Arsene? Gael? Popular? The Twilight Zone Beckons

Arsene must be very concerned. All of a sudden, he is Mr Popular amongst his peers. Ridiculing ‘6+5’ is always a good start, despite the bizarre backing of the plan by Darth Fergie. However, his call for sterner bans for malicious tackles got the Dark Lord agreeing with him, much to the dismay of the gathered hacks at the United press conference yesterday. Life is certainly strange. Events took an even more bizarre twist when Ferguson admitted that he knew what Arsene meant when he called Ronaldo The Thin ‘arrogant’. So do we but we also hoped that there was a rather more sinister twist to the straightforward-ish praise of his skills, a personal attack more than anything. Yes, I know Arsene has more class than that but you can live in hope, eh?

Meanwhile Gael Clichy has been held up as the perfect antidote to Ashley Cole, something that we have known all along. Intellectually, the Frenchman is light years ahead of his English counterpart:

We know we can still do great things this year. The FA Cup and the Champions League are two targets that we can do if we’re performing well, without players injured. The last trophy we won [the 2005 FA Cup] was a few years back. If we could win the Cup this year it would be fantastic. Losing in the Champions League final [to Barcelona in 2006] is a bad memory and a bad feeling. We are in a good position against Roma [leading 1-0] so if we can go all the way it would be fantastic. After the World Cup it’s the best competition in footballyou don’t remember the good performance. You remember the winning team, and Arsenal weren’t

For a start, his words actually made sense and you could understand his English, something not always possible with Cole. More importantly, Clichy is aware of the shortcomings that have put the club out of contention in the Premier League:

We miss consistency. If we can do it against the big teams we have to be up for it against the smaller teams. We can just blame ourselves and be happy for Man U because they deserve it. I can’t be jealous of Man U. They are a great side with great players. They play with great attitude with a great manager, but so do we.  That’s the hardest part, to feel someone is better than you. We have to start showing people we can win trophies.

The desire to win is important and it shows in the last sentences. We know the squad has the talent to win; they have the desire to do so as well and had they shown the form that is now happening, earlier in the season, they would not be out of the title race. Disrupted by injuries to key personnel, the squad struggled in games they should not have. In fact, they had some games where the personnel were available and they still struggled. The lessons of the last two seasons are there to be learnt; their predecessors in 1986/87 and 1987/77 had a learning curve of two years before fulfilling their potential. I think once a trophy comes their way, this squad will fulfill theirs. It is that first pot that is a psychological barrier to be broken. Once done, the floodgates will open.

’til Tomorrow.

329 thoughts on “Arsene? Gael? Popular? The Twilight Zone Beckons

  1. Luke says:

    In giving Eduardo the armband, Wenger showed us his class once again.

  2. Passenal says:

    I’m watching the re-run at the moment – just seen the first half and the passing was even better than it seemed at the game – just wow!

  3. arsenalvision says:

    Same here Passenal, I am watching it again and puring at the prospect of having Cesc, Rosicky, Walcott, Arshavin and Eduardo 100% match fit.

    Next season we will be massive.

  4. Passenal says:

    This season isn’t over yet arsenalvision – there are 2 cups there to be won!

  5. arsenalvision says:

    That is true, I actually had the title in mind but yes, I am very confident of both CL and FA. Chelsea’s old men will have a torrid time against us.

  6. Gunner4Ever says:

    Just starting the 1st half 🙂 back to the days when I can watch the game over and over again until the next one……what a treat? I can give up Ice Cream for that.

  7. crafty bison says:

    I am so happy for Song, Eduardo and Eboue. What a fantastic day to support our club.

  8. Mean Lean says:

    Agreed Mr Bison, it will only get better from here on in.

    Oh and why are you so crafty?

  9. ZimPaul says:

    Hey Gunners … good day.
    Three classic goals.
    Eboue! He’s been threatening that.
    And Vela and Ed …. man oh man.

    They all played well. Song was excellent, but he’s shown glimpses of that all season, he thrives on the movement from Diaby, Dudu, Arsh.

    I thought Gibbs was outstanding.

  10. ZimPaul says:

    The back heel from Song for Eboue to score


    that’s the Gunners I love

  11. ZimPaul says:

    D’ya like cryptic games of strategy?
    Try choosing a team for Roma after Sunday.

    Well, me thinkest


    But what about Theo in there? For Diaby. Nasri in the middle just front of Den-Song. Thro on the right, RvP on the left.

  12. ZimPaul says:

    OK, I geddit, everybody’s sleeping it off … come on you lot wakey, wakey, rise and shine …

    Yogi said ‘…and then the floodgates will open’.

    The game on Wed is going to be interesting, balancing ultra-strong defence and caution with counter attack and keep-ball. It’ll all happen in midfield. Roma will come on strong for sure, they’ll attack from the start, we need an excellent performance to see them off. The big test.

    But then again one away goal will do the trick.
    Theo. Counter-attack. Maybe Eboue. It’s the type of game made for Rosicky when he gets back.

  13. ZimPaul says:

    is that …um, 16 or 17 games unbeaten, or 15, or 18 in all minus Carling (reserves, youth) and Porto (dead game).

  14. chkmiaot says:

    2 assits for Song… who says he can’t play??..

    fukkin super game…

  15. Seb says:

    YW I have enjoyed your round-ups over the last few days, keep up the good work. It’s been a good week to be a gooner!

  16. ZimPaul says:

    Roma will be a tough nervous test. But if we score, we are through.

    We must not concede. They will attack from the start, at home, they have to get to an even hand and psychological edge going into 2nd half. The battle will be in midfield.

    That means cautious approach by Arsenal with counter-attacking and keep-ball skills. I suspect Song, Denilson and Diaby will all play in the centre. Nasri, RvP and Ed wide and front. Bring Theo on in 65 minutes to run them ragged.

  17. team spirit says:

    is it possible to watch replays on the internet

  18. Frank says:

    ….superb platform for the Roma game…we have so many options now with players returning and Roma, like many teams towards the end of the season, are depleted and are beginning to suffer from injuries as players tire….this type of performance will bring the supporters back…..after this excuses…supporters must get to every game and get behind the manager and team….I have no doubt that those going to the Roma game will do us all proud…on the pitch and off the pitch….the elephants are in the foothills now….

  19. team spirit says:

    away support has always be great me thinks

  20. Muntazir says:

    team spirit, not sure about the replays but highlights and sometimes the full match too, are available for download.

  21. Muntazir says:

    i usually get the downlaod links from forums on

  22. team spirit says:

    The thing about these players is that AW Sees some of these stuff from them in training often enough to expect them to reproduce it in matches, hence the call for patience

  23. Poliziano says:

    No place for Bendtner in your team, ZimPaul?

  24. Frank says:

    …thought it would be symbolic to cross the Rubicon with the elephants…..elephants..water…water….elephants…no problem they said…elephants love water they said….great…

    ….but how do you get the f*cking elephants out of the Rubicon… and white…and grey mayhem down here…..

    …ah well the die is cast…..on to Rome tonight across the Apennines…they won’t need geese to spot 5000 elephants will they…..

    ….why…becuase we will be singing of course….


  25. Ponyboy says:

    team spirit, Arsenalist has the ITV highlights, 23 minutes. To get there, go to Arseblogger and click on “arsenalist has the goals”.
    Just watched it…lovely stuff!

  26. FunGunner says:

    lol, Frank

    @ team spirit
    “The thing about these players is that AW Sees some of these stuff from them in training often enough to expect them to reproduce it in matches, hence the call for patience.”

    Spot on.

  27. Steve says:

    Team Spirit, if you have a bit-torrent client you can download the game.
    Click on my name for link.

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