Theo’s KO, Aaron’s OK And Other Gossip

Whilst Bugs and Daffy continue their eternal argument over whether it is Duck or Wabbit season, the media have decided that this week is open season on Theo Walcott. Well, it has been for quite a while with the abuse raining in on his head. As quickly as the media has built him up, they were waiting patiently to knock him down. That hat-trick in Zagreb must seem a lifetime ago.

That Capello did not include Walcott is not entirely surprising. Wright-Phillips and Lennon are more orthodox wingers; Walcott is a central striker in waiting, taking his footballing education on the right flank. They have better delivery from wide positions and this is apparently what Capello wants, not a player adept at passing through defences. He wants someone to hug the touchline; that is not Walcott’s game. If reports are to be believed, the recent friendlies saw Walcott play himself out of the squad.

Martin Keown was less dismissive in his criticism of Walcott than Chris Waddle – ‘no footballing brain‘ – or Paul Merson – ‘he has not improved one iota since joining Arsenal‘ – but biting nonetheless:

He runs at a frightening pace, he is rapid, but when he gets into those positions he is not able to think quickly enough, does he pull it back, does he shoot or does he go on his own? His decision making is the problem, he hasn’t been able to do that.

Under Capello it seemed as if he has been getting it right in the main, under Wenger, no, there has been a problem, whether or not that is the coaches’ fault, it has to be the players, he has just not played enough games.

It is hard to understand Keown’s logic. He is normally far better informed about players than the last sentence suggests. Quite simply, you cannot play if you are not fit. Walcott was screwed over by the selfish motives of Pearce and Capello last summer and is paying the price now.

The criticism of Wenger albeit tempered, fits with the media profile of the Arsenal coach. To blame him for injuries caused through overplaying is a bit rich, especially when he very vocally ciriticised the England set-up for the decision to call Walcott into the Under-21 and senior squad last summer. Those exertions limited the player to 15 starts (and 15 substitute appearances) in 2009/10; hardly proof of fitness.

That is not to say Keown is incorrect in his assessment of Walcott:

He has become a bit of a one-trick pony in terms of going for the line. People just double up on him.  When he has got time and space then he finds it a problem and he has got to sort that out with his game.

Walcott’s judgement is at times suspect yet he is 21 years old and has made 75 starts (plus 61 substitute appearances). To expect that aspect of his game to be perfect is incredibly naive. Problematically, Walcott came with great expectations and the burden of a huge price tag.

Add into that mix the folly of inclusion in the 2006 squad and constant pronouncements by successive England managers that Theo is the most naturally gifted English player of his generation, the snowball effect had built. Underpar performances for the national team over the past two years in the eyes of the media have meant the slow burning fires of disenchantment were gradually heating. The flames roared into life in the past fortnight but opinion was divided.

He has to pick himself up for next season. From a selfish point of view, Arsene will not be disappointed, knowing that Walcott will be fit for a full pre-season, motivated by this disappointment to show the world how good he really is. If the latter is an issue, then there is a problem. Nothing so far suggests that will be the case.

Looking at the rest of the squad, some surprise that Ledley King was recalled noting his well-reported injury problems, the question must be if he can sustain his fitness but most of the defence is adaptable and can play elsewhere, Cole, Warnock and Johnson the exceptions.

In midfield and attack, few surprises. Carrick’s inclusion is as back up for Barry should his fitness fail whilst Joe Cole has apparently been a shining light since the training camp began in Austria. As ever, no solution has been found for Gerrard and Lampard other than playing the former out of position.

Four strikers, four you could have named six months ago. Darren Bent may have scored regularly for his club but the absence of any of the big four trying to sign him when he was available sums up his level; good but not international quality. Heskey does not score enough but is favoured as a partner by Rooney and every England forward before him.

England will hold no surprises this summer. For anyone. Which means a probably quarter final exit.

Elsewhere, apparently another bright young thing is being readied for a loan. Francis Coquellin will be part of a deal to bring Laurent Koscielny to The Emirates, the Arsenal youngster to be sent to France for one season as a replacement is sought for William Gallas whose contract has apparently run its course.

No doubt there will be criticism this morning that Aaron Ramsey has been offered a new contract with his injury still some way to go before recovery. Not too sure why that will be a problem but given he is seen as a long-term replacement for Cesc, and the rest of the squad had new contracts last summer, surely it is better to keep him into the pattern of reward?

They have not stopped and Cheerleader-in-Chief, Xavi, thinks that he is some sort of Seer, as if repeating what the media say gives him some divine insight although they now think it will be well beyond the World Cup before any deal is done although I do wish this one was written by R.Sole instead.

’til Tomorrow.

190 thoughts on “Theo’s KO, Aaron’s OK And Other Gossip

  1. ChrisGoona says:


    As much as playing for Barcelona will be a dream come true to Cesc.. doesn’t he want more to win a trophy at Arsenal.. being the captain of our fine club, doesn’t he want to have something to look back on..? Just don’t make sense why he would want to leave at this stage.

    After watching his team mates get their legs broken, our players and club being constantly slagged off in the press… doesn’t he want the last laugh and a trophy to cap off his Arsenal career.

    It just don’t add up to me.

  2. deano says:


    Na we can send an official to verify that it happend…..And the tassels MUST be the proud Catalan colours of Barca.

  3. Frank says:

    …it was the BBC who misreported the Beveren Affair.

  4. Jonny says:

    Note that the news is all coming from one direction at the moment – Barca. The fact they have now made a formal offer indicates nothing – other than their intention to sign Cesc is credible.

    I think they hope they can do this on the cheap by making the offer public (though not mentioning the amount) and thereby pressuring Arsenal.

    We have a good record of getting players for less than they are worth and selling for more then they are worth. In the case of Cesc it would be very surprising to see him sold for less then £50M – this is in keeping with current prices.

    I suspect Barca do not have, or will not pay the money. there seems to be a certain amount of Catalan arrogance here (as they though are just taking back rightful property).

    And so I still believe there is a decent chance Wenger will dig his heels in and say NO and just explain to Fab he wants one more year minimum and if he still wants to go then the price will be the same but he will be free to go.

    Regardless I do not envisage there being a situation where Fab is allowed to leave without commensurate remuneration.

  5. deano says:


    I went through this a couple of days after the rumours first came out and he didnt take the oppurtunity to rubbish them. Clichy does it on the regular. “Thanks but no thanks Madrid, Barca, Im happy at Arsenal.”

    It hurts because we overestimated his charater and his intelligence. As I’ve ranted before it hurts because he is representative of what Wenger is trying to achieve at Arsenal. Something very special. This is a public undermining of Arsenal football club by Cesc Fabregas and Barcellona.

    To think he kissed the badge this season. Pffft.

  6. Frank says:

    The BBC story is that Barcelona have now openly admitted that they have sent a fax to Arsenal. Big deal.

    The only interesting piece of information in this sorry tale is that Cesc could not find the courage to state that he is an Arsenal player and not for sale…..

    For that alone I have lost all respect for the player. When he goes he will be in the same box as Cashley as far as I am concerned.

  7. gunnerluc says:

    I went to check what they say in the spanish press (marca and elmundodeportivo) and all those pricks are already saying it’s done deal and that the Barca 2011 will look like that:

    Valdes- Alves Puyol abidal – cesc xavi iniesta- Robben- villa-messi

    1st they really don’t know football if they want to put cesc as a DM!
    second I don’t see how they could spend 34M for villa, at least 50M-60M for cesc and another 30-40M for Robben with already more than 60M debts!
    Those guys do live in a sureal world where Euro notes grow in trees.

  8. Ateeb says:


    Even if he stays, he’s still a prick.

    Arsene hasn’t really kept players who wanted to leave unless the club deemed it necessary for them to stay, due their importance over the team. I doubt it would be any different with Cesc. If Arsene has a good replacement in mind, he’d offload the fucker. If not, he’ll keep him for another season until a replacement is found.

  9. deano says:


    We still have our best player; Van Persie, who loves this club.

    We have an exciting new signing in Chamakh who has been criminaly over shadowed by this Cesc Barca bollocks.

    Walcott, Rosicky, Eduardo will all benefit from a summer break and proper pre-season.

    We have some new signings to look forward to soon!

    The future is bright.

  10. ChrisGoona says:

    I wouldn’t go as far as calling him a Cashley, and I won’t be looking at his performances and wishing him well like I have been with Thierry Henry. I just will not be able to hold any respect for the guy if he leaves. This move would show a lack of respect to the captaincy, us fans, the club and Wenger who put his faith in him.

    He embarked on a project with us, and is the engine room of our team. Jumping ship means hes a quitter who deserves no respect.

  11. word says:

    thanks deano I just had a beautiful mental image of jose and ronaldo partying on the grass of the nou camp with beach balls and swimming trunks because barca turned on the sprinklers early again!

    very much looking forward to jose probing the arrogance of barca next year. He can start by making a 70m offer for cesc!

  12. Frank says:

    In my opinion Barcelona are acting like the complete arseholes they are because Cesc gave them the green light. If he had not informed them that he wanted to move then he would have made that clear over the last couple of weeks and the story is ended until the next transfer window.

    I doubt if Arsenal will hold out for silly money. £30-40m is most likely. That gives Arsenal a number of possibilities. I think the signing of Aaron to a longer term contract is a very significant move.

  13. naga gunner says:

    I feel sad, but dropping theo is the right decision whether england do anything at the world cup or not.

    I had always hoped desperately that theo would become an established english player at arsenal. But in my heart of hearts, watching him play for the last 4 years, I had always suspected that he was never going to be the world class player that we all expected him to be.

    I think he will turn into a decent player with years by his side but will be nowhere near world class. He is another overhyped english player (sigh) who has been built up to be way better than he is.

    li’l jack’s emergence has softened the blow to me personally. He already looks twice the player that theo is and even if he lacks experience you can clearly see REAL QUALITY when you watch him play. Our team desperately needs a bit of local flavour and yes, jack is the hope of arsenal.

    If cesc goes, I dont think we should buy a replacement, just give jack the role and let him grow with us. We have thrown so many raw youngsters into the deep end to learn the hard way, so why not do it with jack as well.

    He will make mistakes but then rooney became the player he is because everton gave him his chances. So bring on Jack!

    Cheers all!

  14. Henristic says:

    I don’t begrudge Cesc wanting to leave. Its his boyhood club and he trained through their academy. Wouldn’t we expect the same from, say Wilshere, in similar circumstances? It only goes to show the downside of investing in youth. It might be cheap-er but it is a very risky approach to building a team if the main players aren’t childhood supporters of the club.

    I just wish he won some trophies before he left

  15. Frank says:

    In fact the more I think about it the more likely it is that the Cesc thing will be sorted before the WC. If it is concluded by the end of next week it will not be deemed to have been indecent haste.

  16. word says:

    Cesc will have a glorious sunny lifestlye in spain with all his friends and be a national hero. Over here he will live the quiet life and risk his leg broken every week while his fatiged father figure manager is derided in the press for being a french peado nonce…

    The grass may look greener now but in a few years he will look back at arsenal with fondness deep regret for what could have been given a few more years.

    I agree that cesc giving barca the green light is the catylst here and because wenger is so respectfull to his wishes we will not hold out for silly money. Wenger must be wary to try and temper the backlash from the media and fans however or he will make life very hard for himself.

  17. gunnerluc says:

    I won’t go as far as to treat cesc a fuc*er as we knew he wanted to go there.
    But the fact he kissed the badge and then treat us like we are preventing him to fullfill his dream leaves me fuming.
    Staying at Arsenal would be the best thing for him and him not realising it shows we overestimated his intelligence.

    He will not be there star player, he will be played out of position when playing because irrespective of his talent they will rotate the midfield and he will sit out on a lot of important games (after the inter game I’m sure guardiola will learn that an all attacking team is not the best thing to do and Cesc and Iniesta will be the one paying the price as they are the two most attacking).

    And he will not recieve the reception given to Henry, Viera, Pires or even Toure.

    I’ve lost all the little respect, Ive had for Barca and now hope for them to be crushed by Mourinho even if I’ve always disliked him!

  18. Frank says:

    Arsenal teams down the ages have consisted almost entirely of non-Arsenal supporting players….Charlie George being one of the exceptions.

    There is no getting away from this. Cesc going to Barcelona at this stage is a small-minded, cowardly, unprofessional move. He will have deserted the club responsible for his success and did not even have the courage to come out and admit it.

  19. Keysersoze says:

    I can’t seriously understand why so many people are still stuck with the “poor boy cesc, wish him well in his motherland” shit.

    Some of these same people waste no time in jumping on Wenger.

  20. word says:

    yeah but balancing your profession with your personal life is key to happiness so however unprofessional it loks like to us (everyone signs long term contracts if possible) you have to well………. sympathise somewhat with personal side. He is human after all.

  21. Gris Gris says:

    Jonny and Frank seem to be the only ones able to understand the BBC article. It simply quotes Barca as saying they could not make anything formal until June 1. It is now after June 1. They have made a formal approach. Big deal! Did anyone expect after all the talk sh!te that Barca would not make a formal approach? All the rest of you who are so ready to fall on your swords over this should chill out! Sh!t happens, Arsenal may sell Cesc, life goes on.

  22. word says:

    ramsey and whilshire will be different

  23. Ole Gunner says:

    I don’t see too much to reproach Fabregas over.

    Fuck off Barca though.

  24. vote eboue says:

    i have this sick feeling that IF cesc goes arsenal will win the league AND champions league just to say “f*ck u barcac*nts”

  25. Yogi's Warrior says:

    As an observation, I would say ‘So What’ if they have submitted a bid for Cesc. I could offer Arsenal £50 for the players registration, doesn’t mean that they will accept it. It would however, enable me to convince people that I was in negotiations with the club, if I needed to do so.

  26. LimparAssist says:

    Yup. Nothing’s changed at all. It’s barely even news.

    To be honest, I thought they’d entered into ‘discussions’ a couple of weeks ago.

    This is the bit when we say ‘jump’ and they say ‘how high?’ And if they can’t jump high enough we say ‘do one’.

    Ole Gunner, did you send a copy of you arse over there yet?

  27. ChrisGoona says:

    YW, exactly.

    My fear is that Wenger allows a deal to happen just to satisfy Cesc. Wenger isn’t a Fergie who forces players to stay, he doesn’t mind selling because he will just bring another through the ranks. Wenger needs to look out for Arsenal on this one, otherwise next season we will have the same shit with Van Persie.

    We don’t have to sell, it’s simple. Thats the stance I expect Arsenal to take. Even if it means a slightly uncomfortable Cesc sticking around and pretending to be happy – if he wasn’t happy he shouldn’t have signed the contract in the first place, or became Captain. This is why I expect Arsenal to only sell at a really attractive figure. Like Man Utd with the Ronaldo affair.

  28. gunnerluc says:

    you just made me picture of those catalan wankers receiving a picture of Ole’s arse instead of a fax from Arsenal accepting their offer. Brilliant!
    We should organise this, every gunner fan should send a picture of his arse to Barca!
    Or we should organise to have a pile of dung delivered in front of their office to make them know what we are ready to give them!

  29. deano says:

    Is it true that Pool are gonna sell benayoun just so they can attract Arab ivestment?

    And I’m in for the Arse faxing.

  30. ChrisGoona says:

    Anyway, it’s not all bad news, we’ve heard from reliable sources tells us that personal terms have been agreed with Joe Cole and Wenger will rubber stamp it this week, good news indeed, when fit, he is a class act and it also means I get to watch the World Cup after all.

    LeShite reckon we got Cole then.. he had a good old rant about long term contracts too.. some points I actually have to agree on for once!!. They forgot to mention though the vital factor.. that long term contracts are needed nowadays in order to stop players leaving on a free!

  31. Frank says:

    Arsenal will be the stronger for all of this. I will be faxing Lady Neena and Peter’s arses to Barcelona. Going to take me a while though. Can you get very big fax machines?

  32. deano says:

    I hope not about Cole.

    I remember his doing an “exclusive” for the NOTW a year and a bit back slating Arsenal.

    jumped up little fart he is.

  33. Peter says:

    Re: Aaron Ramsey, I can only assume there are good reasons why Arsenal have chosen to agree a new contract for a player whose leg is, literally, in bits. Otherwise Wenger is certified insane. Remember that Surralex was mightily pissed off when Wenger grabbed Ramsey from the jaws of Man U. My guess is that Man U or other big clubs are taking a punt that Ramsey will make full recovery and bids have already been tabled.

  34. Firstlady says:

    Chris i went there to see what was going on and after reading a few paragraphs i couldnt bring myself to finish reading. I can’t understand why they wouldnt want us to extend Ramsey contract, afterall he’s been through we need to show our faith in him.Sometime i think the bloggers just want to stir sh!t!!

  35. els says:

    Cole – Mneh
    Cesc – Mneh

    Ramsey – Get In!!!!

  36. LimparAssist says:

    The problem comes when, inundated with arses, Beatriz the girl on the Barca frontdesk… starts putting any correspondence with the word ‘arse’ in it straight in the rubbish bin. When Arsenal Football Club’s official ‘Fuck You’ comes through, it may be lost in the maelstrom of arse we’ve sent them. Not the result we want when trying to nip things in the butt… er bud.

  37. Ole Gunner says:


    Would it be illegal to fax them my arse? Otherwise we should all just make copies of our arses and fax to (00 34) 93 496 37 67

  38. Finsbury says:

    “Arsène Wenger will be very important to Theo… He is a great manager and a magnificent mentor to the young players at that club.”

    – Geoff Hurst.

    Henry played from the LW in ’98, 3 goals early on, dropped and then used as a sub in the later games I think. Guivarch performed a fine Heskey impersonation for France in that tournament.

    So, England will be relying on Rooney to play as well as Zidane, and for their wide players (who’ve been instructed to hug the touchline as orthodox whingers?) to score some goals?

    Maybe Lumpard will be England’s cunning secret weapon?

    I lost interest with the Capello Index when he chose to Stick with JT as Captain.
    Still, Desailly’s Final in ’94 (?) was one of the better games I’ve seen. But as history proves, with Capello, that was an exception.

  39. els says:

    Ole is it that simple. If 100 of us did that could they really seriously prosecute???

    Count me in.

    Erm are we talking just cheeks or dot?
    I don’t want to be THE one that went to far.

  40. deano says:

    lmARSEo Limpar,

    Count me in, I’ll definatley do this just for the crack. We’ll show them that were not going to bend over for them…

  41. LimparAssist says:

    Ole, you hero. I feel like you turned the offer down yourself.

    Have that Barcelona. And fuck off.

  42. Ole Gunner says:

    How do you say fuck off in Catalan?

  43. deano says:


    Fuck YOU Joan! And You Xavi, you scrotum.

    Fuck you FC Barcellona! !

  44. els says:

    mwaaa ha haaa done deal. Lets sit tight for any police action. I’m blaming Ole and his almost hypnotic influence he has over me.

  45. gunnerluc says:


    “Arsenal Football Club have today released the following statement about Cesc Fabregas:

    “Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas is under contract with the Club until the summer of 2015. He is a highly valued member of the team and part of our future plans.

    “We have followed recent speculation linking Cesc with a move away from the Club but as there has never been any official approach for him, only two informal exchanges, in which we made it abundantly clear that we have no interest in transferring Cesc, we have refrained from publicly passing comment. However, yesterday evening we received an offer from Barcelona for Cesc and in response, we immediately and resolutely told them once again that we have no intention of selling our captain.

    “To be clear, we will not make any kind of counterproposal or enter into any discussion. Barcelona have publicly stated that they will respect our position and we expect that they will keep their word.”

  46. els says:

    That statement says to me that we have refused to play childish transfer games.

    Still it’s a nervous time for the fans. But it feels good when this kind of correspondence comes out don’t it.

  47. deano says:


    Have you realy sent your arse to barcelona?

  48. Cartis says:

    HUZZAH! Bite me dirty barcelona fans.

  49. ChrisGoona says:

    Thats made me feel MUCH better! Nice one Arsenal 🙂

    By the way YW has posted again

  50. Frank says:

    There we go, LimparAssist. No question of the Arsenal response being lost in a pile of arses because there won’t be one…response I mean…there will be a pile of arses.

  51. els says:

    deano yeah??? Well I sent a pic of my cheeks to that fax number. I’d better not be the only one!

    CG, OLE, DEANO guys…

  52. gunnerluc says:

    So Ole
    Where did you get that fax number? Is it sure it’s the barca fax number?

    I just want to make sure, I don’t send my arse to an innocent spaniard!

    LET ALL DO IT FOR REAL! I can picture the headlines from elmundodeportivo:
    Barca recibe miles de photos de culo de los aficionados del Arsenal.
    Eso es el unica que el club va a recibir del Arsenal!

    I am so happy, Arsenal showed they had balls and can’t be bullied around!

  53. Firstlady says:

    “. Barcelona have publicly stated that they will respect our position and we expect that they will keep their word.”

    I think that would be expecting too much from the d!cks!!!But atleast now that Arsenal has set the record straight, the story may die down and we can concentrate on watching the world cup and looking forward to the next season.

  54. gunnerluc says:

    els I’m in!!
    I am at work so I don’t want to send it from my work number but will do from a post office or somewhere I can find a fax!

  55. deano says:


    I promise my Arse is barcellona bound imminently.

    Kudos to you sir…a true pioneer.

  56. els says:

    Ha ha. I think Ole should put his erm arse were his mou…. no that’s wrong. Erm I think Ole should join in the Crack.

    Gunnerluc I think you should also see if you could use the post office photocopier. That would really make the news.

  57. gunnerluc says:

    LOL will probably photocopy it in my own home to be honest. but it will be sent!!!

  58. Firstlady says:

    Eleven Arsenal players going to S.A.Not bad, not bad at all.

  59. Silver Gunner says:

    ohh that statement was fooking brilliant lets hope they stick to their guns!!

  60. wengerball says:

    I love the last sentence in that statement.

    “you’ve said you’d respect our position, now let’s see you keep your word” Or else show the world what major cunts you are —twats

  61. Ole Gunner says:

    I’ll send mine this evening boys.

    The fax number is for their Press room. From their official website.

    I’m going to add the following message; Fuck off…from all gooners

  62. ArseChicago says:

    This should be a big F.U. to the critics of Arsenal for their lack of responsiveness. Like any responsible and reasoned business, they waited until there was an official offer to swat it down publicly. Kudos to the club for staying above the nonsense in the media.

  63. trevor Hill says:

    now that is great news all round.
    naughty. Frank. i know what ur thinking. it aint so.

  64. Henristic says:

    Hate to put a dampener on your celebrations but if AFC is only playing hardball? I’ll be waiting till the end of the transfer window before celebrating.

  65. word says:

    WOW! typically classy move from us.

    hopefully this is the end of it

  66. Paul N says:

    Henristic, I dont agree with Arsenal playing hard ball. One thing I notice about Arsenal is that if it is posted like this, this is what they mean.

    Look at how in spite of all the media speculation, there was never any comment on the site about. Wenger didnt say one word.


    The only issue would be Cesc acting a fool. Lets hope he sticks to the “Its in Wenger’s hands” statement.

  67. gunnerluc says:

    This is planned so I believe the response he had from wenger in the “greatest discusion he had” was that he understand cesc’s desire to rejoin with Barca but that Arsenal won’t sell him until a suitable replacement is ready to take over.

    He just did not said he won’t come this summer because he does not want to have problems with barca or their fans.

  68. Paul N says:

    This shouldnt even be a story, its rather annoying but the response from Arsenal is very classy. We didnt get into any media crap like Barca. Now Barca look the fool while Arsenal can hold their heads high!

    The team shouldve been focused on getting over the hump. Looking at the way we are falling short and do what it takes to get to the point of winning the PL, not trying to bail out even after you signed a new contract.


    GOD BLESS!!!

  69. Silver Gunner says:

    Joe Cole to arsenal a rumour or more lets hope the latter.

  70. word says:

    I thought the cole thing was utter bullshit at first but he is starting to grow on me… he is direct and can dribble behind defensive lines. bit of a wild card to change a game.

    I would have assumed we dont need him but wenger said something about replacing players that leave so maybe eduardo is off then? wouldn’t mind if it was arshavin tbh

    should probably just shut up and wait for the official

  71. Silver Gunner says:

    word i agree arshavin’s heart does not seem to be here too many weird things coming from him through the media.

    Having said that he is still world class.

  72. FunGunner says:

    Ha ha ha! Fantastic response from Arsenal.
    Barca, watch and learn. That is how a truly big club behaves.

    It’s not the end of the media speculation, but it’s the end of the line for Barca’s bid, I feel. There is no wiggle room in that statement.
    Also, I don’t think we will have an unsettled player next season. At some level, the derisory amount offered will have sent Cesc a message about how much each club values him. Furthermore, I don’t think he is unhappy at Arsenal – and why would he be, apart from not having won trophies? I am guessing that his satisfaction with his current situation was what was established in THAT conversation – and why he said he was leaving it up to Wenger. (It’s up to Arsene anyway, but don’t tell Cesc that!)

  73. Poliziano says:

    Arsenal say, “Stick it up your Barce.”

  74. Poliziano says:

    Fabregas will be relieved by this. His chums in the Spanish team have put him under a lot of pressure to move to Barcelona. He didn’t want to go, but he didn’t want to refuse his buddies. He needed someone with authority to make the right decision for him, and Arsenal have done just that.

  75. shotta-gunna says:

    The ball was in our court once Cesc blinked and put it in Arsene’s hands. Now the club has told the Barca scum to bloody f*ck off. Excellent news.

    Barca’s options are limited. They can’t run to their insolvent Spanish banks and get a huge credit line. No siree, not in this climate. Their best bet is to use c*nts like Xavi, Puyol, Pique and Messi to unsettle Cesc. Those f*ckers should be concentrating on the world cup but we know they have a lot of time to mess with Cesc’s head.

  76. Marc says:

    Poliziano – I hadn’t thought about it that way. We all know Cesc wants to play for Barca one day but being in his early 20’s Cesc has plenty of time. Maybe Cesc doubts whether he would be first choice there and if he were to end up on the bench for extended spells how long before Barca are looking at signing the next midfield superstar. At Arsenal he is guaranteed to start, improve and play himself into contention.

  77. Marc says:

    The Ramsey contract will be as much about the player’s mental recovery from injury as anything else. Knowing he is wanted and has a future can only help his recovery.

  78. Henristic says:

    Does anyone have a stat or some information on other club’s players with leg breaks and how it has affected the rest of their playing carriers?

    It might be interesting to compare the recovery of Diaby, Eduardo, and now Ramsey with players from other teams. I can’t remember any other player from any top team like that?

  79. Muppet says:

    Anybody hear Adrian Durham on Talk Shite earlier.

    First of all arsenal were condemned for not already signing some of the “quality” england players going to the world cup. The assertion being that if we had signed them, say, 2 or 3 years ago, they would have improved us, as they are much better than some of the young players we have got now.

    Secondly arsenal were condemned for their current stance on Cesc Fabregas. The moral and righteous thing to do would be to let him go to Barcelona quietly, and for a much reduced fee, as he was plucked from their academy.

  80. Gainsbourg69 says:


    “I don’t begrudge Cesc wanting to leave. Its his boyhood club and he trained through their academy. Wouldn’t we expect the same from, say Wilshere, in similar circumstances? It only goes to show the downside of investing in youth. It might be cheap-er but it is a very risky approach to building a team if the main players aren’t childhood supporters of the club.”

    That’s a very minor downside considering how much money Wenger has made for the club with the sale of players he picks up for peanuts and sells for huge sums.

    Cesc was a major coup for Wenger. And although that kind of player doesn’t appear very often, Wenger seems to find those kinds of players more than any manager. So if Cesc leaves Arsenal make a huge bundle of money, promote or buy a player of the same caliber as Cesc and the debt is under control. Some may bitch and moan about not winning trophies and they’ll trash the youth project. But once the club clears its debt and it’s set up to better compete against the financially doped sides, then people will realize what sort of sacrifice Wenger has made. I mean, can you imagine Mourinho putting aside his ambition to help his club grow like Wenger has? I certainly don’t. Wenger should be praised for revolutionizing this club. Not have shit thrown at him because some babies want a trophie in order to brag to their friends.

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