It Will Not Be Alright On The Night

UEFA Champions League Quarter-Final, First Leg

Arsenal 1 – 1 Liverpool
1 – 0 Adebayor (22)
1 – 1 Kuyt (25)

Not quite worthy of a police warrant being issued by the Met for a mugging but probably only the football’s Gods know how Liverpool are in a decent position for the second leg. The referee will not be able to explain it nor will Nicklas Bendtner.

They say that football is game of two halves. Arsenal’s performance last night most definitely was. A tentative opening fifteen minutes paved the way for an upbeat remainder of the first quarter of this match. At the end of it, Arsenal had deservedly taken the lead. If Pepe Reina was not worked hard in the Liverpool goal during this spell, his colleagues further up the pitch were as the Arsenal passing game got into stride.

It culminated with Robin van Persie swinging in the ball from a short corner and Emmanuel Adebayor going for a paseo on the edge of the six yard box, have time to look around and admire the architecture of The Emirates Stadium before leaping salmon-like to head unchallenged into an unguarded net. Quite possibly the best possible start; one up in twenty-two minutes and in control.

Within three minutes, Liverpool were level. Flamini missed his tackle on Gerrard and the Liverpool skipper found himself one-on-one with Toure, ghosting past him with ease; his cross deflected off of the recovering Flamini and Kuyt scrambled the ball home. It was a soft goal to concede and one full of what-if’s. What if Flamini had been able to connect properly with his initial tackle? What if the ball had not rebounded kindly for Liverpool at that moment? What if Gerrard had been tackled in the area (he would have gone done like a sack of spuds)? What if Senderos had slid in as well as Clichy and Kuyt (he would probably have scored an own goal)?

The remainder of the first half saw the team look shell-shocked. Passes were over-hit and under-angled, under-hit and over-angled or any combination. Eboue and Hleb were left isolated on the wings with a lack of support from the full backs. In that respect, Sagna is sorely missed. Toure did well at Right Back defensively but a lack of playing time in the position has dulled his attacking senses down the flanks. Once Liverpool had achieved that it was a relatively straightforward exercise for them to outnumber Fabregas and Flamini in the central areas.

Whatever Arsene is saying in his half time talks these days needs to be bottled. For the second successive game, the transformation was incredible. van Persie made way for Walcott through injury. Arsene revealed after the game that the Dutchman is a high probability absentee for Saturday and may not recover in time for Tuesday either. In the current run of fixtures, the loss of that option may prove to be costly.

However, the introduction of Walcott changed the shape of the team and allowed Hleb to roam more freely, vastly improving his effectiveness. Passes that had gone astray in the opening half suddenly found feet; Liverpool were reduced to being hemmed into their own half with only sporadic breaks, the vast majority of which were dealt with quite comfortably by the back four. Toure and Clichy both broke forward more effectively giving more width but for Eboue, the evening did not work as planned, ending in what turned out to be a costly substitution.

The match hinged on two key incidents. Arsene was understandably furious at one of them post match, understandably bemused by the other. Indeed, TV replays later showed Arsene looking like he was swearing at the Bendtner incident.

Only the referee knows why he did not give a penalty when Hleb was hauled back by Kuyt. His view was uninterrupted; the only possible explanation was that at the moment Kuyt grabbed the Belorussian’s arm, he was obscuring the referee’s line of vision. No, I do not believe that either. Quite simply it was a howler from the Dutch official. He had a quiet evening with little to do, evidenced by the lack of bookings. One ‘big’ decision; he got it horribly wrong.

What followed later is even more inexplicable. Adebayor broke free on the left edge of the area, got to the bye-line, put in a decent cross that Reina flapped away under pressure from Bendtner. The ball broke to Fabregas who stabbed the ball forward, towards the corner of the net; the lead Arsene craved for the second leg was assured. Except that Bendtner produced a quick-step that will haunt him for the rest of the season if Arsenal fall at this hurdle. Suffice to say, not even one of Denis Norden’s witty monologues could have made anyone vaguely connected with Arsenal smile at that one.

I still cannot work out what he was doing but he has real problems if he cannot jump over a ball that is a foot off of the ground. Instead he blocked a certain goal and was given offside. Did I mention earlier that it was a costly substitution. It was indeed for Eboue would not have been in the position to block that effort on goal had he been on the pitch.

Such is life though. We go to Anfield in a slightly worse position than we did in Milan but the objective is the same. The pressure is the same. We have to score to progress. For Benitez the pressure is different. Do Liverpool defend and snuff the game out? What happens if Arsenal score first? Can his charges turn matters around? The away goal gives Liverpool an advantage but also a weight on their shoulders. It is by no means certain that they are going to go through, no matter what the media says.

’til Tomorrow.

98 thoughts on “It Will Not Be Alright On The Night

  1. Matt says:

    A very frustrating evening indeed…

    I think we played pretty well, apart from the terrible goal we conceded.

    That may well be the difference in us being able to win this tournament, we just arent capable of defending to a decent enough level.

    The other worrying aspect for me was that certain players looked like they ran out of steam with about 10 to go – clichy, Hleb and Fabregas especially.

    We dont really have the squad to rest players on Saturday – and Benitez definately will – so what condition are we going to be in on Tuesday??

    And dont get me started on Bendtner – is this kid so arrogant he cant even take the easy option and let his mate score, without trying some stupid fancy flick?

  2. mike says:

    real good view of events from the game last night. I think that the away goal syndrome has got to the news papers also. We do the same as we did against milan. My head was full of dread as i thought “oh no they have the away goal ” Then after a cooling off period it dawned on me that we are better than liverpool. We knoe we have to win or high score draw , two or more. the away goal begins to go in our favour the moment we score. remember the chelsea game a few years ago. We went to stamford bridge and got a great result, only for them to put pay to us with a last minute away goal. lets not dispair. come on you reds.

  3. Le Bob says:

    Thought we deserved to win yesterday, and not only because of THOSE incidents. That said, I don´t believe for a minute that we´re out of it. The lads have shown in the past that they are capable of playing well at Anfield, no matter how loud the Kop may sing.

    Now, I know the Mirror are a bunch of cunts, but their player ratings for this match was something else. The ´pool all get higher ratings than the Gunners, as if no one had noticed that we had more goal attempts than them, and possesion to boot. Docked points for ineffectiveness i can understand, but how Gerrard gets an 8 while Fab gets a mere 5 is beyond me (I know I shouldn´t care, but I do).


  4. Patthegooner says:

    I still think we will go through. Liverpool will be a different proposition at Anfield but I can see Mickey Thomas all over again.

    But what are we going to do about this Van Persie situation. Don’t get me wrong he is a special talent but what use is a special talent when you can only have it for 1/4 of the season every year.

    I thought it was just down to bad luck, but he is more injury prone than Daren Anderton.

    Bendtner is sadly not the answer, Eduardo is out long term, so Ade is our only option given Theo on the wing. I think we will have to strengthen there in the summer.

  5. veteran says:

    Excellent review Yogi, i was very emotional at the match last night and was giving Eboue and Hleb more stick than they probably deserved.
    Now that the dust has settled, i just dont know how we didnt get the result we wanted last night.
    A certain penalty turned down, a block on the line by Nic which i feel will not only haunt him till the end of the season but his career as well. He was clearly telling Cesc he couldnt get out of the way when i saw it on tv afterwards but what a time to be helping the opposition defend.
    Last night i didnt feel we played that well but seeing it again we were really good second half and deserved to shade it.
    I agree with Matt that some players were out on their feet in the later part but Liverpool players were as well and it will be very interesting to see how they play against us in the second leg.
    As i previously said i was very hard on Alex Hleb as i feel he is a pale shadow of the player he was at the beginning of the season, but why cant he make more of those amazing runs which should have given us the penalty ?
    My patience is running thin with Eboue, although not playing badly last night his attempts at shooting resemble a park player, i just dont know if he is going to cut it at the club.
    I would be much happier if Arsene spent some cash and found a good quick goalscoring winger along with a good strong aerial centre back which in my opinion would make the squad much stronger for next season.
    I would not rule us out up at Anfield in the return as i have a gut feel there is going to be a final twist to this tie.
    Anyway ive had my rant, look forward to reading yours ! have a nice day.

  6. lc says:

    The lads played very well. The way we are leaking goals since the return of Kolo from ACN is really worring me, although he had a good game running forward.
    I thought AW mad a very good sub, Walcott for RVP. Then he f**t things up when he took Eboue off for Bentner. From there, Liverpool took control of the midfield. I fought we were unlucky to not win this one. But I still believe we can beat the Kop at Anfield.
    AW needs to play Song and denilson on Saturday in order to rest Fabregas and Flamini. We need them fresh on Tuesday.

  7. Marcus says:

    We outplayed Liverpool last night and the problem is the same as it has been recently, we are not defending well enough! Wenger a couple of weeks ago mentioned he wanted to be able to dictate the game by scoring first and then being able to play our football. We scored first against Chelsea and now against Liverpool and, what happened in both games highlights our weakness. We are leaking goals. It is a major worry, we have the attacking power going forward but defensively we are really struggling! Not just the ”defense” but as a team.

    I know we should have got a penalty and been 2-1 up and no one can argue it wasnt a penalty, but you dont win cups on one bad decision. Sometimes the decision goes your way sometimes it doesnt.

    I also think we should be able to go one goal up, hold on to the lead and get settled into a new rythym! For some reason we cant secure the game, get in a bit tighter and still play short flair football, but with a bit more precision and a bit more defensively. We used to be devestating at it!! Get compacted and then counter attack with such pace teams have no idea what hit them. That is why we used to have big steam rollings with a clean sheet! We dont change our style of football when we are wining and that is our fault at the moment. At the end of the day sport is about results and winning. I am not asking for a comprimise on our style, just a bit of a mentalitly change when we go 1-0 up in the champions league.

    As for Bentner, I think last night proved to everyone what we have been thinking for ages! He is a selfish barsteward! He is not a team player and his arrogance needs to be booted out of our club. He is neither technically or mentally good enough to play for Arsenal. We already have our big strong forward in Ade, we dont need another one and we certainly dont need one who is rubbish and has potentially put our champions league hopes on ice because of his greed! What ever anyone says about what he did on the goal line, he was trying to claim the goal and got it wrong. That is it!!! A clear goal, he knew it was going in, he thought he had more time and was going to take the glory! The fact that if he would have scored he would have been offside is actually irrelevant now. He stopped the ball from going in the goal for his own greed! The guy doesnt deserve to wear red and white!

  8. gunner4life says:

    exactly rite marcus….i dont blve such players can really do the team any gud…

    i mean a henry or torres or pato or bojan being selfish is gud…but with seemingly limited abilities like bendtner, he realy goes nowhere…and i feel he knew exactly what he was doing….he was proly thinking abt the celebrations wen the ball came to him…it cud cost us dear….he is neither of ade’s class(laugh as much as u can)….tht tells u something…he is one of his own…he will end up prolly worse than bentley..

    like i said on gunnerblog…liverpool can afford to lose their league game…and now they dont need to score in any match leave aside win…

    but its not a very bad thing to take to an away game…the fact tht the boys will play to score from the 1st minute on the pitch(which is their natural game)…can prove to be much more important than holding a goal lead at home.

    Anyways….i think its really time toure goes centre…ebou drops up to oblivion and theo gets a team start….else bring song into play in place of eboue…anyone but him plzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  9. Luke says:

    I agree with Matt on the Bendtner incident. He was trying some stupid fancy flick to score instead of jumping over and out of the way.

  10. solgooner says:

    Pathe I agree with you unfortunately Rosicky and RVP are injury prone and cant be counted on for more than 10 or 12 games. The squad is just too weak, we have jsut Denilson and Song who are fresh, Bendtner should be sold for a good price as well as Ebuue and we should get a REAL striker, Ade is completely off form but we have little else. This must be the awakening for AW that we need more depth.

  11. Yogi's Warrior says:

    The problem is that the squad has a number of emerging players and right now that is proving to be troublesome with the experienced members being out of form for whatever reason.

    As far as RvP goes, Arsene is not the most reliable assessor of injuries so it might be worth holding fire on him. Let’s face it, bless Le Boss’s heart, he gets the length of time for absences wrong about 90% of the time.

    The thing with RvP is that you only have to look at Gerrard five or six years ago. Very injury prone when younger but consistently fit now. Perserverance pays off.


  12. Vivb says:

    To be fair to Bendner it was his challenge on Reina that created the chance for Cesc, he was just regaining his balance when the ball hit him.

    Considering Liverpool were aiming to close the game out we still made plenty of chances.

    Just hope we are fresh enough to win on saturday and score 2 on tuesday.

    Will we see Song, Gilberto, Denilson, Traore and Hoyte on Saturday?

  13. gazzap says:

    Kuy said: “I do know the referee. I played in Holland lots of times where he was the referee and he was the official when we played Feyenoord earlier this season. We both come from the same area. He comes from Leiden and that is the place where I grew up also.

    “It is wrong, though, to say that, because I know the referee, he made decisions in my favour. He made a good decision against Arsenal with the penalty. There were no favours.”
    Yeah right.

    I also thought Bendtner was going for glory and I have no sympathy for him.
    we played well overall. far better than Liverpool, but in the last 10 minutes our control and passing started to let us down. we are normally so dangerous towards the end but we sort of run out of concentration more than anything.

    my concern about the defence is that we always try to play it out and that tactic has let us down time and again this season. Flamini was trying to play a little dink down the line when he should have put it out for a throw. Gerrard got the ball and the rest is history. you cant blame Flam though becasue EVERY Arsenal player would do the same. wenger must tell them to play that well. we always keep the ball alive even in dangerous situations. I really dont back that idea.

    we need a goal at Anfield but to be fair we normally do score a goal and next Tuesday should be no different. it will be more about how well we can defend.
    Eboue needs dropping – for Diaby if need be.

  14. solgooner says:

    Senderos proved that against a fast forward like Torres the only way to stop them is clumsy fouls he is definetly NOT an emerging player neither is Ebuoe, although Torres did very little he nearly made a goal for Hypia who missed a sitter, and if he is rested Saturday he could be lethal next week, and Liverpool shut us down most of the time so how do we score at Anfield without RVP and Ade who is great spouting off in the press. We miss Sagna.

  15. KLVon says:

    1-1 is not a bad result to take to the second leg at Anfield. Perhaps I may be consoling myself, but if we had won 1-0 or 2-1, I think we will have trouble defending that lead, accept it, we always do, more so at Anfield. But at 1-1, we will have a go at them full throttle, and cos Liverpool thinks they can sit back, that’s when we can get the desired result.

    As for Bendtner, not sure if he is a selfish bastard as pointed out by some, but he is surely guilty of not playing smart to the extent of being stupid. He should have fallen into the goal area and let the ball roll in, afterall the ball is not really travelling at speed. Maybe he is just too big and clumsy.

  16. Big Al says:

    Agree with Vivb on this. Off balance and he looked caught in 2 minds; Striker’s instinct to put something on it clashed with common sense of getting the hell out of the way. The end result was a horrible mess. Slow-motion doesn’t do the situation justice.

    Despite this, Bendtner hasn’t really grown into the role at Arsenal. It’s difficult to see what will happen to him from here.

    With RvP’s inevitable injury recurrence, we’ll be relying on unproven players at some point over the next few matches. Not looking great.

  17. Big Al says:

    Also, injury count has started to go up again – That’s four first teamers missing now. 2 Long term.

    It doesn’t count for anything at all, but I doubt any of the other top teams could cope with the kind of injuries we’ve had this season. Oh well.

  18. Matt says:

    Bendtner would of been given offside if he had scored anyway!


    I thought Senderos played OK last night…

  19. don the gooner says:

    Every game Eboue plays he is shit why because he is not good enough.But Wenger continues to play him in front of a player who has pace a can beat a man Theo.Blame Wenger for picking Eboue.Man Utd have Ronaldo out wide we have Eboue!!!!

    Bendtner- i have said all along that he is not good enough.Poor first touch and too slow.At the top level to play upfront you must have pace.Bendtner doesn”t

    Helb keeps slowing the game down we keeps turning inside and trying to beat a player when a simple truth ball wpuld suffice.And God when will he ever shoot left alone score.

    THe squad is not strong enough and not good enough.Wenger must not be blinded by our early season form and must buy big in the summer

  20. Vivb says:

    Personally I think Bedntner has a better first touch than Adebayor but lacks his pace.

  21. solgooner says:

    Matt Senderos was Ok but was frightened of Torres and gave away free kicks in dangerous positions.
    Al we have been short of 2 players most of the season RVP and Rosicky are injury prone. something AW doesnt allow for .

  22. Matt says:

    Sometimes the best decision is to give away a free kick, rather than let a player run past you…. 🙂

  23. Toronto says:

    what drives me to distration is all the over elaboration by the players. In Milan the game was changed when Cesc had a shot from distance… why do we persist always in the perfect goal with 50 touches. Sometimes, SHOOT when it is at your feet and not pass maybe the better option.

  24. rayman says:

    I think we were very unlucky last night. The problem at the moment is the defence or lack of it and tiredness (the players were exhausted and had nothing left with 10 mins to go, when have you ever seen that before from this team?).

    We are incapable of keeping a clean sheet which is the fucking disgrace of our recent form. That is down to kolo and gallas. When kolo was at the ACN Phil did ok or at least well enough so we didn’t concede with the first opposition attack, he should have kept his place. Bringing kolo back in too early disrupted the CB pairing and the loss of Sagna is making it worse now.

    On Nic I thought he looked good when he came on. He has been slagged off here for his first touch but that is bollox he has an excellent first touch, certainly better than Ade’s. I don’t know what the fuck was going on for the clearance off the line, i just think he was too clumsy to get out of the way. I actually feel really sorry for him, he must hate himself right now and it definitely affected his performance in the rest of the game.

    We are still in this tie simply because Liverpool are not that good. Yes they came to defend but if they attacked us more we would get even more opportunities than we had. They were just poor and incredibly lucky. Having said that the Arsenal of early this season would have hammered them last night. They didn’t defend well, we were very poor in the final third, but we were still comfortably the better team and i am sure we will be again at Anfield. But can we get past them and the obviously bought off ref now that they have the away goal?

    No wonder they do so well in Europe with the reffing decisions they get, Chelsea ‘goal’ that never was, Inter sending offs last round, last night’s penalty, either incredible coincidences that all these dodgy decisions go in their favour in Europe or something fishy is going on.

  25. Toby Graham says:

    Denis Norden’s witty monologues?

    CORRECTION: Never did that man say anything even remotely witty!

    Bendtner incident got more laughs than he ever did

  26. gazzap says:

    I think Arsenal can feel less inhibited away from home and seem genuinely under less pressure. I dont think being at Emirates is the advantage that other teams seem to get from being at home.
    the reason we tend to get good results at home is to do with the other team’s lack of ambition at the Emirates and not to do with what we do differently.
    there is no reason we cannot go and reproduce the Milan game at Anfield. we just need the ref to give us what we are due for once.

    does Bendter REALLY have the quality to play at a top club like Arsenal? I am yet to see much compelling evidence that he does. is it confidence he needs or friends or a run in the team? whatever it is, right now he looks like he doesn’t belong.

  27. Flint McCullough says:

    Good report, YW. Mainly agree with that & Veteran.

    I am afraid we just do not look secure enough as a team defensively. Holding out for just 3 minutes was a real dampener, just not good enough at this level.

    I cannot understand the need to have a go at Bentner. He was going for a header from Ade’s cross & stumbled into the path of the ball. He was clearly trying to get out of the way. He is 20, an outstanding prospect, so let’s get rid of him, very sensible.

    We are missing too many players, who could have made a difference. A fit RVP, Ed, Sagna & Rosicky could have made it a different game. Missing these players has put a huge burden on Hleb & Cesc.

    I was disappointed leaving the ground but at the end of the day, any win or a 2-2, puts us through. Liverpool may regret not going for a 2nd away goal & if they play for a 0-0, it will allow us to dictate the game.

    They undoubtedly are the favorites now, but we really still have an excellent chance.

    Remembering our games against Chelsea 1-1 was at the bottom end of acceptable, to me, before the game.

  28. california gooner says:

    The chat-board feels rather negative today. I thought that Bendtner was off-balance after jumping, but it could be that he couldn’t decide what to do. The ball came at him pretty quickly, so it might have been brain-freeze.

    Beside from the defensive lapse, the main issue for me is that the team has lost its aggressiveness in attack. Way to many return passes from the midfield to the defense, way to much attention to slowing down and holding on to the ball. One sees how we miss Rosicky there — his clever movement created space to move the ball forward– however it is mostly down to attitude, I think. It seems obvious that we should replace Eboue with Theo in the return match, or put Hleb in the middle of a 4-5-1. I know it won’t happen and that the idea fills everyone with foreboding, but I am tempted to say that Kolo should be benched and Eboue should move to right back, with Hleb in front of him.

    Does Clichy’s yellow (for a dive by Torres!) eliminate him from the return match?

  29. Magneto says:

    Although Liverpool have a slight advantage in the tie at present, there is still all to play for, so Arsenal fans should keep the faith.

    Just as importantly, fans should not overreact by calling for Bendtner’s head on a plate. Whether he was trying to get out of the way of the ball, or simply trying to ensure that it definitely went into the net, is now irrelevant.

    Bendtner has a great deal of potential, and unless and until we see him get a lengthy run in the team – playing consecutive games from the start when the team is at full strenth – I would suggest that it’s far too early for anyone to be even thinking about selling him off, yet alone actually screaming for it to happen on a website.

    No doubt the fans of that persuasion are the very same people who would have sold off Flamini, Hleb, Senderos & Song, if they’d had the power to do so.

  30. hboy says:

    Veteran – having a go at Hleb last night, what the hell, he was brilliant, just amazing, everything went through him, everything, and he beat just about everyone on the pitch, except the referee. Alex, I bow down before you, if Ronaldo could run through a team like that, the world would join hands as one in unison to praise you. Madness.

    Great night, great atmosphere, great performance, shame about the result. The team gave everything, every last drop of energy, the last 5 minutes we could barely stand, let alone attack. We deserved so much more.

    Watch the Bendtner thing closely, I’m quite sure he didn’t go for a touch, he just couldn’t get out of the way, he was stumbling backwards from the initial jump, he’s a tall guy, and his legs were a bit like a baby giraffe’s, but it’s terrible to say this was a greed thing, completely unfair. To have everyone analysing his every pass, shot and movement just because he has a reputation for self-confidence is grossly unfair.

    Lots of good signs last night, and I’m really confident going into the next two games. Hleb on top form, Cesc close to top form, Senderos and Gallas looking like a solid unit, Walcott looking dangerous as hell, and Adebayor’s touch and strength has returned – really, great news, and we’re in a better position today to do well, than we were yesterday morning. Keep the faith!

  31. humblePOSER Staff says:

    crazy match

    i dont believe bentner tried to score, i think he just saw the ball zooming straight to his feet and instinctively controlled it not thinking about his positioning until he had the ball…unlucky

    am pretty pissed we lost on (agg) because we should of at least drawed but i feel we can score in the next game upturning that score line and hopefully we’ll give our usual fiery second half performance for a full 90 mins


  32. Jimmy says:

    I can’t believe i saw so many empty seats after about 86 mins when we were pushing for a winner. That’s pretty disappointing… Oh and people can’t accuse bendtner of greed when they don’t know what he was thinking. I’m sure those people ‘know’ that everything in their minds is absolutely true but i’m afraid that in the real world that’s the chatterings of an imbecile.

  33. hkm says:

    Count me in on the Bendtner slag. Bloody Arsene just doesn’t have a f-ing clue.
    And it is all so OBVIOUS. Everybody warned him last year how ridiculous that Adebayor would be. Runs around like a chicken with his head cut off. This is not a premiership player.
    Or how about that utterly useless, clueless, hopeless Hleb? Hleb!!!!! What the hell is he doing playing for The Arsenal?
    Wait, geez. FLAMINI! It was totally clear to a blind man a full f-ing year ago what a totally useless cunt he is. Not fit to wear the badge. Slow. No vision. Absolutely Crap!
    Geez, it goes on forever.
    Rosicky – what an idiotic buy that was. You could see from the beginning that he brings nothing. Nothing!
    Or Almunia. Remember that ManU game? What an IDIOT. What a mistake! Clearly he cannot cut it, even as back-up. How can we trust this guy?
    Wait! Gallas. F-ing GALLAS!!! Mr. Just-in-it-for-me. What was Arsene thinking on that one, for chrissake? Nothing but a problem. No commitment. Shows up late. Injured all the time. Screws up the whole f-ing team.
    And that’s just things that you could see already LAST year!
    Then with all those problems he goes and buys what?? A THIRD right back????
    Oh, and if all that wasn’t just the last f-ing straw, there’s still the absolute what-was-he-thinking classic: that big slug SONG. How long has that guy been around? What a joke. Can he even PLAY football? Arsene has TOTALLY LOST IT on that one. What does he see in that guy? Just get him out of here. Give him to a pub team. Better yet, here’s my recommendation: send the big clown off to the African Nations and don’t give him a return ticket!!! Hahahaha.
    Man this is really so frustrating. Wenger really needs to get his act together. He just doesn’t see the forest for the trees. He really needs to LISTEN.

    (Ha Ha. Remember that idiot Robin Van Persie? Useless ego maniac. Will never be part of the team. Need to get what we can for him and move on!)

  34. dan says:

    just summed up the season yet again, totally frustrating, lots of possesion, not enough quality in the final third, poor defending, injury impacted, lack of anything on the bench to make a big difference and poor team selection, (i mean eboue again!!!! we all knew he would pick as he will again next week, but come on arsene how many times do you have to see eboue doing nothing to justify not playing him anymore. how can people say wenger is a genius when he plays eboue week in week out, beyond belief.)

    where to go now, as we know the players are shattered, and we have no good options to bring in, does he throw saturdays game and the league for next tuesday, i wonder if he is kicking himself about allowing for the second year running his team to completely run out of steam just when it matters.

    i do think we are very much in it, we are a better team than liverpool and need to just attack and get the required goals, at least we know what we need to do.

    by the way YW to say the eboue substituion was wrong because of what bendtner did is utterly daft, eboue was doing nothing we needed a goal and if all you have on the bench is a raw 19 year old forward (who has scored some vital goals this year) then you have to bring him on, if RVP is injured which we all assume he is and will be we need to see more of bendtner as we need to score goals!!!!

  35. pity says:

    i kinda pity bendtner because so much pressure is heaped onto him when he plays. Since he is so young (inexperienced), it is not uncommon for him to commit a few mistakes in a match but that was really unfortunate. the look on his face= utter shock and dismay.

    arsenal fans will probably be cursing him but he has to fill the gap left by eduardo and rvp at the age of 19, not easy indeed. i hope bendtner learns from this mistake and doesnt keep blaming himself in the future : (

    i will support bendtner whole heartedly…

  36. NYmarcus says:

    This tie could very go to penalties which I really hope doesn’t happen because Reina is a fantastic penalty stopper, better than Buffon and Cech.

    I don’t think it’s fair to interpret any greed or selfishness on Bendtner’s part, it was a clumsy mistake and if the ball had gone in the goal would not have stood anyway.

    I love RVP and Rosicky as footballers but I really have had it up to here with them both. We can’t rely on them, they should be sold.

    Kolo needs to be rested. He didn’t play in the Milan games, I really think he’s a liability right now. We seriously miss Sagna.

    We are still in this, so we shouldn’t despair. But I’m trying hard not give into anger at AW, a manager and a man I greatly admire and respect. Very probably we are about to see the sickening spectacle of the mancs winning both the PL and the CL.

    And ultimately it’s due to AW’s decisions that have enabled us to give the PL title to them.

  37. Rev says:

    HBoy – were you at the game? Hleb wasn’t brilliant, neither was he amazing… he put alot of effort in but he’s nowhere near the player he was a few months ago.
    I don’t know if it’s because Eduardo’s not there to open up the pitch in front of him, or whether Hleb’s just tired, but he’s not the player he was a few months back.
    The crowd were getting pretty frustrated with him.
    He seems to me to have reverted back to the player he was last season, giving the ball away and falling over too much.

    We needed a brilliant / amazing player last night and while the whole team worked their socks off i didn’t think anyone had a particilarly ‘amazing game.’
    Maybe that was the difference.

    Top marks for effort though.

  38. dan says:

    NY i agree the anti bendtner bit is harsh on him. when he has come on as sub he has ofetn made an impact and due to the fact we have so few options we all have to get behind him, not give him grief. he suffers like so many of the young players with too high expectations on their young shoulders and that isn’t their fault by any means.

  39. don the gooner says:


    I agree with you totally Man Utd didn”t play well in Rome but they have Ronaldo who at the moment can do just about anything.We used to have player like him in Henry a player the opposition feared.A player who could win a game in 10secs.Liverpool had a game plan and stuck by it.It required a special player to open them up which we lacked

  40. dan says:

    pleased to here it, i suppose my frustration get’s the better of my brain!!!!

  41. Steve says:

    Good post YW, as usual. Two points I would like to add. Bendtner – lots of rumours he is leaving in the summer an I don’t think I have ever seen a player look so disinterested in playing for the Arsenal. His attitude is completely unprofessional and contrasts with the performances of players like Cole, Edu and Pires etc, who had decided to leave but still turned up for matches. The manager now has a real headache for Saturday – another must win game.
    Walcott – when Theo came on for RVP in the second half he played wide on the left for the first time in an Arsenal shirt and frightened the Liverpool defence to death. He was able to inject a real momentum into the attack, which has often been lacking since Henry went off the boil. When Eboue left Theo was switched to his more usual position as wide right spectator. As at Stamford Bridge he might as well have gone and sat in the stands. Quite simply Cesc and Flamini are both right footed and cannot and do not give Theo the service he needs. The only player who passed to him last night was Kolo and each time he had his back to goal and no room to turn his defender. It just seems a shocking waste of a young player’s obvious talent.

  42. Edengrave says:

    been a while since The Arsenal made me smile.
    My Heart was on the title to say the truth, and I am still smarting at those points we dropped.
    Still The CL is The Cl and I was on the edge of my seat last night.
    Honestly, with all due respect, even this revived Liverpool shouldn’t have been able to get a draw at the Emirates. They are infinitely better than in the beginning of the season, while our form is weaker, but the only team that I am prepared to recognize as superior to the Arsenal is Manure. it hurts me to even write that.
    still we’ve lost to lesser teams so I am not too surprised either. I was very impressed with Liverpool in the first half, and was relived that they reverted to type in the second. frustrated at the usual suspects. Ade ( What a player he would be if he could win duels, weigh his passes, and control the ball better) it’s a wonder that with so many weaknesses he remains such a potent threat. Eboue (The man can run. but he should never never never shoot on goals). Our defense was febrile as usual. but although the goal was soft, I saw enough to believe that they deserve to score at least one. we were lucky once or twice, and they were outrageously lucky twice. That’s why I feel mugged. I am confident we will score at Anfield, so the away goal advantage doesn’t play too much on my mind.

  43. Johnny Ballgame says:

    Bendtner shouldn’t lose any sleep, offside would have been called even if he jumped clean over the ball. Correct?

  44. Rev says:

    very probably… it’s funny Yogi saying Bendnter will be haunted by the goal line incident… When i was 14 i somewhat selfishly headed in a goal bound ball while i was in an off side position at a corner, i was stood just off the line & flicked it in the back of the net only to hear the ref blow up for off side… it was a county cup semi final & we ended up losing 2 1 – it’s haunted me for nearly 20 years & will continue to…

  45. BB says:

    Rev .. are you mad?? immense perf from Hleb .. are you off your mind?

    btw Flam has had a fantastic season, but he was piss poor in the 1st half yday and the goal was his fault

    Hleb is playing like he did last season .. and if you go to the games, you will have noticed that he constantly shrugs his shoiulders and moans to his colleagues and that is normally after he mishits a pass

    and Eboue is a complete joke .. and Toure as a right back is very average

    and Bendtner .. now I think we should sell him .. he is bottom premier league material ..
    one miscontrolling girafe is enough in the team .. so lets keep Ade as he is thebetter of the two

  46. Goofle says:

    I thought it was a good result. Do you want an Arsenal team who are looking for a 0-0 (if we won 2-1) or do you want an Arsenal team who will go there and try and win against a Liverpool team who will defend (1-1)

  47. Rev says:

    BB – It was Hboy who said he was amazing, i was saying he’s nowhere near the player he was a few months ago…

  48. Rev says:

    I said “We needed a brilliant / amazing player last night and while the whole team worked their socks off i didn’t think anyone had a particilarly ‘amazing game.’
    Maybe that was the difference.”

  49. solgooner says:

    Yogi so to clear things up for all those who dont understand when you are sarcastic, you agree with most of us that Ebuoe is a load of crap, and he can join Gilberto on the for sale list?

  50. Yogi's Warrior says:

    Johnny Ballgame

    Had Bendtner not touched the ball, he would not have been offside for two reasons: firstly, he had challenged Reina for the ball and was seeking to, ahem, get out of the way. Second, he would not have baulked anyone’s attempts to prevent the ‘goal’.

    But given the officials inability to get ‘big’ decisions right last night, he probably would have been flagged offside…


  51. lc says:

    Well, overhaul good performance, bad result. I think we were unlucky on this one. Stop blaming everyone here; but only the manager who has repeatedly planned wrongly for a consecutive three years now. But this is another clichet.
    What’s now? We still have a chance to qualify at Anfield.
    We’ve got a league game on Saturday. Some players must be rested(Hleb, Flamini and fabregas) in my opinion. Denilson, Gilberto and Song should be given a chance; even I would want to see Lehman for Almunia who looks untouchable way too much I think.
    This formation could win us the next game and we could rest many of our midfield and forward:


    Eboue- Kolo- Senderos- Clichy.

    Denilson- Song- Gilberto- Traore(or Diaby).

    Bentner- Walcott. Our back four remaining very strong.

    Then Tuesday, We can go in with the first team and depending on the result on Saturday, take some players from the reserve.
    This is the time where AW needs to show up some managerial quality in dept intead of making emotional subtitutions that nearly lost us the game in the last 10 minutes, just like at Stanford bridge two weeks ago.

  52. Yogi's Warrior says:


    Eboue? No, I would not sell him. Keep him as a squad player and work on teaching him Right Midfield. Buy someone or promote from within in the mean time and give Eboue the incentive to learn wingplay, including crossing and shooting.

    Gilberto? Yes, I would sell. I do not think he fits with the style of the team’s play anymore and given the service he has put in since joining, let the man have a free transfer with ringing praise in his ears.


  53. solgooner says:

    We dont have the squad to rest too many players, but Theo should start on the left and Denilson on the right, Song in midfield and give Cesc at least 45 minutes rest. Liverpool have Crouch, Voronin, Pennant, and many more to rotate. WE JUST DONT HAVE THE DEPTH. HOW LONG MUST WE PUT UP WUTH RVP AND ROSICKY BEING SHORT AS WENGERSPIN SAYS JUST ADMIT THEY ARE INJURY PRONE, AND WE HAVE NO COVER

  54. solgooner says:

    Yogi how can you put up with Ebuoes acting to try and get free kicks, he doesnt seem to want to learn, I hate his facial expressions when hes screwed up or when he commits a foul., his shooting is abysmal and unfortunately TVP gets injured so much he cant even get back his old form. Without Dein to consult with Wenger he has free rein to do what he wants no matter how the fans feel.

  55. Yogi's Warrior says:


    If I read the last sentence correctly, and feel free to put me right, you think that something is wrong with Arsene making decisions on the playing staff and their futures.

    A couple of observations. Firstly, that is his job. Secondly, the inference that you make is that Dein had some input into the purchases and sales? He certainly did but not unless Arsene had given him the all-clear.

    Arsene is employed by the club to manage team affairs. Whilst we as supporters have every right to an opinion, we have no input at all on team or squad selection and that is how it should be.


  56. dan says:

    shame we have no say as wenger has made a complete pigs ear of it this year. last night included.

  57. Gunner4Ever says:

    It looks like our backs can’t have enough off the wall, now and after this result, we backed so much into the wall to the point of our shapes being engraved in it.

    It is not far off still, we can draw 1-1 there. Then what?

    Bendtner: that dude is jinxed. Most of the time he is in the team, the result is not always good. I myself had nightmares about the ball on the line………Scary.

  58. dan says:

    no an english expression. for completely screwing it up.

  59. solgooner says:

    Yogi All of us who pay premium TV subscriptions and 100 pounds plus for tickets when we come to the UK. are contributing to the massive revenue AFC are now getting, as well as the season ticket holders paying the highest prices in the EPL .

    I know we cant have any say BUT if we win no silverware this year there will be lot of very unhappy campers all over the world who are tired of Wengerspin that the squad is strong enough and he believes in his young squad, if he believes in them so much wht cant he rotate the team to stop this end of season knackered feeling. Rosicky team doctor said he had an imbalance problem so this should have been allowed for when considering the strength of the squad. I think AW is a great manager but his economic theories affect our transfer policy. Dein is a realist and would have encouraged team strengthening in spite of the Usmanov fiasco Dein was a pèrson AW could consult, now hes like a dictator.

    If we lose Flamini it will be because of his negotiating stance, yet a simple signing on bonus would solve the problem.

  60. Gunner4Ever says:

    I think the Wenger/Dean relationship was a one off. Wenger if you remember before the season start was assigned the duty of signing Dein’s replacement. So I don’t think Dein controlled Wenger or had the ability to force him to do anything different. They just had mutual understanding.

    We can argue the squad depth for ever, but the fact is injuries, plus inconsistent form from youngsters put everything off. Wenger needs to asses this situation at the end of the season and should balance the squad again as he did with Sagna & Eduardo. Two more players + Vela and keep Rosicky & RVP. Only Gilberto, Lehmann should beat it.

  61. Flint McCullough says:

    To clarify matters, I the linesman definately only put his flag up when Bentner touched the ball. If the ball had gone in without touching him I am sure it would have stood because he would not have been interfering with an opponent’s attempt to stop it.

    Bentner certainly looked like he was pretty interested & trying hard to me. Have you got any reliable info Steve?

    I don’t think that a manager who has still a chance with 6 games to go in the league (albeit now slim) & still a reasonable shout at a semi final place in the CL can be exactly accused of making a ‘pig’s ear’ of things.

    He has done supremely well in trying circumstances, in the last 3 seasons, I would say & certainly a 1000% better than any of us commenting on here could have done.

  62. Gunner4Ever says:

    I could’ve done better Flint, I have the experience. I played XBOX FIFA 2004, 2005, and 2007. I won everything that was available. I can sign any player I like, they all want to play for me anyway. I even convinced Reyes to stay in spite of the cold English weather.

    I’m sure there are people with much bigger resumes on here!

  63. Silver Gunner says:

    guys some excellent points but what no one seems to have mentioned is fatigued we look as a team.

    We need to be able to drop cesc, flamini, adebayor and hleb more frequently in the busy post crimbo period.

    The players we have in reserve ie denilson, diaby are poo.

    We need to re-inforce our squad this summer otherwise we will be talking about the same shite next season.

  64. jamie says:

    ethan would have us believe it’s all Ade’s fault for not scoring more than our defence lat in. Our defence has let us down recently. Easy goals against Wigan, Boro, Bolton,

    Senderos makes my heart bleed. I want him to do well but there are times like the goal last night when I picture Adams Bould or Keown just putting their body on the line, a bit like Carragher did late in the game.

    Agree with Yogi, one more season for Eboue at midfield. He is lacking but it is a new position. He seemd more creative last year at right back?

    We will win at Anfield

  65. jamie says:

    Flamini could have signed for anyone from January but he didn’t. Why not? Surely an indication he wants to stay.

  66. Silver Gunner says:

    jamie dude all this nad press ebuoe is gitting must be affecting him mentally.

    he is a quality pleyer, and not the weak link like Bentner (no impact player) proper poo.

    I want to see flamini get a break i want to see flamini get a break with song coming in on sat if he is fit becuse we will need a fit flamini on tues.

  67. dan says:

    flint, he has made a pigs ear because we are at the business end of the season, and as expected by most people without rose tinted glasses on the squad was NEVER strong enough to see the season out. we have won 2 in 9 games!!!!!! it happened last year and he didn’t address it, spent the entire year saying the squad is good enough even though he only plays the same 13 of them, week in week out to the point where they are utterly knackerd. The league is gone wake up and smell the roses, we lost both cup competitions in utter embarresment, and all the while he had boatloads to spend to make the squad more competative.

    As for the players he is playing, eboue, every week, the guy is completely useless and has played most of the games, diaby, absolutely no idea how to play on the wing. and this is good management?

    yes we have improved but where near as much as we should have. yes we have been affected by injuries but that is part of the game and when you have injury prone players you need to make plans for that.

    there is no doubt when you look at the blogs the tide is turning and many people are now asking finally the questions that need to be asked, ie when it actually matters in march/april/may why does our squad look so poor and tired.

    you can continue discussing “what fun” your having watching it but i am not sure what games you are watching because fun is not waht i would have called the past few months.

  68. BB says:

    jamie .. you must be very nice
    try and spin the Flam story the other way
    its very easy and İ quote his manager
    it will cost Arsenal 20MM to buy a player of similar quality, therefore i ask for 80K/week
    now let me tell you .. Flam will go to the highest bidder .. remember a certain Sol.. he will command a joining fee and high wages .. so both him and his manager will be delighted
    the French newspaper L’Equipe thinks he will leave and they normally know their stuff around French players as the stories get leaked to them
    i am convinced that he will leave
    his perfs have dropped a bit .. so have Hleb’s

    does it bother me?

    yes and no .. in theory these are professionals so they still play to win trophies and it will only increase their makrket value .. are they irreplaceable? no

    but Cesc is mates with both of them and it does create tensions among players and the reality is that it deflects players’ attention

    we cannot afford to lose Cesc .. last nite, as heavy as the 2 girafes’ touch were, Cesc’ s ball control etc was way ahead of everybody else on the pitch

    but how much do we need players running with the ball at the opposition .. only Theo can do that

  69. SH says:

    Are you kiddding me? Eboue for 1 more year? He is totally hopeless. He is lazy, plays with no commitment and no heart at all. Not to mention his overdramatic tendencies on the pitch. He is a waste of space and I’d get rid of him in the summer.

  70. Gunner4Ever says:

    It’s definitely not fun to watch us drawing and losing.

    But in my case, knowing what I knew at the start of the season and based on last season’s performances, I wasn’t expecting too much from this team this season. The fun thing to watch and to the surprise of many of us, is even with our lowered expectations, injuries, other teams outspending us three to one, we still managed to stay so far in competition with a chance at PL & CL. Losing was never and will never be fun to watch and I expect much much better next season.

  71. dan says:


    starting next year there is no reason to have low expectations, as said before wenger is the biggest spin master on earth. don’t let him fool you anymore, demand that arsenal with their shiny new stadium, largest gates receipts in the world and 5th richest club in the world have a squad that can compete for all the competitions they play in and not run out of steam before the trophies are won, that we have a squad of players that can be rotated, players can be rested and fresh to play the big games at the end of the season when they really matter.

    enough is enough, either do what is required arsene or let’s get someone in who is hungry fro success and will do what is required to make us successful again.

  72. Aman says:

    Honestly don’t see Liverpool beating us at Anfield. Only if AW does not rest key players on Sat will this happen.

    Poor Bendtner..perfect way to learn greater humility..he’ll be ok

    On Eboue—I go with Yogi..he’s a keeper regardless

  73. Gunner4Ever says:

    I don’t really care which way Wenger does it next season dan or how much he spends. I just have different expectations and they’re a lot higher than this year. I think 4 years should be enough to build a winning team with this kind of strategy. Two when you spend as much as Chel$ki and Manure.

  74. dan says:

    unless he brings in at least 4 top quality players this summer, you might as well keep your expectations as they are because we are not going to bridge the gap with the current players we have.

  75. dan says:

    eboue must be sold, if you keep him, somehow he will slime his way back in the team again. he is not a good enough defender and has no idea how to play in midfield. also we could actually get decent money for him strange as that is.

  76. Gunner4Ever says:

    That’s his job to figure out 🙂 my job is to support and expect success within reason.

  77. Gooner4Life says:

    I think we are all clutching at straws here lyk the press looking for creative excuses. if you read the papers or listened to Graeme Souness’s commentary o Sky you would have thought Liverpool were infinitley better than Arsenal.But the facts are:
    1.We conceded a poor goal and our defence could have done better
    2. We completely dominated Liverpool with most of the team working their socks off and were carving them up at will but the finishing in the final 3rd let us down. The stats show we had 62% of the position n 13 shots compared to Liverpools 3. Our finishing defeinitley needs to improve. The tie thoughis very much in the balance and I strongly beleive we will turn them over and score at Anfield.
    4.The referee missed a stonewall penalty. Wud we be so critical of Bentdner had we got this?
    5. Fernando Torres was kept quiet all night by Gallas n Clichy to the point that he only got one shot on goal n resorted to the falling over every time he was challenged.
    6.Not having Sagna at right back makes the team unbalanced.Toure is better at Centre Back than right back. And in the past few games the goals have tended to come via his side.Eboue played at right back leading up to CL final in Paris and I seem to remember him playing his best season in that position.He has been less effective recently.Why r we suddenly expecting a Right back to be a prolific scorer a makeshift Winger/Attacking Midfielder . He will be better at Right back and rotate Kolo n Senderos with Gallas in the run ins. Without the luxury of fit or non fatigued players that means playing Walcott or Diaby on the wing.
    7. For the league game against Liverpool some of the fringe players must be given a run in to give the other players a rest.

  78. dan says:

    we did play well last night and were certainly better than them (we are better than them), however we were at home and they played exactly as you would expect them to. they were never going to dominate us and the onus was on us to win. we didn’t open them up at will, we had lost of posseions but very few really good chances to win.

    as for saturday you can only play the reserve lot if you are prepared to completely give up on the league, which in my opinion is the right thing to do, but not sure wenger sees it that way. equally with no ade and rvp we have sweet FA chance of winning anyway.

  79. jamie says:

    Yes I am very nice, thank you. You may be right but why not sign for another club now. Like you, I’m indifferent about him going, he’s had a good season, but only one in four.

    Eboue isn’t playing well but he has something. Take your time repsonding to that. I think all the bad press has affected him mentally, but the first part of last season he looked good. Flamini had three years hanging around and now everyone thinks he’s indispensable.

    Hleb is infuriating, if he’s off the boil he slows our game down.

    It’s the defence that needs looking at and Micah Richards isn’t the answer. Good player but we need an established proven defender who can organise

  80. solgooner says:

    Dan I agree with most of what you say, last night we had 13 shots but how many were on target, or with no power? Without Ade and RVP we have nothing in reserve, thats the problem too weak a squad. Hoyte can come in at right back hes average and Bentnder as striker is all we have.

    There is no replacement for Wenger its his system and very few people could take over that system.

    Unless we give Flamini a signing bonus he will go, but I think Song may be able to take his place, but we need a striker and a winger. and a rotation policy where the second tier players are equal to the first 11 so we need 3 good signings and to get rid of Jens, Gilberto, and Ebuoe,

  81. Football Bets says:

    I don’t know what all the bitiching is about to be honest. Surely it’s not based on last nights performance, but rather on the recent poor league form. Last night we played extremely well. True, Liverpool will never be bothered about being put under pressure and seeing very little of the ball, but the thing that pleased be most was the chances we created.

    Lets be honest if it wasn’t for Bendtners freak clearance then we would be 2-1 up and favourites to go through.

    But take nothing away from liverpool. Last night showed exactly why they are so good in Europe. they are strong, resilient, and hard to beat. And they get lucky (the same luck that has eluded us in recent weeks).

    Still, it’s game on, and i really fancy us to score at least one at Anfield. Liverpool are in a very precarious position knowing that a 0-0 wills ee them through, and if i were them i’d be very worried.

  82. dan says:

    not sure i agree with the wenger comment, clearly we are following his principals a new manager whomever that maybe will have different principals and the club would follow that. wenger will not be manager for ever either way and they will have to deal with that at some point.

    flamini is a loony if he leaves, however if he does you can not expect song to replace him, he is miles off the required standard needed. assuming flam stays we need to get rid of rosicky, djouro, gilberto, eboue, and diaby and bring in a left and right midfielders, a strong centre midfielder (like a diarra) a tall dominant centre back and quality centre forward.

    clearly i am living in complete and utter gaga land and about the only thing from above that will actually happen is gilberto will leave, but hey i can dream!!!!

  83. dan says:

    i forgot jens, he is good to go as well. not sure i am overly happy with the almunia news, i still think he is a competent goalie at best, if this means he keeps the no 1 shirt i am not over joyed.

  84. Kelsey Skirton says:

    It’s interesting to see a number of comments today praising the Arsenal performance last night.

    I thought we lacked imagination and penetration throughout.

    Hleb who has been our best player early on in the season, was especially disappointing and often looked frustrated at the lack of available options when on the ball.

    Too often, when we managed to get the ball across in their goalmouth there was a shortage of Arsenal players in the middle!

    Cesc was again below par, as was Flamini.

    I don’t remember Liverpool ever looking too stretched and I think they contained us without too much difficulty, notwithstanding our greater possession.

    For the Arsenal machine to work and for Wengerball to really take off, there isn’t any room for duds. There has to be collective, intelligent running off the ball to give the player in possession several different options. Last night, too often, there was only one obvious option for the player in possession.

    I don’t know why this happens – obviously when key players are missing this must be a factor, but Arsene’s squad should be strong enough to cope with this and there should be greater inter-changeability.

    I disregard Arsene’s usual platitudes (” I cannot fault the team’s effort/spirit etc.”) which are made purely for the media.

    There is something wrong within the team that is causing these disappointing performances. Arsene knows this and I hope he can put it right. Anyone remember the huddles we used to get at the end of games?

  85. dan says:

    i think the huddles were in the good old days when we won games.

  86. solgooner says:

    Dan did nyou see Song at Charlton or when he came back in the CC then at ANC. He is our most improved player as I hope we will see soon. Let Walcott start as striker as well or put him on the left and give some service

  87. LIncoln says:

    Did anyone hear the news today!?

    It was incredible!

    Vidic might be out for 3 weeks.
    Macherano is banned for 2.
    Almunia signs new deal.

    No bad news for us for once. And bad news for some of other top 4 teams.

    Admittedly I was listening to Simon Mayo on Radio 2.

  88. Silver Gunner says:

    sol fooner i agree time to rest either flamini or cesc and play song cause we need some fresh players in the middle breath some life into a currently stale team.

  89. Silver Gunner says:

    lincoln it would only be good if macherano were banned for the european game and ferdinand were missing too.

    Because liverpool can cope very easily without mascherano as can man u without vidic.

  90. Steve says:

    Lincoln: we have bad news to with RVP injured again and Adebayor with an ankle problem.

  91. gunner4life says:

    nahhh…i dont think…manu will keep those clean sheets without vidic….if the opp gets a chance to attack tht is..

    but whr is rosicky?????
    rvp injured again?????

    anyways…the team is full of cant really predict whts gonna happen…

    wont be able to watch the league games…so wont get trepidations wen the defense has the ball this time around…..

    i also think dein had something to do concerning the transfers…and i hope we r not trophyless till dein returns….with the takeover..someday its going to happen…surely..i just hope we win some b4 tht.

    gud old days of henry, pires and ljunberg…sigh!!!

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