Chelsea report Real – Will FIFA ask Arsenal and Milan for their views as well?

Having asked yesterday whether FIFA would bring Real Madrid to heel over their transfer dealings, it seems they will have little choice but to investigate following Chelsea’s decision to write to the Governing Body complaining about the tapping up of Arjen Robben – the West London club showing a previously untapped sense of irony. Peter Kenyon complained that Robben was still in contract, he would not be sold and that no contact had been made between the two clubs. So Mijatovic and Abramovich talking about the deal does not constitute contact. I wonder if the words “Ashley” and “Cole” will jog Kenyon’s memory, he will no doubt recall that his clubs shameful conduct in that matter cost them a few used notes in a suitcase and involved their manager tapping a player up. FIFA will be presumably be contacting Arsenal and AC Milan for their observations about the comments and actions of the supposedly biggest club in the world. We wait to see if FIFA have the balls to take on the Spaniards and whether they will impose transfer sanctions. Still, at least Calderon will be able to blame someone else for any ban, Pedrag Mijatovic is being set up nicely with all of the election promises being dumped on his shoulders. Whilst they are at it, perhaps a wee diversion into Lyon would be in order after it was claimed today that their President tapped up Gilberto Silva whilst visiting the Brazilian World Cup camp. Not that one expects anything to come of it. Although David Dein might do well to phone Lyon and tell them that he’ll keep quiet if they take Pascal Cygan off the clubs books for a couple of million.

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