Lucky Arsenal? Time For That Tag To Be Buried

Arsenal 0 – 2 Liverpool

0 – 1 Ramsey (83 o.g.)
0 – 2 Suarez (90)

Sent Off: Frimpong (72)

Two late goals following Emmanuel Frimpong’s sending off, earned Liverpool a barely-merited first win at The Emirates. There can be no arguing with the dismissal of Frimpong, had he not been booked beforehand then his over-enthusiastic lunge would have probably seen him receive a straight red.

The defeat – aligned with the comments of David Dein earlier in the week – has led to Arsène defiantly stating that he has no intention of walking away from the club. We see the angle that media coverage of Arsenal will take this season. That and the demands that he spend, spend, spend.

It was a mixed bag of a performance. For a man whose commitment was openly questioned beforehand, Samir Nasri set about signing off in style. Rumours of the collapse of his Manchester City seem fanciful, the Frenchman came close to providing a goalscoring finale to his Arsenal career with an impressive run through the heart of the Liverpool team. Emmanuel Frimpong also gave a heartening display on his debut, hassling, harrying, shooting; the all-action performance many demand in a genuinely defensive midfield role.

Outstanding performances from Vermaelen (most people’s Man of the Match) along with Miquel, denying Liverpool’s expensively assembled forward line much sight of goal until overwhelmed in the final minutes. The young Spaniard repaid his manager’s faith when replacing Laurent Koscielny with barely a quarter of an hour played. He might be playing more frequently with the news that Koscielny is going to be missing for two weeks.

There were those who were subdued, Walcott and Arshavin were not at their electric best, disappointing as they are the players others will be looking to lift them or provide the creative spark in the absence of departed colleagues.

Those efforts and the hard work that the team put in are the cornerstones of a positive mood overall, despite the result. Dismal officiating once more takes centre stage. Meireles might have been marginally offside in the build-up to the first goal but the margin is not important, offside he was. Miquel looked devastated as his clearance slammed off Ramsey and into the net. Football is a cruel mistress.

Frimpong will be disappointed that his actions have been a fundamental cause of defeat. He played well and offered an alternative to the style of Song. His first booking was unnecessary, a confrontation which was emminently avoidable. The enthusiasm of his debut belied his inexperience at times. Yet there is now another vacancy in midfield for next week’s trip to Old Trafford, possibly two if Nasri departs beforehand. Are there that many fit midfielders left at the club? Jack Wilshere is mentioned as probably being ready for a return, Wenger must avoid the temptation of solving the short-term problem by creating a longer-term one through rushing the youngster back.

He may not need to. This weekend has seen Marseille confirm that an offer for Lucho Gonzalez was rebuffed, Rennes Yann M’Vila is subject of a £20m approach (or anywhere upwards from £12m) whilst comedy value comes from Kaka being a loan target. That is if £9m isn’t spent on Per Mertesacker instead.

There is no doubt that Wenger and the club are trying to strengthen the squad, the question is whether they need to loosen the purse strings a little more. No doubt that the financial health of the club has been achieved through careful use of funds but to miss out on players now would unnecessarily place strain on the bank balance in future time.

Even with the departure of Cesc and Nasri soon to follow, Wenger has a hugely talented squad. The youngsters come in and do not look out of their depth, evidenced by Jenkinson as well yesterday. Yet they need the guiding hand of experience as well. Hopefully the manager will be able to land those needed to give the squad the boost that will prove their numerous detractors wrong.

’til Tomorrow.

399 thoughts on “Lucky Arsenal? Time For That Tag To Be Buried

  1. dukey says:

    I reckon that is exactly how it played out DeiseGooner, Chelsea were not even interested till we pulled out. we were only bidding with the spuds up until then and they were a non starter.

  2. dukey says:

    Passenal the player was willing to come to us so rule the second one out, he wasnt commanding high wages so it must have been our bid..squeek squeek.

  3. Jabba's Delights says:

    I think it is arsene who is in charge of our wage structure he is however told by the board a wage level as a percentage of turnover that they deem acceptable. We currently sit at roughly 46-50% (including sales this year) on our wages which is only bettered by Utd. Our ability to pay more elite players higher wages than we currently do would come about if we paid our younger squad players and youth team players less. It is his choice to have a very very equal wage structure at the club.

  4. Moe says:

    i would pay anything to know what is going on in Arsene Wenger’s mind right now.

    i love this team and also the manager but sometimes i wish he would show he’s hand to the supporters more often. All this keeping his hand close to his heart thing is not working in a situation that needs clarity.

    Wenger’s habit of not saying much or repeating the same things is backfiring on him. If he wants to connect to the fans more, rather than telling them to trust him utterly, he needs to clarify the situation at the club rather than keeping the supporters in the dark. It just makes the situation even worse.

    I understand the need for quite because it would be disruptive to the player and team not to mention that it would raise the price dramaticly but Wenger is losing support fast. It does not matter if you consider yourself a true supporters and scorn all others who question wenger, the fact of the matter is alot of supporters fickle or not (they do pay towards match tickets and some come to matches) are rapidly becoming annoyed at either wenger or the board.

    Wenger’s rosy outlook is baffling to many, but the it’s because he doesn’t tell the reason why that is soo maddening. And this is why he is losing support because he expects blind faith on him.

    He is asking supporters to blindly follow a road that he does not even lighten abit, and blind faith is bordering on ignorance. And i hope you don’t consider yourself ignorant.

  5. pedantic george says:

    I am interested in what makes you want to think that was how it played out.
    Why is that the scenario you choose to believe?
    Basically you are saying you WANT to believe we as a club are incompetent.
    Why do you want to think that way?

  6. dukey says:

    george the board lead me up that path mate.

  7. Jabba's Delights says:


    I know your a long way away but your lack of knowledge on some some european players is quite frankly staggering.

    ”At £30m I’d expect him to be able to perform at the level of Cesc or at least Wilshere, but he’s nowhere near that level.”

    The guy has been performing to a walcott level last year for 4 seasons and is the same age. He was deemed good enough to be included in the Spanish world cup winning squad and yet not good enough to have an impact on a thread bare arsenal squad.

    i will tell you what ”not value for money is”. 15m on a 17 year old who has 1 cap for england u21 and 40 odd games for a league 1 side. 30m for a world cup winner with 4 years experience of being a lethal attacker in one of the biggest leagues in the world at 30m is cheap compared to our businesses for AOC. Market prices have moved on……you can either get with the program or get left behind. We have a ton of money and glaring needs………our manager and the board need to go and do their jobs. Chepaer to spend some money now than it is to drop out of the cl. RVP, TV5, Walcott all go no next year if we don’t improve the team significantly and make cl this year

  8. FunGunner says:

    @ dukey and Deisegooner
    Or Chelsea could have gazumped us. Any number of scenarios. If the player is going to Chelsea, that suggests he wasn’t fussed as long as he could be in the PL, and that’s before we even get to the higher wages. And we need players who want to come to us as much as Cesc wanted to go to Barfa.

    You’re displaying the trait which makes people spend thousands of pounds over their lifetime on Lottery tickets in the hope of scooping the 14 million to one chance jackpot – fear of missing out.

    Why “squeak squeak”? What does that mean?

    @ dukey
    I agree with George – you say the board lead you that way, but you have chosen to reject alternative, equally plausible explanations in favour of the one which reflects badly on the board. You think they are idiots so you believe any scenario which paints them as idiots, and use that as further “evidence” that they are idiots. It’s mad.

  9. pedantic george says:

    You think it is Arsene,However that is all you have ,a thought.Not a shred of evidence.None,nada, zilch

    It might be ,but I doubt he has that much control over wages.Why would he?

  10. Moe says:

    pedantic george

    quite the calming voice aren’t you, short, constructive and usually devoid of insult or belittling of others

    wish more were like you

  11. Jabba's Delights says:


    As he has exercised a degree of control over the club that is un paralleled in english football. When he gained a huge amount of the credit when we were winning this was noted so why should it not be the case just because things aren’t going well now?

    We have had our wage structure in place before the current board were in place. it is Wenger who has come out and used the galactico structure and said it creates divisions in the squad. Do you think it is the board or Arsene who decides that we can be the Man City of the market for youth players.

    i think its a lot more plausible to think that Wenger is in control of our wage structure but is told to keep our wages under a certain percentage of turnover. Within that 110m who gets paid what doesn’t matter as long as we don’t breach that pre determined threshold.

  12. JohnN says:

    Wages and transfer fees are all part of the same fund. When A player is bought it is the total cost over his contract period that is considered, ie transfer fee plus however many years wages.
    If AW has a budget to spend, rather than acting as a coach who recommends players to the board, as we are led to believe (he has stated he has more independence at Arsenal than he would get elsewhere) then he will have a considerable say over wages of all the players at the club,, within an overall club policy. We don’t know how flexible club policy is of course.

  13. pedantic george says:

    So as I said “you think “That is all you have.
    You have just agreed with me then ? Right?

    Moe 🙂 thank you but “usually devoid of insult or belittling of others” might not be the most accurate description of me you could have come up with

  14. dukey says:

    ok no slagging the board but these are the tacts about the mata deal. Chelsea never out bid us or blew us out the water as they were never in for him untill our deal collapsed, he wanted to come to us and was not commanding big wages, so that means the only possible course of event was that we didnt meet Valencias asking price. we obviously didnt think he was worth the fee…which was rumoured to be 20m euros. which to be fair is a big ask for our board with the reyes deal in their minds but….this is a classy highly regarded player and we are in the fukin shit we have a lot of money from selling players so we should really be in a position to aquire this player. unless the board pull another top player out their top ats and shut moaning gits like me up.

  15. dukey says:

    moe obviously has missed most of your posts then george!!!

  16. pedantic george says:

    Dukey,Seriously how do you know this ?

    “Chelsea never out bid us or blew us out the water as they were never in for him untill our deal collapsed,”

    And yes ,that is what I thought.However you have had none in you direction of late,eh? 🙂

  17. dukey says:

    george, i have decide to take me anger out on the board, everything is their fault, others blame Wenger some blame refs, alot blame the players,,we are all laying blame in some direction….im sure others and alot should be switched!!!!!

  18. Moe says:

    pedantic george

    i have no idea what u mean 🙂


    from what i’ve seen anyway

    There is alot of intelligent posturing on this website, people constantly try to sound intelligent by using big words or complicated to give their comments credebility. While there is nothing wrong with this, it DOES NOT diminsh someone else’s opninion just because they don’t know how to express their thoughts well enough.

    People should stop frowning on people like that, it just goes to show their insecurity or their arrogance because they think they are better.

    however that stil doesn’t give you a right to rant and rave like a deranged rabid madman frothing at the mouth. Makes us Arsenal supporters come down to spuds level 🙂

  19. dukey says:

    because they werent george and you know it.

  20. Moe says:

    How i would love to be the watch on Arsene Wenger’s wrist right about now, then i could listen and finally understand what the hell is going on at Arsenal football club.

  21. FunGunner says:

    @ dukey
    No facts there, all conjecture, except for – we put in a bid for him, he is going to Chelsea. That’s it. And some of it doesn’t even make sense – the question of his wages wouldn’t come up until Valencia had agreed a fee anyway.

    It’s difficult when a process, the consequences of which feel so important to you, is going on and you have no control over it, but you just have to accept that that is how it is. Nothing you can do. And come 1st Sep, what will you be doing? Cheering on the team, regardless of who’s in it. I’m as anxious as anyone, but I know that I have no choice other than to trust AW to do his job. I’ll do mine which is supporting.

    Anyway, good night, all.

  22. pedantic george says:

    But Duke, that’s the thing mate ,I don’t know it.
    And further ,I dont think it.

    And this is aimed at you I believe”that stil doesn’t give you a right to rant and rave like a deranged rabid madman frothing at the mouth”
    That is funny.Serves you right for calling me a “snappy little dog” 😉

  23. dukey says:

    ha ha. yep i better go wipe my mouth now.

  24. Moe says:

    alright goodnight all and dream of the glory days

    lights out people

  25. boss says:

    is ping pong suspended for 1 game since it wasnt a straight red? or 3?

  26. vivb says:

    Arsenal listed a squad of 28 in the program yesterday which did not include Lansbury and Miguel

    Almunia, Nasri, Vela, Mannone, Bendtner are on loan or looking to move

    Diaby, Rosicky, Koscielny, Gibbs, Traore, Vermaelen, Van Persie are injury prone

    Squillaci, Walcott, Chamakh, Ramsey and Arshavin are struggling for form

    Oxlade-Chamberlain, Jenkinson, Frimpong, Ryo Miyaichi, Lansbury, Miguel have 5 1st team games between them

    Gervinho has yet to play 90 mins of premiership football

    That leaves a rump of Sagna, Szczesny, Song, Wilshere, Fabianski as the only players with reliable premiership experiance

    I cannot believe this is not obvious to Wenger and the problem must lie with the board and the budgets being set

  27. boss says:

    thought so, thanks.

    interesting couple of weeks ahead for the arse. to me, the spirit and attitude shown by the boys against ‘pool meant more than any signing could!

    onwards and upwards

  28. mattyboy says:

    Nearly every footballer in the world has been injured at one time or another. The best way to retain form is by playing games. The only way to gain experience is by playing games.

    The team showed great spirit yesterday, especially the young uns, of that, there is no doubt. In addition, there were some great performances. The transfer window remains open so there is time for re-investment.

    No need to panic just yet.

  29. 1loosecannon says:

    Things looking good. Wilshere and Djourou will be available for Wednesday. We will have a strong team and I feel confident we will get the result needed. Surely we are more than capable of getting at least a goal. If we do udinese need 3 goals.

  30. Carib says:

    Excellent breakdown vibv @10:13 dude, cudnt say it better my self

  31. California Gooner says:

    vivb, I tend to agree. I wonder why Wenger gets so much flack when it seems like the Board’s responsibility to negotiate deals. On the outgoing side, the Cesc deal dragged on and on, apparently any deal for Nasri has as well, both leaving it to late to rebuild the team. On the other hand, there seems to be be no one around capable of simply going out and getting the players the boss needs.

  32. Paul-N says:

    I wonder if some of the PL players that we are linked with would make us that much better?

    If PL experience is the thing then why do most Arsenal supporters bring up so many names of players from other leagues.

    All of those players are not injury prone. If TV is injury prone then Ramsey is. Cesc had way more injuries than them but yest he was never referred to as being “injury prone”.

    Players that are not in form must work themselves in form. If they are good they will come around, you cannot buy and replace all the time.

  33. Paul-N says:

    Cali Gooner, if these deals dont drag we sell for much less than the players are worth and then the board and Wenger get dogged again.
    The Cesc deal went for long because Barca’s offer was a joke.

  34. Henristic says:


    I also fail to see how Koscielny, Traore, and Vermaelen are injury prone, especially the first two. I’ll grant that there must be question marks around Verm’s fitness because of that long term injury he had, but injury prone wouldn’t be the phrase to describe his situation compared to the likes of Gibbs, Diaby and RvP (pre-2011).

  35. Darius says:

    Henristic – it seems to me that some folks want a brand new shiny team who are brought in with a 4 year guarantee with an option to return if not fit.

    It’s really unfortunate that our season has started with the injuries and suspensions, but the spirit shown by whoever has played so far has been very encouraging. I’m looking forward to the new face(s) that come in and for those coming back to settle down and we can then get on with the business of doing football.

    What is increasingly obvious is that the column filler of “Ces to Barca” that has been running for the last 3 years has been beaten to death. It’s now time for “Wenger has lost the plot and has to go”.

  36. Just Another Luke says:

    It really makes me mad that Mancini is a in a position to threaten that if Nasri plays on Wed, then the deal to buy Nasri is off. Whether we succumb to this or to the reality that Nasri may be unprofessional against Undinese by not playing to his ability/capability, it does look like Nasri will not play.

  37. Henristic says:

    “it seems to me that some folks want a brand new shiny team who are brought in with a 4 year guarantee with an option to return if not fit.”

    Ha ha, so true.

    Re the media b/s; We can be thankful that fans attending games clearly aren’t swayed. Look at how the support have been in the last two home games, to the chagrin of some people I imagine (it would have been a better ‘story’ if we heard boos instead)

    Besides, how can anyone not support this team? See how despite their age they all play their hearts out. Any sensible fan will respond positively to that. If we’re able to add good quality to the squad before the window closes, the positive feeling will extend to the management as well.

  38. mj_gunner says:

    If Kos is injured for Udinese, my pic for CB is Alex Song, with Frimps in midfield along with Wilshere & Ramsey. Arshavin, Gervinho & Theo up front. Robin to start from the bench as we need him against Manure.

  39. tateezee says:

    mj_gunner says:
    August 22, 2011 at 8:12 am
    If Kos is injured for Udinese, my pic for CB is
    Alex Song, with Frimps in midfield along
    with Wilshere & Ramsey. Arshavin, Gervinho
    & Theo up front. Robin to start from the
    bench as we need him against Manure.

    I don’t think Song should play CB, I am more than comfortable with Miquel. I prefer a midfield trio of Song, Frimmers and Rosicky. Three games in a week is taking it’s toll on Ramsey.

    I honestly hope the senior players can step up. Arshavin, Theo and RVP.

  40. Henristic says:

    Good call mj,

    I’d go with that, except I’ll play Rosicky for Ramsey if the former is fit. I worry a bit that Ramsey has been playing too many games. One could have considered Lansbury, but he hasn’t impressed yet in the few chances he’s had.

  41. goonerandy says:

    On Wed I would go with:


    Traore (weeps)

    Rosicky (if fit)


    I actually struggled to decide who to poay at left back and in midfield, which is a bit sad at this point in the season. Our squad is a bit too thin on the ground. It is not if you count puerly by numbers, so many of those spend much of their time injured which leaves us relying on inexpeience from the bench.

    Wenger has said he will bring in new players, lets hope he does so by the Manure game on Sat.

  42. mj_gunner says:

    Yeah, Rosicky will start most likely, instead of Aaron.

  43. goonerandy says:

    If Wilshere is back our midfield picks itself, if not the boss will have to pick between Ramsey and Frimpong. Ramsey has not been that great so far, but has more expreience so he might get the nod.

    I suppose the option could be to play Nasri centrally, and bring Walcott or AA back into the side. But they were both abject at the weekend and don’t derseve a starting berth.

  44. mj_gunner says:

    Am I the only one in thinking that this system is crying for a change? I mean a 4-2-3-1 without a real creator (Re: Cesc) doesn’t look convincing. For me, its time to move to 4-4-1-1.
    RVP behind Gerv/ Chamakh. Arshavin to fill in when the captain is out injured.

  45. goonerandy says:

    MJ – I agree. I have been thinking about that for a while. Last year when Cesc was not availabe we played the same system, but it didn’t really work. We could persist if Nasri stayed I suppose.

    I like the idea of the Xmas tree formation. I think it would suit the players we have. Or even a 4312 formation. Not much width I know, but we don’t play with much width now anyway. Our full backs could still go forward to stretch the opposition team defensively.

  46. ZimPaul says:

    Well done Arsenal and Wenger. One never worries too much about a loss from truly rottenest luck, and Arsenal was thick with that, just like one doesn’t praise too much a outrageously lucky win. I thought Liverpool did pretty well under their own circumstances, and their expensively assembled, tactically astute and well drilled (mid-defence especially) team could just about contain and maintain parity with an Arsenal side with a makeshift defence and a debut for a young CB and a debutant midfielder (Frimpong), with 5 probable first team starters out or injured (Song, Wilshere, Rosicky, 3Gs and then Kos/Djourou).

    Jenks, Frimpong and Miquel were, while not MOTM, the most exciting players in the pitch for me. Confident, skilled and convincing.

    Accolades are especially worthy for Miquel, an understated but largely faultless performance that showed a really exciting prospect for this season. And Frimpong. A slightly over-exuberant physical display that showed guts as well as naivety also showed a player of exceptional quality. I am especially excited about the prospects of Song Frimpong where two players have outstanding defensive and attacking instinct.

    Well done, well done. I must say, I am excited.

  47. goonerandy says:

    Frimpong did look very good, and whilst I would have preffered him to go out on loan, can actually see him making a significant contribution to the team this year. He looks the type of player we have been after for a while.

    Jenkinson and Miquel did well all things considering, but don’t look anywhere near as being ready to play week in, week out. And nor would you expect them to be given their stages of career. The fact that they are already playing in the 1st team must be warning to the manager that he needs more abled bodies in the squad.

  48. ZimPaul says:

    While Ramsey is yet to find his best form, and his passing and movement is yet to reach prior levels, his work rate is fantastic, and note the job he does off the ball. Early days for him.

  49. els says:

    Too true Zim.

    I’m relishing a midfield of Song, Frimpong and Wilshire. Off those three you can have some seriously attack minded players, an out and out attach Arshavin, Walcott, Myachi, G3, RvP. Any of those gets me excited.

  50. els says:

    I don’t have any concerns with any players that have featured so far. They all look like they are going to do well in their own way.

  51. goonerandy says:

    If either of AOC or Myachi hit the ground running, Walcott will have to really up his game.

  52. goonerandy says:

    Els – I agree. I have no conerns over them, but they are nowhere near ready to be playing on a regular basis for a side who hope to be competing for the league.

  53. els says:

    Nope your probably right, that in an ideal world you would give more time to Frimp, Jenk and Miquel to bed in.

  54. Darius says:


    I don’t think anyone is suggesting that Miquel and the Jenks play week in week out. Our first choice defence is Sagna, Koscielny, Vermaelen and Jethro. Also, Djourou and any new CB will provide cover.

    I think the point is more that if called upon to deputize and when playing alongside quality, Miquel and Jenks are solid and dependable.

    As for Frimpong, it’s clear to see that he was considered ready last season. Lee Dixon was commenting on his chats with Steve Bold and he mentioned that he had asked Steve who is being promoted this season and givven a key role in the same way Li’l Jack was last season. Bold said it was Frimpong and he said the lad was ready.

    Again with Frimpong, it’s not about him replacing Song and playing week in week out. When he has to cover, I think he has proved to all that he is capable. The yellow cards and regulation red card are an occupational hazard I’m afraid.

    It’s no different from what Song gets, or what Vieira used to get in his early days. Frimpong will get better at the dark arts and in particular knowing when its time to take one for the team e.g. a tactical foul to slow down or stop a counter attack.

    I also think Miquel, Jenks and Frimpong should be the first names on the Carling Cup and FA Cup team sheets.

  55. els says:

    Yeah what he said ^^^^^^^

    Also a good point to mention is that the Frimpong sending off couldn’t happen at a better time. He will learn from that.

  56. goonerandy says:

    Out of the 3 though, Frimpong would be the one who looks the most ready to play. Jenkinson looks like a good porspect, but gets caught out an awful lot with his positioning. As you would expect for somebody who has barely play 10 pro games in his life. The PL is a huge step to take.

    Miquel also looks promising, but thorwing a CB in at the deep end in a team that do not protect the back 4 very well is not fair on him, and could adversly impact his development. For me, Jenkinson and Miquel are for the future. Frimpong can provide cover for Song now. In game where we want to “shut up shop” he could even come on and work in tandam with Song which would provide a much better shield for our defence.

  57. Henristic says:

    Strange that I find myself agreeing with Darius so much today. Well said @9.23

  58. goonerandy says:

    Darius – Yeah, I agree with that.

  59. Frank says:

    Support has been excellent over the last two games.

  60. goonerandy says:

    I do worry about left back though. Gibbs is injured too often, Traore not good enough for a club of our stature. I fear we could see Jenkinson at right back with Sanga at left back quite a bit this season. And that would not be good.

  61. els says:

    I wonder if we should have kept hold of Nordveidt? Would have been useful for this season. In a way Jenkinson is having to get used to the rest of the team and club as well as the league itself. That said we have to realise that Jenk has barely put a foot wrong!

    The club seem to be getting into a bit of a siege mentality. Which is nice. Add the fact that many hacks and rags are playing god. After landing Wenger in this hot water many seem to have taken a “maybe wenger isn’t so bad stance”. Utter twats playing twat games. Still they do have a pull and if it does turn our fans back around it’s a good thing.

  62. Frank says:

    There is a great feel about the in-stadium support. People are pissed off with the negativity of some ‘supporters’, press and media. Stewart Robson and Alan Smith have become pariahs, seen as merchants of doom. There is a feeling that some supporters deserted the club, manager and players at a key moment last season. People want to put that right.

  63. Henristic says:

    I don’t really agree that Jenkinson he gets caught out an ‘awful lot’. Maybe in pre-season but he has visibly imporved since then. Playing him at LB the other day made him look shaky but you have to admit he was decent in his natural position against liverpool especially considering the nature of opposition.

    I do agree that Miguel is perhaps too much of a risk at this point. It would be better to have some more experience/quality in his position to give a team more balance. Right now the team is too heavily biased in favour of inexperience and while that is great in some ways, we know that come crunch time, the chances of failure is higher.

  64. Frank says:

    We can provide the best support in the EPL this season. I think we might do it you know.

  65. Frank says:

    Carl Jenkinsonson did not look shaky in either of his games this season. Far from it.

  66. Frank says:

    Sorry I meant Carlcarl Jenkjenkininsonson

  67. goonerandy says:

    Henristic – I thought he did (you would expect him too at this point), and his passing is not yet there. Like I said, not a critisism of him, but definatetly not somebody we want to be seeing getting regular game time yet. Unfortunately we are not in a great postion for blooding young players at the moment.

  68. els says:

    I don’t get to see that Frank. It surprises me as it’s not the feel that the tw**s are trying to portray. Absolutely fantastic news!

    Backs to the wall time. This will do us good.

  69. Henristic says:

    I wouldn’t be so sure that fans have ‘turned’. I don’t think the support is so much for Wenger as it is for the boys playing. I do agree that there is perhaps some remorse for the shameful chanting away at Newcastle.

    We’ll know one way or the other come the end of the transfer window, especially if no new signings are made, or if the new signings are of the Squil/Silvestre type as opposed to the Gervinho type.

  70. Darius says:

    Frank and ELS – I was using the live radio commentary from Dan Roebuck through the Arsenal Player.

    At one point, they let rip on ESPN soccernet as they monitor blogs and sites while the game is on live. They were livid that the site was saying that Arsenal fans are leaving in droves just after the Liverpool goal but this was a clear lie. Roebuck was cursing that these sites say this sort of bs and the gullible fans take it as gospel and it becomes fact without being challenged.

    If anythign, all he said was that some fans moved around because of the rain but the support as a whole was solid. They were particularly pleased with the vote of thanks and standing overation given at the end.

  71. Henristic says:

    I like how for you, its either our fans are the worst or the best. There is no grey for you is there?

  72. goonerandy says:

    On the TV it looked like there were loads of empty seats at the front all around the ground for lots of the match? Was this due to people moving to get out of the rain? Can anybody who was there confirm?

  73. els says:

    Darius, something is really wrong with that.

  74. Darius says:


    Yes – the Arsenal player commentators said that when it started raining fans at the front moved around to avoid the rain.

  75. goonerandy says:

    This is going to be such a tense week. The CL qualifier, and then Manure at the weekend. All the while the clock is ticking on the transfer window. As is stands the squad is weaker than last season (which needed improving as it is) and our best player has left.

    Some good work in the window could re-invigorate the sqad and fans, but if we cock up what time is left it really is going to be a difficult season. Every year without fail, I believe that this is the year we will win the lge. As it stands at the moment though, and for the 1st time many years, I really don’t believe that 🙁

  76. goonerandy says:

    Darius – Ah good, I thought it seemed strange.

  77. els says:

    Andy other than cesc leaving the squad is far better in every department technically, mentally, tactically than last season. If cesc is replaced and we play in a “together” style we will give many teams and fans a shock.

  78. korihikage says:

    if reports are true that nasri’s move is delayed by his agent’s demands, then all i can say is that my instinct was right from the start: nasri is a victim of his agent’s greed. i never believed that he wanted to leave. it is his agent who isn’t happy at Arsenal and convinced him to want to leave.

    what a fucking greedy cunt.

  79. Markus says:

    We were very unlucky. Our lads gave a great account of themselves. Defence was great. Proud of the youngsters on Saturday. Miquel and Jenks solid, but how good was Frimpong? Up until his dismissal I thought he was man of the match.

  80. Darius says:

    I loved the way Frimpong and Li’l Jack let rip on Piers Morgan. LOL! It’s great when the players can bite back at the hacks who think they have licence to moan all the time.

    Frimpong to Piers Morgan on Twitter:
    “U should be ashamed to call urself an arsenal fan all u do is moan about ur team y don’t u do ur job and i will do mine waste”

  81. els says:

    That’s great Darius. I’m not following frimmy yet. Will do. He’s a proper little (big) character isn’t he. Watched some bizzare youtube clip of him rapping like a numpty in the dressing room the other day. Was very funny.

    What did Jack say to Piers Morgan?

  82. Silver Gunner says:

    wenger only has himself to blame for our current pickle he didn’t need a soothsayer to predict the probable departure of his two experienced midfielders in cesc and nasri however he has chosen to buy only wingers and attackers thus far. And looking eboue who i know is not everyone’s cup of tea is versatile and invaluable in trying circumstances like these.

    We have 10 days left of the transfer window we have had attempts to sign defenders and midfielders rebuffed, I pray come Sept 1st we are saying thank god he signed those experienced players rather than hearing words like I am happy with squad as it is.

  83. goonerandy says:

    Els – That is not true though. We are worse in the left back position, and we are worse in the cover for both full back positions. Gervihno is a good addition though. All that said, you stated “apsrt from Cesc leaving”; this is massive. He was our best player, and possibly the most creative midfielder in Europe.

    My worry is that if Nasri goes, and then RvP gets injured (which is likely), where will the goals come from?

    We have a number of young players on the fringe of the first 11 which is great. But our 1st 11 needed strengthening, and as it stands it is actually weaker!

  84. Darius says:

    @ELS – Li’l Jack was playing good cop to Frimpers bad cop:

    “easy piers he was one of our best players till then! He wanted to show his spirit and mistimed a tackle! Still a great player!”

    Also for Silver Gunner and those moaning and bitching about Wenger should have done this and done that – why don’t you read the Arsenal Times article to keep you a bit more occupied. We could do with a bit less moaning.

    btw – if there’s any credence to this article, it just goes to show how invaluable Wenger has been for this club. I don’t see any other top flight manager agreeing to operate with such restrictions and doing it with as much class as Wenger has.

  85. goonerandy says:

    Darius – It is an interesting acticle. I wonder if there is any thuth to it? If so, it does not bode well for us moving forward. It is probably just more made up crap though.

  86. Aman says:

    ..whenever young Carl scores a goal!

    Gooners getting behind their gladiators…Song, Gerv, Frimp, Tomas, posibly Djourou, Lil Jack & Traore IN (and twittering) on Wednesday???

    Its looking good RASERS….COYG!

    ..i retain POSITIVES

  87. Darius says:

    Goonerandy. I have no clue about the veracity of the article. True, it could be bs, but also, if it has any truth to it – it really does explain a lot about Wenger’s actions this summer. If it has any truth to it, it also shows signs of an Arsenal board with a lot of work to do.

  88. els says:

    I see it differently Andy.

    I see it that Gael who was a force on his day was allowed to leave as his attitude wasn’t right and we need a left back who can sit back a bit more. We now have this. Injuries will be as ever a problem. We only have so many squad positions and can’t sign cover after cover for one player. We will do just fine.

    Sagna and Jenk will be perfect for right back. Arguably Sagna will get better now that he has been pushed into the senior player role. We are hearing more from him in an off the field role. I expect he will give have been given more influence on the pitch also.

    We now have a central defence of Verm, Kosc, Djourou, Miquel, Squill. This is vastly better than last season as we didn’t have Vermealen and Both Djourou and Koscielny will have another season of development.

    Central mid for all we have lost the best midfielder in the league we will gain a much needed all round responsibility and togetherness from his departure. We have lost Denilson and replaced with Frimpong and a now fully fit Ramsey. For all I liked denilson think these two guys are more effective for where the team is at now. Also we are as yet to see what contribution Ox and Lansbury can add here

    Wide players such as Myachi, Gervinho and ox will add pace and a directness that may have been lacking in many games last season. If Nasri leaves Gervinho will have some filling in to do. He looks more than capable. Even with that we are a few quality players stronger.

    Upfront we have possible added contributions from Afobe, Campbell and Walcott. Add in Gervinho and the hopefully less tempremental VP we will be stronger than before. Let’s hope we can get Cham to start firing on all cylinders like last seasons start. I wouldn’t bet against Wenger to sort this though, would you?

    Oh and also Scz has turned into a fucking demi god in the sticks.

  89. Malik says:

    August 21st, 10:24am

    You need to get your facts straight before posting long winded posts. Abu Dhabi isn’t a state or a country, it’s the CAPITAL of the UAE. You know like London, Paris, Madrid etc!

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