In, Out, Shake It All About

World Cup over, back to club football and the gossip surrounding potential transfers in or out of the club. In fact there isn’t much news about those supposedly on their way out. Cesc Fabregas has hinted at a return to Spain but wants to stay with Arsenal at the moment. If one Arsenal player is to leave for the Iberian peninsula, it would not surprise me if it were Jose Antonio Reyes who was a long-term target of the previous regime at the Bernabeu.

Incomings are still the usual suspects; Stephen Appiah does not wish to play in Italy again at the moment which kinda screws Juve and Roma who were interested in signing him. He has stated that he is “50% an Arsenal player” so let’s hope it’s his kicking foot that is within the 50% at the club otherwise he’d be completely bloody useless. Although having said that a full Pascal Cygan does not even translate into 10% of Appiah so perhaps it’s not so bad after all. Yaya Toure has apparently said that he wants to play in the same team as his brother, ignoring the fact that they both play for Ivory Coast. Which means one of two things; either Yaya wants to join Arsenal or Kolo is about to bugger off somewhere. Hopefully it’s the former or else we may have problems with the centre of defence next season. OK some of those have been solved with Campbell’s departure but let us not create any more. Franck Riberry has been connected with the club, presented in some quarters as a “done deal” based on the comments he made about playing for a big club in England, managed by a Frenchman. Expect Sir Alex to claim that his ancestors fought at Waterloo, Agincourt and liberated France in WWII whilst wearing a beret and a string of onions around his neck in a desparate attempt to recruit Riberry. Although Real Madrid seem flush with cash, being thought by the press (a contradiction in terms surely? “Thinking” and “Press” used in one sentence?) to be bidding £26m for him as opposed to Arsenals £10m.

Back to the vaguely sort of real world. Apparently, the club have prepared a bid of £12m for Gianluigi Buffon and are only waiting for Juve’s sentence to be handed down. This seems a bit harsh on Jens but given the age difference between the two, it would be an excellent signing. However it would appear that his preferred choice would be AC Milan although as his Agent noted, they have a half decent keeper already. Plus the fact, it is by no means certain that they will not get relegated either. Curtis Davies will apparently cost the club £8m says The Daily Telegraph, and with prices like that, I do not understand why people question why Arsene Wenger shops abroad most of the time. A good player with potential, there is no doubt but £8m? Apparently, it is a battle between Arsenal and Tottenham for his signature. One question Curtis needs to ask: Do I want to play Champions League football or not…?

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