Balon D’oh!

A short one today as this being done at work thanks to a hard drive which is, well, dead and the inconsiderate gits that I work for expect me to do something productive with my time. Well, more productive than this blog which does not raise the necessary readies for their bottom line. Plus the fact after yesterdays rant I’m feeling pretty damned fine with the weight of my Arsenal world lifted from my shoulders.

The Balon D’Or was awarded last night to Fabio Cannovaro, perhaps the worst kept secret within football thanks to his employers blabbering. Most people put that down to an overactive imagination on their part but just to make sure that the deal was sealed they made Sepp Blatter an honorary Socio. Whilst that will not have been a decisive factor as Blatter is not the most popular man with the media who rightly view him as a comedian, it is a good PR exercise.

Take nothing away from Cannavaro, he was consistent for Italy in the World Cup. Just how important that victory over France was with the scribes is shown by Buffon being the runner-up in the beanfest. Neither of them was in sparkling form for Juve as they limped through the Champions League until being taken apart by one of the Arsenal displays of last season. However, Juve did win the Serie A title before the backroom shenanigans were exposed and the title stripped from them. Neither player was directly involved nor should they be tarnished with this brush; however, the powerbrokers made life easier for them on the pitch with the “timely” suspensions of opponents and dubious penalties that were supposed to be in their favour.

For Henry though it must be particularly galling. Another season of being the top dog in the Premiership scoring charts, leading the team to the Champions League final and a World Cup final appearance. Whilst his form over the four weeks of the tournament in June was not his best and indeed he has not been in sparkling form this season, he must be wondering what he has to do to get the individual recognition his career deserves. Habitually overlooked by the coaches for Ronaldinho even when the buck-toothed wonder is underperforming in Champions League finals and World Cup matches, it seems he is destined to be remembered by the rest of Europe for the Golden Boots he was won. Which is no mean feat but must be somewhat disappointing. Still, he’ll get over it and probably sleeping well, safe in the knowledge that his place in panthenon of Arsenal Greats is secured.

Back tomorrow with the Fulham preview.

22 thoughts on “Balon D’oh!

  1. annoxero says:

    Heh, bloody good headline. By the way this seems an excellent blog 😉 A few pictures in some posts to accompany the text would make it even betterI feel. At the moment it looks a bit blank to be frank. Right? 🙂

  2. annoxero says:

    Agree with your post completely. It’s scandalous. It’s high time FIFA and these crap organisations give the respect Thierry deserves. Is there any footballer in the world at the moment who had achieved as much as Thierry had in recent times?

  3. lc says:

    TH14 has been a looser all this season; he lost in the final of CL as well as in the final of WC.
    You don’t make a looser a winner of a Ballon d’Or. It’s a prize that goes only to winners. Simple as that.
    Well done Cannavaro, although my choice was on Pierlo.

  4. Danish Gooner says:

    Who gives bollocks about Ballon D`crap.Kubrick and Hitchcock never received an Oscar but they are the greatest filmmakers of all time.

  5. Danish Gooner says:

    Henry is the most consistent player of the last five years…………..that is more important then winning some meaningless prize.

  6. Yogi's Warrior says:

    Danish Gooner – Privately Henry probably does care, personal recognition, etc.

    As for the Balon D’Or always going to winners, I suggest you look at the list to see if that is always the case. This time round, Cannavaro won it on the back of sentiment – 100th cap & lifting the World Cup in the same game – otherwise his performances during 2006 do not make him necessarily the best player of the year in Europe. He has done well this year but head and shoulders over everyone else? More likely it shows the sea of mediocrity that was achieved this year by the others.

  7. kk says:

    lc, if dats the case, why didnt materazzi won it? he certainly played a HUGE role initaly winning the world

  8. kk says:

    lc, if dats the case, why didnt materazzi won it? he certainly played a HUGE role in italy winning the world cup

  9. goon says:

    its given to the best player in the world for last year, henry WAS the best player in the world last year. period.

  10. lc says:

    KK, Materazzi probably lost support for his head butt controversy with Zidane. I agree that he was as good as Cannavaro, but the most decisive block at critical moments came from the current winner.
    another thing is that, watching Th14 in some of the games in the Premiership, I find him horribly poor, specially when we have been playing Manchester, bolton or chelsea last two seasons. You can’t really win the premiership if it’s only to score against teams like, Fulham, wigan, watford…

  11. Vivb says:

    Henry has been the top Premier-league scorer for the last 5 seasons, only the third player to be voted Player of the Year by English Journalists. He is more consistant than Ronaldinho but does not get recognisedon a global stage. Partly because he does not play for Real, Barca, Milan Man Utd or Liverpool. I guess he also lost votes after his Puyol incident at the world cup.

    Henry Winter unbelivably used his column today to state Rooney would have won it but for his injury at the end of last season and resultant failure to light up the world cup.

  12. lc says:

    Does anyone believe that Ronaldinhio would have won last season even if Barca finished fourth in la Liga and lost to Arsenal in CL final, just for playing for Barcelona?

  13. Vivb says:

    Ronaldinho won a World Football award earlier this year despite a non-performance in the Champions League final and an even worse World Cup. But maybe if Nike use you in advertising campaigns it makes up for non-performance on the pitch.

    Ronaldinhio/Cannavaro/Henry I know which one I would pick for my team.

  14. Frank says:

    It is not possible to have a best player in the world or europe because football is a team game. Obviously it is just a matter of opinion – in this case by 132 journalists. 132 is a very small sample of the viewing population, added to the fact that very, very few football journalists know anything about football (if they were football journalists) – ergo – decision based upon who was on the telly at the world cup most and last. Additionally there are no quality controls and it is not illegal to pay the voters in an activity of this nature so it can easily be fixed. The whole competition is a publicity stunt and has more to do with politics and making money than football – best thing to do is steer clear of it all together. Actually if all football fans steered clear of it – it would go away. Kick the fucking Ballon’D’Or into touch..out of the stadium.

  15. Yogi's Warrior says:

    It is interesting that if you look back at the history of the award in the past twenty years, the winner has been one of the players of an international tournament played in that year:

    1980 – Karl-Heinz Rummenigge
    1982 – Paolo Rossi
    1984 – Michel Platini
    1986 – Igor Belanov
    1988 – Marco Van Basten
    1990 – Lothar Matthaus
    1992 – Marco Van Basten
    1994 – Hristo Stoichkov
    1996 – Matthias Sammer
    1998 – Zinedine Zidane
    2002 – Ronaldo
    2006 – Fabio Cannavaro

    I do not deny that there are some damn good players on that list but noticeably people like Belanov, Stoichkov, Sammer were all raved about after World Cups or Euro tournaments. The others generally had winners medals. Henry was on a hiding to nothing this time around with no medals to show for his work.

  16. Frank says:

    Good research. The award has probably been spiked by FIFA? Best ignore it then.

  17. arsenalnews says:

    as with most things in football these is bound to be an element of corruption. Henry should challenge any feelingds of anger into this performance against Fulham…

  18. insearchoffootball says:

    man this is tottaly CRAP … and not just your article, but all the articles … If Henry 9as a striker was so good) why did he do nothing in the World Cup??? Why did Arsenal Just Make it int the top 4 in the premiership??? … in Champuions League, Henry was very inconsistant! The real winner should have Been LUCA TONI ..scored 31 times in serie A .. got hsi team into 4th spot single handed, Won the World cup and scored 2 gaosl as well .. ok so he wasnt in the Champions league … thats becasue the yr before, fiorentina had just got back into serie A …. If henry was good enough, he would have won it for Arsenal in the CL and for France in the WC simple as that … if you wanna look at some one who won awards, then Ronaldinho should have got it .. Won la liga, Won CL and got to the quarterfinals of the WC … on paper he looks like the best out of the lot .. but we all know he has been playing bad ever since Febuary .. Henry has proven time after time that he can not cut the mustard on the big stage, i.e. THE WORLD CUP!!! And just to let you know, Buffon was injured for a substancial part of the 05-06 season, but the saves he did at the WC .. you will bnever see again from another Goal keeper for anothe 50 yrs!

  19. insearchoffootball says:

    Plus i think all you guys have no idea …Henry is French .. the ballon D’or is given out by the french (thats why platini won it 3 yrs straight!!) FIFA hates to nations, ITALY AND ARGENTINA, so dont say FIFA Was in on it … and i dont think any of you know your footbal history … why did no one complain when ZIdane won it in 2002 .. ok he had a good yr, but at the 98 World Cup he was red carded in teh first game for stomping on some one, and that yr in the Cl he was again red carded for kicking some one (if i remember correctly) And waht about Ronaldo .. he never does much for his club (Inter or madrid) yea was always awsome at the World Cup … so why didnt you all complain then??????? Open your eyes a litttle

  20. insearchoffootball says:

    And one other thing … Henry (stats wise) was not the best striker or player in the EPL last season … Van nisterooy was .. scored something like 20 goals and sat half his time on the bench!!!! and when Van goes to another league, he is still ripping it up and so far is the best striker in the world (doing even better than drogba) Unlike henry .. when he was at Juve, he was no good at all

  21. Yogi's Warrior says:

    In Search Of Football: Thanks for making me laugh out loud. Best comedy posts of the year so far.

    Platini won the award for playing the best football anywhere in Europe during that period. Quite what FIFA’s apparent hatred of nations has to do with anything is beyond me. van Nistelrooy sat on the bench for the latter part of the season, no more than 2 months.

    In any case, if you want proof that the awards are not worth anything, check the nominations for FIFA World Player of the Year: Cannavaro, Ronladinho and Zidane. The case for the prosecution rests.

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