Arsene Goes Violet Elizabeth To Inspire Arsenal Win

Liverpool 1 – 2 Arsenal

1 – 0 Kuyt (41)
1 – 1 Johnson (50 o.g.)
1 – 2 Arshavin (57)

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Arsene’s urbane manner has long been known to hide a seething volcano of intensity, a desire to win that has brought him considerable success at Arsenal during his reign as manager. Cesc observed yesterday that Wenger had been furious with the first half performance, rightly so for it was truly moribund, apparently questioning whether or not the players deserved to wear an Arsenal shirt. If the Spaniard had never seen Wenger react so emotionally, I would question why, for there have been worse performances.

Whatever was said, the desire effect was induced for as lacklustre as the first half was, the second was dominated with Liverpool rarely threatening to extend their lead or equalise once they had fallen behind. That they were in front at the interval was of little surprise, although Almunia was rarely called upon. When he was, Torres clean through following Gerrard’s swift break down the right, the shot was comfortably saved, aimed at the ‘keeper’s midrift when it should have been buried.

Defensively, much work was done blocking shots, intercepting shots. Five minutes before the break, the hard work that had gone before was undone. Denilson conceded a freekick midway in the Arsenal half. The lofted delivery appeared to be comfortable for Almunia but the Spaniard neither punched or caught the ball, laxly shifting the ball into Kuyt’s path, his shot beating the retreating Gallas on the goal line. Questions can be asked as to whether or not Lucas was offside, his presence possibly distracting the Frenchman but to have ruled the goal out would have been another dubious decision by the referee.

Liverpool are aggrieved with Howard Webb, a not entirely unfamiliar feeling for anyone connected with football. Gerrard apppeared to be tripped by Gallas as he tried to weave his way into the area. It is hard to see why a penalty was not given when Gallas brought Gerrard down. It was a foul and the laws of the game state quite simply that the punishment for tripping an opponent in the penalty area is a penalty kick, irrespective of the position of the ball.

Possibly the only doubt he could have had is whether or not the ball was actually still in play when Gallas fouled Gerrard. Either that or the Liverpool captain is now finding that diving may win you points at the time but the payback when it comes, costs you as many as you have won.

As much as the Arsenal performance in the first half was poor, the second was very good. Liverpool were contained for the whole period, Almunia had nothing but crosses to deal with. The midfield supported Arshavin much better, the opening period saw him chasing, running but seeing little of the ball in productive areas.

Five minutes in and Fabregas released Nasri on the right. The Frenchman crossed aiming for Walcott in the centre; Carragher stumbled, trying to clear the ball, Johnson ambled into the ball’s path and put it in the net. Keystone Cops defending, a simple cross that should have been cleared into the stands. Not that Arsenal were complaining for Liverpool visibly wilted.

Seven minutes later and Arshavin proved his worth. Under pressure, Fabregas dinked a cross in, Arshavin controlled, took the ball around Johnson and fired an unstoppable shot into the roof of the net via the near post. The celebration almost cried out that the player sought Wenger’s approval, a naughty schoolboy asking his favourite teacher, “Was that better, Sir?“.

Thereafter, Liverpool were stifled. Few as the clear cut chances were in the first half, non-existent once a lead had been gained. Apparently, it was the first time since Pires fired in a glorious winner at Anfield that a Premier League side had come from behind to win at the once impregnable fortress, reduced to a post-Reformation monastic ruin in footballing terms.

The performance ought to put to bed the lies that Arsenal cannot play badly and win; shut out games and defend a one goal lead. Vermaelen was key to that, a bedrock upon which the defensive strength was built. I do not recall him losing a tackle but bringing calm assuredness to the team in the second, evidenced by one moment of sublime control under pressure, flicking the ball nonchalently over an opponents head before controlling it with his chest.

Fabregas, Song and Denilson were far improved in the second period, rendering Mascherano impotent in the middle by passing at tempo. The first 45 had seen them too deep, controlled by the Argentine midfielder, even allowing Lucas to look good. The second half saw them pass with pace and move forwards rather than standing still. Walcott was isolated on the wing in the first half, pressurised when in possession, starved of the ball, forced inwards to come looking for involvement and duly harrassed into mistakes. Once the midfield and Sagna supported him, the game opened up. Coming through the match, back to full fitness is key.

One of the cheerier notes for the match was the return on the bench of Eduardo. It would be no surprise to see him lead the line on Wednesday at Turf Moor. The next 48 hours will decide who accompanies him but Diaby will probably fill in one of those spots. I suspect Wenger will be hoping that Traore recovers from his ills. Having been targetted by Liverpool in the first half as a potential weak link, he grew into the game in the second before being substituted.

Three points were vital, three were delivered. Now to maintain the winning run ahead of the Christmas / New Year period where the encounter with Aston Villa is going to be interesting, given they have beaten all of the ‘Big Four’ either home or away.

’til Tomorrow.

453 thoughts on “Arsene Goes Violet Elizabeth To Inspire Arsenal Win

  1. Zap says:

    why the isn’t anyone in the stadium of light? They sure were for us, I dont give a sh*t abt weeknights. Villa are underestimated that’s why, when arsenal are in town the bloody lot intimidate us. But aston villa? nooo it isnt is it? Damn

  2. Yoda says:

    Funny fun gunner,,, I meant the little pink diamond one next to my name,,,, I dont really like it,,,want some thing more like limpars,,, BUt with song and predator’s faces ,,,
    Just kidding,,

  3. Zap says:

    you have to set
    up an account on

  4. Yoda says:

    Thanks Zap,,, sounds like to much effort,, Ill keep my little pink Diamond…

  5. Zap says:

    yeah i know mate.

    I’m sure the pink diamond doesn’t bear any resemblance to your actual face

  6. axis says:

    Weak ass penalty…fuck Man U…

    Wolves are gonna take this 4 – 1 !!

    [That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.]

  7. Ritesh says:

    wolves are done…shrek is playing well

  8. FunGunner says:


    let’s hope that ManU get complacent, keep missing easy chances and then concede a sloppy goal at the end of stoppage time, eh?

    OK, make that TWO sloppy goals. Grrrr.

  9. 1 loose cannon says:

    what is the point of wolves turning up at old trafford by fielding a second string team.their first team is bad enough. Absolute disgrace.

  10. axis says:

    Wolves are just spottin’ ’em the lead so it’ll be even more dramatic when they storm back…

    Wolves are miles better than those punks…if Man U win it’ll be a HUGE upset.

  11. Zap says:

    loose cannon, better change your avatar from drogba to torres, TV did an excellent job shutting him up

  12. FunGunner says:

    my earlier comment should have directed to axis, not abid.

  13. axis says:

    …or maybe…starting up front for Wolves in the second half….Megatron!!

  14. 1 loose cannon says:

    Zap- I will admit defeat if I change it but I think he still has unfinished business with the Drogs. The vermanator shall return with a vengence.

  15. Gunner From Nigeria says:

    Mick McCarty is a disgrace. Its strange that some managers are in awe of Manu at Old Trafford but, anytime they come up against Arsenal, they start talking trash on how they can get a result against us and, some rubbish underbelly that they claim we possess.
    I wonder why teams do not respect or fear Arsenal even at the Emirates.

  16. Zap says:

    Loose Cannon, yeah, but isn’t the reverse fixture in the AC of N

  17. 1 loose cannon says:

    Zap- we play the Chavs 7 February he should be back by then.

  18. Zap says:

    oh good, lookin forward to it. Hopefully he’ll have had a horrible tournament so that Tomas can………..shit, we’re 4th again

  19. 1 loose cannon says:

    I’m not goig to bother watching the Wolves shitting themselves.
    Sunderland are shitting themselves aswell 2 nil down

  20. 1 loose cannon says:

    No worries. Burnley will have to pay tomorrow.

  21. Zap says:

    the atmosphere is crap at the light’s stadium.

    I don’t recall such a sparce accomodation of the seats at their sh*thole when we played there

  22. Dupsffokcuf says:

    Yoda, got to Sign up and pick any picture. Only takes a few minutes.

  23. Gunner From Nigeria says:

    The classic definition of football is simply taking your chances.
    Sunderland should go to Santa Land

  24. Zap says:

    lorik cana didn’t get bloody sent off against US. FFS.

    hate aston villa, we will get our revenge though, i’m sure those 2-0 and even more painful 2-2 will still be stinging in the memory in the likes of Cesc’s, Nasri’s, and other’s minds.

    Concentrate concentrate on burnley, we lose and that’s it.

  25. OneOfUs says:

    Teams that beat us almost always lose form straight away. It’s happened to Sunderland, City and Chelsea so far. I lost count how many times it happened last season.

    Obviously, I’m not bothered about Chelsea dropping points, but Sunderland look a shadow of the team that kept us out last month.

    It could be that they put loads of energy into shutting our game down, and they need a few games to recover.

  26. axis says:

    Wolves are SO close…just three quick own goals and their back in this one…

  27. OneOfUs says:

    Well, I didn’t lose count – we only lost a handful of games last season…

    Er, you get the idea.

  28. 1 loose cannon says:

    You see the media crap works in favour of the likes of Manure, Apparently Arsenal is small and fragile and if you “get in their faces” you can beat them the crappy teams like Sunderland beleive that shit and give 110% against us. then you get wolves turning up at Old Trafford with their second team believing that they have no chance. Why? because some sucker on TV said so. It all crap I read some comments from some Burnley players today one of them said If we get in Arsenal’s faces we can beat them, I wonder where he heard that. MOTD of course. I really don’t buy into this “too small” crap it all made up to demoralize our players.
    Our players have to fight the media onslaught every game.

  29. axis says:

    The Italian broadcast is good for a laugh though…I like all the added syllables in the names…plus it’s hysterical every time he says Rooonaaay.

  30. Zap says:

    my predictions:

    manu 3-1 wolves
    sland 1-1 avilla
    b’ham 2-1 bburn
    bolton 0-2 wham

    actual results:

    manu 3-0 wolves
    sland 0-2 avilla
    bham 2-1 bburn
    bolton 3-1 wham

  31. Muppet says:

    What a f*cking disgrace by Wolves. What a load of bullsh*t that red nose has come out with about Wolves needing to prepare for the game at Burnley. What is the f*cking significance of the Burnley game. The game should be made null and void if the FA had any balls. F*cking joke.

  32. DukeGoonem says:

    how the f*ck did we lose to Sunderland.

  33. Gooner4Life says:

    Your definitely onto something there 1 loose canon. I can never understand how teams play their hearts out against us and fold at Manure and Chelski. The media inspired hype is definitley part of it.

    At the same time we need to rise above this crap keep playing our own game and turning the emirates into a fortress where the refs will be forced to give us penalties under pressure like the Kop and OT. I am going to upset the home fans here but they should have to take some of the rap for not making the Emirates an intimidating place for visitors and lifting the team. The away fans on the other hand are absolutely awesome. They drowned out the Kop at the weekend. And to be fair to Villa they usually give it a good go against the top 4.

  34. Poliziano says:

    “English footballers are as hypocritical as randy clergymen when it comes to preaching one thing and doing another”

    I’ve known quite a few randy clergyman, and I wasn’t aware of them being more hypocritical than the others.

  35. Gainsbourg69 says:

    What kind of Mafia is Red Nose running anyway? McCarthy’s case for why he needed to play with reserves makes no sense at all. He could’ve fielded his strongest eleven and could’ve gotten three points and huge moral lifting victory against a depleted united. Now he has to face a resurgent Burnley and he’s going to get a whipping. I bet Ferguson offered McCarthy a bit of help with his transfers in January in exchange for three easy points just like he offered McLeish something in exchange for chopping Dudu’s leg.

  36. PIRESAHOLIC says:

    – – – – – – – – Fabianski- – – – – – – – – – –
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Sagna – Gallas – Vermaelen – Silvestre
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    – – – – – – – – —- – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    – – – – – – –Song- — – – – – – – – – –
    – – – – -– – – – – – – Fabregas – – – – – – –
    Eboue —- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Nasri — –
    – – – – – – – – – –Diaby – – – – – – – – – – –
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    – – – – – – – –- Arshavin- – – – – – – – – –

    Thats looks like a pretty solid line up for the burnley game. Silvestre in because I read somewhere that Traore is out. Eduardo, Vela and Ramsey are great options off the bench. If were ahead we should take off Arshavin, Fabregas and Nasri for Eduardo, Ramsey and Walcott respectively. This would be ideal. I would really like to get senderos back into the team to give our first team CB’s some much needed rest. Who said we didnt have squad depth?? Seriously, if we had a fully fit squad the premiership would be ours without question.

  37. Anil says:

    Like frank always says,

    no one but DAVID VILLA will do.

  38. Anil says:

    B T W .
    Keep up the good work yw . always a pleasure to read this blog.

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