Cardiff, RvP, PHW Gets Real And A Bit More

FA Cup Fourth Round

Cardiff City 0 – 0 Arsenal

If Arsene was raising valid concerns about the fixture list, he will be less than enamoured with a cup replay against Cardiff. At least the bean counters will be happy. The hosts started quickly as you would expect, creating chances but the finishing was any combination you choose to pick from high and wide. Indeed it set a pattern for the game as I can only recall Fabianski making one save of note although the woodwork intervened late on to deny Cardiff another improbable cup victory over Arsenal.

In the opening spell, the Arsenal defence had several moments that they will not want to remember, McCormack finding space readily during the opening quarter of the game, Djourou and Toure not picking up their ‘man’ as diligently as one would expect. Curiously, Cardiff found a lot of joy on the right in this time, Bacary Sagna having an exceptionally rare off-day. Inevitably, Arsenal took a foothold in the game and before the half finished, Nasri, Bendtner and Gibbs had forced work out of Enkelman. Nasri’s miss was perhaps the worst of the quartet that the trio forced, similar to the position that he found the back of the Hull net from, he gave the Cardiff custodian a relatively straightforward save.

The second half found Alex Song becoming the dominant midfielder. Ramsey and Eboue offered little in the way of attacking options, the decision to rest Denilson not looking the best that Arsene has made in recent times.  The second half though continued as the first half ended, Arsenal looking increasingly like breaking through. The best chance to fell to Adebayor who made a complete pig’s ear of a volley following RvP’s excellent cross. It is easy to criticise from the comfort of the armchair but expectations of the Togolese international are lot higher than the final product on this occasion.

Overall, a draw was a fair result, no complaints from Arsene on that score in his post-match interviews. Disappointing from the supporters point of view but the carrot of a home tie against WBA or Burnley is incentive enough for them to finish the job at The Emirates.

Away from the FA Cup, the ever-reliable and not in any way sensationalist, News of the World informs us that Arsenal have been shocked by the wage demands of Robin van Persie, reporting that because the Board have not already agreed to £65k per week, the Dutchman wants £80k per week to bring him to parity with the top earners, at least until Cesc gets offered a new deal. The shock felt by Fiszman was not seismic as they are going to agree to it, so the Bastion of Truth tells us. Which probably means that was the offer he was given in the first place. No doubt reeling from PHW’s decision to make Daily Star back pages the official club mouthpiece, NotW hacks went into overdrive, telling us that Micah Richards is Emirates-bound for a mere £7m. Richards has subsequently denied this so it must be true then. If the transfer market took 2% of Arsene’s time last week, the coming seven days will see him spin like a whirling dervish headfirst into action, 98% of his time signing all those we are linked with.

Much as I missed Florentino Perez bringing a smile to my face with his outlandish pre-election claims, Peter Hill-Wood does not share those sentiments. PHW, a stickler for Old School Manners and in no way associated with derogatory comments about Stan Kroenke in the past, claimed that Perez was being a tad rude and disrespectful, although he fell short of claiming that Wenger was being ‘tapped up’. Lord Peter took comfort from the fact that Arsene has never walked away from a contract before, had one with the club until 2012 and that Arsene would be a puppet in the political games played in Madrid rather than the puppetmaster that he is at Arsenal.

Oh, and apparently there’s been a breakthrough in the Arshavin deal.  This is presumably in no way related to previous breakthroughs that promised to seal the deal by the weekend.

And on that rather cynical note, we end today. ’til Tomorrow.

389 thoughts on “Cardiff, RvP, PHW Gets Real And A Bit More

  1. Non Edible Nacho says:

    From arseblog’s arses:

    “A Zenit official just held a press conference, said that Arsenal stuck to their “final offer” of 12 million pounds + 3 in incentives, Usmanov kicked in 2 mil personally, making the final fee 14 million pounds with 3 million in incentives.”

    Strange story, posted by someone no one knows. Wouldn’t like to owe any favours to that Usmanov bastard.

  2. Muppet says:

    I think there could be some misinterpretation in this story. Several leads, including ‘The Sun’ and Sky have said that Arshavin’s wage demands are now the sticking point. I’m not sure that’s the case. What Zenit were saying, on their web site, was that Arshavin refused to pay 2.5 million of his signing on fee in 2006, to go towards cutting the transfer fee. I’m not sure Zenit are in a position to comment about Arshavin’s wage demands viz-a-viz arsenal, so I’m a bit confused by the interpretation.

  3. Passenal says:

    I don’t think we’ll be doing business with Zenit again in a hurry! I’m sure all these shenanigans normally go on with transfers, but they are usually kept between the individual’s involved. Zenit have behaved in a very unprofessional manner by making all these details public and trying to sling mud in the direction of Arsenal and Arshavin.

  4. Muppet says:

    Passenal, yes – this leaves a sour taste… everybody seems to be on the make… and guess who is paying.

  5. Ole Gunner says:

    Indeed Passenal,

    My friends in Russia told me Zenit have a very bad reputation in Europe and clubs hate doing business with them.

  6. Poliziano says:

    Who is paying, Muppet?

    Not me. I’m still waiting for the trophies I paid for.

  7. Ateeb says:


  8. Poliziano says:

    Saint Petersburg has always been a corrupt city.

  9. Muppet says:

    more paying the agent PZ… paying for his superyacht moored in Nice.

  10. Ateeb says:

    The site claims that terms between the two clubs and the ‘market value’ of the player has been agreed but that the main obstacle to the deal were the personal demands of Arshavin and that Arsenal would only meet those demands if the transfer fee were further reduced.

    Zenit have stated “Andrei Arshavin did not intend to go to reduce the demands on the personal contract, and thus hinders the negotiation process, calling into question all the agreements reached between the clubs”

    It also publicly offers a solution pointing out that Arshavin was paid a signing on fee by Zenit in 2006 of 5 million euros for a 4 year contract. If he were to repay half of this fee 2.5m euros, the club proposes, it would be used to reduce the transfer fee.

    The fact that Zenit are willing to make such details of the negotiations public suggests that sentiments between the player, club and agents aren’t on the most fraternal basis. It would seem to be intended to put pressure on the player to break an impasse that has been reached.

    Football transfers seem a sordid and often mercenary business. Maybe it has always been that way but such public pronouncements make it seem more so than ever.

  11. Poliziano says:

    It’s just life, Ateeb. It’s ugly when seen undisguised.

  12. Poliziano says:

    A mixture of a lie doth ever add pleasure.

  13. Ateeb says:


    I din’t come up with that. Just copied and pasted:)
    Plagiarised. Just posting what I read on some site.

  14. Poliziano says:

    I thought it was below your usual standard.

  15. Poliziano says:

    I won’t count my chickens while they’re still in the bush.

  16. Muppet says:

    Hey PZ, did you see John Mortimer’s documentary on Tuscany recently ?

  17. Muppet says:

    Well, I found it interesting as I’ve never been to Italy. The programme was basically about the the influx of ‘inglese’ since the 18th century to Tuscany. It’s available on the BBC iPlayer listings.

  18. Howard says:

    News Flash

    Arshavin is a done deal. Arsenal working on personal terms now. He’s capable of playing on both sides of the wing and has the ability to score goals. With him in the side, I can see Eboue moving on in the summer. Good riddance.

    Rosicky’s contract also ends in the summer and if he’s unable to shake off his injuries by then, he might find the renewal of his contract in danger especially with Arshavin and Theo fully fit.

    Good night and let’s pray for Arsenal and AW to get rid of the low quality foreign players.

  19. Siva says:

    Zenit saying they have Finally agreed fee for Arshavin & Rosicky has also started training albeit lightly…the signs are good. So our signing according to AW could read Jan – Arshavin, Feb – Eduardo, Mar – Walcott, Apr – Cesc. In the meanwhile if Ade or Bendtner find form, we would be on fire towards the end of the season when we have a few big games to play. Even if we manage to narrow the gap in the PL by 3/4 points in Feb, we could well end up with atleast one trophy this season. Like ‘someone’ would say ‘good day to be a gooner’!

  20. Poliziano says:

    It seems to have expired.

    I don’t know what link John Mortimer has with Italy. He wrote a foreword to a beautiful book about Urbino.

  21. Poliziano says:

    God has heard your prayer, Howard. We have no low quality foreign players. Remember, do not put the Lord your God to the test.

    Bendtner’s already found form.

  22. Muppet says:

    Oh… that’s a shame.. I saw it on Sunday night.

    He seems the quintessential english eccentric. Not sure of his background. Tuscany looked awesome, but I’m sure there are other parts of Italy too that are stunning.

  23. Siva says:

    Ok Poliziano I stand to corrected, Bendtner has found form but I really meant was that he makes a step up from last yr i.e. either he or Ade play perfect foil to RVP who is ‘too hot to handle’.

  24. Steve says:

    If Arshavin does sign and he has a settling in period how long will the D&G merchants be quiet before their normal moaning sessions start.

  25. FunGunner says:

    I much prefer it when AW whips the scarf off the top hat and pulls out a player. This drawn out public saga has sucked out all the excitement. With luck, the thrill will return when we see AA play.

  26. Marc says:

    Re: Steve, It will probably take the D&G merchants about 45 minutes of his first appearance without a hat trick to start moaning.

  27. Marc says:

    I thought that a couple of days ago Arshavin’s agent claimed that personal terms had been agreed and a fee just had to be agreed between the two clubs.

  28. jbh says:

    Zenit statement on their website means:
    1. No agreement yet
    2. Zenit still want another 2.5million
    3. Arsenal are not budging
    4. One way out is for Arsenal to force Arshavin to repay from his Zenit signing on bonus the 2.5m !!
    5. Deal is not looking good, hence we are putting pressure on Arsenal to put up another 2.5m by going public – Arsenal will look very bad if they don’t up their bid as it will look like they couldn’t agree personal terms with AA.

    Clever, but still unethical.

  29. LE GUNNER says:

    According to reports he is willing to take a pay cut as He is earning about 100 a week Arsenal will not offer that amount no chance.I’m sure he will accept and he will be a gooner.

  30. Howard says:

    With Arshavin in, AW has no excuse but to start the process to drive out Eboue from the club to go to a club that suits him. A low quality mid table team that befits his status.

    Is Rosicky getting a new contract in summer? That will depend on his fitness before summer else I don’t see Arsenal renewing his contract.

    AW should also look for a defensive midfielder with pace and get rid of mediocre players like Song and Denilson for good.

  31. Frank says:

    A defensive midfielder with pace?…oh dear oh dear oh dear….you’d best wait for AIC’s lesson on defence before making stupid statements like that Howard….

  32. Howard says:

    A DM with pace to be able to track back quickly, Frank. Denilson and Song are often beaten on the run when they move forward and are tracking back.

    We’ve conceded many goals this season because the ‘great talents’ like moving forward but don’t have the pase to run back when they misplace passes in the final third.

    Especially, when one of his numerous sideways passes don’t go through. Well, if Denilson and Song stay put like Makalele and Mikal at Chelsea then no problem however, these are players of lower quality who desire moving forward all the time but don’t have the ability to run to defend when their numerous wrong passes are intercepted.

    I was a player before so I know what I’m talking about. The two players mentioned don’t have what it takes to be at the heart of Arsenal team.

    Arsene Wenger is keeping them hoping they can improve because he doesn’t want to spend to bring in better players for the same position.

  33. Non Edible Nacho says:

    6:51 AM. Either Howard is insomniac, or he is effectively a bot.

    Or maybe he doesn’t live in england, despite all his spurts of nationalism.

  34. Non Edible Nacho says:

    He answered Frank, so he is either not a bot, or a very, very, very good bot.

    “I was a player before so I know what I’m talking about.”

    Ohh… so you have almost all the requisites for working as a TV pundit. Repeat cliches ad nauseum, think you are very knoledgable because you played football without actually knowing squat, and also being a bit xenophobic which always seems to help to get the job.

  35. Frank says:

    Howard, DM’s sit in front of the central defenders…a la Makele….a midfielder who runs like a f***ing rabbit from a foreward position to get back…is usually called an attacking midfield player…or even simply a central midfield player…but certainly not a defensive midfield player….and most of us have been players before, Howard….

  36. Poliziano says:

    “I was a player before so I know what I’m talking about.”

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    Good one Howard!

  37. Frank says:

    …I was a player once and I generally don’t know what I am talking about…but I do know that the most important physical attribute of a central midfield player is stamina….AW calls it a big engine….Song and Denilson both have that…which is why he sticks by them…

  38. Howard says:

    Frank, so who is the ‘exceptional talent’ Denilson? A DM or an attacking midfielder? He’s neither? I don’t see him sitting there and cleaning up as played by Parker, Nerville and co. He delights in going forward but lacks the ability to track back. Viera was box to box because of his ability to track back. Palacios is also box to box.

    So define Denilson, Frank. Is he a box to box? DM or an attacking midfielder?

    Box to box? He’s no ability to do so effectively because his pace is below average

    DM? He doesn’t as he prefers joining the attack, perhaps trying to copy Cesc

    Attacking? He lacks the flair and the tricks and the passing range to do so well. Mind you, his passes are 80% sideways and backwards. Don’t let his passing success statistics fool you.

    So where does he belong technically in the middle? Where is his strength?

    Sometimes he’s played at the wings but he’s even worse there.

    Is he the great ‘exceptional talent’ without a match in England?

  39. Ole Gunner says:

    I hear Wenger is still going for other players. I hear the sticking point with Arshavin is the money Arshavin needs to pay Zenit. Arsenal are reportedly offering him £70k a week and no mas.

  40. Poliziano says:

    It doesn’t matter what Howard writes now. His earlier joke has made my day. I didn’t expect such wit from him.

    “I was a player before so I know what I’m talking about.”

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  41. TEAM SPIRIT says:

    Howard, do you actually believe some of the things you write?

    So Denilson in his first full season in the arsenal first team is to be compared to a player like makale and expected to be immediately better thn him? Really?

    What people seem to conveniently forget is that this arsenal team s just getting to know themselves as a team.

    Me, I am confident that the team will come good, with r without Arshavin.

    long may the unbeaten run continue with more wins than draws of course.

    Come end of march we will be top 3, maybe on goal difference, cos we have conceded too many goals earlier in the season.

    like i will keep saying, better the games were lost earlier to keep us careful and sober in all the renaming games, than march / april with no recovery time!

  42. Arse21 says:

    I hear Denilson’s got an exceptional singing voice. He’s good on a night out. Thats about it.

  43. TEAM SPIRIT says:

    howard, denilson lacks flair? former under-19 captain of brazil?

    i am getting more and more confident that even you dont believe yourself talkless of expecting us to believe you

  44. Arse21 says:

    Diaby’s good at predicting the weather, painting ceiling’s, and tiling roofs.

  45. Arse21 says:

    Eboue could of made it big, as a clown.

  46. Big Al says:

    Sorry, this is just nonsense. It has to stop.

    Denilson wins more tackles than most defensive midfielders in the league. That is statistically proven. And it’s a stat you can’t hide from.

    Where’s TC? She’d sort this one out.

    He’s there to keep the ball alive and keep the tempo up – a water carrier in the best possible sense. He’ll get the ball to the more creative players, most of whom are sadly injured right now.

    Despite his workmanlike role, he can pass incisively and has contributed assists and goals this season.

  47. Muppet says:


    What complete bullshit.

    Denilson doesn’t lack ability to “track back”. How much ability do you think a player needs to “track back” ? If you said, he lacks Bergkamp ability to trap a ball in mid air with his first touch, bring it down and lay it off, then I might agree. But he doesn’t lack ability to track back.

    With respect to your question ‘Where is his strength’ ? the answers are as a follows:

    i. Great passing ability

    ii. Good ball retention

    iii. Stamina

    Then you quote Parker and Neville as examples as your desirable players to sit back and hold the player ??? Why ?? Are you serious ? These are good premiership players maybe, but I don’t see the relevance of comparing what Denilson does, with say, Phil Neville, who has been ordered to do a job for Everton, where his only job description is to stick an inch away from the opposition player and that’s it, never mind about going forward.

    Your arguments are ludicrous. The most ludicrous of all the one that says you played the game, so you must be right.

  48. Ole Gunner says:


    Show me something that shows you know what you’re talking about….

    I might as well come here and say Theo Walcott has no pace. That’s got the same level of credibility as what you say about Denilson who I’ve seen go past some quite fast players.

    He is the Arsenal player that covers the most ground. By far.

    How can someone who’s been capped for Brazil, Captain of their U-21 side be crap?

    He is an exceptional talent. Only a fool, not just a fool but a particularly foolish fool would argue otherwise.

    Go through the history of the Premiership and find me three 20-year old midfielders playing who are playing better than Denilson when they were his age. And find me 1 single 21 year old English kid playing as well as Denilson in central midfield.

    You probably think Ashley Young, Walcott and Agbonlahor are special talents, but of the lot only Walcott has as good a record as a footballer as Denilson.

  49. Big Al says:

    Some people need to forget these silly reputations and just watch the games.

    Did anyone notice how often the midfielders looked up for Song in the Cardiff game? A friend pointed it out to me beforehand.

    He is always involved. Either that means that his teammates seriously trust his ability to keep possession for the team, or AS has a lot of confidence and doesn’t shy away from getting the ball in difficult games.

    It’s not all about finding the killer pass; there have to be players that lay the foundations for attacks, and help bring new players onto the ball.

    Whatever the upshot it has to be encouraging.

  50. TH14'S Breathe says:

    I was passing by and couldnt resist giving an outsiders perspective about some things i came across:

    So many clowns around here today…..

    Arse21…..this is the king of them all, unfortunately he spews a lot of crap! maybe he is the “Lord of the flies” after all.
    Howard….this one is just a jester, forgive him
    AIC….this is one is just feeling cold

    sorry guys if I offended you but the great one just cant stand you….

  51. Queen of Suburbia says:

    If you look at either DM’s with a good reputation like Makalele or Gilberto or Senna or Macherano none of them have significant pace.

    If you look at box-box midfield types of good reputation like Lampard, Gerrard even going back to Platt or Robson. They didn’t have significant pace either.

    The suggestion made that Denilson needs to have pace to be effective is false.

  52. Arse21 says:

    TH14’s stinky breath,

    Thankyou, I am a Lord of the Flies. I’m also a King of Leon.

    Eboue is affectionately known in the Ivory Coast as “Krusty”

  53. Ole Gunner says:


    To add to your quite stellar point, there are other kinds of midfielders too. It’s not like you’re either box-to-box or defensive. That’s where Howard’s getting stuck.

    I know the point Howard is trying to make. It’s that Denilson is not a stellar playmaker nor is he a defensive lynchpin. He’s above average at everything and not exceptional at any particular thing.

    But his all-round ability as an athlete and a footballer, his consistency, and his exemplary attitude (just watch the boy, he’s a consummate pro already) means he’ll always get on the team sheet.

    He’s extremely clean, a team player, and very hungry. Just see how much he’s improved in just 2 months!

  54. Howard says:

    You all troop to the Emirates without examining players critically. Our midfield is the main culprit for our goal leaks in addition to Almunia.

    Denilson and Song have poor passing range. Their passes are more sideways and backwards and lacks incisiveness. Denilson also lacks height to support the defence.

    Diaby is equally not the solution because of lack of power and fitness but there is good news there. Diaby has the ability to be better than both Song and Denilson by many miles. Diaby has few improvements to make to be great.

    Diaby has height to support defence
    He has flair
    He has pace to be a box to box midfielder
    He can provide incisive passes
    He can run upfield with the ball

    He requires improvements in:

    He needs to improve his fitness
    Learn to put his foot in
    Release balls early
    Improve his tackles
    Be more involved in the game-increase passion

    If he does the above, he will be better than Song and Denilson combined. As at now; Diaby is on the same level in terms of quality as the aforementioned however, he’s more talented than the rest and has what it takes to be a great player.

  55. Arse21 says:


    Diaby also needs a red flashing light attached to his head on evening games to make any Aircraft in the area aware of his position.

  56. TH14'S Breathe says:

    wow, speaketh the Lord, the King Almighty, The one and only, he who must only be spoken about in whispers.

    Ladies and Gentlemen I give you Arse21….

    by the way how dare you insult TH, his breathe can never by stinky!

    My Lord Arse21, what does “Krusty” mean?

  57. Alex Ice Cream says:

    I think that Denilson has done well this season even though I don’t think he is a suitable partner for Cesc, at least not yet. He’s young, can and will improve. Considering his age and relative lack of experience he’s had a good season. He’s neat and tidy with good technique and passing. I feel he lack defensive awareness though and does not make enough tackles in our half and especially around our penalty area but he could learn this.

    Its not his fault that our midfield has been decimated by departures, injuries and a lack of replacements.

  58. Queen of Suburbia says:

    My jury is still out on Diaby, talent he has for sure but I struggle to work out where his best position is.

    Denilson is going to be a superb player. And I don’t buy this argument that he’s a jack of all trades. The stats seem to suggest he’s actually good at most things.

  59. Ole Gunner says:


    I’m a big Diaby fan. He’s got power and a great 30 yard sprint. He can shoot with both feet. He can head. He can dribble. He can tackle (though he doesn’t do it cleanly enough and that’s his biggest weakness), he can play multiple positions, and he understands tactics. It’s very hard to get past him since he’s got such long legs.

    But Denilson is twice the athlete Diaby is. He doesn’t dribble but his passing into the box is great, (however limited is his overall passing range), he is a rather good tackler (if still lightweight-that’s more age than ability), and he is remarkably consistent. His work rate is very very high too.

    Song is another animal. He is bruiser. He is comfortable on the ball, and can drive forward. He is the most limited of the lot. But the ability is there. For example he was simply wonderful at Cardiff on Sunday. I think he is a particularly slow player….more a slow thinker than a slow runner.

  60. TH14'S Breathe says:

    Arse21, and anyone else, seriously, i am not here to offend but you clearly seem to offend everyone else.

    so how about we just talk about Arsenal from now on?

    lets settle this quick. i dont want another AA saga here.

  61. Alex Ice Cream says:


    Song, Diaby and Denilson are very young and I cannot understand why people blame them so much. If they are not ready, its the manager’s fault for having unrealistic expectations of them

    I agree that Diaby has huge talent but needs to apply himself more. He need to be able to release the ball quicker and actually find a teammate with a pass.

    Song is a bruiser but not very dynamic which could limit him at at team like Arsenal.

    Eboue is proven rubbish however and at 26 may not improve much. He should never start at a club like Arsenal.

  62. Arse21 says:

    TH14’s breath,

    You are extremely offensive. Please only talk about Arsenal from now on. Have you ever seen this film called ’12 Angry Men”? If not, watch it, its a classic.

    Krusty is the clown from the simpsons.

  63. Ole Gunner says:


    I don’t think anyone of them is a bad player. Even Eboue who was dismal at Hull.

    They’re all squad players. Each has a different strength, and to me that only says good things about the strength of our squad.

    All players fit, only Denilson would be in the team. That they’ve done jobs for us now is nothing but a positive. Denilson, Song & Diaby have helped get results against the Top 4 teams in the league. If they were as poor as people let on, that would never ever be the case.

  64. ToughCookie says:

    Oh, I heard you Big Al

    Top 5 Premier league defensive midfielder

    G.Barry/ Denilson/ L.Cattermole/ J.Greening/ X.Alonso
    GP 22/21/21/22/17
    TW 54/59/77/42/41
    IN 46/72/57/23/24
    CL 23/12/18/24/16
    TP 295/293/234/232/223

    *GP: games played
    *TW: tackles won
    *IN: intercept
    *CL: clearance
    *TP: total points including goals, assists, shots on target, ect.

  65. Big Al says:

    Awesome stuff. Isn’t that great to see, TC!

    This is goes some way to explaining why we didn’t get a DM in the summer. I know football is a little more complex than figures on a page, but all the D&G merchants who groan at AW’s lack of signings should take a look.

    He knew what he was talking about. It would appear that neither Barry or Alonso would have improved the squad enough to merit their price tags. Meanwhile Denilson – at 21 – has time on his side.

  66. Alex Ice Cream says:


    I agree, apart from Eboue. He’s hopeless. Lazy, has been a cheat cannot cross or shoot cannot make decisions.

    I don’t care how “popular he is in the dressing room” he’s not good enough for Arsenal. If he came on as a sub for the last 5mins or started about 2 games a season I would be ok with that but he starts far too many games.

  67. Arse21 says:

    So according to them Statistics, Denilson is a better player then Barry and Alonso.

    Its rubbish. Ask yourself this, How many of the tackles won were easy that the attacker has over-ran?, How many of his interceptions were a wayard pass from an attacker?, How many of his clearences were uneccesary when he maybe could of played abetter ball?

    The only statistic that means anything is Goals for and goals against.

    Tough Cookie, its still an interesting read though thanks for that, I’m just saying that Barry and especially Alonso, are far superior players to Denilson.

  68. Poliziano says:

    Good points there, Arse21. When Alonso sees an attacker make a wayward pass, he just ignores the ball, and let’s his opponents score. Again, if he sees that a tackle will be easy, he just lets the opposition retain possession.

  69. Non Edible Nacho says:

    “Eboue could of made it big, as a clown.”

    You could have learned a bit of grammar, as a school student.

  70. Poliziano says:

    From your knowledge of the game, Arse21, I suspect you must be an ex-player.

  71. Romford Pele says:

    of course all of Denilson’s interceptions and tackles and assists and goals were flukes, but Alonso and Barry earned their’s. It’s obvious isn’t it.

  72. Ole Gunner says:


    Why is it hard for you to consider the possibility that Denilson might actually have put in better performances than Alonso and Barry? What kind of bias wouldn’t allow you even accept that possibility? That’s why we go with stats. They’re objective and factual.

    Stats don’t say everything. True! But here are Denilson’s stats for three games against Man Who, Shellsey and Liverghoul….

    Against the Mancs…

    Passes: 65
    Forward passes: 34
    Completion rate: 92%
    Tackle Success rate: 100%


    Passes: 55
    Forward passes: 36
    Completion rate: 82%
    Tackle Success rate: 100%
    Fouls: 2
    Fouls won: 4

    Against the strongest midfields in the league Denilson does the business.

    Unless he’s just lucky that every time he moves a muscle the opposition roll aside and let him complete the tackle, or opposition passes reverse themselves and fall to his feet. That’s the reality.

  73. Arse21 says:

    Poliziano, Time for your next slim fast isn’t it?

    Non Edible Nacho,

    Q. What do you call cheese that isn’t yours?

    A. Nacho cheese

  74. Ponyboy says:

    Arse 21 –
    Might be wrong here; no great shakes at stats., but looks like Denilson comes second after Barry.
    Alonso hasn’t played the same no. of games, so hard to gauge.

    But still, that oft quoted word, AGE ! Let’s see in a year or two.

  75. Poliziano says:

    Yes, Ole Gunner; but it’s unfair to compare Denilson with Alonso. Alonso can’t run, so he will always find it hard to make interceptions and tackles.

  76. Arse21 says:

    Ole Gunner,

    I just dont see it. I think he’s painfully average, slows the game down, goes missing, he has no presence. Maybe I’m wrong, but IMO (underlined) I’d start Alonso or Barry if we bought them instead of wasting so much on a russian Rosicky

  77. Poliziano says:

    Well, Ponyboy, if the points scores don’t take number of games into account, Denilson is best. Average scores:
    Alonso – 13.12
    Barry – 13.41
    Denilson – 13.95

  78. Alex Ice Cream says:


    According to my sources we have offered Arshavin twice the minimum wage to join us plus a 6 month free subscription to Arsenal TV.

    Arshavin is holding out for the full 1 year subscription and an Arsenal hat with a bobble on. Arsenal are unwilling to go so high for the likes of him and have made a counter offer of a hat but no bobble.

  79. Muppet says:

    I’ve got one of those hats with no bobble. Quite right too, he should accept that, if it’s good enough for the fans.

  80. Queen of Suburbia says:

    Makes me laugh that those that would say that Denilson isn’t quick enough would then say that what we really need is either Alonso or Barry.

    And they don’t see any irony in that at all.

  81. Ponyboy says:

    That’s some good maths there pz – really hoped we’d get Alonso in the summer; not so sure now {not just the stats}, except as a friend for Cesc..
    Same re: Arteta. But he seems far too happy at Everton.

  82. Ole Gunner says:


    I like Alonso. If I had Alonso I’d start him ahead of Denilson because he’s more experienced and has more presence.

    It doesn’t mean he’s actually played better than Denilson.

    Barry is another matter. I think he can do a job for us but all round I don’t rate his game that much.

    But I won’t break my head if Wenger doesnt buy Alonso because as Flamini proved last year, and Denilson has shown this year, we have players here with enough quality and hunger to step up. That can even be less risky. You never know how a new signing will settle in.

    I love how Wenger does it. New signings go to the back of the queue (Diarra). Players we have already are given their chance. Very sensible.

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