim but overhauling it? We will know more by the time of the next international break.

But if you are realistic – and old enough to remember – it’s the same as the late 70s but with more money. And better football before anyone comments.

As it is, attention focuses on the North London Derby and Chelsea with the small matter of Galatasaray in between. Season defining matches? Hardly but certainly influential in its outcome.

‘Til Tomorrow.

192 thoughts on “The Saints Went Marching In & On To Victory

  1. C says:

    Agreed on Hayden. I think the thing at present is that while he is our best DM, he is also our best CB in the youth ranks and due to our abundance of CM, he plays mainly CB.


    I did catch Kompany’s comments. I do wonder though, were they a bit of a dig at Chavs having just played them and both clubs being at a war of words, or were they his true feelings.

    I would assume that they were his true feelings with maybe a hint of a dig at Mourinho and his Chavs.

  2. Miami Arsenal says:


    I cannot speak to his motives in making the statement, but he has at least played both sides in Arsenal and Chelsea. City were out played for the first 30 minutes against us, not even close but for us we need to convert during this type of dominance. It has been our down fall. We did come back and eventually lead that tie just for another set piece error to erase the good work on the day. Against Villa, the same type of mistake was luckily not converted thanks to a great save from Wojo.

  3. andy1886 says:

    Pistol – I think that it’s fair to say that Higuain would have been a very useful option as opposed to either a tired Giroud or Sanogo. How he could have performed worse than the latter I’d be interested to hear, short of forgetting which way we were kicking 😉

    Miami, sadly we live in a world where profit and personal gain is paramount and someone like Jordan Belfort is celebrated as some kind of folk hero rather than the greed ridden parasite he may have been viewed as in the past. Here, over the pond it’s all about what’s good for The City and the bankers, the common man can go hang. Is it any wonder Stan thinks that Arsenal can change seamlessly from a community institution to a cash cow to bleed as he feels fit? I may be being a little dramatic but fact is Stan can do exactly what he wants whenever he wants.

  4. C says:


    We are saying the same thing.

    If we could ever figure out how not to get caught on the counter and sure up the set pieces, I think we would be better off. It was good to see Kompany acknowledge thought that we are a good side.

    Still baffled how Costa didn’t get sent off but o well.

  5. Miami Arsenal says:


    The biggest thing for me, or the most interesting to my mind was the appearance of Mangala, he looked big and fast.

  6. Yogi's Warrior says:


    I favour reducing the PL to 18 teams or doing away with the League Cup. One or other works, it reduces the games. Then again I favour returning to the Champions, Cup Winners and UEFA Cups so what do I know!?!

  7. C says:


    Mangala is a absolute beast. I remember watching him for Porto last season and those were 2 of the main physical attributes that I saw. He is also pretty good technically but is just another man mountain for Shitty paired with Kompany.

    The biggest take away from that match though has to be Costa pre-match talking about how he is unimpressed with the physicality in the PL, yet when you watched him try to out muscle Kompany and Mangala, it always ended up with the Spanish born Brazilian on his ass with his arms up in the air looking for a foul and the ref telling him to get up.

  8. Miami Arsenal says:

    @Yogi or @Anyone

    Has there ever been much dialogue on the reduction of teams in the EPL? I think it is only the EPL and Serie A that still have 20?

  9. Miami Arsenal says:

    Never mind that, I went and checked for myself. So a good few play with 20 teams.

  10. Yogi's Warrior says:


    None as far as I’m aware. FIFA recommend it as the optimum number of teams in any top flight but the clubs just stick their middle fingers up at them.

  11. Miami Arsenal says:


    I guess I am trying to find some correlation between the number of fixtures in the EPL and the poor European returns for English clubs. Given that the Spanish play with 20 teams it kind of put that thought in its place. The Germans have an 18 team league, so does the winter break help? Clearly the likes of City, United and especially Arsenal should have none better over all than they have over recent years. I excluded Chelsea, given there relatively recent win of the competition, not to mention they seem to go further than most of the others.

  12. Birdkamp says:

    There’s obviously no way of proving right now that people who back AW won’t be Arsenal supporters once he’s gone. Perhaps a minuscule minority, but then at the same time minority of people who hate him refuse to go to matches while he’s still here. So they’re not exactly supporting AFC right now either.

    I think those who claim these people see AW above Arsenal are probably trying to absolve themselves for all-out slating him – possibly because they know it’s bad form.

    Like, “it’s OK what I say because I care more about Arsenal than people who rate him”. An easy get-out, but bogus if you ask me because it’s a lot more complex than that.

  13. Miami Arsenal says:

    @Big Al

    “possibly because they know it’s bad form” and here we go again, do you really believe that the manager is above criticism? Then why make the assumption that when people do criticize him, that it is not a valid point of view rather than a slating of the man? I have never as far as I am aware slated the man, hell, I don’t even know the man, but I have certainly criticized a number of his decisions.

  14. andy1886 says:

    “Then again I favour returning to the Champions, Cup Winners and UEFA Cups so what do I know!?!”

    Hear, hear!!. Only champions should be in the Champions League. All non-champion winners should be expunged from the record. Tough luck Man Utd (1999), Liverpool (2005), and Chelsea (2012).

  15. Birdkamp says:

    MA, not above criticism. What I’m talking about is the assumption that people could do a better job – the armchair management bollocks – implicit in a lot of the criticism. That requires a kind of “what you see is all there is” world view, which is obviously a narrow way of understanding things.

    So when someone says, “well maybe there’s a specific reason why we didn’t strengthen the squad more”, without being able to prove it the thought will be dismissed because there’s no evidence for it – yet at the starting point there’s little evidence full-stop.

    “What you see is all there is” thinking probably made that “We Spend You Spend” bloke state unequivocally that he could do a better job than Gazidis. How could he possibly know that? This wasn’t football chat; this was a deluded person trying to launch some kind of campaign and getting a lot of publicity, while making Arsenal fans look deranged!

    That kinda bothers me. But football chat’s another thing entirely.

  16. Limestonegunner says:

    I hope, YW, you might bring your typically sharp analysis and good information to bear upon this question of Kroenke and KSE, money going out for consultancy, Arsenal Broadband. Worrying signs on the face of it.

  17. Miami Arsenal says:

    @Big Al

    Gotcha, certainly there are enough loony’s out there. I apologize, I had thought your comment was aimed at fair criticisms, or as fair as one can have from a remote televised view point. I have always admired for what he brought to the table, that said, I’m an Arsenal fan and as such I do wonder whether his best days are behind him. I worry he’ll erode a lot of the good will be has with the majority of the fan base, by staying longer than he needed to. If we goes on to win the title, then his doubters (myself included will be made to eat humble pie). I do wish him all success, just as I wish for Arsenal to achieve success. I just happen to think we are a little stale, bland if you will, and a change has to come at some point.

  18. Miami Arsenal says:


    I guess it comes down to whether appropriate services were obtained for the fee. On the face of it, it appears different than the ‘intellectual property’ guise.

  19. Limestonegunner says:

    Quality discussion today! The fairest thing that can be said is that AW has kept us up at the base of the top tier through some challenging times while at the same time being a bit too cautious with resources as they became increasingly available. Hopefully that will change more than has been the case recently, for which there are mixed signs. But I do think everyone here really loves Arsenal deeply. We just bemoan, with all humility, what seem like missed opportunities to do even better.

  20. andy1886 says:

    I don’t have any difficulty with either viewpoint, pro or anti AW. I can argue the toss and so can anyone else who wants to do so on the basis of what we believe is best for this football club. If I think we need a better striker I can say so, if I believe we need a better keeper likewise, Same goes for the manager, it always has done and in the past there wasn’t this great kerfuffle if some supporters wanted a manager out (Neill, Howe in my time for example). Only with the latest incumbent does it seem that having this viewpoint is somehow ‘anti-Arsenal’. I repeat, it’s about what you believe is best for the club, it’s nothing personal, and people shouldn’t take it that way.

  21. JonJon says:

    im all for a change of format..
    reduce the number of teams in the league for a start..
    have a winter break but not over xmas because the footy is part of the festivities but give them a few weeks in jan off..
    it will never go back to the cup winners cup but the PL, FA cup and league cup champions should play in champions league and maybe PL runners up if we want to keep the 4 team format

    .if you arent champions of anything but still do well, then play in the do well cup on thursdays with the other do wellers..

    champions should be for the champions….

    and its nice to see the fans 3% has gone into stans pocket via a back door dividend…it might be only a few million but this is how it starts… a million here this year a million there next year then all of a sudden in a few years time BANG…i need money for a new ranch, the club just made 50mil profit and weve already got cash reserves of 300mil so im taking 50 % of that profit..fuck you..

    the only way to stop it is to spend it and have those assets on the pitch… thats going to happen in the next 3 years..

  22. Pistol Fish says:

    We all have our opinions and thats all they are. But to say its just a few armchair managers that think things could be done better is a far stretch. If we are so far below Arsene as we have never worked a day in football, then is a fair assumption to make that we are also miles below the majority of pundits and ex players that have voiced concern over the same issues, no?

  23. Yogi's Warrior says:


    I think only England and France have a League Cup which makes a difference, along with more rounds in the FA Cup, with replays. They will be the next to go, which is no bad thing.

    To ensure the lower division clubs don’t lose out, make the top 32 ranked teams (previous season PL plus previous seasons top 12 in Champiosnhip) play away in 3rd round and then 4th round have the lowest ranked remaining 16 teams at home. 5th round and beyond is a free draw.

  24. consolsbob says:

    Actually, Al, I do question whether I am ‘more negative’ than andy. You see I don’t think that either of us are ‘negative’ at all.

    I refuse to accept that label which has been thrown around by those who see criticism of the manager or the club as unacceptable. It has become a part of our Arsenal lexicon in recent years and has done more to damage and divide the fan base, and stifle, argument, than anything else I can think off. I’m a critic, yes, of the club and manager. I am certainly a fan of Arsenal.

    I’m not sure if it was the guest post that Limestone was referring to but I did do a piece in the summer on the nature of support. More actually, what exactly is it that we do support. Not Kroenke, not the other fat bastard and certainly not the ‘corporate entity’.

    I have no idea why, in a debate with andy, you chose to involve me at all but now that you have, this is my reply.

    With that, having made our pasties, it’s off to the polytunnel with a glass of Chilean chardoonay. I have never been fond of chardonnay but find the Chileans make a very fine version.

  25. andy1886 says:

    Miami & Limestone, have you noticed that in the early days Arsene seemed much more connected with the supporters? He gave the impression that we were all in this together, the club, the team, the fans and the manager were as one. Now that’s gone and it feels like it’s been that way for a few years now. There is a disconnect.

    Reading around the subject the appearance at least to me is that Arsene has been endulged a little too much. Quotes suggesting things like that it is the style of play that is most important, and winning must come from that style or not at all worries me. As does the the comments he made regarding ‘project youth’. He’s quoted as saying that he thought it would be an interesting experiment. Now call me old fashioned but we’re not here to support an ‘interesting experiment’, we’re here to see the club do everything it can to be successful.

    It’s shame that David Dein left, whatever you felt about DD he was a voice of sanity whispering in AW’s ear. Since then it feels like AW has been given free reign to do what he wants with little acountability. Without a restraining hand he’s lost his way and has forgotten what made him successful in the first instance, and some of his more interesting utterances could be considered to be rather contemptuous of his paying public (not worked a day in football? Hmmmm).

    One way of looking at it is that the club at board level have lost control of the situation and we are where we are as a result. They don’t seem to have the confidence to make changes and therefore the longer AW stays on the longer they can put that day off.

  26. Birdkamp says:

    I just brought your name up, Bob. I wasn’t after a response. Hope that didn’t take too long to type.

  27. consolsbob says:

    Why would that be a problem, Al? It’s what we do here isn’t it? Commenting and responding to other comments.

  28. Limestonegunner says:

    That’s what makes it interesting. I prefer face to face chat as the e-exchange can lose tone and other aspects of emotion in our communication. Hence the enjoyment of meeting and discussing Arsenal with Jonny post match. But that’s what the blog is wonderful for–excellent discussion of views and ideas about a common interest and passion. I gave thoroughly enjoyed the comments today.

    Andy, he still says we need to be united and I do think he genuinely would like to bring happiness to supporters–his post FA cup remarks suggest that was what was most critical in our latest trophy, which in competitive terms would rank well below league or CL for him. But I do know what you are getting at. He seems more remote from supporters. Partly as a response to increasing and intense criticism–some of which has been unfair or uninformed, though some seems to raise legitimate concerns–and partly because of the position he has taken on for the club, directors and exec of making us financially secure for the long term by keeping us in the CL on a reduced wage, even if he did find that project or challenge an interesting one to try. He’s carried water for the previous shareholders/board and current majority owner. That has put him at odds with many supporter priorities, perhaps. To me it is sad. He deserves respect, I feel, even as we might question and criticize. Birdkamp is correct that there might be reasons we cannot perceive, but it is still fair to raise the issues and concerns that fans paying attention as much as they can are entitled to be interested in.

  29. Paulie Walnuts says:

    Criticism is fine. Abuse isn`t.

    I don`t think there are any regulars on here who cross that line.

  30. Miami Arsenal says:

    Given the performance of Ozil and Oxlade last weekend, is it a given that both are on the team sheet and in the same positions this weekend? I thought Oxlade did a great job of giving us drive and width last weekend, he troubled the full back and managed to get in behind a few times. Thoughts?

  31. Limestonegunner says:

    I think that’s basically right, Paulie.

  32. Miami Arsenal says:

    Thoughts Gibbs had a great game as well in fact, so does he start over Monreal (who I think has been one of our best this term)?

  33. C says:


    Gibbs is sure to start as Nacho is out until after the international break(story of his Arsenal career, start playing up to the level he showed in La Liga, and then injured).

    Ozil has to start in that ACM/#10 role again, he was brilliant and also helped Welbeck. Surely Ox gets the nod on the RW with Sanchez on the left. The only problem I could potentially seeing is Arsene wanting to play both Ramsey and Jack together. Personally I would like to see:


    The only thing I would say is that if we are to play both JAck and Ramsey then play them at the 2 pivots.

  34. Miami Arsenal says:


    Your line up is pretty much what I had in mind.

    Chambers, Mert, Kos, Gibbs
    Arteta, Jack
    Oxlade, Welbeck, Sanchez

    Ramsey can do with a rest, given him an opportunity to refocus after some ‘average’ showings of late. Jack gets the nod for having been in marginally better form.

    Bellerin makes the bench for me. I was impressed yesterday, thought his speed in recovery was excellent and he gave us some more going forward with his ability to cross the ball in to dangerous areas. Diaby also makes the bench with Flamini out.

  35. Miami Arsenal says:


    I thought Cazorla was quite influential last weekend as well, up he’ll miss out in favor of Sanchez. Should make the bench.

  36. C says:


    I would probably give the nod to Jack based on current form, he just has to make sure not to drift in and out of matches as Ericksen will be lurking in his area. Diaby and Ramsey naturally make the bench along with Santi for me.

    I chose Bellerin for the very attributes that you describe, his pace and recovery and his work going forward and that is certainly no knock on Chambers. I just think with the pace that Spuds have been putting on the pitch that having a bit of extra pace ourselves wouldn’t be a bad thing.

    Bench: Ospina, Chambers, Diaby, Santi, Ramsey, Podolski/Campbell

  37. C says:


    I thought that Santi helped make an immediate impact and would have been great to help nab teh equalizer. I think he will always miss out to Sanchez and once Theo returns will strictly be back up to Ozil. I would have loved to have seen him start against Southampton in the midfield and Jack not have started but its neither here nor there now.

  38. Miami Arsenal says:


    Looking forward to the return of Theo myself. Still, we have the players now to work him back slowly.

    Just saw Matt Mills equalize for Bolton against Chelsea.

  39. Miami Arsenal says:

    Forest a giving the Spuds a game, no Lansbury tonight though for Forest.

  40. Miami Arsenal says:

    Newcastle losing another game

  41. C says:


    I can’t wait for the return of Theo. I think Ox and Santi will continue to play a big role until he comes back with a sprinkle of Campbell.

    I know I maybe getting ahead of myself, but if Diaby can stay fit and give us an 60-70′ mins in matches, I would give him the nod at teh DM position. Then bring on Arteta for the last 20-30 mins to see out the match. It would be great to have a starting XI:


  42. C says:

    Newcastle simply haven’t bought well and have turned into such a shit squad and I don’t know how Pardew does it. Then again….

  43. Miami Arsenal says:

    Been watching the Spurs v Forest game. Forest have looked okay, difficult to break down and Spurs have struggled to impose their will. Forest’s no. 10 had a terrific shot come back off the crossbar, bloody great strike. Still, Forest haven’t exactly been a great attacking threat in the game to this point.


    I would like to see Oxlade get a run of games, could just be me but the kid offers something more direct than some of the others around him.

  44. C says:


    I think having the Ox on one flank and then Sanchez on the other, would be a nightmare for defenders. Both very direct and literally, every time they receive the ball run at defenders. I just need Ox to remember that he is a winger and not drift inside so much.

    I do think though, that a run of games for him will see his final ball and for that matter final decision making improve.

    A bit of a side note, but Bellerin’s final ball seems to regularly find an Arsenal player in really good positions.

  45. Limestonegunner says:

    I start Bellerin. He looked capable at both ends of the pitch and has the pace to ensure that he can play at both ends.

  46. C says:

    I ust say, I hate what Spuds have done to Paulinho. Prior to his move, he was full of power, energy, a tough tackler but just as good creating. Now, he has turned into a bit shit.

  47. C says:

    I also thought Bellerin did well with the pace of Dortmund when called upon.

  48. Miami Arsenal says:

    The loan for Jenkinson makes more sense in light of the early displays from Bellerin, a highly touted (within the club) player. We should have sorted another CB though in the summer.

  49. Miami Arsenal says:


    Against Dortmund I thought he was exposed a number of times, but much of that was the lack of protection he had in front of him. He’ll learn, and hopefully develop in to a regular.

  50. C says:

    Not just within the club, remember how desperate Barcelona were to keep the lad.

    Just think, he started as a winger, amazing how talented he is.

  51. C says:


    I thought he did well to deal with their pace. He might have been exposed, which frankly our whole back 4 was. He will learn no doubt about it. Plus, based on this current Spuds match, why not give him a go especially because we know that Rose and whoever the chose is that day ahead of him whether it be Lamela, Lennon switching sides or whoever, love to attack at pace.

  52. C says:

    Forest can easily get something out of this match. When they attack they look dangerous, its their final touch that is letting them down.

  53. C says:

    Forest 1-0

    Their target man is winning damn near every header against Vertoghen and the other CB.

  54. Miami Arsenal says:

    Old Potty is finding life at the Lane a little more difficult than at Southampton. failed to score now in 4 of their last 5 games.

  55. C says:


    That goal was coming no doubt about it.

    Pochettino wasting no time, bringing on Kane and Eriksen.

  56. C says:

    I take that back, Eriksen isn’t coming on,some other youth for them.

  57. Miami Arsenal says:


    For the Spurs fans it must feel like that 4-0 win over QPR was long ago.

  58. C says:

    Newcastle up 2-1 now, surely they will find a way to continue their dreadful record.

  59. consolsbob says:

    Good to see that Pochetino is reviving the old Keegan joke.

  60. Miami Arsenal says:

    Emmanuele Riviere with his first goals for Newcastle

  61. C says:


    So very very true, funny how so many of their signings simply haven’t panned out for them when you think that they spent what: 30M on Lamela, 25M on Eriksen, 20+M on Soldado, plus Capoue hasn’t seemed to recover from his injury and I think the previous regime turned Paulinho into shit.

  62. Miami Arsenal says:


    I think Eriksen has been a very good player for them to be honest, it is the rest that have been almost invisible.

  63. Miami Arsenal says:

    Paulinho does seem to have regressed some what, but hell it is Spurs he joined.

  64. C says:

    Their main striker/target man for Forest has done well tonight.

  65. Miami Arsenal says:

    Kane should have been better with that finish, right at the keeper. Forest have been opened up a couple of times this half.

  66. Miami Arsenal says:

    Mason scored for the Spuds

  67. Miami Arsenal says:

    To be fair, cracking strike from the lad.

  68. C says:


    Eriksen has had flashes.

    Paulinho did join Spuds and if you remember, he looked miserable and spoke purely about the money that Corinthians would receive for him.

  69. Miami Arsenal says:

    Townsend rattles the crossbar

  70. C says:


    Mason’s strike, still wasn’t as good as Sanchez’s from yesterday!

  71. Miami Arsenal says:

    lol, C. Both were fine strikes.

  72. C says:

    Come Forest, grab the winner and that pack it in and see the match out.

  73. Miami Arsenal says:

    Spuds look the most likely C

  74. Miami Arsenal says:

    and there they go… 2-1 Spuds

  75. C says:


    Yea I guess to be fair his was a fine strike.

    Fuck me, even Soldado scored, I’m not sure who has contributed less goals to their club since joining them, Jozy Altidore or Soldado.

  76. C says:

    Did Soldado just pick up a knock while scoring a goal?!?

  77. Miami Arsenal says:

    If I had to guess, Jozy 🙂

  78. C says:

    If its Jozy, its not that big of a margin.

  79. Miami Arsenal says:

    Jozy 2 in 42 appearances
    Sodaldo 12 in 38 appearances

  80. Miami Arsenal says:

    looked offside, but whatever

  81. Miami Arsenal says:

    well, like C, I get to get along… peace out

  82. andy1886 says:

    Wierd headline of the day:

    (Former Sunderland striker) ‘Asamoah Gyan denies murdering rapper in alleged human sacrifice’.

  83. goonerandy says:

    That headline is so obsecure, so wierd, that it must be true.

  84. Damon says:

    Morning from the (not so) sunny Balearics

    Will be following the comments as much as i can, but I’m on limited wifi time with Mrs Damon while we’re here! Having to sneak a bit while I’m awake with gut ache from over eating and she’s snoozing!!

    Glad to see you boys all going at it hammer and tong though!

    We’re stopped in a sleepy little bay between Palma and Magaluf, super place, but only two bars beyond the hotel and one is really someones back garden. No sky sports is served locally!! I’m torn between streaming the game online here on Saturday or venturing into Magaluf to get my fix. Neither option seems that appealing, so those retched spurts better not spoil things further!

  85. goonerandy says:

    Damon – Make the trip to Magaluf. It is your only option. We all have our crosses to bear; I have to stay up till 2 in the morning to watch the game.

  86. consolsbob says:

    Bloody tough overseas. Better stay home, here in Deb’n.

    Pasties, sunshine, cider ….and Sky Sports.

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