Arsène’s A Loan Arranger & Transfer Window Thoughts


So that’s it, sanity prevails. Or more accurately, a little less insanity surrounds the world of football with the closing of the January transfer window. Sky will now put Jim White back into hibernation to recharge his batteries ready for June whilst social media will just, well, let’s not get our hopes up too high. My first thought is that at least we get to concentrate on the football from here on in. Except this a Saturday morning with no football and a void needs to be filled; Take Your Honey, this morning’s playlist, is designed to do exactly that.

Johnny Cash might have had A Boy Named Sue, Arsène has ended up with a man named Kim. Not Philby but Kallstrom as the Swede arrived on loan until the end of the season. No need to look at hours of YouTube footage on this one, he was a stalwart of Championship Manager and earlier editions of FIFA (so I’m told); aficionados of both recall the prodigious 16-year-old talent of the PC football management’s glory years – a true Wenger signing, cheap as chips to buy and capable of fetching a high value later in his career. Real life imitating art.

Kallstrom provides experienced cover for a midfield which has become depleted with confirmation of Aaron Ramsey’s absence for another six weeks. It means the Welshman will have missed the best part of three months of the season and leaves questions unanswered about whether he was rushed back with knocks and niggles beginning to take their toll? Either way, it is a blow given his form this season. With Wilshere doubtful for next weekend – the Palace match is beginning to become something of an incidental when talking of injuries –  Arsène needed to react quickly to solve a short-term problem although the original question is a two-parter.

The second answer is not so straightforward; why was there no permanent addition to the squad? We know it was always going to be difficult to sign the right targets – as opposed the Mr Right Now – even City found striking deals was not always possible, no matter how much money is available. Arsenal could not strike a deal with Schalke over Julian Draxler, not prepared to meet the asking price. It might well be that the valuation Arsène put on the German international was more realistic than the release clause of the Gelsenkirchen club but when you’ve announced the richest kit deal in football, don’t be surprised if sellers aren’t willing to negotiate. The image is of a wealthy club trying to complete deals on the cheap.

Equally, Arsenal might not gain anything other than more competition for Draxler’s signature if they go back in the summer for a deal. Schalke are less likely to move on the fee when there is a World Cup which might net them a straight £37m (if that quoted fee is right) rather than relying on £7-10m through add-ons. That, of course, is if Arsenal go back for the player.

Personally, I am still concerned about the lack of cover for Olivier Giroud. Podolski is more effective from the left flank and Nicklas Bendtner is leaving me hoping Arsène never has cause to regret not signing a striker. The media continue to confuse desire for depth with replacing the Frenchman. I do not favour the latter course of action, Giroud has been in good form for the team and if we are honest, how many other strikers put in such a selfless and prodigious work-rate for the team? Watching the Premier League, it is apparent that the answer is not many.

If there was disappointment at missing out on ‘high profile’ targets, there was surely huge relief at missing out on Salomon Kalou who induces nervous laughter when linked to the club; “We won’t sign him” followed by a pregnant and a forlorn, “Will we“, after a pregnant pause being the general reaction. Arsène also moved on a number who were not going to make the grade at the club; Emmanuel Frimpong looked thrilled at the prospect of living in Barnsley – who can blame him – whilst there’s a new Park in Watford, allowing the manager respite from the worst deal he has struck in his tenure at the club.

Before getting antsy about the coming months, we need to keep sight of the fact that the club is second in the Premier League by one point and has shown more endeavour, depth and pragmatism than in many recent seasons and it is going well. Failing to spend big in the transfer window does not signal the imminent collapse of form in any of three major competitions they are chasing. There is an element of predictability in the havoc injuries and suspensions will wreak on the season but they can strike any player; a big transfer fee does not bring immunity from either. As it is, the squad is what it is and what-ifs should be left to the end of the season when the dramas have played out. Recriminations, if you want them, can wait until then.

Finally, eight years ago today, Thierry Henry’s 151st Premier League goal was not enough to prevent West Ham United leaving Highbury with three points and Sol Campbell’s sanity in their back pockets. And ACLF was born of frustration. The third child in the family, the one stashed in the attic. Wait, that isn’t ACLF, that’s Number Two Son; best let him out, I suppose. Thanks to everyone who passes through the doors each day to make things enjoyable and worthwhile.

’til Tomorrow.

179 thoughts on “Arsène’s A Loan Arranger & Transfer Window Thoughts

  1. @C did AW say that to Ramsey? For real? haha well its true though( should concentrate on your primary job, infact in my job, my contracts says im not allowed to have any other job that could conflict with my current employees interests) but still cracks me up 🙂

  2. Beggars belief Jonny. Beggars belief and still some we are ‘unlucky’. If that’s the case and taking Gary Player’s maxim at face value, there are some lazy buggers at Arsenal.

  3. So…He told us he had a problem with his back, a CT scan revealed he’d miss about 6 weeks minimal and we still signed him..That’s actually the weirdest decision i’ve heard. 31 years old, so he’s not going to be an up and comer is he? I don’t actually understand this at all

  4. @poodle

    Yes he did. Look it up, he told him to stop being a model because the stages are tricky and he could fall and make his injury worse.

  5. I wonder how much flack Arsene is going to receive now with his only winter signing off I hired for at minimum a week or 2 at maximum 2-3 months for a 31 year old. Anybody that has had a back injury knows that a back injury tends to linger for quite a while.

  6. C

    And unless you rest it fully, they don’t heal. Will he be given the time to recuperate fully…hmm

    Also, LOL at man u, but that’s all i’ll say until i see we’ve beaten Crystal Palace

  7. If the reports are true that Arsene knew that Kallstrom had a back injury prior to us getting him and was hoping for him to rehab here, then its very fair if people question Arsene this window and in the summer not to mention questioning his ambition knowing are current injury problems in the midfield and bringing in another striker.

  8. Consols

    Yes, most of the players did it then. I have other stories, At that time quite a few of the players had loose connections with the local criminal fraternity. After he stopped playing Frank McLintock bought the ‘Sutton Arms’ pub in Caledonian Road….. it was a right gangsters pub! Got a few tales from there as well, he was a tough fucker, Frank…. and a very decent crooner. 🙂

  9. @MLF

    Exactly my point on the back injury and it doesn’t help that he is 31 and has played alot through his career both domestically and internationally.


    You know what that tells me, that the rumors are true and they can’t make a statment to quell them because they tried that with Ramsey and that turned out to be wrong because there were 6 -8 more weeks!

  10. Everybody should go read the comments from Spartan fans on Kallstrom with many of them saying he didn’t play much for them because he couldn’t keep up with the pace of the Russian Premier League. They are quite funny to be honest.

  11. He was, Northbank. I’d have him in my all time Arsenal squad every time. Great player and leader. Underrated and almost unknown to modern Arsenal fans.

  12. @Bob

    Nope the stories are true mate. Arsene got this one terribly wrong. People will praise Arsene for bringing in Ozil and Flamini but will lynch him for not bringing in a striker in the summer or winter(we could have signed the Greek lad he was cup ties but could have have helped in the EPL and FA Cup) and bringing in Kallstrom instead of not getting a younger lad or stumping up the 37M for Draxler.

  13. It all goes back to the summer, for me. This window? No, Kallstrom is a strange one but the summer’s failings are Arsene’s biggest monkey.

  14. I know we’ve been saying that we did to win our games against the big teams, but after todays results, it looks like some of the lesser teams are starting to develop some dangloids…. we need to be careful, starting tomorrow.

    This story about the Kim boy is gonna piss me off if it’s true!!!!

  15. Would be rather entertaining though if Rooney signed a new contract and was stuck in the Europa cup next year. Then again i guess its worth the money if you don’t care about competing with the best 🙂

  16. On the not bringing in a striker issue, i think Wenger is attracting a lot of hate for no reason, who could we have realistically signed to come in and win us the league without over spending? Who would part with a world class striker in January?

    But, i’m at a loss about the Kallstrom issue….Panic at it’s very best.

    We just have to hope to Arsenal gods that Ozil, Giroud, Carzola and Rosicky stay fit…

  17. @C are any of our loans recallable? Rumours say Aneke has done very well at Crew. Different level i know but the boy has talent!

  18. Or we could simply have used Frimmy or Yennaris? instead of flogging those “inbtewteens” that are lurking between u 21 and first team.

  19. Just heard a report on Sky Sports that a Kallstrom injured his back playing football on a beach with Spartak Moscow on Tuesday. He informed Arsenal at his medical and although the MRI didn’t show anything, another scan showed there was an issue. The medical team informed Wenger, but it was decided that he should be signed anyway. He is expected to miss 6 games due to the injury.
    If any of that it is true it has to be the biggest transfer fuck up of all times. Just an absolute joke!

  20. Honestly the Kallstrom issue, its more hurt of pride than of quality i guess. Nobody really felt happy that he joined anyway. Now he’s injured. it willl be like he never was here…

    It does make Arsenal look really amateurish though, and exposes us as utterly clumsy when it coms to tansferes…

  21. Does this mean only Rosicky and Jack for the entire February? i guess Ox too but then we do not have anyone on the wing except Ryo and Gnabry..

  22. That fact we knew about his injury is just fucking bizzare. We have singed a decent (but not great) player who is injured himself, to cover for our injured players? Something stinks here.

  23. Poodle – we have Arteta. And flamini is out for 3 games. So that is 4 central midfielders, and then 5 once flamini is back. We are fine.

  24. All Arsene’s comments prior to the transfer window close were about an area of the pitch where we had been well covered, but were no looking short due to injuries and bans. By the time Kallstrom is fit we will had Flamini back for three games and Ramsey’s return will be imminent. So why are paying the wages of a player who will be surplus to requirements by the time he is fit to play? Is this one our season’s charities now that Park has gone out on loan? I know let’s get in another player who will never play for us as we are getting rid of one in the transfer window.

  25. If all of this is true it has to be one of the most frustratingly hilarious transfers in Arsenal history. I mean, really, we picked up an injured old geezer (in footballing terms) to cover for our injuries in midfield. Someone needs to get an earful. With all that being said, if Coquelin is back I actually don’t feel it is much of a big deal. I actually feel quite confident in his abilities when he plays.

  26. The whole thing sounds bizarre…… if AW knew about the injury and the time it would take for him to be fit, and still signed him, then it is truly incompetent. But I’ll wait patiently till the full story unfolds. No point in making judgements now.

  27. Northbank

    Have you read the story on the BBC website yet? It seems fairly well informed, as if they have received a statement from the club.

  28. The bottom line is that if Wilshere comes back fine, and Rosicky and Arteta remain fit, we should not see too much impact from this situation anyway. And, if we throw Le Coq into the mix then we should have enough cover to make it through one month of fixtures.

  29. Funny, Frimpong sent off 34mins into his debut today….Le Coq was also sent back for being too rubbish, i might add

  30. Wavey

    Yes I’ve read the BBC statement….. it sounds fairly kosher, but I’ll wait to see what AW says at his pre-match conference tomorrow.

  31. Vice

    That’s true, so why did we sign him? Who is he going to cover for when he is actually fit to play for us? It’s not like we have taken him on loan with the view to a permanent deal in the summer. All seems fairly pointless. AW thought he should sign someone in the transfer window, but Kallstrom was one of the only players he could get, when the others all fell away on deadline day he decides to sign the guy even though he was injured. It’s probably not true, but that’s whatnot sounds like.

  32. @ C oh is Le Coq back? really? well that imo makes things a lot easier. He can slot in, and atlest last year was capable of decent preformaces….

  33. anyhow, aslog as we play well and win when we can, nobody will complain. its when the team puts on preformancs as they did against Saints that one starts to wonder.

    Loose and play good, ok one can deal with that. But loos and play crap.. that is no fun at all..

  34. “Everybody should go read the comments from Spartan fans on Kallstrom with many of them saying he didn’t play much for them because he couldn’t keep up with the pace of the Russian Premier League.”

    So maybe having him injured really aint that bad after

  35. If this news on BBC is true, I got to laugh out loud at our club (with immunity)…..

    Did we actually sign a player who’s already injured? Did he injure his back pulling on the shirt for photos?

  36. So now that the club has fallen into another mini player crisis, who do we have to continue the good fight:

    Wilshire….. slight possibility that he is not yet fit
    Rosicky…… if his nose is mended
    Zelalem……. still young and untried
    Sanogo……..OK I think
    Le Coq…….. ????

    plus Giroud and Bendy

    Actually doesn’t look too bad………….. why the panic 🙂

  37. No panic.

    As long as Giroud stays fit. If he doesn’t, frustration and massive disapointment will be the feeling. Not panic.

    We are OK in midfield, which made the Kallstrom signing all the stranger.

  38. The only thing with Le Coq is that he is only back because he was quite terrible in Germany. Though he was played on the left primarily but even when played on the right or centrally for Ginter, he was very poor. I hope that he shows the form that saw him a regular sub and in the rotation when he was extremely solid and many thought he was the natural successor to Arteta.

  39. Is Le Coq really back and if so why? He was meant to be with Freiburg for the whole season, so did we call him back? If they didn’t want him it sounds like he has gone backwards as I thought he was a reasonable player. A squad player, but not a first eleven.

  40. So from what I gather from player quotes from my friend in Germany:

    We were in for both Klose and Draxler, had done and bid what or in the ball park of what they wanted and both clubs said no.

    If it was down to being in the ball park and not meeting their valuation that is mostly our fault because we not only announced the Puma deal but JeanRichards watch deal and Arsene’a new contract seeing him making 8M a year.

  41. @JJ

    I guess I was wrong. There were several reports that he was back because Freiburg had cancelled his loan deal.

  42. i read that a few weeks ago as well C..
    found it ironic as me and thee were only talking about him the night before but it wasnt true whoever wrote it made it up or were just offering opinion on him coming back and the rest of the shite sites that pop up on newsnow ran stories on it.

  43. Klose – 35-36. last ditch attempt bc we could not find someone suitable for striker in a tight market IMO. Frankly as a loan maybe but certainly not a signing. berbatov would have wanted a permanent deal which would have incurred opportunity cost for us in the summer. Klose on loan would make sense as he was nt cup tied.

    Draxler – Chasing shadows. likely an opportunity buy but valuations were simply worlds apart.Even at 30m, we could buy two quality players for the price with immediate impact. Konoplyanka was going for 15-16m, is tested over a longer period and plays across the midfield. Jovetic whom City bought for 24m has been scoring a similar goal haul to Draxler over a longer sustained period.

    the media would suggest we invested more time into this than I suspect we did leading the more gullible to believe them hook line and sinker.

    Kallstom, well if he isn’t injured, we’re not signing him. sensible loan that strictly ensures our midfield engine keeps ticking. not sure how serious injury is so should really await a confirmation before over reactions as per usual.

    Finally it doesn’t Mata how much money you spend to show ambition in January. Surely the media should have understood this by now. They triumphed United as a winner in this window. I won’t want to Stoke their misery further but what Matas most is winning the game with the squad you have.

    You can spend 100m on new players like say err Spurs and still draw blanks to Hull.

    We are a bit short in a couple of areas but in quantity and quality (with or without Kallstrom) we are not far off City.

    Sure I would have loved us to sign a striker (loan for Pato was my preferred choice) but most strikers were either cup tied or were not of the quality for us to invest in at risk of complicating additions in the summer.

  44. Too many assumptions from dubious reportage at the moment.

    May be our arse luck of course that kallstrom is injured but we should really wait for the dust to settle a little. before any judgements.

    Arteta is exposed for 3 games which is a worry.

    With strikers, we could do with something different but Bendtner replicates Giroud’s physical side sufficiently IMO and if in tandem with a more direct threat in Poldy out left, should be able to cope.

    My main issue with striker is to have someone different. If you compare City to us, we are only short of a CBack (Lescott the extra man) and Aguero is the big difference up top. no surprise we were in the hunt for a similar type player last summer in Higuain and Suarez, both slightly pacy but who are tricky and can exploit gaps.

    There aren’t too many of those type of strikers available this January. Pato is the closest but I wouldn’t dare to claim to know his motivation with regards a loan move to us.

    What I feel someone like that could give us (and he should be not cup tied) would be the pace to have an outlet particularly if we are playing likley on the back foot against Bayern over two legs. he’s also someone who can come on in the remaining 15 minutes in a game when it’s stretched and exploit more humble opposition in the PL.

    That said, we have who we have now. What’s most important is for Arteta to keep fit over 3 games.

    We have plenty of creatives in Santi, Ozil, Jack, Rosicky. Chamberlain can also replicate some of the drive of Jack through the middle.

    So yeas we carry a bit of risk but it is a workable squad and importantly familiar with each other.

  45. hes not having fun in germany they just loaned him to make up numbers and they had an injury to one of their wingers and hes been shoved out wide mainly on the left for the majority of his games

    hes only played cm once all season and hes only played 90mins in 6 games

    total waste of loan hes gaining nothing out there it would be better if we cancelled his loan and brought him back to play for us seeing as though wenger had a moment of the dipsticks when he decided to let frimpong leave and brought in a player with a fucked back who hasnt played since the start of december to reinforce out injury worries..

    when you sign a player to help with injuries trust wenger to reinvent the fucking wheel and sign someone to keep the others company in the medical room..


  46. Coquelin – i think the ship has sailed for him.

    Zelalem’s emergence would suggest the reason why Wenger wanted him off to Freiburg’s shop window.

    Thought he could have pushed for a spot vying with Jenkinson out at RB but we are likely to hunt for someone ore experienced and natural to the role (Coleman, Debucchy) and Bellerin will push from the Academy.

    On that note, personally felt we should have taken Konoplyanka off of the Mugmashers. I think the issue is his club Dnipro are reluctant to sell for whatever reason but the Ukrainian is one of the few top class playmakers left unattached to a big club. he is pacy and plays with both feet across the midfield although he prefers being inverted left. For 15m he is a steal compared to Draxler, comes with experience and is not cup tied. Can also play up top although short at 5’9.

    We should have got him IMO as a Rosicky replacement early.The Czech whilst brilliant in his sunset will have issues with availability as his age continues to clock in.

    I would prefer us to forgo any extensions with Rosicky and use the money to give the more physically solid Sagna the extra year he wants on his deal.

    Konoplyanka has been fortunately saved from a horrible fate at Liverpool by his chairman (or maybe Sahin) and will be available again this summer. he isn’t going to the world cup so his price should keep stable.

  47. Kallstrom. Think we should wait a bit on this one.

    Flamini was also free but worked out better than the cries for us to spend on the young Wanyama, or Mvilla.

    If Wenger truly knew about the injury and still signed him on, then yes, it seems daft but I suppose in our tradition.

    Questions surround our medicals then. Perhaps Wenger was misinformed about the severity of the injury. I’d give him the benefit of the doubt. It’s not like the manager has a habit of signing players on that immediately go out injured. Could be just arse luck as per usual.

  48. arteta was exposed for 38 games last season we should be fine for 3 in the short term and with any luck rosicky will be back and so will jack
    worst comes to the worst wenger likes square pegs so put TV in there for a game..

    cb could be a worry but weve got 3 cbs and a fb who can play there and so far no knocks or niggles to any of them so not shitting myself over that

    but if we lose giroud for any period of time then we are fucked because bendtners shite and offers nothing what giroud offers and wenger prefers kalou over podolski so no we wont be fine but its a problem weve had since august and luckily girouds stayed fit for the majority and fingers crosses he doesnt miss a single game more until may..

  49. @JJ

    Yea they must have made it up but he has been terrible in Germany to be honest. Its strange cause even when he was here and played as left back and on the wing he wasn’t that bad. I do t think he is made for German futbol. I agree a complete waste of a loan and I think the ship has now sailed on him and we will send him back to France or even to Spain in the summer. I saw a match of his earlier in the season and he couldn’t dribble or pass at all and that was the strange thing to me because that was 2 things he could do with us but so many leave Arsenal and the same thing seems to happen to them, o well. Such a shame to because he was a lad that couldn’t do wrong when he was here and has turned to shit in Germany. He was NEVER going to play centrally at Freiburg with Ginter there, who I think we should get.

  50. Anyone else watch the Barca match? I get the feeling that City might just tear them a new one…

  51. C

    From earlier. I understand all the stuff about turning RVP and Henry into CF. However learning to be a good finisher takes time unless you are a natural. Henry was mid 20’s, RVP mid/late 20’s. Theo took 7 years. Even if he can eventually make that transition, assuming we could turn Drax into high scoring CF in a couple of years is probably not realistic.

  52. im still struggling to come to terms with the fact a midfielder was the last thing we needed but due to flamini being banned for 3 games and rambo being injured for 6 weeks wenger shat himself and brought in a player who wont be fit before rambo??

    surely its a joke..

  53. @Bill

    Have you watched Draxler play? He was the talent to play CF and when you watch him he is a natural finisher who at present is learning the trade at LW/striker. Great movement, technically gifted but more importantly ONLY 20 years old. Most players are shaped and their true position isn’t noted until they are in their mid 20’s and Draxler is the same. He can ply his trade in the LW or even RW while Giroud is presently there and then take over for him in a couple years but in the men time we have Theo that can play there. Tracker and Theo on the wings with Ozil pulling the strings and Giroud or Podolski centrally is mouth water and when Draxler or Theo takes over for Giroud having one of them centrally, the other on the wing with Ozil pulling the string and Ox in the wing would be absolutely deadly to deal with not to mention the amount of pure pace and finishing would be something that most of Europe would be absolutely terrified by.

    If RvCunt was transformed in his kid 20’s that would allow a 3-5 year gap to teach Draxler which when you think about it would be right about the time when Theo was in his prime and Giroud would need to be replaced. I think any Arsenal fan would take that as Ozil would be coming to or in his prime.

  54. C

    Draxler move was apparently blocked by Schalke. I imagine he’ll be our first summer addition. He, along with a CDM and CF will see us compete. I’d like to see Per, Rosicky, Sagna and Kosielny sign extensions in that time also.

    I don’t think we’ll win the league, not because wenger never bought a striker, but because Man City have hundreds of millions worth of talent that are all finding form.

    If their bubble breaks, we have to take advantage.

    I agree id’ have like to have seen Draxler as well

  55. Aneke scored a brace today and he is really scoring goals for Crewe.


    Yea I was reading that. We seemed to be in the ballpark of what they wanted but not the actual price and Schalke apparently wanted Holtby and when he didn’t come they couldn’t lose Draxler from what I’ve read. Draxler apparently wants to come to Arsenal and doesn’t seem to want a move to anywhere else but that is just reports and remains to be seen.

    If he comes I would most definitely be a happy camper and many Gooners would be too once they saw him playing and bombing up and down the left flank.

  56. henry and rvp could always finish..
    henry was top goalscorer for france when the won world cup the year before we signed him and he was a cf at monaco but it was wenger who started playing him left because of his speed.
    reverted him back because he saw what anelka did through the middle and wanted more of it..
    and rvp scored 120 goals they all didnt come in last 18months it was injuries that held him back not development..

    to be fair as far as development goes wenger didnt do all that much..they already had the ability wenger just played them in the position and gave them the freedom to best use it and they produced..

    could have worked with draxler, he scored a fair few last year so the abilitys there but we’ll never know because wenger wouldnt meet the asking price and someone else will buy him in summer and he’ll be a star for them instead..

  57. @Bill

    His numbers don’t tell the story because he allows Huntelaar to do what he does best and plays to Huntelaar’s strengths. You can’t deny that he scores goals when he has to, look at him in the CL this term when his team needed goals he scored them.

  58. draxler has been good in europe..
    1 in 2 strikerate

    in the league last year he was 1 in 3..

    not bad for a winger..

    has pace, has tricks, 6 foot 2, can shoot with both feet.. really does remind me of bobby p when he plays but could well be a top quality cf if allowed to play there on a consistent basis.. although there would be nothing to suggest he couldnt score 20 a season playing wide left for us

    theo gets that wide right..
    although it has taken years for theo to develop but theo was one that wenger did have to develop his whole game. hes always known where the net was but all he had was pace he had no tricks or strength or anything technical..theo was as raw as they come and its taken him years to be taught to play football basically..

  59. Yogi, you do stir up a hornet’s nest at times!

    Fresh from the Russian press and quoting Valery Karpin, the Spartak Moscow FC coach.

    Spartak Moscow are training in Abu Diaby, do not guffaw. It would seem on the 30th January, Arsenal put the call through, “can we do a deal”.

    Ким Чельстрем, is the Russian for our new “temporary”. ANY back injury was caused on the beach, on the plane to London or The Arsenal used a Robin Reliant, to ferry Kim to London Colney. OR perhaps Emirates Airline provided a charter flight from Abu Diaby to Luton Airport, all “for a pretty penny” off the sponsors dealership!

    From a Spartak Moscow and Arsenal fan, he is in tears at losing Kim.

    From the archives of the KGB, the other Kim, was a Hero of the Soviet Union. Kim, of course, was allowed to order any specialities he fancied, from London. The Soviet Embassy was very good at that sort of caper.

    Time to stop the ex-Stoke manager. Relegation for both he and Allardyce.

  60. JJ

    Sounds like he had a much better season last year. This season he has scored 1 in 14 league games. If he is their best player I would have expected him to pick up the pace if they lost a star striker to injury

  61. Really couldn’t believe the news about our dear Kim’s injury. Surely we cant be that incompetent, that was my first thought. Now that BBC/David Ornstein has confirmed it, I feel like laughing at our management. Good for Kim, he can heal his stretched back at our expense, no wonder he jumped at the chance to join us, easy money, no work. Our club has a wonderful record of supporting charities, this could be just another one!

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