Liverpool Preview: Gaps Are There To Be Closed

The pressure was expected to be on Arsenal to win this afternoon at Anfield to retain an eight point gap on Chelsea. Now the opportunity has presented itself to close that gap to six points, with a home game in hand, potentially three points.

Not content with that, reports this morning suggest Arsene is on the verge of protesting about Michael Essien’s involvement in Chelsea’s home win over Wolves, FIFAs regulations meaning that he should have missed the game for refusing to play for his country. A three point deduction the likeliest outcome. Then goal difference comes into play.

For the trip to Liverpool, Arsene has no new injury worries and Abou Diaby may apparently make the bench. Eduardo is apparently nearly ready to return but will not make the game. Whilst his impending return is excellent, there must be some concern that his fitness may not be up to playing three games in a week so perhaps better to leave that to Wednesday and Saturday.

That suggests that Andrey Arshavin will hope to give the Liverpool centre backs a similiar runaround to those experienced by their Stoke counterparts last week. With Theo Walcott coming through the Champions League unscathed, some sort of semblance of normality is beginning to return to the squad. All it requires is Bendtner to return and whisper it, Arsenal have fit forwards to choose from.

Defensively, there are no fresh worries with the partnership of Gallas and Vermaelen crucial to containing Fernando Torres. The Spaniard may not be totally fit but the pairing will need to be on top of their game. And to think the Belgian almost went to Tottenham three years ago. A man of suitably good taste to avoid that career-wrecking move.

Vermaelen is confident that the current Arsenal squad is capable of winning trophies:

The main reason I like playing for Arsenal is the vision of the boss. The way he wants us to play. I believe we CAN win trophies playing this way. What is the vision? The vision is basically for a young team who all share the same philosophy to play good football, to grow and eventually win a big trophy. I know there are many critics who say that playing a certain way then good things can’t happen.

But maybe they should just think for a while and look at how a team like Barcelona has grown and how they play. Look around at THEIR side. They don’t have many strong players but they have been winning BIG trophies.

There are plenty who doubt that the players can deliver, including most of the media. This morning sees reports that Arsenal have apparently asked Real Madrid how much they want for Rafael van der Vaart whilst Dzeko’s name appears regularly alongside the misinformation that he has a release clause in his contract. He does but that applies only to any offer from AC Milan, who by coincidence are about to offer £5m for…well, it’s the silly season so you get the drift that the transfer merry-go-round is picking up speed.

Vermaelen’s stock is still high with few criticisms of him emerging on a regular basis, a novelty of sorts for Arsenal centre backs since Sol Campbell was at his peak. Since then, each player in that position has been too slow, too small, too cumbersome or just plain useless so those who know tell us. To certain degrees those critiques have not been entirely wrong but lack of patience with defenders is founded in the knowledge of those who have gone before. Vermaelen is making strides into the list of great central defenders to wear the red and white.

Back to this afternoon. Liverpool are in a poor run of form this season, capable of playing in the big games but stumbling in matches that they should win. Rarely have we gone to Anfield with the hosts so defensively incontinent. Fortunate perhaps given our own attacking woes on the injury front. Crucial to winning will be stifling the Liverpool midfield, they will seek to do the same with Mascherano sitting tight on Fabregas.

The onus in those circumstances will fall on others to provide. Denilson still has his critics but may revel in the added responsibility, especially if marked by Lucas whose form is very much hit and miss. Certainly, any combination of Arshavin, Walcott, Nasri has the pace to undo the expected back four of Carragher, Agger, Insua and Johnson. The Arsenal left in particular may like to expose the England right back, excellent going forward but suspect when carrying out his defensive duties.

I would expect the line-up to be:

Almunia; Sagna, Gallas, Vermaelen, Traore; Fabregas, Song, Denilson; Arshavin, Walcott, Nasri

Three points is vital this afternoon to take advantage of the unexpected slips by those around us yesterday, Aston Villa being the only team in the top 6 to win. Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it. ’til Tomorrow.

512 thoughts on “Liverpool Preview: Gaps Are There To Be Closed

  1. Ritesh says:

    Ur right Gunner4Ever.

    Some people are either dimwitted or twist comments to suit their arguments.

  2. Zap says:


    David villa wouldn’t have scored that.

  3. Poliziano says:

    We’ve just won a heroic victory at Anfield. Imagine how well we could do if we dropped half of those players and replaced them with the reserves.

  4. Zap says:

    well said ritesh man. If you have negative things to say (even after a great win) bugger off to the le grove

  5. Poliziano says:

    Bendtner would have scored it. Nacer would definitely have scored it.

  6. Ritesh says:

    Quote of the Day, Year, Decade

    “The boss screamed at us like I’ve never seen at half-time. He said we were not fit to wear the Arsenal shirt, and he was right. We were not good.”

    Can we have more of the same please.

  7. Ritesh says:

    Although the defense and midfield did well, my MOTM goes to Arshavin, an Arsenal legend in the making

  8. Ateeb says:

    My DOTM goes to Ritesh, A doomer legend in the making. But I still think he was helped by the likes of AIC, Trevor and Eddie.

  9. Gunner From Nigeria says:

    Now Turf Moor.
    As Amy Grant sang One Day At A Time.
    We should talk it one game at a time.

  10. Poliziano says:

    I think I agree with you, Ateeb; but I wouldn’t want Duke to hear me say so.

  11. Paulie Walnuts says:

    Can a journo please ask the great JT for his thoughts on the best English dive of the weekend.

    Rooney must have thought he`d won it but Stevie G had at least half a dozens attempts to beat it today.

  12. Muppet says:

    Tom Daly is up for the sports personality award. Perhaps Rooney or Gerrard should have been in his place.

  13. Gunner4Ever says:

    Haha…Paulie, it shows you how talented Rooney & Gerrard are…the funny thing is, there is no outrage about them in the media…I wonder way? Oh, I just remembered, they’re not Croatian.

  14. Ateeb says:

    Duke, must be busy writing that guest post for Geoff, stone cold monday, I guess.

    My personel best of stevie G, was when Song took out his foot from the challenge, which Stevie G was about to go down from, leaving him confused and furious and surprisingly on his feet. But I admired that he still looked at the Ref for a free kick.

  15. California Gooner says:

    Did anyone notice that we switched to a 4-4-2 in the second half??? Nasri dropped back and we started controlling the midfield. That and a lot of luck (and Arshivin’s brilliant moment) won us the game. Before that, Liverpool was pressuring us everywhere and winning the ball easily. Perhaps Wenger’s half-time dressing down also helped. He has said that you can only do that a couple of times a year or the players stop responding. They responded. We actually then went to a 4-5-1 and shut the game down, which is also surprising. I would have bet on leaving Theo on and hitting ‘pool on the counter-attack. but it worked.

    As for individual players, I think the criticisms above are mostly wide of the mark. Almunia certainly had a shocker and looked rundown/tired. Denilson looked over-excited in the first half (when do you see him yelling?) and I feared he could be sent off. But settled down to have a great second half. And Song is just immense — an impassible wall with great skills to get the ball out of tight spaces.

    Anyhow, I am ecstatic with the victory. I feel a bit badly for Benitez who seemed to get his tactics spot on, but has to explain another loss.

  16. Kitchen Sink says:

    its not so funny G4E.. but it also helps that there wasn’t a west-ham millwall outbreak this week..

  17. Kitchen Sink says:

    What does Wenger hope to achieve, playing midgets as strikers, he’s become seriously unhinged and must be stopped..

  18. Muppet says:

    There have been several comments already, on blogs, including one that I won’t name, that Denilson was apparently s*it the whole game. I am absolutely amazed by this. Liverpool didn’t have a single shot on goal in the 2nd half, so this must have been down, in part to some good midfield play to restrict chances. If Denilson was so bad, he would have been a weak link, and they would have thundered through a half empty midfield. The usual prejudice from people who have no idea.

  19. Ritesh says:

    Denilson is an efficient player. And so is Eboue.

  20. Poliziano says:

    I partly agree, Muppet; but, as California Gooner has pointed out, we were lucky that, with Almunia’s recent record, none of the shots that Liverpool got on target in the second half went in.

  21. California Gooner says:

    Muppet, people just see what they want to see. Denilson worked hard in the first half, but made a number of mistakes. He almost seemed over-excited. But give credit to Liverpool, who were pumped and closed spaces well in the midfield. In the second half we moved Nasri back and made up the numbers.

  22. Ole Gunner says:

    I have to give Howard Webb the skinhead credit today. Most referees would have given Gerrard the penalty.

    It wasn’t a penalty! Gerrard plays the ball into touch, Gallas tries to block and misses, and then while he’s still turned, Gerrard runs into him.

    It’s the Rooney trick. Knock the ball into touch and then run into the man.

    It’s not a penalty. If it had occured in the Liverpool box, the referee wouldn’t have given a foul.

  23. Harsh says:

    Eddie: Arshavin’s goal was like every RvP goal I’ve seen from him recently. Great first touch followed by a missile.

    Hey, we beat a full strength (though slightly unfit) Liverpool team. We could’ve been down two if Torres wasn’t asleep this game. Liverpool played well and between them, Chelsea, and United, I hate them the least.

    Their situation is similar to ours last season:
    *losing key players over summer (Flamini, Hleb, Gilberto vs Alonso)
    *long term injuries to replacements and key players (Adebayor vs Torres, Fabregas vs Gerrard, Nasri vs Aquilani)
    *losing to teams significantly worse than them and beating teams better at the time (we both beat United and Chelsea against the odds, but lost to teams like Fulham, Hull, Sunderland, etc)
    *poor defensive organization
    *want-away players moaning consistently (Gallas/Mascherano)
    *fans calling for players and managers heads (Denilson, Song, Eboue, Bendtner, Senderos, Sylvestre, Diaby vs Lucas, Aurelio, Kuyt, Babel, Ngog)
    *ownership issues

    so many parallels that I forgot the main point of this post.

  24. Muppet says:

    Very lucky indeed PZ. Especially that bullet of a shot that was heading for the top corner… err..well..

  25. Poliziano says:

    Is it true that Barack Obama has won BBC Sports Personality of the Year?

  26. Harsh says:

    What do you guys think this match does for Almunia’s place within the team. Wenger clearly isn’t averse to dropping him, and Fabianski has had a couple of decent games.

  27. Muppet says:

    lol PZ.

    Cali Gooner,

    Yes. A good result all around. The exciting thing for me is the return of Nasri, Walcott and Denilson, who are now getting regular games. I think Nasri is absolutely vital to this campaign. He is a brilliant footballer. We need Bendtner back though for alternative options up front.

  28. Ateeb says:

    It’s unlucky that the players in line for making a certain claim for starting 11 such as, bendtner and Gibbs have been injured as well. We’re relying on our 3rd options at the moment. I reckon Arsene would keep Almunia in goal, a drop at this time would completely shatter his confidence.

  29. deano says:

    we will start finding our frow again with bentner back….he offers our attack so much.

    Diaby and rosicky should be back to full fitness at roughly the same time…and clichy not too far away.

    Dare i say things are looking good next few games?

  30. Finsburyparker says:

    California Gooner, I thought it was just a switch of Nasri with Theo?
    Leading to Nasri’s two assists, and Theo’s movement with AA in the build up for the two goals? Need to watch some replays but Johnson was lost for both goals I think.

    It wasn’t just shouting that won this game.


  31. deano says:

    haha frow….diaby may find his frow and flow all at once.

  32. Ritesh says:

    The media will vigorously start a campaign to kick out dives from the game as from tomorrow given that it has a bad impact on youngsters who follow the game.

    Sky and BBC believe that the dives by Rooney and Steven G are unacceptable and should be stamped out of the game.

    JT has been asked to lead the “Kick dives out of the game” campaign

  33. abid says:

    completely right Finsbury…I hadn’t realised that change but it did improve our game.

    Arsene’s brilliant. He did what it took to win the match.

  34. Big Johan says:

    Watching the replay of the Liverpool goal it was clear that Lucas got a glancing header on the ball – which Almunia adjusted well to save – yes, ideally he would have charged out and taken the free kick clean – but Fabianski was poor for the Olympiacos goal (and Cech was just poor this weekend – as are other “top” keepers!)

  35. lagooner says:

    Liverpool certainly didn’t look too threatening after the introduction of Ngog and his pink sleeves looking like a socialite out for an evening at the opera.

    Can you imagine what the reaction to his arrival would have been from Tommy Smith or Souness?

  36. Barbados says:

    Almunia is a spy with a mission to destroy the team. With him in goal we can’t win anything. Arsene should drop him for Fabianski.

    I’m surprised Almunia continues to cost us games and still seems to be untouchable. Arsene was very quick to get rid of Lehmann after two mistakes in games we didn’t lose. Almunia has made uncountable mistakes and still remain No.1.

  37. OneOfUs says:

    “Watching the replay of the Liverpool goal it was clear that Lucas got a glancing header on the ball – which Almunia adjusted well to save”

    I agree, BJ. I’ve had a look at it a couple of times, and that’s pretty much what I see as well.

  38. Ted Harwood says:

    OG@ 8:41; I said exactly the same thing. It’s the Rooney trick of pushing it toward touch and falling over someone’s leg. Webb got it spot on.

  39. California Gooner says:

    Finsburyparker, you might be right, but it seemed to me that Nasri was really playing midfield with Theo and Arshivin up top. Either way, we started controlling the midfield much better in the second half. In the first half it felt like Liverpool had an extra player (or two) in there — some combination of their formation and the determination with which they were playing. Inevitably they tired a bit as well.

  40. Finsburyparker says:


    To be fair theirs no way Liverpool could have played like they did in the first 45 minutes for 90, but that switch definately helped! Early on this season the most impresive aspect of Bendtner’s play( to me) was how he could switch with RVP. Maybe it’s all about the players developing their understandingns, maybe it helps that Johnson was terrified of Theo?
    Maybe that last assumption is incorrect, but the fact that the Liverpool defence were so concerned about Theo’s run, followed by AA, that Fab had a clear run on goal did help a little with the equaliser.
    I wonder if the J*nJ*n’s out there saw that?

  41. California Gooner says:

    Barbados, Almunia was poor. But so were Cech, Casillas and Buffon this weekend. So give it a rest.

  42. Finsburyparker says:


    Yup you’re right, Theo was definately at CF at times.
    I’ve given up trying to figure out the formations this season, & to just sit back & enjoy!


  43. Ritesh says:

    Almunia had a shocker..but he has often saved us at times.

  44. tenessee jones says:

    I have always belived that Fabianski given a run in the side would prove to be a better keeper than Almunia and now is the time to play him.Almunia just does not command his box.He has made at least 5 mistakes that have lead to goals this season.That is not good enough for Arsenal we should have the best

  45. Arseman says:

    Traore played like a man possessed! I hope his injury isn’t too serious. And gallas looked like he picked up a knock as well….hopefully one of them is fit to start against burnley, then silvestre can slot in for one of them. Arsenaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal!

  46. DukeGoonem says:


    you are obviously a better fan then me. you know with your ability not to write anything negative when the team is playin shit…well fukin done.

  47. Mean Lean says:

    Does anyone know about our injuries to Arshavin and Traore. Has Wenger spoken about them yet?

    All this crap about us being back in the race from pundits is f**king stupid. We are ‘out of the race’ two games ago and now we are right back in the mix! haha

    We are not even half way through the season yet the idiots!

  48. Ted Harwood says:

    Did anyone hear anything about Arshavin’s knock? He looked like he got beat up a bit towards the end when Ramsey came on for him.

  49. jbh says:

    Game of 2 halves. Arsenal trying to hang on in the face of great intensity first half. But Liv couldn’t maintain that pace for 90 mins. Massive midfield battle.
    Thought Mascherano and Denilson were the best players on show. Daily Telegraph (I think rightly) gave man of the match to Denilson (game high 9 tackles and 7 intercepts, also top numbers for accurate passing and the most fouled player on the pitch). Mascherano 9 tackles, 2 intercepts.
    Song also impressive, but clearly down on energy after 3 tough games in a week (1 tackle and 4 intercepts).
    Great team effort – including Arshavin 6 tackles and Nasri 5 good tackles.
    Arsenal 392 passes (Liv 301) 57% to 43% is not easy to achieve at Anfield.

  50. OneOfUs says:


    there’s nothing wrong with being a bit frustrated. We weren’t very good in that first half, but there were extenuating what-do-you-call-its. One of these was Liverpool’s unsustainable tempo, and another was our own injury troubles, which robbed us of a recognised striker. If you want a laugh, go and have a look at the first-half comments on the dark side. They make the comments on here look almost happy-go-lucky.

  51. lagooner says:

    Well, before we all breathe a sigh of relief, let’s not forget that Burnley away represents a meaningful challenge.

    They’ve beaten Man U, Everton, Sunderland, Birmingham and Hull, drawn with Villa and Fulham and only lost to Wigan. Their 17 points from 24 at home puts them tied for 4th for the best home record in the league (after Chelsea, Arsenal and Man U) .

    With only two full days rest and some banged up players, beating them will be both an important and impressive result.

  52. DukeGoonem says:

    To all those calling for Fabianski, what about when he makes a mistake then, what then? call in Vito! and when he fucks up??get Almunia back in. Its just a big merry go round. Truth is we hav’nt any world class keepers, just good ones for which Al has the experience, we just have to get used to it.

  53. DukeGoonem says:


    Well The team shut me up today, I dont need Ateeb to try and do it.

  54. Ritesh says:

    Arshavin did not have a knock during the match…rather he was injured before the match and was withdrawn as a precaution..

    Seems he did not feel the pain when hitting that screamer.

    Traore, dont know, but if its hamstring, 3 weeks.

  55. Finsburyparker says:

    Abid & Cali

    I was just thinking.
    Whatever our formation now is, however the players switch positions, it’s a bit like it’s always been, but it seems like it can be better then it’s ever been. Especially with players like Song, Diaby or Denilson to play what for them is the inappropraitely termed D**M position.

    Total Wengerball.
    Hope that makes sense.

  56. Poliziano says:

    9 tackles and 7 intercepts for Denilson.

    No wonder some are saying he was over-excited. Let’s have calmer figures from now on.

  57. Poliziano says:

    I knew it. The Duke’s miffed at missing out on the DOTM award. Can we spare a bottle of vintage piss for him as well?

  58. Mean Lean says:

    Van Persie

    All out injured.

    If we had a large squad like Man U or Chelsea then we would have won today and we could have been three points off the top if we won our game in hand.

    Project youth has failed, Wenger out!

  59. Kitchen Sink says:

    nice stat Poliziano

    news from the east sire..The Master has Returned..


  60. Ole Gunner says:

    Arsenal need some tall muscular players. Without that you can’t win against the likes of Liverpool in the EPL.

  61. DukeGoonem says:

    Whats that some of your local Italian shite wine. no thanks Poliziano. Why are you not funny anymore mate, whats up??? come on i miss your jokes.

  62. Poliziano says:

    Sorry, Duke. I’ve been worn out by the doomers.

  63. Mean Lean says:

    We need some honest English grit like Gerrard and Rooney. Why can’t Wenger see what we all can?!

  64. Marc says:

    Gerrard seems determined on taking the diving crown off Drogba. I wouldn’t mind so much if Gerrard, Rooney etc weren’t so bloody holier than thou. Both are complete hypocrites after slagging off Eduardo and making statements in the press about how they would never dive.

  65. Poliziano says:

    How can anyone be funny who has the sound of some arsehole claiming Arsenal “are like the pretty boy who doesn’t want to get his hair messed up” ringing in his ears.

  66. Paul N says:

    How is it that people call all the players on the team college students excpet for Arshavin and then they claim people are twitsing their words, huh Retish!

    Is there anyway to stop people who talk crap about the team from celebrating when we win?

  67. Ole Gunner says:

    Wenger is too stubborn. He should conduct daily polls to gauge the opinions of fickle fans before making decisions.

  68. Paul N says:

    On a serious note, I think that Chelsea loss was a blessing in disguise. You can see that we are more focused defensively, I am sure the players took a hrad long look at themselves.

    This is our year!!!!

  69. Mean Lean says:

    At least now he will go out and spend some f**king money.

    I read that we are getting Villa, NOTW I think.

    He should fit in well. It doesn’t matter that he isn’t big because it is a signing that costs lots of money so it doesn’t count.

  70. Mean Lean says:

    Gerrard is just playing the game. Why should he not benefit if all the Arsenal players are doing the same?

  71. Muppet says:

    Don’t understand where jbh got info from on Telegraph website. I couldn’t find it.

  72. Gris Gris says:

    Good god, I learned when I was 14 that one man does not win a game for a team. Anyone who thinks so is a complete f*cking idiot, just like all the idiots posting on here how Arshavin is the only world class player we have and boy isn’t it great that now he’s playing where he did at Z St.P and he’s just lethal, etc…

    A game of two halves for sure, the boss did his job and managed brilliantly. He saw the team needed an arse kicking and he gave them one. Full credit to the team for preserving a one goal lead at Anfield. I was never seriously concerned that we would concede after taking the lead. That is somewhat of a new feeling for me and I was happy the team defended with a passion.

    Great win, three points picked up whilst others faltered, an arse kicking from Le Boss, and some world class talent on the treatment table (something Liverpool could not claim). I think of the two teams playing in this game today it was Arsenal that demonstrated they are starting a new season.

    This is a game to take belief from!


  73. Poliziano says:

    What are you angry about now, Duke. I just apologised, for God’s sake.

  74. Poliziano says:

    Last I heard, being better than Liverpool’s players isn’t a red-card offence.

  75. California Gooner says:

    Poliziano, those stats tell half the story. Denilson was all over the place –stealing the ball and then giving right back, making a good play and then making a horrendous foul. But I think he was overexcited. There are no stats for that. Obviously what looks like ‘overexcited’ in one context could be considered ‘driven’ in a different one. So you actually have to watch the game to notice that. It helps to follow a player over time, as well. ;-). Anyhow, given all the terrible slagging of our players that goes on here, why does that even get your goat up?

  76. Ole Gunner says:

    Lee Dixon has it wrong. There’s one particular angle where you see exactly why it wasn’t a peno.

    Gerrard knocks it past Gallas to make sure Gallas gets no touch. Then since Gallas is commited to block the ball, Gerrard takes 2 steps to seek contact.

    There was contact.

    I’ve been saying this for a long time. In this case, referees have been told to look out for just this scenario.

    It’s simple really. Gallas knows the ball’s gone into touch, he has no reason to bring downGerrard. And if you look at it, there’s no actual movement from Gallas to bring Gerrard down. The movement was to block Gerrard’s shot.

    After Gallas is on the ground, Gerrard takes two steps. It’s obvious it’s not Gallas’ movement that brings down Gerrard. It’s the opposite.

  77. DukeGoonem says:


    You seem an inteligent sort of guy so why do you miss lead what i said. I said we are playing like a pretty boy not Arsenal are like the pretty boy. So you make it sound like im slagging the team when i was slagging the performance. you and your budy Ateeb are now so obssesed with doomers you try to mug off anyone who gets pissed off.

  78. Ole Gunner says:

    California Gooner,

    Por guy. You must have been very nervous. Denilson made just 2 fouls in the entire game!

  79. 1 Number10 says:

    How far is a country mile?
    Different from a nautical mile?
    A suburban mile?
    Anyway Frank I agree with you!!

  80. Poliziano says:

    I was just pulling your plunger (or whatever it is you say); but if you want a serious analysis, let’s go through the comments.

    At 4:53, deano said, “we dont look like us.”

    At 5:01, you say, “(1)ermm. (2)deano the scary thing is we do look like us. (3)We are like the pretty boy who doesn’t want to get his hair messed up.”

    I’ve numbered your three sentences for convenience. Now, 3 on its own could apply, as you suggest, only to the way we had been playing up to that point today. In 2, however, you explicitly refute deano’s claim that said performance is untypical of Arsenal. Putting the two sentences together, we have, first, that the first-half performance today is typical of Arsenal; and, second, that the first-half performance was “like the pretty boy who doesn’t want to get his hair messed up.” The only possible conclusion is that Arsenal’s normal style of play is “like the pretty boy who doesn’t want to get his hair messed up.” That might well not be your considered opinion, but it is untrue to suggest I misrepresented the specific opinion you gave earlier today.

  81. Poliziano says:

    I reckon there are about 4 points to a country mile.

  82. Passenal says:

    I’ve only seen MOTD highlights, but it looks like it wasn’t vintage Arsenal, but we won and that is what counts. I’m sure that will give the team the confidence to start playing without the handbrake from now on. And for goodness sake, no more damn injuries, we’re running out of players!

  83. NJGooner says:

    i decided to head over to le grove to look at the comments that were being posted while the match was going on.. ive never read the comments, read the blog once, and was intrigued to see what the polar opposite of YW’s quality, level headed posts and the equally quality posts in the comments from left footers.

    let me tell you, it was pathetic.. i told them as much after reading it. i mean it was unbelieveable. one of them went so far as to blatantly say “this team sucks” after slagging off wenger at one point during the 1st half. and then after arshavin’s brilliant goal in the 2nd i found one post that read “see arsene you c*nt thats what money gets you” i mean seriously guys it was unbelieveable and am glad that that sort of “supporting”, if we can even use the word, is not tolerated and is refuted to every possible end here..

    cheers ACLF-ers and cheers to the Arsenal!! what a match!!

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