Brown Can Go To Hull, We’ll Go To Wembley

FA Cup Quarter Final

Arsenal 2 – 1 Hull City

0 – 1 Barmby (13)
1 – 1 van Persie (74)
2 – 1 Gallas (83)

Arsenal’s progress to the last four of the FA Cup has been overshadowed by claims that Cesc Fabregas spat at Brian Horton. Or at least that is what Hull’s manager, Phil Brown, claimed last night, a point he re-iterated it appears, in every news conference that he gave. It is a claim that was vehemently denied by the player. Indeed, Brown intimated that it had been at Horton’s body yet as the evening wore on, that changed to being aimed at his feet. Coupled with the change in venue of the alleged incident – initially it was claimed to have happened on the pitch, then the tunnel, back to the pitch again – the suspicion arises that it re-affirms the opinions in the media that Brown is losing the plot, cracking under the strain of being unable to arrest his club’s slide toward the relegation zone.

It is difficult to give credence to their claims. Horton has previous for being eccentric, particularly in his spell in charge at Maine Road. Could it simply be that Fabregas has spat on the turf and his actions misinterpreted by a duo who would not be out of place in The Keystone Cops? Further, Brown is seeking to find scapegoats for his failure to ensure that his team were sufficiently prepared to weather the inevitable storm that follows when visitors take the lead at The Emirates. Some inward analysis by the manager is more in order than outward ranting.

It was the part of a trilogy of rants last night, some had a point, others were so bizarre that instead of having a top-up in his local sunbed salon, Brown might be better served by actually taking a holiday. The only one worth any attention is that which ranted at the officials for not flagging Gallas offside. Yet, even this morning, I have changed my mind as to who got the final touch; to me it was not Djourou but the top of Myhill’s fist that had the last touch. If television cannot clearly define who played the ball into Gallas’ path, quite how Brown can be so sure is beyond me. More so, how was an official supposed to be 100% sure, the basis upon which they have to make their decisions.

Brown was not finished though. Apparently, Arsene Wenger is the biggest, baddest, greenest Meanie of them all. How dare he get Boaz Myhill booked for time-wasting? Did the referee not realise that he was tired and Myhill had to muster all of his energies from the first fifteen minutes to take a goal-kick. And as for Wenger not shaking his hand, well, did-bloody-dums. Get over it. As for Brown’s assertion:

For Arsenal’s club captain to spit at my assistant Brian Horton, shows you what this club’s about

As far as I am concerned, Brown can fall into the slowest descent into Hell. He is quite simply showing himself to be what he is: a classless acolyte of Sam Allardyce, a stunning example of tactical mediocrity who is plainly out of his depth and as close to Selwyn Froggat as a club manager can get. I feel sorry for the Hull City fans because I feel sure that they believe that their club has more class than molten lump of crassness that passes for their manager.

The match itself was the archetypal game of two halves. In the first forty-five, Arsenal looked lethargic, perhaps a sign that the wishes of the TV paymasters should be ignored and the fixture played tonight to allow full recovery after a gruelling ten days. Hull opened brightly, perhaps taking a deserved lead when Barmby’s shot looped off the boot of Djourou and over the helpless Fabianski. Cruel though the goal was, some fault must be placed at the defence’s door. Gallas had tracked forward to cover a shorter pass yet when the ball went over him there was no cover there to stop Barmby.

The rest of the half could have seen the match go either way. Barmby had another chalked off for being offside, Arsenal had their opportunities to level. Neither deserved to be out of sight of the their opponents. Whatever was said by Wenger at half-time had the desired impact. The team flew out of the blocks for the second period, to the extent that it was not a case of if but when, the equaliser arrived. Presuming that it came with enough time, there was a case to be made for when the winner would come.

Chances were spurned once more, Diaby went close with a header, van Persie closer still, rattling the frame of the woodwork. The pressure was building and in the end, the resistance was cracked. Bendtner swang and missed, typically for his luck in front of goal at the moment, before gathering control of the ball and imitating Arshavin’s close control of Saturday. His cross deflected to the Russian for van Persie to threaten to break the net with his finish.

With that the Hull defiance shattered and nine minutes later Djourou challenged Myhill and appeared to head onto Gallas who duly obliged by scoring. It appeared blatantly offside yet this morning, it appears to be less clear cut, almost impossible to say who got the final touch. In the end though, that does not matter. Gallas scored, the goal was given and Arsenal have won.

Wembley beckons for Arsenal, oblivion to Brown hopefully as he sinks into the mire of disciplinary actions that he faces.

’til Tomorrow.

329 thoughts on “Brown Can Go To Hull, We’ll Go To Wembley

  1. ZimPaul says:

    If I ever have the misfortune to meet a racist Gunner who calls an African ‘a monkey’ I am sure to do something really stupid. Not for the first time either.

  2. Frank's biggest fan says:

    Lot of judgmental pieces on Cesc’s demeanor and character. Bang out of order. English press is the WORST I’ve ever witnessed. Even Spain’s Marca and likes are respectful and credible in comparison. Now his dress sense is said to be thuggish by various pieces. What next? w*nkers.

    Cesc clearly did not spit at Ballack. IT is evident in the pics and video. Neither there is conclusive proof of Cesc showing aggressiveness towards Hull’s players. After all, Brown complained about our Fans showing aggressiveness and booing towards their players. He denied Arsene shaking his hands after the games -which has been proved wrong. Has problem recollecting what he says the previous night. Like saying “the kind of club they are”, and such BS. Basically the guy has shown schizophrenic tendencies. He needs help. And the media has been swindled by a mad man.

    So much for the character assassination. Duh!

  3. ZimPaul says:

    The diatribe against Cesc in he press is certain to backfire. It is in reality against Arsenal, not Cesc.

  4. OneOfUs says:

    Oh man, I just logged on to say exactly the same thing less well, FBF. Agree with everything you say.

    What a f*cking joke.

    The guy that posted the “Fabregas spits at Ballack” video that most of the biggest newspapers have embedded in their articles has the username, mano3obe. I was looking at his account yesterday and jesus christ!

    Just look at the title and description of this one:

    And then don’t bother with the rest of his videos because he’s clearly lost the plot. It gets quite worrying once you’ve seen the second of third.

  5. OneOfUs says:

    I wasn’t looking at jesus christ btw!

  6. Steve says:

    OOU, it makes you wonder why some people spend their time putting videos online of a club they hate.

  7. OneOfUs says:

    It’s creepy, Steve. And so many news sites have linked to it.

    So much for Exhibit A!

  8. Frank's biggest fan says:

    If Arsenal show the CCTV footage to FA to disprove this petty allegation. I hope they put it on for public display, and show the kind of low-life lying sc*mbag geordie Brownh*le is.

  9. Frank's biggest fan says:

    “The pictures in the national papers verify the aggression he was showing towards players and staff after the game,”

    What BS. Your players were behind him, and he was ahead of that sh!tty yellow jersies. You grade-A assH*le.

    “I could go on but I am not one for crying over spilt milk.”

    Talk about irony.

  10. Poliziano says:

    These allegations of spitting must be a bitter phil for Cesc to swallow.

  11. Poliziano says:

    I’ve had a belly hull of Phil Brown.

  12. Poliziano says:

    And I’ve had my phil of the media.

  13. Frank's biggest fan says:

    Anyone impressed by Arsene and the squad avoiding to indulge in this wind-up. They’re focussed on the weekend game. A must-win game against NU. I love this! This silence should be killing egoistic PB and the shit-stirring Media. Lol

  14. LE GUNNER says:

    I’ve read papers for a long time and I found the “Telegraph” for some reason are so determined to distort Arsnal’s image one posiibility is their editors are a bunch of Spurs fans so guys do no buy their papers whenever its possible as this morning they wrote a digusting article about Fabregas and the way he was dressed. He can dress the way he likes. are we turning into a dictator country.Who the hell is Phil Brown to tell Fabregas how he should dress.

  15. Blackstock says:

    If you only ever read the gutter press and watched Setanta and Sky, you’d think that no one actually gave a **** about football anymore. There’s a whole legion of people out there that seem to get more satisfaction out of the drama and the handbags than they do from the actual sport. We all love a little bit of drama don’t we, like when you watch Formula 1 just to see the crashes, but this is getting ridiculous. Look at how much articles get written about the “speculation” and “controversy” in the game, and compare that to the amount of articles actually written ABOUT the game of football in the literal sense, it seems they’re outnumbered 10 to 1. When you open the paper, you don’t care about who spat at who, who might or might not sign a new contract, who just got arrested outside of a nightclub at 4am, whatever… i’d rather just read something interesting about football. Some decent analysis, critique and review of the game which is not tempered or fuelled with petty emotional bias. Is it really so much to ask?!!

  16. Consolsbob says:

    In this country? Today? Yes, I am afraid it is Blackstock.

  17. Frank's biggest fan says:

    Today’s Arseblog is brilliant. I hope the other blogs do their part in unison.

    He gets it perfectly right on Cesc:

    he’s a good young man, not a party boy, not a show-off, not a scumbag who roasts girls and films it while on holidays, he doesn’t drive drunk, kick people’s heads in, run up huge gambling debts, get arrested, shag grannies, take drugs or anything else that disgraces football.

    It smacks of xenophobia, it’s much easier to believe a foreign player is the villain of the piece than the clearly deluded but traditional English manager.

    When someone like Kevin Nolan tries to break another player’s leg with one of the most horrific challenges I’ve ever seen the ex-pros can’t get on TV quick enough to say ‘He’s not that kind of lad’ or ‘He didn’t mean to hurt him’.

    Yet someone alleges that Cesc Fabregas spat on the ground and we have a litany of half-witted ex-footballers coming out and saying stupid things like they’d rather have a broken leg than be spat at. That spitting is somehow worse than violence and serious injury, which is so idiotic it’s beyond words. The good old boys who defend Nolan for something the whole world has seen, and condemned, can’t wait to stick the knife into Cesc for something that nobody but a fucking oompa-loompa looking cunt from Hull claims to have witnessed. It’s mental.

    It’s nothing less than a vicious and unmerited character assassination on our captain from two angry, bitter men. Every Arsenal fan should support Cesc. He is our captain, he deserves our support.

  18. gackt13 says:

    I’m sure end of the season the crap headlines the English papers would churn out would look something like this:


  19. Frank's biggest fan says:


    PL highlights will always be about ref decisions, players “raping” the opponents, and incidents such as this. Have you ever seen replays of AA’s skill in the game? NO. Heck, they are much more interested about the “tunnel” than what happens in the pitch. That’s what the “pundits” want to comment on, too. Shame.

  20. KLV says:

    All these English managers, Brown Allardyce, Pardew, Jewell, McCoist (Scot?) etc are one and the same – no class, desperate, and have no idea of what they are doing. They just want to rally their so-called “faithful” so as to be seen to stand up for English football against foreigners. What a joke.

  21. Frank's biggest fan says:

    Check out Arseblog today. Brilliant stuff from him. I hope other blogs take cue, and voice support for our captain, and chide the crazy media.

  22. Ole Gunner says:

    To tell you the truth, I don’t care if Cesc spat at the twats or not.

    Let’s just go thump Newcastle on Saturday.

  23. Blackstock says:

    I agree, Arseblog’s been kicking a lot of ass recently. We all need to get behind the club, and Cesc especially. The time is long overdue to completely ignore whatever the press are saying. They and their brainwashed readers are not worthy of us. We are the Arsenal, fuck the rest.

  24. Frank's biggest fan says:

    Ole G:

    Nasri will definitely feature. Bendtner will be a substitute, even though I think is the best choice to be the main striker.

    Sagna Tou Gal Clichy

    Eboue Song Den Nasri

    RVP Arsha

    Sub: Theo, Fabianski, Bendtner, Vela, Gibbs, Djourou, Diaby.

  25. Ole Gunner says:

    All our targets this season go through Chelsea.

    We’d probably have to beat Chelsea 3 times between now and the end of the season.

    Beating them in the league will determine if we get one of the 3 automatic spots for the Champions League.

    Beating them takes us to the FA Cup final.

    And we could be drawn with them in the CL.

    No wonder Hiddink was at the Ems on Tuesday.

  26. Arse21 says:

    Disgracefull behaviour by Mr Fabregas, he looked like a pick pocket

  27. FunGunner says:

    “These allegations of spitting must be a bitter phil for Cesc to swallow.”

    Agreed, Poliziano. It’s a slur on his reputation.

    Also agree with ZimPaul that this is about Arsenal, not just Cesc.

    And yes, it is disgraceful that the allegations have been taken as proven fact. The guy who wrote the Independent article is the same guy who tried to make a folk hero out of leg-breaking Taylor last season.

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