Champions League Draw

Draw for the Quarter Final / Semi Final

Arsenal v Liverpool
AS Roma v Man Utd
Schalke 04 v FC Barcelona
Fenerbahce v Chelsea

Semi Final

Arsenal/Liverpool v Fenerbahce/Chelsea
Schalke/Barcelona v AS Roma/Man Utd

Well, in the rehearsal we drew Roma and all four English teams were kept apart (Chelsea drew Schalke, United had Barca and Liverpool,Fenerbahce). So what happens with the real thing? We get Liverpool so now it’s three times in a week, potentially followed by Chelsea in the semi’s. Disappointing to play an English team as I mentioned earlier but there you go. I guess it will be interesting to compare the three games stylistically but Betcha, By Golly, Wow, the Premier League match will be a totally different affair to the other two.

Marcello Lippi observed ahead of the draw

Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal are all very strong teams but at the moment it is probably Arsenal who are the ones playing the best football in Europe. They manoeuvre the ball very well, it’s very fast and very technical. Any of these four English teams could potentially win the Champions League but at the moment the way Arsenal play is the one I like best

Always nice to be praised. ’til Tomorrow.

58 thoughts on “Champions League Draw

  1. Rev says:

    the main problem is playing liverpool & man u in the prem at the same time – that’s pretty disastrious in my opinion but i’m keeping my chin up

  2. dan says:

    it could have been worse, no doubt liverpool are not as good as chelsea and man utd. but still fairly ugly

  3. dan says:

    chelsea are quite something when it comes to draws unbelievable how lucky they always are

  4. Rev says:

    three games against liverpool & then Man U… still can’t believe it… Tough luck

  5. gris gris says:

    Not the matchup I was looking forward to but like you said Yogi, it is what it is. Gallas and Toure/Senderos will have their hands full with Torres but Liverpool don’t inspire as much fear in me as manUre might. I was hoping for Liverpool/Roma as those would be cracking games. I definitely feel we can progress against Liverpool.

    Chelsea/F’bahce sounds dull but the Turks can score and it’s always tough to play over there. manUre v. Roma is interesting, Roma gets their chance at revenge for the humiliation of last year.

  6. Rev says:

    i think the the man u game will probably decide the premiership & we’re going to be knackered, i just hope they are too…

  7. marcus says:

    the mancs and the chavs definitely have these things fixed, they have such consistent luck with these draws

  8. veteran says:

    Dan we must stop Abramovich going back to Moscow to get the CL cup.
    It could have been much kinder, but there you go.
    To win this thing we have to beat the best teams so why not ?

  9. Rev says:

    True, but having to play Liverpool in the league inbetween the two games & then man utd straight after is going to hurt us physically & makes the prem title all the more difficult in my opinion

  10. Malaysiangunner says:


    None of us have good draws and I believe we can turn Liverpool 3 games in a row and still have sufficinet firepower to at least draw with the Manures. They have Roma on the resurgence and I have seen them play Madrid , they are a good technical team. If we want to win this double we need to win every game except may be the Manure game where a draw is sufficient. All four top team are in the CL so no one has advantage being fresher in the EPL. IN the CL quarter final it would be foohardy to think any single game is easier than the other.

    Up The Arse!!!

  11. Big Al says:

    If we beat Manure at OT, then I’ve no doubt that a certain knight will bemoan Arsenal’s extra day of preparation.

    If we can stay injury-free, then we’ll see the next month through.

    If we lose Fabregas, RvP or any other big players again, then um, hmmm…..

  12. Gooner4Life says:

    Liverpool 3 times in 1 week. Not the drw you wanted but hey there you go!Could just as easily been Man U or Chelski. Its unfortunate tht this run of games will come after a bruising encounter with the mecurial scythe masters of Bolton. Then ManUre after that. Anyway u wanna look at it its a bit of a nightmare but we have home advantage on 2 occassions and its likely that for the premier league encounter what squad players we have will be needed to relieve the troops. Go on the Arsenal!

  13. Rev says:

    Absolutely, i just feel that 4 games in a row against top 4 teams isn’t particularly kind, Man U have a trip to Middlesborough which is tricky but nowhere near as tricky as liverpool & chelsea have man city… their routes look better than ours, no doubt about it. i guess it’s just the way the cookie crumbles though.

  14. BB says:

    worst of all draws .. especially in football terms.. so no Barca at The Emirates this season .. very sad indeed .. instead we get the bunker mentality of the 2 ugliest English sides to play with if are lucky to go past the first one
    UEFA should definitely change the format of this competition as the money brigade with its dire football dominates far too much
    f*kk this .. I wanted Roma/Barca .. something to look forward to rather than another top 4 EPL media inspired spinning game
    we are so unlucky..its unbelievable

  15. dan says:

    it is about now where a nice big squad would be useful. we will not be able to afford to rest our players and the knackered effect will clearly kick in by the time we get to OT.

  16. Edengrave says:

    Liverpool was my second choice. I wanted the germans. Schalke. As usual Chelsea has it easy. Though Fenerb can cause an upset. but don’t hold ur breath. Barca are already through. Roma united is another tough call. I fancy the Italians

  17. Gooner222 says:

    I just think that weare good enough to go through and keep the title dream alive.
    If the whole squad is ready physically and mentally i reckon we could be in the last four of the champions league and on top of the premier league by the middle of April.
    players like alex song might have to step in for the premier league match with liverpool and i just hope that everyone can cope with the pressure!!
    Tough draw but i would favor Arsenal over any oponent !!!
    Bring it on

  18. michael says:

    Liverpool are shite
    So are the chavs
    Manure or Barca in the final
    What are you worried abot?

  19. michael says:

    I’d like revenga against barca. But beating the mancs would be brilliant. (losing I’d have to hibernate throught the summer!!)

  20. Scooch says:

    If we were to play another english team then I’d far rather it was Pool than the other two.

    And we can’t moan about 4 hard games in a row as whoever we drew we’d have to take the attitude that we’ve got 4 hard games.

    I’m happy with avoiding the MYanks and Barca til the final as they are the 2 hardest teams.

  21. Old Timer says:

    If we want to win both the CL and the Prem then we will have to play these teams. It could be three games against the pool then three against the chav’s. We have players who have been well rested in RVP and Kolo added to Eboure. Then there is the possibility of Tommy and Abou coming back. Lets think of it as a glass half full not half empty. The trip to Turkey is not a laid down walk over by any means. Our traveling will be less, and in our country. Go you Gunners.

  22. finestcuts says:

    A triple portion of scally reds. They’re not as good as Chlsea, Barca or Manyoo. Champions League by name, Champions League by nature we have to survive in the toughest of circumstances to get our hands on that cup. It’s a massive test of strenghth, character, tactics…..everything that makes a team a winner. One flase move, just one could cost us dearly. Same for the others, and we’re the types that forcce others to make mistakes.

  23. finestcuts says:

    One false move*
    ……see! One moment of lapsed concentration where I clicked submit before reading, a trigger happy response. Our gunners must not be as trigger happy as me.

  24. Passenal says:

    I don’t think that draw had anything to do with luck – looks like a fix to me. Still, nothing we can do except play our best game and beat whoever is put infront of us.

  25. Edengrave says:

    but pool has some kind of serious mojo on the CL. I would have bet my House, and some serious money Inter would have destroyed them. and here they are. they really are a different animal in that competition

  26. nolaboyd says:

    If you are thinking of winning the CL, you want the two best teams on the other side of the draw. Barca and ManU are on the other side, so I’ll take it. I mean, I would have loved Schalke, with the winner of Roma/Fener in the semis, but this is fine. Would have liked to start it at Anfield though.

    We outclass Liverpool. There is no question of this. So much in this run depends on getting games from RVP and Ros. Actually playing our starting 11 at some point would be a real treat. Our best team has yet to hit the field this year.

  27. MagicHat says:

    I think this is a good year to play Pool and CSKA Chelski on the road to the final. Liverpool doesn’t scare me (anyone remember our mauling of them last year in the Carling?). And Avram Grant the Undertaker is no match for the Boss. Us v. Barcelona in the final?… TASTY.

  28. Lincoln says:

    Just before the draw I said to my mate that of all the teams Arsenal and Barca could probably play best against Liverpool. Arsenal showed in Milan they can break down an excellent but boring disciplined team. I think being drawn against ManU or Chelsea would have been the worst possible result.

    The league game could be interesting. Rafa will want to make sure he hangs onto 4th but the ChampLeague will be more important for him.

  29. solgooner says:

    We have to start by playing convincingly against Middlesborough, I think Tolo should be back as they have a couple of fast forwards and thats big Phils weakness speedy players get past him, and then he commits silly fouls or gets red carded. We need our CBs to be strong against Torres and keep him off the ball. Rosicky will be fit for CL at least the first game then hell probably break down again.

  30. gris gris says:

    Good points by all. The amount of travel will hurt chelski and manUre and help us. Turkey is no easy place to play and Roma are on the ascendency. I would love to see an Arsenal/Roma final. Barca have perhaps an easier first round but they are hurting a bit domestically and now messi is out for a long time.

    Benitez lives for the champions league, I don’t think he really is motivated for the PL. Liverpool will be dangerous and their recent history gives them some extra strength. You could have said the same about AC Milan and look how they ended! We always perform our best against the top teams so why not play the best. This way there is no excuse for less than 100% effort and focus by anyone. That’s better than letdown games like Wigan was.

  31. jrock says:

    I’aint affraid of anyne……..i know the media is going to big up liverpool,i believe that will motivate us.Because we always perform when we pinned against the wall………….I belive over the 3 games we have with the scousers,there is a draw.I dont mind playing them at the emirates first leg(but keeping a clean shee) and then go anfield.i promise you first leg and the premier games at the emirates are a must win……………blessings

  32. Howard says:

    Look; it could’ve been worse. Let’s just pray and hope that our players will be fit. Fortunately, all our players will be back then.

    RvP and Kolo are already up and both Rosicky, Diaby and Theo will be fine by then. If we can keep RvP, Rosicky, Gallas, Kolo, Sagna, Clichy, Flamini and Cesc fit? Then we can win anything.

    Cesc is a big game player and he’s at his peak at such games; let’s just keep them fit and keep Ade’s misses in check and we’ll be there no doubt.

    It’s possible MANU may not go beyond Roma this time and don’t count Fernabache out. So far Fernabache has proved they’re not Olympiakos and they can score goals anywhere.

    I believe we will get over Benitex’s tactical defensive game in all the three matches we have with them. They escaped at Anfield last time but not this time. Let’s just pray all our players will be in contention for sellection.

  33. gazzap says:

    liverpool play better in europe and it will be tough but we can beat them.

  34. dan says:

    all i can say is arsene please play walcott and not eboue tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. solgooner says:


  36. ck says:

    yes it is.. conspiracy all around….

    doesn’t matter though… time for the boys to step up and show the world the new powerhouse in world football!!!!


    now just have to suck up to my boss to get those leaves to watch the games!!!! hehehehe

  37. Big Al says:

    Anyone seen the Simpsons episode where Homer takes the advice of Professor Pigskin – The pig that can predict NFL results.

    My first instinct is that this is a similar technique to that scam. The person that started the rumour may have written different predicted outcomes in on different forums.

    It’s a neat way to start a rumour. So, either that, or IT’S RIGGED!! Call INTERPOL.

  38. solgooner says:

    Al they would have to go to 50 or more sites and thats not the case

  39. Big Al says:

    As I said, that’s the only explanation I can offer. After that I’m stumped…

  40. Steve_Largent says:

    I think we will win the PL game against Liverpool though. They got all eyes on the CL so they’ll probaly bring in their c-squad fot the league game betwen the CL ties. Benitez will give Torres, Kuyt and Gerrard some rest.

    I’m happy we avoid ManU and Barca until the final.

  41. Matt says:

    What does is matter anyway?

    If you want to win the CL you have to play the best teams at some point so who cares…

    And Wenger is quoted today as saying he is not sure when Rosicky will back…. Jeez – the boy is made of glass

  42. Gunner4Ever says:

    As most said already, LPool plays better in the CL. History says we beaten LPool before and they beaten us so it’s a fair game. At least and most important the CL game is not refereed by an English referee which makes all the difference in my opinion.

    Tough tie, but any way you look at all the games are tough…I would say maybe with our Italian luck, Roma would have been less evil.

    If we want to be a Euro power, we have to beat the best and every one. I say: Yes We Can.


  43. Arsenal General says:

    Good points and overall i think we got a good draw againts Lpool. Arsenal plays well againts liverpool and it will be a cracking and open game which will favor Arsenal more.

    The best thing is to avoid Barca and Man Utd now. Liverpool is much better than getting Chelsea too.

    Arsenal vs Barca Final again anyone??

    I think the teams that will proceed to the next round will be Arsenal, Chelsea, Man Utd and Barca. Then Arsenal vs Chelsea n Barca vs Man Utd..we will beat Chelsea in CL much easier than in League and Barca will beat MU because they are doing very well in CL too..and we will see the repeat of Arsenal vs Barca..fabregas will score the winner and that will be our ultimate revenge!

    But winning the league is more important!
    Double is there for Arsenal to take, they can if the players stays injury Van Persie and Rosicky.


  44. william says:

    For me this is where the EPL is shooting itself on the foot.
    No other European league will have Big Games sandwiching the CL. It is plain stupid as far as I can see.

  45. dukeGoonem says:

    great tie!

    we avoided the mancs which is good. again like the last game we play better against the big draw teams! we didnt really want shalke did we!

  46. Lou says:

    It could have been worse. If we had to face another English team, it’d better be Liverpool. I still think, together with the bookies actually, ManU are the favourites as it stands. If we knock out Pool – eliminating 2 recent former champions in a row, no less – I can see us going past Chelsea in SF also. Then an Arsenal v Barca final wouldn’t be beyond the realm of possibilities. It’s going to be very very tough. But I’m cautiously optimistic.

  47. Gunner4Ever says:

    Like Arsene always say, he looks for the next game….what’s the news on M’boro?

  48. gazzap says:

    but that run of games…ac milan, liverpool, chelsea then either man u or Barca is a fearsome set of games. no one can ever say we had the easy path if we end up winning it (unlike chelsea).

    Boro played well against Villa, but luckily that was midweek so they may have some tiredness from that. Will Walcott or Eboue play tomorrow. I really hope its walcott. he is developing now. he is hot so I say stick him in. he needs more experience of playing 90 minutes now because we may need him in some bigger games later this season.

  49. dan says:

    gazzzap completely agree there is no reason to be playing eboue, he has been awful and theo is starting to show some good form.

  50. Lou says:

    Off topic but it’s nice to read – Setanta interview with Robert Pires through my name. I still love the guy. Legend!

    Did you know he bought a Highbury flat too? It’s just been topped out earlier this week. Imagine Bobby living there after he retires. 🙂

  51. Gunner4Ever says:

    How about half & half ?? 🙂

    Only the fit will play. Theo is coming back from injury. I think if Wenger doesn’t see need for rushing him, he will play Eboue.

    If we really need him in the bigger games, we have to be sure %100 he is fit to play Boro.


  52. dan says:

    he will no doubt play eboue becuase for some warped unexplainable reason he plays him every game possible. i truly don’t get it. he has one or two decent runs in 90 minutes and does absolutely nothing else, that doesn’t take in to account what an objectionable individual he is. after the man utd game there was almost complete agreement on all blogs and web sites that no one wanted to see him play for us again and i for one as you may have noticed can not stand the sight of him, but realize that with rosicky basically never coming back this season that we will be subjected to eboue in most games.

  53. Gunner4Ever says:

    Maybe he just plays him to get in the way of everybody else…or…or….He just plays him to annoy all the fans that don’t like him…..I think he is succeeding in that 🙂

  54. Gooner4Life says:

    Cant wait to see what the paoers will say 2moro. Chelsea n Man U favourites…Arsenals seasons going to fall apart!As 4 Chelsea always drawing the small fry who they can steam roller at ease this is going to work against them when they have to raise their game against the bigger teams. I think they will have their work cut out for them against Fenerbache who will definitely score. So too Man U. They managed to squeeze 1 goal at OT in a game where Roma squandered the better chances. They will be well up for this one.Liverpool were good against 10 men in both legs. Rafas rotation will pobably see less precedence placed on the premier league encounter but more on their game with everton. I still think if we can keep all our players fit who r coming back from injury then it will be like a new team, Go on the Arsenal!

  55. jamie says:

    You lot talk sh*te
    I’d really like to know what Yonas Tekie thinks

  56. white riot says:

    Shame on you Eboue slaggers. Im 100% sure you’re the same lot who thought Flamini wasn’t good enough. Its a pity his devastating potential for opponents is still not obvious to the starry eyes of some so called supporters.

    Bring it on Liverpool, time for BBQ.

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