Arsenal’s Cup Of Joy Overflows


Arsenal 3 – 2 Hull City

0 – 1 Chester (4)
0 – 2 Davies (8)
1 – 2 Cazorla (17)
2 – 2 Koscielny (71)
3 – 2 Ramsey (109)

Just as Manchester a City spent but a short time at the top of the Premier League table, Arsenal won the FA Cup despite leading for just 11 minutes. Wasting an hour of the game chasing a two-goal lead, Arsenal displayed the character so sorely missing in other big games away from The Emirates this season. And at the end of it, the narrative changed, nine trophyless years became a decade without the title.

Who cares? Yesterday, today, tomorrow and for some time yet we’ll enjoy basking in the FA’s glory, hoping that it represents the platform for greater things. If not greater things, better ones will do.

When I think back through the cup triumphs in my lifetime, the routine victory yesterday should have been seemed unlikely. Sure, the Wenger doubles were straightforward wins and Southampton posed little trouble but ’71, ’79, ’93, ’05; against the odds or overcoming a deficit. We can add ’14 to that list as well. If bewildered looks following Kieranย Gibbs goal line clearance suggested a sense of “not again“, Santo Cazorla’s sumptuous quick reply provided the basis of belief.

Three set-pieces; two terrible defensive errors punished by goals, a third denied by Gibbs intervention. Arsenal were comfortable on the ball but all at sea defensively in the opening fifteen minutes. And yet I felt no panic; was it arrogant presumption or simple belief, confidence in the players not failing again, on this of all days? Anger of course. Disappointment and disgust at such woeful defending. Hope overriding the despair at schoolboy errors, at the continued failings when it mattered. In short, the normal emotional roller coaster of ninety minutes, expanded through an extra half an hour.

And at the end of it, a foot and a half of silverware, adorned with read and white ribbons that matched the colour of the North London skyline. She might not have been wearing yellow ribbons but May is still the merriest of months and she has sashayed to her new abode, the first major trophy won since the shrug trip away from Highbury.

And it feels great.

Arsรจne captured the moment post-match,

It is a relief and a happiness because of course we were under severe pressure to win today and we didnโ€™t start well…In the end it finished well so it is a big, big moment of happiness and we waited a long time for that. The happiness is linked sometimes with the suffering and the time you have to wait, so that is maybe why it was a great moment at the end of the game.

He made mention of the poor start, the hesitancy and was right to credit the players. The thing with cup finals is that the result decides whether the performance matters. Win, of course it doesn’t and no time should be wasted in who played well and who didn’t; you just enjoy the moment. Lose and at a club like Arsenal, introspection and recrimination initiate the grieving process. That’s what it is, after all. Whether Hull will do the same, I don’t know. They certainly hold Lee Probert is the same low esteem as Arsenal; the referee had a spectacularly poor afternoon when it mattered and in front of an audience of millions. The Tigers second came from a free kick taken significantly further forward than it should have done, changing the angle of delivery. Probably not changing the poor defending though. Sanogo didn’t win the corner that led to the equaliser. Two goals, one for each side, from officiating errors, a rare occasion when things do even themselves out during the season.

And when the winner came, there was a sense of not if but when; almost an air of inevitability even though there is nothing that pre-determines that outcome. Arsenal had enjoyed more possession than might ordinarily considered decent in a showpiece occasion. Accepted in the Premier League era, probably beforehand too but time has caused such things to merge into one, lost in a swirl of results. Prompted by the effervescent Santi Cazorla, Hull had been forced deeper into their own half to the extent that when they broke, no support could bridge the gap between attack and defence. It shouldn’t have taken until the second period of extra-time, that’s for certain; Kieran Gibbs will relive the moment he held FA Cup glory in his hands and skied over the bar from six or so yards out; an impressively stunning miss, on a par with Ronnie Rosenthal or Ryan Giggs hitting the bar when finding the back of the net was easier.

In the end it didn’t matter, there was no need for the gut-wrenching joy (or agony) of a penalty shootout. Olivier Giroud’s cunning backheel set Aaron Ramsey for an opportunity to score with the outside of his boot. The memories of his FA Cup final defeat with Cardiff will be overwritten by the unbridled joy of the winning goal. It might have been the fourth, Giroud had thundered a header onto the bar in the first period of the extra thirty minutes. It might have been pegged back when Per Mertesacker’s ill-timed but now hilarious mimicking of Gerrard’s stumble let Aluko away, Fabianski brought back ย memories of yesteryear by hurtling out of the goal, easily evaded, turning to see the ball meander across the face of the goal, watched out of play by Gibbs flailing foot. Heartstopping moments that underline that the day is yours.

And it was.

’til Tomorrow.

100 thoughts on “Arsenal’s Cup Of Joy Overflows

  1. I don’t really care that we won the FA Cup, I’m more concerned about how much WD40 the groundstaff will have to use on the hinges of the trophy cabinet doors to get them open. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. And a very good happy morning to Yogi, who has had to throw off the fog of excessive alcohol abuse to type his Cup of Joy blog. Well done mate

  3. Limestonegunner on May 18, 2014 at 9:30 am
    I have to say that the several match reports I read were all abysmal. This achievement has been entirely underplayed. Thatโ€™s ok as it is ours to enjoy!

    I am in Toronto and yesterday wesring my Arernal shirt gooners were everywhere saluting me on the street, in the subway and at the Toronto FC- New York Red Bulls match. It was amazing! There are actually so many here that I was astonished!

    At the match, 3 gooners in the row in front of meโ€“one with a 2006 Rosicky shirtโ€“ and two in the row right behind me. Thierry Henry looked relaxed and celebratory before the match ( and still pure class during it).

    Wish I could be there for the parade but weโ€™ll have our own online now that YW has posted his match report. What a thrilling cup game!! It was awful conceding two right away but it only made it more exciting to win 3-2. They scored too early and had to defend that lead for so long. Historic comeback. Has any team come back from a two goal deficit to win without penalties in the FA cup final?

  4. LG
    What a fabulous occasion and marking the day for you. Not seen TH for so long now ๐Ÿ™
    Hopefully bein will show coverage of the bus parade sometime this pm!

  5. Congrats to you Yogi! You’ve finally got a trophy winning report to write after many years of writing this daily Arsenal blog. Wonderful and I am sure you enjoyed it! Richly deserved and many thanks.

  6. i was worried for a long time yesterday…
    i was just like oh bollox here we go again wengers cursed…
    it looked like bendtner had tied giroud up and stolen girouds kit and taken his place in the team…
    i was thinking how the fuck are we going to win this game with two strikers who cant finish and then rambo popped up and netted one of his 40 shots…

    its like the old saying goes though..if you dont shoot you dont score…i dont mind it when shots are constantly being blazed high wide and least someones shooting…keep shooting…its better than fannying about infront of a parked bus….one of thems going to go in…and it did..and i felt a little bit of wee roll down my leg..

    ribbons and glory indeed…

  7. Dukey

    Hold up mate, don’t let this one little success go to your head ๐Ÿ™‚ The boys and AW still have a lot to improve upon before the title will be acheivable!

  8. Clocky

    Chorizo and wine…. and who wants to wear my lucky panties. I’ve decided that I’m never going to wash them again. And I’ll sniff them occasionally to bring back happy memories of May 17th 2014. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Escape to Victory or The Great Escape? Must have been a tough choice Yogi. Maybe now we’ve got two monkeys off our backs (winning trophies and coming back after a disasterous start) we can truly push on. Congrats to all those involved, and good luck (except against AFC) to those moving on. Reminds me of 1979 for many reasons, I was thirteen then and went out on Sunday and bought every newspaper I could, cut out the reports and put them in my scrap book so i could read thema again and again. What a beautiful day!

  10. Big news if we lost that game but not so big now that we won it …. seems to be the order of the day…but hey I will take that…what a joy to have our hands on the fa cup again.

  11. “Historic comeback. Has any team come back from a two goal deficit to win without penalties in the FA cup final?”

    Last happened in 1966 (according to ITV), something else happened that year, but I can’t seem to recall what exactly….

  12. Well done Yogi.

    Over the line. Silverware. Ours.

    Well done to The Arsenal… and all.

  13. Saynogo does look good, at the moment he is missing his chances but I reckon when he scores he might explode but….he will probably get bloody injured. Agree we need another striker.

  14. Wenger has now won the same amount of fa cups as old red nose….5, not bad fora specialist in failure.

  15. Never in the course of FA history has so much been owed by so many to so few. That was an impressive fight back .
    A game of two halves; the first 13 mins and the other half constituting 110. Is it really only self belief involved in such a turn around or lack of imagination….’I can’t imagine why I am here or what I could be doing here’.
    I am beginning to think it is a limitation of possession football that nobody knows what they are doing until a) they go behind and b) they get possession of the ball. …’Oh yeah we are in a cup final and 2 goals behind, give it to me I know what to .
    Not to take anything away from the few; from 15 minutes in there was only going to be one winner.
    Hopefully now AW announces his contract extension too. Sagna looked thrilled, could we also detect a change of heart in his demeanor? More money and medals are all that is asked for…..strike while the iron is hot AW and the ink not even laid; he ain’t gone yet.

  16. Yogi

    Fantastic post to describe a fantastic game. Hard to believe that arsenal football club is no longer a trophy free zone. Aaron Ramsey’s winner tops off an incredible season for him. Hopefully this is the beginning of bigger and much better things for the club. Gooooooo Arsene.

  17. Morning to all, great feeling of pride and relief today.

    What will AW do next? He will stay of course, but will he stick to his ways and convictions, or make some radical ( for him) moves to continue and increase success?

    adjust the training regime?
    bring in at last some latin american attacker(s) to increase pace and trickery?
    go for more power at the cost of flair maybe in the midfield?

    Need to hold my horses and enjoy the feeling…. but damn , the transfer window and the path to new season are so intriguing now…

  18. I just watched the highlights – we really were both brilliant and fucking awful.

    Now is not the tine to dwell on the latter but it should be acknowledged at some point – if not by us then, at least, by the manager. I don’t expect him to say so but I pray he realises.

    Delightful moment between Gibbs and BFG during the interview. Amazing.

  19. Fourth or the FA Cup was the question a little while ago.

    I think yesterday , particularly the scenes post match , answered that.

    The fact we won both `trophies` makes it even sweeter.

  20. It is also worth noting that with Ramsey’s goal, it was actually he who originally won the ball back with a chase and sliding tackle to begin the move. He really has so much to his game.

    Overall he made so many missed passes and shots but he is always wanting the ball and always wanting to change the game. His confidence is immense. Like JJ said above, if you keep having a go, sooner or later it will go in.

  21. Yes, the new narrative will become ‘years since last Premiership’, but then media will need to include Liverpool’s status in that conversationโ€ฆ wouldn’t they? Will be a good test of the media bias!!

  22. for the first 15mins I was wondering which word comes up when you mix “Wembley” and “Waterloo”… But for some reason at the same time I knew we would come good.

    Picture where AW kisses Bac’s forehead…Priceless. AW is a father for his players. How great must that feel for them. Is this at the same time AWs weakness?Does this make him soft towards the players? Does he have a hairdrier? i have two minds on this…

  23. Did anyone notice the trophy being engraved for an Arsenal with 5 minutes to go? I thought that was a bit premature, particularly as Mertesacker was slipping over.

  24. Norther,

    I think we you a debt of thanks for yesterday’s awesome victory.

    Your cracking of the Word Press Code and the master stroke of sniffing Lulu’s red and white panties thong, finally managed to break Yogi’s voodoo over us ever winning any trophy!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. It’s great to win a Cup Final, but even better when one of the goals is direct from a Free kick !! How many have we scored like that over the whole season? Usually, we float them into the penalty area, and hope for the best. Thank God for Santi eh? and the rest of the boys of course, but he got the ball rolling.

  26. How good was that!!!
    Such a special Cup to win still.
    If I couldn’t be at Wembley, nothing better than singing in a pub, with family, friends and a bunch of strangers!
    But all with a common love of the Arsenal

  27. Hi, clocky, ๐Ÿ™‚

    Did your non-Arsenal mate behave himself when we won?

    Have you noticed that very little has been said about the crap refereeing decisions regarding at least 3 great penalty shouts which were ignored by Probert. Still I suppose today is not a day to be negative – but I will not forget!!

  28. Nappies….check
    Sun cream……check
    Rusks……, check

    Right im off down brighton beach with the rugrats…have a good one all on this beautiful day.

  29. Up before midday (BST) – what a comeback! I mean me not the team obviously, after all the Champers, with an impressively old vintage (for obvious reasons)

    Never though the result was in doubt after Caz’s goal (or so I’m claiming…..). Just so fuckin happy – if I could do bold on/off tags like NB I’d be WHOOPing too.

    Trying to remember the game I think one of the biggest things was how much difference Sanogo made, not so much by his footballing contribution but his physical presence and speed was so disruptive to their defence and the improvement in Giroud so marked that there was room everywhere. Just shows how much a player in that style, but one who is actually the finished article, could improve the dynamics of the team!

    Just a thought, didn’t Everton beat Sheff Wed from 2 behind in – ’66 was it?? I doubt that’s a world cup omen somehow….

    Anyway off for hair of dog……. Happy hangovers! Until later

  30. Beautiful stuff Yogi.

    Never in doubt ๐Ÿ™‚

    My head hurts. Getting too old for this. I agree with all the other comments though, even though I can’t yet muster up the energy to read ’em. So pleased for everyone. Fans, players, manager. All of us. Been a long time coming, so this one tastes all the sweeter.

    As regards AW: he’s had to endure a lot of stick, some of it warranted, some of it not. And some of it way over the top in it’s vitriol. It would take a heart of stone not to be moved by the scenes at the end though. Yes he can drive me round the bend sometimes, but he’s such a lovable bloke. He truly deserved that as much as anyone. The players obviously love him, and despite all the online bitterness and recriminations, most of the fans still do. It feels like a massive weight has been lifted from his (and the clubs) shoulders. Hope he realises what needs to be done now, to make us able to last the distance in the league next time, then we really can push on from here…

    Wonderful day though. One to savour for the time being. And I certainly intend to. Hope y’all have a great summer.

  31. Cazorla’s goal was a bit of magic, beautiful to watch and it feels like a long time since we have seen its kind for Arsenal. Ramsey’s goal was special, the back heel from Giroud perfectly weighted but the lad who has found his own self belief, pops up and scores the winner for a club in need of its own self belief.

    Cracking final that in truth should never have lasted as long as it did, but today we bask as a club and a fan base.

  32. I feel your pain Yogi.

    Think I was even drinking Stella at one point. Wretched stuff. Oh the shame ๐Ÿ™

    F*ck it. We won the cup ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Thanks Andy–so almost 50 yrs since this sort of a comeback happened. That is pretty special. This has to rank up there in terms of Cup Finals in England.

  34. Now maybe we have broken the big game hoodoo. It was like all the others away from the Emirates this season (apart from Dortmund)–going down early. This time we fought back successfully. Maybe from now on the group will be less nervous and stop conceding early in such big games. Build on this for next season…

  35. Afternoon H
    Just about behaved himself he did get locked out on the balcony when we got fed up with screaming shut the fck up at his hollering for hull to win and of course it was so early on he started!! But Bacardi overcomes!!!
    Going to have to fiddle about with Adobe so I can watch the parade.

  36. Brilliant scenes at the Emirates. 100,000 cheering for Sagna to stay. Per going full Teutonic! Outstanding.

  37. What amazing scenes at the Emirates. How can Bacary leave after hearing the fans singing for him to stay.

  38. During the parade the fans were singing we want Sagna to stay and even Wenger was happy and at the same time clapping for the song.

  39. Unfortunately, our suffering following the league and more recently the early stages of the Cup Final, is far from over.
    We will now be infested with a multitude of potential signings for a few months (1923 to date), from player A who was seen inside the Emirates carrying a briefcase bulging with euros… player X whose wife was seen in a London estate agent’s office holding a pocket calculator.
    An estimated 760 Arsenal scouts are said to be spread throughout the EU, on which basis there will be at least 360 new signings at the Emirates next term.
    The FFP Regs will be invoked any day now.
    Can’t wait until the first game when all will be revealed.
    Then the media will concentrate on the January Window and whether Arsene will last until Christmas as Manager, having sold many and bought few in the Summer.

  40. Just watching a super programme on L’Equipe 21 TV……….. L’Enigma Thierry Henry, detailing his whole career. Perfect to keep the feel good factor going.

  41. I’m surprised there are not more Happy Gooners on Yogis Happy Blog today. Ras is working in Madrid so he has an excuse, but where’s C, and Pistol Fish?

    I suppose probably nursing hangovers and quietly enjoying the moment.

    End of season blues as well. I’ve not been able to move all day……. even hair of the dog hasn’t got rid of my hangover. ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. Yogi brilliant post on a day when you finally get to write about us winning silverware!

    Fuck it we won the Cup!

    Santi for just seemed so determined yestday it was good stuff.

    Did anybody else notice that when Kos got the Cup, he immediately grabbed Mert so they could lift it together? Such a fitting moment. Just watched the Emirates singing for Sagna to stay, there’s absolutely no way he could leave now!

  43. @North

    I drank wayyyyyyy to much yesterday, me and the Mrs went to another Gooner pub in Washington D.C and drank til they closed.

    Woke up, saw the parade and drank some more.

  44. Arsenal haven’t won a trophy for 9 years. Scratch that.

    Arsenal have no Plan B. we go 4-4-2

    The way forward is British players like Hull who have fight. who are Koscielny, Sagna, Santi, Giroud, Sanogo?

    Yahya Sanogo is crap. Where was Ramsey or Walcott his age?

    Arsenal have no future because of the unconvincing win. Who are Liverpool, Everton, spurs and Wigan (by virtue of that City)?

    Arsenal have no character. What is giving someone a two goal handicap and still winning despite that cretin Lee probert?

    Can you hear the media? Crickets.

  45. I think we have a fair chance of retaining Fabianski.

    I said it before the game that we will get an indication depending on whether he starts.

    Clearly, he has been as I have said the cup keeper and Szsc the league/CL. That must have been a conscious decision start of season. He played the last league game to be kept sharp for the finals.

    If he stays on, that will be great news. Sagna and Vermaelen are likely gone and we will have to replace them. One less replacement will give us more focus on getting the additional capability up front.

    Sanogo to me is the future of Giroud in a couple of seasons down.

    For a self financed club, we are in a good position. Continuous CL qualification for 17 seasons and now the FA cup, downward spiral here we come.:D

  46. Media won’t be bleating on about how long its been since arsenal won the title any time soon because they will then be reminded of how long it has been for their favorite team Liverpool.;)

    Where Stewart Robson?

  47. Wenger looked petrified walking down the stairs…I don’t blame him with those two faced fans ready to stab him in the back!!

  48. I love Arsenal and i love this blog.

    Thank You Yogi for giving fans such an incredible daily place to talk and debate.

    Me and my mate went mental yesterday, absolutely knackered now even though i’ve slept for like 12 hours.

    Onwards and upwards.

    I want the PREM next season.


  49. @santori,
    I wonder what a cretin like you is really doing on a site like this.
    To say young Sanogo is crap at this early in his trade, speaks volumes on how little you must know about football.
    Constructive criticism is one thing but your moronic complaining against the achievements of our great Club is something we loyal supporters could well do without.

  50. A great game to watch!! I also watched the first half of the Toronto, New York game. Old flashes of form from Thierry was enjoyable to watch. The announcer mentioned the competition between Arsenal and the Spuds referring to jermaine Defoe and Henry’s previous games. The one game he mentioned was 5-4 loss to Arsenal. I had a little chuckle over that one. The Spudites don’t have many fond memories when it comes to playing Arsenal. Thank you Yogi for the many interesting blogs and the many interesting posts on this site which makes it the best football blog in the world.

  51. @nicky

    Santori wasn’t saying Sanogo is crap, he was being ironic. Read the rest of his comments.

  52. Inadvertently changed my camera setting on my iPhone to video during the match. Managed to get a clip of a chance from Sanogo, happy days.
    I think 2 strikers is the way forward as both Giroud and Podolski appear to prefer playing alongside a second striker. Perhaps with the return of Walcott we could play with pace down the wing and a lone striker, but when he is not available it seems the 4-4-2 option gives us more of a threat. So new striker in the summer and perhaps an alternative strike force of Giroud/Sanogo or Poldolski/Sanogo. Nice to be able to rotate our options.

  53. Hasn’t quite sunk in yet, a bit like the ozil transfer.
    went onto Facebook after we won and rewound the news feed to five. Ppl have a hard time not reveling in misfortune don’t they. Sad.

    on a lighter note.

    that free kick. Wow (in an Alan davis giroud voice).
    the Gibbs header.
    kos nearly breaking his ankle to save our skins.
    being wrong about starting fab, though i wouldn’t change not starting him.
    that blind near post save.
    the outside of the boot winner that would have rebounded had it been half a mm to the left.
    Ramsey letting us know he’s welsh.
    arsene flying him out as the manure site published him signing for them.
    pod the champagne lunatic.
    vermaelens awkward climb.
    arsenes school boy look.
    the raised cup grimace, like ha you cunts, look at me noooooowwww. Cunts.
    the look and feet shuffle of the players as the cameramen got in the way of the celebrating.
    serious sanogo doin a skank.
    goooo yaya sanoooooo goooo.
    Ivan getting amongst it. He seemed really chuffed.
    sagna getting what he deserves.
    bully wit tassles on.
    you guys.

  54. Skyped my mum who is really ill it took her close to twenty minutes to say ‘we won the cup.’
    So thank you Arsenal – you mean the world to many of us

  55. you mean we could have had over 100 goals?

    Oh Giroud and Gibbs and the ref (even 2 out of the 4+ pens would have been nice) how could you do this to us… LOL…

    I knew there would be something to moan about somewhere if we searched hard enough…

  56. Great vid to finish the day on cheers Moe.

    with the massive lows it was easy to lose sight of the highs. And my o my we were treated to some beauties. The video edits the build ups wonderfully.

  57. coltz

    No problem.

    And we were a force when we had our confidence and Theo.

    Some of the football was just amazing.

  58. Morning Clocker and Norther, ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am camping here until Yogi sprinkles his magic Post link – just to spite you!

    (well not you clocker coz you are hopeless at it – but that sneaky chorizo chomping, wine guzzling, knicker sniffing Morthbank!) ๐Ÿ™‚

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