Spend, Spend, Spend And An Everton Preview. Maybe.

Ahead of this afternoon’s potential clash with Everton, Arsene and Ivan Gazidis have been putting some firm opinions into the public arena regarding any additions or departures to the squad. The strongest hint about movement has been in central defence with Wenger confirming interest in bringing Sol Campbell back to the club if Philippe Senderos leaves this month.

His comments leave little doubt that the Swiss international has played his last game for the club unless the injury situation requires him. Given his own problems on that front, it is a little surprising that Campbell is not being re-signed in any case.

The money available to Wenger this winter has been the subject of considerable speculation, no doubt influencing the media activity of Gazidis and Arsene over the past couple of days. Both have been at pains to point out that panic spending is not going to happen. Prior to the window opening, a striker was believed to be the manager’s priority. Pressure eased there with the news that Nicklas Bendtner is two weeks away from being fit for action. The Dane will give Wenger options yet that would still leave room for an additional forward for the remaining 4 months of the season.

Therein is Wenger’s quandry. He has to ensure Arsenal stay in contention throughout that time and then go on to win. Yet once everyone is fit again, he is faced with the dilemma of who will be his first choice. Transient factors such as injuries and form come into the equation but any incoming players must be better than those already available to him.

Wenger spoke of big name players, defining them as individuals who can perform at Arsenal on a regular basis, observing that he has youngsters available who can fulfil that function. Both manager and CEO were at pains to point out, big money signings do not automatically mean success and that a number of his targets are financially out of his reach, Gignac one mentioned specifically, Dzeko presumably another.

Chamakh was targetted but his Mr20% has been talking up his client, Liverpool amongst the numerous English suitors for the player who will be available free this summer. No contact apparently from Arsenal and you wonder if the Moroccan’s recent outburst about being pressurised by Arsenal has raised question marks about his mentality. Indeed, the only definite contact Arsenal has made was to send Barcelona and Real a letter telling them to desist from trying to sign Fabregas as he is not for sale. Not one jot of notice will be taken as rampaging egos storm the parapets of their respective boardrooms, the former particularly in light of the upcoming Presidential elections, the latter has a leader who possesses the only ego that matters in his own eyes.

So to this afternoon. The fixture is one of only three to survive today and changes the game in hand from Bolton at home to Everton at home. The outcome remains the same; three points cuts the deficit to one behind Chelsea. If Birmingham obtain anything from their encounter with Manchester United, so much the better.

Team news is scarce other than the return to fitness of Tomas Rosicky. The Czech is back and ready to enter the fray, providing some prompting in the continued absence of the captain. It would be a surprise if he started though, his fitness needs to be more established and there is no immediate necessity for his return, others in the squad capable of playmaking.

The pressure falls on Aaron Ramsey after two outstanding performances on the road. The youngster is proving that Wenger was right to go the extra mile in signing him, rather than being contemptuous as Manchester United were. At this moment, talk of him replacing the captain is premature since (a) Fabregas has not left and (b) Ramsey is still aiming for consistency of performance. A regular starting place will enhance the chances of the latter and compliment the Spaniard on his return to the team.

Everton has a point to prove following the drubbing handed out at Goodison Park on the opening day of the season, a torment further added to by Denilson’s return to fitness. His is one of the few changes expected today with the line-up likely to be:

Almunia; Sagna, Gallas, Vermaelen, Traore; Diaby, Denilson, Ramsey; Arshavin, Eduardo, Nasri

Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it. If it goes ahead that is. ’til Tomorrow.

535 thoughts on “Spend, Spend, Spend And An Everton Preview. Maybe.

  1. Zap says:

    William please don’t say that about our players, please! Are you dreading the day arsenal wins a trophy??

    Oh right, els….Isn’t there a programme on channel 4 or sometimes on NFL?

  2. Zap says:

    yep, let’s hope so….

    william out of curiosity, how old are you??

  3. els says:

    Chanel 5 now. Sunday night’s but. It’s the dead of night. And with 2 young kids I struggle to sit and watch the 3 hours of it.

    So what did you think of the performance?

  4. 1 loose cannon says:

    Hansen just can’t get over 1989 he was captain and shitted himself badly I guess the name Thomas bring it all back for him “Thomas,its up for grabs now, Thomaaaaas, right at the end “.
    If you let him, he would actually spend the entire MoTD telling you how to beat Arsenal, the usual bullshit “get in their faces, stop them play bal bla bla,” unfortunately some dim players think its true and they start hacking our players.

  5. Zap says:

    I thought 1st half was terrible. 2nd was more like it but credit to them, they played very well. I’m very happy with a point, it might turn out to be crucial.

    I think points won’t be the eventual winning margin at the end, these upcoming 4 weeks will define our season

  6. Zap says:

    sorry- that must have sounded stupid, i meant a matter of a few points

  7. Finsburyparker says:

    I’d have been happy of you told me AFC would get 4 points from Everton at the beginning of the season.

    Just have to make sure that The Gunners get all three points against chelsea? It may come to that. Might not. But it would be grand to beat them.

    One things for sure, it’ll be an excting second half of the season. I’m a little weary of the refs for some reason though.

    Rosicky and Eduardo coming back to the boil,

    David Villa?

    I can’t wait.


  8. Finsburyparker says:

    That was a Not serious by the way, the reference to the player from Valencia…would be fun though.


    adebawhore adebawhooore, his arse got burnt in a bus, but he’s still a judaaas!

  10. DukeGoonem says:

    so motd had two games in an hour and big ears opens up with the line”we have even more in depth analysis for you”. bolloks. so man utd are still great because they are still up there with all the injuries they have whilst we might be lucky to have a chance because man utd and chelsea are playing poorly. no mention of how well we are doing considering the injuries we have. im not even going to comment on alan bitter as a pint of john smiths hansen’s “analysis ” of the game.

  11. perrygroves says:

    Angola, whoaoao,
    Angola, whoaoao,
    We’ll love you forever more,
    Cos you shot at Adebayor.
    Angola, whoaoao…..

  12. Jason says:

    Ridiculous reactions from some of you supposed Arsenal fans. Arsenal aren’t going to win every game, not do we have a divine right to. Regardless of Everton’s season up to now they’re still a tough team to play and this is one point gained in the circumstances.

    Even in 03/04 we drew 12 games so stop over-reacting when we don’t beat every team by 5 goals.

    Jesus gunner get u, some things aren’t to be sung about, Arsenal fans are supposed to have some class.

  13. Zar says:

    Everton were the better side yesterday even Wenger said that.So why cant some on here except it

    Troare had a mare

  14. Poliziano says:

    This hatred of Adebayor goes too far, in my opinion. He hasn’t really done that much to us, has he?

    Now if someone put a bullet in the lesser Ronaldo, that would be enough to raise a chuckle in even the soberest of sobersides.

  15. Passenal says:

    Zap – this is a public service announcement. William is not an Arsenal supporter. He is a spud troll using a different alias. As long as you respond to him he will continue to come here with his pathetic attempts to wind people up. Trolls need the oxygen of attention or they die. Please try using a little will power and scroll past his posts so you will not be tempted to engage him.

    I decided not to watch MOTD and judging by the comments here, I made the right decision. I knew exactly what they would say and they didn’t disappoint. At the end of the day, their opinions mean nothing because they are not objective, balanced or fair. They hate Arsenal and the fact that we have 9 players missing is irrelevant. It only matters if you are the media darlings man u. I’d rather focus on supporting my team so that they have the belief and confidence to win this title and ram the comments back down the throats of the doomers and plundits.

  16. Zar says:


    Greedy did nothing to hurt us??? really

    He had one good season held the club over a barrel for 80k a week then didnt turn up the following season then fucked off.What an Angel he is

  17. Zar says:

    And yes i hate Greedy more than any other Arsenal player yes even more than Cashley.
    I hope one of our players breaks both his legs at the Grove later this season.thats if he turns up

  18. OneOfUs says:

    Get a life Zar.

    The same goes for any lowlife who thinks there’s anything remotely funny about the Togo incident.

  19. Zar says:

    I mever said anything about the Togo incident that was disgracful i was explaining what a c^^t he was to us Gooners

  20. Poliziano says:

    Holding people over barrels is what human life is all about. I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t mighty proud of having done so.

    Adebayor was slightly naughty, but we don’t miss him, and we got plenty of money for him. I stopped thinking about him long ago.

  21. Passenal says:

    I agree Poliziano. Adebayor’s ‘crimes’ were nothing in the great scheme of things. He is a footnote in Arsenal history meanwhile the club made a lot of money from his departure and the team has gained in spirit and a more efficient game plan. If people are truly glad to see the back of him, he should not even register in their thoughts. But this unhealthy obsession implies that maybe they miss him and he means more to them than they want to admit?

  22. Paulie Walnuts says:

    A home draw seems to have brought out the usual suspects.

    Given the conditions & Everton`s appetite & discipline I see it as very much a point gained.

    There`s no other team I know of who could have played their way through in the third minute of stoppage time like we did. Everyone else would have been lumping it forward.

    I quite like the fact that the pundits don`t fancy us. Bring it on

  23. DukeGoonem says:

    I concur with OOU. i’m up for a joke as much as the next man but joking about a terrorist attack in which men have died is a bit tasteless to be honest.

  24. perrygroves says:

    Apologies to those of you with offended sensibilities. Black humour is usually pretty tasteless. It was sung in The Gunners pub yesterday and although people thought they shouldn’t laugh, they still did.

  25. consolsbob says:

    Too many people feel the need to hate. Players come and players go, some do well, some we like, some don’t do their best for us.

    It has always been so. We have always given stick to some players, some with good reason, some not.

    This need to hate players though, I mean to actually manifest all the behaviour of spitting hatred, that is new.

    Very worrying behaviour.

  26. Passenal says:

    consolsbob, it seems to go with the modern disease of extremism. There is no middle ground, no balance in life. It’s a very unhealthy state of affairs.

  27. perrygroves says:

    I don’t think people do feel the need to hate some players.

    Especially Adebayor, who has become just an object of ridicule.

    p.s. if he was doing really well with City as he was for the first half dozen or so games, then I might agree…….

  28. shotta-gunna says:

    Consols: The strange thing is the same people who spew this hateful garbage about Adebayor are often the same ones who after the loss to Chelsea declared Arsene shouldn’t have sold him because we need a big man etc.

    On another note: Was it you who brought to our attention the garbage written by one Kevin Whitcher?
    Jeez this guy is truly a prick. “An undeserved point.” Coming from a so-called gooner. Unbelievable.

  29. Passenal says:

    I’m referring more to a tendency amongst people in general to be ‘extreme’ in every day life perrygroves. People who try to be balanced and reasonable are seen as ‘boring’.

  30. Adian says:

    Jokes on Adebayour regarding Togo incident are tasteless, classless and heartless.

    It’s funny if he slips on a wet floor and hurt his arse. It’s still funny if he breaks his arm while doing somersault in a goal celebration (ouch). It’s not when some crazy men with machine guns shoot at their bus for many minutes and get some people in the bus injured/killed. It’s not a subject of debate really.

    That’s how I see it anyway. Damn it I hope Song and Eboue will be fine there. It’s easy to see the strong reasons behind no-negotiation no-compromise no-acknowledgment policy towards terrorism, but if we happen to be the victims then I reckon we’ll think it’s bollocks.

    Talking about our match. It was one of the harder matches to watch, we seemed to be in less control of the ball than we usually do this season (though I won’t be surprised if stats say otherwise, it’s just an observation from a non-expert, very nervous fan), some noticeable mistakes by our players and Everton played with strong determination as they passed the ball quite well. But we were determined as well.

    Their goals felt like punches in the gut the way they were conceded, especially the second one. I was scared the boys would drop their heads after the goal, especially after Denilson crumbled. It was like a stuff of nightmare. No players, especially not our players, would let go of a possession in such a way unless they absolutely can’t help it, which means they’re feeling immense pain they simply can’t cope with. That’s why I will give the referee the benefit of the doubt that he didn’t see the incident clearly, because otherwise how could he not blow his bloody whistle?! I thought that would really affect the players very negatively. But oh boy did they fight back!

    It is correct that in the bigger scheme of things we lost two points, but I also agree that we won a point instead (very cliche but true). I take that as a good result. Great spirit. However our injury situation MUST get better, soon. Please.

    Looking forward to reading today’s blog.

  31. Vince says:

    Having finally just seen MOTD, I’m totally stunned by how Neville got away with that challenge in the box on Denilson. No matter how you look at it it’s dangerous play and anywhere else on the pitch it’s not just a foul but a yellow card. Also I genuinely like Almunia and he’s definitely won us games in the past, but something’s not right with him this term. While it could be argued that his decision making’s always lacked something he’s been worse since his extended absence earlier in the season. I really think Fabi deserves a run in goal, while it’s totally hypothetical I’m convinced he wouldn’t have let in the second Everton goal. Finally to reiterate what other people have already said, Hansen picking on Traore made me a little bit sick in my mouth.

  32. JESUS GUNNER GET U says:

    i hate adebayor for that goal celebration. The dumb judas just had to do it didnt he? Well those gunmen just had to have a pop or few didnt they? Adebayor can rot in hell. He cost us the league two seasons ago.

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