Arsene on Loans and Burnley

The fallout from the Carling Cup exit has been the talk of the Arsenal during the last twenty-four hours. Mikael Silvestre says that the kids must learn the lessons of this defeat. Am I the only one who thought that they may be more inclined to do so if the seniors set an example and followed that sage advice? <thwack! Show more respect – Ed>

Arsene has meanwhile poo-pooed the notion that the Carling Cup team will get an outing in the FA Cup Third Round tie at home to Plymouth:

Will the Carling Cup team play in the FA Cup? Not at the moment. Some of them maybe, but in the FA Cup I am planning to play a normal team.

It perhaps says more, as the Telegraph headline suggests, that Wenger is placing greater importance on the FA Cup than he might have done in previous seasons. Certainly the absence of a trophy since winning that competition in 2005 will be hurting him as much, if not more, than it is hurting us in Arsenal-land.

Wenger had a ‘Duracell Bunny’ moment and went on:

Some of the youngsters will go out on loan to continue their education

Of the starting line-up, there are two or three potential candidates for loan spells. Randall, I think, needs to learn defensive discipline having some culpability in both of Burnley’s goals. Gibbs also has the potential to be ready for the first team now and with the number of players who can deputise for Clichy, it is questionable if playing for the reserves is beneficial for Gibbs or whether he would benefit from a loan spell at another club. For those two, it is a matter of building on their knowledge gained last season during loan spells. Gavin Hoyte is a different case. He needs the experience and it has to be gained quickly. Arsene is short of serviceable right backs and whilst I would not expect Hoyte to be a long term solution, this season has already proven that when injuries strike in that position, Arsenal are vulnerable.

The cup run has been beneficial for the players but Wenger is well aware of the limitations which were exposed:

We produced a great competition and we have the quality to win it but you have to make the maximum of what you have. That’s a mixture of intelligence and experience – we do not have the experience with these players but we could have made up for that with intelligence

In other words, he feels let down by the fact that the players did not use their heads? It is a lot to expect from youngsters. The experience that they lack is in part driven by their intelligence, knowing what to do in certain situations. Even so, the forward line was not inexperienced; Vela and Bendtner are both internationals who have scored at that level against (half) decent opposition. The latter had a night of poor finishing. Whilst I would not expect either to be sent out on loan again, there is perhpas too much expectation for them to come into the side and score every game having not had regular match practice.

Finally, everyone is going to need to revise their January transfer wishes with Huntelaar on the verge of joining Real Madrid, Toure not prepared to get his Ya-Ya’s out for Arsene and Cesc apparently going to Milan (or maybe Barcelona as Alex Hleb seems to want). The silly season is fast approaching.

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144 thoughts on “Arsene on Loans and Burnley

  1. Poliziano says:

    I was born in Montepulciano in 1454.

    I am interested in religion, mainly Christianity in the 15th and 16th centuries.

  2. Passenal says:

    Oh no, it’s the Spanish Inquisition!

  3. Passenal says:

    Nobody ever expects the Spanish Inquisition!

  4. dkgooner says:

    “Hey teacher, leave us kids alone!”
    And that’s my last word on the subject.

  5. dkgooner says:

    I see Willie is out for the Wigan game, but Touré and MadEb are back and Djourou is fine. Eduardo is apparently now participating in full training sessions. Mouth-watering. I hope it’s Touré not Silvestre we see running out on Saturday.

  6. Big Al says:

    Kudos on the python banter!

    Hi Poliziano,

    I’m not an etymologist either, I find the etymology dictionary cool – whether that’s more than the next person, I don’t know. The pansy fact (in jest or not!) is pretty cool.

    Hi PW,

    I think Salamanca played Nordtveit out of position, then benched him so he came home early. According to Young Guns, he even left his car behind in the training ground car park! It wasn’t a hissy fit, I just think Arsenal decided he’d be better off sitting around in London instead of sitting around in Spain.

    Hello Gris Gris,

    Have to say I wasn’t entirely serious about the Arsenal youngsters playing in the same division as Adrian Serioux and Abel Xavier. It was just a chance to get a dig in at Darren Huckerby who was hailed as a premiership “legend” when he joined up with San Jose this year.

  7. NikB says:

    Why should Arsenal continue to keep these average foreign players?

    1. Eboue
    2. Song
    3. Almunia
    4. Diaby
    5. Bendtner
    6. Denilson

    Now also Toure

    MANU and Chelsea bring in quality foreign players and rather maintain average English players. However, Arsenal are satisfied maintaining average foreign players and quickly getting rid of any English player who’s not above average.

    Is the whole policy geared towards finding jobs for French and African players at the expense of English tax payers who pay the major cost running the club?

    One wonders how Senderos spent so many years at the Arsenal, crap but Arsene wasted no time in selling Martin Connolly.

    Arsene has kept injury-prone players like, Diaby, Rosicky but quickly offloaded Upson claiming he was injury-prone.

    I see a conspiracy of Arsene Wenger teaming up with the French FA to train French players in North London.

  8. Frank says:

    Only one of the players you mention is French.

  9. Frank says:

    How many of the youngsters in the ‘second team’ are French, NikB?

  10. Frank says:

    You are not from Hartlepool are you NikB?

  11. Arse21 says:


    ooooooooohhhhhhhhh, You’re in trouble now.

    The crowd on this site will linch you for an anti-french comment

  12. Frank says:

    Exactly right, Arsehole21…exactly right…or any other form of xenophobia.

  13. Arse21 says:

    He is right in a way though frank, Arsene blatently favours the foreigners and its not all down to ability. He seems to have a slight contempt for England hidden behind his words, which is why the press dont give him any slack like they would to Mourinho or Ferguson who you can tell have always felt Privileged to work and live in our Great, Great country

  14. NikB says:

    Can you imagine Ferguson buying Song as against Reo-Coker (he had an opportunity to buy Reo-Coker but he declined), Almunia as against Kirkland/Green? Keep Senderos and sell Upson?

    What are the qualities of Eboue, Denilson that are not available in England even in the championship?

    Why should we keep average foreign players and sell equally average English players?

    Why is our club set up against English when English fans pick the expenditure tap?

    Why is Arsene always buying French when alternative English players are available.

    Couldn’t 12 million on Nasri also buy Ashley Young? A player with similar abilities and an Arsenal fan?

  15. Frank says:

    Actually quite a lot of the supporters who pay into Arsenal Football Club are not English.

  16. Frank says:

    In fact if you take all of the people who go to games, all who buy products including TV packages and include those people born in England who are happy to live in a cosmopolitan environment who just don’t care about the nationality of the players….you might find that your views are in the minority, NikB….of course you are lucky because you have Arsehole21 in your corner ….and he is happy to make it up as he goes along…..btw Ferguson has no relationship with the BBC at all….and Mourinho is a pathological liar

  17. Poliziano says:

    What does “pick the expenditure tap” mean?

  18. Big Al says:

    Nik B,

    I don’t find any of the players in that first list average. Bendtner’s career at Arsenal is probably most at threat, but no sensible person doubts his talent.

    The last paragraph of 07.31 I can’t take remotely seriously. It makes you sound a little wacky, especially given the frosty relationship Wenger’s had with every single France manager.

    If Eboue or Denilson had been English, recruited from the Championship they’d probably have cost three or four times what they did. Meanwhile, Denilson would be hailed as the next Gazza, guardian of the future of English football. I think he is seriously good.

  19. NikB says:

    The man, Arsene just take delight in recruiting foreigners but not because of quality as I don’t see any exceptional abilities in:


    Eventually he’ll sell all the English boys coming through and keep the foreign craps. The main reason we’ve not won anything for years.

  20. NikB says:

    I feel the club is moving away, observing the great Arsenal converted into average foreign French/African club based in North London.

    No local player to cheer his name to sleep. No English regular at all. Arsene always calling on foreign XI and not bothering to look inside England to recruit.

  21. Flint McCullough says:


    “The main reason we’ve not won anything for years”

    Sadly with your policy we would have had a similar record (or worse) as the Spuds for the last 12 years.

    What is the criteria for “local” ?

    You appear to have the “Howard” xenophobic instinct for knowing bugger all about players abilities.

  22. dkgooner says:

    There’s a lot of BNP trolls around nowadays. Got a feeling I’ve read this one before on goonerblog.
    Ignore them.

  23. dkgooner says:

    And we all remember the Invincibles squad being stuffed full of Englishmen, don’t we?

  24. Arse21 says:


    I think the point isnt about having english players at all costs, its why Arsene doesn’t give them as much of a chance. The point made about Upson being sold for being ‘Injury prone’ highlights his byass.

    As long as we win though it doesn’t matter, cos thats what everyone wants. But if we stop winning………

  25. Arse21 says:

    And also, there’s no need for Van Persie, Adebeyor, Clichy and Diaby to kick the shit out of Theo every chance they get. Apparently they hide his boots and wee in his water bottle. It just takes the piss

  26. Arse21 says:

    Apparently Adebeyor told Almunia before the Fenabache game that if he gets a british passport and plays for England then he can expect the same treatment

  27. The Troof says:

    I’m really getting tired of seeing xenophobic rubbish on this site. Those so called average foreigners controlled MAN U and punished Chelski.
    NickB. you must learn to appreciate good football and recognise the skill and commitment of all our players. These Rants of yours are unintelligent and does not add anything to this forum. Please Go to the Sun Newspaper forum and stay there.

  28. Arse21 says:

    The Troof?……..The Troof?


  29. rev says:

    it’s not xenophobic – its purely financial with Arsene – English players cost too much, in turn he can sell them off & earn a pretty penny… simple economics really & if it wasn’t for Arsene’s transfer dealing we wouldn’t have the glorious training facility & superb stadium…

  30. Arse21 says:


    Thats a good point about selling them on for more.

    But even so, I hope Ramsey gets as many chances as Bendtner and Adebeyor did, if he gets sold after a few bad games I’d be annoyed as would any normal person who is from any country in the world

  31. NikB says:

    Arsene felt good selling Sidwell and feeling great keeping average midfielders like Denilson and Song.

    He kept hopeless Senderos for years even though he was leaking in big games. If Senderos had been English he would have been offloaded long ago.

    Arsene has no patience for English players.

  32. Paul N says:

    Well, sidwell went to Chelsea and what happened?

    A lot of these players do not want to wait but the plain fact is that if you are ready Arsene will play you.

    Anyway, calling the likes of Denilson an average player is an average statement in my view.

    If you also look at the injured players Arsene has kept aroun, it is easy to see why. They are loaded with talent.

    This arguement is rather futile in my view!

    Amyway, God Bless!

    This arguement is futu

  33. rev says:

    Calling Denilson an ‘average midfielder’ is both naive & stupid… You were probably one of the same people calling Flamini an average player 2 / 3 years ago.

  34. Paul N says:


    Well everyone has a right to their opinion, but some of the opinions are somethin else.

  35. rev says:

    It’s just baffling, it really is… I’ve sat there week in week out and Denilson has played his socks off for the most part of the season. Yes, he’s had a few poor games but all in all he’s performed more consistently & dare i say it ‘better’ than Cesc has this season and still people are slating him…


  36. Paul N says:

    I sometimes wonder if racism has something to do with it? I dont understand myself.

  37. rev says:

    There’s a hot potatoe – it’s just important to remember that Arsene lets lots of ‘foriegn’ players go too, i.e:

  38. rev says:

    just referring to the comments earlier regarding AW ‘letting go’ anyone English…

    slightly off track, i know…

  39. Paulie Walnuts says:

    AW works on quality & value for money & Jeffers & Richard wright were neither.

    I think he`s reluctant to pay big bucks for English / British unless they are young & exceptional such as Ramsey & Walcott.

    Take a look at Man U, Pool & Chelsea. Once the Nevilles, Carraghers & Terry`s have finished they`ll have less English than Arsenal in their squads.

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