Arsenal On Right Track As The Derail Orient FA Cup Express

FA Cup 5th Round Replay
Arsenal 5 – 0 Leyton Orient

1 – 0 Chamakh (7)
2 – 0 Bendtner (30)
3 – 0 Bendtner (43)
4 – 0 Bendtner (62 pen)
5 – 0 Clichy (75)

Arsenal progressed to an FA Cup quarter-final meeting with Manchester United, cruising past a Leyton Orient side whose dedication to trying to play football in the correct manner put most of the Premier League to shame. That they were on the receiving end of a five goal hiding is probably the best indicator why few other teams try to play this way at The Emirates.

Nicklas Bendtner garners most attention with a thirty minute hat-trick on a night of surprising scorers, Marouane Chamakh grabbing his first goal since November whilst Gael Clichy found the first time since Noah came up with the blueprints for the Ark.

On the back of the defeat at Wembley, Russell Slade feared a backlash. From the kick-off it was apparent that this Arsenal XI were in no mood to succumb to another cup shock inside three days. Abou Diaby returned to the line-up and was sparky early in the match but it was a much-maligned Rosický who provided the impetus for the breakthrough, seizing on a loose pass, surging into the area where Chamakh pass the cross into the net.

Instead of opening the floodgates, that led to a period of Arsenal sitting back, content to pass the ball and absorb any counter-attacks which Orient may progress. Probing the visitor’s defence, the second arrived with half an hour played. Diaby foraged on the left side of the Orient penalty area before finding Gibbs whose cross was turned into the net by Bendtner, soaring high to head the ball back in the direction from which it came leaving Jones grasping at air.

It was all very comfortable for Arsenal and just before the half-time whistle blew, it became a procession. Orient dithered and Rosický intervened. The ball broke to Bendtner, who cut in and curled his effort beyond the despairing dive of Jones and into the bottom corner. Three goals to the good and it was all too easy.

The second half brought little respite for the visitors. Denilson stung the hands and chest of Jones before Diaby provided a glimpse of the sublime skills he possesses, a one-two with Chamakh followed by some twinkling toes through the Orient defence before skewing his shot narrowly wide.

The fourth was soon to follow. Gibbs broke on the left and inside the area was unneccesarily tugged to the ground by Whing. Bendtner claimed afterwards that he was on penalty duty anyway but this one was his and he duly drilled the ball into the net for his hat-trick.

It was to be his last contribution of note as Arsène withdrew the dane five minutes later, a signal for his team selection on Saturday perchance? Rosický had been withdrawn following a blow to the head which had left him dazed and confused whilst Diaby’s return to fitness is being taken as gingerly as those of others in the squad, lasting little more than an hour.

It left the finishing line-up looking somewhat stronger in midfield than the beginning, Nasri and Wilshere entering the fray. Was that an unnecessary risk on the part of the manager or simply an indication of the toll that the recent run of fixtures has taken on the squad’s fitness? The latter more likely but a more typically English team might well have left the move dropping into the former’s category.

The fifth goal was a collector’s item, Gaël Clichy’s shot drilled low and into the corner with fifteen minutes to go. It topped off the evening with the strike a signal of a/be-musement that the full back had scored.

Post match Arsène was pleased with the win following the Carling Cup final defeat but was more intent on focussing the players onto Sunderland. Whilst he denied Bendtner was likely to start against Sunderland, it would be a surprise if he did not,

It puts him in contention to play against Sunderland. That for us, is a vital game.

The last sentence is the key. It is all very well us getting excited about next week’s encounter in Catalunya but a win on Saturday is equally important. With United travelling to Liverpool on Sunday, for them to know Arsenal are a point behind puts pressure on them that has not been necessarily there before.

Whilst Liverpool are not the force of previous seasons, Dalglish has turned their results around to bring the club to sixth in the table with a decent home record the driving force. Dropped points put Arsenal in a strong position to overhaul United in the coming week.

’til Tomorrow.

163 thoughts on “Arsenal On Right Track As The Derail Orient FA Cup Express

  1. Bill says:

    Someone said it was a good professional win and that sums it up the best. Hard to get overly excited about beating up on a league 1 team but still a lot of fun to watch. Along with the United loss it was excellent tonic for the weekend.

    Agree with GA regarding playing our strongest team against Sunderland. With a game still to come against United and a 1 point gap if we win the game in hand, we can now win the league without help from anyone else. United going to Anfield without Vidic and an unfit Ferdinand is a recipe for more dropped points so I say we completely block the CL from our minds until Sunday. Agree with everyone who rate Diaby. When he is on form I enjoy watching him as much as anyone on our squad. Just wish he could somehow stay healthy. I would love to see us try a central midfield of Song/Diaby/Wilshere when Cesc is out. Wilshere while no Cesc certainly can pick out a pass and I would like to see him getting further forward. No one can do what Cesc does and IMO it would be better if we spread out the “playmaking” duties and may be a little more direct and not necessarily dominate ball possession as much and look to counter attack more when he is out.

  2. DeiseGooner says:

    I wouldn’t sell RVP. He a class act.
    But we don’t have any one striker at the club that comes near his ability.
    His injuries means that the other strikers will most likely play a large number of games.
    However as they are not (yet?) at RVPs level of ability or consistency it sets us back big time when RVP is out.

    Therefore as i see it, we need either B52 to really sort his consistency out. Hes 23 now so this is the time to cement your position in a team. While i like Chamakh, RVP he aint and B52 has more strings to his bow as it were.


    We need to buy a striker of an age with RVP to replace/contend with RVP for the main striker position.


    Play Theo centrally more often. (If his injuries dont scupper that too?)

  3. goonerandy says:

    I wonder if JET could be an understudy to RvP?

    I don’t see Theo playing centrally in this formation. Whoever plays there needs to be able to hold the ball, and drop deep to link play. Theo would be no good at that, especially with his 1st touch. Theo would be well suited to a central role in a 442, but not a 433/451. In theory his current role on the right of a 433 should be perfect for him.

  4. Geo says:

    They are the options basically Deise you’re right…. who know’s what’s best? oh yeah…

  5. goonerandy says:

    He seems to tick all the boxes. Big and strong with some pace, good technically with an eye for goal. We will see I suppose.

  6. FunGunner says:

    JET could *definitely* be understudy for RvP, I think. That is who he resembles, footballistically speaking.

  7. Geo says:

    “footballistically speaking” lol – yeah it’s true… did you see his goal the other day? Sorry can’t link it – at work.

  8. Gadget says:

    Question Diese, but who can do what RVP does? I’m hesistant to say RVP is complete unique, but it seems to me that few fit the mold as well. Villa would work well perhaps, but then again through fault of my own perhaps, i’m yet to see him score the volleys like RVP.

    While I am a bit of a fan of Drogba, I think the talents we have here are fine enough.

  9. Block4 says:

    I think Bedntner could do a fine job as understudy to Van Persie, for me he’s a better all-round footballer than Chamakh, can score a greater variety of goals and nothing seems to dent his confidence. He’s suffering from being versatile enough to do a job in the wide positions. It’s obvious that we need all three at least though, Chamakh did a good job when the other two were out earlier in the season. I’d like to see Bendtner as the first choice to play centrally when Van Persie is out.

  10. DeiseGooner says:

    Oh RVP is a supreme talent no doubt, and a lot of what he can do, not many can. But for someone who could play where he plays and most likely get cover his goals tally – Karim Benzema would be my choice right now.

  11. Geo says:

    Gadget – I actually think RvP IS a unique talent. Villa has more speed but less technique, Drogba has more strength but less technique… RvP is almost impossible to re-create (i think he’s like a mixture of DB10 & TH14), and so far Chammers and Bendy have been fine cover. The league position says it all. My original point in all this though, was that people need to lower expectations on relying on him being fit all season. Him being in the team is a bonus – a big one at that.

  12. goonerandy says:

    Gadget – You are right of course, RvP is farily unique. I can’t think of many like him. That lad at Anderlecht who is being billed as “the new Drogba” looks like he would be a good investment, but the price will be sky high so that rules us out.

  13. Geo says:

    “He’s suffering from being versatile enough to do a job in the wide positions.” That’s a very good way of putting it Block. Very true.

  14. Maria says:

    What do you guys think of the Chamack song??

  15. viceologist says:

    I think Diaby will be an absolute monster of a player for us once he gets a solid run of games. Nasri and Diaby together will go on to dominate the French midfield and provide them with the new energy they need to move forward on the international stage.

    For me it is not even a question for the midfield on Saturday. I say it will be:
    Back 5

    But, then again, I will probably be totally surprised with what side Wenger ends up putting out.

  16. viceologist says:

    I have never seen a player quite like Van Persie…that is why it is so heartbreaking to see him getting these freak injuries all the time. He is impossible to defend against. If the defence makes him the main focus then he turns provider and sets up all of our other attacking threats with passing skills that are Bergkamp-esque…hard to find many players on the planet that have those talents.

  17. viceologist says:

    With Cesc and RVP in the side together we cannot be stopped. We just see it happen so rarely that they actually play in a run of games together.

  18. FunGunner says:

    @ Geo
    Yes, I did see JET’s goal – you mean the one against Hull City? I say that JET resembles RvP because of a) his outrageous skill b) improvisation c) intelligence d) link-up play e) inspirational leadership. I can see him in the “false nine” position in the future.

    That looks like a good line-up to me, viceologist, providing Song and Kos get over their injuries.

  19. viceologist says:


    If Song needs to be rested then Denilson would slot right in no problem. Either way, the combination of Wilshere and Diaby together will be tough for the opposition to cope with.

  20. viceologist says:

    When is Vermaelen due back again?

  21. Team spirit says:

    @ YW, you should correct that heading…

  22. DeiseGooner says:

    what a way to celebrate conceding a pen to lose a game – way to go smalling 🙂

  23. Block4 says:

    @Deise, Benzema never seems to look confident to me, that could of course be a problem he has specifically at Real Madrid. There’s no doubting his talent, I have no idea why Mourinho went to war with the Madrid hierarchy to get Adebayor when they already have Benzema.

  24. viceologist says:

    Vermaelen’s been gone so long I have completely forgot about his talents. The thought of him and Djourou back there playing together is awesome. I think they will be an ideal partnership. And, the Kos will be able to fit in and cover for either of them…will be nice once they are all fit and ready to go.

  25. DeiseGooner says:

    Block4 – i reckon Le Boss would get the best from Benzema and he would be awesome for us

  26. viceologist says:


    Do you really think we would ever give up the kind of cash that Real would not doubt expect for someone like Benzema. I just don’t see it being an actual possibility. I do think he would slot in really well if we had him though.

  27. mj_gunner says:

    @Block4 – because Higuain had a long term injury, & we all know that spoilt cunt would not take a chance of playing a game without a CF..

  28. Block4 says:

    @mj_gunner, he could easily have pushed Ronaldo forward and played Kaka or Ozil in behind, it would be much better than that self-important pile of shite.

    @Deise, I’m sure he would. There are rumours he’ll be on his way this Summer, it will be interesting to see if we’re in the market then.

  29. nicky says:

    YW, Very surprised no mention of the much-maligned Denilson in your post (and only three comments about him from the masses). His contribution in m/f was massive, he never stopped running and seemed to be involved in all that was going on. Like Rosicky’s impressive workrate, the good should be acknowledged. Too often it’s the other way.

  30. Yogi's Warrior says:


    As I mentioned to Vince earlier, Firefox threw a hissy-fit and I decided to post what I had rather than expand and lose everything.


  31. flying dutchman says:

    Who should play in Van Persie’s place?

    There is only one option for me: Nick Bendtner.

    Bendtner for me is a world class striker. Not for the future, no, he already is. Trouble is only few people realize this. But after Tuesday everybody will.

  32. mj_gunner says:

    So looks like Song is out for the next 2 games as well..
    WHY! :’-(

  33. 1coolsteve says:

    Nice win yesterday, just what we needed to cleanse our system off Sunday’s game. Was particularly impressed with Diaby. If he manages to stay fit, then he’ll be very important for us in coming games.

  34. Limestonegunner says:

    I think Chamakh is getting short shrift in comments today. He has had a bad run of form, but everyone seems to forget what he was capable of in the first three and a half months of the season. He has become a bit gun-shy in the box, but that is partly confidence and not playing so much recently–this goal will be good for him too. He has played only a few months in the PL and his trial by fire took a great deal out of him.

    In the stretch run he will remind everyone why we were singing his praises in September and October, and next year you can expect him to be even more effective if given the chance.

    None of this is meant to take anything away from Bendtner’s recent accomplishments. But he’s also had some ineffective games recently too. His hattrick against Orient shouldn’t mean that we forget how well Chamakh links up with Nasri, Wilshere, Arshavin, and Walcott. Frankly he is quite important to how we play when Fabregas is out because of his work rate and link up play. Plus he can win penalties with his movement in the box.

  35. ace says:

    B52 isnt a world class striker.a top team wouldn’t allow him the margin of error he got last night. Rvp is a dif specie.too good to be true.guess thats why he gets injured often to remind us no mortal is perfect

  36. mj_gunner says:

    I was in splits after reading this from our very dear Jamie Redknapp –
    ”But, like my dad, Sir Alex Ferguson only knows how to play one way; he is always thinking of how he can win, how he can nick a game, never how they can get away without getting beat – that is why he is the best manager the Premier League has seen.”

  37. Evil says:

    Margin of error for Bendy? We had 5 shots on goal and scored 5. He was not wasteful or anything.

  38. poodle says:

    Who in the world is close to RvP in what he does? The way he plays and the job he has in our team. its hard to find a replacement for that. Even if we wanted to. Even if we had 80M to spend i still think it would be hard to find a player that is as good as RvP at his best with his uniqe qualities.

  39. poodle says:

    @Mj yeh Jamie Redknapp just about sums up what is wrong with the english sports press. Everybody is the father or uncle or kid or brother in law or old player or old manager of everybody els. Which means it is rather hard for them all to give an objective analyze of anything. Mostly its based upon feelings and human relations between eachother. The english press is inbreeds. therein lies the problem. To put it in a different way. The English football press today is a self recruiting elite. With little social mobility if you like. You will never get any good journalism out of that.

  40. trugunn says:

    I am mighty relieved that thomas is okay for saturday. Him,jack and abou have been temendous when they have played together.I just hope sunderland dont park the bus.
    Young jack is making quite a name for himself here in Zambia …so much that ManYoo fans here are so green with envy. They are wondering how such an incredibly gifted Englishman is playing for us and not them. Out of curiousity,how much would he go for if(god forbid) he became a transfer target ?

  41. Evil says:

    I think you are absolutely correct. If you look at the market prices, a Carroll costs you 35 million and a Torres 50 … and neither of them is exactly RVP quality because RVP is not only scoring for fun but also very good at playing for the team, from the work he does off the ball to pressurise opponents early to his passing ability which is special among strikers. RVP can not be replaced and we can not buy a striker of his quality to compete with him because, right now at this point in time there is simply not this kind of striker around.
    As for our other options, I think Chamakh has proven early why he is a very good striker and able to support the time and provide the goals when RVP is not available. After a furious start he is now a bit in the settling-in period because he powered himself out in the first half of the season and needs to get used to the tempo and the intensity (and obviously the shedule) of the Premier League. As for Bendtner, I think his scoring record speaks for him, even though he has been reduced to odd starts and mostly used as a substitute he has still managed to score a nice amount of goals. If asked upon I think he could easily put together another run like he did last season where he scored like 8 in 12 or something. We are right now seeing a Bendtner who is not fully integrated in the team and so some things are still off. After a couple of games he will have the needed consistency and he can make a first step in the correct direction on Saturday. Expect him to score.

    Plus, we still have Vela coming back. So no, no new striker for us in the near feature unless something unexpected happens.

  42. colney says:

    Oh no not Kolo why wld he want to use drugs? I hope this isn’t true and is just a false positive.

  43. Remi says:

    I think Vela will go in the summer…..
    Can’t see him hanging about for another season on the sidelines and odd cameos in the FA cup or dead rubbers in the CL.

  44. Yogi's Warrior says:


    Rumour has it that he’s taken a dietary supplement which has contained an illicit substance. A Hamilton player used a dietary supplement which contained a banned substance, leading to a 4 week ban for said offender.


  45. Remi says:

    I’m suprised that the clubs doctor isn’t consulted, (so they can check the list of substences) when players take these supplements.

  46. Remi says:

    I would like that very much but I can’t see it myself, with RVP, Chamakh, and Bendy all before him in the pecking order plus JET coming back it may be hard.

    But hes scored two in two for WBA so Arsene must be taking notice!

  47. Yogi's Warrior says:

    Personally I’m not convinced that JET will make the grade. Good things in the Championship do not necessarily mean that EPL stardom beckons.

    Vela though is delivering, as Jack did at Bolton. JET may well be off to an EPL club next season.


  48. Passenal says:

    I agree with Yogi – Vela will be back and will get his chance with Arsenal next season.

  49. poodle says:

    Is Sandro really that much better than Denilson? Since he is in the Brazil national team i mean. I never thought of sandro as that good really.

  50. colney says:

    Speaking of Denilson, Martin Tyler had some mean things to say about him. Direct quote from Tyler during his broadcast,…

    “I have some friends who are Arsenal season ticket holders and they are not too pleased with Denilson. The Brazilian had a big reputation as a youth player but he is nothing but a stop gap midfielder for Arsenal. Then again you can’t question the judgment of the supporters who see him weak in weak out.”

  51. Passenal says:

    Denilson does not play ‘week in week out’ so how supporters can judge him compared to a manager with Arsene’s experience and close up knowledge of the player’s ability is a mystery to me.

  52. Gainsbourg69 says:

    What’s important is what Wenger thinks about Denilson. Everyone saying negative things about him can fuck right off.

  53. Gainsbourg69 says:

    Sandro, Lucas and Hernanes all played for a while in Brazil before coming over to Europe and Denilson didn’t. This is why these players, eventhough Denilson is better than them, get called up to the NT all the time and he doesn’t.

  54. Gainsbourg69 says:

    Passenal, not to mention that he’s just now recovering from his back injury.

  55. irishgray says:

    I see W. Ham have won the new stadium. Best of luck to them. Apparently the reason they won was because they agreed to retain the athletic track , presumably so that W. Ham fans can have something to look at when they are getting their asses kicked. Ironic then that in the very article announcing they have won there is a CGI of what the new ground will look like, notice anything missing?

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