Liverpool Preview: Compare & Contrast This Summer’s Activity

Before we get started on the blog today, you will have seen much in recent weeks about releasing official documents regarding the Hillsborough Disaster. There is an e-petition to obtain full disclosure of all government documents relating to the tragic events of April 1989. Please sign the e-petition here but make sure that you are eligible to do so. Normally such matters are restricted to British Citizens, Subjects or Residents.

Liverpool arrive at The Emirates today, the first Premier League home fixture of the season. The squad faces its first test of the season. Or was that on Tuesday? What constitutes a test? Arsenal face so many over the course of a season that I struggle to remember the definition.

It has been a different first week of the season to the one expected. Few foresaw consecutive clean sheets or a petrified Theo Walcott meeting a cross – a cross, of all things! – on the edge of the six yard box to score the only goal in two games. And nobody contemplated Matt Lawton concocting an open love letter to Arsène in the Daily Heil

Everyone foresaw UEFA (when did they stop being EUFA?) disciplinary action once Sky showed Arsène talking to Boro talking to Pat. A fine will be his punishment, no doubt, with a warning of worse to come if he transgresses again. The Gnomes could help matters if they stopped employing incompetents as referees but that is another debate.

Today’s opponents offer a compare and contrast scenario. In Liverpool, we see a squad that is being built quickly, decisively. Whether it is efficiently is open to debate but regaining their top four slot was the driver for Dalglish spending heavily this summer. Not all of the new signings were players that Arsenal wanted or needed. We might argue that Enrique was one whom we could have signed but Charlie Adam, as good as his range of passing might be, is too ponderous in movement to fit in with Arsenal’s style.

It is this contrast which has driven some to distraction. Whilst we might claim that Liverpool paid over the odds for the likes of Henderson or Downing, if they finish in the top four that argument is spurious. The value of a player is that which someone is prepared to pay. Crucial to all of this is that Liverpool had fallen from grace, requiring the investment to catch the leading pack. They needed decisive action, they took it. Now they wait for the season to unfurl and for history’s judgement.

Arsenal might have done things differently, been pro-active, but were stalled to some extent by Cesc and Nasri. When speaking earlier in the summer of how busy times will be, Wenger and Gazidis were guilty of misjudging the mood of their audiences. It was not departures demanded as such, arrivals were more important. Tension is building as demands for new signings have not been sated.

It is not as though they have not tried. Valencia informed the world that Wenger had dithered, a week or so before Chelsea turned up with a new bid of £29m for Juan Mata. Cynical I may be but it is hard to believe that they did not know of Chelsea’s interest. Despite this, the clamour’s crescendo will come in the next ten days or so.

So to this lunchtime. Injuries and suspensions have hit the squad hard. The problems are exacerbated by self-inflicted wounds. Whilst not defending Gervinho, you could understand his actions having been mauled and hauled by 1930s throwback, Joey Barton. Alex Song? Malice and retribution are unprofessional. Surely he knows in a TV dominated era, cameras will catch his actions in all their g(l)ory? Even Paul Davis was chastised thirty years ago when grainy images caught his hook to Glenn Cockerill’s jaw, told he was stupid in a TV dominated age.

Song never considered the implications of his actions, Arsenal pay the price for his stupidity.

It earns Emmanuel Frimpong his chance. He had a busy time on the pitch against Udinese, his playing style more akin to the energetic Flamini than the languid Song. Tomas Rosicky’s absence truly underlines the folly of Song’s actions. Arsène’s dilemma is whether to compensate for the inexperience in the centre of the pitch with numbers or in attacking options.

Increasingly, the likelihood is that any deal for Samir Nasri will have to wait until after tomorrow’s match, his ‘sickness’ now cured. Being a professional, you expect him to perform at the height of his powers. It is a perfect match for him to say goodbye (or stick two fingers up), a big name opponent with a chance to show what is being lost. I hope he does, genuinely, as delivering three points for Arsenal would be the perfect parting gift.

Defensively things go from bad to worse. Gibbs, Traore and Djourou are out, limited options come in. It is a stark choice: Jenkinson or Squillaci. The latter transmits a nervousness that surpasses anything Almunia was ever accused of whilst the former, as likeable as he appears, is inexperienced. I would still take the risk on him, slotting him into the left back position.

The trade-off is keeping Vermaelen and Koscielny’s partnership going. They are capable of dealing with Carroll and Suarez, key is going to be cutting off their supply. It might be that Wenger decides that Sagna might be a better substitute left back, leaving Jenkinson on his favoured right side but that depends on the starting XI he anticipates for Liverpool.

It leaves the line-up looking something like:

Szczesny; Sagna, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Jenkinson; Ramsey, Frimpong, Nasri; Walcott, van Persie, Arshavin

The bench? Well, what time can you turn up with your shinpads and boots? Miyachi, Miquel, Lansbury and Chamberlain will be waiting, their combined ages less than Squillaci’s. Chamakh supports the forward line which leaves your spot unless when Wenger spoke of working with Cesc again, he has struck a crafty loan deal. Either that or Nicklas Bendtner is going to prove he is worth £52k and a first class ticket to Gard du Nort for PSG’s watching scouts.

Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it. ‘til Tomorrow.

843 thoughts on “Liverpool Preview: Compare & Contrast This Summer’s Activity

  1. SUGA3 says:


    eloquent as always, I bow to your superior arguments, oh wise one 😆


    not heard him, I will maker sure to check him out, thanks!

  2. Brady right foot says:

    Jabba’s Delights | August 20, 2011 at 8:12 pm

    brady right foot.

    The booing was directed at the manager today not the team. Nobody is jumping on the players, its the manager who needs to answer some questons.

    Let me assure you that the vast majority of the booing was directed at wenger. None of us at the ground could conclusively see if it was offside or not and everyone thought frimpong deserved to go…..pathetic excuse from some copouts who just refuse to actually view the truth. lose next weekend we will be in the relegation zone…………..FACT

    No Song, no Gervinho, no Rosicky, no Wilshere, no Diaby, no Gibbs, no Djourou and now no Kozzer, a right back starting as a left back, Frimpongs and Jenkinsons first competitive starts and Miquel premiership debut. A sending off and an own goal. All the above are FACTS, i haven’t paraphrased them given an opinion on them I’ve simply listed them.

    Now I will give you my opinion, I don’t blame Wenger for any of the above facts.Maybe you do and your entitled to your opinion however illogical it may be.

  3. poodle says:

    was Jabba at the match?? cos he posted here very vigourousley very shor time after it was finished. must live very close then i pressume…

  4. Passenal says:

    If he was he would have known the main booing was directed at the ref and his blind helpers because it started after the Arsenal players had gone down the tunnel and as the officials were coming off.

  5. SUGA3 says:


    so, let me get this straight, you don’t blame AW for the following:

    – lack of discipline in the squad, resulting in Song being suspended for violent conduct (not that we did not cock up the same fixture last year for the very same reason), same goes for Frimpong today
    – keeping Rosicky (ditto Diaby) in the first place, with them being nowhere near the required standard
    – fucking around in the transfer market, which results in a 20 year old player out injured (no matter how good he is) being a minor disaster
    – believing that a permacrock Gibbs will last the season
    – not buying a CB, which results in having to play another teenager in a big game


  6. Aman says:

    Jabba’s Delight
    You are a fucking depressing loser of a human being
    A Total BITCH!

    After the effort that “your team” played with today all you do is moan, bitch, complain, whine & perpetually feed us your negativity????????????

    and go support some other team!!!

    You are beyond miserable dude!!!
    What kind of asshole are you man??????

    I am so tired of your absolute gloom
    Go find some other team to support or maybe just take some time off football

  7. SUGA3 says:


    suit yourself, I am not going to try and convince you, like you don’t try to convince me, each to his own and all that…

  8. Aman says:

    And as for u Suga3…..what’s there to say to a “fan” that only shows up here when we lose a game???????

    ……nothing…U don’t exist.

    Go back to where u came from
    This is not the site for you….

  9. shotta says:

    Effen weak-willed, treacherous Judas cunts.
    You know who you are.
    Easy spending 50-100 million of someone else’s money regardless of the consequences.
    Fuck-off. This team will prevail without you.

  10. SUGA3 says:

    if I don’t exist, why do you address me, are you seeing things or something?

    they say using more than three question or exclamation marks screams ‘mental issues’, so the cap fits…

  11. Passenal says:

    “This is not the site for you….”

    I sometimes wonder if it’s even the team for him

  12. SUGA3 says:

    effin million miles away from the stadium never been to a game keyboard warrior wanker, you know who you are….

  13. Chill the Thrill says:

    If the team doesn’t buy players I think many people will be upset. Myself included. Even when the injured players start getting fit again, they will undoubtedly experience those minor setbacks that add a week or two of sideline time.

    At this point it is a matter of taste. Does a 100 million pound squad that scores an offside OG deserve praise? You can argue “the result is all that matters” which is pretty damn valid. But still, saying that we are in the relegation zone is pretty laughable. I think that type of false argument is called “the slippery slope” and i have seen that many a time on the innerwebs.

  14. poodle says:

    ah passenal dont do that, now you opened the floodgate of suga, the “im a very succesfull bla bla bla thank you, and ive been a fan for so and so many years, and bla bla bla…..”

  15. Chill the Thrill says:

    Hey Sugarcane 3. Us million miles away keyboard warriors make a significant contribution to the Arsenal Blogosphere! =)

  16. SUGA3 says:


    I think you will find that I only said that in response to your nonsense about emo music and council blocks…

    and I have been supporting Arsenal for 20 years, started doing so when I was kid living in another country, Arsenal is (and will be) the only club I have ever supported, what gives you the right to question my support?

    kissing Wenger’s arse does not give you the right to do so…

  17. Blinky No9 says:

    Anyone think Jack will be back for un*ted away? We are effectively fielding a midfield of


    without him in it?

  18. Passenal says:

    It’s good to see Denilson still following Arsenal on Twitter. Looks like he wasn’t just blowing smoke when he said he was a supporter even before he joined.

  19. poodle says:

    Is Coquelin back from u 20 by next weekend?

  20. SUGA3 says:


    of course you do, but that does not give anyone the right to call others traitors and all that shit…

    all of us want what is the best for the club, the opinions on what it is may differ, but…

  21. Blinky No9 says:

    @Suga3 i think it’s quite obvious no-one on here want’s to talk about sacking Wenger etc etc so why not just say something constructive?

    If you’ve supported us for 20 years (which makes you about what 25??) then you’d have only really known the end of graham and then Wenger’s reign. I remember 17 years without a trophy – 17 fucking years.

    I agree we are in a sorry state but it’s not something that can be sorted out by us on a blog at 9:15 on saturday night!

  22. poodle says:

    Well looking at what you write and how you behave, you dont come across as a arsenal supporter at all. You come across as someone who loves to whine up real suppoters after every match we loose. If you really love arsenal you express it very very very very very poorly. I think nobody could read out of yor comments that you actually like the team.

    and as a true supporter i got every right to question anyone that comes and slashes the team and refuses to give them support. I expect all true supporters to do so, and they do.
    You are either just a windup merchant or a man with a very strange way of expressing love.

  23. FunGunner says:

    @ poodle
    I think so… Might need a rest, though.

  24. poodle says:

    suga let me ask you a serious question then if you are such a hardcore suppoter.

    Why after a loss are you so obsessed about coming here,slaguthereing the manager, ridiculing the players and telling us all how we gonna finish outside the top 4 this season???
    Why do you feel you have to enlighten us with all this crap all the time

  25. Brady right foot says:

    SUGA3 | August 20, 2011 at 8:50 pm


    so, let me get this straight, you don’t blame AW for the following:

    – lack of discipline in the squad, resulting in Song being suspended for violent conduct (not that we did not cock up the same fixture last year for the very same reason), same goes for Frimpong today
    – keeping Rosicky (ditto Diaby) in the first place, with them being nowhere near the required standard
    – fucking around in the transfer market, which results in a 20 year old player out injured (no matter how good he is) being a minor disaster
    – believing that a permacrock Gibbs will last the season
    – not buying a CB, which results in having to play another teenager in a big game

    Since you’ve had something which resembles a verbal brain fart with a bit of follow through, i’ll get my mop and bucket.

    I blame Song for stamping on Barton not Wenger, I blame Barton and Gervinho in equal measure for the Arsenal players suspension. I blame Frimpong for his dismissal. I think personally that when a footballer takes to the pitch he is responsible for his actions.

    Rosicky is a very good footballer and a more than welcome addition to our squad. His performance at Shite Hart Lane last year in the CC was for me one of the best individual performances we had in the 2010-11 season. Abou Diaby is a great but injury prone player for me he’s a great player to have in a squad. He has the ability in a more physical sense to create space in a different way to Hleb, when we are confronted with blanket defenses.

    I didn’t realise that transfer negotiations could cause a player to get injured on a football pitch. Gibbs is a great player unfortunately he has suffered a few injuries as they have been different injuries i’d like to think that he’s been unlucky and hope he is not a permacrock. To loose Gibbs and Traore in the same week is unlucky however I don’t blame Wenger for this either. Infact our third option was ko’d when we lost Djourou as TV5 could have covered.

    If you’d like to have a proper conversion about squad depth and the difficulties of balancing a team which is designed to give a route to the first team of exceptional young players like Frimpong, Miquel and Wilshere and balancing that with the starting 11 no probs. Or you could revert to type and regurgatate some verbage.

  26. shotta says:

    Never show up after a win cause it did not fit with the agenda of doom and gloom.
    Always showing up after defeat to put down the team, putting down the warriors who fought 10 vs 12.
    Effen treacherous Judas. Fuck of back to your dingy, stinkin hole of doom!

  27. SUGA3 says:


    I am not talking about sacking Wenger, am I? I am merely pointing out the shortcomings, which result in the fans getting a bum deal in exchange for the highest ticket prices in Europe, that’s all…

    I am talking about the groundhog seasons and groundhog summers, lies uttered when the STs are up for renewal and reneging on the promises made, I am talking about repeating the same mistakes and expecting the different results, heck, even making these mistakes in larger scale every year!

    17 years without the trophy? now when did that happen in the last 20 years? did I miss something?

    even in that 17 year without a trophy period, there was not a single manager who lasted more than 4 years, look it up if you don’t believe me…


    tough love breeds success, blind fluffy love breeds failure, simple as that…

  28. Paul-N says:

    wow, the sky is falling after two games.

    I really cannot join the debate becuase I just pass over certain names now. I use to try to reason and all that but when you find that people are always bent towards the negative aspects of a thing, its quite hard to reason because that is who they are as a person. If they dont look within themselves and lighten the hell up, reasoning is all but a waste of time.

    I dont think a person who only appears when something negative happens should be engaged at all. That person only has one intent and it is not good. A person like that has no right to celebrate wins with the team and even their positive comments are poisonous because they doent come from a genuine place, for if something negative happens next week, they mouth will spew venom again about the same people who they have just commended.

    The same people saying we shouldve sold Cesc early are the same ones saying we didnt get enough money. Now, I am not the smartest person but we had to wait until we got as close to our valuation of him as possible. It took Cheap/Broke Barcelona some time to better their offer.

    This site is the best, not because of these doomers but because it is a place where belief can be found and I must say, the most intelligent people as far as I am concerned. Admittedly we have believed and not gotten what we expected from the club but I dont think that makes us any less as people. We just continue to believe, even if all the odds are stacked against us.

    For those who dont believe, thats the easy was out. It easy to come on here and say I told you so. You want to be seen as smart so you hide behind caution and instead of actually encouraging the team you no doubt wish the demise of the team so you can say, “I Told you so”. If your aim is not to say I told you so, why on earth do you say it? what are you trying to prove?

    And if you know so much, you need to go and coach some youngsters and work yourself up to the big league.

    How on earth someone can look at this match and spew unending nonsense and criticism is beyond me. What a way to lose, I am so proud. Pool were not the better team, thats for sure.

  29. Ashburton Patriot says:

    Bonjour tout le mend. Defence top class. Will need cover for kos. Midfield not good enough. Frimp needs time, that card was unneccesary . We need a rep for cesc. Nasri’s an AM nt a CM. We need sum1 that can dictate the game aswell as defend and pass like cesc he won’t come cheap whoever he is. U don’t know what u got till its gone. I hope jack gets back but imo he should be played instead of AR16. We need another dm.
    Would have loved to see ryo or oxo on.

    I think we played to direct today and never got our possession footy on. Shame.
    Bt we defended well. Up until the own goal. United next and things are looking grim.
    They may underestimate us and that’s one thing teams should never to against arsenal. Underdog status will be helpful

  30. FunGunner says:

    @ Paul-N | August 20, 2011 at 9:22 pm
    Eloquent and accurate. Great post.

  31. SUGA3 says:

    Paul N,

    let’s say it’s a ‘frat buddy getting behind the wheel pissed and smashing the car against the nearest lamp post’ kind of ‘I told you so’, there is no glee in it…

  32. Blinky No9 says:

    @su3 – That’s my point – it’s what has happened before! All clubs have cyclical periods of success. Man U hadn’t won a thing since the 60’s, Liverpool are now 20 years plus without the title. We are not alone in this.

    I remember it because i’m nearly 40, so i don’t need to look it up!

    I think the board have to come clean about transfer targets and funds as i think that hasn’t been forthcoming, however we don’t know what the final squad will be until after the transfer window closes.

    We need to get behind the players we have now (and after the window closes) and support them – otherwise things are going to get a lot worse for the team.

  33. Passenal says:

    “Is Coquelin back from u 20 by next weekend?”

    Not sure. I think he may be going back on loan

  34. pedantic george says:

    Some people are optimists and some pessimists, Labour or Conservative,Democrat or Republican,Christian or Atheist.
    No one deserves to be called a cunt simply because they hold the opposite view to the other.People are cunts for no other reason than that they are cunts.
    A thick cunt thinks a smart arse intelligent person is a cunt because he is made look stupid by superior arguments and better use of language.
    A more intelligent person thinks someone who is unable to see a bigger picture is a cunt for not getting it ,and keeping paping on about shit.
    Which ever camp we think we are in it does not help to keep descending into petty bickering with the opposition

    Now if you dont agree with me it is because you are a thick dooming cunt 🙂

  35. poodle says:

    well paul-n i have to dissapoint you there, today its been open season to everything positive here on this blog.

    If you have one positive thing to say you are shoot down and stamped at.

    I think im off to bed. Its just no point discussing with suga and the rest.
    With asburton just back i can see this page turning into a greaveyard this nite.

  36. Blinky No9 says:

    What i’d like to know is when Jack will be back 😉

    Also if we have 55 million in transfer kitty does spending £25m + their wages over the term of contract mean that the kitty is gone?

    I’d also like to you all to tell me the lottery numbers!

    Until then i’m just going to have to watch the game again and then count down the minutes until the udinese game.

    Love The Arsenal 🙂

  37. SUGA3 says:


    answer me this:

    are the players paid upfront for the whole contract?

    what about the sales income? with the sale of Cesc, Clichy and Eboue that’s also some wonga to add to the kitty, making it what, nearly £100M?

    at things stand, we are making the profit on transfers, do you think it’s healthy?

    we need to qualify for the CL, yet we are weakening the squad, madness or what?

  38. SUGA3 says:


    this is not the point, I am not saying that AOC will not come good, what I am saying is that you can’t possibly spend so much money on a kid when you have other areas that need urgent attention…

    AOC will get to play in what, 15 games this season (if that)?

  39. Paul-N says:

    Well, I cannot say someting and then not stand by it. A person who only comes on here when something goes wrong doesnt deserve to be conversed with in my book.

    So with that, have to get ready to go to a kiddie party.

    @Poodle, I know. There has been a slight shift on here for the last few weeks and the ship needs to be righted before it sinks.

  40. ace says:

    the bad thing about frimpong is that he is song’s deputy.dat lad is a first team player.he bossed thd midfield.i didnt see lucas,adam,henderson faze him.he dominated them.and he knows how to shoot.thats something song cant do.a star is born.pity he’s gonna play for ghana,england could do with a player like him.

  41. pedantic george says:

    I believe we were going to buy him and it is not going to affect any other purchases.
    I also think we will buy players in this window which you and I will be happy with.
    I also understand that you think this should already have been done,I believe it would have been done if it could have been.It has for many reasons ,unknown to us mostly,not been possible.
    I believe these things because common sense tell me there is no other explanation.
    I simply refuse to believe it is because of incompetence on the part of the manager or executive.

  42. Brady right foot says:

    SUGA3 | August 20, 2011 at 9:56 pm

    Liverpool, Man Utd and ourselves were all looking at the Ox. After hearing Utd were looking to make a formal bid we moved big and quickly because Wenger and Rawley believe that this kid is going to be a special player, he is being viewed as potentially one of the best players of his generation.

  43. colney says:

    it’s a marathon not a sprint. easy folks.

  44. SUGA3 says:


    if we are under-bidding for ‘here and now’ players, then it’s either a case of Wenger thinking he can mug everyone off or one of spending £12M affecting our ability to compete in the market…

    everyone knew Cesc was a goner, why wait instead of selling him early and getting a replacement in time?

    why wait until the end of the transfer window, allowing the selling clubs to see how much of a need for a player there is? seems like a strategy aimed at driving a hard bargain may backfire in such situation…


    again, this is not the point…

    and by the way, seems like we can do transfers in a snap if we want to, no?

  45. JonJon says:

    if weve got the money to invest 30mil on players from other leagues that are barely out of nappies then weve got the money to buy the established PL players the manager and the baord both told us we were getting..i dont think many people will accept us missing out on a player for a couple of mil this window..not when weve just sold the worlds best midfielder..

    and i dont agree that we are a club in crisis..we are not, we are the arsenal weve been around years and thanks to very prudent management we’ll be around for a few more..we’ll be fine.. the real crisis is for arsene wenger..he’ll find the legacy he created will all end in tears if this is sorted soon..i dont agree with any calls that we should get rid of him now…theres no point, this is his team its his bed let him lie in it and finish the season..

    any new candidate will need a whole summer and the whole bag of cash arsenes been stashing to build his own squad..

    i just dont understand why we havent sorted it yet..its like ive said before..wengers recruited 9 new players to the first team..which makes me think the squad is done and now we are just looking at moving players on?? but this surely cant be the squad??

    anyone involved in the running of the club needs to hang their heads in shame for whats happened this window..its totally unfair to ask this squad of young players to go out there and save the day and get us points in the league and get us into the cl in this difficult period of fixtures…

    im pretty sure wenger knew the fixture list, if we get off to a bad start he must no the implications it will have on the rest of the season…
    going 7-10 points behind the league leaders and going out of the cl before sept will crush any spirit the fans had left and crush the spirit of the young guns before their careers have got going..

    this is a very risky game the club are playing..i hope they know what they are doing..but if you play with fire you get burned and it seems the we never learn our lesson..

  46. dfb says:

    BRF: Does that stop them coming back once he’s developed into an even better player ? Big worry now is whether we can ever hang on to good players when the high payers come calling. If not then what’s the point ? Can envisage MU or MC coming for TV next year or the year after. Why would he stay ?

  47. colney says:

    frimpong is some player isn’t he, he could down the line turn out to be better than Essien.

  48. pedantic george says:

    Thats the reality of the new oily football world.We have to accept it.There is no viable alternative

  49. SUGA3 says:

    there is Usmanov, you know?

    Kroenke can’t sell his shares for 12 months, watch this space…

  50. Brady right foot says:

    Dfb we can’t compete on wages with Man Utd, Shiity or Chelsea infact no one can compete with Shitty in financial terms. 2013 is going to see a seismic shift in football. Stan, the Glazers, NESV are going to renegotiate the collective Premier League deal. It is the main motivation for the Americans purchasing these clubs, it is an incredible opportunity to generate additional revenue. .

  51. 1loosecannon says:

    Vermaelen was amazing. the other positive is Frinpong. Yes he was silly for the bookings but he will curve his agression in the right way I’m sure, it will come with time and experience. But from what I have seen this kid is just awsome. Powerful and can pass aswell.
    I don’t se what all the fuss is about Liverpool sigings. they looked ordinary nothing special at all, Andy Caroll what waste of space. Honestly this liverpool team will not finish above us. 8 or 9 first team players were missing and yet they needed an offside own goal and a sending off tio win this game. I’m more disappointed because we didn’t desrve to lose this game. If they beat us convincinly then you just put your hands up but they caught us at bad time with suspentions and injuries. we will not have players sent off every game and the injured players will not be injured forever so still early in the season and things will get back to normal. People seem to forget we have beaten United without Nasri and Fabregas last season most of those players who played in that game are still at the club. the media frenzy will die down once we get going.
    how about Chesney? the best keeper in the league

  52. Gainsbourg69 says:

    Good point, ace. I didn’t even notice Lucas until our little pitbull put him in the air.

  53. dfb says:

    So our approach is doomed to fail then ? So should we do something different ? Bargain players for short term gains ? Don’t try to build long term, look for immediate, quick wins ? Depressing isn’t it ?

  54. word says:

    its a distinctly humbling time being a gooner right now. thats ok, thats life, thats football…

    if i was arsenals mother i would just be happy if i knew arsenal was happy doing his thing, and we do cut an individual figure against the erosive tides against us, but really its far less than what our hopes were and still too far away from where we are absolutely sure our true self belongs.

  55. JonJon says:

    after wenger stripped down the invincibles it took us until 2008 to build a team that could have won a title..but that fell apart..wenger then opted to develop another team, which could have won a title in 2011 but thats fallen apart..

    it seems we are going to develop another young team but the fear is
    1..they will learn by losing, therefore the culture doesnt change
    2..when they get good they get sold off like previous teams
    3..wenger doesnt have time to wait another 3-4 years..i cant see the fans going with it again to be honest..not when the moneys there..

  56. Blinky No9 says:

    We will be ok. The title isn’t on at the moment but we will get it together; i have no doubt about it. What we are doing is the right way to do things, if we strengthen where needed.

    Playing football manager is sensible but 1-2 more and i think we’ll be up there. Anyone see Chelsea today? Shocking performance, yes they won but in the last two seasons they have lost a game and fell apart for months. If we can get through this start, get our players back with a couple of additions then everything is to play for.

    Anyone who says we’re in a relegation dogfight after 1 draw and 1 defeat is deluded more than us ARSENAL fans

  57. SUGA3 says:


    yes, but about five times wealthier than Kroenke and according to the business analysts, due to double that in a couple of years…

    of course, no one can compete with Arabs, but then again, what is wrong with improving the odds a bit?


    I guess there is only so much they can do with SK not even allowing them a place on board, not like they own nearly 30% of the club…

  58. Mike says:


    Did you notice Ramsey Walcott or Arshavin at all.The last two the quickest they ran today was when they were substituted

    Frimpong is the new Essien eh? What next Chamberlain the new Henry.

  59. Passenal says:

    George, it’s all very well you being ‘mr reasonable’, but those of us who have been around a bit longer know slug3 and his ilk very well. They never post here unless we lose, they never have anything good to say about Arsenal and it doesn’t matter how many claims he makes, he is not an Arsenal supporter. He has revealed who he really supports but he is kidding himself usmanov is only interested in earning dividends – He is a businessman, not a fan, so why would be throw his money at the club? Any promises he made were about getting gullible fans onside so that he could get his feet under the table.

  60. Gainsbourg69 says:

    BRF: “Liverpool, Man Utd and ourselves were all looking at the Ox. After hearing Utd were looking to make a formal bid we moved big and quickly because Wenger and Rawley believe that this kid is going to be a special player, he is being viewed as potentially one of the best players of his generation.”

    Why are you even arguing with Suga3 about planning ahead and the club’s infrastructure when it’s obvious that his reptilian brain dominates his thinking? Suga3 can’t plan ahead or think about the future like normal people. Expecting him to understand why Alex Oxdale Chamberlain is a good buy now is like trying to reason with the Hulk when he’s mad.

  61. SUGA3 says:


    interested in earning divindends? he could just buy the damn joint with his lunch money, ffs…

    gullible? oh, the irony 😆

  62. Gainsbourg69 says:

    Mike, Theo and Ramsey were invisible alright, but we’re in a crisis, Liverpool are not. Keep up.

  63. dfb says:

    Well, maybe George, it’s up for debate. Looks like the gap’s closing. If we can’t compete with the new big three then these are our rivals. So perhaps that should be our goal. I don’t know. I’m finding it hard to see how we can attract and retain players anymore. I think we’ll really struggle to compete this year. Not enough experienced talent to help the young players develop. Plus ca change, plus ca la meme chose. Think it’ll be very hard this year.

  64. Blinky No9 says:

    Suga3 – He doesn’t need to though (SK) does he?

    Look at PHW when SK joined – completely against the idea. Now he owns the club, so i know where you’re coming from on this one.

    The problem is that David Dein caused all this bullshit in the first place – for his own gain. It seemed like he wanted power over Fizman (remember that Dein didn’t want us to move from higbury). Fizman got rid of him and then Dein goes and finds another ‘businessman’ to help in his power struggle.

    Dein lost any right to his say in Arsenal when he was paid £75 million for his shares by Usmanov. What he could have done is re-invest that stake back into the club by buying shares. Instead he thought that he could be CEO of a ‘new Arsenal’ owned by Usmanov and STILL have his £75million!

    You would also have thought that Kroneke, on taking complete control of the club, would have had Dein back? especially with Fizman passing away, Nina gone as well as most of the old board member. Has he? No, so maybe Kroneke is happy with what he’s done either?

    Dein was majority shareholder until he went bankrupt in the late 80’s/ 90’s and had fizman buy out most of his shareholding. Games within games – all of which we are not privvy to so we can only speculate!

    Let’s give the man time, it’s his club now and time will tell if he will make any difficult decisions’s needed.

    One thing that isn’t clear is this – the previous board never took any dividends from Arsenal. Usmanov said that he would – so money leaving straight away. Will Kroneke?

  65. SUGA3 says:


    if the choice is between that and getting raided by the Chav clubs for your best players once you have done all the legwork to find them, train them and sift the grain from the chaff, I know what I will have…

    being the cynical bastard that I am, I am firmly of the opinion that moral high ground gets you nowhere…

  66. Brady right foot says:

    Mike | August 20, 2011 at 10:57 pm

    Frimpong is the new Essien eh? What next Chamberlain the new Henry.

    Listen mate Frimpong hasn’t just appeared, he has been one of THEE standout underage players over the last few years. He would have been brought into the first team last year if it wasn’t for injury. Everybody involved in fooitball knows about him because he’s exceptional and yes he could certainly be as good if not better than his injury prone countryman.

  67. Mike says:

    Man City and Chelsea are richer than United but who has won the title 4 out of the last 5 seasons.Its down to good management and that manager buying the right players.Thats why Fergie is the best manager in the country.And he tells the Glaziers who he wants and they back him.Compare that to our board and manager.We wont spend big money even though we are crying out for major signings in areas where we are obviously weak.CB,LB and upfront.But one week left in the transfer window and we are still waiting.And the reason for that seems to be we want to get players on the cheap.A mad strategy when we have £70m from the sale of Nasri and Cesc

  68. pedantic george says:

    Mike I thought Andrei did OK and Theo got no service .What do you expect?
    Ramsey was poor but that does not make him a poor player.Can no one have an off day?

    Someone will be the new Henry,why not the Ox?

    Do you just want to be a miserable bastard or what?

    Passenal is it all right for me to be reasonable or is that not supportive enough for your liking?

  69. Brady right foot says:

    SUGA3 | August 20, 2011 at 11:06 pm


    if the choice is between that and getting raided by the Chav clubs for your best players once you have done all the legwork to find them, train them and sift the grain from the chaff, I know what I will have…

    being the cynical bastard that I am, I am firmly of the opinion that moral high ground gets you nowhere…

    We can’t compete financially with four other teams in the league, therefore our only alternative is to do what we currently do and bring talent through. Its not about moral high ground its gritty reality.

  70. Mike says:


    We have heard it all before.Clichy the new Cole,Diaby the new Vieira,Gibbs the new Cole

  71. Blinky No9 says:

    Theo is a waste on the wing, simple as that. he has no craft to play out there and i find it a shame that we persist with this strategy and hinder both our attacking threat and his development in the striker that he clearly is.

    Look at today, he had no idea when to take the ball on, cross or try to beat someone. Invariably his instinct was to get his head down and run for the corner.

    look at the one bit of quality movement inside he did which had us through on goal (he passed it to RVP) and you see what i mean!

    He is a player with good movement between the centrebacks, a good finish and blistering pace. Use him where he SHOULD be used and i think you’ll have a proper out and out striker that will terrify the defences up and down the country.

    It’s all down to the system we play – this 4-3-3 – which was built around FAB4.

  72. SUGA3 says:


    agreed, Walcott should just hang on the shoulder of the last defender, receive a pass, run and shoot, there is no point in trying to reinvent the fucking wheel, is there?

    and this whole 4-3-3 nonsense should have been put to bed shortly after we ran out of players to play it, IMO…

  73. Gainsbourg69 says:

    Mike, I reckon Frimpong is going to be better than Essien. If you can’t see it, then you need some goggles or something. The boy is only 19, had his debut against Liverpool and he looked like he’d been playing these types of matches since he was five years old.

    Actually, I’m having a hard time trying to figure out who the Ox reminds me of. I don’t think I remember a player as stocky as him with such silky skills. He reminds me of Franck Ribery and Nigel de Jong all rolled into one. So yeah, I’ll just call him Nigel Ribery, for now.

  74. pedantic george says:

    Mike you are wrong

    United have gone into massive debt to keep up and have to float to dig themselves out of the hole.

    I posted something like this the other week

    “I am completely pissed off with people crediting United,the biggest team in the world,for dominating their own league,That is what you would expect,Credit should go to us as the only team in 20 years to interrupt that dominance without out spending them”

  75. Brady right foot says:

    Mike | August 20, 2011 at 11:15 pm


    We have heard it all before.Clichy the new Cole,Diaby the new Vieira,Gibbs the new Cole

    lol you never heard that from anyone in the club, maybe fans and a few hacks made comparisons but not Wenger or anyone at the club. You might not accept the fact that we can’t compete with Chelsea and Man Utd financially but its still true. I don’t think we have any alternative but to nuture talent and bring it through the club to the first team, while making astute signings. We are never going to be able to buy an established World superstar unless we get a sugar daddy so what would you do?

  76. pedantic george says:

    Yes mike we also heard Henry is the new Anelka.He wasn’t though egh?
    What a load of crap you spout

  77. SUGA3 says:

    ‘looked like he’d been playing these types of matches since he was five years old’

    now, now…

    yes, you can’t fault his passion and he actually bossed these Mickey Mousers for most of the game, but you would think that someone boasting such ‘virtual experience’ (for the lack of a better expression, given your statement) is not going to lunge in like that, wouldn’t you?

    I know it’s all down to his massive desire and love for the club, I recall him saying that he would need to be dragged away from the club kicking and screaming, but a professional footballer should know better than flying in like he did for the second yellow, having already been booked, then following this with a good ol’ ‘Fuck off’ in the ref’s direction…

    if he chose to play for England instead of Ghana, he might have gotten away with that, just like Rooney does and that ginger Manc Scholes used to!

  78. Brady right foot says:

    L8r George, got to go mate early start tommorrow got a bit of work to do hopefully get finished before the Udinese game. Mike, Suga3 fuck of home lads Le Grove missing you COYG!!!!!!!

  79. Gainsbourg69 says:

    Right on, Blinky. Theo’s pace between the halfway line and the opposition eighteen yard line would be lethal. He’d keep defenses well pinned back and scared shitless. If I had it my way I’d play Theo furthest forward, RVP slighlty withdrawn, Gervinho on the right, Arshavin on the left and Wilshere in the middle with Song or Frimpong.

    Suga3, I like this side of you. A little less moaning and a bit more football talk and we could get along famously. I still think you have a reptilian brain, though. Please prove me wrong.

  80. JonJon says:

    to be honest george i think rambos been poor in the last three games now..
    we need jack back..and as much as diaby frustrates me, him too..

    and as much as i love song i think when diaby comes back id like to see a diaby frimpong jack midfield

    if diabys op works and he can string a run together we’ll have a beastly looking midfield..

    we just lacking killer creativity still…

  81. SUGA3 says:


    dude, if I have a reptilian brain, I must say I have tricked quite a few people into thinking quite the opposite :mrgreen:

  82. SUGA3 says:


    Diaby would have to play in the most advanced position of the three, it’s pretty simple, the further upfront he starts, the less space for his showboating he gets, which can only be a good thing IMO…

    ideally, he would have to play just behind the strikers, as he can pick a pass, shoot, etc.

    but once again, there are some deep discipline and attitude issues that need sorting out, if you watched that video where he is tormenting Ben Arfa at Clarefontaine’s dormitory (or wherever the fuck it was), you will know that he is a bully type and a bully only listens to another bully…

    as for his injury record, well, the less is said, the better, isn’t it? how can people still blame it on that leg break is unbelievable, how long ago did that happen again?

  83. SUGA3 says:


    I would prefer to use AA as a sub for RvP (dare I say: in the Bergkamp role?), it is his natural position afterall…

  84. Gainsbourg69 says:

    Good night, Brady.

    Suga3, what the fuck are you on about? Essien is one of the dirtiest cunts around and he’s been a thug since day one. He hasn’t mellowed with experience. Just ask Diaby and his fucked up ankle. When did you become a FIFA fair play ambassador?

  85. SUGA3 says:


    it’s not about being a saint, it’s about getting away with it…

    Essien has a grand total of 7 dismissals (2 straight reds, 5 double yellows) in 408 games played for the clubs and the country…

    not bad for a dirty cunt, eh?

  86. pedantic george says:

    We could do with 4 players being bought who can play on Wednesday.And Sunday.Just because of injuries and suspensions.

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