Arsene On Debt, Transfers And Newcastle Preview

The desire within UEFA to make football a level playing field for all clubs insofar as money is concerned received Arsene’s backing yesterday. David Taylor, General Secretary of UEFA, spoke of the aims,

[Club Licencing is] very important to actually bring more balance to our competitions and more balance to European football

In other words, we are bored with the English, Italian and Spanish clubs dominating our prized tournament and we want more smaller countries to be reaching the last eight or beyond, financing their status through borrowings. That the regulations have been in place for several years and UEFA have ignored them is conveniently ignored.

On the one hand, I can see the point to it all. The classic case of being technically insolvent and dominating is Real Madrid. Arsene was not referring directly to them when he said,

I think teams who have deficits should be kicked out of Europe

That was aimed at United and Chelsea, bringing a hilariously indignant response from United blogs. The mind games may not work on Ferguson but he still knows which buttons to press to wind up their supporters. Back to the matter in hand. That United won in Moscow probably brought mixed emotions to the surface for UEFA’s new breed; a club that is heavily indebted to banks won over a club that is heavily indebted to its owner. Therein is the crux of the matter. It is not so much the debt that is there, more that Chelsea are not servicing theirs, paying their way via the largesse (or largest) pockets of their owner.

It is not as if there is a good model for UEFA to point to in a major league. The English model of free-market economics is governed by Corporate Legislation in the UK; the Italians are essentially bankrupt (financially as well as recovering morally) at the top end of the scale and as for the Spanish, the fan based model that is held up as Utopian is no more secure than the rest, evidenced by the number of clubs near bankruptcy. Indeed, Madrid started this whole ball rolling with their Galactico-era triumphs in the Champions League at the turn of the century, saved only by a dubious deal over the sale of their training facilities at a time when they had defaulted on one £8m instalment of the Anelka deal according to the Arsenal Financial Statements of 2001.

France and Germany have strong regulations for clubs but there have been problems in both countries, PSG in the former, Dortmund the latter, being the most notable to drive holes through rules. Laws can, and have been, tightened in both cases as a result but where there are such regulations, there are lawyers finding holes wide enough to drive tanks through.

It is also another justification for the business model utilised by Arsenal, extended by proxy to the transfer dealings, as well as highlighting the problematic nature of finding investors in the club if the Board were so inclined.

On the subject of transfers, he has not ruled out bringing in another signing but it seems the ubiquitous ‘third man’ is always creating a problem. It is, so it seems, easier to resolve problems with squabbling children than it is to seal the deal with transfers. Arsene would like all transfers paid for in one hit rather than staged. It is all to do with managing their commitments, according to Wenger. And nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that it would massively reduce transfer fees Arsene, eh?

Newcastle bowl into town for an early season visit to The Emirates on the back of four points out of six. Not entirely convincing in their home win last weekend, they were utterly resolute at Old Trafford in earning their opening day point. Have a guess which version Keegan will hope takes the field this teatime. God, I hate that phrase when referring to football kick-offs. Neither afternoon nor evening, it is a pain in the Arsenal; gee, thanks Setanta.

There are no new injury worries reported with Nasri, Gallas and Walcott all recovered from minor knocks received against FC Twente. It is decision time for Arsene. Making assessments based on the ‘recovery’ match in midweek is hard. Does he stick with Djourou (three clean sheets to his name) or bring back Toure (none) to partner Gallas (two goals so far and joint top scorer). Whichever is chosen the clean sheets statistic needs to be re-engaged. Personally, I would stick with Djourou for the moment as he and Gallas seem to have clicked in terms of solidity but Toure is a world-class defender and will no doubt be recalled.

Midfield will be strengthened by the return of Cesc and I have a suspicion that Alex Song may make an appearance to partner him. Whilst Arsene noted last term that the Cameroonian apparently does not have the physical stamina to play in the centre for a whole season, he is more defensively assured than Denilson. No doubt that there is a balance to be struck between defence and attack but with a Cesc more geared to playmaking, a requirement to have someone effective holding back than the Brazilian is required. If Arsene does make the change though, it will be more to do with rotation than anything else. The other possibility is Eboue taking the central reins and as such, he deserves his chance to prove his critics wrong.

The team I suspect will be fielded is

Almunia; Sagna, Toure, Gallas, Clichy; Walcott, Fabregas, Denilson, Nasri; van Persie, Adebayor

Whichever way, three points are vital following last Saturday’s defeat, as much for confidence as keeping in touch with Liverpool and Chelsea whilst stealing a two-point gap on United. As the players return to fitness, starting a winning run is important to enable the full-strength squad to build upon that.

’til Tomorrow.

96 thoughts on “Arsene On Debt, Transfers And Newcastle Preview

  1. Muppet says:


    Thanks for the post.

    Wenger sceptics can take note that not only is this guy a shrewd operator in the transfer market, as demonstrated by his considerable track record, but he is also capable of operating on a political level.

    People don’t realise just how far ahead of the game that he is. The ability to project 5, 10 years ahead to the betterment of the team. The moaners, doomsayers and so called realists have both seriously underestimated the effect of the hundreds and millions poured into Chelsea and Manchester United, whilst believing that a strategy of signing a few ‘experienced players’ will be enough to combat them.

    When questioned, the sceptics do a hasty backtrack, and you say, we don’t need galacticos, just a few judicious signings. We just need the DM or the CM. Ok. Can understand this point if it wasn’t for the vitriol of abuse that preceded it. Let me use a phrase that sums up this crowd – ‘Glory Hunters’. Coming up with the absurd notion that Wenger has taken us to this level, but we now need someone else to take us to the next level, cos we’re not going to finish in the top 2.

    What ????

    I am a gooner they say, we have the interests of the club at heart. And Wenger doesn’t ?? As if my commitment to the club in pointing out the missing bits of the jigsaw and standing on the terrace gives me idea that I’m more committed than Wenger. Frankly, I’ve never heard so much tosh in my life. The glory hunters should be ridiculed and hung out to dry.

  2. dukeGoonem says:


    agree that will be the team today but id like to see


    newcastle love to attack and i think there would be some space over the top for theo upfront!!

  3. AmanM says:

    Excellent posts Yogi and Muppet, not really a great deal to add.

    Some quality analysis from you recently muppet, though must admit part of me misses the sarcastic MUPPET of old. Hopefully you’ve not lost that schizophrenia. On your point of glory hunters, well made sir.

    The Song issue is interesting for a number of reasons, the most obvious being the inherent conflicting comments made by Wenger on the subject. On the one hand we have the issues noted above regarding his stamina. Yet on several occassions over the summer, Wenger did refer to Song as one of his midfielders.

    Song’s certainly got the potential to be a class DM, with his ANC performances frequently pointed out as prime examples of his ability in central midfield. Him and Cesc are my own personal preference for starting CMs and hopefully we’ll get a chance to see that at some point during the course of this season. Considering Diaby’s vunerability to injury, I think there’s a good chance Song racks up more midfield appearances than our seemingly lacksadaisical #2.

    The irony of all of this Song for DM talk is that based on form since January, you’d probably have to say that Song and Djourou should be our starting central defence…

    Btw – we’ve been drawn at home against Sheff Utd in the Carling Cup.

  4. Paul N says:

    Great article as in the norm.

    I dont trust UEFA at all, however I do believe that this type of policing is quite needed. Its rediclulous that football teams are being used as play things and what is really bad about Chelsea is that they have put player fees up on a whole, they changed everything. How can most teams even try to compete unless they do the same thing, many Arsenal fans want this also.

    Muppet, agree with you 100%. How Arsene can be disrespected is beyond me! no problem with him being questioned as I am sure we all do but he has done wonders and some many fans (Glory hunters!) are being ungrateful and shortsighted. I dont know, I love Arsenal and the Arsenal way.

    We will win the league this year, I believe even though we do not have the finanacial clout!

    God Bless!!!

  5. Aman says:

    Sheff Utd again??? Oh well…Song-Cesc should be tested. I’d prefer Djourou remain, play Gallas for 45mins, bring on Toure, give us a taste of Vela & Wilshire…win the game 2-0.
    c’est la vie

  6. GUNNERJONES says:

    I really dont see the inteligence of changing Djourou for Toure, i love toure and belive he is one of our most loyal and talented servants. But player need to belive that if they play well they will get the opertunitis to play in the first team, otherwise they will move on for first team action elsewhere. And rightly so.

  7. FunGunner says:

    Hear, hear, Muppet.

    And hear, hear, AmanM as well, regarding the demise (or just temporary absence?) of Comedy Muppet.

  8. FunGunner says:

    And on the CC draw…
    how about Chelsea v Portsmouth and ManU v Middlesborough?
    Come on Arsenal-by-the-sea and Arsenal North-East – do your stuff!

  9. FunGunner says:

    Finally, and totally off topic – I’ve realised what’s been bugging me about Silvestre’s face.
    He looks like a computer-generated version of himself.

  10. Passenal says:

    Good article as usual YW, but to be fair to Arsene, I don’t think he actually said that clubs should pay transfer fees in one go because as he also said, there is only one team, which can do that.

    Hear, Hear Muppet, but sadly they will be cheering the loudest when we win something despite not backing the team when they needed it.

  11. Marc says:

    If UEFA implement what they saying correctly it will be good for football and really good for Arsenal. This will all be down to Wenger’s (And the current Boards) focus on how the club should be run.

    What worries me is that I’m not sure I trust UEFA to do what needs to be done or that they have the strength to stand up to the collective might of some of the bigger clubs.

    But we can hope.

  12. Magneto says:

    Some positive, interesting posts today. Makes a nice change!

    Muppet, I completely agree with your post, particularly how some fans of the club – and no doubt this applies to football fans generally too -simply don’t understand Arsene’s vision & strategies for Arsenal. And, unfortunately, they probably don’t want to understand either.

    I suspect that Arsene will only really be understood and fully appreciated once he has ceased to be our manager. Let’s hope that day is many years away.

    Aman, I don’t think there is any real inconsistency between the different sets of comments that Arsene has made about Alexandre Song, although at first glance that might appear to be the case.

    I think Arsene will use Song as both a centre half and as a central midfield player, as and when he sees fit.

    But he’ll avoid playing Song for 40-60 games in central midfield as he believes – probably based on his stats – that Song simply doesn’t have the stamina to play in that position for that many games over a season. We shall see.

    I too find the view – expressed by some fans – that Arsene has taken the club as far as he can to be complete nonsense.

    Indeed, the reverse may be true…fans who believe that as well as those who hysterically denigrate Arsene & the players at will have probably taken their ‘support’ for all things Arsenal as far as they can.

  13. AlanG says:

    MUPPETT – Re your edict:

    “People don’t realise just how far ahead of the game that he is. The ability to project 5, 10 years ahead to the betterment of the team. The moaners, doomsayers and so called realists have both seriously underestimated the effect of the hundreds and millions poured into Chelsea and Manchester United, whilst believing that a strategy of signing a few ‘experienced players’ will be enough to combat them.”

    Are you saying that we give up? Wait 10 years for Man U & Chelsea to go bankrupt? Have you and Arsene decided to bide your time until then….while winning the annual “tippy tappy – Arsenal lite – artistic merit awards” each year. Fizman doesn’t want to – so Arsene better wake up – he’s not going to get ten years to indulge himself – more like one.

    2. “When questioned, the sceptics do a hasty backtrack, and you say, we don’t need galacticos, just a few judicious signings. We just need the DM or the CM. Ok. Can understand this point if it wasn’t for the vitriol of abuse that preceded it. Let me use a phrase that sums up this crowd – ‘Glory Hunters’.”

    Well forgive me for being a sceptic but we can compete with the financially doped gang of two but in addition to Wengers youth policy, we do need “one or two judicious signings” – otherwise, we have a self indulgent youth experiment that is flawed for many reasons.

    I still back Wenger and realise we are blessed in so many ways. It just frustraste me that he is so stubborn at times. Mikael Silvestre is a potentially very astute signing – experienced, will help the kids but not block up / kill their expectations of games. A similar midfield signing would do me also. But someone like Veloso would be preferable as I don’t think our other CMs are ready.

    I dont know why people like you polarise the debate by taking cheap shots at reasonable fans who take the view we need reinforcements – it is as plain as the emperors clothes that teh professor is adorning our club with. “Glory hunters” – I think not.

  14. AlanG says:

    Interesting if Denilson and Fabregas play together today – we have seen them together so rarely. I wouldn’t mid seeing Song there though (ABE – Anyone but Eboue – please dont tell me he’s doing ok. If you want to settle for mediocrity, that’s fine)

    Will Djourou play?

    Will ADE / RVP ignite. I think they lack sharpness due to their very relaxed pre-season programme. That will be ok if they peak in March (why not play Nik B and Vela a bit more now then

  15. Muppet says:


    Who said anything about waiting 5 to 10 years.

    You have misinterpreted my comments.

    The 5 to 10 years comment is attributed for 2 reasons. Firstly, the time that it takes to create a youth academy and for players to come through.

    Secondly, the time that it will take for the stadium revenue combined with the payment of debts to enable us to start to compete in financial terms with the likes of Manchester United and Arsenal.

    Don’t you realise the extent of Arsene’s ambitions. He makes statements such as all clubs should be kicked out of europe who have debts because he wants Chelsea and Manchester United removed from the equation. After all, it’s not a level playing field is it.

    You believe that the people supporting Wenger are going along with this, let’s wait 5 years for trophies. Sorry mate. But that’s complete crap. Wenger is not going along with that is he ?

    On the point of signings. If Wenger believes in his squad then that’s good enough for me.

  16. Muppet says:


    Also, I am not polarising any debate. I am aiming my comment at specific people who want Wengwe out and have very short memories.

    You don’t fit into that category.

  17. Muppet says:

    Apologies – compete with the likes of Manchester United and Chelsea

  18. Silver Gunner says:

    2-0 and it could have been 4-0 good stuff

  19. Paul N says:

    Should be Silver, you can see the players returning to match sharpness.

  20. Silver Gunner says:

    hope the 2nd half is just as good.

  21. Siva says:

    Brillient 1st half, hope Wenger rotates similarly & create some competion for places & get more out/bring back to form of players like Ebuoe, Toure, etc

  22. Paul N says:

    Arsenal defending has been brilliant thus far!

  23. Siva says:

    I missed Ade. Djourou, Walcott & Bendtner did a gud job in the previous match to push these players!

  24. Paul N says:

    Do ur thing Denilson! the young man has been quite impressive.

  25. Muppet says:

    “That goal was just scary! Even without Hleb, Flamini and Gilberto gone, they continue to play like absolute machines. Is Wenger an alien? Surely he must be. Season after season, Arsenal thrill us. Even as a Liverpool fan I just want to say thank you to Wenger for showing us the beauty of the modern game.”

    redwarrior88 on 606

  26. Paul N says:

    Exactly Muppet, u will never see football like this again this year in my opinion, unless its from the Gunners, simply amazing stuff! and some of us dare to disrespect Arsene, confusing.

  27. Danny says:

    All praise to United with their perfect squad, so say the Gooners that come on here.

    Couple of injuries, but they have perfect strength in depth they say.

    Some of us are bored of these so-called Gooners, when will they choose to take off their United Rose tinted glasses.

    We have a special kind of squad, but they constantly want to look elsewhere.

    We are not perfect, but we play a special brand of football that deserves both respect and patience. We know why we cannot expect this from the pundits, but from our fellow Gooners. Oh why oh why!

    Wenger is doing an astounding job, that should not be deterred by those, who constantly miss the point.

  28. crafty bison says:

    Joey Barton is the epitome of the “English twat” genus.

  29. dukeGoonem says:

    nasri has got to be the most popular man in football! what a great trip on that scumbag cu*t!!

  30. dukeGoonem says:


    who says that on here?

    name and shame them!!!!

  31. Gunner4Ever says:

    Very good game from all players really. Nasri proved to me he is much more effective than Hleb…but this is just me. I know it’s too early to judge, but he already scored more in two games than what Hleb scored in a year.

    Vela looks like a tenacious player, and will be annoying to a lot of teams. Walcott had a good 10 -15 minutes. Every one was good.

  32. Gunner4Ever says:

    Only in England would a criminal abusive bastard like Barton continue to play football….what a role model for young England players?

  33. Siva says:

    Plan A worked to perfection today, hope this continues long on our home ground but when we travel we are going to find more ‘beaches’ than ever as teams struggle to come to terms with our Plan A that they would surely try everyting to wreck it. If we do manage to earn 3/1 pts in such games like we did in Bolton last season, Chelsea will have to be worried about us & ManU can forget the title!!

  34. Danny says:


    I am tempted to name them, but they are certainly not ashamed to feel the way they do. So all we would have is another tiresome debate, mulling over the squads weaknesses, when I would much rather contemplate this young squad’s amazing strengths.

    The pundits can continue to write us off and so can a miserable section of Gooners, I’ll always be proud to be believer and frankly, a lot happier for it.

    On another note, what was that all about with the Keegan histrionics. Barton tackled agressively, fair enough. Nasri maybe caught him with a little trip, I say maybe, there was very little contact, fair enough again. Keegan then proceeds to go loopy at Nasri…Very strange. Not fair enough! He should be on a charge, unless there is something off camera we are not aware of.

    Good to see Gallas arrive to protect his player, but it would not have been unreasonable to clump the little geordie tw#t!

  35. FunGunner says:

    Great game, great performance.

    @ Siva
    You said: “Plan A worked to perfection today…”
    I reckon one of the good things about today was that the team employed plans A, B and C at different times – doing that every game will keep opponents guessing and make it harder for managers to nullify the threat.

  36. Ateeb says:

    Hahaha…..i was joking to my friends about seeing him the last time on pitch untill march. Maybe it’s gonna come true. That guys made of wax, im telling you all. I’ll be pissed if he misses more than 2 games!!!

  37. solgooner says:

    Great game, Nasri definetly a better version of Hleb and Ebuoue improved a lot.

    Vela can be stand in for RVP when he returns from 2 weeks with Mexican team.

    We play Blackburn just after the international break, and 3 days before Kiev lets hope no one gets injured Silvestre can bring experience to those games up north when they play thug football against us,

    Hope RVP injury is minor

  38. AlanG says:

    Ateeb – why are you laughing at a potentially serious injury RVP, a guy we desperately need fit?

  39. solgooner says:

    ATEEB thas not funny its idiotic, unfortunately after surgery injuries recur easily, thats our problem both Diably, Rosicky, EDS, and RVP had had major surgery. Thats why we need one more midfielder. in case we lose Rosicky, Diably for long periods.

  40. Ateeb says:

    hehehehe….because im sick of his injuries. I know it’s not his fault and all but FFS man!!! Maybe it’s a bit deja-vuish, and thats making me laugh.

  41. Ateeb says:

    No one sees the funny side to the recurrence of RVP’s injuries? No one?

  42. Steve says:

    There were some nasty tackles on RVP today. None worse than the one from Butt who scrapped his studs all down VP’s shin.

  43. AlanG says:

    Fantastic display with some great moves.

    Can I offer some critical analysis as I was watching a number of players in particular during the game live on setanta:

    1. Toure – played with some fire up his ass, like he knew he needs to turn in top displays. Wengers marker with Djourou starts has paid dividends

    2. Fabregas / Denilson – a strange one. Denilson did not sit and let FAB play further up. Both alternated, which is fine at home to poor opposition in truth, but needs a different approach for the tough away games. Denilsons passing let him down when he tried the more difficult pass (on about 3-4 occassions) and his goal aside (which he must get great credit for) he was just about ok (maybe in 6 games or so…but…will he be enough – not yet, for me but give him 15+ more games this season with all teh games we’ll have) When Song came on, he DID JUST SIT DEEP. Again maybe instructions. Is it me or does he always just appear to be only jogging around?

    3 Eboue: Apart from his slalom run and brazilian back heel for RVPs goal (apart from the roads, what did the Romans ever do for us!!!???), i watched him each time he got the ball and he made a lot of misplaced passes and poor decisions (he gave the ball away for the Owen chance in the first half). I know the guy tries, and i’m the very one who says, if they show passion, I can forgive a lot, but, like Denilson, if you add someone who can give you his pace and willingness to run, with some more savvy, a la Nasri, you add a couple of % to the team. All these few % make a huge difference

    4. General: Newcastle very poor but all you can do is pt them to the sword

    Our overall tempo and pace were way improved

    This team would still be very light in an ugly away game – those 12 or so games are the ones we need to ensure we take a big portion of the points from.

  44. solgooner says:

    ATEEB you are a bloody idiot, its not funny its serious when we already EDS recovering from major surgery, maybe if you broke you leg and ankle and then went running a few months later you would appreciate the problem

  45. solgooner says:

    ALANG I think at home we are colossal, and today e played better than any top four team this season. But it away at Bolton and Blacburn we will be tested, I dont think Denilson should start in those games or up north in the winter.

    Song has always had that lethargic look its quite deceptive.

  46. Ateeb says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA……….RELAX DUDE, I feel for you. Except I really dont wanna go through sadness with regards to injuries to our players is concered. We know they’re made of glass, and things like thse would continue to happen. Im laughing at our LUCK or LAck of it, as far as injuries are concered.

    Calling me a bloody idiot, really knocked some sense into me. I’m gonna go for such convincing arguments from now on.

  47. Danny says:


    It’s his loping style and slight lack of stamina or maybe just energy that lead Wenger to suggest he preferred his chances as a centre half.

    He certainly will not add much in the attacking third, but if we can go to Blackburn and Bolton with a little more protection and muscle, why not?

    A change I would subscribe to, but injuries and form permitting, Wenger may go with what we have just started and back his team to play their way to glory.

    Or maybe even, we will have midfield enforcer newly purchased in place, who knows, I doubt it, but maybe their still is some value to be had in this market.

  48. Mia says:

    Lee Dixon, who was doing the commentary on Five Live, sounded extremely worried when he saw Van Persie’s injury. He thought it was identical – same foot? same sort of cause? – to the one that broke his foot in the ManU game.

    Didn’t see the game but the radio suggested Gallas and Eboue were good and Ade worked tirelessly and unselfishly – the three hate-figures, it seems.

    It must seem like old times with half the France national team milling around in the dressing room. But what was Vieira doing? I know he usually picks up a red card in the first game of the season but has he had time to? I thought Serie A only started this weekend? Maybe he’s injured?

  49. London says:

    And maybe he is not. Perhaps he is going to re-sign as experienced back up.

  50. London says:

    Doesn’t that just send excitment shudders down your spine?

  51. Mia says:

    I think Denilson deserves a run of games in the league – we’ve nothing tough till the end of October – but I’d much prefer Song against the terrifying Dynamo Kiev. He doesn’t give the ball away for a start. I’ve heard he gets a lot of stick about his hair from his team-mates, but I like it.

    Let’s just hope it’s bruising, not a another broken metatarsal, but, as I say, Lee Dixon thought from Van P’s and the physio’s instant reaction that it could be a break.

  52. Mia says:


    That crossed my mind too when the radio said he was sitting with Silvestre, but surely not?

  53. Ateeb says:

    Probably not. Since people would start questioning why he left in the first place. But then again, maybe he realized what a big mustake it was, and Wenger recruits him back. A happy ending for PV:)

  54. Passenal says:

    Some people were too quick to write this team off after one bad performance last week. It was great to see them give another fine performance to shut the critics up for a while. It was also great to hear the crowd supporting the team and all the individual players. I thought they all made a good contribution today and Nasri continues to impress me. He is just excellent, another Wenger gem!

  55. solgooner says:

    MIA Denilson should not start in away games, hes much better attacking than defending, and misplaced passes early on can give away a goal hes better on for the last 30 minutes in ‘those games

  56. Passenal says:

    Mia, if the Physio thought RVP had broken his ankle surely he would not have been allowed to walk off the pitch – a stretcher would have been used? With his history, I can see why worse case scenario is being considered, but I’m choosing to think positive until I hear otherwise.

  57. solgooner says:

    MIA nothing tough till end of October, Blackburn, Bolton away are they easy games?

  58. ARSLAN says:

    wenger said first dignostic on van persie is very positive ! stop worrying guys !

  59. ARSLAN says:

    superb performance but did u notice that there were too many empty seats in emirates !

  60. Muppet says:


    Where is Alex IC and NYMarcus at the moment mate ? And why aren’t there any arguments going on at the moment ?? 🙂

  61. ARSLAN says:

    muppet or sol gooner for that matter !

  62. ARSLAN says:

    hey viera was there maybe hes the signning ! ooh please pleasssssseeeeeeee !

  63. Muppet says:

    Vieira, if he came back, and it would probably a popular signing (is that an understatement ??), would be great from the point of view that he is experienced (obviously), but could play in centre midfield without necessarily stifling the development of Diaby, Denilson or Ramsey. If he could give us 20 to 25 games, it would be a great move.

    Who knows ? Could be a load of nonsense.

  64. Muppet says:

    Vieira, if he came back, and it would probably a popular signing (is that an understatement ??), would be great from the point of view that he is experienced (obviously), but could play in centre midfield without necessarily stifling the development of Diaby, Denilson or Ramsey. If he could give us 20 to 25 games, it would be a great move.

    Who knows ? Could be a load of nonsense.

  65. solgooner says:

    ARSLAN do you suffer from blindness?9.11. 9.15. 10.15. 10.17. four comments or cant you read)?

  66. solgooner says:

    ARSLAN you are raving mad? Viera is experienced but over his prime and injury prone thats why he was there today and not in Milan

  67. solgooner says:

    Muppet I am trying to oblige.. not much to argue about after a good performance, not even Ebuoes pass that nearly gave Owen a goal. Marcus Alex and I only want a stronger squad for the 2 games a week pèriod coming up and we cant afford more injuries

  68. Muppet says:


    Can’t agree with that !!

    Only joking. 🙂

    Hopefully we will sign somebody and VP will be ok.

  69. solgooner says:

    I am glad that you and several others have a sense of humour and know that in reverence to all sensibilities the word Wengerspin has been banished from my vocabulary unless something terrible is said during the rest of the season.

  70. solgooner says:

    I just read on Myles Palmer that we will sign Viera, Henry, Petit and Overmars before the window shuts

  71. Steve says:

    Sol even Myles Palmer cannot be that wrong. lol

  72. Blazon says:

    Ade was superb tonight…effort, skills, attitude, unselfishness…

    Denilson is no Gunner…

    Great to see Vela but…GET A RIGHT FOOT!!


  73. Steve says:

    Blazon you are mad if you think Denilson is not a Gunner. He was very good next to Fab4. And Vela is still a kid FFS.

  74. Paul N says:

    Denilson is no Gunner…

    I guess we needed him to score a hat trick or something.

    Denilson was pure class today!

  75. Paul N says:

    isnt it funny that when we play one game well (it has really been two) no one says that we will win the championship as you cannot base it off of one match but when we play poor the sky is falling on Arsenal? quite ironic.

    I believe this is our year, the best football of the season thus far, amazing stuff!

  76. crafty bison says:

    What is this Kevin Keegan bullshit about Nasri-should-have-been-sent-off? All i saw from Nasri was a little flick of the foot, was there something more sinister that I missed?

    What I thought was sinister and deserving of a red was the Barton challenge that provoked it. He lunged in, drew back his foot, and lunged studs up. Yes, he got the ball, but as a newspaper article by a Premier League referee recently explained, THAT IS NOT IN THE RULES. It was a reckless challenge and an endangerment of Nasri’s health and in my opinion should have been punished by dismissal.

  77. crafty bison says:

    Watch AW’s post-match interview on BBC Sport, we’re certainly signing a midfielder.

  78. Malaysiangunner says:

    I have not been so entertained and had such joy for quite a few months now. If any body do not know I loved watching Arsenal under AW when we are in full trottle like today. The defending was good on our 1/3 and the attacks were full of verve, speed and invention. We should have doubled the score if not for Given.
    For those players who have been consistently slagged
    – Eboue had a very good game except for one or 2 mistakes. He gives us a lot in his surging runs in attacking and looked dangerous. Give a bit more time in the center of midfiled and I think he will be better than Ray Parlour.

    – Denilson is still quite woe ful in some of his passes but as the game wore on he grew both in stature and confidence and dominated with his tackling and passing. That goal was a show of how far he has come in that game.

    – RVP played very well and created alot of space for himself in their 1/3. Showed us what he is all about. I hope for us and himself he is OK. The ref gave what could have been a doubtful penalty decision and missed the obvious when RVP was brought down by Coloccini early in the game.

    – Ade- one big difference today I noticed. He played for the team and was very hard working as usual. Maybe there is hope for him yet.

    Toure/Gallas – not going to be challenged by Michael Owen type of forward. Nevertheless played well.

    One thing missing today. We allowed Newcastle to get to our 1/3 too easily and only managed to break up their attack there. We should defend better higher up and this is not for the lack of trying on our part. Today the Newcastle was poor and we got away with that. We still need a CM enforcer for this particular aspect as not all teams will be that poor.

    It was a good morale boosting game. Denilson should be allowed more time but in a 5 man midfield to Bolton and Black burn.

    Once his confidence grow so will his form. The final 15 minutes of yesterday’s game showed what his potential is.

    Up The Arse !!!!

  79. Danny says:

    Having listened to a all recent Wenger interviews I get a couple of things.

    Wenger knows this squad, despite it’s lack of years is really close, to being able to bring home the titles he craves. This is why, he is not at ease with taking his usual gamble, on his belief in the potential talent he already has at hand.

    He has one or two targets for the Central Midfield role, that he is prepared to work very hard to bring to the club at the right price. He speaks of taking it to the wire and a lack of availability, which either means a player does not want to leave their current club or for the time being is unhealthily priced out of the market by their club.

    I don’t think we will neccessarily get the signing or two we all crave, but the boss is trying to resolve it and will know his targets, their employers and all parties demands better than anyone. He’ll be reviewing these as they change by the hour as the deadline approaches.

    It’ll will be obvious to some, that all this is happening and we have 1Million per cent the right man at the helm, to manage this situation. If he makes a capture, fantastic! If he does not, the targets simply did not represent any kind of value.

    I for one, will not be conceding this season if it does not happen.

    Thr firepower and talent already at our disposal is very special.

  80. Gunner4Ever says:

    I personally think Song plays while he is “high” 😉 he may look like he doesn’t know where he is, but he is in the mood. He would probably love to play with a Bob Marley tune in his ears.

    Got to have Kaya now
    Got to have Kaya now…cause the rain is falling…

  81. Howard says:

    I don’t know why Denilson is ahead of Song now. Song is better supporting Cesc than Denilson. He’s a better header, passer and tackler and will allow Cesc to move forward but Arsene still prefers Denilson. Denilson does not protect the defence and will be toast againt the anti-football teams.

  82. crafty bison says:

    Malaysiangunner, that’s very true. They walked straight through our midfield. Luckily they lacked invention and we took the ball off them easily, but only 25 yards from our goal. They should not have got that far.

  83. Silver Gunner says:

    Howard i was with you but it is clear that Denilson is an attacking midfielder not a defensive one like song so wenger may opt to use denilson in home games and song in away games or denilson and song as part of a 5 man midfield in tricky European ties.

  84. Malaysiangunner says:

    C Bison

    I think Joey Barton should not be in a footbal field as it gives him the license to do harm to other players. That said any one could have made a bad tackle like that on Nasri but it was the way he acted, witha cynical smile and lack of any remorse of a bad tackle that could potential hurt another player that I do not condone. Some times during the heat of the game tackle can go awry but no one should enjoy doing that. Barton enjoyed that a bit too much.

    That said Nasri should not have retaliated ( easier said than done though) , it was an unnecessary Yellow collected and it show to others that he can be baited.

    Nasri BTW was superb again, so was Vela. The newcomers so far are all very good.
    We do have enough in attack I believe.

    Up The Arse!!!

  85. Passenal says:

    Malaysiangunner – I think Nasri also showed that he won’t take any sh*t either. Barton’s tackle was totally uncalled for and just shows what a pathetic thug he is. He has no place on a football pitch.

  86. Passenal says:

    Malaysiangunner – I’ve just read your earlier comment, do you seriously think we can play 90mins without the other team creating some chances? Newcastle are not poor, we made them look poor. This is the same team that came into our match having taken a point off Man U and it could have been more. Owen is a clever striker and has good movement, that is why Toure and Gallas were playing. They are experienced defenders and they marshalled the Newcastle attack quite well and Almunia dealt with anything that got through on goal. Let’s please be realistic in our assessment of the performance. 3 goals and a clean sheet is not to be sniffed at. We beat the team that was in front of us and that is what counts.

  87. Malaysiangunner says:


    You may have misunderstood me. I am not saying that opposition will not get to our 1/3 or they will not create chances. In fact I think it was Owen who headed a very good almost goal bound flick that MA save tremendously. What I saw yesterday was that Newcastle got to our 1/3 very easily when sometimes they should have been stopped at midfield hence the need of a better DM.
    They were with Obafermi( I hope I got the spelling correct) and few other of their first team.
    A bigger forward and another more mobile striker would have given us a lot more problems yesterday.

    Up The Arse!!!

  88. Malaysiangunner says:

    correction- they were WITHOUT Obafermi

  89. Malaysiangunner says:

    another correction- It was not Michael Owen’s header but Butt’s header

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