Huddersfield Preview: FA Cup Joy Or Terrier?

OK, a quick preview this morning as we’re nearly ready to leave for a kick-off time that is beyond belief. The Football Association keep telling us that they are looking at why the FA Cup is losing (surely that should be ‘has lost’) its place in English football’s standings. Here’s a small hint: noon on Sunday is not a time for a top-class football match.

The Arsenal side that Arsène fields today will bear no resemblance to the one that takes on Everton on Tuesday (here’s another hint to the FA: do away with FA Cup replays in their entirity. None in the final or the semis, so why the rest of the competition?). I would expect Wenger to go with:

Almunia; Eboue, Squillaci, Koscielny, Gibbs; Rosicky, Denilson, Diaby; Bendtner, Chamakh, Arshavin

More to the point, I don’t expect Arsène to make any substitutions unless absolutely necessary. With all due respect to Huddersfield, he will be hoping that there will be a big enough lead established so that he might give Koscielny a rest and perhaps blood Miquel, for example.

History is rather against today’s visitors in terms of a shock. Huddersfield have never beaten Arsenal in the FA Cup. This is Arsenal’s 37th 4th round tie at home (excluding replays) and only 3 have been lost, the latest was Arsène’s first FA Cup campaign, Leeds bringing that to a grinding halt with a 1 – 0 victory. It is hard to see an away win unless complacency sets in.

Since the disjointed perfomances against Leeds and Ipswich, things have been running smoothly. Goals have been flying in and several players are moving into better form. Arshavin most notably has improved, the only thing missing is a goal or two to improve his self-belief. Against Ipswich, his two ‘assists’ must surely have helped particularly as both required the sort of accurate delivery that has been missing in recent months. Being on the scoresheet this afternoon would lift a burden off the Russian’s shoulders.

Elsewhere, Manchester United are apparently determined to steal Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain from under Arsenal noses whilst not a lot else is going on. Chelsea’s public pursuit of Luiz from Benfica ended in failure just as lectures are being received on spending (Viv Nicholson is spinning in her grave at Arsène’s parsimony) whilst they look set to sign Fernando Torres from Liverpool for £50m and Anelka. Which probably won’t happen either but at least kept the media busy this morning.

Enjoy the match wherever you’re watching it. ’til Tomorrow.

344 thoughts on “Huddersfield Preview: FA Cup Joy Or Terrier?

  1. JonJon says:

    we just cant let messi run at us..
    so we have to cut off his supply, midfield will be where the battle is and kozz likes to push out and get to the ball before it gets to the striker….
    if he’s on top off his game he will stop messi….if we stop messi we stop barca
    i think the risk will be less trying to close messi down that what it will if we stand off and let him come at us..

  2. Frank says:

    Oh lord. Leyton Orient. I fear our FA Cup destiny this year is to be pecked to death by minnows. All this Division One stuff is like death by a thousand cuts.

  3. JonJon says:

    what if it was a younger promising top CB who would be happy to be patient and learn under wengers tutilidge??? instead of having an experienced CB whos heading over the hill, we have a younger version whos quicker and is willing to learn under the greatest developer of youth players this side of jesus’ birthday??? if wenger went out tomorrow and paid 12 million for a sakho or whoever you are saying you wouldnt be happy??? because we have five cbs at the club…3 of top quality, 1 of quality but potential and readiness to learn and one with experience???

  4. Dexter says:

    La Liga is turning into the Scottish premier league, with a nicer climate. Might as well just be Barca and Real in a 2 team league.

  5. JonJon says:

    and last year we had 5 senior CB’s on the clubs books
    tv, gallas, jd, sol, fishead
    so that blows that 4 cb theory right out of the water

  6. JonJon says:

    and i seem to remember we got gallas cos cole was bumming jose in hotel rooms….

  7. Dexter says:

    Djourou was injured the whole of last season.

  8. ponyboy/horse says:

    Yep Frank, the worse the team, the worse we play.. Barca will be a stroll compared to Ipswich and Huddersfield… [ am not being sarcastic here, as Cesc aside, we were really awful today] ~ Nasri’s fitness is the main worry; and where has Chamack gone ?

  9. ponyboy/horse says:

    If anyone out there can answer this, it will be appreciated:
    What constitutes an ‘own goal’ ? It seems rather arb..arb.. arbitary
    A deflection is a goal for the striker, surely, unless it’s an obvious…
    mmm… deflection.

  10. Dexter says:

    But whats that got to do with your original point about us having 5 CBs last season when we didnt as Djourou wasnt even in contention?

  11. Dexter says:

    ponyboy; Its an own goal when its an Arsenal player obviously! If it was Rooney, gerrard or lampard it would be their goal!

  12. JonJon says:

    that wasnt my point though was it dexter…that was a response to joshuas point..

  13. FunGunner says:

    Only Sol, Gallas and Silvestre were senior CBs and Sol only came in halfway through the season. All three left at the end of the season because they wouldn’t be first choice. So on the contrary, that is good evidence for the theory.
    Nibbled to death, surely. Sprat savagery.

  14. Dexter says:

    Be as pedantic as you like mate. You said we had 5 CBs last season when we didnt.

  15. ponyboy/horse says:

    @ Dexter ~ a bit stupified tonight, and couldn’t see the Hill-Wood for the —— Nice one!

  16. Dexter says:

    And given Sol could only manage 1 game a week, that would make it 3 and half CBs!

  17. JonJon says:

    our books say we had 5..
    our books also say we have 4 this season…but we dont do we we have 3 according to your theory..
    which is why we should really buy another i reckon

    so you didnt include JD as a senior player?? thats rather naive dont you think seeing as though he was given his debut when as seeing as though the majority of our squad arehow old?????
    and sol indeed come in halfway thru the season you are right..
    all the more reason why i dont see why wenger wont get one half way thru this 😉
    and then we can have 5 again..with one out injured…same situation as last year??

  18. JonJon says:

    and TV???
    wtf he was first choice with gallas.. about looking for an arguement when there really isnt one…

  19. Dexter says:

    Are you really that sad jonjon? “We had 5 on the books…” Jesus, how childish.

    Ive already stated I think we need to sign a CB as Vermealen’s return from injury is far from certain.

  20. FunGunner says:

    JD – a senior CB? He was a rookie the previous season, was out injured all of last season anyway and TV was the junior partner to Gallas.

  21. JonJon says:

    you cant jump in half way thru someone elses debate not even realising the point in the first place and then when your wrong, resort to calling someone childish and pedantic..the same can be said for you my friend and you lose all original point was that we needed to find another CB…in the end you agree with my original point although you have differing reasons we still agree…so why did we have to ‘go there’
    sorry but pleaase stop..
    TV not a senior?? he was first choice CB for crying out loud…
    on that note im going to bid you all goodnight…cos this is getting silly

  22. dukegoonem says:

    Iwas thinking the same thing about own goals.fukin bendys goal all dåy long.otherwise we can wipe 50% of lampards goals off aswell then.

  23. ponyboy/horse says:

    Off topic – but well done Fulham.. Beat them, spanked them and whipped them – if only Woy was still the manager, as after Pubis, the ugly Scot at B’ham, Hughes is a sack of dogshit as a man.
    A job awaits at Sky, you f@cker, when you get fired again.

  24. Dexter says:

    I am wrong? Go back and read your post. Half way thru a debate? What debate? Where is the debate here? You said we had 5 CBs last season when we clearly did not. Stop trying to dig yourself out of a hole. Its not even that much of a point and I was bored of it ages ago. Give it a rest.

    And you have the nerve to suggest fungunner is looking for non existent arguments?

    Fuck me

  25. ponyboy/horse says:

    Mmmmm… ok Dexter, if you insist. But I expect maximum pleasure, and three condoms.

  26. Dexter says:

    And fruit flavoured lube I presume? Pah, typical!

  27. JonJon says:

    my original point was over two hours ago fella and it was directed at duke
    over an hour later joshua responded with a ‘teams dont have more than 4 cb’ comment
    to which i basically replied why cant we get another young cb and we had 5 last year so its not exactley out of wengers philosophy is it??..
    so there was no arguement…until you and fun ‘jumped’ in feet first
    and there is no hole only yours…
    and no thanks i have a mrs..

  28. Dexter says:

    You are making out there was some high brow intellectual debate going on that I comopletely misunderstood! I saw all of that. BUT, you made comment (I aint going over it again FFS) you got pulled up on it because you were wrong and yet, you are STILL acting like you have been wronged and its all everyone else’s fault!

    Please, stop.

  29. Vince says:

    Overall I’d say they were both REALLY enjoyable, but the Summer ACLF “Have We Got Enough defenders” debate was probably my favourite.

  30. 1 loose cannon says:

    Almunia has been a real pro. he was left in the cold but got on with his work and today he looked sharp as ever and made an outstanding save to keep us in the game. I hope he stays and keep the youngsters on their toes.

  31. dupsffokcuf says:

    Almunia is probably 3rd choice keeper at the moment. No matter what you think of him as a GK you cannot argue that he is not the best 3rd choice keeper in the league.

  32. Joshua says:

    JonJon… we didn’t have 5CBs last season… Djourou was out injured from the very start, Senderos’s days were numbered as he was looking for a loan from the very start because we brought in TV. Our CB options were Gallas, TV, Silvestre and Song as back up. later on we brought in Sol. That was the situation as I and many others recall it.

    It is also worth pointing out that both Gallas and Sol were on shortish contracts (Gallas’ contract was expiring at the end of that season) what you’re asking for, on the other hand,would mean that we’d end up with 5 top CBs (Squillaci actually has a lot of caps for France) all on long term contracts as well as kids like Bartley and Miquel. How do they all play?

    There’s this idea amongst some fans that there is a cost free way of running a club… if you choose our gradualist way then the youngsters you bring in have to play at some point or the investment is wasted.. For me the balance is right and if Vermaelen doesn’t get fit in the next 5 weeks or so I’ll still say the same thing. What Wenger thinks I don’t know but I believe that he is right not bring in anyone and certainly not a longish term contract.

  33. OneOfUs says:

    Apparently the president of Atletico Madrid is playing that old agents trick of leaking fake stories to English press about teams trying to buy Aguero – knowing that nothing’s on the table. It’s not because he wants to drum up interest; it’s because he has no intention of selling and wants to look strong to the Atletico voters by appearing to turn down massive bids. First Chelsea now Spuds.

    This is deadline day.

  34. JonJon says:

    mo matter how many times you say ‘the problem with some fans is…’ or ‘fans like you….’ or ‘some fans seem to think….’ or ‘theres an idea amongst some fans….’ it doesnt change the fact that we had 5 first team CB’s in the squad last year, whether one was is injured or not or whatever contract they were on we had 5…
    just like we have 4 this year..although we really have 3 because weve had one injured most of the season..?so really we are in the exact same situation
    ‘its also worth pointing out’ that its koz and squillacis first PL season.. TV and JD were ‘rookies’ or ‘juniors’ until this season..
    so it doesnt matter how many times you change the goalposts and try and put me in your ‘some fans’ categegory, it doesnt change my opinion that i think wenger should go get another…just like he did last year..
    and he needs to obviously be of good quality..or he wont be suitable for arsenal will he?? seeing as though we are amongst the top 5 clubs in europe theres no point going out and geting joe blogs…
    we are short of CB’s and one of thems yet to impress, so time to get another me thinks and if he upsets one of them cos they lose their place so be it..after all, arsenal come first

  35. Firstlady says:

    Was a joy watching Real madrid get turned over by osasuna. Cant stand Barca but i loathe Mourihno!!

    Seeing as today is the big D-DAY has Wenger sold Denilson, bought a replacement in midfield, got us the two centrebacks we need and the ever elusive goalkeeper whom we need to win a title???He better buy as we have less that 12hrs or everything will fall apart!!!pppstt!!!

  36. joshua says:


    You really ought deal with that chip on your shoulder.

    We didn’t have 5 CBs, it’s not reasonable or even true to argue that… And you are comparing apples and pears in the injury stakes. Vermaelen’s injury is a nagging injury that has dragged on. Djourou had an operation that was going to rule him out all season long and everyone knew it. Can see the difference?

    On the issue of Ashley Cole and Gallas… what happened was that Gallas refused to play at RB for Chelsea because he saw himself as a CB and he fell out with Mourinho over it… that’s how come he became part of the deal. We got Gallas for Cole + 5m because Gallas wanted out of Chelsea and Cole wanted out of Arsenal. So Gallas left Chelsea because Mourinho’s first choice Cbs were Carvalho and Terry. Ask anyone. The point stands. I’m done on this…

  37. Gadget says:

    I didn’t even get to see the game, and so my cheer had to be transmitted via the stupid sky sports app on an equally stupid smart phone. Since everything in my so called life was delayed, here are my delayed thoughts.

    On the game:
    From the text stream, it seems like we bossed the game until we scored and then took the foot off the pedal, then promptly applied it once they equalised. If so, it’s just matter of hubris and application.

    I have nothing bad to say about Squilly, cause you know, he one of my men. However, reading the stream, I couldn’t help but think of the time Ferdinand body checked Freddy at Old Traf and got clean away with it. Then I got angry, and went looking for a puppy to kick, but couldn’t find one.

    Nasri injury, I’ve seen a headline saying our gamble backfired, and I hate such for the simple reason such are lazy headlines along the damned if you do, damned if you don’t vein. Hope it’s not too serious, but if it is, I have faith in whoever plays in his stead.

    Almunia’s back: great times! Come on Big Al! Good to seee you again Manny, fight for that number 1 spot, and join me in raising a finger to your detractors!

    Denilson, I blame his for Nasri’s injury, us not winning 10 nil, and Squilly’s red. I also blame him for me missing the game and my tiredness, as well as everything else in the world. It’s all his fault.

    2-1, we’ re through, same scoreline as the Mancs, but we did it with 10 men. Can’t complain.

    As for some of the comments on here: Jonjon’s been chatting shit, Bill’s drilling for oil but finding tar, and Gack is a monge.

    I don’t think we have a pressing need for a CB personally, but I remember last year people were saying we need experience. Now they’re saying we just need anyone and relegate Squilly from 4th to 5th. If we need somebody, there’s alway Miquel. Shall we go put in a bid for Lucio? How much would Inter want? 20, 30 40, 50 mil? Fuck’em I say. If AW thinks we’re good enough, I see no cause to argue, and yes, it’s cause he knows better than you.

  38. Block4 says:

    The own goal is that because Bendtner’s initial shot was off traget. A deflected goal where the initial shot is on target is credited to the striker and if it is off target it goes down as an own goal.

  39. Mumbai gooner says:


  40. Mumbai gooner says:

    second in two minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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