Rooney’s Lucky Escape

FIFA announced what they hope will be the last of their Disciplinary Committee findings, the primary target being Wayne Rooney who will serve a two game International Ban for his dismissal for violent conduct. Rooney can consider himself lucky as FIFA have already made it clear that they agree with the Referee’s decision by giving him the World Cup Final to officiate. The ban means that the irresponsible Scouser will miss the Euro 2008 Qualifiers against Andorra and Macedonia. Fortunately for Steve McClaren, England should win both of those comfortably anyway but it does at least give an early opportunity to see the new Head Coach’s Plan B, something his predecessor was woefully unprepared to produce.

Interestingly, Sepp Blatter admitted today that as an amateur he dived during matches. There are so many comments one could make about this and his Leadership of World Football but the one that I’ll leave you with today involves the words “Pot”, “Kettle” and “Black”.

3 thoughts on “Rooney’s Lucky Escape

  1. Rickness says:

    he didn’t have to feel being looser like lampard, gerrard and carragher..

  2. David says:

    Not living in England, so am looking to be filled in: I know there has been criticism of Cristiano Ronaldo over this incident, and some of Rooney – but has anyone come out and said “It is unforgiveable to kick somebody in the balls. That’s just NOT DONE.” I haven’t heard anything to that effect.

  3. Yogi's Warrior says:

    Ronaldo is a convenient scapegoat. Not a popular lad with opposing fans anyway, he was caught winking at the bench after the dismissal of Rooney. This has been seized upon by the media as an excuse for not laying into Rooney so much.

    They now have the bit between their teeth. Ronaldo was naive (or cynical) when he said he wanted to play for Real or Barca as he is now being portrayed as disloyal to his club. That now means he is unpopular with his own supporters as well. Kind of dug his own hole to fall into.

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