Party Atmosphere Spells Hope For The Future


We do love a good parade in this country, any excuse to get the flags and bunting out. Arsenal obliged with the FA Cup win on Sunday and the estimated 250,000 who turned out to welcome the team home produced an astonishing online photo album for the occasion; a sea of red and white photos that captured the day on a wave of emotion.

It affected the players as well, the weekend’s triumph is to be the catalyst for more parades if Per Mertesacker gets his way. The German likes nothing more than being out in an open top bus around the streets of London,

“The targets for any football player is to get this atmosphere, to smell this atmosphere. It’s my first time in England and we have to enjoy it but it’s going to be a great ambition to come back here one day.

At one stage it’s enjoyable to be here and it’s a happy day for the fans and all the players together. It gives us more confidence to create more of that.”

For the next one, Mertesacker has asked if the route could take in Trafalgar Square as he has yet to find time to feed the pigeons.

The theme for the end of this season is one of progress. The theme for the summer is building on that progress with Arsène already benefiting from the depth of knowledge in the media about who to sign, their voluminous scouting reports no doubt winging their way to his desk as we speak. Arsenal suffers from a huge number of ITK’s, who in fact know nothing. They tell us Wenger has £70m at his disposal. Pish, says Neil Ashton, the Heil’s sagacious reporter; it’s £100m. The auctions have already begun.

Defining progress is tricky. We progressed because there is a squad which knows it can win trophies now, the FA Cup represents a step forward and it is impossible to produce an argument which says to the contrary. The Premier League is harder to judge. Closer to the top of the table, three wins away from the title. It’s progress despite scoring less than the previous season and finishing fourth, the same as before. The same problems exist, not able to take points of any sort anywhere in the top five; steps backward in the manner of those defeats.

But  progress can’t be measured until the end of next season. One step forward this year means little or nothing if it is followed by two steps back next.

Ivan Gazidis summed up where we stand now; it’s a platform upon which to build, something tangible upon which to grip as they enter what will be one of Arsène’s busiest summers. Fabianski is leaving, confirmed in the immediate aftermath of the win at Wembley whilst Bacary Sagna seems likely to follow suit despite wavering on the emotion of the occasion. As much as the plaintive cries might desire him to stay, his public negotiating stance remains that he and the club are poles apart when it comes to a new deal. For progress to be made, replacing those two will be imperative to give a sense of depth to the squad, to give a feeling that the win at Wembley is the basis for a brighter future. Gazidis noted,

“Tomorrow we start work again and we’ve got to use this to progress the club, to take it forward. This was a very big step, to have the players understand what it takes to come through that kind of adversity, to get over the line whatever it took is a big step and now we need to take the next step.

It was very big. It really colours the season. You come out and think we were seven points away from winning the double and that gives you encouragement to move forward and make the improvements we have to make. We know we’re still a work in progress but this is a big step, a big platform and we can build on this, and we will.”

Brave words considering what happened last summer, you just hope that the lessons were learned. Arsenal’s transfer business is conducted behind closed doors in their minds but the reality is that like any other club, they cannot control leaks. The difference is that others embrace that nuance and direct, to some extent, the narrative. Perceptionally more than Arsenal do in any case.

In equal measure, Wenger amuses and frustrates at these times. Toying with the press like a kitten with a ball of wool is all well and good but it means the stories get written for him. In a media age, the club needs to be more pro-active in putting its message across; “We are not close to signing anyone” says the same as “We are working on several deals that we hope to complete in the coming weeks” but the latter is more positive in its declaration. Replacing “We are away on tour so there will be no signings made in the next fortnight” with “We are away but behind the scenes we continue to work on deals” sounds more pro-active, a change from the club’s usual defensive posture. They might be platitudes but they keep the window ticking over, the latter examples give the sense of activity because the former makes it sound like the ‘transfer team’ are sitting around, feet on their desks, puffing on cigars rolled on the thighs of Cuban women. In fact it sounds like they are rolling the cigars on the thighs of Cuban women rather than working on the detail of any transfer.

One positive addition to the squad would go a long way to embedding that into the psyche. Of course it won’t be enough for the extreme views but it will be enough to carry the majority through the weeks of the World Cup and player holidays upon the end of their Brazilian sojourns. The club has an incredible platform upon which to build. The ‘feelgood’ factor, the goodwill, these will last for weeks, if not longer. Let’s not waste it, eh?

’til Tomorrow.

164 thoughts on “Party Atmosphere Spells Hope For The Future

  1. C says:


    I did, it was so mouth watering! Pure class, Sanchez is such a good striker. Everytime I watch it, it just makes me think about what he could do with Ozil, Ramsey and Theo.

  2. DB10 says:

    Maybe winning a trophy would have have spurred on the side to achieve greater things. One looks at Liverpool and Athletico this year and Dortmund for the last few years and compare them to the Arsenal side with RVP, Cesc, Nasri, Adebayor, Rosicky, Walcott and you can help but think maybe we unerachieved. Incredibly talented bunch that lot.

  3. C says:


    Very well said in that very JJ kind of way. I can’t argue with any of that and am in complete understanding with you!

    Long may this winning silverware continue! I wonder if this was what not just the club but also Arsene needed to realize just how important silverware is not just to the club but to the fans and the players. I really agree with you when you so elegantly said: “the club lost its way…got caught up in financial masturbation and forgot about everything else….and i for one am very very chuffed that we found our way back again….”.

  4. JonJon says:

    i still think sanogo needs a years loan…
    hes a handful, but so is andy carrol…we need him to score goals…at least hit the target…
    look at anelka at the same age and the gap is huge…
    hes good, hes hungry, works hard, i like him a lot and he could have a bright future….but hes very very raw…needs a lot of polishing…
    maybe there will be a space in the squad with bendtner off, but 0 goals in 15 apps isnt great, he cant finish…. and we’d probably do ourselves a huge favour if we sent the big lad out on loan to find his shooting boots and bought a top quality finisher to increase the goal tally…

  5. C says:


    Completely agree with you on Yaya, everybody talks about Giroud’s beautiful back heal, but nobody talks about the way that Yaya gave Giroud the pass while under pressure.

    That lad has all the potential in the world, he just needs 1 goal and we could really see his potential ooze. He was the best striker and if it wasn’t for Pogba he would have been teh best player at the U21 World Cup last year.

  6. C says:

    I completely agree, maybe send him off to Southampton for a year long loan I think would actually do him some good. They play our brand of futbol and he would be able to get plenty of chances from the way they play.

  7. JonJon says:

    when i look at sanogo play i think lukaku..
    they are identical but one scores loads of goals…
    id like to see sanogo leading the line for a southampton or a everton for a year or so..
    think he could really shine…

  8. C says:

    Yea maybe Everton as they will be battling for a top 4 spot and in the Europa League. Plus we will be PL next season and not fighting for a top 4.

    I think another thing with Yaya is the fact he was getting used to the pace of defender in the PL. When I watched him in France he was doing the same things he was doing now for us except instead of the ball been shot inches wide or hitting the keeper or him shooting into a defender, they were finding the back of the net.

  9. Miami Arsenal says:

    Sanogo to Everton would be a good fit for both as I cannot see Lukaku returning. Sanogo would benefit under a manager like Martinez.

    Unlike some others I would be rather intrigued by the thought of Milner in our central areas, his preferred position after all and not afforded him at City. His drive and power alongside Ramsey would for me be an interesting sight. I know other want foreign names they think would be dead certs, hell even I have been there, but Milner is a much underrated midfielder.

    The striking role needs something different. The FA Cup showed a lack luster Giroud in the first 45 and yet his minutes after that showed much better on my eyes. Yes, his back heel to Ramsey was sublime, but he could have done better with that bullet header on to the cross bar as well. I still think highly of the lad, but also acknowledge we need something different with pace and guile as competition or as starter in front of him. To early for Sanogo, though you can see the promise with his work rate, body shaping of the ball and power he possesses in tight areas. He really, really needs to get a goal. I laughed at him but also sympathized in that moment where he missed another opportunity and stood their jumping up and down in frustration.

    The silly season is upon us, for maybe it is time to open a pool on how many players we get linked with over the coming months.

  10. poodle says:

    @JJ but is Yaya not better technically than Carroll? I never really understood Carroll tbh. he was suppose to be so good,but buckled immediately ones he stopped being a big fish in a little pond. Liverpool was clearly to big him.

    Sanogo has the mentality of those crazy keepers from the past, except he is a

  11. poodle says:

    But i dont worry as i am 100% sure Arsenal will strengthen the striker position this year.

  12. Miami Arsenal says:

    As one of the few stars to yet again emerge from the U21’s I am very interested to see what happens to Eisfeld over the summer. The same could now be said of Campbell I guess, his efforts for Olympiakos seemingly drawing from coveting eyes his way. 1 year left on his Arsenal deal, wonder what happens.

  13. Moe says:

    Carrol has the technical ability of a walrus.

    Sanogo is so much better,still has the giraffe leg moments but overall he is such a busy body.

    He makes an impact, he affects the game and i like that.

    He needs to score though and also needs to take finishing lessons from Theo, he takes way to long to get his shot off and his shots have no power. Need to work out those legs of his.

    And he needs to calm down, he gets so over excited when he gets a chance to shoot that the blood goes to his head and he fluffs it.

  14. Moe says:


    Such a pity for Eisfeld but i don’t think he will get a chance, the boy is quality as far as i’m concerned.

  15. poodle says:

    well Vela, Remy and Milner?
    Vela and Remy are maybe not word class by themselves, but frankly, in front of our midfield, what you need is the speed, the ability to get into positions and find the net. The rest takes care of itself.

  16. poodle says:

    oh btw rumours that Cesc is on the way out too? So Milner, Cesc, Remy and Vela? Plus defenders?
    Cesc to take over Arteta role?

  17. poodle says:

    shit! Barca are dumping a lot of players this summer. Some are decent too..

  18. Moe says:


    Fabregas is way too adventorous for that. Plus Arteta is more DM than many of us think. His tackles are very good but he slows play down.

  19. Moe says:

    Barcelona appoint Luis Enrique as first-team coach

  20. Paulie Walnuts says:

    Yeah, I like Milner too.

    Good pro & versatile. A 7 out of 10 er. You always need a few of them around just not too many , which would explain why he looks better for City than England.

    Yaya S – he’s got pace, power & a good work rate he just doesn’t look like a footballer ( yet) to me. We’ve only really had the odd glimpse of quality & that’s not enough.

    Send him on loan & see how he goes. Maybe a goal or two & the confidence that brings will show what he’s really got but another season on the bench is not what he needs right now.

  21. C says:


    Barca are reportedly wanting to get rid of Cuenca, Cesc, Song, Macherano, Tello, Sanchez and Pedro to a much much lesser extent.

  22. JonJon says:

    carrol was bloody good at newcastle..
    and ppl forget he was injured when liverpool signed him…
    he never got the chance..he was crocked and then rodgers didnt want him…
    still 35mil was way too much..especially for a crock…that was the funniest thing about it…

    but the technical thing wasnt my point..although to be honest i dont know whats technical about sanogo just yet..he has flashes, but at the minute hes just a big lump with zero composure…

    plenty of them in the league..which was my general point really…carroll, crouch….all handfuls, all good pl players, just not good enough for a side that wants to beat the likes of bayern munich…

  23. C says:

    Sorry mates, I say no to Milner and just add 5M more and get Gonalons or Schneiderlin.

  24. JonJon says:

    id take cesc..although im unsure how much we need him..
    probably need sanchez more, definately take him..
    wouldnt touch song again with a stolen cheque book..
    prefer milner..
    vela? maybe..

  25. Miami Arsenal says:

    I’ll go back on a limb and say that business including Milner and Vela would be far from terrible in the least. Vela has been immensely impressive whilst in Spain, he has also benefitted from not be part of the Mexican national setup. Milner carries himself well on and off the pitch, would add depth to an area where frankly we need it.

    Vela is not the youngster we knew and liked, he has matured over the 3 years with Real Sociedad, having made 107 league appearances and recording 42 league goals and 28 assists from wider areas. Vela predominantly plays on the right side of the pitch now, we were more use to seeing him on the left. Sociedad however have Griezmann (another player supposedly an Arsenal target) playing the left side and he together with Vela managed 32 leagues goals this season between them.

    This doesn’t mean we don’t need a striker, but these moves would see Campbell sold to the highest bidder in the summer for sure.


    The death nail for Eisfeld from my view point was the 1 year deal for Rosicky. Eisfeld has demonstrated improved efforts in training from reports I have read, and he now needs football time at a higher level. Don’t be surprised to see Dortmund look to reacquire the lad they lost.

  26. C says:


    Whats the plus/minus for our guess?

  27. C says:

    I agree about Eisfeld, I think that boy has talent and has all the potential but between the Mozart 1 year deal plus him only having 1 year left, I would imagine he will be back to Germany. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him at Dortmund or another club tearing it up. He has such a good eye for goal and can pick a pass.

  28. JonJon says:

    i like schneiderlain..
    but milner is ray parlour mark 2..just more powerful and more technical..
    hes box to box he can do everything..
    we could even play him at rb hes that versitile…
    if hes available on the cheap…take him…
    solves a few positions and we can have a spunk party on a striker…..

  29. JonJon says:

    i always liked vela..
    but bendtner was always ahead for some reason..even though he couldnt hit a cows arse with a banjo..
    and vela had problems flying all over the world playing for mexico.
    he was always fucked..
    it was like wheres vela this week is he hes jetlagged…
    shit..i wanted to see him play cos bentdners crap…

  30. Moe says:

    I don’t know what it is about Sanogo, i mean there’s just something about him that tells me if he improves, if he gets a couple of goals, he will explode.

    I honestly think he can be an Adebayor type striker or even dare i say it, Anelka. And Adebayor for all his faults and idiocy was a very very good player. Natural finisher.


    Just feel for the lad because i can see he really is quality. He has impressed me more than Zelalem. Also i think Olsson would be the player most like Rosicky, he seems to play like him?

  31. Moe says:

    I reckon Bendtner was picked more because of his physicality. It seems we have moved away from technical fast strikers. We seem to want strikers who can hold it up.

    So i’m guessing that’s why Bendtner was afforded more playing time.

    I even think had we signed Suarez, we would have tried to put him on the wing with Giroud in the middle.

  32. Miami Arsenal says:


    I’m high on the ability of Zelalem, he has disappointed but he has had to adjust to a new position this season and we cannot just expect him to be the same guy in it. I still think he’ll be an Arsenal regular in 2 years time, from the bench not a starter, though I would not count him out of that either.

    Congrats to Moore (Arsenal scholar) for him and England U17’s reaching their European final against Holland. Moore plays as a RB for both club and country.

  33. Miami Arsenal says:

    I was/am a HUGE fan of the Romford Pele

  34. C says:


    Never been a Milner fan to be honest. Personally its Gonalons and then everybody else IMHO. I have been banging on for about 2 years now and he is finally openly admitted he is ready to leave Lyon if the right offer suits both him and the club. Well at 24 years old, have proven himself to be club Captain not to mention a top talent, he adn Ramsey at the pivots with Ozil the ACM, that’s mouth watering!

  35. Miami Arsenal says:

    I’m not sure how Richard Scudamore kept his job, oh yeah, he works for an out dated organization containing an old boys network.

  36. C says:


    I am massive Olsson fan, I think he has talent. He has been used in a variety of midfield positions this term and has done well. When you watch him he does have that bit of Mozart style in him but also, along with Zelalem, there are to bloodie calm with the ball at their feet for being such youngsters. Even when pressured, it will be interesting to see what happens with this lot.

    I do think though that if there is one or two that break through it will probably be either Toral or Bellerin.

  37. JonJon says:

    so what we narrowed it down to then?
    aurier, milner and vela nice and early before the WC starts..not that much of an outlay still plenty of time and money to see whos available as the window unfolds for a super signing or two
    di maria, benzema, sanchez, cesc?
    options could be endless..
    could be a good summer, could have a strong squad come the start of the season…

  38. Grutch says:

    Sanogo will be good as he grows older and develops a football brain, learns to be calmer and more composed. I am sure he will. Loan? Yes please. I wouldnt be surprised if it was newcastle or swansea -bit mad like Jojo at some moment, isnt he?

    Milner, yes, good asset to any team, but it wont happen if regular starts in the 11 is what he wants, cant offer this.

  39. C says:

    The question though about Milner is what are his wages at Shitty and is Arsene going to want to pay them?

  40. Moe says:

    I like Milner, but he just doesn’t seem to elevate himself above average.

    Good shot, great crossing ability and great work rate. But he just doesn’t seem to have that extra bit, or maybe he wasn’t pushing himself.

    But yeah he’s average. Really.

  41. Moe says:


    Extremely unlikely, even i don’t think he is worth that.

    25 mil at the most.

    Didn’t Vela have better stats than him?

    And if i don’t think he is worth that then i doubt Wenger does.

  42. jjgsol says:

    It seems to me to be ironic that it was the 4 games where we went 2 down after 10-15 minuts and fell apart that were the prime cause for all the angst and anti-Wenger vitriol and yet the FA cup win was achieved after being 2 goals down after 10 minutes and fighting back.

    Do I hear the dulcet tones of a lot of humble pie eating in the background?

    FA cup winners, and only 7 points behind the winners, what a failure of a season.

    Time for AW to go, surely.

    I hear that Tim Sherwood is available.

  43. C says:


    Vela had 20 goals and 12 assists. Di Maria had 12 goals and 23 assists.

  44. Paulie Walnuts says:

    Good point about Milner’s wages , C.

    I’ve never seen Gonalons so what makes him the man ?

    Surely those guys from that league are ten a penny. The Newcastle side is full of ’em & they’re all hopeless.

    Shouldn’t he have shed loads of international caps for starters ?

  45. JonJon says:

    i dont see the irony in getting twatted several times in the same season to be honest
    on any scale..
    it was the reason we finished 7 points behind the winners..
    but there you go..
    some ppl find it funny i suppose…i dont…

    but we won the fa cup so we can forget the crap what happened in the league and remember the good we did in a competition nobody cared about winning..

    until we won it…

    now theres irony….

  46. JonJon says:

    i tend to agree with PW..newcastle have signed loads of them and theyve all been…well…shit…

    i do hope we get aurier though..even if sagna stays..we should sign him hes awesome…

  47. C says:


    I guess the best way to describe him since you have never seen him would be a more athletic, powerful Arteta. He is more than capable of covering for he fullbacks but also can pick a pass having started further forward as a youth and then dropping deeper. He is club Captain at only 24 years old. He was always overlooked by France because Lyon allowed him to develop and not throw him to the wolves like we have seen so many previously for France and from France.

    I know youtube isn’t the best indicator but you should have a look at him. Trust me, the lad is good. He just went toe to toe with Pogba and Juve with basically youth playing in midfield and got was brilliant.

  48. Grutch says:

    Silly season, brace yourselves , will last another 103 days.

  49. Paulie Walnuts says:

    Cheers for the profile C,

    It’s certainly a position we need to look at.

  50. Moe says:


    So since we want more goals, Vela is the better option in terms of stats?

    I mean Vela is playing for an inferior team in the same league but scoring more. But then again Do Maria is not the focul attack in Real Madrid so it makes sense he assists more than he scores.

  51. Hoksilato says:

    Sanogo to me is a very very raw Adebayor…. but think you guys are getting a little too excited :)…. i have watched all his games at the U20 WC – where Pogba looked light years ahead tbh -and most of his Auxerre games in Ligue 2 last year (not many)… He will need a loan but i don’t think Everton would let him lead the line (0 goals in PL or Cup, circa 10 goals in Ligue 2 in France in his career) , that would be a stretch… will probably need a “smaller” club to get regular game time (tough in the PL, not many Clubs may take the risk)…

  52. C says:


    No problem.


    Why not get both!

  53. Miami Arsenal says:


    Vela also plays through the middle as the striker at times for Sociedad whereas Di Maria is a true winger. Di Maria possesses more pace to his game and that leads to his assists being higher what with CR7 and Benzema finishing from his key passes.


    Gonalons is a true DMC, or has been at least this season. I know he can also play as a DC and MC where called upon to address team shortages. He is 25 years old and athletic, not really a box to box type but positionally astute enough to hold his role whichever that may be on the day. He is strong in the air and also a good tackler, able reader of the game which comes through in his ability to break up the opposition attack. Adept passer, he is also comfortable in possession of the ball when dribbling at defenders. Has leadership potential, as has been demonstrated at Lyon. Credited with 2 assists this season in 36 league appearances. no goals to date.

    Opinion: Would be the first choice between him, Arteta and Flamini. He is not the best DMC in available to France which is why he has been excluded from their WC squad. Pogba owns that berth.

  54. C says:


    Thank you for the more detailed description as I couldn’t give it while in this meeting. Honestly, he is a true CDM which we need to be honest to play next to Ramsey but as you say he is more than capable of playing higher up the pitch having started his career higher up the pitch but dropping deeper with Lyon wanting to build their midfield around Gonalons and Gourcuff(obviously one lasted and one didn’t).

    Pogba does own that berth but lets be honest, how many CDM’s in Europe would be able to take that spot from Pogba?

  55. Miami Arsenal says:


    Gonalons did make the standby squad, so he could yet make the WC. Interesting that Grenier made the side far our flirtations with the player last summer.

  56. Moe says:

    Just gonna throw a wild card out there.

    Nathan Redmond. I reallylike how he plays. Very interesting player. Could be the Theo we need but on the left.

  57. Moe says:


    “First, we have to wait for Sagna – what will he
    do? – and Fabianski. After, we have to bring in
    two or three players to strengthen the squad
    that is for sure,” Wenger, who has been looking
    for a striker and defensive midfielder, said.
    “Unfortunately, everywhere we go, there are
    many teams on the market at the moment.”

  58. nicky says:

    In order to bring in new blood to the Emirates, it must first be established that the employers of our targets are willing to sell.
    And before we cast the net over the likely signings, the following possible return of two prodigals should be borne in mind:
    1. Van Persie. The move is alleged to be close until the demise of Moyes as manager of United.
    2. Carlos Vela from Spain. He is allegedly not averse to a return to Arsenal.
    In addition, Joel Campbell is scheduled to end his loan spell at Olympiakos and report to the Emirates.

  59. HenryB says:

    Morning Folks, 🙂

    Just limbering up for another sally at the first place comment.

    Fingers working, eyes fixed on Yogi’s invitation to kick off the days blogging.

    Let’s go!!

  60. Northbank1969 says:

    Five…………… Four……………Three………….Two…………………..ONE!

  61. MesutsLeftFoot (The Blogger Formally Known As CFP) says:

    “Yaya Toure wants to leave Manchester City and could take a pay-cut to force a move. The Ivory Coast midfielder, 31, was angry that City took time to give him a new deal last year and was upset that no-one from the club wished him happy birthday last week”

    Pahahhaha. I hope it’s true

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