Arsenal Prove To Be Poles Apart From Everton

Everton 1 –  2 Arsenal

0 – 1 Sagna (35)
0 – 2 Fabregas (47)
1 – 2 Cahill (87)

Arsenal climbed to second place with a confident victory at Goodison Park, capitalising on the slips by both Mancunian clubs and leaders, Chelsea. The red carpet unfurled by the media towards Stamford Bridge has been rolled back and put into the store cupboard as the much-fabled strength in Chelsea depth proved to be no more than a fairy tale.

The recent travails of Arsenal with key players missing through injury was put into perspective; no side in this division can take the core element of their side from the pitch and presume that their replacements are good enough to win. Victory next weekend over Tottenham will lift Arsenal to the summit, albeit for a few hours, but will place pressure on the current leaders, their comfort zone entirely diminished.

The goals came from the unlikeliest of sources. Bacary Sagna has rarely troubled the scoresheet during his spell at the club, a baffling fact when finishes such as yesterday’s occur. Cesc Fabregas had not been in the best form leading up to the game, receiving confidence-boosting comments from his manager beforehand, justifying Wenger’s optimism over his condition with his fifth goal of the season.

As Everton pressed to recover the deficit, Lukasz Fabianski once more suggested that mistakes might be considered a rarity, consistency becoming more evident in his game whilst suggesting that any thoughts of an immediate return to the starting XI by Manuel Almunia will have to be put on hold. But Fabianski was not the only defensive player to excel yesterday. As a unit, the back four played well, the pairing of Djourou and Squillaci possibly gave their best performance in tandem with Sagna and Clichy marshalling the flanks.

The match started in a low key manner, ten minutes passing before an opportunity arose. Even then it was a half chance, Nasri’s effort block by Distin. Everton responded on the counter, Coleman outsprinting Fabregas to get to the by-line, finding the unmarked Cahill who headed back across goal, troubling the photographers more than Fabianski, such was the wayward nature of his effort.

Inexorably, Arsenal tightened their grip on the match. Arshavin bobbed and weaved before putting the ball into the crowd before a Wilshere saw an effort flick wide off Jagielka. The breakthrough seemed inevitable and unless the fates were fickle, it was only going to be for Arsenal.

With ten minutes of the half remaining, it duly arrived. Howard pushed Nasri’s effort wide and Arshavin had the presence of mind to keep the ball in, seeking a team-mate rather than a corner. Sagna was that man, thundering him shot home from eight yards, given the time and freedom of the area to pick his spot.

Jack Wilshere had been ineffective in the first half and was replaced by Denilson. The Brazilian shorn of his dubious locks, made an immediate impact. Forging toward the Everton penalty area, he slid the ball to Chamakh. A deft touch to Fabregas and the Spaniard flicked his volley past Howard to double the visitors advantage.

Everton probed, a free kick, held comfortable by Fabianski was their best effort before Nasri found himself clear on goal, Howard standing tall to block the Frenchman’s shot with his chest. Arsenal were threatening a rout on the counter. Fabregas crossed for the unmarked Chamakh, astonishingly the Moroccan put the ball over the bar from three yards, if that.

Everton sent on the cavalry with Beckford and Yakubu entering the fray. The former Leeds man almost made an immediate impact, the ball striking his back before a swivel sent in a shot towards the far post; Fabianski was more than equal, a firm hand saving. Pienaar drew another excellent save as Everton huffed before Saha found the Pole an insurmountable obstacle with the final whistle poised.

The Arsenal defence was breached before the end, Cahill finding space despite the defences numerical superiority, to jab home. It was the only blemish on a thoroughly professional away performance.

There was a consistency throughout the team yesterday. Despite this, the feeling is that the players had more to give, quite capable of moving up a couple of gears if required. It was not nor was there any threat of it being needed such was the Arsenal dominance in midfield.

With the internationals taking place this week, it was a good win, improved by Sunderland’s surprising – but thoroughly deserved – victory at Stamford Bridge. The difference a week can make in football has been starkly highlighted by Arsenal. The paucity of the performance against Newcastle contradicted by two wins on their travels. Transferring the form to home matches once more is the next step as the team seeks to build on these wins to build a long unbeaten run.

’til Tomorrow.

183 thoughts on “Arsenal Prove To Be Poles Apart From Everton

  1. Joe says:


    I think your spot on about Pienaar. But I think your wrong about loosing Arshavin. We spent so much time and effort signing him and despite the fact that he’s inconsistent at times – on form he’s one of the most creative players in the world who can change games at the highest level with a moment of magic. Players like that are very hard to find – so I see him staying and hope he finishes his career at the club. I dont think it was a coincidence that our creativity levels dwindled during the Shaktar/Newcastle ties when AA was on the bench. Pienaar would be a wonderful addition though and I think its a very likely possibility.

  2. Maria says:


    No, I didn’t because I trust Arsene!

    Also I didn’t have the ‘luxury’ of seeing them on a number of occasions like I have with Pienaar and Cahill! Who I didn’t think from what I have seen to be Arsenal quality.

    Btw how old is Pienaar? Wilshere had he not been tired would have taught him the lesson Denilson did on Sunday. Also was I the only way who completely forgot that Arteta was playing yesterday? Cahill was in Johan’s pocket and Clichy put Coleman in his place! Watching the game again it’s amazing the confident and organization Squilly brings to the side, even though he didn’t have his best game he did so many other things right!

  3. Chemical says:

    It’s fuuny how Seamus Coleman threteaned our defence by making superb runs down the wings and beating Fabregas while he was backtracking and to see a talent like him to not to play the last Republic of Ireland game but they do have a gullible manager to be fair.

    Pienaar is 28 years old and still clubs are interested in him and played well but did not play good in the World Cup. Think about Cahill the size of him and the headers he could produce it’s overwhelming.

    Djourou he’s improving every match he plays he’s such a badass but probally won’t start when Koscileney comes back to starting 11. It’s gonna be a tough decision who he is gonna take off when vermelean comes back from injury it’s either Squilly or Koscileney. I admire Koscileney in Ligue 1 when he played for Lorient and still doing good as he scored 1 goal in 8 games which is good for a defender.

  4. Bill says:


    I love playing fantasy manager but I suspect we will not add any players in January. No real glaring need as long as TV5 will come back in some reasonable time period. Long term I think Diaby’s health is a much bigger issue. Still we have lots of choices for DM but I agree with Maria, a good player to rotate with Denilson, Wilshere and Song in the deep midfield positions would be helpful. The top of the table is weak this year, we have a great chance to break our trophy duck in a big way. With lots of money in the bank, if there are any significant injuries or percieved needs in January I hope we are aggressive. We can always sort out any logjams later.

    Chelsea need a CB a lot more then we do. Even if we wanted Cahill I suspect Chelsea will make an offer that Bolton can not refuse and no way we will outbid them. Pienaar would be a back end of the squad player at best.

  5. Poliziano says:

    I would have thought Chelsea would be more eager to find a new left back.

  6. California Gooner says:

    I’ll put my two cents in for another defender, but not because there is anything wrong with the guys we have playing. They are doing great. Quite simply, we have a real chance this year, and I would hate to see it blown up because of injuries. So a little cover would be nice. We don’t have that worry up top: we’ve been without RVP, NikkiB, Theo and even Cesc and have barely missed them.

  7. Serk Da Turk says:

    Pienaar is interesting clubs not because of his age but because of his price tag. In the middle of an economic crisis there is the possibility of getting your hands a quality player at cut price possibly for free. If he was on a four year contract and Everton were asking for 15-20 million for him how many clubs would be interested? And the only reason that he would get in to Man U and Liverpool is because he is a quality player and they need to keep their finances down.

    But as far as quality goes, ask yourself this; is Pienaar better than Fabregas? Nasri? Arshavin? Rosicky? Wilshere? At 28 can he offer anything like what JET and Aneke promise to be? There is no place for him in this squad. Simple as that.

    And no matter what kind of aerial ability Cahill has he doesn’t have the pace to play the high defensive line that Arsenal keep. He would get ruined on a weekly basis. Remember Senderos. And he was probably a better defender than Cahill too.

  8. Maria says:

    Diaby’s injuries are a real concern for me and of your list, Schweinsteiger is one player that has impressed me, but a fit and confident Diaby would make him redundant.

    However as a squad player to be rotated with the likes of Ramsey, Denilson, Cesc, Song and Jacks he could be useful as he like Diaby has different attributes to must of our other midfielders.

    What makes Diaby apecial is his a box-to-box dynamic midfielder, that combines pace, strength, skill and a vicious shot with 5 odd years of learning Wengerball.

    Oh and JET deserves a chance before anyone new comes in MF or up front!

  9. Serk Da Turk says:

    You know that extra midfielder that you wouldn’t mind having to rotate with Jack, Neves, and Alex? What do you think of Diaby in a couple of weeks time? Or how about Ramsey to start making a couple of appearances come January or February?

    I’m telling you guys there is no room for any transfers in this squad. It is just far too complete a squad. It’s pretty much over flowing with hugely talented players.

  10. Maria says:

    If we need a header leave it to Johan u say!!

  11. Serk Da Turk says:

    Hahahahahaha!!! I almost missed that! Nice.

  12. California Gooner says:

    Why would Chelsea want a new left back? Cole’s cross to Wellbeck was better than Clichy to Song a few weeks ago.

  13. Maria says:

    I doubt it Pz, they need Cashley for all that positive media coverage he generates for them on a monthly basis.

    Did love the way Sunderland fans singing as badly as his ex-wife did to him. Lilly Allen’s Chelsea batty boy was favourite!!

  14. 1 loose cannon says:

    Phil Neville has admitted that Arsenal cannot be bullied anymore.
    He said: ‘They seem a little more resilient now,’. ‘They’ are always going to play fantastic football – that’s never going to change – but, towards the end, they were getting men behind ball and getting challenges in.

    ‘You always fancy yourself to rough them up. But we couldn’t do it, and that’s where they have improved. You could see the difference. We have always caused them problems with our energy before. They haven’t been able to cope, but they did this time. They were deserved winners’
    I’m actually delight we are picking up yellow cards. last year we topped the fair play table and they called us too soft. the other I day read A headline that said ARSENAl are the dirtiest team in the league’ even though I know its not true, I was pleased we are getting that reputation it will only serve to put off the bully boys.Sod the fair play table

  15. Ole Gunner says:

    What’s going on at Everton? Suddenly nobody at the club has anything but glowing positive statements to make about us.

    Distin, Howard, Moyes, and now Neville have all taken turns to declare their warm regards.

    Unusual to get so much ‘love’ from a Northern team.

  16. dupsffokcuf says:

    Gadget, Lawton is a hypocrite. Some of his previous articles about Arsene & Arsenal are far from reality.

  17. Maria says:

    Really I missed all that any links? On the Everton boys that is.

  18. Maria says:

    Thanks Duff!

    Gadget, it’s the early morning Arsenal catch-up!

  19. Ole Gunner says:

    Distin praised Nasri and the great football we play, said how great a team we are.

    Moyes said Wenger is a legend in the English game.

    Howard came out in stout defence of Fabianski, saying criticism of him is 95% nonsense saying he’s a quality keeper

    etc etc

  20. Maria says:

    Really? Well it must be JET or Lansbury their sniffing around.

    Darcula even admitted that we were strong in midfield!!

  21. Sport Picks says:

    The Gooners !!

    I love this team at latest performance that they still have good performance and I believe that Arsenal will more better at champions league

  22. OneOfUs says:

    Nice vids, FP. Rosicky’s the man at calming things down and getting the team playing for each other again.

    In fact I like the way our whole bench looks these days. It’s like a selection of specialized, precision tools (in the good sense) that AW can call on depending on the circumstances.

  23. OneOfUs says:

    Well it looks like they managed to break Wilshere. At least he’ll get the rest he needed.

  24. Finsbury says:

    & Arshavin vs Manchester City:

    2:45 – holy fcuk yes. It’s AA as the ‘last man’ on Tevez.
    Well, almost. Squills had the skills to be waiting in cover.

  25. OneOfUs says:

    I’ve warmed to AA recently. And – is it me, or is there a very clear difference between his home and away performances?

    Anyway, I doubt anyone cares about England, but JET’s been overlooked for the u21s yet again. This time in favour of a 17 year-old who can’t even get game time with Ipswich. I’m undecided – is it good to keep guys like JET well under the radar, or is it important for their development to experience international football?

  26. LimparAssist says:

    Interesting question, OOU, not quite sure myself, but… how about to the tune of Prince – Little Red Corvette…

    Little Red Called JET!!

    Haven’t looked into the body of the song yet… feel sure it will work though.

    Hoping Wilshere is faking it. 16 call-ups is fantastic but I just end up wishing they’d all hide in the boot room under a pile of towels til the games are over. 16 call-ups! Bet Spurs didn’t get half that.

  27. OneOfUs says:

    I guess it’s only the chorus you need anyway –

    My effort, sorry in advance:

    Little Red called JET,
    Baby you’re just too vast,
    Little Red called JET,
    Is that a dwarf you’re running past?

  28. LimparAssist says:

    Baby you’re just too vast = brilliant
    Dwarf you’re running past = the opposite of that.

    Bobby Pires signing for Villa in the next few days according to their website. Good for him, good for them, good for the Premiership. Football’s the big winner here.

  29. ZimPaul says:

    Would Wenger ever make a bid for Pienaar? Pienaar is a good player, hard working, pretty good passing, a Flamini and so Wenger is on record as saying “he would fit into the Arsenal system”, but at 28, players coming through, no ways. He’s not that good. Cahill? Naaa … why, really?

    It’s not strange that Everton have some admiration for Arsenal. We play well, fairly and respectfully. We’ve had a reasonable relationship and some good hard-fought games over the years, Moyes seems a quietly decent sort and does a good job, I doubt Wenger has anything but admiration for him and his team, who are capable of beating any opposition on their day, and if the football gods desire, they will do just this to our competitors.

    Although I admired Cashley’s well-weighted pass, just enough on it so Petr Cech couldn’t quite get there; far, far more enjoyable was the look of self-loathing and disgust-with-life after the goal, kind of like if a fan had asked his autograph at that moment, Cashley would have head-butted him.

    Now, this ‘look’ is, in my humble opinion, just the right look for the Chelsea team as a whole. If only his peers could emulate that look, all practice it in the mirror, before matches perhaps, the world would be a better place.

  30. Poliziano says:

    “Baby you’re just too vast”
    Huddlestone is out for three months. In any case, I don’t think we should be calling him “baby”.

  31. Gadget says:

    The capitalisation of the ‘AW’ is no mistake. The Gadget’s Guide to the Multiverse states that ‘AWesome’ is a state of excellence beyond ‘perfection’ or ‘nirvana’. It’s said that only those of an AWesome state can detect the subtle difference of pitch and tone of the spoke word

  32. OneOfUs says:

    Yeah, I don’t feel that the “sorry in advance” was quite enough. I was listening to It’s Up for Grabs Now earlier (I’m on a really boring project now), and thinking, when they read the latest batch of terrible chants, that it’s one thing to make these songs read well – or not – but it’s a whole different story once they’re vocalized. It’s incredibly tough to get them to work, even if it looks like everything matches. Also, I had to try and do a jingle a couple of years ago and the more I had to change it the sh*tter it got.

  33. ZimPaul says:

    Has Arsene deliberately kept Denilson ‘in reserve’ and under wraps, so to speak, for the next phase or latter half of the campaign? If so, it has worked, Denilson looks as sharp, composed and confident as I have ever seen him. His all-round play is really wonderful, the complete player.

  34. LimparAssist says:

    I was listening to that too, OOU. Very slow day! You said JET and a little Prince voice in my head squeaked Corvette.

    In better musical news; seeing Fourtet on Friday. The perfect place to forget pre-North London derby nerves. Not that I’m nervous of course…

  35. IndianGooner says:


    I feel Denilson’s fewer appearances this season has something to do with his back injury last season. Gilberto had such an injury and it took almost a year to recover from it completely..

    Another reason may be to get Lil Jack to get as much experience as possible in the initial stages to help him during the latter stages.

  36. IndianGooner says:

    I meant latter stages of the season…

  37. OneOfUs says:

    Is it good or bad that they’re without Huddlestone?

    I don’t get nervous until I hear that they have players missing, because then you’re thinking that we really should beat them, especially at home.

    What’s Four Tet’s recent stuff like, LA? I have some tracks by Fridge, and then Rounds. That’s about it. I think you recommended a new album recently. Output’s acts were amazing around the start of the decade – they had Colder, Black Strobe, LCD and a great group called Gramme.

  38. Poliziano says:

    The absence of Huddlestone should mean there is more space in midfield.

  39. deano says:

    Poliziano….It might also mean that modric gets a look in at the canteen.

  40. LimparAssist says:

    OOU – Having just written a potted history of what fourtet has been up to for the past 4 years before slipping into a delete-blackhole-screw-up… suffice it to say that his last two releases; ‘Ringer’ and ‘There is Love in You’ are – IMO – his best. Ringer (08) is like dreamier, moodier, techier early-Aphex Twin, and the latest one is him finally sort of embracing modern dance music so it’s got more melody and it’s a bit more dancefloor friendly, euphoric in places. Try ‘Ribbons’ from Ringer for a taste of that… and pretty much the whole of the new one! ‘Angel Echoes’, ‘Love Cry’, ‘Sing’, ‘She just likes to fight’ are the best ones. Amazing album. Can’t wait for Friday!

  41. mj_gunner says:

    Aston Villa is going to be my 2nd team from this day..

  42. deano says:

    I hope Bobby scores the winner at old trafford, a hattrick at chelsea, does what he does best against the spuds….and forces a few world class saves out of Fabianski..

  43. dennis says:

    Is it just my imagination or does Denilson look like he is much stronger this year? I think he could be partnered with Song away,and Jack at home.What say you?

  44. Vince says:

    I’d love to see more of the Jack/Deni combo, I know it was a weakened Spurs team in the Carling Cup but the pair of them totally bossed the midfield that night.

  45. mj_gunner says:

    Personally, I feel we are expecting a lot from Jack. He should rest for a week or 2. So Song & Denilson against the Sp*ds

  46. Limestonegunner says:

    Mj, that pairing would work fine, I think, since they are a flair team that won’t overpower us in midfield. Denilson will be rested and Jack recovering from a knock, so Deni and Song or Deni and Rosicky would be fine.

  47. Kitchen Sink says:

    Lansbury playing keeper for pearce’s u-21’s

  48. steww says:

    Oh my God. I don’t know what to say. I’m so fucking sorry everyone.
    I don’t know how to tell you this but I just dropped and broke my lucky Arsenal mug. In the week of the derby.
    I’m so very very sorry.

  49. Remi says:

    Steww, did you have the mug at the time of the Chelsea, WBA and newcastle games?

    If so dont worry it wasn’t lucky then!

  50. Limestonegunner says:

    Steww, perhaps your mug has prevented us from doing the double every year the last several? Who knows… We are on for the quadruple and I suspect at least the CC and one of PL or CL will be ours; losing the “lucky” mug seals the deal. Let’s be positive, though I understand it was probably a very nice mug.

  51. steww says:

    Hey I never looked at it that way guys. maybe you’re right, maybe this is a new era, the first season in six without the lucky mug….

  52. mj_gunner says:

    are you kidding me, Kitchen Sink?
    Limestone, why in the world would we rest Denilson, he has hardly played a full game..

  53. Passenal says:

    mj_gunner, I think he means that Denilson will get a rest as he has not been called up by Brazil for the pointless international friendly madness!

  54. Serk Da Turk says:

    No worries Steww. Spurs are going to need more than luck to avoid the beating that’s waiting for them on Saturday.

    No, apparently the keeper got sent off with no subs left. Apparently he wasn’t too bad. Did let in a penalty though. The versatility of some of academy products does put a smile my face though.

  55. Evil says:

    Shea mentioned in his feature on the site that Lansbury likes to have a try in goal. Explains his skills!

  56. Limestonegunner says:

    Mj, I meant he will be well rested and available, and won’t have international duty, as Passenal divined. I expect him to play v. Spurs. Jack suffered a knock and has looked a bit tired.

  57. 1 loose cannon says:

    Denilson looks well fed bulked up a bit even Nasri looks stronger physically . this team is really taking shape in every sense. just need to tweak the home form a bit and we will be on the way to glory. For me the most consistent player is Song, this guy has really improved 100% over the last 2 seasons. I can’t think of a better holding midfielder at the moment.Not long ago people were bemoning Why Wenger did not sign Palacios but Wenger knew all along he has a better footballer in his ranks. Song is not simply a bully he has everyting technic, touch, movement and added goals to his game and they are not scruffy goals, top class finishing. Funnily enough he doesn’t get the attention of the ref, pundits or comentators because he breaks up play get the ball and its already delivered before his name get a mention. he keeps things simpe but very effective

  58. LimparAssist says:

    Finally a decent keeper. Proper English keeper, innit? Henry ‘Spiderman’ Lansbury. Keeper crisis – SORTED!

    We’re a Lee Cattermole away from pushing for 2nd place. Actually – a Gary Cahill too. The missing link. I mean piece… the missing piece of the puzzle. 2nd place here we come. Wenger, get yer chequebook aaaaat!

  59. LimparAssist says:

    Half a second… we’re already in 2nd! Could go top Sat! What’s been goin on ere? Am I dreaming? Did I sleep?

  60. LimparAssist says:

    (To the tune of ‘Who the f*ck are Man United?’)

    Where the eff is Yogi’s War-rior?
    Where the eff is Yogi’s War-rior?
    Where the eff is Yogi’s War-rior?
    I’m starting to worry bout him

  61. gunnerluc says:

    me too as I am in need of my daily fix of ACLF!

  62. duke Goonem says:

    thank fuck Denilson cut his hair. i suppose he is doing a reverse samson effect job. hopefully it works.

  63. LimparAssist says:

    Wish we’d kept a hold of Mikael Silvestre now. Could’ve sold him to Chelsea in January. Alex out for 2 months. Terry out for a month or more. Paola Ferreira filling in at centreback… dark times at the Bridge. Thousands of siberian orphans are ecstatic.

  64. duke Goonem says:

    nice to see chelsea have a proper injury crisis for a change. now they know how it fukin feel’s. this will show how good their squad is.

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