Fran Leads Liverpool A Merida-nce

Carling Cup 4th Round
Arsenal 2 – 1 Liverpool

1 – 0 Merida (19)
1 – 1 Insua (26)
2 – 1 Bendtner (50)

A cracking cup-tie ended with an experienced Arsenal side by Carling Cup standards, progressing to the next round. The young players came up trumps in an open game with both sides pushing forward whenever the opportunity arose. Fran Merida is garnering much of the praise this morning and he thoroughly deserves it, prompting continually throughout the evening, rewarded with his first senior goal for the club. I am sure players never forget those moments anyway but Merida would remember his strike whatever the circumstances.

Both sides traded blows in the opening quarter of an hour, Liverpool creating the best chance with Deggen spurning the opportunity to break the deadlock. Ngog sprang the offside trap, Silvestre taken out of the game by an excellent pass. As Senderos closed to make a challenge, the Frenchman backheeled into the path of Deggen who dragged his shot wide.

Seven minutes later, Gibbs found Bendtner outside the area, the Dane combining with Eduardo, set free with opportunity to shoot, he opted to square the ball to the onrushing Ramsey who had a tap-in but the Cavalieri charge stopped the ball reaching the Welshman. Ninety seconds later, that missed opportunity was rectified when Gilbert won possession on the right flank, Merida stepped in to take charge and let fly, finding the net via the near post with the goalkeeper helpless.

Joy was shortlived, Insua picked up Babel’s knockdown, spotted Fabianski off his line and let loose a dipping shot over the Pole and just under the bar. Fabianski’s positioning seemed normal for that situation but was rendered questionable by the finish. For the remainder of the first half, both sides probed. Bendtner had two decent efforts, one into the sidenetting whilst another found the Liverpool ‘keeper’s midriff rather than the net.

Shortly before half-time, the visitors were sent into a state of panic from a corner. Cavalieri lost the flight of the ball and Bendtner led the Arsenal charge after it, the ball pinging around the area like a pinball on speed before the Dane once more found the goalkeeper in the way rather than leaving the net bulging.

Five minutes into the second half and he rectified matters. Merida received Eastmond’s excellent pass on the left, before sliding in a pass to Ramsey, the Welshman put the ball into Bendtner’s path before the Dane gave the move the finish it deserved.

Liverpool had chances to equalise, Voronin and Deggen exchanged one-two’s for half the pitch before the Ukranian shot wide – had it been an Arsenal move, we would have been salivating at the skill before launching into six weeks worth of navel gazing about the finish. Or lack of it. Babel and Kuyt could have equalised but found themselves bereft of technique at the crucial moment or Fabianski in the way.

The final minutes of the game provided the only real controvesy when Aquilani shot at Senderos, the ball striking both hands as the Swiss blocked the ball’s path to Fabianski’s arms where it would surely have ended. Presumably the referee believed the ball hit the arms rather than it being a deliberate attempt to stop the ball illegally which is the only reason he surely did not give the spot kick.

There were so many positives from last night. Gibbs and Gilbert had excellent matches whilst Fabianski, Nasri, Eduardo and Bendtner all returned from injury with solid performances, ready it seems for the first team in proper competition. Silvestre and Senderos handled Liverpool well and brought their experience to bear faced with a lively forward thinking attack and midfield.

Wenger will no doubt be looking hard at Ramsey for more in the Premier and Champions League. He and Nasri were good together in the centre, boding well for the future. Once more though, young players came through and provided evidence that the Academy is firing on all cylinders. Merida, we knew about and he really needs to be tied down on a new contract so that his development can continue at the club. Eastmond was also impressive in handling Babel but more so because he is a full back by position. The question for Wenger is how does he bring everyone through into the full squad when it is already packed with such bright talent. A nice problem to have, I am sure.

Progress to the next round where the opposition is all Premier League, another opportunity for the younger players to show their mettle. Tottnehham looms on the horizon and the chance to show Robbie Keane just how wrong his belief is that Tottenham squad is as good as that of Arsenal.

’til Tomorrow.

85 thoughts on “Fran Leads Liverpool A Merida-nce

  1. Dan Fatkroyd says:

    Haha, merida-nce! very good! better read the article now.

  2. ponyboy says:

    The heady feeling of coming in 1st…

  3. Dan Fatkroyd says:

    Sorry ponyboy, pretend i’m not there.

  4. Fweng says:

    Good morning all. fiirst time poster here but am very impressed with the quality of posting and debate on this site.

    I thought the boys were absolutely excellent last night now bring on the tiny tots.

  5. RomfordPele says:

    Merida is class and Niklas was superb last night. Ive never been so sure that that dude is gonna make it big.

    Have to disagree that Gilbert was excellent – he’s a plodder but gives it his all and can do a job in this comp. Not in the league or the CL.

    eastmond had a stunning first 20 but when Pool came back into it after their goal he was lost, prob in fairness because it isnt his natural position. wonder why he not coquelin got the start?

  6. brian says:

    It’s all about opinion so no-body’s right and no-bodys wrong but for me Bendtner(goal apart)was un-believably poor.If his performance had been given by one of the newer youngsters we would all now be concluding that he would never make it.The only thing in his defence is that he is constantly being played in a position which is not his normal one.

  7. gunnerjones says:

    Robbie Keane is a idiot,!
    How dare he! We had better feed those spud fuck’s some humble pie come Saturday!

  8. naga gunner says:

    Congratulations to the lads on a Superb win. I thought liverpool might be a bit too strong but the inclusion of some older heads and a great performance from the kids saw us through.

    Though a bit disappointed because I wanted to see some new faces (especially bartley) tried out in the areas where we have problems. Its seems the most encouraging signs came from the positions where we are already strong enough, merida, gibbs gilbert, ramsey etc…

    Ramsey is looking particularly solid and I believe he could still SAVE our team this season from the menace of diaby.

    As I have said from the beginning, he should be along side song behind cesc.

    Great to see eastmond given a run in defensive midfield and I would have liked to have seen more of coqlein. This is a position where we will desperately need cover if wenger doesnt buy in January.

    All in all a great win, even the LAME DUCK TRINITY of fabianski, senderos and mikel “arsenal are too french” silvestre had a good game so a special congratulations to those three.

    And yes bentley is back and Robbie keane says the spud squad is stronger than arsenal….dont you just love that? To saturday then…

    Lets get it on!!!

    Cheers all!!!

  9. gunnerjones says:

    I agree on Ramsey Naga,, Diaby has not won me over yet,, He still may, but as of now hasnt. Ramsey is going to be huge for us.

  10. wengerball says:

    Great performance all round, kudos to the team.

    I’m not a fan of Gilbert, however he did well to shut down Ryan Babel. He (Gilbert) doesn’t seem comfortable with the ball at his feet, but he fulfilled his defensive duties comfortably.

    I was surprised that Eastmond got the nod ahead of le coq, but he vindicated the manager’s decision.

  11. boomer says:

    Brian your right nicky b decision making could have been better but im sure you will agree that he took his goal really well, people forget he still young and learning. All in all a great performance, edge of the seat stuff at times. Nothing left but prem teams, seems they are all taking this one seriously. Good report YW

  12. Kitchen Sink says:

    Great game 11 new players, good touches from everyone, deserved victory..

    It looks like the second stream of arsenal youngsters will have to wait considerably longer to enter the team regularly, as the Main team is only beginning to mature into its evolved nature..

    Hope Wilshere and VELA get well soon, there are plenty of games this season and on this current goal climate, there will be ample chances to impress..

    Again everyone played brilliantly (yes even Silvestre made a great crucial tackle on Ngog with our high line, it could have set us back) The usual suspects are banging loudest for a chance at the 1st team, but with others coming back competition is the winner..

    I can’t wait to see more of the slick Samir Nasri’s his pitter pattering hot steps, as he dances with the ball are hypnotic to the best defenders ..

    May the growth inward continue outward..

    I wonder if a CC victory against Liverpool is enough to calm the thirst for scapegoats and ritual sacrifice..

  13. boomer says:

    Gilbert was brilliant, not great pace but read the game superbly, robbie keane is obviously trippin, and Eastman for me was man of the match

  14. Fweng says:

    Last night Arsene got the team balance just about right. I thought that Eastmond’ debut and with what we already know about Coquelin, we are seeing that Mr Wenger is justified in his reluctance to splash unneccessary cash on a big name holding midfielder. We are very well blessed in this area unlike most other teams.

    Well done to the boys last night it was a very enjoyable game with both teams producing excellent quality at times. Don’t mind who we get next as long as its at home.

  15. aj says:

    Bendtner had an excellent game. He worked really hard, particularly tracking back to help the out-of-his-depth Gilbert and showed great deftness of touch, to wriggle the ball out of tight situations against the touchline. A few poor decisions in front of goal would bring his mark down a bit but he still managed to score an excellent winner.

  16. Flint McCullough says:

    “A Merida-nce” – now we know you must be Bruce Forsyth’s script writer, YW.

    Great stuff as usual. A penalty for that handball would have been very harsh, & if they claim that then I would say the pull on Swiss T on the corner that led to the goalmouth scramble was also one.

    From the esteemed fanzine Highbury High

    “One to Watch

    Craig Eastmond, 19 years old in December 2009

    I admit I have only seen the guy play for the reserves or the very impressive FA Youth Cup winning side, and only then on TV.

    The talk, quite correctly, is that not all of that youth team will make it at Arsenal. You have a tendency to look at the Wilsheres & JETs as the ones to break into the first team, to have significant careers at a club like ours.

    Craig Eastmond would appear to be some way down that list. He had looked fallible on occasions at right back but he showed, in all the games I saw, that he had that vital ingredient all teams need – determination.

    I believe in lessons from history. I was at Highbury, in 1966, when we won the same FA Youth Cup. The one player I would have thought didn’t have a chance was a full back called, Pat Rice. In fact only he & Sammy Nelson ever played for the first team, the stars faded away, I can’t even remember their names.

    Pat Rice had that determination, played over 500 times for Arsenal, many as captain. Mr Reliable, for a decade.

    That is what I see in Eastmond. This view was reinforced last week, when the reserves took on a Brum side with several senior players. Eastmond was playing holding midfield with Coquelin. He was a revelation, winning & keeping possession, with intelligent passing. He looked a natural in that position & even popped up to score a well-taken goal.

    There are many others to look out for, but a Craig Eastmond type is essential for any team. I hope he makes it.”

    I game a player certainly does not make but he looks just what we are looking for – an intelligent solid holding midfielder

  17. Andy B says:

    Have to say I thought Gilbert and Eastmond stood out. People go on about Gibbs but his positioning is terrible, Gilbert may be slower but do we have a better tackling RB? I’m not sure we do, his timing was bang on. Eastmond was brilliant, happy to have him or Coq au vin in behind Den and Song.

    Ramsey was class but just turns away from goal on collection of the ball, like Diaby – if gets the forward touch a la Cesc or Andrey (they were chuffed weren’t they – good to see) he be a great player.

    Happy days – onto the Spuds. We are telly quite a lot now, take over from the Villians…

  18. LimparAssist says:

    brian, you must be having a laugh or having some sort of mental episode – YOU are wrong, as Poliziano rightly says.

    aj, is absolutely right, Bendtner had an excellent game. He added calmness and class to the entire right flank. Constantly threatening as he cut inside, always there to help Kerrea out, and always an option for Ramsey, Nasri and Merida. His touch and coolheadedness on the touchline and in impossibly tight situations was a world apart from the Nikki B of two seasons ago. He has truly come of age.

  19. team spirit says:

    well, it seems holding mildfielders abound at the club and that position is going to be sorted for years to come with internal solutions…

    in fact all over the pitch, we are sorted and so let the moaners for big spending go ahead…

  20. LimparAssist says:

    And Ole, from the last blog. I’ve got to call you up on it. Ramsey was lazy? No mate, he really wasn’t. He had a great game. Holding your position and not charging around like a headless chicken does not equate to lazy. He was always in the right place at the right time and his passing, far from being showy, was a joy to behold – a tour de force, from little flicks round the corner, perfectly weighted one touch stuff with Nasri in sardine packed areas – to glorious sweeping pinpoint diagonals. Hard to pick a MOTM but he was up there.

  21. 4th is the word says:

    Merida is better than Eboue and Diaby.We have to make sure we dont lose him because of this two clowns.And dont forget the best one of the lot Jack Wilshire

  22. Gary says:

    To me Ramsey was superb.Merida was very good

    Dont be suprised if Fabianski plays on saturday.If Wenger had faith in Almunia he would not have been on the bench for the last two games.I would start Gibbs because i think he has overtaken Clichy and a long run in the team will earn Gibbs a trip to the world Cup

    Team for saturday

    Sagna Gallas TV Gibbs
    Nasri Cesc Song Arshavin
    Bendtner RVP

  23. abid says:

    I like the way Nicklas plays…he does that thing where he gets the ball and runs across the pitch before tapping the ball to someone else. Or when he’s off the ball, he’s always running around and trying to get into good positions.

    Don’t forget that he’s still very young. He has great enthusiasm and commitment, and while he might frustrate sometimes, you can count on him to deliver.

    I won’t got into the Diaby argument again but I’m really excited (and hoping) to see Ramsey slot into the starting 11 line-up sometime this season. I love that kid.

  24. abid says:

    What’s the deal with Fran’s contract? I read that a 5 year deal was on the table but he wanted to wait?

  25. DUDU says:


    I agree Merida needs to be tied down to a new contract,but he needs to know he wont just be playing Carling cup games and he’s stuck on the sidelines while Eboue who hasnt a tenth of his talent gets into the starting line up.

    As for Bendtner the guy is not the most talented in the world but one thing he always does is work his Bollocks off unlike a certain number 25 last season

  26. Tony says:

    Nasri played the whole 90 last night so is a certainty for saturday i would replace Diaby with him.And i would start Bendtner wide right inside of Eboue.The Spuds nightmares just got worse.

    I would have Vito in goal with Fabianski on the bench.I think the Don needs one more chance

  27. mpakabee says:

    hi y’all.

    first time poster here. have followed the blog for a few months now and the posts from YW and perspectives from the debates are awesome.

    Go Gunners!!

  28. LimparAssist says:

    Tony, Nasri is far from a certainty to start Saturday. His reaction to last night’s 90 minutes will be monitored today and tomorrow. He’ll be in the squad so long as nothing is hurting when he next trains.

  29. Ole Gunner says:


    From where I was seated, he looked very lazy in defending. Merida too.

  30. Darius Stone says:

    Yesterday’s game was a joy to watch, a breath of fresh air and a reminder that football really is beautiful.

    Kudos to Liverpool for turning up to play, and play they did. I doubt it would have been as entertaining a match if Liverpool didn’t do their part.

    Silvestre was the player for me who stood out. I must say, some of his performances last season made me conclude that he was past the hills, but yesterday, his experience and organization in leading the boys to close down the match was telling. I would hope that the senior team watching the match learnt something about knowing when to hold a position and closing down a game.

    Robbie Keen clearly has been sniffing his carpet to come up with such a ludicrous statement about the strength of the spuds squad.

  31. dsqd says:

    The Arsenal brand of football is so deeply ingrained in these youngsters. What impressed me wasn’t so much the personel on show, but the way that they have all been taught to play. To enjoy the game, attack, and play without fear. The way they continually played their way out of tight situations at the back last night had me whooping with delight. It was heart in the mouth stuff at times, but just jaw-droppingly good when it came off.

    I would be totally comfortable with any of them getting a run in the first team if cover was needed (a la Gibbs last season). The only exception being Sylvestre, who was solid enough, but clearly struggles to play the Arsenal way.

  32. Darius Stone says:

    DSQD. I think that without Silvestre’s solidity and experience yesterday, we would have given away the lead. Maybe it’s a good thing to throw in a wild card devoid of the Wengerball school of play.

    There were also some good individual performances all round.

    If Nasri gets past training today and tomorrow, I can seem him starting in midfield alongside Cesc and Song or coming in for Diaby after a while. The other alternative is to play him as one of the top 3, but Bendy is also knocking hard for his wide right position.

    I especially liked how Bendy toyed around with hugging that right touchline, and especially once when he literlly played the ball on the touchline and earned a freekick from it.

    My judgement also got the better of me today and I decided to read Piles the Plonker’s bull shit only to find his racist, xenophobic diatribe on display.

  33. bobbygee says:

    The young cats stepped up to the plate and did it. Way to go garoto. This was a good win. This shows the Gunners have depth. Now on to this weekends play.

  34. LimparAssist says:

    There were a good few pub borish types around me last night. Screaming for Bendtner to shoot, and then, as his shot found the keeper from a tight angle, berating him for not having passed it.

    The majority of fans at league games seem to have gotten over the fact that you can’t instantly play as flawlessly as a 26 year old Robert Pires when you’re just 19, and so the ridiculous overzealous criticism when one of our dazzling, intricate passing moves breaks down, has mellowed out.

    At CC games though, you do still seem to get an attitude of over-willingness to bitch and moan. Like some have watched Bendtner miss a bunch of chances on tv and now here finally, is their chance to let him have it with a great big groan of disapproval. People point out eye-of-the-needle passes saying, why didn’t he just put it there – like they’re playing a computer game. F&cking idiots really.

  35. LimparAssist says:

    I don’t see how cats come into it – at all, bobbygee. You really are a mystery.

  36. abid says:

    Wenger always talks about preserving the “Arsenal way” of doing things. Our style of play has been his signature and it was really nice to see a Liverpool fan say:

    “Great game to watch, Wenger has to be the best manager in this country?. We played very well but Nobody plays football like Arsenal.”

    Just shows another instance of Arsene’s legacy being far greater than trophies.

  37. fabboy says:

    To me gilbert waz very poor last night,he gave babel 2 much room 2 operate thereby creating some panicky moments 4 us in match.But i totally agree with u about eastmond,he waz brilliant.

  38. abid says:

    Merida wants a new contract with us:

    “The 19-year-old’s contract expires at the end of the season but the Spaniard has revealed he is looking to get a new deal after opening discussions with the Club.

    “At the moment I am talking to the Club so I don’t know what is going to happen,” he said.

    “I am really happy here so hopefully everything is going to be OK. We are going to sit down and talk about [a new contract].”

    Merida was delighted with the victory over Liverpool and is now looking ahead to the Quarter-Final draw, suggesting Arsenal are ready to take on anyone.”

    Yay! Based on how highly Arsene rates him, this shouldn’t be a problem and I hope we can tie him down here.

  39. Matt says:

    Hard to say anyone was poor last night really, it was a great game of football, and a great performance.

    Ramsey and Merida both played well, but for me Nasri stood out.

    Great to see him back, he makes the game look so easy – and it is easy to forget that he is only 21 himself.

    What a classy footballer the guy is, and he is only going to get better.

  40. abid says:

    I stopped reading when he started talking about the effects of a long campaign…

    We started off October with, what? 10 players injured or missing? Did we miss them on the pitch? Not at all.

    Have these people bothered to glance at our Carling Cup squad last night? That team is great enough to spank that Sp*rs bench into submission …

  41. Matt says:

    Haven’t you guys learnt to either ignore or laugh at the delusion of Spurs fans yet?

  42. Paul says:

    Yes Merida had an excellent game but lets be honest when is he going to get a starting place other than the Carling and FA cups.That is why he has to keep his options open.Will he start 5 league games this season? Doubt it. I really rate the guy as i do Young Jack who i believe should be starting before Eboue on the wing.Yet unless they start getting league action they will start thinking about their futures.Merida or Wilshire should at least be on the bench every game now there are 7 substitutes

  43. Cardiff Gooner says:


    Were you watching the game from behind a brick wall?.How can you honestly say Ramsey was Lazy.That is just a stupid comment.The guy was awesome and he is only 18.FFS It was an outstanding all-round performance.Ramsey will be our Gerrard you just wait

  44. JD Gooner says:

    Fabianski ruled out for 3 weeks. Wonder who will get the nod now for Saturday.

  45. notlager says:

    I’m much more worried that Rosicky is still injured and won’t be available for Saturday.

  46. abid says:

    I’m worried about Rosicky because I really want him to get a new contract with us and he needs to stay fit for that to happen..

    This goalkeeping thing is silly. Fabianski was all “I’m so happy to be back!” last night and now…

    Based on that, and the fact that we have no idea whats going on with Almunia, maybe Mannone again for the weekend?

  47. Ole Gunner says:

    Cardiff Gooner,

    I felt there were several times when Liverpool broke and we had no midfield player back covering. There were a couple of instances when Ramsey didn’t track back.

  48. Matt says:

    The worrying thing about Rosicky is that there has not been any news about what his injury is, or when he is likely to be back, and we all know what happened the last time.

  49. JJGsol says:

    I thought that Ramsey was fantastic, certainly deserving MOTM. The way he linked throughout with Nasri was terrific, and he was all pover the pitch.

    Am I the only person to think that we had a good penalty shout when Watt was through near the end. It was quite clear from the slow motion replay that the defender pulled him back and down.

  50. Ole Gunner says:


    Arsene said it was a knee injury, and it was a matter of days to be back. However he’s not providing updates with any kind of detail. I’m very worried.

  51. LimparAssist says:

    Keeper for Saturday is a difficult one. It’s a great opportunity for somone to prove themself.

    For both men – whether fighting to reclaim the No.1 spot, or fighting to retain it – the North London derby is a day to sharpen the focus as well as a day to magnify any element of fear.

    To know who’s sharper, who’s the more confident and who would most revel in the heat of a game like Saturday’s – you’d have to be at training today and be around the squad.

    You can be confident that whoever Arsene picks will be playing their heart out to keep the scum from scoring, to keep The Arsenal winning, and to keep the No.1 shirt.

  52. Finsburyparker says:

    “Natures biggest mistake.”

    Fooking hilarious, thanks BRL.

  53. Bragging Rights Ltd says:

    OK, I just watched it fresh and felt compelled to delete it straight away. So, back to the lab with the whole thing.

    Writing dialogue for robots is tough – now I know how Megan Fox’s screenwriters feel!

  54. Muppet says:




  55. Cardiff Gooner says:

    Fabianski out.Thought he might start on saturday.I think it will be Vito if Wenger wanted to bring Almunia back he would have done so 2 games ago.The dropping of Almunia reminds me of what Wenger did to Lehmann two years ago.One mistake two many

  56. Gris Gris says:

    LOL Muppet! Priceless bit of punditry there. That was awesome!

  57. Gris Gris says:

    Why would Fabianski deserve to start? He’s been out injured and wasn’t the starting keeper when he was injured. What performance would anyone hold up as justification for him starting, even if he wasn’t injured again? I’m just wondering because Mannone has done nothing to lose the starting job, in my opinion, and until he loses the starting job there’s no sense in talking about who would replace him.

  58. LimparAssist says:

    Bit early for this sort of thing but still…

    – – – – – – – – Almunia – – – – – – – – –
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Sagna – Gallas – Vermaelen – Clichy
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    – – – – – – – – – Song – – – – – – – – – – –
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    – – – – – Fabregas – – Nasri – – – – – – –
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Bendtner – – – – – – – – – – – – Arshavin
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    – – – – – – – – – -RVP- – – – – – – – – – – –

    Could just as easily slot Diaby in for Nasri and Eboue or Eduardo in for Bendtner, all are hard to leave out.

    And obviously GK is a wild guess.

  59. LimparAssist says:

    I think you’re probably right Gris Gris, but you never can tell.

  60. steww says:

    We have missed TR7 so much it was great to see Nasri back, as I feel he can slot into cover Tomas. Obviously he won’t replace Diaby who brings a whole different dimension to us – his defensive heading alone has kept us in games (fuck the mistake at OT that’s a one off).
    Having said all that I felt Ramsay was staking his claim for TR7’s place in the starting line up, then there’s Eboue, Bendtner little Jack, hmmm what a fucking brilliant squad.

  61. deano says:

    i too am worried about rosicky…hes a fantastic player and I would love to see him starting regularly…not that were short of attacking options

  62. maturks says:

    The quality coming up for the midfield/DM role is amazing. Coquelin, Frimpong and now Eastmond. In two years time they will be replacing the also-runs, Diaby, Denilson and Song.

  63. gunner_expat says:

    Haha, Nasri has it right on.
    Nasri is hoping the Gunners can display the sort of form that saw them net six against Everton and Blackburn this season when they take on North-London rivals Spurs on Saturday,rather than reproducing the mediocre performances of recent draws against AZ Alkmaar and West Ham.

    “It was a small disappointment to drop two points while we led 2-0 at West Ham,” he said. ”We had the same against Alkmaar and we need to correct that but we were almost invincible for ten games before that.

    “Now it is necessary to win again in the Premier League. And there is nothing better than a derby against Tottenham. It’s been a while since both teams met each other while so high in the table.”

  64. Paulie Walnuts says:

    A fine all round performance last night. I particularly enjoyed the running down of the clock amidst the usual penalty box scrambles.

    Great to see Nasri back – the guy is class, pure & simple. Merida & Ramsey were impressive too & Eastmond was a revelation. Arsene has too many options now !

    I`ve a feeling Rosicky will start on Saturday & from what AW said post match Nasri will have to wait until Alkmar for his next appearance.

  65. Gainsbourg69 says:

    “Yes Merida had an excellent game but lets be honest when is he going to get a starting place other than the Carling and FA cups.That is why he has to keep his options open.Will he start 5 league games this season? Doubt it. I really rate the guy as i do Young Jack who i believe should be starting before Eboue on the wing.Yet unless they start getting league action they will start thinking about their futures.Merida or Wilshire should at least be on the bench every game now there are 7 substitutes.”

    Rosicky and Arshavin won’t be around in another two or three years. They’ll both be over thirty and Arshavin is averse to paying taxes. I really don’t see Arshavin sticking around more than two years honestly. Fran Merida isn’t even twenty years old yet. If he leaves Arsenal to go play in another league he will not have the chance to further his career like he would with us. Right now he’s on pace to become a first teamer which means a top four side and champions league football before he’s even 24 years old.

  66. perrygroves says:

    Cesc was playing Champions League football at 18.

  67. 1 loose cannon says:

    Paulie Walnut-Running down the clock was never a Wenger thing, somehow not part of his philosophy but it looks like these are the tactics he’ll be telling the players to do to slow the game and furstrate the opposition it worked really well in the last few minutes last night.

  68. Paulie Walnuts says:

    1 LC,

    Agreed, although many of our oppenents run the clock down from the very first minute.

    Actually TH14 & RP7 were brilliant at it in our Highbury days but only very late on

  69. gooner2 says:


    i was just reading from arsenal injury news on all it tells me is that rosicky had a 50:50 chance on playing the match againts west ham last week.but i am not sure when will rosicky return.and i think its only wenger who might know how fucked up rosicky’s injury is.

  70. Gainsbourg69 says:

    “Cesc was playing Champions League football at 18.”

    How many Cescs are there in world football? If Merida were as good as Cesc there’s no doubt he’d be a starter. For now he’ll have to settle for Carling Cup football and the occasional inclusion in the league. If he doesn’t like it then he can join Pennant, Bentley and all the other little shits who thought they could do better.

  71. santino says:

    coys :
    an abbreviation for Choke on Your Sleepingbag. Originated in Mexico, for reasons unknown. Used for the same purpose as STFU, kthxdie, or DIAF.

  72. arsenalkabisa says:

    So Few Comments today.

    Didnt Arsenal loose/ draw? We need them to loose/ Draw so that the comments section can be longer

  73. santino says:

    i will take a winning streak rather than long comments section , yogi may disagree.

  74. James says:

    God I hope Bentley doesn’t score tomorrow

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