Sixy Stuff From Arsenal In Southampton Rout

Arsenal 6 – 1 Southampton

1 – 0 Hooiveld o.g.(11)
2 – 0 Podolski (31)
3 – 0 Gervinho (35)
4 – 0 Clyne o.g. (37)
4 – 1 Fox (45)
5 – 1 Gervinho (71)
6 – 1 Walcott (89)

A bit later this morning than expected, a Bandcamp half hour to wake up and feel the groove turned into a Bandcamp hour which is the beauty of the site, click on a tag at the bottom and a world of unknown bands (to me at least) is at your sonic control. But you don’t want to talk about music, you want to talk about footbal although the two do combine beautifully in the first forty-four minutes of yesterday’s performance, a footballing Bandcamp if you like when you are surfing the aural waves until every now and then something unpalatable turns up on your doorstep; entitling an EP, “Beach, Girls & The Ramones” and you need to deliver…

I’m guessing that, on the whole, Arsène will be enjoying the sixteenth anniversary of his appointmentof course you read it every morning as regular as clockwork, don’t you – as Arsenal manager; it would be churlish not to I suppose but that will tinged with the knowledge that there is still work to do. Relieved that the awkwardness in front of goal has seemingly disappeared but concerned that the defence is still chancing its arm every now and again. Probably scared that Alan Hansen praised the defence. I genuinely could not recall that happening in the past and had to retreat to the drinks cabinet for a Licor 43 to soothe my fears that the end of the world was nigh.

Arsenal started brightly, Southampton forced further back than they were already planning on the playing. Rather than the cynical parking of the bus which occurs normally, the visitors were tempted into a passing match and combined with their naive defensiveness, they were made to pay. The gaps were there to be exploited and Arsenal did so, Kieran Gibbs in particular making hay in the Autumnal sunshine and with Southampton offers the gaps at the back, they were duly exploited.

Two changes from the impressive display at Anfield, no surprise that Mannone made way for Szczesny nor that Giroud was replaced by Gervinho. Playing the Ivorian was different to expectations and paid dividends with the Ivorian grabbing two goals. I am sure that Giroud was itching to get onto the pitch but perhaps there is a more poetic first goal to come on familiar turf in this week’s Champions League. What message Theo Walcott derives is only known to him but disappointment will come into play somewhere, seeing another centre forward at the club…

Southampton had been warned by efforts from Podolski and Cazorla of the footballing storm to come, the German brought the first waves crashing onto their shore. Fighting for the ball against tepid defences, he battered through the midfield before splitting the defence with a finely weighted pass into Kieran Gibbs path. The full back rifled his shot across Davis before Hooiveld Keystone Cop-ped the ball into the net.

Per Mertesacker retained his place ahead of Laurent Koscielny and I suspect that had as much to do with the change in goalkeeper as the German’s form. Don’t get me wrong, Per has played well, out-per-formed expectations per-haps but the reality is (or was) that Koscielny is the preferred central defender; has Thomas Vermaelen’s elevation to captaincy altered that dynamic? Whatever the case, the Frenchman almost looked on from the bench at his place in the side becoming more distant with Mertesacker’s header gratefully clasped by Davis.

With fifteen minutes to go to the interval, it started raining goals – Hallelujah! – as Podolski curled a sumptuous free kick into the net before Arteta lifted the ball over the visitors defence for Gervinho to gallop into the area and lash home the chance. The fourth was a more comedic version of the opener if that was at all possible, Clyne summing up the feeling that it was not going to be Southampton’s afternoon by scything Gibbs cross into his own net.

Then the worm turned. Szczesny blundered into a high cross, the communication between himself and Jenkinson non-existent with Fox slotting home the loose ball. Whereas Mannone had been saved at Anfield by his flapping over an orbital cross, the Pole was woefully out of position to collect the ball and duly punished. The bench was unamused, summed up with the observation that the first choice goalkeeper was less of a clear cut decision than believed. Had Ricky Lambert scored early in the second half and Szczesny might well have been missing on Tuesday night.

As it was, he didn’t and Aaron Ramsey joined the party at Coquelin’s expense. The young Frenchman did well and was economical with the ball yet for me at least, did nothing to support his presumption that he was on a par with the club’s more experienced midfielders. Plenty of youthful promise, for certain, but not a regular starter yet. Similarly, I wonder if a fully fit Theo Walcott will be chosen ahead of Oxlade-Chamberlain in the very near future? The youngster is performing well but dipping in and out of games, underlining Hodgson’s strategy of replacing him around an hour or so into games. Arsène concurs, the same happened yesterday.

Ramsey’s introduction paid quick dividends, dancing through the Southampton midfield and defence he was unfortunate to see his prodded effort rebound off the post. Gervinho didn’t care, having the time to control the ball before slotting home. Similar deflation and disarray was evident from the visitors when Theo Walcott scored the sixth.

The fewest goals conceded in the division, the most scored, the best goal difference; this was notThe Plan, this is not how Arsenal were supposed to fall apart following another Summer of Love but it is what it is. There is nothing premature in welcoming in the form thus far because it is those two words which are key; enjoy the moment and what has gone before, there is more work to come, anguish to mix with the pleasure but why torture yourself with what might be?

Live for today, worry about Manchester City next week. Montepellier are the supporting act before then.

’til Tomorrow.

165 thoughts on “Sixy Stuff From Arsenal In Southampton Rout

  1. Ateeb says:

    Excellent post Yogi!

    The whole team was excellent yesterday. Gibbs was excellent going forward! With a declining Evra and Clichy, maybe in a season or two he could be the best left back in the league. He can combine well with Podolski, something that theo and Sagna don’t do too well, given Sagna’s limited role when attacking. Yet to see them play together this season. Not sure if it was sickness or politics over contract, but Theo should start ahead of the OX. He’s much better in my opinion. Nevertheless got two games this week, which would be good for rotation.

    So Giroud isn’t the automatic starter we expected him to be?! Gervinhio played much better centrally than on the wings. Great movement. Let’s hope we can get Diaby and Wilshere to play 20-25 games this season.

  2. Dexter says:

    The Theo and Sagna combo has been one of the best things about the team for a while. Not sure why anyone would think otherwise TBH?

    However, we have other combos now; Gibbs & Podolski, Arteta & Gervinho, Santi & the rest of the team!

  3. silk ammo says:

    Big up YW
    Quite the offensive jolt we were craving,like it or not,tech9’s complacency and concentration lapses should NOT be swept under the rug, and age used as immunity,the boy needs to be kept on his toes competitively;Don Vito is an apt candidate IMO.
    The gelling factor is scary to contemplate when we lock stock and fire!

  4. Dexter says:

    Im sorry but shotta’s OTT slating of Szczesny is completely crackers and misplaced IMO.

    Sure he’smade mistakes, as have Reina and cech and hart. I dont see them getting slated the way shotta is trying to do with our number 1.

    This meaningless stat of 62% may give shotta’s outbursts a veneer of creedence in his rum adled mind but not to a footballing collosus like myself or the baheemoth brained george.

    Szczesny IS a far better keeper than Almunia ever was and I am sorry if sticking up for a player offends, but that is how we roll down my manor.

    Stick that in your crack pipe n smoke it.

  5. Henristic says:

    I get your point. I was being partly facetious as you would have guessed.
    But I don’t see any serious hypocrisy in what you’ve just described. In fact there’s some consistency behaviour in there, ie doomers dooming at whichever player isn’t the current favourite 🙂

  6. pedantic george aka Blackburngeorge says:

    Now Dexter .We giants of the football world must try to understand and explain the ramblings of lesser minds.
    The Stat, is not meaningless,as Arsene says”numbers don’t lie”.But I agree that it is useless as it is plucked from nowhere and the type of,and amount of,strikes/shots are not considered.
    The boy did have a poor game yesterday.But I would not want to swap him for many other goalkeepers.I think Shotta is more pointing out how some players are forgiven for errors that others would be ridiculed for.And he has a good point.

  7. Dexter says:

    I agree George (obviously) There are many players who get a free ride by some, while being over critical of others. Yet I dont see the point of being over critical of a player to prove that very point! 🙂

    Clearly shotta and others do not have the benefit of such humongous footballing intelligence as ourselves and I agree again, it is not their fault and yes, we are here to e;lucidate and educate those less fortunate than ourselves.

  8. pedantic george aka Blackburngeorge says:

    Well Dexter ,as the Oracle on Halo says “Ah,I am a genius”

  9. Jonny says:

    Dexter @ 4.47 1000% concur.

    Sounds to me, that pipe you be smoking is filled with sensmilla: Common Sensemilla.

  10. Jonny says:

    What was more bizarre was ranting on and on about whilst we are all trying to enjoy a 6-1 blizzard of whoop-ass.

  11. poodle says:

    are we turning Brazilian or something? our side backs seem to spend an awfully lot of time on the other side of the pitch while Arteta just hoovers up anything that goes behind…
    Its awesome to watch though….Especially Gibbs.

  12. Dexter says:

    Haha! Common Sensi indeed Jonny boy. 🙂

  13. steww says:

    Thank you Evil, George and others you answered the point more eloquently than I could.
    I haven’t re-watched the second half of the Southampton demolition job but I have re-watched the first. Szezzer’s coming for crosses and distribution in that half were superb. Just saying. Oh and isn’t it great that our keeper can have a howler, established first teamers can be benched ,injured and/or rested and we can still stroll to a 6 – 0 victory.
    And fuck me some of the passing play was mesmerizing.

  14. steww says:

    6 – 1. My natural inclination to forget the bad and revel in the good coming to the surface there.

  15. Jonny says:

    Thinking about our injury woes of previous seasons I do feel as though there is a cumulative ‘snowball’ effect where when you have a lot of injuries you are more likely to suffer additional injuries – you have less depth available for a start.

    Some have pointed that AW has in the past been reluctant to rotate enough and, for what it is worth, I do think that this accusation holds some water.

    Whisper it quietly but we are on the cusp of regaining a couple of crucial additions who I feel could prove the crucial difference between a good season and an outstanding one.

    It is not just that TR7 and JW10 bring outstanding talent to the mix but that their talent ‘demands’ playing time and will force Wenger to creatively juggle his gems and this brings the added benefit of being able to better manage fitness levels appropriately. The temptation to play footballers who are in ‘the red’ should be easier to avoid.

    Given past recent experience of The Arsenal, hope is tempered by bitter experience but I remain thoroughly excited at how close we are to having JW back and how this will bolster the midfield roster immeasurably.

    Some think he has been overtly glorified and exalted in his absence but I honestly was this excited about him before he got injured. My feet are on the floor when I say I still think he could go on to be one of the best players this club has ever seen.

    In the short term he’ll be a blooming marvellous option from the bench.

  16. steww says:


    You only have to watch the pre season game when he last played for us to see what he brings to the party. No hyperbole at all in your post.
    The big ‘however’ is all about how he recovers from over a season out injured, and how his development has been affected.

  17. pedantic george aka Blackburngeorge says:

    I am sorry ,but I disagree Jonny.Jack seems to have improved immeasurably with every ball he hasn’t kicked.
    And that is NOTHING to do with him.H ewas consistently good and occasionally very good in his year.He never was at the level we see from Cazorla ,and Arteta.
    However ,I am with you in that I believe he will be better than all of our current players ,IF,and its a huge “IF” the injury and time off does not hold him back as it has Aaron.
    That said I expect Ramsey to achieve great things also.
    But ,they are both well behind the 3 current starters ,Rosicky too is ahead of both.

  18. Mel says:

    3-52, the northern ninja does it again: the top of the league position will be called” The Arsenal Position”, I like that a lot.

  19. Mel says:

    Was over there with my younger brother yesterday who sulked all the way back to the pub in blackstock road because we conceded a goal, spoilt little bastard, that got me thinking that maybe this team could mount a serious title challenge if the defence remains this stingy because we always looked dangerous up the other end and I know he’s got his fans on here but we look much better without Alex song,arteta and santi are already on the sweetest wavelength imaginable and young Francis of afc did well again,wonder if the professor will rotate on Tuesday?,I think we’ve got the squad to do it now,even the doomers must see that-spoilt bastard younger brothers included.

  20. steww says:

    Mel – I’ll use his ticket next time.

  21. Henristic says:

    Jack Wilshere is a very special player, although I don’t doubt that his being English pushes up the hype (in England).

    Spain is blessed with midfielders with comparable if not more talent levels. It wasn’t all sour grapes when Guardiola said there was plenty of his type in Spain.

    In saying that I think Wilshere is a more talented all round midfielder than Arteta, but the spaniard’s experience counts for a great deal.

    Comparing with Cazorla is more interesting. Leaving aside experience (which can be a huge deal), they both seem to have the same skill set, except that Caz looks to have the better shot. I do think that calmness in front of goal comes with experience. As Wilshere gets more game time, he’d be just as able to pick great passes in the final third, and perhaps shoot more accurately.

  22. Henristic says:

    I don’t see any reason why JW shouldn’t pick up from where he left. The circumstances of his injury is different from Ramsey’s (btw JW’s talent was always a notch or two above the welshman).

    I also think you’ll find that Arsene will play him much more than you think. If JW keeps to the form he displayed pre-injury, he WILL be part of Arsene’s 1st 11. I don’t know who of Cazorla/Diaby/Arteta will be benched (likely one of last 2), but it will happen. Mark my words 🙂

  23. pedantic george aka Blackburngeorge says:

    Henristic .I don’t know where to start with that drivel.
    Well done,you have stumped me.

  24. Mel says:

    Stew, without my guidance he would have been a doomer by now-he just has his lapses now and then!

  25. red cannon says:

    Shotta; just so you know, you are the charming kids’ favourite grandpa who walks into his favoutite 8 year old grandson’s birthday party late; as the little boy rushes forward to show off the new pink football boots daddy bought him, you stop him and slate him for leaving his bed unmade and yesterday’s chores not completed: get a life. If people are celebrating their greatest win in a long time, join them or shut up. If you’ve already made the mistake and it is pointed out to you, own up or shut up. Party spoilers are not very lovable: go back many months and you’ll see that’s how Ateeb started! Are you ‘starting’ Shotta, are you starting??

  26. pedantic george aka Blackburngeorge says:

    red cannon,be careful.You know not what you do.
    If sides a picked,you will be outnumbered.

  27. Yogi's Warrior says:


    Ref your earlier Bandcamp recommendation, suggest trying out The Coal Porters if you have not already done so. Excellent bluegrass band, fronted by Sid Griffin formerly of The Long Ryders.

  28. shotta says:

    So today is Anti-Shotta day. Crime: Busting the Szech balloon.
    This will be the best day of my life, if the boy gets his act together. He has a full year under his belt and enjoyed the type of free-ride that players like Almunia and Ramsey would die for.

    We have some harder opposition coming over the horizon over the next two weeks and those on their anti-Shotta tirade will be tearing Szech limb-by-limb if he has another clanger or kicking performance like yesterday. Mark my words.

  29. Bouldies Back 4 says:

    fantastic result yesterday
    the tippy tap is dead – long live the directness..

    alot of the goals were lucky to be honest but you create your own luck, cross when you get the chance to, shoot when you can, get bodies in the box.. good stuff

    the only negative is chezers clanger, it looked like jenks had it covered and chez called it and shat himself when he realised he was going to fall over jenks as he ducked.. bad error of judgement, if you cant catch it fucking punch it.

    to be fair though its his first game back for a while and he put lambert off with his peter scmiechal style starjump when it should have been 4-2…

    we’ve been used to many a clanger over the years from more experienced keepers..chezz is still the strongest weve had for a while and hes still number one..

  30. CescFantasticPass says:

    Like i said last night, isn’t it good that we can debate a first 11 and who should start. This time last season it was all doom and gloom in regards to “If someone gets injured our season is over” etc. It’s good, i hope they keep concentration, i think the next two games will determine our title shot chances….I think injury permitting, if we keep everyone fit then there is no reason we can’t challenge for something!

  31. Dexter says:

    I am finding quite funny how apparantly Szczesny has had a free ride according to Mr grumpy trousers shotta. When all I have ever seen is a constant trickle of over critical bitching about him from day one.

    And the excuse behind this is always the “well, he gets a free ride unlike others yadda yadda”.

    Erm, do me a favour and pull the other one.

    It was his first game of the season FFS!

  32. Paul N says:

    I fully understand where Shotta is coming from and it is true that our favorites get let off quite easily while others are torn to peices!

    Don Vito has looked good though.

  33. Dexter says:


    It is a well founded truth that fans have their favourites and let them get away with much more than others. But slating a player to make that point is ludicrous and daft as a box of frogs man. 🙂

  34. Dexter says:

    And I too thought Mannone had done enough to warrant keeping his spot. No doubt shotta wouldnt have been telling everyone to get off Vito’s back if he had fucked up like that! 🙂

  35. red cannon says:

    PG, you may be right. Maybe should have kept (mouth?) shut. Maybe he chose the right time toi tear into Chez and spread a little gloom on those celebrating(yeah, 62percent, we need to know); I could be outnumbered , I agree. Shotta, you may be correct in your assessment of our beloved Chezzie; my beef was with your timing, although some do not seem to mind; if as PG suggests I may be in a minority, then maybe I am the one who’s been smoking something and needs slating……

  36. Bouldies Back 4 says:

    shotta just doesnt like chezzer. but he did rate almunia highly..

    wierd as fuck seeing as though almunia was more experienced and made basic mistakes in near enough every game he played..
    for about 4 years..

    comments about almunia were not knee jerk..ppl actually got sick of watching him play..when you see years of the same basic errors you start to ask questions and you want him dropped..

    we needed a new keeper and chez stepped up..every keeper makes errors, its how they deal with those errors..chezzer deals with them he doesnt let them affect him, almunia would get beat at the near post from 40 yards or get nutmeged from 12 yards or let the ball slip through his fingers and he would fall apart and it would give the other team momentum..

    seaman got beat by 40 yard lobs numerous times but he was one of the best keepers ever..shit happens, its how they deal with it.. no other keeper since lehman has had the presence required to be top gk..
    like i said before, you saw that presence when lambert shit himself and hooked his shot..
    chezzer doesnt give a fuck, hes nuts..on another day he catches the ball and takes jenks head off but the last time he did something like that he put sagna (or was it JD) out of action for weeks so we have to be careful what we ask for..

  37. Paul N says:

    Dex, it’s one thing to have a favorite and another to slaughter the one for blunders and almost totally overlook your favorites equally crappy play.

    I think Shotta is dealing with a history of blunders and bias and saying that our goalie needs to get better.

  38. pedantic george aka Blackburngeorge says:

    But JJ and Red and even Dex.
    He is not “the nuts” any more than Jack is,He is good with the possibility of becoming very good and then maybe ,perhaps ,great.
    He was poor yesterday and that is a fact.If anything subjective can be a fact .Which it cant .
    And leave off with Shotta bashing will you .It will lead to major fall outs .

  39. Bouldies Back 4 says:

    he wasnt poor yesterday he made one mistake that led to the goal..

    and the general point is that almunia was 32 and was fucking up with basic gk errors..
    almuna played how may games for the club and chez is how old and has played how many??

    its a daft comparison

    we had all this with denilson when jack forced him out of the team..if jack made one little error comparisons were made with denilson but denilson played 150 games and wasnt getting no better, if anything he was gettin worse and jacks played how many?

    once again a daft comparison..

    once these players play as many games and make as many errors then comparisons can be had..and yes they too should be dropped, but at the minute it isnt the case is it..

    its just a poor attempt to downgrade a young players abilities to win a debate that was dead years ago..

  40. pedantic george aka Blackburngeorge says:

    That is right JJ.
    But because they are great prospect ,does not make them great players right now.
    No one is trying to down grade them .Well not me anyway.
    But it was not one mistake yesterday .He was poor .He kicked the pall out as badly as possible .And the mistake you talk was a humongous great fucking calamity of a cock up.
    Still ,I would not swap him and he is clearly our number 1

    Where have you been anyway?

  41. Bouldies Back 4 says:

    his kicking has never been great..
    hes got banana toes but thats why gk’s wear gloves..

    ive been taking a break georgy.. i find if i spend too long in the tinterweb i dont enjoy the football as much as i should..

  42. pedantic george aka Blackburngeorge says:

    That’s a strange equation you have going there JJ

  43. Bradys right foot says:

    Good news about Jack but imo he’s not a automatic starter. He’ll have to duke it out with Diaby & Rozzer in what will literally be survival of the fittest for one midfield position. Barring rotation it’s Arteta and Santi plus one and if he’s fit and in form that one should usually be Diaby.

  44. pedantic george aka Blackburngeorge says:

    I agree with BRF.As usual as it goes.

  45. Bradys right foot says:

    PG honestly can’t wait to have Jack back but i’m actually really excited by the prospect of Rozzer Arteta & Santi together. Quite simply a technically terrific triumpherate with more game know how than the working girls at the local docks.

  46. Bouldies Back 4 says:

    sometimes i just prefer not to know anything and just wait for saturday.
    or sunday.
    or tuesday..
    or whatever day we play these days..

    and yeah i think cazorla and arteta are nailed on..
    its a fight out between the others..
    jacks got a tad of an advantage because he can play wing so once hes fit it increases wengers options in more than one position..

    rambos looking good from the bench as well..

  47. Markus says:

    Arteta’s assist was beautiful. It’s like we’ve replaced both Cesc and Song with a hybrid of the two. One man with the attributes of two. And a few extra thrown in to boot.

  48. Bouldies Back 4 says:

    and it was beautiful watching crazy legs put his laces through it to finish the move off..about bloody time, we knew he had it in him though he just needed to back himself

    we are looking solid..but a tough fortnight ahead..

  49. Bradys right foot says:

    JJ the chaos creator now with new improved end product who’d have thunk it.

  50. Evil says:

    Playing a midfield of Arteta, Rosicky and Santi will probably mean 99% possession (1 % to the opposition for fishing the ball out of the net several times).

  51. Bradys right foot says:

    lol Evil I know, weve got insane options in the midfield if/when they’re all fit. Santi Rozzer and Arteta would be possession porn lol.

  52. Henristic says:

    I’ll stick my head out for this one. Only Cazorla on current form can keep JW out of the 1st 11 in Wengers eyes. Once he’s match fit (to pre-injury performance levels), Wilshere will play. Time will tell if I’m wrong 🙂

  53. Dexter says:

    Sorry George, but there is a difference in completely overlooking a (fans fave) player’s faults, while being over critical of a less populist player and simply appreciating the qualities of a player, faults and all.

    I think Szczesny can be an excellent keeper, he isnt there yet, BUT he has all the attributes to get there. He makes mistakes, but as I have already stated (and others) so do all keepers. That isnt brushing his errors under the carpet, its just looking at the bigger picture.

    Comparing Szczesny with Almunia is not a valid comparison in my opinion. I thought manuel had good spells, one season in particualr he was solid. BUT he doesnt have the natural ability or talent, or ondeed temperament of the young Pole.

    A better comparison would be the treatment of Fabianski, IMO. He is a hugely talented keeper, who was/is slated disgustingly if you ask me and he has as much talent as Szczesny. But has never been forgiven (by some) for his high profile fuck ups.

    As for Jack. I just hope we dont have to try and rush him back as that will mean one of Santi, Diaby or Arteta, or (please no) more than one of that trio are injured. ATM, he isnt missed, but it will be a massive bonus having him fit. If the kids beat Coventry then hopefully he can play in the following league cup game and maybe even feature as a sub for the CCFC game.

  54. Dexter says:

    Hopefully all this chit chat over Szczesny is done and dusted now and I can get back to bending the legs on my RvP voodoo doll now.

    You can buy them from my website for GBP £9.99.

  55. Jonny says:

    I don’t think it had much to do with Scz – more a spleen venting exercise to rag on those who dissed Almunia.

    It’s total non-starter of a conversation.

    I genuinely like Almunia as a man but the fact we sought to replace him with Mark Schwarzer is a decent yardstick to his level as a keeper. As is the fact he has not been sought by any other clubs (other then West Ham on loan).

    Another keeper we were after was Reina who is currently making young Scz’s woes look small by comparison. There is no doubting that Reina is an excellent keeper struggling for confidence.

    Scz at least has the excuse of youth – which is not to say he should be free from criticism but then I don’t but into the idea he ever was – he just commands a little more respect than Almunia as he is clearly far more talented.

    As you point out Dex, bashing Scz to prove your a about unfair criticism of a player in the past, is perverse logic at best.

  56. Jonny says:

    As you point out Dex, bashing Scz to prove *a point* about unfair criticism of a player in the past, is perverse logic at best.

    I’ll have 4 RVP dolls please – one for each wheel of my car.

  57. Ateeb says:

    You need to see a psychiatrist. We can all contribute £9.99 for your medications.

  58. Dexter says:

    Hold the presses, we have an even better definition of irony for the new Oxford dictionary.

    Being called crackers by a dribbling wreck like ateeb is funny as fuck.

  59. Ateeb says:

    Actually Shotta did have a point about players biases within the fan base. For instance, Wilshere can get away with shit lot of mistakes, but Theo won’t. It’s quite obvious. Haven’t you read some people’s views here on Arshavin?! It’s like he scored 50 goals last season.

    As for Dexter. I wonder what he will do when he finds out that Arsene most probably criticizes his own players in the training, half time or after defeats.

    ‘ARE U A FUCKING DOOMER ARSENE!?!? How dare you question the abilities of Arsenal players’

    Such are the arm chair supporters with blind fields.Dexter is a complete joke when it comes to offering any constructive analysis of matters related to Arsenal. It’s like he’s living in a Utopian world where Arsenal has never lost a match for a decade-and hence beyond criticism. No wonder he lashes out like a dog with that dirty tongue of his when anyone comes with a different opinion. It’s obviously difficult for him to digest the gap between his Utopian world and the reality he has to confront with when people criticize. Grow up dude. Stop playing with dolls. And you’re completely bonkers along with your ilk for having a go at Shotta. The only contribution you make to this blog is point out the fucking obvious about players who have played well. Yeah, Einstein we can see that our selves.

  60. Goonerkam says:

    Well at least he isn’t a milkshake drinking yo-yo.
    He puts more effort into supporting THE ARSENAL than many on here including you.

  61. Firstlady says:

    A great performance form the team on Saturday, just watched the highlights and the team play looks better than it did in real time.

    Henristic “I’ll stick my head out for this one. Only Cazorla on current form can keep JW out of the 1st 11 in Wengers eyes.”
    You couldnt be more wrong on that. I think all members of the midfield fit, Arteta and Carzola start then it is a battle between Rosicky, Diaby and Jack.

    I dont know why people think Jack will just pick his form from where he left off, maybe he will prove me wrong but one year is a long time to be out, he will need time to bed in and lucky for him and us he’s got the likes of Diaby, Rosicky, Arteta and Carzola to cover for him while he does that.

  62. philmar says:

    I think it comes down to egos. The RVPs and Rooneys etc want to b paid in the hugest bracket as a status symbol for where they sit in the pecking order of players – wank, wank
    It’s simplistic to sluff it off as ‘egos’ since it applies to all of us. If the man beside me at work was performing at 70% of my level and earning 40% more I would not be happy.

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